Erotic story: My lifeguard

By Pete

After a hectic season working as an attorney where I am a junior partner, I was called into my boss’s office one Friday afternoon.

“Pete,” Mr. Tillings began, “You have been one hell of an asset to our firm. The work you did on some of those big cases was outstanding!”

Erotic story: My lifeguard

“Thank you for that,” I began. “I’m glad everything went well. It sure has been crazy the last few months!”

Mr. Tillings reached into his desk and pulled out a large manilla envelope and slid it across his desk towards me.

I wasn’t quite sure what was happening.

“This envelope Pete is a small token of the firm’s, and my, appreciation for your hard work. There is a prepaid airline card for any airline for $2,000 and a $3,000 prepaid credit card to cover hotel and extras. We want you to take off next week and go for a relaxing escape. Whether you buy a first class ticket for just yourself or go economy and bring a friend, its your call!” he said with a grin. “I’d go Caribbean. My wife and I especially love the French and British islands,” he quickly added.

Not knowing what to say, I stood up, shaking Mr. Tillings hand rather excitedly, and left his office. I haven’t been anywhere in a couple of years. This was too cool! I went back to my office and called in my secretary to check my calendar.

“Mr. Tillings already came by to look over your calendar. Next week was light and he already moved a couple of meetings for you. And he gave me the week off too! Great, huh?” She said with a giggle.

We finished up a few small items and both hurried out, eager to begin our week off. On the train ride back home to my studio apartment, I opened my smart phone and started checking Tripadvisor and Expedia for travel suggestions and making arrangements. Sadly, I’d be going alone. Too busy at work for much of a social life, there wasn’t anyone special. Not quite fully out of the closet, I was not yet brave enough to go to the right bars and clubs to find a nice guy to date! Man oh man, I need a life!

Anyway, my name is Pete Hutcherson. At six foot one, black wavy hair, and a good trim swimmer’s build, some people say I could pass for the brother of Patrick Dempsey, you know that cute guy who plays the doctor on that television show!?

Anyway, with a first class ticket in my name, I packed and took a taxi to the airport. I had to change planes half way to get there, but by late afternoon, I landed in the Caribbean on the island of Guadeloupe at Pointe-A-Pitre Airport. The sky was beautiful, the ocean was blue and my hotel had a car waiting to pick me up to go to Caraibes Resort on Deshaies Beach. The ride was pretty impressive as was this European style high class hotel. They said that women did not have to wear their bikini tops and the crowd was very French, whatever that meant. But looking to relax and do nothing, the foreign feel would really help me unwind.

Hotel check in was fast and my room was a small suite overlooking the pool and beach. Sure enough, out on the beach, topless women were everywhere. The guys, wearing incredibly brief Speedos and really short bathing trunks, walking up and down the beach clearly were ogling the merchandise and checking out the titty carnival. That sure left me out. Inflated silicone-filled pink bazooms or little blueberry pancakes on any girl just didn’t do it for me. Looking further I saw the pool, very large and blue, surrounded by swaying palm trees, and nearly deserted. That’s where I was headed.

I washed up and unpacked. I had a few hours til dinner, which they served late in the European style, and looked over my two old bathing suits. They were long enough to be board shorts. These just wouldn’t work. Remembering the swim shop I passed in the lobby, I threw on a tee shirt and some regular shorts and sneakers and went down to check it out. The lady in the shop was clearly checking me out as she was quite eager to help. She talked me into two swim suits and a pair of sandals, saying the sneakers really had to go!

I thanked her and went back to my room to change. My heart was pounding holding my purchases up. I didn’t know if I had the nerve to go out in these little things, but here I was in a foreign place where no one knew me, so what the hell?

I put on the bright blue Speedo brief. I looked in the mirror and didn’t know if I was turned on or terrified! The front was barely bigger then a thong or jock strap, and the back barely covered my muscular ass cheeks. I don’t think I ever wore anything that was so low below my belly button. My flat abs were accentuated and you could almost see the fuzz forming above my pubic hair. Thank the lord I wasn’t too hairy down there!

I stepped into my new sandals, which were actually really comfortable, and threw on my white tee shirt, which really accented my new blue Speedo. The suit was so brief that my shirt could not go long enough to even reach the Speedo!

