Erotic story: Little white pills part 11

By Aaron Deepneau.

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The move had been going pretty well: Chris and Gabe’s furniture hadn’t shown up yet, but a lot of the other stuff had, and they at least had enough stuff unpacked to feel justified calling it a day. Just as well: it gave them a chance to wash up from the moving they’d already done (the kitchen table had been a bitch to get through the doors, although Gabe swore the living room couch was worse), and unwind with a few beers–at least they’d won the battle to get the living room furniture situated. While they drank they tried to decide who was going to get the big upstairs bedroom at the front of the house. Aaron had already laid claim to one of the smaller bedrooms that featured its own bathroom, and Derrick had kept his large room, but the newbies had been arguing all day over the big room. Dave wanted it for his weight set, Chris wanted it so he’d have room for his CrossFit routine, and Gabe wanted the view, even if the rent was higher.

After listening to the three jocks bicker good-naturedly for a half hour, Derrick finally spoke up. “All right you jackasses, listen up! Here’s what we’ll do. Since Brad–” he nodded at the hulking blond with the pony tail “–has been nice enough to stay over an extra day and help you goobs move in, we’ll let him decide. Since he’s moving out he’s got no skin in the game, so he can be the judge. Sound good?”

Chris nodded first, always eager to avoid a conflict, and Dave and Gabe followed suit. They were all competitive jocks, but no one wanted to start the year off by pissing off their new roommates.

“So who’s it gonna be Brad?” Always cocky, Gabe looked at the older guy with a lazy grin splitting his brown face.

“A contest. Multiple rounds, my rules. Winner gets the room.”

“How many rounds?” Gabe, sniffing for loopholes.

“As many as I say, so don’t piss me off amigo.” Brad grinned. He’d been around Aaron enough to know how to handle a smartass. “First round: shotgunning. First one to down his beer and a shot gets three points. Two for second, one for last. Aaron, get these guys some beers and that rum.”

Aaron brushed his long blond hair out of his eyes. He’d probably cut it shorter once wrestling began in earnest, but for now he liked having his bangs back. “Is that rum in the box in Derrick’s room still?”

“Yep, that’s the stuff. You know the bottle.”

Aaron’s eyes sparkled. “Oh yes I do. Be right back boss man.” He sketched a salute and sauntered off, returning shortly after with some beer cans and three brimming shot glasses that he set down on the table.

“You getting’ all hot and horny thinking about us doing those shots Aaron?” Gabe pointed at the obvious bulge along the leg of Aaron’s gym shorts.

“Hot and horny thinkin’ about you suckin’ my dick, buddy.” Aaron grinned and pulled the screwdriver out of his pocket handing it to the stocky Hispanic. “Here. Why don’t you get those beer cans set up for some shotgunning, smartass?”

When Gabe was done he passed out the cans, and the three of them leaned over the coffee table in preparation. It was a tight fit on the couch with Dave’s big frame, but they made room. “Freakin’ Viking,” Gabe grumbled.

Dave pulled a Hulk pose, bellowing “I will destroooy you!” in his finest Ahnold accent.

“All right guys, get ready. And I just paid to have that freakin’ carpet cleaned. You spill on it or puke, and you’re disqualified. Ready? Set, go!!”

Seconds later it was over, Gabe edging out Big Dave by a heartbeat, with a spluttering Chris a distant third. Face red, he finished his shot to the hoots of the other guys’ laughter. “Sorry guys, I’ve just never done that before.”

Aaron’s eyes went wide. “Seriously dude? You’re a junior and you never shotgunned a beer?”

Still coughing, Chris could only shake his head.

Gabe slapped him on the back and gave his muscular shoulder a friendly squeeze. “Don’t sweat it man–it’s all good. Now you can say you did it. What’s next Bradley?”

