Erotic Story: Little White Pills part 2

By Aaron Deepneau. Part 1 here.

Joey shifted on his bed, bored. Horny and bored. Hanukah had come early this year, so he’d celebrated early with his parents over Thanksgiving break, and now they were off touring Europe for their 30th wedding anniversary. His family had moved after he’d graduated high school, so even though he still kept in touch with some of his high school buddies they weren’t anywhere near his folks.

He grumbled to himself as he lay there, only half paying attention to the Michael Bay explosion-fest on the TV in his bedroom. It had seemed perfectly fine, staying in the apartment by himself for six weeks over Christmas break, but had hadn’t counted on how fucking boring it was going to be.

Campus was empty, there was no wrestling going on, and he was still six months from being able to get into a bar. And this was a small college town: when the school shut down, pretty much everything did. With nothing to do he was starting to feel like a slug; he hadn’t even shaved in three days. Like a lot of guys with a baby-faced look he didn’t have much facial hair, but he was starting to feel like maybe he’d let things go a bit too far. At least he barely had any manscaping to worry about, except for a quick touch-up to his brown pubes every now and then. Not like Dave, who needed weekly sessions to keep himself looking and feeling his best.

And that was the worst part: Dave and Aaron had split once finals were over, Aaron back to his family in California (taking his Xbox with him, the little shit), Dave to his family down state, where they were off on a post-holiday ski vacation. That left Joey with no way to satisfy the cravings he’d acquired the last couple of months, ever since their unexpected stop at the Pines Motel. Joey closed his eyes as he thought back, his hands sliding under his briefs as his thumb idly traced its way over his hefty trimmed cock head.

Between the physical exertion of the wrestling meet and their raunchy adventure all three of them had been wiped out, and they’d pretty well passed out after getting off the second time. At some point Dave had flopped over into the other bed, while Aaron spooned up against Joey, his now-soft cock nestled against Joey’s no-long-virgin ass. Come the morning Joey slowly woke up to realize two things: neither his cock nor Aaron’s were soft any more, and Aaron’s version of a wakeup call was to start stroking Joey’s dick. Joey opened his eyes and saw Dave was also awake, staring at them and their obvious pumping motions under the bed spread. Dave’s shaggy hair was sticking every-which-way from sleep, but his rugged features were alert as he watched Joey and Aaron, matching their strokes with his own. After a few minutes he threw back the covers, revealing his slightly furred and muscular body, his 6 ?” fat cock jutting out and leaking clear fluid. Joey had licked his lips as the faint masculine scent had washed over him, and pulled the covers back from Aaron and himself so Dave could join them.

In his apartment Joey slid out of his briefs. His cock was fully hard now as he relived that morning, and the underwear would only interfere with his ability to pleasure himself.

As Dave had settled onto the bed the three of them arranged themselves into a daisy chain. Joey had wanted to finish what he’d started on Dave’s dick the night before, and he’d seen how the taste of cum set Aaron off–he wanted to experience it for himself. Dave’s cock had a residue of that green lube on it from when he’d fucked Aaron, and out of curiosity Joey had lapped some up, noting that the droplets in his trimmed pubes were still liquid. The taste was not what he’d expected: no chemical flavor at all, but a bit musky and meaty. Or maybe that was just the combination of cock and ass he was getting. In any case, it had left a warm glow in his mouth as he’d worked his way past Dave’s fat head and down his shaft.

Joey spread his legs on his bed and wrapped his hands around his cock–at 8 ?” it could easily accommodate both. Later he’d use some lube, but for now the generous supply of clear liquid coming from his cock was enough for his slow initial stroking.

As Joey had settled onto Dave’s cock it was clear that Aaron had some unfinished business to attend to as well. He’d maneuvered himself around until his blond head was buried in Joey’s crotch, determined to complete the blowjob he’d never quite gotten to the night before. Dave had done the logical thing at that point, wrapping his mouth around Aaron’s still-lubed seven inches. Like Joey, Dave noticed a faint warmth in his mouth as he continued to lick and suck, his enjoyment of the act increasing as Aaron’s cock became more generous in its supply of clear fluid.

Joey’s stroking sped up slightly, and he began a slight twisting motion with his right hand to stimulate his cock head further.

Despite all three of them having come twice the night before, the daisy chain hadn’t lasted long. Joey had been the first to pop, helped along when Aaron slid a finger up his still-slick ass. Dave hadn’t been far behind though: Joey had remembered his cries of pleasure while he’d gotten fucked the night before, and had worked a couple fingers of his own into Dave’s shaved muscular asshole to provide encouragement. Aaron followed soon after, filling Dave’s mouth with his a load of cum for the first time. Later Dave mentioned he hadn’t expected how good it would taste, or the wave of pleasure he’d felt as Aaron pulsed in his mouth. Joey had agreed.

Joey’s cock was providing more natural lubricant as he relived the memory. He’d never leaked much pre-cum before the hotel layover, but now the scent of it was filling his bedroom as he started slowly thrusting his hips into his slick hands.

The guys had finally recovered and quickly showered up, leaving only a few minutes to spare before the morning checkout. The storm had cleared out, leaving beautiful blue skies and drifts of snow that would make the skiers happy. Unfortunately that snow had also turned the remainder of the trip into a nearly three-hour slog. Dave and Aaron had been focused on the driving, but squeezed in the back seat next to their gym bags Joey’s mind had wandered back to their “adventure,” and his cock had started to twitch again. Only Dave had noticed at first, glancing back in the rearview mirror with increasing frequency to watch as Joey slid a hand up his shirt to tweak his nipples,. But the sound of his zipper opening had gotten Aaron’s attention, and he’d turned around grinning to watch Joey pull out his meat and begin stroking it. Aaron had managed to twist around and get far enough into the back seat that Joey shot most of his load into the blonde’s open mouth, although a couple of squirts had gone wide and ended up on Aaron’s chest and the seat back. Aaron got enough to meet his needs though, and a minute later a large wet spot was spreading through the front of his jeans where he’d been rubbing himself. Poor Dave had been so distracted by the show that they’d had to pull over for a few minutes so Aaron could suck him off before he could concentrate on the road again. Joey wasn’t sure, but he thought Aaaron’s wet spot had grown again after he’d swallowed Dave’s load. For sure the car had smelled like cum for the rest of the trip.

