Erotic story: Mickey, the Cameraman

By Simon.

Over lunch, Roland and I talked about my first porn shoot. Roland was enthusiastic. Well, he did get fucked on camera, and I made sure I used his ass properly for horny audiences jerking off as my cock slid in and out of his hot butt. It was exciting for me, fucking on camera. I never thought I’d be considering shooting porn. But the money was great and I couldn’t ignore it. Once I got over my inhibitions regarding being in a porn flic, it felt good to be appreciated.

“You know, Eddie,” Roland commented. “When we used to fuck before this? I never got to watch how you perform, especially when I dogged for you. Most of the time, I had my face buried in the cushions to stifle my screams under your monster dick.”

I laughed. “But you took me heroically, baby,” I commented.

“Man, I did. How I did!” Roland sighed, a wistful expression on his face. “But,” he continued, his voice turning husky, “when I saw the way you fucked me on screen today, Jesus, it was hotter than when I was actually getting plowed. I loved the way your ass muscles rippled with every thrust as you pounded me.”

“The cameraman did a great job, didn’t he?”

“He sure did. Lucky him. He must have gotten horny as hell watching you fuck. Boy, how I wish I could just sit back and do the same, in real. I would cum in my pants!”

I regarded Roland with a different look now. “You mean you want to me to fuck somebody while you’re sitting and jerking off?”

“Well, that, yea,” Roland confessed. “But I wouldn’t just be sitting. Eddie, I would be eating that ass of yours like crazy as you pounded the other guy.”

I remembered that Roland used to be quite jealous when we were in a relationship, especially when I watched hot guys walking by.

“What happened to your jealousy, then?” I taunted with a sly smile.

“You’re not mine anymore, Eddie,” he smiled. “Besides, the camera guy is hot.”

“Yea? Do you think he is gay?” I asked.

“Most everyone on the set is gay.”

“Did you do him?”

Roland hesitated, looked down at his cup of coffee, and nodded.

“But he was gawking at you,” Roland bit his lower lip.

“Set it up,” I said staring seriously into Roland’s sexy eyes.


“Set it up,” I repeated. “Let’s make your dream come true.”

I felt that it would be a new experience for me: performing in front of a live audience. This made me excited and my cock stretched the fabric of my jeans. Yes, it would be extremely erotic fucking a guy while another guy watched my ass-ate my ass.

Roland reflected but it didn’t take him long to make up his mind. “Ok.”

And that was that. I would wait for Roland to call.

“Guess what, Ed?” Roland sounded excited on the phone the next day.

“What?” I said, although I sort of knew what he was going to say.

“You’re on, baby.”


“Ok? Fuck, Eddie, this is way beyond hot. I’ve been walking with a hard on the second Mickey agreed.

He has the hots for you, something fierce. He doesn’t give a shit if there was someone else watching, as long as he gets his ass plowed, by you.”

“Ok, Roland. So where? When?”

“Now, you hot fuck. My place. Get your ass over here.”

When I walked into Roland’s apartment, I was greeted with the two men already in underwear.

They’d been making out and their erections were evident.

“Started without me?” I asked as I approached them.

“Getting ready for you, hot lover,” Roland smiled.

Mickey just nodded at me, looking me over from head to toe.

“It’s a change seeing you all dressed up, Ed,” Mickey finally said mischievously, rubbing his dick and balls.

“And you would like this to be changed?” I retorted, keeping up the charade, rubbing my own crotch.

“Hey, guys,” Roland said. “This is so vulgar. Stop it. Just get fucking naked. That’s more normal.”

We all laughed. Erections were all over the place, more than ready for action. Mickey looked definitely hot and I was really looking forward to fucking him. His body was lean and fit, no chest hair. I visualized his butt to be firm and fuzzy. My cock strained inside my clothes.

Slowly, I stripped naked. My cock stood up at an angle, throbbing, needing to fuck.

