Erotic story: Little white pills part 5

By Aaron Deepneau.

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Sleet swept across campus, pelting the few students who, for whatever reason, had nowhere else to go over spring break. There was still time for some skiing, but warmer weather was clearly coming. Not fast enough, thought Dave, trudging home from the gym. He’d blown his fun money on the family ski trip in December, and now he was stuck here by himself. It was just for a few days though: Aaron wouldn’t be back until the end of break, but Joey was only gone for a long weekend while he visited his mom. Now that his parents’ divorce was final his house wasn’t a total nuclear battle zone and he felt obliged to visit her. Dave had passed on an invite to come along though–even the thought of Joey’s monster dick all to himself for a few days hadn’t been enough to tempt him into that minefield. He missed the small wrestler, but not enough to put up with all that family drama.

Greg was still around, but Dave wasn’t in a big hurry to look him up. Greg was a great guy, and hot as hell in bed, but he loved to get fucked more than anything. It was a major turn-on getting him to do all sorts of kinky shit just to get a dick up his ass, but the problem was that getting boned was one of Dave’s favorite things too, and he was feeling a bit deprived thanks to the competition. It wasn’t just the submissive redhead either: Aaron and Joey both liked some variety, which meant there had been a couple of nights when none of them was really in the mood to do the dicking. Thanks to the double-headed dildo Joey had bought and Dave’s own black rubber monster they’d made do, but it just wasn’t the same.

Dave unlocked the apartment door, still thinking as he pulled his cap off his shaggy head and got his big frame out of his rain gear and sweats, heading for his shower. Was he jealous of Greg? He missed the freedom to hop into Aaron or Joey’s bed when he wanted (only his was big enough for more than two overnight, and even then it was a tight fit), and waking up next to one them was nice, but despite all the sex they had he didn’t feel like he was crushing on them. Their new sex life had definitely brought them closer–Joey especially had a sweet side that was new, and Greg admitted to himself he missed more about the 145-pounder than just the his giant dick. But even when they all piled onto his bed to watch a movie together it felt more like a guy thing than a date night. So…not jealous, he decided, just frustrated. Right?

As he stripped for the shower he noticed he was getting a bit furry again–time for some manscaping. Aaron actually seemed to like a bit of chest hair when they were fucking–he said it felt good against his smooth chest–but Dave liked to keep himself tidy. Especially around his balls and ass–he loved the feel of a tongue down there, and it felt even better against smooth skin.

He ran a trimmer over his body with practiced ease, leaving some cropped brown hair on his chest, pubes, and under his arms for Aaron to enjoy, then hopped in the shower. Once again he thought about looking through Craigslist or getting a hookup app, but it was a small town and campus, and it was too likely that word would get out. Even though he enjoyed making it with his buds he really didn’t want to deal with the hassle of getting tagged as gay–he still liked chicks after all, even if he wasn’t chasing them as much as he used to. No big deal: the guys would be home soon enough and he’d get his itch scratched then. In the mean time he’d have to find a way to keep himself entertained. Campus wasn’t totally dead, and he could probably find a party somewhere if he called around. He had a couple of days off from wrestling practice, so he could afford a bit of drinking if he didn’t go nuts.

As he was getting dressed however his phone rang. Hm, maybe a party had found him. He picked up.


“Hey Dave, what’s up? It’s Brad.” Brad…oh right! Derrick’s housemate. Dave had met Derrick in a business class that semester, and the two of them had clicked. Despite looking like some sort of hit man with his blocky build, heavy brow, and buzzed head Derrick was actually pretty cool, and they’d hung out over at his house a few times, drinking and playing Xbox. He’d met some of the other roommates–there seemed to be four or five guys living there, it was hard to be sure–and Brad had seemed like one of the cooler ones. Normally Dave thought guys with those short pony tails were douchebags, but Brad was always really friendly, and being built like a truck he could actually pull the look off. Apparently he’d played football in high school, and although he hadn’t kept it up seriously in college he sure as shit hadn’t gotten any smaller.

“Hey man, Derrick and I were just chilling. Campus is totally dead; we thought we’d see who wanted to hang out and drink a few beers. He said you might be around. Wanna come over?”