Joey grabbed some lotion for his cock as he pumped faster. He was really getting into it as he fast-forwarded through the weeks after The Pines (or “Night Of The Dick Pills” as Dave called it), his legs spread and a slick finger teasing his asshole as he remembered:

Aaron’s head bobbing up and down in his lap as they watched a football game, taking his load just as the Broncos scored a winning touchdown;

Helping Dave shave his cock and ass for the first time, and the feel of newly-slick skin under his tongue as he lapped around and then into Dave’s hole;

Making out with Dave as they shared Aaron’s cock, licking the cum off each others faces after Aaron came;

Topping Aaron for the first time, watching his blond head buried in Dave’s dark crotch, his cries muffled by the fat cock in his mouth;

and finally, just before Christmas break,

Aaron grabbing him in a bear hug from behind as Joey dried off after a shower. He’d pressed his hard cock into Joey’s crack and started squeezing his nipples, whispering in his ear “Who’s my bitch now?” His tongue had traced its way down Joey’s back to his ass, and his strong hands had spread Joey’s cheeks apart to give full access to his eager hole. Aaron had let his beard grow longer, and the sensation of his whiskers rubbing and tickling against Joey’s pucker had been indescribable. Joey had bent over the sink, no longer able to remain standing unsupported as his legs weakened; he’d watched himself in the mirror as he’d moaned and writhed, begging Aaron for more. The probing, squirming tongue had eventually been replaced by a well-lubed finger, then two, and finally the cock he was desperate for. Aaron had pulled him upright and started stroking his cock while they fucked, and the two of them watched in the mirror as they went over the edge together, Joey’s jizz coating the mirror and sink, while Aaron’s trickled down the inside of his thighs.

The last memory was the final push Joey needed. With a half-grunt, half-moan he shoved three fingers up his ass and came almost instantly, panting “fuck, fuck, fuck.” As he came down off his high he licked the cum off his hand. It wasn’t as good as Dave or Aaron’s, but it would have to do for now. Still, if he didn’t get some real action soon, he was going to go nuts.

Greg panted on the weight bench, recovering from his latest set. The redhead had been training hard since break started and he had nothing but time on his hands; now he’d nearly reached his goal of benching 185, his body weight. He probably could have gone higher if he’d worked at it, but he was trying to get ready for his first triathlon and his trainer had warned him not to bulk up too much. He had no expectations that he’d kick ass, but he did want to get a decent time and so he took his training seriously. And anyway, what the hell else was he going to do? His sister had moved to England when the Air Force transferred her husband overseas, so he couldn’t stay with her. And after 26 years of an increasingly tense marriage his parents were splitting up in epic fail mode–going home would be like living on the set of a Maury show for a month, and there was no way he was going to do that. They were so focused on the divorce drama they’d hardly objected when he made some lame excuse about doing prep work for next semester, even though he’d been sailing through all his physiology classes so far. At least he’d graduate this year and finally get out on his own and away from the drama.

“Ah what the hell,” he thought, “might as well try for 185.” He put another 10 pounds on the bar and lay back down, muscular legs spread for balance, as he determined to squeeze out eight last reps.

By rep number four it was clear that he wasn’t going to hit eight. His fifth rep came with some effort, and he forced himself to press on and at least get six out. Halfway up he realized two things: there was no way he was going to hit six, and he’d forgotten to adjust the pegs on the bar so he could dump the bar halfway up. “Shit!” he grunted as his arms trembled and his face turned red–he was going to get stuck.

Suddenly two hands appeared on the bar, and a face looked down on him. “Come on bro, show me what you’ve got. One more rep, man, one more rep.” The guy obviously knew how to spot, because he didn’t just lift the weight up; instead he just barely supplied enough lift for Greg’s shaking arms to start moving up again. Greg wanted to curse at him to just take the freakin’ bar, but he knew that this was the right way to go: pushing through to the very end was how to get the most out of the workout. Sweat pouring from his body, Greg grunted through clenched teeth and slowly inched the bar up until he completed the rep. His arms flopped to his sides and he lay there with his eyes closed gasping.

“Nice one bro–good fight.” Greg opened his eyes to see his mystery spotter looking down at him, a respectful look on his face. The guy had short-cropped brown hair and looked young–maybe he was a freshman, although they weren’t supposed to be able to stay over break while the first-year dorms were closed. He looked familiar somehow, and Greg sat up to get a better look. Wow, the guy was built like a brick shithouse: not very tall, but it was obvious he was one strong little dude. Now that he was sitting up Greg recognized him: he’d been about the only other guy that was in the gym regularly this time of year, and Greg had seen him working his way through his own sets–it was intimidating to watch. He reached up tiredly to shake his rescuer’s hand. “Thanks man, you saved my bacon. I’m Greg.”

“I’m Joey–happy to help. We’ve all gotten stuck before, am I right?” Joey’s grip was rock solid. He wasn’t being a dick and going for a crush grip or anything, but Greg could tell Joey’s muscles weren’t just for show. Like Greg, Joey was drenched in sweat; it looked like he’d just finished another one of those epic workouts.

Greg chuckled. “Yeah, I should’ve known better. The one time I forget to put the extra pegs on is the one time I decide to go for the gold.”

