Erotic story: Little white pills part 10

By Aaron Deepneau.

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“So whadya think?” Derrick asked.

“I think your cock feels great man. I love jackin’ you off.”

“Mmmm…yeah, that feels awesome man. Keep strokin’ me just like that. I meant about our roommate situation.”

After a chat with Joey and Dave it was clear Aaron was going to need new roommates, and since he and Derrick had been clicking so well he decided to move into the grad student’s house. So last week they’d held a recruiting party to see who they’d get for the empty bedrooms. Derrick had kept his bedroom and Aaron had claimed one, but that still left three to fill if they wanted to keep the rent reasonable. With a good location near campus they’d gotten lots of interest, so they’d hosted a kegger to check out their potential housemates. What the guys at the party didn’t know was that in addition to the beers they’d also been served up a chemical from the Ollo Pharmaceuticals labs that Derrick had gotten: it was supposed to indicate how…receptive they’d be to some guy-on-guy action under the right influence. Five guys hadn’t noticed the test drug’s flavor, which meant they were candidates. Ollo was willing to provide some “dick pills” (in experimental liquid form) in exchange for research notes, so now they were down to picking their three favorites.

“Oh, that.” Aaron pulled back from where he’d been licking Derrick’s neck, and slowed his hand’s motion on the stocky jock’s shaft—but didn’t stop completely. “I thought we could talk about it…after. You still wanna get a few more guys in the Program?” He looked up questioningly through his blond bangs–he was growing his hair out again during the summer break.

“Hell yeah.” Derrick leaned back a bit to look Aaron in the face while they sat on the couch, stroking each other. “I thought you’d want more of this, now that Joey and Dave are gone? Don’t you want more cock to suck?…” He rubbed his thumb over Aaron’s cut head, making the blond stiffen and suck in his breath. He leaned back in, but Aaron backed away slightly. “What?”

“I dunno…I mean, it’d be super hot, but…we took those pills by accident, and you signed up for ’em, but these guys…it’d be like we roofied ’em or something.” Aaron stopped working his hand, distracted.

Derrick sighed. “Look man, nobody does anything they don’t want to, right? I mean, are you really telling me you’re not looking forward to sucking my dick right now?”

“Well, no….”

“And you’ve fucked some girls since then, right? You said you banged your ex over Christmas.”

“Yeah, but…”

“But nothing. You could get a girlfriend if you wanted, right? Fuck her brains out anytime?”

“Yeah. But…I probably won’t now.”

“Because you like dick better, right?” Aaron nodded. “You like me doing this to you,” Derrick smeared his thumb over Aaron’s glans again. Its coating of precum had made it extra-sensitive, and Aaron gasped a little. “Yeah,” Derrick’s eyes narrowed, “you know you do, don’t bullshit me. And you don’t want me to stop, right?” He started stroking again and Aaron shook his head, automatically matching Derrick’s moves on the buzzed blond’s cock. Derrick grunted in appreciation and flexed his hips. “See, we both like it. So all that’s happened is, we found something we like more. We can do whatever we want, but fucking dudes gets us off too.” He pulled Aaron’s head to his. “And better…” he added in a low voice, licking behind an ear; Aaron sucked in his breath.

“Yeah…yeah I guess….” Aaron breathed.

“Look at Joey and Dave man–you think they’d be moving in together if they were just roofied? They’ve got a real thing going on. Just coz it’s with each other instead of a couple of chicks doesn’t mean they’re not happy, right?”

“Yeah, true.” Aaron was getting back into it, stroking Derrick with more enthusiasm again.

“Tell you what: let’s ask our guest of honor. My money says he’s happy with the D.” Derrick gave Aaron a solid squeeze, and felt the wrestler’s shaft flex automatically. “Like you.” He flexed his own dick, thrusting against Aaron’s palm. “And me.” He nibbled on Aaron’s earlobe. “Let’s get naked.”

“Yeah,” Aaron breathed, “okay.”

In seconds they were out of their clothes. Derrick darted into the bathroom Aaron shared with Joey, rooting around for minute, then returned. “Let’s see how our little experiment goes. Wanna make a bet on what he says?”