Walking out to the pool, I found a nice spot near the palm trees which was also near the pool. Within seconds, a young waitress from the bar came by and I ordered a pina colada, my old standby. With a grin and a wave she was off and I looked around the pool. Not too far from me was a lifeguard’s chair overlooking the pool but it was empty. After two drinks and feeling fine, I was relaxed and still admiring the scenery.

And then I saw him. Oh … My … God! If there was such a thing as a perfect male model, this guy was it! Walking out of the hotel doors and towards the pool, this guy in a white Speedo and no shirt sauntered in my direction. His skin was a light copper color. His pecs were large but not overly muscular. Two dark half dollar coin size circles highlighted his eraser bud nipples. His broad shoulders slimmed down to a narrow waist and his Speedo covered a noticeable bulge. Broad muscular legs supported his body beautifully. With a pair of dark sunglasses and a head of very short black hair, this guy just oozed cool and confident. My heart froze as he walked by and I watched him get into the life guard chair. I considered offering to drown for him but realized that might seem a bit too forward. I leaned back down, but clearly relaxation was just not going to happen. Even with the sun in my eyes, I still managed to open them from time to time to sneak a peak at this luscious creature. His head seemed to follow every passing pair of exposed titties that happened to stroll by. Clearly the girls were checking out the life guard as well.

Laying back down and trying to relax, I was suddenly awakened by a voice.


I looked up and saw my lifeguard peering down at me.

“Yes?” I responded.

“Oh, you speak English, great, my French is so rusty,” the lifeguard said.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I have a big favor to ask,” he continued, holding up a tube of sunscreen in his hand.

“You need me to do your back?” I asked, as he sat down on the end of my chair facing away from me.

“Yes please,” he said. “Thanks so much. If I ask any of the female guests either they get offended or try to get frisky. Jeez, such a pain.”

“No problem,” I offered, as I greased up my palm for slow sweeping motions across his already bronze back. I could feel his firm muscles with each swipe, but I tried in vain to not go too slow and let on how I should be thanking him for giving me this privilege.

“So this your first day here?” he asked.

“Yes, how can you tell?”

“Well, first off, you’re a bit paler then everyone else out here, and second, I haven’t seen you before, and I’m sure I would have noticed you!”

With him still facing away from me, I couldn’t tell how is face was and whether I just had a put down for being nerdy or maybe a compliment that he liked what he saw. I could only hope!

I reached the bottom of his back near his Speedo and announced I was done. He turned to face me and took the tube out of my hand.

“Turn around, now I do you!” he announced.

“I hoped you’d say that,” I said boldly, hoping to drop a hint.

I think he picked up something, when he asked: “So you here alone or with a girlfriend, …. or boyfriend?” with a pause.

“No, I’m alone. I haven’t found the right guy yet I suppose.”

I turned to face him as I said that, seeing if he’s run or something. I must have caught him by surprise because he didn’t say anything, but managed a surprisingly shy grin.

“Well, you’re on the right island then. The island is very gay friendly, but be careful, lots of big egos around here.”

“To be honest, with my looks, at least compared to yours, I don’t have many ego issues,” I explained.

“Bullshit man!” he said quickly. You’re pretty hot, or at least really good looking. Just a bit pale!” And with that he gave me a friendly pat on my shoulder and announced he was done.

I turned to face him, and tried to keep my eyes up at his face and not roving down that awesome chest. But my eyes met a surprise. He was NOT looking at my face at all. He was ogling me up and down from my chest to my crotch and my legs and then up again.

“Hey, life guard man,” I announced. “My eyes are up here!” I always wanted to say that.

My stud blushed. “My name is Jake. And you are?”

“I’m Pete. But it’s cool Jake. Just giving you grief. Flattered that a hunk like you is looking pale little me over.” I said.

“You may be pale, but we can fix that!” He said with a tantalizing grin. “But just look what you’re doing to me right now,” he said, motioning down his chest towards his crotch.

Was I in for a surprise! His already swollen crotch had taken shape. His cock was now clearly visible, outlined going sideways, hard and long under the material. I could clearly tell that he was cut due to the thinness of the material.