Joey grinned, revealing even white teeth; his smile made him look like a cover guy for a fitness magazine. “Happens every time man; it just sucks there’s no one around to spot this time of year. But I’m happy to do it again if you want. Just not today though–I’m beat.”

“I hear you,” said Greg. “No way I’m doing any more today; time to hit the showers and head out.” He pushed off the bench to stand up, grimacing slightly. It felt like he might have pulled something in his left shoulder a bit.

“Yep, me too,” said Joey. “Looks like we’re the last ones in here anyway.” Sure enough, they were, and the gym attendant was giving them the “wrap it up” sign. The two of them headed to the locker room, chatting as they went.

“Yeah, I think so. You’re in here a lot–you training for something?”

“Sort of. I’m on the wrestling team, and we’ve got the spring season coming up, so need to make sure I don’t get all flabby over break.” Joey patted his stomach; even with a tee shirt over he was clearly in no danger of developing a beer gut.

“Cool. How long you been on the team?”

“Three years now, plus when I was in high school.”

“Oh, so you’re not…”

Joey rolled his eyes good-naturedly. “No, I’m not a freshman. I’m a junior, man.”

Greg blushed a little, making his faint freckles stand out slightly. “Oops. Sorry dude. I guess you get that a lot.”

Joe waved his hand. “Nah it’s cool, I get it all the time. I figure I’ll be the best-looking guy in the retirement home, and then I’ll have my revenge.”

“No doubt my friend, no doubt,” Greg laughed. He stripped down and opened his locker, grabbing his shower supplies and two towels off the shelf, then turned to toss one to a naked Joey. “Yikes,” he thought, “that is one freakin’ donkey dick.” Luckily Joey was distracted by the towel toss and didn’t notice his glance. Greg had never felt inadequate about his 6+ inches, but there was no way to compete against that thing; he hoped he and Joey never went for the same chick at a party. Grumbling to himself about how some guys got all the luck, Greg headed to the shower.

The two of them chatted some more as they quickly soaped up and cleaned off. It turned out that Greg knew a friend of Aaron’s, and had actually been to their apartment for their end-of-the-semester blowout party. “That was your place?!” he asked, “Holy shit, that was an awesome party. I barely remember the end of it I was so wasted.”

“Yeah, it was epic all right,” said Joey, rinsing the shampoo out of his hair; he remembered the end very well. After everyone had left they’d given Dave his Christmas present: a 10″ black dildo shaped like some porn star’s cock; God only knew where Aaron had bought the thing. They’d left it out on the coffee table as a joke, but after a few minutes Dave had picked it up and started fondling it with more than casual interest. One thing had led to another and they’d ended up on Dave’s bed between his legs, he and Aaron taking turns pumping the dildo in Dave’s ass while they shared his cock and balls. Dave had grabbed a pillow to muffle his screams as he came, jizz spraying over his chest and belly faster than even Aaron could keep up. After Dave’s spasms had subsided Joey had scooped up some of Dave’s cum and smeared it on Aaron’s cock to jack him with, while Aaron did the same to him. They’d come on each other a few minutes later, locked together while the warm goo spread between their torsos. Shaking off the memory Joey quickly turned down the shower temperature before things got awkward with Greg: he hadn’t shown any interest in playing around, and Joey was horny, not stupid. The guy was definitely good-looking though–Joey thought the reddish-brown hair was kind of exotic–and he had a trim muscular look that made him think off a slightly leaner Aaron. Too bad about the bush though: Greg’s chest, arms, and muscular thighs were pretty smooth, but that stopped at his crotch, where his cock and balls were lost in the fur. Still….

Greg chatted with Joey as they toweled off and got dressed. It turned out Joey was a physiology major too, and they had a few friends in common, including one girl they’d both had sex with at different times. Greg was relieved he’d done her first–he pitied the guy who was the follow-up act to Joey’s schlong.

As they headed out the door Joey shook his hand and said “Well, I guess this is it. Time to head out for another glamorous night on the town.” He sighed.

“Yeah, boredom central. I had no idea how dead campus got between semesters.” Greg paused. “I’d tell you to come over and we could hang out and have a few beers, but my TV just died. Mom said she’d send me one for Christmas, but it won’t get here for a week. It’s the sux.”

Joey shrugged. “Hey, if you’ve got beers you’re welcome to hang at my place. My roommate took the Xbox, but we can watch HBO or something.”

Greg’s face lit up. “Awesome. I have an Xbox–lemme swing by my place and get it and some brews, and I’ll head over.”

“Sweet.” Joey gave him the address–it was only a few blocks away from Greg’s place–and they headed off in their separate directions. Greg was stoked: Joey seemed like a cool guy, and at last he’d have something to do besides train and sit around his apartment.

Twenty minutes after they split up Greg knocked on Joey’s door, a grocery back in one hand and an Xbox trailing cables in the other. “Yo, let the games begin.” Joey’s apartment looked pretty similar to his: living room, kitchen/dining area, and three bedrooms, two with a shared bathroom, and one with its own, all furnished in broke college student style. There was a nice TV in front of the cheap brown couch, with a pile of stereo equipment next to it and a rat’s nest of cables coming out the back. Greg set down the beers, took off his coat, and started poking around to see how to hook up the Xbox, giving his shoulder an occasional hitch as it twinged. He’d definitely pushed a bit too hard on it.

Twenty minutes and a beer later he was no closer to figuring out how to get the game console hooked up, at least not in a way that would give picture and sound at the same time. “Sorry Joey, I have no freakin’ clue here. Whatever your roommate did to hook this thing up is a mystery.”

“Yeah, no one’s ever figured out Aaron’s brain. We can use the TV in my room if you want–it’s smaller but it should work fine.”

