Erotic story: Little white pills part 9

By Aaron Deepneau.

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The cool water felt good pulsing on his shoulders, and Aaron let it wash over him, relaxing him after a brutal workout. He’d needed it to blow off steam after three finals in three days, and he was glad the school year was over. His exams had been scheduled on the last possible days of the semester, and it was painful watching everyone else party and then take off while he hit the books. He was still taking one class over the summer, but it’d be cake compared to this past semester, and even easier with the wrestling season over. It’d be great to just relax and enjoy things for a while, instead of stressing over school.

The only cloud on the horizon was his sex life: Greg was graduating and taking a job out of state shortly, and Joey and Dave had embarked on their plan to work their way up the west coast, taking odd jobs as they went and “seeing the country.” Aaron was pretty sure it was just an excuse for them to fuck nonstop though: the last few months they’d been acting kinda…couple-ish. More than once he’d come home to find them snuggled up on the couch together, and recently they’d even gone out to dinner and movies a couple of times, just the two of them. They all still fucked and sucked each other pretty regularly, but Aaron got the feeling there was some one-on-one action he wasn’t getting invited to, and he was starting to feel like a bit of a third wheel.

He stepped out of the shower and dried off, still thinking. He loved Joey and Dave to death–they were great buds–but maybe they should rethink their living situation before things got awkward. Their lease was up in June, so that’d be a good excuse to sort things out. In the mean time he was wondering how he was going to find a fuck buddy. Dave had introduced them to Derek and his housemates, and he’d had a great time working his way through them in all possible permutations, but they were all graduating. Too bad: Derrick could fuck like a champ, and his housemate Trevor loved taking it up the ass like nobody’s business. The night he’d spent with the two of them had been fantastic.

Shit, he was getting seriously horny remembering that whole evening. Might as well rub one out before he got dressed. He leaned over his bedside table to pull out some lube (maybe the dildo too–he hadn’t decided yet), and saw that he had a text from Derrick. “U around?”

Hmmm…maybe Derrick hadn’t left town yet. Graduation wasn’t for a couple of days, come to think of it. “Yeah, just finished finals. Sup?”

“Wanna hang?” For all that Derrick looked like a Russian thug he was actually cool to chill with: they’d hung out a few times since then and he was a lot of fun even out of the sack. Aaron was pretty sure they’d end up naked, but worst case he’d have someone to shoot the shit with for a while.

“Sure. Cum on over.” It couldn’t hurt to send Derrick a signal, just in case.

“8========D” Message received, it looked like.

Fifteen minutes later Aaron was relaxing on the couch nursing a beer in front of the TV, when there was a knock on the door. “It’s open!”

Derrick walked in carrying a six pack, his rugged Slavic features cracking a grin. His muscle tee clung to his ripped body, leaving nothing to the imagination, and even his baggy gym shorts couldn’t hide his tight ass, or the lump in front–it looked like he was free-balling too, and boning up a bit maybe. Definitely a good sign. “Hey bud, long time no see! How were finals?”

Aaron shrugged. “Eh, you know, they sucked ass, but at least they’re over. I thought you were outta here?”

Derrick popped open a beer and plunked down next to him on the couch. “Nah, graduation isn’t for a few days. And anyway I’ve got summer classes after that: the master’s program starts up right away.”

“No shit, so you’ll be here all summer huh?” Interesting….

“Yep. Dave told me you’re taking some classes too?”

“Yeah, Econ 440. Trying to get it out of the way. Other than that I’m just hanging out. Looking for stuff to do….” He looked Derrick right in the eye.

Derrick grinned, his stubble making it look even sexier, and clinked bottles. “Well here’s to summer then.” They drank, Aaron finishing off the last of his beer in one long gulp. “Damn dude, you musta been thirsty.”

Aaron wiped some foam off his lip and said “I was. Still hungry though.” He belched suddenly, and both of them cracked up.

“Wow Aaron, that was super sexy.” Derrick pounded back the rest of his beer, then belched out “suuper sexy,” and they both collapsed laughing again.