“Yeah, that’d be cool. Now?”

“Yeah, whenever, we’re not going anywhere.”

“Great, see you in a bit. I’ll bring some brews. Tell Derrick to prepare to get his ass kicked.”

Brad laughed. Away from the phone he said “Dave says you’re an Xbox pussy.” His voice came back “Derrick says to bring it little man. See ya in a bit.”

“‘K. Later.”

Well that had been easy. Dave got dressed and grabbed their last six pack from the fridge; he’d have to get Greg to buy them some more, since he was the only one of the four of them over 21. Or maybe Derrick could–he was a senior too.

Fifteen minutes later he was on the porch of Derrick’s old house pounding on the door. The house was mostly dark, but a couple of lights were on and he heard a muffled “Come in!” from upstairs. He headed in and up to Derrick’s room on the second floor of the rambling building–it had been pretty nice once probably, but years of students living inside had not been good for the d├ęcor. Dave had actually thought it was a frat house at first–he thought he’d heard someone call it Sigma Chi, and when he’d asked Derrick about joining the senior had cracked up. “No dude, it’s Sigma EPSILON Chi, you know, like S-E-X. I guess there were some guys that used to live here a few years ago that were real horn dogs, and the name kinda stuck. But yeah, feel free to join.” He’d started laughing again at Dave’s mistake.

Derrick and Brad were engrossed in the TV as Brad worked his way through a crowd of mutant zombies. Derrick looked up and smiled when Dave entered though. “Hey Dave, good to see you bud! Put the beers in the fridge and have a seat.” Derrick actually had a pretty good setup for a college room: he’d fit in a big bed, beer fridge, a love seat and arm chair, and the TV. It was a good hangout room. Brad had taken over the chair–it’d be a tight fit with him and Derrick on the couch–so Dave plunked down next to Derrick, offering the seniors some of his beers.

They spent the next hour or so shooting the shit and taking turns killing zombies, seeing who could get farthest. After the trash talk earlier both Dave and Derrick were embarrassed to find out Brad was the real pro–as Dave put it “he’s like some sort of anti-zombie ninja master!” Eventually the beers started to make themselves felt though, and Dave got up to use the bathroom down the hall. When he came back he saw that they’d been talking intently. “‘Sup?”

Derrick grinned a bit sheepishly; the expression looked almost funny on such a square-jawed face. “Hey man, we were just talking about making this a little more of a party. I’ve got a few vitamins we were thinking of taking to liven things up. We know you’re on the team though, so it’s totally cool if you don’t want to do anything–we’ll just wait for another time.”

“Oh hey, no worries. We just get tested at the start of the season and before tournaments, so it’s not a problem midseason. Just no meth or coke though–I’m fucked if I do that shit.”

“No no, this is more like Molly–it’s real smooth. So you wanna give it a shot?”

“Yeah sure. I don’t have practice for a few days anyway. What the hell.”

Derrick reached into his jeans and pulled out a piece of tinfoil, unfolding it to reveal three little white pills. He handed one each to Brad and Dave. “Party on guys.”

Dave took his, then stopped dead. Was that?… He squinted closely at the markings on the side of the pill, wanting to be sure. Hooooly fuck–it was the same ones. And now it clicked–THESE were the “Sigma Chi” brothers Joey’s hookup had heard talking about the dick pills in the first place. Holy shit! He looked at Derrick and Brad, grinning. “You dirty motherfuckers.”

Derrick looked shocked for a second, then tried to play it casual. “What’re you talking about Dave? This is good shit–it’s real smooth.”

“So you’ve tried these?”

“Yeah sure, it was a good time. Wasn’t it Brad?”

The big blond gave a lazy smile. “Hell yeah, it was a good trip. Derrick loved it.”

Dave gave Derrick a long look. “You did huh? What was the best part?”

Derrick was definitely turning a bit red now, and Dave could tell Brad wasn’t as relaxed as he was trying to play it either. “I dunno man,” said Derrick, “it was just real chill, you know? It was fun. You want one or not?”

“So…a party buzz, or a stay-in-with-your-buds buzz?” Holy crap, thought Dave. He was 90% sure now that these were the same “dick pills” he, Aaron, and Joey had stumbled on last fall, but he wanted to be sure. It would be really awkward if he said the wrong thing now.