Brad looked thoughtful for a second. “Something Chris will like better I bet. Pushups. I’ll count cadence; last one to drop gets three points, like with the shots. And no puking on the rug.” At the look on the guys’ faces he relented a bit. “We can chill for a few minutes so the beers can settle. Derrick, wanna grab some brews for the spectators?”

The guys shot the breeze for a few minutes, until Derrick caught Brad’s attention. Shooting a look towards Dave, he mimed wiping his forehead. Sure enough, the huge blond was starting to look a little flushed. Chris too, although it could’ve just been the shotgunned beer. But Brad was willing to bet the shots were starting to kick in. Time to get things moving.

“Okay guys, let’s see you do some pushups! Down you go!” After some token groaning all three were steadily moving up and down to Brad’s calls, oblivious to the way the others were eyeing their physiques. Chris clearly had the best definition–every muscle popped as his shoulders and chest flexed, and Brad’s cock thickened as he contemplated the tight ass bobbing up and down. Derrick was clearly fixated on Dave’s bigger body and bulky ass, and he grinned at Aaron as he pointed to it and then made humping motions. Aaron made a “be my guest” gesture and shrugged. It wasn’t like Gabe wasn’t easy on the eyes: he was almost as buff as Chris, and Aaron was already imagining grabbing a hold of that thick black hair and steering Gabe around his crotch.

Dave was the first to give up. Face red and panting he flopped over onto his back. “I fucking hate pushups.” He rolled onto his side to watch the other two press on, although it was clear that neither Gabe nor Chris were going to last much longer. As his gaze lingered over their bodies he absentmindedly adjusted his shorts and gave himself a little squeeze; Aaron and Derrick exchanged a look.

“87…88…Oooh! And Gabe you are out!” Brad cried.

Chris collapsed a rep later, then rolled over to face Gabe. “In your face Gabe!”

Gabe looked up, then rolled onto his back. “Lucky punk. You just do a lot of pushups–you know I’m in better shape than you man.”

“Please, I could kick your ass any which way.” Chris seemed to be pretty quiet about most things, but apparently not when it came to athletics.

“Well let’s find out, shall we ladies?” boomed Brad, standing over them like a drill Sargent. “Next round is situps–get on your backs and we’ll hold your ankles.”

“Christ, this is like a fucking football tryout you guys–you know we’re moving more furniture tomorrow, right?” Dave slowly sat up and twisted around so Derrick could grab his ankles, but not before giving himself another squeeze. It lasted longer this time, and Derrick could see the early signs of a chubby forming up. His cock gave a twitch of anticipation.

“All right, let’s do this. But no more workout shit Brad.” Gabe was staring up the leg of Brad’s gym shorts as he spoke and his grumbling sounded a bit distracted, possibly due to Brad’s lack of underwear. He shook his head after a second and spun around between Chris and Dave, letting Aaron grab his ankles while Brad moved to hold Chris’s feet down.

Brad grinned over at Aaron and Derrick. “All right, last phys ed routine, I promise. Ready, set, go! One…two…three…four….”

This was a more even contest–or maybe the other two were just more determined not to let Chris win–but eventually they all started to slow down. In the end it was a close call. Despite his bravado Gabe gave out first, but Dave only made two more reps before he collapsed, leaving Chris the winner again. He was too tired to give Gabe a hard time this round.

“So what’s next for these gentlemen, Brad?” Aaron asked.

“Hmmm…not sure yet. Derrick, why don’t you hand out some brews while I think of something.”

Derrick handed out beers all around while the guys recovered. He noticed Dave’s big hand creep towards his crotch again, then stop–finally registering what he’d been doing unconsciously. Chris didn’t seem so aware though, as his thumb idly moved up and down over his shorts. After a minute he shook himself and pulled his hand away guiltily, then stood up. “Man, it’s hot in here after a workout. I need to cool off.” He pulled off his shirt, revealing an almost-hairless chest with a faint black treasure trail over a picture-perfect eight-pack. The other five stared.