Aaron shook his head. Even if the dick pills had led his life down a weird path he’d never anticipated, Derrick was right. Staring at the aroused stud in front of him Aaron knew what he wanted, even if it wasn’t part of his plan a year ago. He had a feeling he wasn’t the only one.

Derrick gestured to the doorway. “After you, stud.”

They headed to Dave’s bedroom. Most of his things were already gone; the movers were coming to pick up the bed and the furniture on Monday, taking it to his and Joey’s new place. The bed was occupied though: Greg lay there trussed like a turkey. His wrists were secured by padded cuffs to the headboard, and Derrick had tied his ankles up as well, spreading his legs apart and leaving his ass—freshly shaved as they had instructed—completely exposed. A butt plug had been inserted into the tender pink hole, the stimulation leaving the redhead’s cock fully engorged.

The submissive redhead had called Aaron a few weeks after he’d graduated, saying he’d be in town soon for the weekend, and talking about how horny he was. With Joey and Dave away for the summer, and Derrick still preferring to top most of the time, Aaron was more than ready to have a willing ass to fuck.

Greg had shown up that morning, and the games had begun. They’d made sure he hadn’t gotten off in a week like he’d promised, then spent the a couple of hours teasing him incessantly, keeping him constantly hard and dripping, but never touching his cock or balls. Finally he’d broken down and begged to get fucked (which was what he’d wanted all along of course), and Derrick had “grudgingly” agreed to think about it if Greg was tied up and “was a good guy.” Now his 6 1/2″ cock was a deep red from the stimulation he’d experienced, and a strand of cloudy precum dripped off his clipped head to join the pool on his abs. Derrick and Aaron climbed onto the bed to join him, their own cocks leaking heavily.

“Whadya think Aaron? You wanna tap this?”

“Yeah…I suppose. He’s been behaving himself pretty well. No rush though–we could just leave him here for a little while longer.” Aaron’s fingertip traced a slow circle over Greg’s shaved ball sack as he spoke, making it tighten up instinctively.

“Yep, I could go all night. None of us are in a hurry, are we Greg?” Derrick twisted the butt plug and Greg grunted, eyes closed in pleasure. Derrick pulled the plug out and gave his ass a slap. “Are we Greg?” he repeated more loudly. Greg’s eyes shot open. “No, no sir. Whatever you want sir.” Calling them both “sir” had been one of the conditions Derrick imposed on Greg before the visit–“He totally gets off on that shit” he’d promised Aaron.

“What I want is for you to pay attention bitch. You called us up begging for cock, and now you’re too selfish to even listen to me, when I’ve been nice enough to do this for you.” Derrick’s thick finger slid in all the way and then started moving in circles to stretch the redhead’s pucker; Greg groaned in appreciation. “I’m not sure you were even serious when you told me you wanted to get fucked.”

“Sorry sir,” he panted, “please don’t stop. I promise I’ll pay attention.”

“Are you sure? Because I’ve got something for you right here–” he opened his hand, revealing a small tan pill, “that’ll shut down your love of dick. It’s an experimental drug some friends got me from some research lab–you’ll be into nothing but pussy. I think maybe I’ll give it to you right now.”

Greg looked confused. “But why sir? I love your dick!”

“You sure?” Derrick moved to put the pill between Greg’s lips. “You can’t even pay attention when I’m talking to you–why should I let you suck my cock you little bitch? Why should I waste my jizz on your ungrateful hole?”

Greg shook his head from side to side, avoiding the pill. “No sir, I’ll do better I promise! You know I love it when you fuck me! You know how much I need your cock in my hole! I want it sir–sirs!” He looked at Aaron. “Please sir, fuck me any way you want!”

“Damn straight,” Derrick growled, but he stoped trying to push the pill into Greg’s mouth. See? He mouthed. He grinned at Aaron and reached out to wrap his hand back around the blond’s shaft. “So tell me what you think about the roommates. It’s hot hearing you talk about those guys while I’m jacking your dick.”