“Um, a stay-in buzz I guess. It was just really smooth.” Derrick was looking more trapped by the second, and Dave decided to take a chance. No way would anyone with normal party favors have that look on his face if Dave had pressed him like this.

“Dick-suckin’ smooth?” Dave stared right at Derrick as he said it, and his blocky friend turned scarlet. Bingo.

To Dave’s left Brad let out a short bark of laughter. “Dude, he totally knows about the pills. He’s in the Program too, you goober!” Derrick’s look of relief was unmistakable, even as Dave’s became confused.

“Oh shit, you’re in the Program? I had no idea.” Derrick reached out and took Dave’s pill back. “Sorry about that–waste of time, right?”

“Wait, what? What program? Like…the wrestling program?” Dave was lost now.

Derrick was folding the pill back up into its tinfoil pouch. “No dummy. You know: you agree to those ‘exams’ and to ‘field test’ the new stuff in exchange for pills to play with.”

Okay, NOW Dave was lost. Completely. The best he could come up with was “Uh….”

Brad spoke up. “Derrick, I don’t think he’s in the Program.”

“But he knows about the pills.”

“Dave, where did you see these before?”

“Well, we, uh, found them in a hotel room. Someone had left them there and we thought they were party drugs.” Dave grinned, remembering. “Which I guess they were, come to think of it.”

Derrick and Brad exchanged a surprised look, then Derrick said “Whoa. I have to say I did not see that coming. We thought you were just in the Program.”

“You guys keep talking about this ‘Program’ thing. What the hell is it?”

“Well,” said Derrick, “it’s some drug company–”

“Ollo Pharmaceuticals,” Brad broke in.

“–right. Anyway, they’re doing research on guys and sex, and they’re looking for volunteers for their pills. If you make the cut and want to stay on they give you a limited supply of some of their new stuff to try out on, um, ‘test subjects in the field’ is how they put it, but you know what they mean. In return you go in for some checkups and tests and stuff, and they ask you for a lot of details on your hookups. Sometimes they’ll ask they guys who get the pills to come in for tests too. But not too many. I think they’re trying to keep it small. We just call it the Program–no real reason why. So you really have never heard of this whole deal?”

“No man, not a fuckin’ clue. So you both joined up? Or got recruited or whatever?”

“I got into it when a guy I knew slipped me one of the pills, and I’ve been into doing stuff with guys ever since, but Brad’s a natural.”

“Yep,” said Brad, “suckin’ dick since I was 15. I fucked our high school swim captain my junior year.”

“Huh.” Now that the shock of the whole Program thing had worn off a bit, it was sinking in with Dave that he was in a room with two hot guys who clearly shared his interests. His dick started to stiffen at the thought, and he felt a familiar throb in his asshole as it twitched instinctively.

“Yeah, huh.” Brad leaned forward, grinning. “So what gets you off now Dave? Sucking dick? Fucking? Getting fucked?…”

“Yeah,” said Derrick. His voice was huskier now. “What do you like Dave?” He leaned in a bit, and one hand rested on Dave’s thigh.

“Well…I’m up for pretty much anything.”

Brad slid one hand to his crotch, massaging the rapidly-growing bulge there. “Sure, but what gets you really hot? What do you think about when you’re jerking off?” He gave Dave a long look, still rubbing himself. “I know what I like. Fucking a nice tight hole. I fuckin’ love the feel of my dick up a guy’s ass. Especially a nice hard one like yours. You think you’d like that?”

“Mmm…” Dave’s reply was distracted. The sight of Brad playing with himself was mesmerizing, and Derrick’s hand had moved from his thigh to his crotch now, where it was doing very nice things to his dick. He managed a bit of a nod–this was going better than he’d ever hoped.

Brad slapped his knee and crowed “Sweet! See Derrick–told you he was a bottom!”