“Shit dude,” said Brad, “you majoring in modeling or something? Those are some sick abs. Way better than mine.” He pulled off his own shirt. “See? And I work out all the freakin’ time. I think he’s even got you beat, Aaron–let’s see.”

Aaron worked his tight tee shirt off, flexing and squirming more than was strictly necessary to get out of it. When he finished he saw Chris standing there biting his lip and staring; the bulge in his shorts had gotten bigger. Dave’s hand was back on his crotch, not moving so discreetly now, but he didn’t seem to care. “Shit,” breathed Gabe, “I’m hot. Gotta get out of this tee shirt.” He stood up and pulled off the shirt, revealing a smooth, well-defined chest nicely pumped from the recent pushups. With the long tee shirt off, the semi-soft outline of his shaft was now visible in the leg of his shorts. He looked down, suddenly aware that everyone could see his state, and gave a nervous laugh. “Fuck, didn’t know moving would make me this horny. Oops.” The room had gotten quiet as all the other guys stared at him, the sexual tension unmistakable.

“All right…” said Brad slowly, “I’ve got my next contest. Biggest dick.”

Dave looked up from the floor. “Soft or hard?”

“Which do you want?”

“Hard.” Dave looked Derrick in the eye as he said it, and groped himself with one big hand.

“Hard is good. Looks like Chris and Gabe think so too, right guys?” No question, their shorts were tenting up rapidly.

Dave grinned and stood up, and the other two swore even as they stared. He looked to be only half-hard in his shorts, and the bulge was already enormous. Maybe even as big as Joey, Aaron estimated. His asshole twitched.

“Oh come on man,” Gabe whined. “There’s no way we can compete with that thing. Come on Brad!”

Chris broke his fascinated gaze long enough to look over at Brad as well. “Yeah, that’s kinda…ridiculous. Give us a break.”

“Okay, okay, fair enough. We’ll have two contests. One for length, and one for girth. Good enough?” Both guys nodded, back to staring at Dave as he pulled off his shirt. He was hairier than the other two (which wasn’t saying much), although the blond fur wasn’t very visible. It certainly didn’t hide the astrological sign tattooed over one pec, or his firm pink nipples. Or the way his forearm flexed as he rubbed the growing tent in his shorts. Chris watched, hypnotized.

Derrick stood up to join the rest of the group, a shoelace in one hand. His own shorts were bulging as he stepped close enough to Dave to feel his body heat. He lifted Dave’s big paw away from his shorts, then pressed it against the Viking’s stomach and slowly slid both their hands down under the waistband until their fingers were deep in his wiry pubes. He looked Dave dead in the eye as he said “Why don’t you show me how hard you can get? Then I’ll measure you.” He slid his hand out, brushing the back against the hardening shaft as he did.

“Oh shit,” Gabe breathed. He slid his shorts down and his cock popped out, revealing an uncut head barely covered by his foreskin. It was a healthy length, if not exceptional, but fat. Really fat, thought Aaron. His asshole twitched again, and he slid a hand into his shorts to start playing with himself. Gabe looked over and started stroking slowly to match him.

Chris stared at them all, frozen except for where his thumb was back to rubbing his hardening shaft. His face was a mix of fascination, lust, and shock, as though he couldn’t decide whether to join in or bolt from the room. Seeing his indecision Brad stepped up behind him and pressed their bare torsos together in a bear hug. “It’s cool bro, you can join in. Why don’t you make sure you’ve maxed out your dick when it’s time to get measured?”

He put his right hand over Chris’s smaller one, then moved it to wrap around the bulge in the black-haired youth’s shorts. Chris tensed up a bit as Brad started their hands moving slowly up and down but didn’t pull away, even when Brad pressed his hard-on into the crack of his ass. “Dave, why don’t you show Derrick what you’ve got so he can take a measurement?” Chris sucked in his breath as Dave slid his shorts off to reveal a long rosy shaft, rising up a good 8″ from a thick blond bush, and Brad gave him an extra squeeze of encouragement as they continued their joint stroking.

