Erotic Story: My best friend Charlie

By Hank Brooks.

Jimmy Riley was the most closeted homosexual who ever lived. In his fear of discovery, he was still a virgin at the age of twenty-nine. Oh yes, there was that one time in Cleveland, a couple of years ago. Jimmy was there on business, and he got up his courage, and went to a gay bar on his first evening. He was approached by a handsome young man, who did not hesitate to tell Jimmy that he wanted to have sex with him. Jimmy almost gave in, but at the last minute he ran out of the bar in abject terror.

His abnormal fear of discovery did not stem from any kind of dread that the world, and his friends and family, would ostracize him, or anything like that. He was afraid that his best friend, Charlie O’Connor, would stop being his friend. Charlie was married for about a year now. He was macho and masculine (so was Jimmy), and they had been best friends since guyhood. Jimmy fell in love with Charlie when they were in elementary school, but he never acted on it. They were room mates in college and law school, and Jimmy was simply Charlie’s best friend, a straight best friend.

They went to work for separate law firms, but after about three years they struck out on their own, and formed the partnership of Riley and O’Connor. A coin toss had determined that Riley would come first in the firm’s name.

Last year, Charlie married. He had no siblings, and Jimmy was his best man. Jimmy didn’t think that Charlie had made a good decision. He barely knew the girl. Jimmy thought they had little in common, but of course, he said nothing, and the wedding went on.

As for Charlie, his head must have been in the sand. He never questioned why Jimmy never dated, never double dated either, but preferred to stay late in the office and work. He just chalked it up to Jimmy’s nature.

Charlie and Jimmy both had one bedroom condos in separate buildings about four blocks apart. Roz moved into Charlie’s apartment a couple of months before the wedding. Jimmy tried to find out where she had lived before that, but he could never get it out of her. Her secret seemed to be as deep as his.

Somehow, he had a gut feeling that Roz was not all she purported to be. Secretly, in his home one night, he searched the internet, and was not totally surprised to learn that Roz had a criminal record. She had been arrested twice for prostitution, but never incarcerated. If arrested again, she would face a prison term.

He agonized for weeks, and finally decided to say nothing to Charlie. After all, who hadn’t seen `Pretty Woman’? Maybe Roz was reformed.

When they had been married for about nine months, Charlie went out of town on business for a couple of days. “Check in on Roz for me, will you?” he asked Jimmy before he left, and Jimmy did just that.

The evening of Charlie’s departure, after Jimmy had eaten his TV dinner alone, he called to make sure Roz was all right. She answered the phone, and she was obviously drunk. She was slurring her words; loud music was blaring in the background; and Jimmy had to beg her to turn it down, so they could hear each other talk.

“Who did you say this is?” she asked several times. Jimmy was about to hang up in disgust, when he heard a male voice yell at her, “Hang up, bitch. I ain’t payin’ to have you yak on the phone.” Suddenly they were disconnected.

Jimmy was in a quandary. This was no reformed `Pretty Woman.’ This was a hard drinking prostitute. Again he wracked his brain about telling Charlie. In the end, he was too chicken. He kept his mouth shut, and for a few more weeks everything seemed to be good between Charlie and Roz.

The couple was about two weeks shy of their first anniversary. It was a Saturday night, and Jimmy had just settled down to another lonely, loveless evening, when there was a knock at his door.

He asked three times who it was, and got no answer. Finally, he opened the door a smidgen, and there was Charlie. He was leaning against the door, and he would surely fall if Jimmy opened it any further. Somehow Jimmy managed to open the door, and catch Charlie before he could topple over.

Charlie was just about comatose. Jimmy put him into a chair, and couldn’t believe what he saw. His business partner was totally disheveled. He had at least a two-day growth of beard. His breath was vile with the stench of liquor, but worst of all, he had vomit all over his shirt.

“What the fuck happened?” Jimmy yelled. Charlie moved his mouth, but was unable to talk.

“You stink,” Jimmy said. “Let’s get you into the shower. He put his arms under Charlie’s arm pits and dragged him to the bathroom. Charlie stood upright, and could not move a muscle to help Jimmy undress him. Since Charlie was standing as rigid as a ramrod, Jimmy held him with one hand and turned on the shower spigots. He debated whether he should bathe his friend in cold or warm water, and decided on warm.

He pushed his naked friend into the shower and handed him a bar of soap. Charlie didn’t move, so Jimmy held up his arm and attempted to put the soap in his hand. It fell right out, and on to the shower floor, as Charlie remained in his rigid state.