“Sure thing. Lead on.” Joey’s room wasn’t a sty, but it definitely had more laundry on the floor around the double bed than Greg’s room did. Greg wasn’t sure but he also thought he caught a familiar whiff of jizz, a reminder that he himself hadn’t jerked off for several days now. He had no idea how he’d gone that long without a little private session, but something about the boredom plus the family stress just hadn’t left him in the mood. He mentally shrugged and moved to the TV Joey had placed facing the bed, a folded-up futon couch in front of it. This would work, even if it wouldn’t be as spectacular as on the living room set. At least he could get to the TV’s backside easily, and the setup was simple. He plugged in the box and fired up Forza Motorsport while rubbing his left trap. “Hope you like car games.”

“Yeah, those are cool. Your shoulder okay? You look like you tweaked it or something.”

“Yeah, guess I overdid it a bit today,” Greg said, handing Joey a controller and a beer. “Oops.”

“I think my roommate has some painkillers if you want–lemme take a look.”

“Yeah, that’d be cool.” Greg didn’t glance up as Joey headed into the bathroom he shared with Aaron–he was busy deciding which race to start with and which car he’d pick. Maybe the Tesla for a change….

In the bathroom Joey rooted through the drawers. He knew Aaron had a couple of Vicodans left over from when he’d sprained a finger last year, he just had to dig around and find them. Noticing a small white bottle in the back he pulled it out to see if that was it, and his eyes widened as he read the the “ollo Pharmaceuticals” label on the side. “Jackpot,” he whispered, palming the small pill with it’s unusual marking. On the way back to the bedroom he grabbed the half empty tube of “LUBRICANT” and slid it into his pocket as well. It turned out that its sensitizing effects were more-or-less permanent, at least as far as the three guys had been able to tell, and they’d switched to regular lube once it was clear they didn’t need the special stuff. Joey fully intended to take advantage of it tonight however, and his cock started to swell in anticipation.

“Here ya go.” Joey dropped the little white pill into Greg’s hand; he grabbed his beer and tossed it down with a swig.

“Much obliged.”

“No problemo. So how do you play this one anyway? All we have are shooter games.”

Greg spent a couple minutes explaining the basics to Joey, who seemed really enthusiastic, and they started racing. It was nice to have someone to hang with after being by himself for a few days, and Joey was fun to play against. The guy clearly had a competitive streak, but he was a good-natured loser and the one time he won his victory cry of “Who’s your bitch now, beeyotch?!” was more funny than obnoxious.

After the fifth race Greg realized he had already tossed back three beers. He was more thirsty than he’d expected from his workout, and apparently he hadn’t cooled down enough, because he was feeling flushed. “Hey Joey, is your radiator messed up or something? It feels kinda warm in here.”

Joey gave him a funny look for a second that he couldn’t read, then shrugged. “Yeah, it gets kinda flakey sometimes–something to do with the central heat. I usually just take my shirt off. You can take yours off if you want too, it’s cool.”

Greg peeled his off with relief, and kicked off his shoes and socks. He had a faint sheen of perspiration on his face, and decided the extra cooling would help. And anyway Joey was barefoot and was taking off his shirt too, so it wasn’t like Greg was acting out of line.

“How’s the shoulder man?” Joey asked. “Any better?”

“Eh, maybe a little bit. It’s still really stiff though.”

“Well…if you want I can try some stretches on it. I took that PT304 class last semester, and we spent a couple of weeks on shoulder injuries. Maybe it’s just tight. Turn around and I’ll try to work on it a bit.”

“Really? Yeah, that’d be really cool. Thanks man.” Joey would probably do a great job with that firm grip he had, just kneading and stroking those knots away…it’d be awesome. Greg twisted on the futon so he was sitting with his back to Joey, unconsciously adjusting his gym shorts a bit as he did so that his slightly-thickened cock could have a bit more room.

Joey raised his sore left shoulder over his head and began to gently stretch it at different angles, and Greg could feel some of the knots releasing. At the same time he was becoming increasingly aware of how close Joey’s body was to his–he could feel the body heat between them, and smell Joey’s fresh masculine scent. Greg was embarrassed to realize that he was getting a bit of a hard-on–nothing Joey could see from behind, but it was still a pretty awkward to have his dick decide to wake up right now after a week of doing nothing. Joey’s hands felt really good though, and he didn’t want to interrupt that.

Joey said “hang on,” and moved in to press up against him, putting his left arm in some sort of half-nelson-like hold. “You need to get your pec stretched out good before I can do anything else.” He reached his right arm around Greg’s body and then squeezed and stretched both together in some weird way that really did open up Greg’s pecs. Greg had a sudden sense of what it would be like to be pinned by Joey, to have those hard muscles pressing into him everywhere, dominating him completely as they rubbed against each other; his cock gave a sudden lurch upwards.

“Wow,” Joey said. Greg was still wrapped up in the stretch/grip and Joey’s head was right next to his right ear. “Your chest is, like, completely smooth.” As he said this he relaxed his grip and slid his arm from around Greg’s chest, palm and fingers trailing over Greg’s nipples as he did so.

“Um, yeah. I, uh, I’m training for a triathlon. I heard that, you know, shaving your body was supposed to make you faster. I figure I need all the help I can get, right?” Greg gave a weak laugh. Joey’s touch on his nipples had gone right to his cock, and he was having trouble thinking about anything else. He had to figure out how to hide his wood until it went down. That wouldn’t take that long, right? As long as Joey didn’t touch his hard nipples again, or slide his hand lower. God, how would that grip feel on his cock? Fucking sick, is how it would feel.

“Hey, every little bit helps. All right, your pecs are loosened up now and I can get to work on your shoulder for real. Why don’t you lie down on the bed and I can get you all taken care of?” Joey’s warm breath tickled slightly in Greg’s ear as he spoke, and Greg leaned his head slightly into the pleasurable sensation.