“Nice one big guy. Let’s measure it.” Derrick stepped close and laid a length of shoelace along the shaft, teasing it with light strokes as he “struggled” to get the measurement done just right. By the time he finished Dave’s breathing had picked up, and a clear droplet had appeared at the end of his circumcised glans. Derrick held up the lace, his thumb pinching it at the length measurement. “Okay, who’s next.”

“Shit, I can’t beat that.” Gabe breathed.

“I wouldn’t mind trying,” Aaron joked. “But hey, there’s still second place.” He took the lace from Derrick and approached Gabe. “Let’s see how big you are.”

Gabe gave him a cocky look. “How ’bout you show me how big you are first?”

“Well, technically I’m not in the contest, but I guess it’s only fair….” Aaron turned his back to Gabe and gyrated his hips as he slid the shorts off in a strip tease, then stepped out of them and turned back around grinning, while Gabe stood mesmerized as he played with himself. “Time to get measured amigo.”

By the time he’d finished Gabe was panting and his cock head was glistening from where Aaron had smeared pre-cum all over the head. “Hold that thought Gabe–one more to do.” Aaron lightly tickled the shorter student’s smooth balls, then turned to Chris. “Don’t be shy little buddy–show us what you’ve got.”

Chris was almost the only one left with any clothes on. Derrick had shed his shorts, and appeared to be making the girth measurement on Dave with his other shoelace. Or possibly giving him a slow handjob. Or both. And Brad had worked his cock free so that the bare shaft was rubbing against the back of Chris’s now-stained shorts. He backed off so he could slide his hands under Chris’s waistband. “Let me help you out bud.” His hands worked down, taking the shorts with them, until Chris’s flushed hard-on finally popped free, and then Brad worked his own shorts off.

He could feel the smaller man’s muscular body trembling slightly as he pressed their bodies together again, Chris subtly arching his back and pressing his ass more firmly into Brad’s crotch. Brad gave a low “mmmm” of approval and flexed his hips slightly, letting them both enjoy the sensation of his shaft sliding along Chris’s ass crack.

Aaron reached out a warm hand to sensuously stroke Chris a few times. “That’s a nice one Chris. Let’s see how you measure up.” He laid the shoelace along it. “Well you’re not in Dave’s league, but you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. You beat Gabe anyway. What are you, 7 inches?”

Chris cleared his throat. “Yeah,” he said hoarsely, “something like that I think.” Dave’s humping had increased slightly, and it was obvious that it was affecting Chris’s concentration. Or it might have been Aaron’s finger lightly smearing precum over his cut head.

Derrick walked up, holding his own shoe string. “Well I think we can say that Gabe wins on girth, and I’ve got Dave measured. Let’s see how you stack up Chris. Move your hand Aaron.” Derrick wanted to wrap this up: Dave was primed and ready to go, and the contest was delaying things at this point. He quickly made his comparison as Dave and Gabe peered on. “Sorry Chris, Dave edged you out a bit; guess you’ll have to take third.” He grinned and gave a couple of short strokes, making Chris suck in his breath. “Nice junk though.”

“All right guys,” said Brad, “I think that actually leaves you in a tie.” He wasn’t completely sure if that was true, but like Derrick he was ready to get on to some fucking. “So we’ll have one final round to decide who gets the front room. I’ll assign you a partner, and you do what he says. The last one to cum wins. Dave, you’re with Derrick, and Gabe, you’re with Aaron. Chris, you’re with me. Any objections?”

“Hell no,” said Gabe. He grinned and sketched a salute at Aaron. “Awaiting orders, sir.”

Aaron pushed him back to the couch. “Sit right there, mister. You guys wait–I’ll be right back.” He sprinted out of the room up the stairs and was back a minute later, hard-on bobbing and carrying a shoe box.

