Erotic story: Lusty laboratory liaisons of the CDC

Life had been incredibly busy for the scientists at The Center for Disease Control (CDC) with the ebola crises flowing right into the Zika outbreak. Kevin pressed his fingers against his temples to try and quell the throbbing he felt. He’d been working relentlessly with his colleagues and the fatigue was starting to engulf him. His vision was blurry and his mind foggy.

“Shit I need a break.” Kevin thought to himself as he stood up abruptly from his lab chair and headed towards the bathroom to throw some cold water on his face.

Absentmindedly, Kevin flipped on the faucet and plunged his hands and face into the cold Atlanta tap water. The coolness was a welcome relief; the lab had been stifling. Kevin looked up instinctively into the mirror.

“Damn I’m looking rough!” He thought to himself with a slight pulse of shock.

His usually rosy youthful, handsome face stared back at him in the mirror but now with bags under his eyes and a completely haggard, exhausted appearance. Ordinarily, Kevin received a lot of remarks for how young he looked for someone in his late 30s with a PhD. Hell even now after all these years of working for the CDC he still got mistaken for an intern on occasion. Now, with the exhaustion consuming his face, he wondered whether anyone would make that same mistake.

Kevin glanced down his body and shook his head. He’d always been a bit doughy and soft. His body really matched his personality in so many ways; happy-go-lucky, easy-going, soft talking.

“I guess I can’t be surprised that most people assume I’m gay.” Kevin thought to himself with a laugh. He’d always received more attention from guys than girls. Girls assumed he was non-threatening and immediately friend zoned him despite his desperate attempts otherwise. With one last disappointed stare in the mirror, Kevin headed back to the laboratory.


“Still working this late too, Kevin?” A deep, strong voice called from behind Kevin in the hallway.

Slightly startled, Kevin replied, “Yep! And I see they have you here working late too, John. No rest for the weary!’

John smiled broadly as the two walked side by side back towards the lab. John had a compact body, firm body. His 5’8 height came in slightly shorter than Kevin. He looked damn good for being in his 40s. His well-kept goatee and mustache had dashes of gray in it and his hair was starting to thin out a bit. All things considered, he wore his age well.

“Kevin, you really need to come out to our lake house when this craziness dies down. Joel and I haven’t seen you outside of work in forever!” John stated emphatically.

“I’d punch a priest for a few days at your lake house. I look like shit. I need some sun and some relaxation or I’m going to start looking like a damn mole person!” Kevin responded.

“Alright man. This is me. Hang in there and we’ll figure something out soon.” John said as he pulled up to his laboratory door.


Kevin had always liked John and Joel. They’d been partnered for as long as Kevin could remember and had just recently tied the knot in Napa Valley; an absolutely stunning wedding and one hell of an after party.

The two were very non-assuming about their relationship. They never tried to hide it but it wasn’t blatantly obvious either. Hell, most of the folks around the office didn’t even realize the two were together at all; most assumed they were just best friends or roommates. Kevin had seen the more intimate, affectionate side the two shared outside of work especially out at the lake house. John always liked to make a show of lathering Joel’s thick body with sun tan lotion. The lake house didn’t have great insulation and Kevin wasn’t deaf so heard quite a bit; from the sounds of it the two were veryyyyyy much in love. Surprisingly, those situations were never awkward for Kevin.


The hours ticked away and Kevin wondered if he should just buy an inflatable mattress and start living in the laboratory. Kevin glanced around the laboratory at his colleagues. These folks were running on fumes. Barbra was literally sleeping with her eyes in the microscope lenses while standing up. Dan hadn’t even tried to hide how tired he was and literally curled up under one of the desks and slept.

“Jesus people. Enough. Everyone go home!” Kevin bellowed in surprisingly authoritative voice that he didn’t often use.

Roused from their drowsiness and sleep the lab staff stared in shock at Kevin. Apparently, they were surprised he could summon an authoritative voice at all.

Feeling slightly embarrassed, he lowered his tone, “You all have worked hard. We’re not accomplishing much operating on fumes. Go home. Get some sleep.”

The lab staff didn’t have to be told twice; they shuffled out with their eyes glazed over.

Kevin glanced at the clock; 2AM. He had to be back in the office for an early morning situation briefing at 5AM.