When they settled back down the mood had changed. They were sitting a lot closer now, and Aaron could smell Derrick’s shampoo–he must have just showered. He leaned in closer, one hand resting on Derrick’s inner thigh. “You smell really good.”

“Yeah?” Derrick gave a lopsided grin. “Maybe you should get closer then. You know, since you like it so much.”

Aaron didn’t need to be asked twice. He hadn’t gotten off in a few days, and his dick was ready for some fun. He leaned in and put his hand at the back of Derrick’s head, caressing the stubble of his buzz cut as he pulled them into a kiss, his tongue forcing its way in. Derrick gave a little grunt of surprise, then relaxed into it as they made out.

After a few minutes Derrick pulled back for a break. They were both breathing heavily, and Aaron could tell his boxers were soaked through where he’d been leaking. Derrick was probably in the same boat, the way they’d been humping against each other.

Derrick smiled up at him, blue eyes crinkling. He’d gotten his hands under Aaron’s shorts and was still playing with his ass a bit, even though they’d stopped kissing. “So whadya say to suckin’ a little dick?”

“Mmm…fuck yeah dude, I can’t wait to get you in my mouth.” Aaron started grinding their crotches together again slowly, thinking about how good Derek would taste.

“You like that huh? My fat cock in your mouth, dripping and gooey.”

“God yeah, it’ll be so hot. I’ll tongue your balls, I’ll lick you all over bro.”

“Yeah?” Derrick was humping back now, pulling Aaron’s ass in to increase the pressure as their hard-ons rubbed together. “What else?”

“Oh man.” Aaron picked up his pace a bit. “I can’t wait to slide my cock into your hole and fuck the shit out of you.”

Derrick froze. “No. Sorry dude. Not happening.”

Aaron stopped as well, confused. Not everyone liked getting fucked as much as Dave or Greg did, but he’d never encountered a guy who was flat out against it, especially since the drugs the Program provided seemed to make anything you did with a guy feel great. “Why not? It feels really good. And I really need to do some fucking dude. Seriously.”

Derrick shrugged a little. “Sorry Aaron. It’s just not my thing. Same as Brad–we’re just not into that.”

Aaron pulled back and let out a short guffaw. “Brad, your roommate? Big blonde guy with a pony tail? The one I walked in on riding Dave’s cock three weeks ago while Joey sucked him off?”

Derrick looked poleaxed. “No way. I mean I guess, if you were there, but…Brad’s never let a guy fuck him. I mean, ever.”

“I know what I saw. And Dave said it wasn’t the first time either. He’d gotten Brad to try it a couple of weeks after you guys fooled around during spring break, and this was like the third or fourth time. He was even talking about letting Joey have a go.” Aaron could see the wheels turning in Derrick’s head. “Really Derrick, he liked it. It feels really good. I wasn’t faking when I was getting off with you and Trevor that time.” It was sort of crazy, but Derrick’s reluctance made Aaron want to fuck him even more. Derrick was always acting like a tough guy–it’d be hot to see him let go and let someone else take charge for once. Besides, he’d already let the big bruiser ravage his hole, and more than once.

“Yeah, I know. It’s just…I tried it once and it fucking hurt.”

That wasn’t a flat “no” anymore, which was a good sign. Aaron decided to back off a bit and see if Derrick would come around on his own. He stopped grinding against Derrick’s crotch and settled in to listen. “So what happened?”

“Well, this buddy of mine from the gym, Greg–not your friend, a different guy–invited me and Trevor over to hang out with him and his roommate. They were over 21, so they could get us some beers and into some clubs where they knew the bouncers, and Greg said he had some really good party drugs we could take so we could trip balls all night. Said it was good stuff.” Aaron rolled his eyes and smiled. “Yeah, I know, right? I had no idea that the three of them were already in the Program, and they wanted to see if I’d play.”