In exasperation, Jimmy undressed and went into the shower with Charlie. Jimmy stood behind Charlie and started to soap his back. As the warm water cascaded down their bodies, Charlie seemed to loosen up a little. His body sagged, and Jimmy had to wrap his arm around Charlie’s waist to keep him from falling. From that position Jimmy began to soap Charlie’s smelly chest. Also from that position he realized that his erect cock was massaging Charlie’s crack. He wanted to pull back, but he just couldn’t. He was in a situation that he believed he would never experience, and he was giving way to lust.

His soapy hand travelled down Charlie’s chest and was nearing his pubic area, when suddenly Charlie turned around to face Jimmy. Jimmy panicked. Charlie wrapped his arms around Jimmy and placed his head on Jimmy’s shoulder. He was sobbing loudly. The two men held each other tightly, and Jimmy was aware that Charlie’s cock was massaging his, and it was very hard, and beyond wonderful.

“For God’s sake,” Jimmy begged, “tell me what happened?”

Charlie sobbed once, and began. He spoke hesitantly and his words were slurred because he was still quite drunk. “I’ve suspected that Roz was having an affair for quite awhile now. I would have preferred an affair to what I found out.”

Jimmy steeled himself for what was to come. He had a very strong suspicion.

“Yesterday, when I told you I wouldn’t be coming into the office, I left the house, but watched my building from across the street. After a short while, I saw two well dressed business men go inside. I became suspicious. They are not unit owners. I followed them in, and sure enough, they rang my bell. Roz let them in. She was wearing a negligee. I waited about half an hour, and let myself in. Roz was in bed with both of them. They were all naked. One of the guys was fucking her, and the other had his cock in her mouth.

“She screamed when she saw me, and one of the guys asked, `Who the fuck are you? We paid good money, fella, so wait your turn.”

“I ran out and went to Benny’s Bar on Sixth and 49th. They are open 24/7. I drank for hours trying to erase the image of what I had just seen. When I vomited they kicked me out, and I came here. You are my best friend in the whole world. What should I do Jimmy?”

“The first thing we’ll do is clean you up, and get you sober. Then I’ll make you something to eat. You’ll stay here tonight, and we’ll talk about it in the morning. You need a good night’s sleep.”

Charlie still had his arms around Jimmy. Once again Jimmy started to soap Charlie’s back. Charlie was purring like a kitten. His head remained on Jimmy’s shoulder. Jimmy was soaping Charlie’s butt, and without any conscious intent, he started to soap his friend’s crack. A finger inadvertently slipped in just a bit. Jimmy wasn’t even aware of what he was doing, and Charlie pushed his body harder against Jimmy’s.

“Turn around,” Jimmy said softly, and Charlie did just that. He continued to stand passively in the shower, content to let Jimmy do all the work. When Jimmy soaped his chest, and brushed lightly against his nipples, they began to harden, and his dick got stiffer. Jimmy had reached Charlie’s pubic area. The first time that happened, Charlie had turned around and he could not proceed. This time, he was able to glance at Charlie’s face. His eyes were closed, and Jimmy did something he had dreamed of doing for twenty years. He began to soap Charlie’s pubic hair, and his fist found itself wrapping around his beloved’s cock, pulling back the foreskin, and massaging gently.

Jimmy was well acquainted with a cock that was about to erupt. Charlie’s balls were shrinking and hardening. He could hardly breathe, and he was beginning to make guttural sounds. Jimmy couldn’t stand it any longer. He gave no thought to any negative consequence. He released Charlie and let the shower water rinse the soap off his prick. He fell to his knees and engulfed Charlie’s cock in his mouth. He just held it that way for a bit, savoring the moment, but then he began to run his tongue up and down the underside of Charlie’s throbbing rod. His lips began to pump the object of his long suppressed desire, and his tongue began to bathe his love’s cock in a slow sensual rhythm.

Charlie put his hand on the back of Jimmy’s head, attempting to push more of his cock into his friend’s mouth. When he came, he screamed so loudly that Jimmy actually got frightened. He swallowed all of Charlie’s generous cum, and then he stood up. He embraced Charlie, and this time he put his head on Charlie’s shoulder. Jimmy wanted desperately to kiss Charlie, but he was afraid.

It was Charlie who asked, “Isn’t this where we are supposed to kiss or something?” Jimmy didn’t answer. He pulled away from Charlie.

“Please,” Jimmy pleaded, “don’t hate me. I couldn’t stand it if you hated me.”

“I could never hate you, Jimmy. We two are soul mates. I just never realized how `soul-matey’ we were. What you just did it was…it was…it was…” Charlie couldn’t find the words.

