Erotic Story: The motorcycle ploy

By Mark James

Tom called and asked if I wanted to see his new motorcycle. This kind of surprised me because; although he lives down the street, we don’t really see much of each other. He is a year older than me and runs with a different crowd. That is not to say that I don’t notice him when he is outside washing his car or cutting the grass in just his cutoffs. I have always found a reason to walk by his house and ogle him when I see him outside half naked. And it is not that he doesn’t show up in at least half of my masturbatory fantasies or that his name has not come up as the subject of discussion with one of my closeted gay friends, but he has never shown any interest in me. But what the hell I’ll go look. Motorcycles are hot and bikers do people my fantasies every once in a while. I go to his house and the door is partially open.

I knock and call Tom, “Its Brad.”

He answers and says, “Come on in. I’m in the garage. Use the door by the kitchen.”

I walk in and go out into the garage. There is a new blue and chrome motorcycle sitting there. And leaning back on the seat is Tom, stark naked, with a hard-on. My eyes go immediately to the crotch and I see a nice 6″ cut cock begging for some serious attention.

Its summertime and I am not wearing anything but silk gym shorts. My cock goes to full erection and there is no way to hide it, so I don’t try to. I walk around the bike checking him out, not the machine.

I say, “Nice equipment. Is that what you wanted me to see?”

He stroked his cock with his hand and said, “No, I thought you would be more interested in this, the bike was just a ploy. Guys have been telling me for years that you are gay. You are always around when I am outside partially dressed so I thought I would check you out. I can always use a good blowjob.”

I stopped next to the bike and said, “What makes you think I am gay.”

He said, “The hard-on you are sporting.”

I glanced down and then said, “Yeah, I guess that would be a giveaway.”

I reached over and put my hand around his cock. This effectively ended any pretense on my part.

As I stroked his cock, I asked, “So you want me to suck on this, eh”

He said, “Yeah, I’m interested in seeing how well you give head, Brad.”

I released his cock and stroked the inside of his thighs, then ran my hands up over his stomach and massaged his chest muscles. Then I used one hand to stroke his chest and the other one to play with his loose balls.

I said, “What do I get out of this?”

He said, “You get to eat me cocksucker and if you are good I will cum in your mouth”

I said, “Sounds good to me. I love it when guys are masterful and talk dirty to me,”

I leaned my head over his crotch and took his cock in my mouth all the way to his bush and, closing my lips around his shaft I sucked upward till I had just his corona in my mouth. I sucked and licked on the head of his cock as I continued to play with his balls and stroke his torso. Then I went all the way down on his cock again and gave him 15 or 20 long deep throat sucks.

Then I released his cock from my warm wet mouth, looked at him, and asked, “Is that what you had in mind?”

He said, “Oh yeah Brad, suck me just like that”

I leaned over, moved his cock out of the way, and started sucking and licking his balls. Then I took his ball sac in my mouth and sucked on his balls as I slowly jacked his dick with my hand. I was very attentive to his balls for about 5 minutes then I licked up the length of his cock starting at his balls and deep throated his cock again. He grabbed my head with his hands and started pushing my mouth down on his cock and then raising it back again as I sucked the shaft like a vacuum cleaner going up and down.

I slid my hand under his balls and inserted my finger up the crack of his ass, searching for his asshole. I found his little bud and started massaging it with my finger tip. He yelped and raised his ass to give me more room in which to work. I softly massaged around and on his asshole. He released my head and let me continue sucking his cock on my own.

He folded his hands behind his head and said,”This is great.”

I stopped sucking his dick because; if I kept on he was going to cum too quickly. Instead I started licking on the inside of his thighs. He quickly spread them out so that I could lick everywhere. Then I transferred my tongue to his torso and licked on his navel, stomach and nipples.

He pushed my head back down to his dick and said, “Suck.”

I put my finger in my mouth and got it wet and went to find his asshole again as started seriously deep throating and sucking his tool. I found his asshole and stuck my finger halfway up his asshole.

He said, “That feels good man.”

