Erotic story: Naked Nick part 4

By Patrick J. Check out part 1, 2, 3.

I spent the next evening with Nick, Mike, and Dustin. The four of us sat around their living room–Nick naked, and the rest of us in various states of undress. Paging through a stack of maps, we talked about where to take our weekend road trip. Nick suggested we camp at the base of Mount Adams, about three hours south. He had hiked it a few times, and knew the area well.

“I don’t mind playing trail guide,” Nick said. “I know that forest like the back of my dick.”

“So, what do you pack? I asked.

“Plenty of water, canned food, insect repellent–”

“I’m guessing no clothes,” I laughed.

“Fuck no. You know I hate that shit. Besides, you want to pack the necessities when you’re camping. Clothes are a waste of space.”

“Yeah, I’ll just bring shorts and shoes,” said Dustin.

“You don’t need either,” said Nick. “No one’s gonna see your junk out there. It’s wilderness, dude.”

“Well, I’m not going into the fuckin’ woods barefoot,” said Dustin. “Maybe you can handle that, jungle guy. But I don’t want to get hurt.”

“Don’t be a pussy,” said Nick, taking a long drag on a joint. “Hiking with shoes is like fucking with a condom–no fun, and you don’t feel shit.”

“I’ve hiked the trails behind Black’s Beach barefoot,” I chimed in. “Naked, actually. It didn’t hurt a bit. It was actually pretty enjoyable.”

Dustin narrowed his eyes, obviously skeptical.

“Well, I’ll try it barefoot,” said Mike. “I’m not afraid to get my feet dirty.”

Dustin sighed.

“Fine, I will too,” said Dustin. “But if I get hurt out there, you’re carrying me the rest of the way, Nick. I’m not even joking.”

The idea made me laugh. Dustin had forty pounds on Nick, easily.

We decided we’d hit the road on Thursday morning for a four-day trip. I felt good about our plans. I hadn’t gone camping in months, and when I did, I almost always went alone. Vanessa wasn’t exactly the outdoorsy type. I also wasn’t surprised that Nick had convinced the three of us not to pack clothes. It was just what I’d expect from him. Since he’d moved in next door, I still hadn’t seen him in a stitch of clothing.


Thursday morning rolled around, and I zipped up my hiking pack, which was full of supplies. I had food, water, a compass, matches, lube, and a few other necessities. After taking what would be my last hot shower for four days, I threw on a sleeveless T-shirt and a pair of shorts. Rolling up my sleeping bag tight, I strapped it to my pack and went next door.

Dustin was standing in the driveway buck-ass naked, loading the back of the Xterra with gear. Mike stepped out of the garage carrying a duffel. He was completely naked, too.

“Hey Jeff, you’re overdressed!” said Mike, laughing.

“Oh…I guess I misunderstood,” I said. “I knew we weren’t packing clothes, but I thought we’d at least go out there with the clothes on our backs.”

“Nope,” said Dustin. “Nick’s idea, obviously.”

“I don’t have a problem with that,” I said, pulling off my shirt and shorts. Quickly, I tossed my clothes over the fence into my back yard. As I stood naked in the driveway, my cock began to rise. Neither Mike nor Dustin said anything about it.

“Hey, dude!” said Nick, stepping out of the house. “Looks like you’re excited to go camping!”

“It’s early,” I said. “I guess I still have my morning wood.”

“Well, you can take care of it in the car. We’ve gotta get on the road!”

He took my backpack and stuffed it into the back of the SUV.

“Nice ride,” I said.

“Thanks,” said Dustin. “It’s mine.”

“OK, quit the chit-chat, ladies!” said Nick. “We’re losing the day here. Let’s go!”

Dustin hopped in the driver’s seat, with Mike riding shotgun. Nick and I climbed in the back and carefully sat down. The black leather had been baking in the morning sun and was hot against my naked ass.

“It’s a long drive, so I hope you’ve all pissed,” said Dustin, and off we went.

I smirked as I looked around me. Being naked in a car full of other naked guys was a new experience for me. I turned to Nick. His soft, uncut penis was pointed in my direction, laying across his fuzzy thigh.

“C’mon, Jeff,” he said, nodding at my erection. “I thought you were going to take care of your morning wood.”

“Oh, I mean–I guess I could,” I said. “I just don’t want to cum in Dustin’s car. Like I said, it’s a nice ride.”

Dustin laughed from the driver’s seat.

“Dude, you wouldn’t be the first,” said Dustin. “I’ve shot more loads in this car than I can count.”

“Yeah, me too,” said Nick.

A drop of precum slowly dribbled down my shaft.

“OK, if you don’t mind,” I said. “I did bring some lube with me.”

I undid my seatbelt and rummaged in the back until I found my pack. The Albolene was tucked in the outside pocket, ready for action.

