Erotic Story: Myrtle Mayhem


Here we were on our annual trip to Myrtle Beach for our week of golf and fun. Each year we get together a group to spend a week in the May heat. This years group looked to be a lot of fun. We had returning members Jeff, Paul, Myself, and two new guys Tom and Mike. We were all in our early twenties and ready for mayhem.

After 20 hours driving down from Toronto we arrived and checked into the hotel. We had two rooms so Jeff and I took one and Mike, Paul and Tom the other.

Our room overlooked the ocean and the beach below. Even though it was hot, a nice breeze flowed into the room so we didn’t need to run the A/C. After settling in our room and unpacking Jeff announced he would grab a quick shower. I laid down on the bed and just relaxed. This was my first year rooming with Jeff, and I was looking forward to it. Jeff was great looking 6 foot blond haired 22 year old who didn’t really know how great he was and that made him so modest and polite it was charming. Last year we got along so well and became so comfortable with each other that this year we decided to room together.

As I waited for Jeff to finish in the shower I gained the urge to take a pee. Normally I would have just waited for Jeff to finish but since we were so comfortable with each other I decided to go right ahead. I entered the steamy bathroom and started to pee into the toilet which was positioned right beside the shower..

I guess Jeff heard me as he stuck his head out of the shower and said, “Hey Jack don’t flush would ya.”, as he smiled and soaked in a glance of my dick as it sprayed into the toilet.

“Don’t worry,” I smiled back and asked, “can you leave the shower on, I’ll jump in right after you”.

“You got it”, Jeff replied and went back to showering as I went back to the room and undressed and wrapped a towel around my waist.

After a few minutes Jeff hollered “Your Turn” and I reentered the steamy bathroom to find Jeff with his back to the door drying himself off. Jeff had a nice soft frame with slight shoulders that tapered very slightly in to his waist which thickened into a round butt with large and fleshy thighs. In fact Jeff was a little conscious of his butt but I kind of thought it was fine.

“Nice Butt” I said as I entered and walked past him.

“Really, you don’t think it is too big?” Jeff said a little surprised.

“Well I am not an expert, but it looks fine to me” I said as I dropped my towel and entered the shower.

“Thanks man” Jeff said with total appreciation.

I lathered up my body and cleaned all my cracks and crevices as I thought about what a good guy Jeff was. I even thought more about my view of him as he was drying himself off and found by dick to be stiffening a little. I decided I should think about Golf a little before I got my self in trouble.

As I finished showering I stepped out to grab a towel and was surprised to find Jeff still standing in front of the mirror shaving. The most surprising part was he was still totally naked. I grabbed the towel and began drying myself off as I took in Jeff’s profile. His body was virtually hairless save for the top of his head which was closely cut into almost a brush cut some fine hairs in his arm pits and around his dick and balls, and a little on his shins.

His frame was soft and even though I knew he was very strong he had no bugling muscles. He looked great as I finished drying and started brushing my hair beside him. I decided not to cover up also and threw my towel over the bathtub edge. If he felt comfortable enough to not hide his body then that was great, as I loved to lounge around without any

clothes anyway and it just showed how we were becoming great friends.

Looking in the mirror I got a great view of Jeff’s dick and balls and of course could not help but draw comparisons. Jeff’s Dick was thick and hung about 4 to 5 inches from his pubes. It was cut and hung perfectly straight. The head of his dick was red as were his balls which were small and tucked up tight under his dick that hung considerably lower. This was the opposite of me. My balls were quite large and hung way below my normally small when soft 3″ dick. Fortunately I was excited by the situation so my dick was actually a little swollen and was currently comparable in size with Jeff’s and the feeling was intoxicating as we stood side by side.

Just then the phone rang and Jeff went to answer it breaking our spell. It was the other guys and they wanted to go to the Bar for some pops, so we dressed and took off for the bar.

About 4 hours later we returned to our room feeling pretty good. My bladder was full so I threw my shorts and shirt on the bed and raced into the bathroom to relieve myself. I stood there peeing into the john when Jeff entered and dropped his shorts and boxers to his ankles and started to pee into the sink right beside me. We both stood there smiling at each other, and watching each other pee.

Suddenly Jeff grabs my tooth brush and says “I’m going to piss on your toothbrush”, as he gives me a mischievous smile.

“Hey come on, don’t do that or else I may have to respond” I said smiling back but really trying to be convincing as my pee ended.

“Looks like your out of ammo” Jeff said with a smile as he held my toothbrush under his piss stream which then splashed all over the sink.

“I’ll get you back, you shit head” I said half smiling and half planning my revenge as I packed my dick back in my boxers and headed out of the washroom. As I left I saw the towels hanging by the door and had my idea.

I grabbed one and twirled it and took aim at Jeff as he now sensed my revenge but had to finish his pee. With his back to me and his shorts and boxers around his ankles I took aim at his ample ass. “Don’t you dare!”, Jeff threatened in a way, too pleasant tone to be taken seriously.