“So we go over there kinda early, and we’re doing shots and watching a game before we go out. Greg hands out the party favors, and then he and his roommate Andrew go to get changed. He comes out a few minutes later, and the halftime show is on, and Greg starts dissing on the dancers, saying he could do better and all that shit. So Trevor calls him on it and tells him to show us what he’s got, if he’s so great. Andrew walks back in and asks what’s going on, and when we tell him he says hell yeah, he and Greg can do better. So they must have been practicing or something, because they’ve actually got a pretty solid routine going on. But while they’re dancing I can’t help noticing that they both have amazing bodies. Greg was this big, stocky blond guy with muscles everywhere, and when he pulled off his shirt in their routine you could see he had an amazing chest. Andrew was taller and leaner and had black hair with a goatee, but he was super-defined too. So they’re doing this routine, pumping their hips and shit, and I’m just getting horny as fuck–you know what I mean?”

Aaron grinned. “Oh yeah, I know exactly what you mean.” He pressed their crotches together briefly and felt Derrick’s cock flex back automatically.

Derrick smiled lazily. “Yeah, I guess you do. So I’m just frozen there. I want to run to the john and rub one out, but it was so hot watching them. And they’re starting to make it really sexy too: Andrew would move in behind Greg and grind up against his ass, shit like that. They were just acting like they were horsing around, but I just wanted it to keep going. That’s when I look over and see Trevor has his hand down his pants and is full-on playing with himself. ‘Fuck it,’ I think, ‘if he can, I can.’ So I reach in and start working on myself. Greg sees this and walks over with this shit-eating grin and starts doing this full on strip-tease in front of me. I mean sliding his hands down his pants, grinding his ass on my crotch, everything. Finally he’s down to just a jock strap with a big old wet spot, and he pulls my pants down so my dick’s finally free–and I’m like seriously ready for some action at this point, right? Then he grabs this green lube and slicks me up, and sits right down on my prick, no pause or anything. At this point I look over and Andrew has Trevor up on the couch, and he’s fucking him doggy style. I mean, just pounding his ass. And Trevor is fucking loving it–he’s begging for more, just going crazy–you know what he’s like. And Greg’s moaning away too. He slides my hand into his jock and tells me to get him off. I’d never touched another guy’s dick before, but right then with his ass clamping down on my rod I couldn’t wait. I started stroking and about a minute later we’re both getting off.” Derrick grinned, remembering. “It was fucking intense man. Greg just let loose–jizz all over my face, my chest, in my hair, everywhere.”

“Nice. Did you swallow any?”

“He didn’t hit my mouth, but he scooped some up and fed it to me.”

“Did you like it?”

Derrick paused. “Well at first it was kinda weird, but his fingers had that lube on them, and I guess that stuff works on your mouth like it does on your ass, ‘coz it started tasting really good after a few minutes. I love it now.”

Aaron smiled, and rubbed his thumb across Derrick’s lower lip. “See, you thought you wouldn’t like it, but then you tried it and found out you did….” He pushed his thumb in and shivered as Derrick suckled on it briefly.

“Yeah, well that part was fine, but a dick down your throat is way different than up your ass dude.”

“So what happened?”

“Well, we kind of all just lay there for a few minutes, catching our breath. Greg kept feeding me his load, and I was really starting to get into it when I realized it was all gone. I look over and I see Andrew and Trevor sitting on the couch, watching me. They’re both grinning at me, coz I’m obviously ready to go again, and Andrew says ‘Why don’t you clean up Trevor too, while you’re at it?’ And I see Trevor’s hit himself on the chest with a big ol’ glob. So I work Greg off my lap and get between Trevor’s legs to start working on his chest. By the time I get to his abs he’s pretty much hard again, and I know where I can get more of the good stuff, so I start going down on him. And that’s when Andrew fucking spears me.”

Aaron pulled back, surprised. “You mean, he just plowed in? No lube or anything?”

Derek grimaced, his cock softening as he remembered. “No man, he just rammed in there. And this guy was big too. I mean, Joey big. Hurt like a motherfucker.”

“Holy shit, I bet it did. Even Dave still needs some warming up before he can take that beast. No wonder you didn’t like it. What a dick move!”

“Yeah, I made sure he knew it. I jumped off that thing as fast as I could scramble away and cussed him out big time. Andrew felt terrible though. He said he thought he still had enough lube from when he did Trevor, and that Greg and Trevor had never had any problem. He apologized like 1,000 times, and Greg and Trevor swore he wasn’t an asshole, just stupid. Eventually we got things back on track that night, but I was sore for three days afterwards. Three days man! No more of that shit for me.” Derrick’s jaw clenched briefly, but his cock hadn’t softened.