Both men were on their knees in front of me. Electricity shot throughout my body as I felt the two pairs of lips working my genitals. I didn’t care who was sucking what. My whole crotch area was covered with warm, wet, hungry mouths. I spread my legs and felt a tongue at the back of my balls, up into my crack.

Looking down, I watched Mickey sucking me. He was desperately trying to swallow my hard meat. I’m not small, to say the least. Mickey was having difficulty in taking the whole 20 centimeters (8 inches) of hard man rod down his throat. I held his head with both hands and thrust into his mouth, needing for the whole of my cock to be buried deep. Mickey gagged and coughed but he never let go. The guy was hungry. Finally, I was able to push all the way in and grind my thick pubes against his face. I could feel his hot breath in my crotch, giving me the shivers.

Roland was eating my ass all this time. He too was hungry. When we were together, he would rim me every now and then, but today he had more vigor, more hunger. His tongue flicked and pushed at my hole, his hands holding onto my upper thighs. His breathing came fast and warm into my crack. My shivering increased. I knew that it wouldn’t take long for me to drop a load.

“Hold on, guys,” I pulled away regretfully. “Not so fast. Let’s take it easy.”

Mickey and Roland got up, also with a regretful look on their faces, their lips glistening with spit. We stood in the middle of the room and we kissed. I thought I tasted a little of my pre-cum off of Mickey’s lips. The two guys were stroking each other, but I didn’t dare touch myself for fear of ejaculation. It was too early for that, although I could always do three or four shoots in a row. I wanted to prolong this as much as I could.

The three of us were moaning with lust.

“You ready?” I said into Mickey’s ear as I nibbled at it, as soon as I felt my load receding back into my nuts.

“Oh, yea, fuck, oh fuck, yes, man, yea,” he muttered uncontrollably. The guy was really desperate for my cock to enter him.

“The bedroom,” Roland croaked, still stroking his dick. He was jumping with anticipation. I had never seen Roland so excited throughout our 4-month relationship.

Mickey lay on his back on the double bed, spreading his legs, almost panting with lust. He held his butt cheeks with both hands and pulled them apart exposing his rosebud, already twitching. The man was dying for cock, and mine was pulsating crazily as I readied myself with some lube considerately provided by my ex-lover.

Roland plopped down on an armchair placed near the foot of the bed, also panting, anticipating, pinching one of his nipples with one hand, and running the other hand up and down his balls and crack, his cock quivering.

Raising Mickey’s legs high, holding him by the thighs, I bent over and ate his ass for a minute or so. I applied a lot of spit and made sure to prepare the guy. I knew that my big cock would hurt him, so I tried my best to set him at ease so that he would relax his rim muscle for my penetration.

“Let’s go,” Roland moaned from behind. “Fuck his ass. Ed, fuck him, man.”

I looked back at Roland and winked, fisting my dick, as he stroked his cock slowly, his face turning pink, beads of sweat already appearing on his forehead.

Kneeling on the bed between Mickey’s thighs, my back to Roland who I could hear audibly panting, I placed my cock at the puckered, inviting hole. Mickey reached down and grabbed my cock shaft, guiding me into him. I applied pressure and penetrated, raising Mickey’s butt so that Roland could watch me enter him.

I could hear Roland inhale. Mickey grunted at the invasion but held, still grabbing my shaft. More centimeters slid inside the tight hole. I kept the steady pressure as Mickey let go of my penetrating cock until it was buried, head, ridge and hard shaft. I lay on top of Mickey, not moving, finding his lips, kissing him, feeling the squeeze around the base of my cock, giving him the chance to stretch for my cock.

“Fuck him. Fuck him. Fuckhimfuckhimfuckhiiiim,” low and lustful coming from Roland, pleading, whimpering.

Still with my full weight on Mickey, I moved. Slowly. Using my hips only. Out till just the head, and then back all the way in.

“Fuckohfuck,” from Roland. “Oh fuck, the ass muscle, Ed. Fuck, fucking beautiful. Ahhh Eddie, amazing.

Mickey’s ass muscle stretching around your dick. Oh, God. Fuck! Fuck!”