My eyes wide, I could not look away from his banana sling.

“Eyes up here Pete!” he exclaimed. We both laughed. I was already turned on.

“You too huh?” he said, pointing to my now obvious erection in my Speedo. I blushed as well, and then we giggled like naughty school guys. We both looked around, like too escaped convicts, hoping not to be seen or caught.

“There is no way I can walk back to my room though the lobby with a hard on,” I announced.

He leaned in as if to share a deep dark secret. “No worries. Its six o’clock and my shift is now over. There’s an employees door just behind my chair, we can get in over there. Most day staff that uses that entrance is gone now, and I have an office there.”

“A life guard had an office?” I asked incredulously.

He gave me a dirty look and stood up, motioning me to follow. Like two thieves in the night looking all around for signs of life, I just had to giggle as we skulked away. Fortunately, the pool area was deserted and I followed Jake through the door he held open. In the half lit hallway, I heard the door close behind be and suddenly felt two arms grab me by the shoulders and push me towards the wall. Instantly, my hunk was on me, his body pressing against me, his hands on my shoulders as he pushed his mouth into mine for a hot heavy kiss. I immediately responded as our mouths slowly opened, our tongues meeting each other for the first time, getting to know each other. I had to admit it was the hottest kiss I ever had. His tongue work was amazing, poking and prodding, as my own hands slowly slid down the back, really enjoying it now slowly and sensually, like I wanted to do before. Jake pushed his body into me with greater intent, as if to merge our skins. First our bellies melted together followed by his groin pushing into mine. The pressure on our cocks only made them grow harder. I felt my own cock wiggle upright and soon the head was out past the waist band. I could feel his warm belly against my cock head and then sensing more movement, realized that his cock head must have also come up for some outside air!

Jake must have sensed our mutually excited erections as he broke our kiss and he stepped back, looking down and admiring our erect manhoods! He looked at me with a wink and slid to his knees, pulling my Speedo down from my waist down to my ankles. In no time his mouth was over my cock, which felt so much better free from its Speedo confinement. He sucked and licked my cock head as he took more and more of me as he went. His hands holding and caressing my hips kept me in place as I began to buck back and forth in rhythm to his sucking. My hands came to his head, caressing it as he continued to pleasure me. My arousal was at its peak.

“I’m close,” I warned.

Jake stopped and looked up at me. “So?” he said with a grin, and immediately went back down on my engorged cock. I stifled my moans, afraid we’d be heard, not knowing who might be around, but knew that I cold not control myself much longer. Soon after, I came. My body rocked and quaked as Jake continued to devour me. I erupted and my cream flowed. I gasped in delight as Jake slowed, sucking me more gently,but intent to take my whole load. Soon he was lapping around my cock head like a kitten, trying to capture every last drop. My breathing returned to normal, although I was still out of breath from my wonderful orgasm.

Jake started to stand, sweetly pulling up my Speedo and tucking my quite happy cock and mostly empty balls back in their place. I just grinned at him.

“I owe you a favor,” I announced with a wink.

“Later Pete!” he said taking my hand. My weekend just began and you’ll have your chance soon enough. I promise.”

I leaned forward for a quick kiss. He moaned, clearly enjoying this little kiss as much as our bigger kiss earlier.

“I need to go back to my room to shower and dress for dinner. Is that okay?” I asked.

We walked as we talked and he ducked into a room and came back with a duffle bag a second later, locking up the door to his office.

“That’s okay, but on one condition,” he warned with a dirty grin.

“Yeah?” I responded.

“I follow you to your room, but we shower T O G E T H E R!” He said slowly and deliberately, making my heart skip at least two beats!

“Then,” he continued, “we dress for dinner and I take you to this nice little romantic restaurant on the beach!”

“Sounds like a plan!” I said.

“And expect to be ravaged on the beach after dinner!” he added.

“And you, my friend,” I began, “Can expect to be ravaged in my shower!” I squeezed his hand as I said that for effect.

“Only ‘Friend’, not ‘Lover’?,” he asked with a pout.

“Depends how the shower and dinner go!” I teased.

“You fucker!” he joked back.

“I sure as hell hope so Jake!” I said with the dirtiest grin I could muster.

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