“Fuck, I might as well grab a shower in the locker room and take a damn nap. No point in driving 30 miles home just to come right back.” Kevin thought to himself sighing heavily at not the prospect of not sleeping in his own bedÉagain.


Kevin glided sleepily through the CDC hallways. Apparently, the other scientists had filtered out of the building earlier. Most had been going non-stop for weeks. It wasn’t sustainable so Kevin wasn’t surprised to see the hallways devoid of people and sound.

Finally, he reached the small locker room and shuffled in while wondering if he’d just fall asleep right there under the warm spray of water.

Muffled noises caught his attention. He was surprised that anyone else would be in here at this hour even with the Zika crises going on. Kevin moved towards the source of the noise; the sounds growing louder with each step.

Kevin could hear the sound of the showers running. He rounded the corner to the shower area and gasped with shock. Joel was on his knees with John’s cock deep in his mouth; John was pumping his hips into Joel’s face.

Kevin, not paying attention to where he was going out of utter surprise at the sight in front of him, tripped and crashed into the wall making a loud noise. John and Joel jumped up looking horrified.

“Kevin!?” Joel stated with shock.

“John and Joel!?” Kevin responded instinctively, “What in the hell is going on?”

“Oh my god I’m so embarrassed,” John started, “Joel had come with a super late dinner to surprise me. Like the dog he is, he suggested we come down here since the building was mostly empty. We haven’ t had muchÉ..timeÉ.together lately with everything going on. What a stupid decision.” John finished.

Kevin barely processed what John had said. His eyes were drawn to John and Joel’s wet, glistening bodies; their rock hard cocks at full attention. John’s was narrow and long. Joel’s cock was thick like a soda can.

“Jesus, why am I staring?” Kevin thought to himself.

Regaining control, Kevin glanced up and stated, “Well thank god it was me and not someone else! Shit.” Kevin laughed nervously as he snuck another look down at Joel and John’s cocks.

Joel and John shifted nervously.

“Well, I’m just going to go back up to the lab and call it a night. I’ll leave you twoÉuhhh to it. I’d suggest ya finish up quickly before someone else walks in.” Kevin said wanting to extricate himself from the situation. Without another word, he scurried up to his lab as quickly as he could.


30 minutes later, Kevin was all tucked in Ð well as tucked in as you could be in a scientific laboratory. His mind was racing from what he saw. He knew John and Joel were together, intimately, he had heard it and he had seen the two be physical before but nothing like this. He’d never took time to think about the mechanics of it all before. Those thoughts about the two had never crossed his mind.

Kevin heard a slight knock on the door. “Yes?” He called out not knowing who it could be at this hour.

In strode Joel and John; hair still wet and looking sheepish.

“What are you guys doing up here? Shouldn’t you be home by now?” Kevin asked.

“We just wanted to come up here and apologize. We’re so sorry. That was so reckless and rude of us.” Joel stated as he looked at his feet.

“Listen. It happens. You two are married. You can’t tell me other couples haven’t hooked up in this building. Don’t worry about it. Let’s pretend it never happened.” Kevin responded kindly.

Kevin felt his attention start to drift towards Joel and John’s crotches. He couldn’t help but stare.

“You’re too kind. Again, we’re sorry.” John replied.

Kevin glanced up from their crotches to acknowledge the statement.

“Uhhh is something wrong Kevin Ð I mean beyond the obvious of what happened ealier? You’re acting kind of weird.” Joel inquired while giving a glance towards John.

“Um what? No. No. Of course not. Sorry. Just so tired.” Kevin said as he genuinely tried to pull his attention away from the men’s crotches.

“You sure buddy? Seems like you’re uhhhhh staring?” John said.

An awkward silence captured the room as the men stared at each other nervously weighing the implications of what had been said.

“God I’m sorry. I just had never seen something like that. It’s taken me for a whirl.” Kevin responded his face flushed. He felt his cock start to twitch.

“Sorry man. We didn’t mean to repulse you. We know many people really are against that kind of thing.” Joel said.

“No. I’m not repulsed. No! That’s not what I meant. It was just umÉ..errrÉinteresting.” Kevin stammered back trying to process his own feelings while not saying something offensive.

“Interesting?” John responded shooting Joel a glance.

“Yeah. Interesting. Never seen anything like it.” Kevin said as he glanced down again at their crotches again.