“Hey, Derrick, look man,” Aaron locked his gaze. “I don’t want to wreck your evening–we can do other stuff. I just thought…you seem like a cool guy, and you’re really hot, and I just like it when I can do all sorts of stuff with a guy. Like I do with Joey and Dave.” He lowered his voice and spoke into Derrick’s ear, “I promise you man, it’ll feel good.” He licked behind the ear, letting his soul patch brush against the soft skin there; Derrick shivered. “Really.” Lick. “Fucking.” Lick. “Good.” He nipped the earlobe, and Derrick gave a soft grunt of pleasure.

Derrick’s voice was a low growl. “All right. But if you split me open I’m taking it out on your ass buddy.”

Aaron rolled off the couch and grinned down. “Deal. Come on.” He offered Derrick a hand up and led him into the bedroom, a trail of clothes behind them.

Derrick stood there, looking uncharacteristically uncertain. His brain might not be sure, thought Aaron, but his dick sure knows what it wants. It was at its full 6 1/2″ height, jutting straight above his trimmed pubes and heavy balls, and a line of precum was sliding off the cut head and down the shaft. Aaron’s mouth watered in anticipation. He put a hand on Derrick’s broad chest and pushed back slightly. “Why don’t you lay back and get comfortable?”

Derrick settle onto the bed, and Aaron crawled on top of him on all fours, leaning in to exchange a long deep kiss. Their hard-ons rubbed lightly together as the moved, teasing them both, and Derrick started to relax as his instincts took over. “Okay, go for it.” He still sounded tense, but not nearly as much.

Aaron grinned down at him. “Look who’s all ready to get fucked all of a sudden. Slow your roll, big guy–we’ll get there. Just not yet.” He began kissing his way down Derrick’s neck, past the tattoo on his shoulder, and then started working on his nipples, teasing each one to hardness with his tongue and teeth. Derrick let out low grunts at the nips, his hands roaming over Aaron’s head and broad shoulders as he relaxed further.

Soon enough Aaron started working lower, lapping at Derrick’s abs and then into his pubes, breathing in the rich masculine scent he loved. He’d gone down on Derrick before, and welcomed the familiar feel and taste as he took the slightly curved shaft into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the head and sucking deeply to extract all the juice he could. Derrick groaned softly in appreciation. “Fuck, do you know how to give head Aaron…damn….”

Aaron didn’t linger too long though–he and his dick had other plans. He let Derrick slide out of his mouth, then let his tongue slide down the shaft and into the crease of his thigh. Slow, steady licks, each one slightly lower, along the side of Derrick’s smooth ball sack and then lower still, his hands pressing Derrick’s thighs back to work under his balls and onto his taint. Derrick saw where he was headed and gripped the back of his legs to let Aaron get lower still. “Yeah man,” he whispered, “do it. Eat my ass.”

Aaron was happy to oblige. He flicked the tip of his tongue lightly over the sensitive skin and then, when he was low enough, began to circle around Derrick’s pink hole. Nothing but light touches and licks, as he encouraged Derrick to loosen up and welcome deeper penetration. Derrick began to make little grunting noises and faint gasps from this treatment, and started squirming to encourage Aaron’s tongue to probe further. When Aaron felt the burly jock’s pucker start to twitch under him he knew it was time to dig in. His tongue stiffened and pressed, and he heard a deep groan as he pried Derrick open.

“Gawwwd…daaaaamn! Fuck Aaron, get that tongue in there man. Jesus!” Derrick clamped one hand on the back of Aaron’s head to encourage him further, and was rewarded as the slick, squirming tongue worked in as far as Aaron could get it. At the same time Aaron’s stubble was grazing over his sensitive skin, providing another form of stimulation. Derrick started to jack his cock, but Aaron pulled his hand free: the coating of natural lube dripping down it and the stimulation in his ass was a recipe to nut way too soon.