Then I started to move faster. Mickey was moaning and meeting my thrusts by pushing back onto me.

I felt Roland’s hands on my fuzzy butt. He was kneading, goading, giving me an amazing feeling as I fucked Mickey harder and faster. Then I felt the wet, warm tongue on my ass. It was amazing how Roland moved his face in rhythm with my fucking. There was no mistaking the spit slithering down my crack onto my bouncing balls.

A finger. Inside my rim muscle, turning. I was getting wild, my thrusts deeper, vicious even. I had thought that Roland would be a distraction while I fucked. Instead, his wet mouth and probing finger made me go crazy. Every nerve in my body concentrated around my throbbing cock, my churning balls and my burning ass. I pounded the ass under me with such intensity that Mickey could hardly breathe.

He was sweating all over, trying to take my thrusts as best he could, but I could see elation on his face as my cock plundered his fuck hole.

I started to feel the buildup in my nuts. I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I exploded. Suddenly, I felt something warm hit the small of my back, seeping down into my crack, to the back of my balls. Like streams of warm fluid. I realized that Roland had just shot his seed onto my back. This brought me over the edge.

It was one of the most intense ejaculations I had ever had. There was no description to the shakes that racked my body. My nuts kept dumping seed into Mickey, spurting deep, as if forever. Roland was working my ass hole violently with his finger, now slimy and slippery with his jizz, when he realized I was ejaculating, my sphincter squeezing around the probing finger.

With the last squirt ejected through my quivering cock, I slumped down on top of Mickey, our body- sweat mixing. His still-hard dick was throbbing against my crotch and under my belly. I kissed him as my breathing began to settle, grinding on top of him, my cock flexing inside him. Roland had climbed on top of us and was licking the back of my neck. I could feel his slimy dick in my crack. I knew that Roland was a bottom, so I was surprised that he was enjoying humping me.

“Ed, fuck,” Roland was mumbling in my ear as he humped me. “Ed, you hot fucker. Ed, fuck me, please. Now, Ed. I can’t stand it. Fuck my fucking ass. Come on baby, please.”

I managed to slip out of Mickey, and away from having been sandwiched by the two guys. Roland was on fours, his ass up and ready, looking pleadingly sideways at me.

I had already regained an erection and I rammed into Roland without preparation, without warning, ripping through his fuck hole with force. Roland screamed. Mickey crawled under me and started slurping on my hairy balls as I pounded Mickey’s ass. Because of all the eroticism, I cummed very quickly, emptying another full load into Mickey.

The three of us lay on the bed, side by side, breathing hard, all sweaty, trying to get back to normalcy. I had never experienced such a height of sexual satisfaction before.

“What a stud!” Mickey mumbled, stroking the inside of my thigh. “What a fucking stud!”

I beamed with pride. Not that I was a self-glorifying person. It was just that hearing this, right after a couple of nuts, made my day.

“You can say that again,” Mickey agreed, his hand placed lightly on my now soft dick, all slimy and wet.

“Come on, you guys,” I said trying to sound humble. “It was just a fuck. Your tight man pussies made it so hot.”

“You’re such a fucking stud. My God! My ass is still fucking stretched,” Roland said. “How come you had never fucked me like this when we were together?”

I laughed. “Maybe it’s the audience?”

“Shit,” said Mickey laughingly, still holding my dick. “I will get the whole shooting crew with me next time, if audience is what keeps you going.”

I was erecting. “Suck my cock,” I ordered Mickey.

As if he needed any invitation! In seconds he was slobbering on me, my cock hardening in his sucking mouth. It didn’t take Roland any hesitation to join in. Roland and Mickey started to take turns on my dick and balls as I lay on my back engulfed in the sensations of being serviced. My hands were in their hair, pushing them, goading them, making them swallow my meat and balls.

When I cummed I splattered both their faces with white, creamy semen. They licked and kissed and grunted, cleaning me off, licking all the seed, and then sharing it with each other as I looked down at them and watched them consuming my third load in less than an hour.

My audience!

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