Nothing more was said between them. They exited the shower and dried off. Jimmy put on a robe, and pulled another from a closet. He threw it at Charlie. Jimmy’s insides were churning with fear, but Charlie just kept smiling at him.

“Come into the kitchen. You need to eat something,” Jimmy ordered. Charlie sat down at the table, and Jimmy pulled one of his TV dinners out of the freezer. He prepared it in the micro oven according to instructions, and Charlie devoured it. Jimmy made coffee for both of them.

“I don’t want coffee,” Charlie mumbled.”

“Believe me, you need it. Just drink it down.”

“Whatever you say, master.”

“Charlie, I’d like you to stay with me tonight. I don’t think you should go home until we’ve talked it all out in the morning, and you decide on your next move. My couch is oversized. You’ll be comfortable on it.”

“I can’t believe you,” Charlie said. “You just gave me the best blow job, probably the best sex, I ever had in my life, and you want me to sleep on the couch?”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m not saying. I’m just assuming that there’s a lot more you can teach me and demonstrate for me tonight.” Charlie smiled at Jimmy. This time Jimmy smiled right back.

“I’ve got something to tell you” Jimmy said lowering his head. “I’m gay. Not only am I gay, I have loved you since we were in grade school.”

“Poor Jimmy! Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

“I was afraid of losing your friendship.”

“I doubt anything could destroy the friendship of two soul mates. Even what you did in the shower didn’t harm us. As far as I am concerned it brought us closer.”

“Is this where we kiss?” Jimmy asked, mimicking Charlie.

“I think so.”

Charlie offered Jimmy his lips, which were gratefully accepted. At first they kissed lightly with closed mouths. As chaste as the kiss was, they both found it sensual. Their lips were pressed so lightly together that it felt like two feathers brushing against each other. It was Charlie’s lips which first parted, and Jimmy opened up also, when he felt Charlie’s tongue seeking his. The kisses became more desperate, more lustful, more filled with desire.

Jimmy whispered, “You need some coffee.” He disengaged himself and started for the kitchen. Charlie followed him in awe. He could hardly believe what was happening to him; to them. The thing that amazed him the most was how right it felt, and how perfectly wonderful.

Jimmy made coffee and toasted a couple of bagels that he pulled out of his freezer. To his credit, Charlie tried to eat the bagel and drink the coffee, but he kept dozing off. Jimmy removed Charlie’s robe, and helped get him into bed. He retired for the night also. They were both naked and smelling fresh from the shower. Charlie was at the edge of the bed facing the middle, so Jimmy nested against the man he loved, until he could feel Charlie’s limp cock pressing against his ass. Jimmy imagined that he was in Paradise, as he fell asleep.

In the morning, Jimmy woke to find them in the same position, except that Charlie’s hand was wrapped around his chest. He kissed the back of the hand he loved, and sighed with such deep contentment as he had never before known in his life. He needed to pee badly, but he was not about to disturb this blissful moment, so he held it in, and tried not to move. Charlie was breathing in his ear, and it sounded like `The Ode to Joy” to Jimmy.

Finally, Charlie began to stir. When he was awake, he quickly removed his hand from around Jimmy’s chest, and started to get out of bed. Jimmy beat him to it.

“I’ve got to pee,” Jimmy said and ran to the bathroom. He was afraid to look Charlie in the eye. What if, when cold sober, he repented his actions of last night. Jimmy did his business, washed his hands, and brushed his teeth. He opened the bathroom door, and there stood Charlie, grinning from ear to ear.

“Get back in bed,” he said. “It’s Sunday. Let’s sleep in a little, and then discuss where we go from here.” He went into the bathroom, and did his morning things, using Jimmy’s tooth brush.

Jimmy suppressed a sob. He was still afraid to look at Charlie. He got back in bed with his eyes staring at the floor. He could scarcely believe that after all these years, his dream might actually come true. Charlie got into bed and faced Jimmy. Tentatively Jimmy reached down, found Charlie’s cock and started to fondle it.

“That feels so nice,” Charlie said, and he reached down and fondled Jimmy. “Why didn’t you ever tell me how nice this is?”

“I never knew, Charlie. I’m a virgin.”

“You’re kidding me.”

“No, I swear.”

“Well, let’s remedy that situation and quickly. I never thought I could do what I am about to do, but knowing I am about to give you as much pleasure as you gave me, makes me want to do it more than I can describe to you.”