“Hey!” Dave said, “What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“Don’t sweat it bud.” Derrick was very close now, and Dave could feel the heat from his body as he leaned in. “Brad’s just good at figuring out what guys like. It’s all good–a couple of the guys in the house love taking it up the ass too. It’s cool.” His hand, still rubbing, slid deeper into Dave’s crotch, past his balls, and began working around his taint and his hole. Dave instinctively spread his legs a bit to give him better access. “See, no harm in liking what you like bud. I like fucking myself, just like Brad. Whadya say we see how much you like some new dick up your ass?” At this, Derrick leaned in and gently nipped Dave’s earlobe, making him squirm and spread his legs wider. “I take it that’s a yes.”

“Fuck yeah,” Dave breathed. “That sounds real good.”

Brad stood up, pulling off his shirt as he did to reveal a massive smooth chest with a sunburst tat over his left pec. He unbuckled his belt and moved his crotch towards Dave’s face. “Why don’t you try a taste test first Dave.” He slid his pants and briefs down, revealing a lean 6″ circumcised cock and neatly trimmed pubes.

Dave leaned forward into the warm musky scent. “Absolutely,” he murmured as he took ahold of the hard-on, and then lowered his mouth to take it in.

Beside him Derrick pulled off his shirt, revealing his own geometrical tattoo on one shoulder. He leaned back in, warm chest pressed against Dave’s side, then joined him on Brad’s cock. For the next several minutes the two of them sucked and licked, passing it back and forth between their mouths, as Brad thrust slowly, grunting in approval. Somehow Derrick managed to get Dave’s dick out of his pants while this was going on, and began pumping it while the two of them worked over Brad’s balls.

Finally, Brad took a deep breath and pulled back. “Come on Dave, time for your pony ride. Let’s get on the bed.”

The three of them quickly shed their remaining clothes, then piled onto the bed. Brad pulled Dave on top of him, letting him straddle his hips as they kissed. Dave could feel Brad’s hard-on rubbing against his crack, and then cool wetness as Derrick slid a well-lubed finger up his hole. Dave grunted his approval and arched his back to give better access, even while he kept his lips locked against Brads. The stocky blond was a fantastic kisser, and Dave loved the way his tongue moved around his mouth and lips, forceful yet teasing. He couldn’t wait to see how Brad worked his hole over. His dick might not be as big as Joey’s, but Dave was sure he’d enjoy the ride anyway. He was sure as hell enjoying what Derrick was doing: there were three fingers up his ass now, and each time they thrust it felt better and better. He realized he’d started moaning as Derrick worked him over.

Brad reached around and grabbed his ass, pulling his cheeks apart. “Get my dick up his ass Derrick.” A few seconds of fumbling and Dave finally–finally–got what he wanted, as he felt Brad’s head pop in and start rubbing him the way he liked. His dick curved up in a way that hit Dave’s magic spot perfectly, and he closed his eyes in pleasure as Brad started to work him over.

This went on for a few minutes, with Dave increasingly blissed out as the two of them found their rhythm. Brad really had great technique, not just with his cock, but the way his strong hands worked their way over Dave’s body, pinching his nipples, squeezing his arms, and then dipping his fingers down to just barely tease the rim of his cock head, smearing the precum around and making Dave shiver, eyes shut as he focused on the sensations.

He half-wondered what Derrick was up to, when the question was answered. Suddenly he felt a muscular chest pressed up against his back as Derrick wrapped an arm around him, and he could feel another cock rubbing into his ass crack as Derrick started dry-humping him. Well, not so dry: Derrick was leaking like a hose, same as Dave.

Derrick leaned into his ear, voice low. “How’s that dick up your ass feel Dave? You like that?”

“Mmmm…fuck yeah. I fuckin’ love Brad’s cock dude.”

“Yeah, I bet you do. You love gettin’ fucked, dontcha bud?”

“Hell yeah.”

“I bet you’ve even got a big ol’ dildo next to your bed, don’t you? Just in case of emergencies?”

“Mmm…yeah, I sure do. Ah!” Derrick had reached around and pinched a nipple, surprising him. Brad gave a small grunt as he felt the wrestler’s ass twitch on his cock, but kept his rhythm.

“Is it a big fat one?”

“Yeah, it’s shaped like a 10″ black cock.”

“Mmmm…you like getting filled up with dick, do you?”

“Fuck yeah. It feels so good getting fucked.”