“Yeah, sounds good,” Greg said, voice slightly choked. He virtually leapt over the futon back to plunk face down on Joey’s bed, hunching over as he did so to keep the tent in his shorts less obvious. Or at least he hoped so. He breathed a sigh of relief as he flopped his head down on a pillow. He’d just hang out here while Joey worked on his shoulder for a few minutes, and then everything would be fine. Just as long as Joey kept to his shoulders–if that tight grip moved to his ass Greg didn’t know what he’d do. Especially if Joey started probing with those fingers, or touching–

Something cold dripped on his shoulder and he jumped. “Sorry about that bro,” said Joey. “This’ll work better with some lotion.” He chuckled. “Don’t think I’ve ever used this stuff for anything but jacking off before.”

Greg felt his face flush and his heart pound, cock suddenly throbbing at the thought of Joey naked, hands wrapped around that giant dick, stroking it in front of him as Greg leaned forward to take it in his mouth. By now nearly all of the little white pill, known to its creators as Batch SN4965, had been absorbed into his bloodstream and had begun its work, lowering his inhibitions, making his prostate more active, and enhancing his sensitivity to certain stimuli. At the same time it increased the pleasure threshold for an orgasm: no one who took the pill got off too soon. Greg knew nothing of this; all he was aware of was the iron bar his cock had become, and the sensation of warm moisture spreading from it into his waistband.

The bed shifted as Joey hopped up, straddling Greg’s ass. He leaned over to speak directly into Greg’s ear, and Greg again felt that muscular presence over him, dominating him. “I’m gonna need some leverage here to get those knots out–hope that’s okay bro.” All Greg could do was nod as Joey leaned back up to rest his weight on Greg’s buttocks, his fingers teasingly trailing down his back before they started to knead in earnest. As Joey’s arms worked up and down his weight shifted rhythmically, pressing Greg’s cock into the mattress. At first Greg tried to ignore it, but each time the motion caused his dick head to shift slightly, rubbing against the rough cloth of his boxers on one side, and the now-slick skin of his abdomen on the other. The slight, constant stimulation was driving him slowly nuts: too much to ignore, but not enough to get him off. He began to rock his hips slightly in time with Joey’s thrusts to get some extra motion, hoping it wasn’t too noticeable. As the massage went on it seemed like Joey was enjoying it too: Greg could feel a hard and growing lump pressing into his ass crack. He spread his legs slightly to give it more access.

Finally Joey climbed off, kneeling at his right side on the bed. “Okay dude, roll back over.”

A small part of Greg’s brain was still embarrassed at this whole turn of events, even as thoughts of Joey’s naked and hard body were rapidly taking over. “Um, dude, maybe I’ll just lie here a bit. I’m uh…”

Joey rubbed a hand along the back of Greg’s shorts, sliding a finger between his legs to rub his asshole through the fabric. “Hard?” he finished. A note of command entered his voice and he said “Roll over Greg. Now.” Face red, Greg obeyed, his shorts tenting up over his sticky cock. Looking to his left, he saw that Joey was just as hard as he was and staring at him intently.

“See Greg? It’s cool–I’m hard too. Go on, touch it.” In a daze Greg slid his hand under Joey’s waistband, working into his briefs to wrap around his erection. God the thing was big. And warm. And hard. Greg found himself stroking it slowly while Joey held his gaze, fascinated by how it felt the same but different from his own shaft. He felt Joey slide a hand into his shorts and start returning the favor, his muscular grip slowly stroking and twisting around his shaft and making his heart pound.

“Mmmmm…that feels real good Greg. You like how my cock feels?” Greg nodded, a barely whispered “yeah” coming out as he stared at Joey like a deer in the headlights. A very horny deer.

Finally, Joey thought. He’d sort of expected Greg to get right into this like Aaron and Dave had, but it was obvious the guy was a little more reserved than them. Well, they’d only known each other a few hours; Joey would show him how to have a good time. And he seemed to like taking direction–a good sign. He scooted down the bed, breaking Greg’s grip so he could get the redhead’s shorts off. Greg’s hairy cock snapped back against his belly with a wet smack as it pulled free of his boxers, and Joey took it in his hand as he knelt between Greg’s legs, stroking it firmly but slowly. Greg started pumping his hips again, and little spurts of cloudy pre-cum ran out of his piss slit as Joey worked him over. “Any of your buddies ever do this for you Greg?” Joey asked. Greg shook his head, face flushed “You like me doing this to you?”


“Yeah what? Tell me what you like.”

“Yeah, I like you stroking my cock.” Greg gave his hips a little extra pump into Joey’s hand as he said it. He’d never done anything remotely like this before: sex with girls had been pretty vanilla, with nothing crazier than a couple of different positions, and maybe a little oral. Having this muscle jock work him over while talking dirty to him, making him talk dirty back, was intense. Part of him was shocked, but a new part of him was loving the raunchy feeling, and loving how Joey was getting off on it too. He stared at him intently, wanting to see where Joey would take him.

“You remember my roommate Dave from our party? The big guy with shaggy dark brown hair?” Stroke. Stroke.

“Yeah, I think so.” Pump. Pump.

“Well he’s pretty hairy too.” Stroke. “You know what we do?” Stroke.

“No.” Pump. Greg remembered Dave pretty well–they’d chatted for a bit–and he suddenly pictured the big guy naked with Joey pumping his cock. He felt a jolt in his balls at the thought, and a large glob of pre-cum dripped from his cock. “What?”

“I like to help him shave his cock and balls, and when they’re all smooth” Squeeze. Pump. “I take them in my mouth and make him cum for me. Would you like me to do that to you Greg? Would you like to come for me?” Pump.

