Erotic story: Naked Nick part 5

By Patrick J. Check out part 1, 2, 3, 4.

We all climbed out of the car, padding across the soft pine needles. There was a slight chill in the air, and the breeze felt invigorating on my naked skin.

“I’ve gotta piss like a racehorse,” said Dustin.

“I think we all do,” said Nick. “Pissing contest?”

“Works for me,” said Dustin.

The four of us lined up, and I grabbed my soft cock as Nick and Dustin did the same with theirs. Mike had a sizeable erection, standing so straight it nearly touched his stomach.

“Hey, unfair advantage!” said Nick. “Mike’s ready to piss straight up.”

Mike laughed and flexed his swollen cock.

“Well shit, Nick, if you’re gonna whine about it, why don’t you get on your knees and suck the cum outta me?”

“Fuck that,” said Nick. “Ask Jeff. He’s the cocksucker here. Besides, he likes it.”

Mike looked at me and smiled.

“Yeah, well, maybe later,” he said.

We all let loose a torrent of piss, collectively splattering the dry leaves. Predictably, Mike’s stream went the furthest, arching high in the air from his turgid penis.

“I win!” he boasted, shaking off the last few drops.

“Yeah, cause you cheated,” said Nick. “I think Jeff here pissed the furthest soft.”

“Must be the two cups of coffee I had this morning,” I said, dribbling the last of it.

Our bladders emptied, we shouldered our heavy packs and began our naked trek into the woods. Nick took the lead, bounding effortlessly along the twigs and pebbles. It would be a twelve-mile hike to the creek where we’d make camp. Just thinking about what four naked guys could get up to in the forest made my dick go hard again. I was sure I could easily swallow Dustin’s short cock if he’d let me. Mike, however, would be a mouthful.

The trail was steep, and despite a refreshing breeze, I soon broke into a sweat. My smooth balls began to stick stubbornly to the hair on my thigh.

“Hey, good call on the whole naked thing,” I said to Nick. “That air feels really good.”

“Ditto,” said Dustin. “It’s nice letting my cock swing.”

“Now do you get why I’m always naked?” asked Nick.

“Yeah–you get off on it,” said Mike, snickering.

Nick turned around, pulling on his half-hard cock.

“Yeah, so?” he said. “You’re into it too, Mike. You wouldn’t have that throbbin’ boner if you weren’t.”

“Hey, I’m not denying it,” said Mike.

I glanced over at Dustin. He was still soft, at least for the moment.

Over the next couple of hours, we hiked at a casual pace, enjoying the brisk air and sunshine filtering through the trees. Nick kept up the lead, happily playing with his foreskin as he walked. He continued to bounce from stone to stone with the agility of a billy goat.

“That’s impressive,” I said.

“What is?” asked Mike.

“Nick never slows down. Rocks all over the trail, and it’s like he doesn’t even feel it.”

“Well, yeah,” said Mike. “The guy’s got calluses thick as a phone book. You know he doesn’t own shoes, right?”

“No shit? Since when?”

“Long as I’ve known him. You take Nick anywhere, he’s barefoot.”

“Is that right?” I called out to Nick.

“Is what right?” Nick replied, stopping to turn around. He was shamelessly masturbating now, his glistening cock fully erect in his hand.

“Is it true you don’t own shoes?”

“Yeah, I’m a barefooter,” he said casually. “Full-time.”

“Fuck, even in winter?”

“Oh yeah, man! Love gettin’ my toes in the snow.”

“Damn! You’re hardcore, Nick. You know that?”

“Thanks, dude…but…you might want to take a couple steps back. I’m about to nut again.”

Nick’s hand sped up, squeezing his engorged purple cockhead with every stroke.

“Oh shit, he’s gonna blow,” laughed Dustin.

Nick tensed as his orgasm approached. He smiled, and I couldn’t help but find his heavy, blond stubble ruggedly sexy.

“Unnngh!” he grunted, firing a thick volley of sperm. Digging his toes into the dirt, he parted his lips in a drawn-out groan as he spilled his load onto the trail.

“Fucking hell, man,” said Dustin. “You’re an animal!”

Nick smiled in response, slinging his last ropy spurts in our direction. Mike jumped back, laughing hard.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“He came right on my fucking dick!” Mike replied.

I looked and sure enough, there was a large glob of semen running down Mike’s hard shaft.

“Good thing,” said Nick, wagging his own softening cock. “You needed some lube.”

Another stiff breeze rustled the branches overhead, and I noticed that sun had slowly started to drift west.

“Is it much further to camp?” I asked.

“Like, seven miles,” said Nick. “I guess we gotta keep it moving if we want to make it before dark.”

“If you don’t stop to cum every mile and a half,” said Dustin.

“Only every three miles. Scout’s honor.”


The sun was just beginning to set when we reached our campsite, and immediately I could see why Nick had chosen it. Nestled by a creek and surrounded by ponderosas, the little clearing afforded an amazing view of the snow-capped mountain looming above the trees. Only the gentle burble of the current and the tittering of songbirds broke the natural quiet of the place.

“Nick, you sure know how to pick ’em,” I said.

He smiled, brushing the pine needles from his blackened soles.

“First things first,” he said. “Let’s set up camp before we lose the light. I’ll pitch the tent.”

“Wouldn’t be the first–”

“Oh, shut the fuck up Dustin,” he laughed. “You know what I mean. And instead of being a smartass, why don’t you start unpacking our gear?”

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“We need firewood. Think you and Mike can handle that?”

“We can manage it,” said Mike, clapping me on the shoulder.

Mike set off, and as I turned to follow him, Nick grabbed my arm.

“Hey Jeff,” he whispered. “Mike looks like he could use a blowjob. Now’s your chance.”

He winked and slapped my ass, and I took off through the trees to catch up with the strapping young redhead.