“Yeah, you’re as big a bottom guy as Trevor in the room next door. You probably want more dick right now don’t you? Even while Brad is pounding your ass?”

“Ohhh…shit…yeah man.”

“Mmhmm. You ever been double-dicked before?”

“No. Ah!” Derrick had pinched a nipple again. A line of clear fluid hung from Dave’s bouncing piss hole to Brad’s treasure trail, where a small pool had begun to form.

“Whadya say bud? You think you’d like some more dick up your ass? How about I slide my cock in there with Brad’s, and we go to town on your hole? Think you’d like that?”

“Oh fuuuuck.” Dave had never even thought about this before. Joey’s dick was way too big to put another one in there, and it was more than enough to get him off the way he liked. But Brad and Derrick seemed to have more normal-sized equipment, and the thought of them double-teaming him was incredibly raunchy. He knew he had to try. “Go for it dude. Just take it slow.”

“No problem buddy. Hang on.” Derrick grinned down at Brad over Dave’s shoulder. “Ready big guy.”

“Hell yeah. Show Dave what a real fuck feels like.”

Dave felt Brad slow down his rhythm until he was barely pumping. The sensation was maddening–he needed more than this in his ass, and he started to rock back and forth to increase the stimulation. But then he felt lubed finger slide in next to Brad’s shaft, stretching him out in just the way he wanted. A happy groan slipped from his mouth, and he wiggled his ass to try and get more of that delicious sensation deep inside.

Derrick chuckled behind him then slid another finger in, making Dave’s sounds louder. “I think he likes it Brad. This feel as good as that dildo of yours Dave?”

“Shit yeah. Slide your cock in there bro–I’m ready.” Dave felt a sudden emptiness as Derrick pulled his fingers out, but it was quickly replaced by the pressure of cock head pushing against his hole. Dave leaned forward to give Derrick better access, sliding his tongue into Brad’s mouth as Derrick’s prick began stretching him open. It hurt–no question it was bigger than his dildo–but he knew he could adjust. And the two guys were giving him plenty of time; they obviously wanted him to have as good a time as they were. Dave started panting, focusing on relaxing his hole.

At last Derrick’s head popped in, and the going got easier. He felt Derrick lean forward against his back, and reveled at being sandwiched between the two muscular bodies. Slowly but surely Derrick worked himself all they way in and the three of them paused. They’d all begun to sweat lightly now, and their warm masculine scent filled the room. “Oh fuuuuuck, guys that feels amazing. Jesus Christ I had now idea two cocks would feel this good.” It still hurt a bit (his ass would be sore the next couple of days he was sure), but Dave didn’t care. The sensation of two hard dicks rubbing against him and against each other was unbelievable: it scratched that itch in his ass like nothing else, and when Derrick starting humping him faster he couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure.

Slowly the two tops picked up their pace as Dave stretched to accommodate them. He could feel Derrick licking the sweat from his back, and arched his back in pleasure. “Fuuuuck! Pump my ass guys! Jesus, don’t stop!” He started pushing back to increase the depth of their thrusts, and heard Derrick starting to grunt as he pumped faster. Below him Brad’s face was flushed, his long blond hair coming loose as he humped harder and harder. The three of them were pumping hard now, racing to come. Dave felt Brad wrap a hand around his dripping cock and start stroking, using his precum as lube, and that was all it took. “Oh God! Yes, fuck me! Yes! I’m coming! Don’t stop! Oh Gooooood!” And with that Dave shot his wad, ropes of white liquid hitting Brad in the face and chest.

The spasms in his ass were what Brad needed too. Watching this muscle jock ride his disco stick was amazingly hot, and when Dave got off it was enough to send him into orbit. He groaned and shot, hot cum adding to the lube in Dave’s ass and amplifying the sensation of Derrick’s shaft against his. God it was hot sharing a guy with Derrick like this. He pumped harder, hoping to send his buddy over the edge as well.