Derrick’s chiseled features split into a grin when he saw it. “Aww yeah,” he said, reaching in, “we’re gonna have some fun with this, Dave.” He pulled out a long blue rubber dildo and began rubbing the tip lightly over Dave’s chest, then up to his face and around his lips. Dave didn’t say a word, just wrapped his hand around it and slid it into his mouth as far as he could, staring Derrick right in the eye the whole time. Chris and Gabe watched silently as they stroked their cocks, while Aaron and Brad rooted through the shoebox, conferring briefly in whispers.

Brad walked back over to where Chris stood, and nodded at Dave’s show. “Fuckin’ hot, huh?”

Chris glanced at him. “Yeah,” he nodded.

Brad pressed against his side and growled in his ear. “You like jacking it while you watch those hot guys?” Chris nodded. “Yeah, you look hot too, stroking your dick like that. Keep playin’ with yourself and I’ll show you something else you’ll like.” His right hand slid down to the bottom of Chris’s ass, fingers skillfully parting the lightly-furred crack, and then Chris twitched as the middle finger pressed a blob of cool lube against his warm naked pucker and began smearing it around. The pressure increased, and when the first knuckle popped through Chris gasped and closed his eyes. Brad nipped his earlobe and pressed in further, waiting for the green goo to do its job as Chris squirmed and his cock began dripping in earnest.

Gabe thrust his chin at Chris and Brad, then looked at Aaron. “So, you gonna finger-bang me too?”

Aaron knelt between his legs, holding the shoebox. “Something like that.” He pulled out a an opened white tube labelled “LUBRICANT,” and then a black rubber butt plug. Gabe’s eyes widened at the sight as Aaron began generously coating it with the greenish lube. “Spread your legs buddy. Let me see that hole.”

“Shit…” Gabe breathed, but obliged, spreading his knees and resting his feet on Aaron’s broad shoulders. Below his black bush he was nearly hairless, and Aaron had a clear view of his hole surrounded by a few hairs.

“Don’t worry man,” Aaron said “you’ll like it I promise.” With that he pressed one lubed finger firmly against Gabe’s pucker, where it sank in surprisingly easily. Gabe’s cock spasmed and he arched his back instinctively, gasping. “See? Let’s try this.” He eased his finger out and pressed the head of the plug against the loosened sphincter, stretching it in earnest. Gabe watched Aaron with a glazed look, panting as he was opened up. Occasionally he’d let out a small yelp and Aaron would back off, but the progress was steady. His cock was an iron bar aching for release now, but every time he moved to touch himself Aaron would knock his hand away.

With the plug most of the way in, Aaron couldn’t wait any longer. The heady smell of pubes and pre-cum left him dizzy, and he couldn’t resist the dripping head inches from his mouth any longer. Continuing to work the toy into Gabe’s ass, he leaned forward and took the fat pole into his mouth, tongue swirling around the head and under the foreskin to collect all the nectar he could.

They moaned in tandem as the plug worked its way in, each millimeter of penetration milking fresh juice for Aaron to enjoy. Gabe’s hands were tangled in his hair, pulling him until his lips were buried in the pubes at the base of his shaft. Gabe let out a strangled cry. “Oh Jesus Aaron! Aah!”

Shortly after that the widest part of the plug made past Gabe’s ring, and the toy settled firmly into place. Aaron released Gabe from his mouth and sat back, wiping his mouth and grinning. “Told you you’d like it.”

Panting slightly Gabe nodded. “Yeah, I know, it feels real good. It’s just that it’s been a while.”

Aaron cocked an eyebrow. “Oh really?…”

Gabe nodded. “Yeah. In high school my senior year, my buddy Paul started dating this chick. I guess she thought I was hot, ‘coz she told him she wanted to do a three-way with the two of us.”