“Oh yeah. Yeah, that’s real hot. Make me shoot.” Greg hardly cared what the baby-faced jock did to him at this point: after a week without an orgasm the novel combination of dirty talk and slow stroking had him almost ready to pop. Anything Joey wanted was fine by him.

“I thought you’d like that idea. Wait here and don’t play with yourself.” Joey leered and hopped off the bed towards Dave’s bathroom on the other side of the apartment, his shiny cock head protruding above his waistband.

Two minutes later he was back, carrying a towel and a small plastic storage tub with Dave’s shaving gear in it. He set the tub on the bed and knelt between Greg’s legs again, sliding the towel under his crotch and ass. Grabbing a beard trimmer Joey set to work, and Greg instinctively spread his legs apart to give him room.

“That’s it, spread your legs like that. Show me what a slut you really are Greg.” There was a pause for a few minutes as Joey deftly trimmed Greg’s crotch, until finally his cock and balls stood bare above a neatly-trimmed bush. “See how much bigger your cock looks bro? Makes me want to suck it even more.” Joey licked his lips, then said “Be right back. Almost forgot something.” He ducked into his shared bathroom and returned a minute later with a damp washcloth. As he walked back to the bed Greg could see that Joey’s cock had stained a good inch of material around the top of his shorts, and he wondered when he could find out what it tasted like. He instinctively reached down and rubbed his now-smooth shaft, enjoying the new sensitivity.

Joey slapped his hand away. “Hey, not yet. I’m not done with you bro.” With that he squirted out some shaving cream and began applying it to his cock and balls while Greg looked down, fascinated and breathing heavily. Joey grinned. “You know, Dave usually gets pretty horned up around now too. Play with your nipples for me like he does.” As Greg complied Joey reached into his shorts’ pocket and pulled out a tube. He squirted a glob of greenish goo on his finger, using it to lightly smear the gel first on one nipple, then the other. “Clean it,” he ordered, sliding his finger into Greg’s mouth, and Greg closed his eyes as he obeyed, imagining something bigger sliding over his lips. Joey slowly slid his finger out when he was done, and then began to shave. It only took a few minutes, but by the time he was done it was clear the gel had started to work: Greg’s eyes had closed in pleasurable concentration as he pinched and rubbed his hard nubs, and his cock pulsed in time to his self-stimulation.

Joey took the damp washcloth and wiped the shaving cream off, then pulled the towel out from under Greg’s ass and tossed it on the floor. Watching Greg squirm and sigh as he worked had been incredibly hot, and he couldn’t stand being in his shorts any longer. He jumped up to kick them off, then knelt again between Greg’s knees. “Get on your hands and knees.”

“Wha–why?” Greg was confused. He’d been so ready to have Joey suck him off. What was going on? Surely Joey wasn’t going to?… With that huge thing?

Joey lunged forward faster than Greg would have thought possible, his face suddenly over Greg’s and their cocks lightly touching. Joey began to lightly thrust his hips forward, and Greg sucked in his breath at the tickling friction. “Because,” he said, “I still haven’t shaved your ass.” His hips lowered, still pumping, and Greg moaned faintly as the delicious rubbing increased. “And once I do I’m going to eat your ass out, and I want you to feel every–single–thing my tongue is doing to you.” Joey’s hips were fully pressed against Greg’s now, and Greg grabbed his ass to pull them tighter as their wet cocks slid against each other. Joey leaned in and ran his tongue up Greg’s neck to his ear, then into it, whispering “And after I’ve opened you up with my tongue, if you’re a good guy, I’ll slide this cock up your tight little ass. Do you think you’d like that brah?”

Greg let out a whimpering breath and squeezed Joe’s tight ass even harder. “Oh hell yeah. Do me Joey, do anything you want.”

Joey gave one last thrust, then pulled away, shaking. Fuck this was hot. This guy was a total sex pig, he just didn’t realize it yet. Breaking him in was going to be even hotter than when he took Dave’s cherry. He picked up the razor and shaving cream, eager to make Greg his.

Greg positioned himself on his hands and knees, startling a little bit as Joey knocked his knees further apart, then pressed his head down into the pillow so that his was ass was up in the air, spread wide. He wiggled it a little bit in anticipation, feeling a thrill at the slutty way he was acting, but then Joey was telling him to hold still so he could start shaving his crack. Greg contented himself with pinching a nipple, making little sounds of pleasure at the gentle friction his fingers created and the feel of the razor gliding around his hole.

Finally Joey was done, and he felt the damp cloth wiping the cream away, the rough fabric making his naked hole tingle as it grazed by. Greg waited, wondering what Joey would do next. He felt movement behind him, then hands on his ass cheeks, spreading them apart. A puff of breath on his damp asshole made it twitch from the sudden coolness, and he sucked in his breath. “Oh fuck yeah,” he heard Joey whisper, voice shaky, and then the pleasure began.

Greg had never done anything with his ass, or even thought about it, so he was completely unprepared for the sensation of Joey’s tongue tip tracing its way down his smooth crack to his asshole. A prolonged “Aaaaaaaah!” burst from his throat, and his hands clenched the sheets as Joey’s tongue traced relentless circles. “Oh God Joey, holy shit! Don’t stop! Holy shit that feels fucking awesome! Eat me! Oh God, deeper, Joey, deeper! Jesus Christ!” After that his cries became unintelligible as he pressed his face into the pillow, Joey’s tongue squirming deep in his ass and his hand slowly–far too slowly–jacking Greg’s cock. From time to time Joey would pull back and let his tongue wander across his taint, teasing his balls and then dropping down to lick the newest globs of precum from his cock head. The delicious torture continued for over twenty minutes before Joey relented, leaving Greg shaking, covered in sweat, and desperate for more.