Derrick was in heaven. Ever since he’d joined the Program he’d loved the feel and taste and smell of another guy against him, especially if he was inside that guy. He’d never double-teamed a guy before, but he was so glad he’d tried it tonight. Not only was Dave totally hot, but he got to share him with Brad, who was one of the few guys Derrick would ever consider bottoming for. And now he could feel Brad shooting as their pricks rubbed together, while this stud wrestler they were fucking screamed and begged for more. It was a fucking dream come true and he picked up his pace, feeling his balls tighten in anticipation. A dozen thrusts later he shot, barely aware of the guttural shouts he made as he sucked on Dave’s neck, tasting his fresh sweat and feeling the hard body below him still spasming in pleasure.

Slowly the three of them came down from their orgasms. All were panting and sweating from their adventure, and warm semen was dripping out of Dave’s hole, but none of them wanted to break free first.

Eventually they started to soften, and Derrick slid free to lie next to Brad. He was still half-hard, and Dave knew he’d get a chance to have Derrick inside him again soon enough. But for now he was happy to enjoy his orgasm and rest, and so he pulled off of Brad and lay on his other side. “Well, that did not suck.”

Brad chuckled. “Nope. You Program guys are always a great lay.”

“Tasty too,” said Derrick, and scooped up some of Dave’s cum off Brad’s chest. He looked Dave in the eye as he licked his fingers clean. It was clear he’d be ready for another round soon enough.

“So Derrick, how’d you get involved in this anyway? You said Brad was gay, but you got into it after the dick pills, like me and my buds.”

Derrick laughed. “Kinda like we were gonna recruit you. A guy I knew invited me and some other guys over to party, and the next thing I knew I was in the middle of a gang bang. I fuckin’ loved it and I’ve done it ever since.” Derrick reached down and started idly playing with Brad’s soft cock.

“I hear ya. I had no idea how good another guy’s cock would feel until I tried it. It’s freakin’ awesome.”

They talked for a few more minutes about their experiences, Derrick and Brad telling more of their stories, and Dave talking about his roommates and Greg, which made Derrick chuckle.

“What’s so funny?”

Derrick smiled, remembering. “The guy who got me into it was named Greg, and he was the first guy I ever fucked. He was this hot blond guy I knew from the gym, and man did he like to get boned. His roommate and I would tag team him for hours. Sounds like he and your Greg would’ve gotten along just fine. That was a few years ago though…they moved last year. At least all the guys in the house are into it, so it’s not like there’s a dick shortage in my life. Too bad most of them are graduating though–we’re going to have to figure something out in the fall.” He grinned at Dave, but his attention was drifting to Brad’s cock, which was getting hard again. “Why don’t you help me clean up the mess you made Dave?” He bent his head to start licking Brad’s chest clean.

“You fuckin’ Program guys. I swear you are the biggest cum sluts I’ve ever met.” Brad rolled his eyes, but he also put his hand on the back of the other two guys’ heads, guiding them towards his torso.

“What can I say man? I fuckin’ love the taste of dick.” Dave’s voice was a bit muffled as he slurped up his cream from Brad’s nipple, then worked lower. He couldn’t wait to bury his face between those muscular thighs.

“Then maybe you should get on mine.” Brad grinned and pushed Dave’s head lower, spreading his legs for easier access. Soon enough Dave had moved between his legs to start cleaning his groin.

Dave was in heaven. He buried himself in Brad’s crotch, working his tongue everywhere. It all tasted so good, even his cock with the mix of lube and faint tang of ass. And Brad didn’t seem to mind as he worked lower, first cleaning his balls and then underneath. When he worked his tongue down to Brad’s hole he heard the big blond gasp and felt him tense. He might be a top, but he loved getting his salad tossed as much as Dave did. Dave worked his tongue around Brad’s pink hole, teasing it the way he knew Aaron liked. Sure enough, Brad was a fan of his technique too, at least judging from the gasps and moans he was making. The sounds became a steady whimpering as his tongue worked deeper, his thighs trembling as Dave bathed his insides.

And then he felt a warm teasing on his own hole. Derrick had moved in behind him, and pulled his cheeks apart to mercilessly attack his ass with his tongue. Dave paused long enough to pant out “Fuck yeah Derrick, eat my hole,” then went back to work. Brad was rock-hard now, his head snapping from side to side in pleasure.

“Fuck Dave, tongue me. Goddamn you know how to eat ass. Fuuuuuck that feels good buddy–don’t stop. Aaaah!”