Aaron nodded, then started applying some lube to Gabe’s fat shaft. He was ready to enjoy his own butt plug. “So what did you guys do?”

“We mostly fucked her, but then she told us she wanted to see us 69, so we did, and then we just sorta got into it, and took turns fucking each other.”

“So you liked it?” Aaron stood up and slicked up his own cock with some lube, where it mixed with the juice dribbling down his shaft.

“Yeah, it was pretty hot. We did it a couple more times when we were bored and super horny, but it was never anything serious. It wasn’t as hot as this though.”

Aaron had climbed up on the couch, where he knelt straddling Gabe’s body. He put one hand behind Gabe’s head, pulling it towards his erection, where another drop of fluid was already sliding down the shaft. “Show me how hot you think this is.” Gabe opened his mouth and took Aaron in.

Behind them Brad half-watched, but his focus was on his recruit. He had two fingers well inside Chris’s ass that were loosening him up nicely. The jock had become increasingly responsive as the lube began working and now stood there with his eyes closed and mouth hanging slightly open, pushing his ass backwards in time to meet Brad’s penetration. Occasionally he’d let out a small moan as Brad’s digits hit him just right.

Finally Brad decided Chris was ready for something new. He slid his fingers out and pressed down on Chris’s shoulder. “Get down on your hands and knees man.” Chris didn’t hesitate, just did as he was told, instinctively spreading his knees for continued easy access to his hungry hole. “Fuckin’ nice,” Brad muttered as he got down behind him. He was more than ready to pop Chris’s cherry, but decided to give him one last treat first. His hands grabbed hold of the tight pale ass cheeks, spreading them apart, but instead of cock it was a slick tongue that speared into the waiting hole.

Chris let out a startled cry that rose into a loud “Aaaaahhhgaaaaahd!” and his chest collapsed onto the carpet, where his hands began clawing in ecstasy. Satisfied with the effect he was having Brad dove in in earnest; it wouldn’t be long now before he’d have Chris begging to get fucked.

Derrick watched the other guys’ activity through slitted eyes as he stood there, pumping his cock into Dave’s mouth. Occasionally he’d pull the blond’s head away and direct him down to work on his balls, which Dave did with enthusiasm. It was pretty clear the big guy had never sucked cock before, but he was an eager learner and Derrick was more than happy to teach him.

He could feel he was starting to get a bit too close to the edge though, and decided it was time for a little break. Plus, it wasn’t just the big muscle jock’s mouth he’d planned on breaking in. Dave looked up at him expectantly as the cock slid from his mouth, a strand of saliva running down his chin. “You feel great man, really good. But I need to take a break.” He reached down and picked the blue dildo up, tapping it against Dave’s lips. “And I’ve got some other ideas for you.”

Dave looked up at him, tongue running around the toy’s tip. “Yeah? Like what?”

“Get on your hands and knees and you’ll find out.” Dave’s eyes widened briefly, but he obeyed without a word, positioning himself so he could watch what was happening to Gabe on the couch and Chris to his right. Derrick saw him take in a sudden breath when he pressed the now-lubed blue head into his furry crack, and then another when it lined up on his pucker and began grinding in circles. He could feel from the resistance that Dave had almost certainly never put anything in his hole, but that was fine: he wanted to take his time breaking in this piece of ass. Aaron had showed him how good it could be, and he wanted Dave to be an enthusiastic believer in getting fucked. Often.

Slowly but surely the blue tube began working into the virgin hole. The smooth tip went in, and then the first of the ribs. Dave gave a surprised little yip as it slid past his ring but his hips pushed back for more, and when Derrick slid a hand along Dave’s hairy shaft, he found it rock hard and slick with juice. He began a light stroking, slowly teasing the glans and piss hole with his fingers, and Dave moaned, impaling himself further.

Dave wasn’t alone in enjoying his penetration. As Brad had expected his tongue had pushed Chris past some internal tipping point, and he’d finally groaned the words Brad had waited for: “Do me Brad. Fuck me.” A short time later his wish was granted, as Brad slid balls-deep up his ass in one thrust and began humping.