But Joey was near his own limits, and after three weeks on his own he needed some relief. For one thing, he was hungry for the taste of jizz again. And he was ready to feel something besides his hand on his own meat. He swatted Greg’s ass lightly and said “Flip over buddy. Time for you to learn to suck some cock.” Greg obeyed with gratifying speed, and soon they were settled into a 69. Greg was grunting with enthusiasm as he worked his way around Joey’s knob, but it was clear he’d need some more training. Then again he couldn’t be too hard on the newbie: even Aaron still had trouble with his donkey dick occasionally, and he loved to suck cock more than anyone Joey had ever met. And the taste of Greg’s sticky shaft was worth it anyway: meaty and salty-sweet, with a rich taste that signaled Greg was getting close. Determined to milk some more of the rich pre-cum from Greg’s balls, Joey groped around until he found the tube of lube, and fumbled to get a good dollop on one finger as he kept up his sucking. Lube applied, he decided to give his new fuck buddy a little surprise, and slide his slimy finger up Greg’s ass in one smooth, relentless motion.

Greg decided he loved giving head. The pleasure he’d felt from Joey’s mouth on his ass was like nothing he’d ever experienced, but there was a special satisfaction in sucking cock. It tasted amazing for one thing, better than he’d thought, and he eagerly worked his tongue to coax more juice from Joey’s dick as best he could. And the warm masculine scent coming from Joey’s crotch was intoxicating in a way he’d never experienced with pussy. But more than that, there was something sexy about the feel of the fat head and shaft pumping into his mouth, hearing Joey’s grunts and knowing the pleasure he was giving him. Greg reached one hand up to twist a nipple as he worked Joey deeper into his mouth, and that was when the finger slid up his ass. The sudden jolt of pleasure took him completely by surprise, and he let out a muffled “Ooommmmpph!” as the extra stimulation pushed him over the edge. His cock exploded, a week’s worth of pent-up jizz blasting into Joey’s mouth, where it began leaking out and down his cheek to drip onto the bed spread. Four, five, then six blasts before Greg finally stopped and lay back, panting. “Oh shit. Sorry Joey, I just…wow. It’s been a while, you know? Guess I had a bigger load saved up than I thought. That was pretty intense.”

Crap, thought Joey. He’d managed to catch nearly all of Greg’s load in his mouth, and that was a welcome treat, but he’d been getting ready for some relief of his own. On the other hand, he noticed that Greg’s cock had hardly gone down at all, and was continuing to pulse in time with Joey’s probing finger. Maybe he wouldn’t have to wait too long after all. “It’s cool this time, just don’t do it again. Save it for when I tell ya.” He spun around and straddled Greg’s chest, his slick hard-on pointing at Greg’s mouth. “How about you work on my cock some more? You like that, don’t you brah?”

Greg looked up at him, nodding. “Yeah, your cock tastes really good Joey.”

Joey worked his way closer to Greg’s mouth, his knees pinning Greg’s arms above his head. “What else do you like about sucking my cock Greg?”

“Mmm. I love how it feels in my mouth. I love how it feels when I roll my tongue around your head.” Greg couldn’t believe he was doing this: he’d never said anything this filthy in his life before, not even in his jack-off fantasies, but the raunchy talk was an incredible turn on. His half-soft cock was quickly returning to a full hard-on, and had begun leaking clear fluid again as his arousal grew. “Let me suck your cock Joey. I wanna taste it again.”

Joey was happy to grant his wish. He scooted forward a bit more, then leaned against the headboard to give Greg a better angle. For the next few minutes he pumped into Greg’s mouth, offering occasional direction on how to service him better. Greg was enthusiastic, but he could only learn so fast, and it was clear that if Joey wanted to get off (something he was increasingly desperate to do), he’d need a different approach.

Greg was also ready for a change. The sensation of giving head was as great as ever, but Joey’s cock was a challenge to work with, and his jaw and lips were starting to get tired. In addition, over the last few minutes a warm itch was making itself felt in his ass where the lube’s chemicals were doing their work, combining with the pill to sensitize his tissues. Greg didn’t know any of the biochemistry involved, but he was increasingly aware of a need for more stimulation for his cock and especially his ass, and with his arms trapped over his head by Joey’s knees he was helpless to satisfy that need. He stopped his sucking and looked up. “Joey.”


“Will you–will you play with my ass some more? It’d be really hot.”

Joey grinned down at him. Finally! “Sure bro. You want my tongue again or,” he slid two fingers into Greg’s mouth, “something more?” His cock twitched in anticipation.

Greg moaned softly around the fingers as Joey slid them out. “Finger me again. I want your finger up my ass.” Greg couldn’t wait to see if it would feel as good the second time, but the itching in his ass had him hoping it would be even better.

And it was. Joey knelt between his spread legs and lightly teased the slick ridge of his cock head with one hand, while two fingers from his other circled and teased his hole. Greg moaned and hunched his hips, pushing them against Joey’s fingers, needing to feel them slide inside. God, how had he gotten so horny again right after coming? That question was forgotten as Joey gave him what he wanted, and began working over his hole in earnest, rubbing and stretching as Greg gasped and squirmed. “Oh God Joey, that feels so good in my ass. Don’t stop!”

As he loosened up the flow of precum from his cock became even greater, and Joey leaned forward to take just the tip in his mouth, relishing the flavor. He also took the opportunity to slide a third finger up Greg’s ass–it was time to wrap this up before he exploded. From the ease with which it went in, Greg was more than ready for the real thing, and Joey moved forward to press his cock head against Greg’s slick hole while he placed his ankles up on his shoulders. Greg sucked in his breath and shivered beneath him, clearly struggling to adjust as Joey began to press in. “Come on bro, take my cock. Show me you can take my fat dick up your ass. Show me how good it feels to have me breeding your hole. Take it like a man.” And with that his cock head made it past Greg’s ring, making them both gasp. Joey squeezed Greg’s ankles and held perfectly still as he tried to keep the feel of tight virgin ass from making him shoot too soon. When he came he wanted it to be balls-deep, Greg begging for more beneath him like Dave did, not a two-second misfire. Once he’d backed down from the edge he began working deeper into Greg’s hole, rocking gently to loosen him up as he penetrated further. As he did Greg’s pants of endurance became moans of pleasure. Sweat had popped out on his body, and Joey relished the smell of male arousal coming from him. He leaned forward, letting Greg’s ankles slide off his shoulders, and took a nipple in his mouth, biting it softly as he slid the rest of the way in.