I pushed and pulled my finger out of his ass as my mouth went rapidly up and down his stalk. He was moaning to himself and his body was tensing up. He placed his hands on my head and rode with my head as it went up and down on his dick.

Then he slammed my head down on his cock and yelled, “I’m cumming.”

I rammed my finger up his ass and hit his prostate just before he let loose with his load in my mouth. I withdrew my finger from his ass and slowly licked his dick clean of cum as I backed my mouth up his pole until I finally let it go.

I said to him as he lay there totally spent, “That take care of you?”

“Totally man,” he said

Then a voice said, “You want my cock?”

Tom looked up and I turned around and saw this guy standing there with his orange t-shirt half way up his torso and his half hard cock with a very large head on it hanging over the elastic of his shorts.

He said, Tom, “Your door was open so I came in and found this guy sucking your dick.”

Tom said, “Brad, this is Eric, a friend of mine. Eric this is Brad, a neighbor and he gives great head.”

As I walked over to Tom, I picked up a wad of rags. I dropped them on the floor in front of Eric to cushion my knees and dropped to my knees and took his large dickhead in my mouth and started sucking and licking it. I just adore large dick heads. Of course my licking and sucking made his dick grow up all the way and I had a 7″ cock to suck on.

He also had a nice large set of nuts. I reached up and pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles. I did a slow charge on his cock, going down a little more on each down stroke until my nose was in his pubic hair. As I was sucking his cock I was fondling his large balls. Oh god this is great I thought as I bobbed back and forth on his large dick. I love his cock. I stopped sucking and went back to licking and sucking his large dick head. I mean man that really turned me on. My dick was as hard as a rock.

Then I dropped down and did justice to his fabulous balls. I licked and sucked and slobbered all over them. Then I went back to deep throating his large cock. I put my hands around his body and spread his cheeks and found his asshole, which I started to massage. His body backed up onto my finger and I had to scoot forward to keep his cock fully in my mouth.

He pulled my head off his cock, slipped out of his pants, turned around, bent over, spread his cheeks and said, “Lick My ass.”

I got my tongue in there immediately and started licking on his asshole and the crack of his ass. Licking ass is so much fun. I reached between his legs with one hand and fondled his balls. I reached around him and started masturbating him with the other hand and my tongue was industriously trying to stick itself up his asshole.

Tom was standing off to the side watching and playing with his self.

He said, “Hey you did not lick my ass.”

I pulled off Eric’s ass and said, “Bend over.”

He assumed the position and I licked his asshole for a few minutes. Eric, in the meantime had turned around and had his cock pointed at my face. I immediately went back to pleasuring that beautiful cock head with my mouth while I stroked and played with his balls.

Then I looked Eric in the eyes and said, “Mouth fuck me.

I sat there with my mouth wide open while Eric inserted his cock and started humping my mouth. He grabbed my head and rammed his cock in and out of my mouth. I was in cock sucker heaven. I started beating my meat. It was time for me to cum also. Eric started attacking my mouth with frenzy so I knew that he was ready to release his load.

On one of his cock insertions he said, “AHHHH” and filled my mouth with cum.

At about the same moment I blew my load all over the floor. I greedily swallowed his cum and then pulled back till I held the head of his cock in my mouth and milked it for all of the cum I could extract from his balls.

I used one of the rags I was kneeling on to wipe off his cock and mine. I got up and pulled up my shorts and Eric put his clothes back on. Tom was standing there jacking off.

I walked over to him, squatted down, and said, “Now you face fuck me Tom.”

I opened my mouth and Tom proceeded to fuck my mouth.

Eric came up behind me, grabbed my head and said, “Let me hold his head still, while you fuck his mouth.”

While Tom was mouth fucking me I let my hands run all over his body, feeling him tensing and straining as he moved back and forth in my mouth. Then suddenly he came again. Not so much as the first time, but it was a nice load. I used one of the rags to wipe off his cock and stood up.

I said, “Let me know next time either one of you wants your cock sucked,” and walked out the door.

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