Aaron was ahead of them both. He’d let Gabe suckle on his cock for a couple of minutes, but that was all he could take before he needed to take care of his hole. He’d pulled out and positioned his ass over Gabe’s fat head, then slid down the lubed shaft in one delicious motion; they’d both groaned at the sensation. “Christ,” Gabe panted as Aaron bottomed out, “you’re not gonna let me win this contest are you?”

Aaron looked down on him with hooded eyes, rocking on Gabe’s hips to get as deep as he could as well as getting the butt plug moving in Gabe’s hole. “You want me to stop?”

“Fuck no. I just thought–” Gabe panted as Aaron started riding him, “–I thought I’d suck you off first. Jesus you’ve got a tight ass!”

“You like that dick juice, huh?” Aaron was breathing deeply, trying not to get off too fast. It’d be hotter if he and Gabe could come together.

“Yeah, you taste so good.”

“You want some more of my spunk?” Aaron gave himself a squeeze and a cloudy glob appeared at his piss slit–damn, he was close. He wiped it up with his thumb and slid it into Gabe’s mouth.

“Mmhmm.” Gabe licked him clean, reluctant to let Aaron pull his digit out until he got it cleaned off. “I’ll take your jizz anytime you want man.”

Aaron leaned forward to put his hands on Gabe’s shoulders, his wet cock bouncing between them as he rode up and down. “Jack me off and you can have all you want bro.” Behind them they heard a shout and then the frantic sounds of orgasm. Aaron looked over his shoulder to see Chris on his back, arms and legs wrapped around Brad and spasming as he came. He looked back at Gabe. “Well shit, at least you won’t take last place. Fuck I’m close. Finish me off man!”

Gabe wrapped his hand around Aaron’s meaty cock, still slick with a mix of lube, spit, and precum, and started jacking. A dozen strokes later Aaron stiffened and let out a loud groan, ropes of white goo flying everywhere to drip down Gabe’s brown skin. Unable to resist the sight and smell, Gabe greedily licked the load he’d caught in his hand. The taste sent lightning bolts through him, and as Aaron’s spasming ass clenched around his cock he let out a shout and exploded, blasting jet after jet into the wrestler’s eager hole. The sensation triggered more aftershocks, and smaller globs of semen squirted out of Aaron’s prick as Gabe continued to massage him, switching hands to lick them clean in turn. “Mmmpphh…fucking awesome,” he muttered.

With a shiver Aaron pushed Gabe’s hand off his now-sensitive dick head, then leaned in to kiss him, tongue pressing in to taste his own juice while his hands slid through Gabe’s thick wavy hair. When he finally pulled back Gabe smiled up at him. “You’re a good kisser man. Even better than my girlfriend.”

“Thanks man, I try.” Aaron winked, then gave a satisfied grunt as he lifted off Gabe’s fat shaft. Damn that thing had stretched him open. “Let’s join the rest of the party, huh?” He stood up and gave Gabe a helping hand off the couch, then looked around. Brad and Chris lay side-by-side on the floor, breathing heavily and clearly spent for the time being. Both their stomachs were slick with juice where Chris’s load had shot between their bodies, and Aaron licked his lips at the sight.

He got on his hands and knees over Chris’s torso and began lapping at his abs, following the trail of nectar down towards the jock’s furry crotch. Chris twitched a little at the first touch but otherwise lay quietly with his eyes still closed. Aaron wondered if he was going to have to do all the work, but a minute later he felt warm lips tentatively wrap around his jizz and lube-slicked semihard cock. He happily returned the favor, and the two of them began a slow 69, cocks returning to life as lips and tongues did their work.