On and on Aaron went, stretching Derrick open, then pulling out to tease him with the tip of his tongue or the light touch of a finger, until Derrick ordered him to go deep again. By the end it was more begging than ordering though, as his desire to get tongue-fucked outweighed his memories of Andrew’s monster cock.

Jaw sore, Aaron decided he’d earned his reward: his aching cock needed something warm and slick wrapped around it. He eased off Derrick’s hole and worked back up his body, taking the time to thoroughly clean the salty juice on the jock’s balls and shaft before he pulled up to lie next to him. He grinned. “So whadya think about putting something up your ass now big guy?”

Derrick grinned back. “Well maybe that wouldn’t be so bad after all.” He was flushed, and still breathing heavily.

Aaron slid a hand down past Derrick’s trimmed crotch and began circling the index finger around the slick hole. “Yeah?”

Derrick spread his legs slightly to give better access. “Yeah. Ahmm….” The finger had pushed in slightly. “Yeah, not too bad.”

Aaron suddenly pulled back. “Hang on a sec–I just remembered something!” He leapt off the bed and sprinted to Dave’s room, hard-on bouncing in front of him as he went.

A minute later he hopped back on the bed, now holding a white tube labeled “LUBRICANT. Batch 1237-j” in plain letters; he began to open it.

Derrick was confused. “You know that stuff only works for a day or two after you take a pill right?”

“Nah, this is different stuff bro. Joey said one of your guys got it when he went to the lab for a checkup–Trevor maybe? Anyway, they said it was supposed to work on anyone who’d taken a pill.” Aaron squeezed a glob of cloudy blue gel onto his index finger. “It looks different anyway.”

“Well did Joey say it worked?”

“Dunno. But the tube is like half-gone, and he only got it a few weeks ago, so he and Dave must be fucking nonstop. Move your leg–lemme try it out.”

Derrick looked doubtful but he spread his thighs slightly, giving Aaron’s gooey finger access to his hole. His eyes widened slightly as the cold gel touched his sensitive pucker, but then he sighed and relaxed as the slick tip worked over and into the opening; his cock twitched.

“How’s that feel?”

“Mmm…pretty good. Kinda warm and tingly.”

“As good as my tongue?”

Derrick sucked in his breath as Aaron’s first knuckle popped in. “Yeah.” His voice was hoarse and he cleared his throat. “Yeah, it’s real guhaaaaaaa…fuuuuuck.” Aaron had pushed all the way in and started wiggling his finger. Derrick arched his back in pleasure and his face flushed.

Aaron leaned in and whispered in his ear, “See dude, I told you it was nothing to worry about.” He nipped Derrick’s lobe, then traced his tongue down the side of his neck, while his finger continued to lube and stretch his virgin hole.

“Yeah,” Derrick replied in a strained whisper, “but your dick’s a lot bigger than that finger.” His body told a different story though: he’d started hunching his hips as the lube sensitized his ass, and the fluid coming from his piss slit was cloudy now.

“How about two fingers?”

“Yeah, do it.”

Aaron pulled his hand away to smear a generous quantity of lube on his first two fingers, then returned to Derrick’s ass. It was a tight fit, but the muffled grunt Derrick made at the penetration wasn’t one of pain. “Damn you’re tight bro. How many squats do you do anyway?”

Despite his deepening breaths, Derrick grinned. “More than you, blondie. Still think you can get your dick in there? Ahaunnh!” His hands clenched the pillow and his hips bucked as Aaron’s fingers twitched deep inside.

Aaron was working his fingers around more aggressively, increasing the rubbing and stretching. He could feel Derrick loosening up. “Yeah, maybe I should just call it. Head on home, you know?” He started to pull away, even as his fingers pushed even deeper.

“Fuckin’ tease,” Derrick growled, “get back here.” He clamped one hand over Aaron’s just to make sure the fingers kept working their magic.

Aaron grinned. “I could stay I guess.” He suddenly looked pained. “But where will my dick go? It’s so cold and lonely….”

“Oh Jesus Christ you smartass. Do me already!” Derrick grasped the back of his thighs and spread his legs. The lube had left a warm itch inside him, and as good as Aaron’s tongue and fingers had felt he knew it would feel even better with more stimulation.