“Seems like you want to see something like it again.” John said bluntly, “With the way you’re staring.”

Kevin turned bright red.

“No need to be embarrassed man. Curiosity is completely normal. I’m guessing you never experimented growing up?”

“I circle jerked with my buddies once. We didn’t touch each other though. We were young. It never happened again.” Kevin responded sheepishly.

“Well, uhhhh, maybe you’re interested in circle jerking again? Round 2 as an adult.” John said cautiously.

“Here? In the laboratory?” Kevin sputtered, his mind whirling as his cock grew harder. His heart was pounding so hard.

“Yeah why not? The lab door locks. It’s late.” John said more confidently.

Joel moved his hand down to his zipper and slowly undid it. John followed suit and undid his zipper. Kevin was mesmerized by what was happening in front of him. He gawked as the two pulled their cocks out of the pants.

“Lock the door, stud.” Joel instructed Kevin. Without thinking, he moved to the door quickly and locked it. He whirled around to watch what was happening behind him.

Joel and John slowly stroked their cocks. Joel smiled at John and John smiled back. Both men smiled at Kevin as he watched entranced.

“You look pretty hard yourself, Kevin. Pull it out and join us.” John muttered.

Kevin slowly undid his belt and undid his zipper. He pulled his cock out.

“Woah stud. That’s a nice cock. Joel Ð look at that thing. It could do some damage!’ John stated.

“Damn right it could. Shit Kevin I wouldn’t have guessed with you.” Joel crooned not taking his eyes off Kevin’s cock.

The three men stood in the laboratory stroking their own cocks. Any fatigue Kevin had felt had vanished; adrenaline and excitement pulsed through his body. This was electric.

John reached over and grabbed Joel’s cock and started to stroke it. Joel returned the favor. Both looked at Kevin as they stroked each other’s precum covered cocks.

“Like what you see Kevin?” John asked.

“Yes!” Kevin breathed heavily.

“You want to touch one of them?” Joel whispered mischievously, “They don’t bite.”

Kevin looked at the cocks and replied hesitantly, “Uhh I don’t know, guys.”

“Oh come on. Just feel one and if you don’t like it we can stop.” Joel said teasingly.

Kevin slowly, with hesitation, shuffled closer. He reached out, his hand shaking nervously, and grabbed Joel’s cock.

“That’s it KevinÉyeahhhhh man.” Joel said.

Kevin loved the feel; the heat; the slickness. He began to stroke it.

“Fuck yeah, stroke my cock man.” Joel panted heavily.

John reached out cautiously and grabbed Kevin’s cock firmly. He gasped with pleasure. John began to stroke him.

“Fuccckkk that feels good. Your grip is so strong.” Kevin whispered.

The men stood there stroking each other’s cocks. Joel and John began to pump their hips.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” John questioned.

Kevin was enjoying the sensations so much all he could do was nod his agreement.

Kevin’s cock was leaking precum everywhere. He’d never leaked this much. The men reached out, grabbed some precum and fed it to each other.

Kevin looked at them aghast.

“You taste good Kevin. So sweet.” Joel said, “Don’t you agree John?”

“Yeah I could eat this cum all fucking day.” John agreed.

Kevin felt his balls start to churn.

“Fuck I’m getting close!” Kevin stated urgently.

“I think we should help our buddy out, John.” Joel stated with a smirk on his face.

The two men shifted closer to Kevin. John grabbed his cock firmly and started to pump with force. Joel cupped Kevin’s balls and started to churn them firmly in his hand while pressing on Kevin’s perineum with his other hand.

Kevin had never felt anything like this before. Having three firm hands working on him sent his mind into a blank state with pleasure.

Without warning or control, Kevin’s hips heaved forward and he blew his load all over the two men’s hands and bodies.

“Fuck stud ANNND you’re a big shooter!” John intoned.

John and Joel smiled widely at Kevin as they licked his cum off their hands and then proceed to lick the cum off each other’s bodies.

John plunged his mouth onto Joel’s cock and took his load in under a minute. Joel returned the favor.

The three men stood in the laboratory, panting heavily and staring at each other.

“So John is that lake house weekend offer still on the table?” Kevin asked cautiously.

“Fuck yes it is!” John responded looking mischievously at Joel and Kevin.

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