Charlie began to kiss Jimmy. The tips of their tongues began to tickle each other. They both enjoyed the sensation for a while and then Charlie began moving down Jimmy’s hard, muscled body. He thought of Roz’s soft, supple skin, and he hesitated for just a moment. He returned to Jimmy’s body and began suckling his nipples. He felt them hardening under his tongue and he was amazed. No woman had ever suckled his nipples, and he could not believe that a man’s nipples were an erogenous zone.

He moved down toward Jimmy’s crotch, and was struck by the musky, masculine scent. It was intoxicating, not fishy like Roz’s clit. It was now or never. Jimmy was so hard and so ready. Charlie ran his tongue up and down Jimmy’s cut penis, and all around his head. He smiled to himself. It tasted sweet and wonderful, not at all like he would have expected. He wanted to devour it, and he took it in his mouth. He tried to use only his tongue and lips, and so he did his best not to let his teeth touch Jimmy’s precious tool.

It didn’t take long before Jimmy was writhing, and moaning “Oh god,” over and over. He gave out one long scream and came. Charlie’s first impulse was to pull away, but Jimmy had swallowed his spunk, and he determined to do as much. Jimmy’s cum tasted sweet and salty at the same time. He swallowed it all, and he had to smile to himself. He had done pretty well for his first time. He slithered up to Jimmy and kissed him. Jimmy could taste his own cum. The taste was not unfamiliar to him.

“There,” Charlie said,” you’re not a virgin anymore.”

“I’m a virgin until you fuck me,” Jimmy stated with authority.

“I can’t wait, but let’s get up now and shower. I want to take you out for Sunday brunch, and we can continue making love after we eat. God, I’m having so much fun. I hope you are too, Jimmy.”

“Brunch for just the two of us is a fantastic idea,” Jimmy agreed, “and yes, I’m having the time of my life. I have dreamed of this forever, and you are making all my dreams come true. Please tell me that you aren’t grossed out.”

“Are you kidding? I have never had better sex than you are giving me. I think I know the secret. You are the first person I have ever had sex with that I have loved. I’m making love to you, Jimmy, not just getting my nuts off.” He leaned over and kissed Jimmy.

They showered together, and had to restrain themselves from spending the whole day under water. Charlie finally broke it up by saying to Jimmy, “Let’s talk about Roz, and my future, at brunch.” He wanted to end his sentence with `sweetheart,’ but he just wasn’t ready yet, and he couldn’t quite call a man sweetheart, even if he loved him. He vowed to work on it.

At brunch, Jimmy finally told Charlie about his internet search, and about what happened when he called Roz during Charlie’s business trip.

“You should have told me,” Charlie said without rancor.

“I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“Thanks. I guess I had to find out for myself. Jimmy, come with me to my apartment. I want to ask Roz to clear out. I’ll be braver with you at my side.


“Also, will you handle my divorce? I can’t wait to serve the bitch with divorce papers. She cheated on me, and I don’t want her to get one red cent. Her arrest records for prostitution will help me out.”

The two men went to Charlie’s apartment after brunch. Charlie was shocked. The apartment was cleared out; all Roz’s clothes and all the furniture were gone. She was kind enough to leave his wardrobe and personal belongings. Charlie found a note on the kitchen counter.

Sorry you walked in on me like you did, but you shouldn’t have been such a snoop. You are a poor excuse for a husband anyway. You make love like a fag, and you don’t make enough money to make me happy. I won’t give you any problem about a divorce. I’m moving in with a millionaire. He was one of my tricks, and all he cares about is that I continue to make love to him like a prostitute. He doesn’t expect me to marry him. I’ll call your office on Monday, and give you an address and telephone number where you can reach me. I can’t say that it’s been a ball. Roz.

“What do you think of this, my divorce lawyer?” Charlie asked. Jimmy thought a very long time before he answered.

“Thank God you make love like a fag.” They broke out laughing, and couldn’t stop laughing all afternoon, even while making love in Jimmy’s apartment.

They fucked each other for the first time, and used condoms because they had no way of knowing who Roz had been with, how careful she had been, or the state of her health.

When Charlie entered Jimmy, he cried out in delight. “You are so tight and hot. No cunt ever made me feel this way. I love you sweetheart. I’ll love you forever.”

“I love you too, my darling soul mate,” Jimmy answered back. I can’t wait to feel what you are feeling.”

“You will darling, a million times before we die. Let’s get tested soon, and ditch the rubbers.”

It was with great reluctance that they got up the next morning and went to work.

“Are you as happy as I am?” Jimmy asked on the way.

“I don’t know how happy you are, Love, but you can’t possibly be happier than I am.”

They kissed before they left Jimmy’s apartment, and then they became all business like, at least until they could get back in bed that night.

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