Dave meantime had somehow still not come. His body was trembling and coated in sweat, and grunts and whimpers were coming from him almost continuously now as Derrick continued to slowly work the blue dildo in and out, while teasing his balls and his shaft with the other hand. “Congrats Dave,” he said, “you won the front bedroom. Should I fuck you now, or maybe keep this up for a while longer? Say, another half hour?” His index finger slowly traced a path from piss slit down to balls as the dildo’s ribbed surface began sliding into the huge blond’s ass once again.

“Oh Jesus!” Dave almost spat the words out through gritted teeth as he dropped to his elbows. “Fuckin’ do it man! Just fuck me already.” His thighs quivered as he spread his knees further apart, inviting Derrick to mount him.

“Yeah,” Derrick breathed, “absolutely.” He pulled the dildo out out, then grabbed the tube of lubricant to coat his erection with a layer of green goo. “Here it comes big guy. You sure you’re ready?” Hips in position, he teased Dave’s furry crack for a few seconds until the bottom took the hint and reached back, spreading his ass cheeks apart until his naked pink hole showed clearly, twitching with excitement. Derrick couldn’t take this any longer and pressed in, sinking smoothly through the loosened ring while Dave let out a long sigh of contentment beneath him.

Derrick let out his own groan: he loved popping a bottom’s cherry, and Dave was a prize catch. As he bottomed out, pubes pressed against Dave’s ass, he thought to look around the living room a bit. Aaron’s blond head was buried in Chris’s crotch, and they both seemed to be intent on their 69–although the way Brad was positioning himself it looked like Aaron was going to have more to think about than just the cock in his mouth pretty soon. In the mean time Gabe was sitting back on the couch, slowly stroking that fat cock of his; Derrick could see he still had the butt plug in place. “I bet Dave here would let you suck his dick if you wanted to Gabe. Right Dave?” Derrick started working in and out of the warm hole below him.

Dave’s reply was a hoarse whisper. “Fuck yeah. Suck me man.” And then his head dropped back down with a groan as the sensations in his prostate overwhelmed him.

Gabe gave a lazy smile and stood up. “Sounds good to me.” He got on his back next to them and wormed his way under Dave’s body, until his mouth replaced Derrick’s hand around the humongous shaft. Dave groaned louder at the new stimulation and pivoted himself over Gabe’s groin, then dove in like a starving man desperate for any protein he could find.

Derrick looked over to see Brad pounding away at Aaron’s hole, the wrestler taking it like a champ. Brad’s hair had pulled loose from his ponytail, and he looked sexy as hell as muscles flexed, face reddening with effort. Derrick gave his friend a thumbs-up, then picked up his own pace, relishing the feel of muscular ass clamped around his cock. He bore down and started jackrabbiting in earnest, determined to remind Dave who was boss.

Dave didn’t seem to mind at all; if anything he was making more noise as he gobbled on Gabe’s cock, and his ass was pushing back in time to Derrick’s thrusts. The smell of fresh sweat filled the room, along with muffled grunts and other noises, as they all neared their orgasms. Not surprisingly Dave was the first to pop, his heavy balls finally able to unleash into Gabe’s welcoming mouth. The feel of his ass twitching was enough to push Derrick over the edge and he unleashed moments later, panting and cursing. As the two of them came down off their high Dave was able to focus again on the fat cock in front of him; it had fallen out as the sensations in his ass overwhelmed him. He wrapped his hand around the rock-hard shaft and started stroking until Gabe bucked and spasmed, the first jets making it onto Dave’s face and even his hair while later ones coated Dave’s fist and dribbled down into his pubes. Still in a daze, Dave instinctively lowered his head to lap up the salty goo where he could find it.

The other three had gotten off at about the same time, and after a few more minutes of recovery they all broke apart to lie on the floor. Chris had closed his eyes, but Gabe and Aaron shared a grin. Derrick gave Dave a friendly swat on the ass, then looked around. “Well guys, anyone against starting the move a little late tomorrow?” No one was.
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