Sliding his fingers out, Aaron rolled up on his knees and lubed up his cock. He grasped Derrick’s thighs, spreading them wider. Fuckin’ hot, he thought, taking in the sight. A flush had crept up the ripped jock’s body where he lay back, eyes slitted and hips rocking slightly as Aaron slid his wet shaft over his hole. He rubbed his hands over his body in anticipation, one pinching a taught nipple while the other smeared a pool of precum over his lightly furred six pack. His cock was a swollen red rod over his trimmed pubes, and his balls—normally fat low-hangers–had pulled up enough for Aaron to glimpse his pucker. Speaking of which….

Aaron lifted Derrick’s feet onto his shoulders, scooted forward, and pressed his engorged head against Derrick’s hole. Contact made, he started swiveling his hips ever so slowly to begin working his way in. Derrick began to pant slightly.

“That feel okay bud?”

Derrick groaned. “Yeah. Yeah. You’re just…pretty big. But I think that lube is working man–it feels like….”

Aaron grinned. “Like you’ve got an itch only a dick can scratch?”

Derrick grinned back. “Yeah. Fuck yeah.”

“How’s this feel?” On a whim Aaron turned his head and pulled Derrick’s right foot towards him, then began sucking on the toes like they were little cocks. He’d never done that before, but Derrick was still fresh from the shower, and it seemed like it might be fun to try.

Apparently it was a good idea. Derrick twitched then let out a sudden whoosh of breath, while his ass unclenched to let Aaron’s rod slide partway in. Derrick slid his hands down his sides, and his buzzed head rolled on the pillow. “Jesus Aaron, aaaaaahhhh…that’s sexy as fuck! Mmmmmmmaaah!”

Aaron switched to the other foot, working it over while he kept the pressure up with his cock. Inch by inch he was sinking in, the warm slick grip of Derrick’s ass better than anything he could do with his hand. When the head popped past Derrick’s ring he heard a small grunt and felt him tense up for a second, but soon he felt strong hands on the back of his thighs urging him to go deeper.

After what felt like an hour of pleasurable torture he was all the way in, his balls resting against the warmth of Derrick’s ass. Breathing heavily with excitement he looked down to check on his buddy. “How you doing Derrick? Okay?”

Derrick nodded. He’d broken out in a light sweat, and he was trembling with excitement. Aaron’s dick had hurt a little at first, but he’d gone so slowly his ass had plenty of time to adjust. And now it just felt incredibly sensitive. Every shift of Aaron’s body caused a tiny thrust that was increasingly pleasurable; he was pretty sure if he touched his own shaft he’d explode. But his ass…he needed to get some motion in there or he was going to go nuts. “God yeah. Fuckin’ do me.” He’d meant it to come out as a command but the sensations kept distracting him, and it was more of a pleading groan. Aaron smiled down at him and began slowly pumping.

The next few minutes were a blur. Derrick was half aware of crying something out, probably telling Aaron to fuck him harder, but all he could really think of was the feeling in his ass. At some point Aaron leaned forward and slid his tongue into Derrick’s mouth. He took the opportunity to hook his legs around Aaron’s ass and pull him deeper, while his hands clawed over Aaron’s body to pull their sweaty bodies close. Now his cock was sliding between their tight abs, and he felt his balls tighten as Aaron pounded him in earnest. He was babbling a mix of obscenities and pleas as the fat dick head worked over his hole, and then jet after jet of his spunk erupted between their torsos. Seconds later he was aware of fresh heat in his ass as Aaron let go and he pulled the top tight, reveling in their shared orgasm.

Slowly they came down from their high. A stray shot of semen had somehow caught Derrick in the chin, and Aaron leaned down to lazily lick it clean, then collapsed on top of him. Slick bodies pressed together, Aaron continued slowly moving inside him while they lazily made out.

Eventually Aaron broke the silence. “So. Not that bad huh?” He grinned.

Derrick smiled back. “Nope, not too bad at all.” He pulled the blond’s head down so he could nibble on his ear. “I could do that again sometime.”

Aaron nibbled back. “You know, I think I could arrange something.”

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