I then whipped of an ass cracker that snapped so loud on his butt, I even felt bad. Your never know when you will hit just right and I did, and by the sound of it it must have hurt. Jeff who had just finished his pee, let out a loud scream and I knew I had gotten my revenge. In that moment I realized the fruits of sweet revenge and now had instantly realized I was in trouble as Jeff spun around and came towards me yelling “Now your dead!”.

I ran for the room and was just passing my bed when Jeff’s body crashed into mine and we both ended up in a heap on the bed. We struggled with each our bodies wrestling and rubbing against each other, Jeff wearing only a shirt, and me with boxers. The constant rubbing of our bodies soon had us both sporting nice boners. As we struggled and grunted I couldn’t help but push my swollen dick into Jeff and it felt like he was doing the same. We both spent some time on the top and on the bottom but Jeff had 3 inches and 20 pounds on me so he finally ended on top. With my arms pinned by his hands and him straddling my mid section our dicks were sandwiched between us. We lied there for a couple of minutes huffing and puffing and looking each other in the eye.

Jeff had striking blue eyes and his cheeks were flushed red from the heat and effort of our struggle. As we stared at each other in silence my dick spasmed involuntarily as it was wedged against Jeff. Soon after almost in response I felt Jeff’s do the same. God the feeling was marvelous as I felt the weight of Jeff on me and our dicks wedged and looking for relief. Jeff closed his eyes and arched his back pushing his groin hard against mine and I reciprocated, as I groaned a little by accident.

Jeff again responded as did I and we began a regular timing of lustful pushes. As we both began to breath heavy and our dance became more intense I realized I was soon going to be over the edge. As I held off as long as I could, I felt Jeff start to spasm in full and felt his hot cum shoot between us as he collapsed on top of me. This pushed me over the edge and I wrapped my now loose hands around Jeff and came with a final groin push against him. The orgasm was mind blowing as I hugged Jeff for all I was worth.

After a couple of minutes Jeff rolled off me and we lied side by side in silence and the afterglow of our session and stared at the ceiling. Jeff soon got up and went to the washroom and returned with a wet face cloth. “Here man, I think you’ll need this I kind of made a mess on your tummy”, Jeff said with a smile.

I grabbed the cloth and wiped off my gut and then stood up and went to the washroom to remove my sticky Boxers and clean up. “I guess you got me back real good”, I joked as I entered the can.

“I think we got each other” Jeff replied and we both laughed.

That night we slept like angels as we were beat and the next morning we had an early Tee-Off so we were back in the room after we had grabbed some lunch. We were all hot and sweaty so I jumped in the shower right away. I was just lathering myself up when Jeff yelled “No need to turn it off as I’ll jump in right after you”

I smiled as I heard the familiar notion and yelled back “You can come in now if you want!”. I waited for a reply and when it didn’t come I wondered if Jeff regretted what had happened yesterday.

Soon afterward my concerns were abated as Jeff jumped in which his cock already standing at attention. We smiled at each other and I tossed him the bar of soap and I lathered up my curly hair with shampoo. Jeff didn’t even bother with himself and started to wash me instead. He lathered up my chest and tummy paying special attention to my nipples which drove me wild and brought my dick to full staff. He quickly moved to my dick and balls and gave them a thorough cleaning as he caressed and squeezed them gently. I was reaching the edge so I turned around and let Jeff move work on my back.

He washed up and down my back and was soon rubbing my bum. The feeling was exquisite as Jeff started to work some soap into my crack. He then reached around me and began to lather my cock again as he nuzzled his dick and balls into my butt crack. He soon had my balls in one hand and my cock in the other and was in a frenzy moving his hands all over my groin. Within a few seconds I could no longer hold back and I let loose with an orgasm that sprayed my come all over the shower wall as my body pressed against his.

As I caught my breath I rinsed off and grabbed the soap from Jeff. “You are looking kind of dirty my friend” I said mischievously, and began lathering him up as we traded spots so he was under the water spray. I started with his back and hit pits as he raised his arms up to the ceiling. I quickly moved my arms around him in a hug and toyed with his nipples with my soapy fingers from behind. Jeff took a real deep breath as I moved down his tummy and started to clean his hard dick and balls. I soon worked my way around and began lathering up his ass. I inserted my fingers into his crack and began to clean him up good. Jeff bent over to give me better access to his crack and amazed me with his flexibility.

He actually bent over fully grabbing his ankles and exposed his crack and bum hole in full as his balls dangled between his legs. I quickly started to massage his reddish pink hole and toyed with the opening using my index finger. Jeff moaned as I partially inserted a soapy finger, and his bum hole began to spasm like it was trying to eat my finger. I quickly realized that Jeff was having an orgasm as he straightened up a little and let out a muted cry of pleasure. It was amazing to feel his orgasm from his ass as it pulsed and clinched my finger.