Greg yelped at the unexpected mix of pain and pleasure. At first he’d been utterly focused on just trying to take Joey’s cock without getting split in two, but as the pressure and friction stimulated his newly-sensitized hole his efforts turned to getting Joey as deep inside him as he could manage. Wave after wave of pleasure was radiating from his engorged prostate, and he wondered if he would come without even touching himself. As Joey released his nipple Greg groaned. “God Joey, your cock feels so good inside me. It’s so fucking big, I want you to fuck me until I come. Make me come Joey, please make me come. Ride my ass Joey. I wanna spooge all over you.” And now Joey was lying on top of him, controlling him, his weight and hard muscles pressed into Greg’s body as they rubbed together, lubricated by sweat and Greg’s pre-cum. Each pump of Joey’s body ground against Greg’s sensitive nipples, sending bolts of pleasure to his balls. He moaned as Joey moved deeper and faster inside him, his ankles wrapped around Joey’s hips to pull him as deep as he could go. Greg pulled their faces together so they could share a deep kiss, Joey’s tongue penetrating his mouth as his cock pistoned into his ass, and then they came. Joey first, tensing and groaning “Oh God!” as his cock flooded Greg’s ass, and then Greg followed. Wet warmth spilled between their stomachs as he arched his hips in pleasure and stars shot across his vision.

Eventually their spasms subsided and Joey collapsed on top of Greg, head nestled on the larger man’s shoulder. He took in a deep breath of sweat and cum, and sighed happily. “God I needed that. That was fucking awesome dude.” Joey needed more than just one session to make up for almost a month without real sex, but this was a good start, to say the least.

Greg was still stunned from his orgasm, but he pulled himself together enough to say “Yeah, that was unbelievable. I had no idea…”

“That a cock up your ass could feel so good? Pretty cool, huh?”

“Yeah, your cock is amazing. You can do that again any time you want.” Greg couldn’t believe he was asking a guy–a guy!–he’d barely met to fuck him again soon, but he realized he loved the feel of Joey’s hard body lying on top of his, and wanted more. And it seemed Joey did too: his cock hadn’t really gotten that soft after he came, and consciously or not he was still slowly humping Greg’s hole. The stimulation was quickly waking that itch back up, and Greg squeezed his ass as Joey slid inside him to offer some subtle encouragement.

Joey leaned up on one elbow and ran a free finger through the pool of cum on Greg’s smooth stomach, cleaning it with his tongue before he dipped in for more. “Mmmm…Damn it’s good to taste someone else’s cum for a change. I wonder where I could get some more like this?” He rolled back on top of Greg and looked him straight in the eyes, grinning as he licked his fingers. “Any ideas Greg?” His slow thrusts had gotten deeper, and Greg’s eyes widened slightly as his head grazed Greg’s prostrate in earnest.

“Mmmmm…yeah. Maybe you could…mmmm…ride me with that big dick of yours until I came all over you again. And then….unhhhh….you could lick me clean aahhhh!” Joey had picked up the pace and Greg was again becoming distracted by what was happening to his ass.

“Yeah brah, that would be hot. I could just run my tongue all over you after you blasted your jizz and–whoah!” Greg’s finger took Joey’s ass completely by surprise. He’d been so focused on getting his dick what it needed that he’d forgotten the sort of things Aaron would do to him. He continued his pumping, but now he arched his back more to give Greg easier access to his hole. Grinning down at his new fuck buddy he said “You nasty little slut. You are one sneaky little fucker.”

Greg grinned back. “You want me to stop Joey? Is that okay?”

“Hell yeah. Work my hole you little bitch. Mmmm…yeah, like that. Mmmm…deeper, yeah. Finger bang me bitch. Mmmmhmmm…..”

Greg loved it. The angle was a little awkward to work Joey over like he wanted, but as his finger worked in deeper it made Joey’s cock pulse in a way that felt great. It was also spurring Joey on to thrust more enthusiastically, and the friction in his ass and against his cock was rapidly becoming more and more pleasurable. Joey growled and picked up the pace, battering Greg’s prostate even as Greg slipped another finger in his hole. They were both panting and whimpering as they locked gazes, each one silently urging the other on to orgasm.

Once again it was Joey who popped first as memories of Aaron (and sometimes Dave) taking him from behind pushed him over the edge, his second load leaking out onto Greg’s thighs. Nearly done, he leaned back on his knees. Greg’s fingers pulled out of his ass, but that didn’t matter any more. Instead he focused on bringing Greg to his third orgasm, long-dicking him as he stroked the redhead’s slick cock. Greg bucked in front of him, hands clenched in the sheets and head snapping back and forth as Joey got him off. He shot a smaller but still energetic load, white streaks painting the headboard and his chest before Joey could adjust his angle to catch the last drops on his tongue.

That seemed to have satisfied both of their dicks, at least for the time being, because they were going down for real now. Joey waited until his was mostly soft, and then slid wetly out of Greg’s ass, flopping on his back to lie beside him. He looked over and grinned, slapping his hand down on Greg’s thigh. “So buddy, what’re you doing for the rest of break?” One thing was for sure, neither one would be bored.

Part three here

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