Dave was deep in now, spreading Brad open with his tongue. Brad was making his job even easier by pulling his ass open for him, and Dave took full advantage, spearing as deep as he could go. It was getting hard to concentrate though, with what Derrick was doing to his own ass. The blocky jock hadn’t shaved in a couple of days, and the stubble rubbing Dave’s sensitive hole was driving him nuts. On top of that he’d reached up to grab Dave’s rock-hard cock, and was slowly stroking it in time with his tongue thrusts. Finally Dave couldn’t take it any more. He pulled free from Brad and looked back. “Jesus Derrick, just fuck me already will you?!”

He went back to Brad’s lightly-furred hole, but Derrick had gotten the message. A minute later he felt a welcome warm hardness at his backside, and then a slick pressure as Derrick slid balls-deep into his hole in one delicious thrust. It was easy compared to taking two at once, and he had no problem accommodating Derrick’s shaft. Probably for the best: he was a bit sore after the last round. He sighed in pleasure, then let Brad’s legs drop back down as he worked his mouth up to his balls and finally his shaft. Brad was right: he did love the taste of cum since that night at the Pines Hotel, and he was determined to get a fresh serving. Besides, he hadn’t been spit-roasted in a while, and he was looking forward to it.

He took Brad’s cock into his mouth, easily able to deep throat him after learning to handle Joey’s 8 1/2″ monster. Brad clearly enjoyed his skills, because he groaned and grabbed Dave’s head to pull him down deep as Dave sucked him. Or maybe he liked the finger Dave had slid up his ass. Brad might be a self-proclaimed top, but the way his hips squirmed while his asshole was twitching suggested he wouldn’t fight off a dick in there. Dave wondered what Brad would do if Joey got his tool in there….

Those thoughts quickly vanished though, as Derrick found his rhythm. He’d tried varying his angle and speed, and finally found the combination that made Dave moan and squirm the most; now he focused on drilling his ass the best way possible.

Mouth filled with cock, Dave still managed to express himself. His moans were muffled, but they sent a clear message to Derrick: “don’t stop.” His asshole clenched in time with Derrick’s thrusts, increasing both their pleasure and milking Derrick’s dick as he pumped. He could feel his orgasm on its way, and he redoubled his efforts on Brad’s cock, hoping they could come together again. He slipped another finger into Brad’s ass, and tasted a richer flavor of precum that meant he was close to his goal.

Brad groaned and pumped into Dave’s mouth faster. Holy fuck could this guy give head. And the finger–now fingers–up his ass felt amazing. Not many guys dared to fuck with Brad’s ass, and he loved that Dave did it without giving a shit. “That’s fucking awesome Dave. Take my dick bud–I’m gonna cream in your mouth in a minute. Yeah, that’s it–oh yeah! Work my hole! Fuck yeah! I’m coming Dave–take my load you little slut. Fuckin’ take it! Aaaaaah! Yeah! Take it!” Brad blew, five shots of jizz launching down Dave’s throat just like the beefy bottom wanted. Dave hummed happily and increased his suction, determined to capture every white drop.

Not long after Brad shot, Derrick was close too. Dave’s ass had been stretched, but he still knew how to bottom like a champ, squeezing Derrick’s dick better than any hand. Derrick reached around to start jerking the big guy, loving the sexy feel of cum-slick cock in his hand. “I’m gonna shoot soon Dave–you ready?”

Dave lifted off Brad’s softening cock and panted “Yeah, I’m close. Fuck me man. Make me cum.”

Derrick picked up the pace, his body making smacking sounds as he pounded Dave faster and faster, balls-deep in his ass. The two of them urged each other on until finally Derrick groaned and spasmed, his load shooting deep into Dave’s ready bowels. A few seconds later his stroking was enough to push Dave over the edge, and Derrick felt hot liquid seep between his fingers to drip on the bedspread.

A few thrusts later they were both done. Derrick pulled out with a soft pop, and the three of them lay there on the bed, catching their breath. The room reeked of sweat and semen, but none of them had any complaints.

“So,” said Dave, “it sounds like the house needs some new tenants for next year?…”

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