“Anyone else want some?” I asked.

Mike looked ready to say yes, but then shook his head.

“You know, it’s a long trip,” he said. “I’m gonna hold off for now.”

“I’ve gotta drive,” said Dustin. “But you go ahead, Jeff.”

Needing no encouragement, I opened the jar, greased up my cock, and started to jerk off. Nick was watching me, smiling.

“That feel good, dude?” he asked.

“Mm-hmm,” I moaned.

“You cum yet today?”

“No, not yet,” I said. “I didn’t have time.”

“Damn, Jeff. I bet you’ve got a nice load stored up in here.”

He reached out and lightly touched my balls, rolling them between his fingers. I gasped. Intrigued, Mike turned around to watch.

“How you doing there, buddy?” asked Mike, flashing a bright smile. For the first time, I noticed the color of his eyes–a dusky olive green. His short, fiery hair stuck up messily in the front. He was incredibly handsome, even at such an early hour.

“I’m doing great,” I said, spreading my legs as I stroked.

“I can see that,” he said, chuckling.

Having Nick and Mike watching me was a huge turn-on. When Nick reached over and grabbed my nipple, I cried out. He was already starting to learn where I was most sensitive. Waves of pleasure radiated through my body as I tightened my grip on my cock.

“Hey guys, I’m close,” I panted. “I’m–I’m cumming!”

With a low moan, I tossed my head back and shot several thick wads of jism into the air. It was an impressive load, splattering on my face and chest, and even landing in my hair. I grunted as my shaft throbbed in my hand, sending me into a state of unrestrained bliss.

“Whoa, friendly fire!” laughed Nick, pawing at his arm. A shot had landed on his wrist.

“Oh shit, sorry!” I said.

“I’m just playing, dude,” he said. “It’s not like you haven’t shot on me before.”

Dustin reached into the glove box and pulled out a wrinkled napkin.

“Here you go, man,” he said, passing it back to me.

“Thanks,” I said, dabbing at the cum on my forehead.

“That was fucking impressive,” said Mike. “You get some distance when you shoot!”

“Look who’s talking,” I said. “I’ve seen you cum way over the back of my sofa.”

Mike laughed and turned back around. Feeling sated and sleepy, I rested my head against the window to watch the passing scenery.

For awhile, the four of us joked, laughed, and made idle conversation. Buildings and signs gave way to cliffs and spruces, and eventually we found ourselves driving through unspoiled wilderness. The air seemed cleaner, redolent of bayberry and pine.

“I’ve never been to this part of the state,” I said. “These woods are just amazing.”

“Yep,” said Nick. “And this wood’s pretty awesome too, you know.”

I looked over, and Nick was squeezing his cock, which was fully erect. His foreskin slowly rolled back, revealing the purple head.

“Yes it is,” I laughed. “What took you so long?”

He looked right at me, his pale blue eyes flickering mischievously. I knew what he wanted.

“You want some help?” I asked.

He nodded.

Unbuckling my seatbelt, I leaned over and took Nick’s erection in my hand. I milked it a few times, rolling the foreskin up and down before lowering my lips onto his cockhead. Slowly, I savored his taste as I swallowed his rigid cock.

Immediately, Nick let loose his usual yelps and growls as he bucked into my mouth. He certainly didn’t believe in being quiet, but that was probably the exhibitionist in him. Mike again turned to watch, though I could only see him from the corner of my eye.

“How’s he doing back there?” asked Dustin from the driver’s seat.

“Taking Nick all the way,” said Mike. “He knows what he’s doing.”

I pulled off of Nick’s cock, spit dribbling down my chin.

“Just don’t tell my wife,” I said before diving back down.

The three guys had a good laugh at this, and I could feel Nick’s groin tremble with every chuckle.

After a couple of minutes, Nick began pushing harder into my throat, and I tried not to gag. He gripped the back of my head hard, and I knew what it meant–he was about to cum. I snaked my tongue around his shaft, sucking harder and faster. With a grunt and a powerful thrust, he ejaculated into the back of my throat, coating my gullet with his thick, potent sperm. I was careful to swallow every drop.

Grabbing his cock at the base, Nick milked the last few drops onto my tongue and tousled my hair. Mike laughed from the front seat.

“You guys are fuckin’ crazy,” Mike said.

“Oh, don’t act like you didn’t enjoy the show,” said Nick, withdrawing his cock from my mouth.

The car bounced and shuddered now as we drove along an unpaved forest road. Eventually, we came to a clearing marred with tire tracks, though there didn’t appear to be any other cars there. Dustin stopped at the tree line, where there was an opening in the brush.

“That’s the trailhead,” said Nick. “Grab your gear, guys. We go on foot from here!”

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