Mike and I wandered through the pines in the fading light, gathering branches as we found them. We made casual conversation, relieved to finally have the heavy packs off our aching shoulders. All the while, his erection wagged in front of him, tempting me with every involuntary twitch.

“Being naked makes you pretty horny, eh?” I asked, and he laughed in reply.

“Yeah, I guess so,” he said, looking down at his heavy penis. “But I’m not a showoff like Nick or anything. I mean, I’ve hung around the house bare-assed, sure, but this is kinda new to me. I think that’s why I’m so hard.”

We had reached a break in the trees where the mossy bedrock lay exposed. The stone felt cool and gritty underfoot.

“Hey Mike,” I asked, “Do you…think I could suck you?”

Mike chuckled, running his fingers through his windswept hair.

“Sure, man. Go for it.”

Trembling, I ran my hands down Mike’s chest as I dropped to my knees in front of him. I wrapped my hand around his pulsing cock, looking up to see excitement in his hazy green eyes.

“Have you ever gotten head from a guy before?” I asked.

“Just a couple times. My roommate freshman year was bi, so…yeah.”

Needing no more encouragement, I leaned forward and took Mike’s velvety cockhead between my lips. He gasped and spread his legs wider, gripping the weathered stone with his toes.

“Oh fuck, man!” he whispered hoarsely.

I would have smiled had my mouth not been full of cock. I struggled to swallow it and gagged a little as his mushroom head hit the back of my throat. He was a hung dude, no question. Needing to breathe, I pulled off and began tenderly licking his smooth balls.

“You’re really good,” he said. “Don’t feel like you have to take it all, though. Not many girls can.”

“I’m not a girl…and besides, I’ve done this a few times before.”

“I believe it.”

I dove back onto Mike’s cock and grabbed his firm ass, pushing him further down my throat. Only when my nose pressed against his hairless groin did I let go to stroke my own growing hardon.

“Ungh, Jeff!” he moaned. “This feels so fucking good.”

He gradually brought his hands to the back of my head. I expected him to ram his cock down my throat, but instead, he ran his fingers through my hair. It was a soft and gentle touch–not at all what I’d expected.

I released Mike’s cock and slowly kissed my way up his abdomen, stopping to nuzzle the few coppery hairs below his navel. I savored the fair skin of his toned chest, lapping at his small, erect nipples. He raised an arm, and I buried my face in the wiry, red hair of his pit, causing him to giggle.

“You’re crazy,” he laughed.

“Is this OK?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” he said. “I just don’t think anyone’s ever licked me there before.”

I grinned and worked my way back down his stomach, licking his pale cock from base to tip. Gently, he pushed back into my mouth, and I began to suck in earnest, stroking his tightening ballsack.

“Oh fuck,” he panted. “Oh fuck…I’m gonna cum!”

I worked my tongue as hard as I could. Moments later, Mike stood on his toes and blasted an enormous load down my throat. He moaned repeatedly as shot after shot erupted from his engorged penis, and I did my best to swallow it all. It proved too much and I gagged, the last of it dribbling down my chin.

“Oh my God,” he finally gasped, looking sweaty and stunned. “I didn’t expect to cum so much.”

I let Mike’s cock fall from my mouth, wiping his thick juice from my lips.

“Fuck, that was a big load,” I said, standing. “You’re the same age as Nick, right?”


“That figures. Enjoy your youth, kid. It’s all downhill after thirty.”

“Well, I dunno,” he said, suddenly grabbing my erection. “You still seem pretty horny at your age.”

“Yeah? You should’ve seen me when I was your age.”

He chuckled, slowly running his fingers around my bobbing shaft. I rapidly began leaking precum, which he swirled around my sensitive cockhead.

“Hey Jeff,” he said sheepishly, “Would you mind if I just…I mean, would it be OK if I didn’t–”

“You don’t have to suck me, Mike. It’s cool.”

“Thanks, man. I just don’t think it’s my thing. I mean, if you really wanted me to–”

“No, really. It’s OK. Just do what you’re comfortable doing.”


Mike grasped my cock firmly behind the head and began to stroke me. I felt his other hand rest on my shoulder, and when I looked up, his eyes met mine.

“You really love this shit, don’t you?” he asked.

“Mm-hmm,” I sighed, surrendering to the feeling of his hand.

Mike grinned, continuing to stroke my leaking dick.

“And you’ve never told your wife?”


“You don’t think she’d understand?”

“Nah. But I don’t have a problem cheating on her.”

Mike laughed.

“I kinda figured,” he said. “But hey, that’s cool. I don’t judge.”

His fingers roamed from my balls to my abs, probing the smoothness of my shaven groin.

“You’re the only other guy I know who trims it all off,” he murmured.

Before I could reply, he spat on his hand and squeezed my cockhead. I moaned, steadily fucking his hand. He stroked me for another couple of minutes, always looking from my eyes to my cock and back again. He must have sensed I was close.

“You gonna cum, Jeff?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I gasped, nodding weakly.

“Nice, let’s see it. Cum, man.”

Every muscle in my body tensed and instantly relaxed as my balls gave up their load. Groaning, I shot, spraying the rocks and Mike’s legs with cum. I growled with pleasure, my voice echoing through the trees.

“Awesome!” he said. “You actually got both of my feet.”

Sure enough, cloudy fluid trickled down from his ankles. He was damp from knee to toe.

“You want me to lick that off?” I asked.

“Nah, man. My feet are dirty as fuck. So are yours.”

Milking the last few drops from my cock, I heaved a contented sigh. I was grimy, sticky, naked, and blissfully happy.

“What do you say we head back and get a fire going?” I asked.

Gathering up our branches, we stepped off the soggy stones and headed back through the forest toward camp.

To be continued…

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