After a couple of last twitches I pulled my finger out and proceeded to hug Jeff from behind. Jeff responded by twirling around in my arms and wrapping his arms around me. As we stood in each others arms our lips met and we kissed for the first time. It was a soft and tender kiss and was followed by a long deep hug. After we smiled knowingly at each other we then released and finished our showers and dried off.

We didn’t bother to get dressed and just lounged around the room watching some TV and shooting the shit a little. I felt so liberated lounging around and sharing our bodies with each other and Jeff expressed the same. Jeff lied on the bed and I on the couch as we watched some TV. After a wile I got up of the couch to grab a pop out of the fridge and grabbed one for Jeff also. As I turned around to hand it to him on the bed I noticed he was asleep. Jeff lied there on side with with his legs partially bent. One of his balls peaked out where his ample bums crack met his fleshy thighs. I just stared for a moment at his beautiful form. I crawled up into bed beside him and watched him breath as I fell asleep.

When I awoke Jeff was still lying beside me but had now rolled over and was facing me. I was lying on my back with the hand on Jeff’s side behind my head.

“Have a good nap”, Jeff said as he smiled.

“How long was I asleep?” I asked as I returned Jeff’s smile.

“Long enough for your dick to go from soft, to hard, back to soft, and back to hard again.” Jeff said laughing.

“Is that all you have been doing is watching my dick?” I replied as my face went red with embarrassment.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Your dick a modern wonder” Jeff said with admiration. “It is amazing how it can be as small as it is when soft but then double in size when hard. Mine just basically gets hard, and grows very little. If mine grew as much as yours it would be around 10″ when hard.”

“Not much comfort in the locker room though” I said as I glanced at Jeff’s now hard dick.

“Plenty of comfort here though”, Jeff said as he slid over and grabbed my dick as our lips met and he slid his sloppy tongue into my mouth. I returned his kiss and our tongues began to explore each others sleepy mouths, as I reached for Jeff’s round butt and pulled him closer. Our crotches ground together as our naked bodies rubbed from head to toe. I released the kiss first and licked my way down to one of Jeff’s nipples. It was as hard as his dick and I sucked it and teased it with my tongue before I continued my way down his soft tummy. The heat emanating from Jeff’s dick was amazing as teased it with my tongue. Soft hairs ticked my lips as I kissed his wrinkly balls, and then returned to his hot pole.

I took the head into my mouth and tasted him as I licked his salty pre-cum from his piss slit. I then took his dick into my mouth fully until my nose was tickled by his sparse curlies. I didn’t have to wait long as I could feel his hot dick pulse involuntarily a couple of times until he grabbed the back of my head and shoved his crotch hard into my face and shot his come against the back of my throat. After a few spasms his dick lost its steam and I let it slip out of my mouth. I laid my head down on his tummy, as I swooshed his slimy come around my mouth and watched Jeff’s dick pulsate and soften until it lied flat to rest on his pubes. After resting for a second, I slid up beside Jeff and kissed him softly giving him a taste of his come.

“I want you inside me,” Jeff said smiling, and surprising the hell out of me.

“I have wanted your beautiful round ass all along,” I said as I ran for the hand creme from the washroom. My dick bounced with enthusiasm as I returned to find Jeff with his legs pulled up against his body exposing his bum hole in all of it’s glory. I squeezed the hand creme onto my hot dick and onto his hole, and quickly inserted a finger to loosen him up. His hole swallowed my finger with enthusiasm as I massaged his inside bum wall. I then inserted two with little resistance and continued to open him up.

As I inserted a third Jeff gave a grunt so I paused to let him get used to it. when I felt him relax I then withdrew then and positioned my dick at the opening. As I looked at Jeff’s smiling face I slowly pushed my dick into his hole. As it gained entry Jeff’s smile disappeared, into a look for discomfort.

I then paused and waited a bit. As his hole relaxed it opened up and my dick easily slid in and the smile returned to his face. I thrusted a couple of times but backed off as I was about to come, and wanted to enjoy the moment a little longer. Jeff wanted no part of that and began to squeeze my dick with his ass muscles, and withing seconds I shot my load into his ass. Losing all control, I collapsed onto him as my dick slithered out of his slimy ass. Again we kissed as I lay on top of him and we enjoyed the after glow of our orgasms.

I got up and cleaned up in the washroom, and brought Jeff a warm cloth. “Here you go, I made a mess or your bum,” I said laughing.

“You know the old saying, You make the mess, You clean it up”, Jeff said as he lifted up his legs again exposing his red slimy hole. I went to wipe him off and had a better idea, instead I bent down and cleaned up his come slimed hole with my tongue. It tasted unbelievable as I cleaned up my come and his ass juices from his wrinkly hole.

“There you go, squeaky clean,” I said as I got back up and jumped up onto the bed.

“Jack, you are full of surprises,” Jeff said as we laid down beside each other.

“This is going to be a surprise filled week my friend” I replied.

“Yeah, and this is only the second day, five more to go,” Jeff said with enthusiasm And that began the incredible week that Jeff and I spent in Myrtle. A week I will never forget.

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