“Yeah? You think so huh?” A lopsided grin split Aaron’s face.

“Yeah, real hot.” He gave a long slow stroke with a twist, causing Aaron to grunt involuntarily and then start returning the favor; Derrick gave his own grunt of appreciation. “How about Big Dave: that guy’s like a superhot Viking.”

“Yeah, if we can’t get Chris Hemsworth I’d take him for sure.” Big Dave came in at 250 lbs of solid muscle, even bigger than Aaron’s roommate (and original fuck buddy), now known as “wrestling Dave,” or lately “Joey’s Dave.” “You think he’ll wanna get fucked?”

“Shit yeah, I can tell. That ass is begging for it. Ahmmm…” Aaron had given him a good squeeze, causing a fresh glob of precum to ooze out. He slid another finger up Greg’s ass—it was getting time to wrap this up before he popped. “How about you?”

Aaron nibbled on Derrick’s earlobe a bit, thinking. “How about Blaine? He’s super hot, and I can tell he’d love getting fucked.”

“Yeah, but he’s kinda…weird. I dunno.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Chris?”

“That dark-haired trainer? Oh fuck yeah. I wanna watch you fuck his little virgin ass until he’s begging for you to finish him off.”

“Yeah, you’d like that huh?” Aaron let go of Derrick’s dick and started hunching up against his body, pressing their hard cocks together. They were both leaking heavily now, and Derrick pulled his fingers out of Greg’s ass to grab Aaron’s.

“Yeah,” Derrick’s tongue darted into Aaron’s mouth, “I jacked off in the shower after the party thinking about your pounding his hole. So fucking hot.” He pulled their torsos tight and ground together, both of them moaning from the slick friction.

“Fucking slut. You should’ve let me suck you off. Who else?”


“Maybe, but Gabe is hotter.” The guyish Hispanic had muscles in all the right places, no question, and it looked like he was packing too. “And something tells me that guy is a freak.”

“Yeah, Gabe is cool. Let’s ask him.”

Aaron was panting lightly now. “Okay, I’ve gotta do some fucking.” He pulled back and looked at Greg. “Greg, you want some cock up your ass?”

“Yes sir! I’d love you to fuck me sir!”

“Goddamn you’re a little slut, aren’t you—ahh!” Derrick had just bitten down on a nipple, and he squirmed—not sure if he wanted it to stop or go on.

“Yes sir! Please sir, I need cock, lots of your cock.” Greg had been watching the two of them, clearly desperate to join in.

“Yeah, I bet you do.” Aaron broke free of Derrick’s attentions and grabbed a tube of the blue lube from the bedside table. It had worked well enough to convince the aggressive top to try getting fucked (more than once now), and he wanted to see how it would work on a committed bottom. He squirted out a generous dollop, then began working it into Greg’s eager hole. Knowing the blue liquid’s effect, Derrick grinned at him, then broke free to begin lightly pinching and teasing Greg’s nipple ring. As usual, it caused an immediate reaction—clearly the effect of the green goo from the night Greg lost his cherry hadn’t worn off.

Within a couple of minutes it was obvious that Greg’s asshole had become even more sensitized. His buttocks squirmed in an attempt to get Aaron’s fingers further in, and his whimpering was almost nonstop. “Yeah, you’re ready for a good fucking now, aren’t you bitch?” Aaron swatted the exposed ass. “Aren’t you?”

“Yes sir! I’m ready for your cock sir! Please, I can’t wait sir—I need you inside me!”

“Goddamn right you little bitch,” Aaron growled. He’d never done this sort of role play until he met Greg, but damned if it wasn’t making him hard as a rock. He gave Greg two more swats, then positioned himself over the slick pucker and plunged in. After hours of teasing Greg was good and loosened up, and he slid right in, balls-deep. Aaron’s dick twitched as it plunged into the hot slick hole, and the two of them groaned.

“That’s it Aaron, fuck his hole. Show him what that fat dick of yours can do.” Derrick shifted his position so he could squeeze in and take Greg’s oozing head into his mouth, while one hand continued to play with his pierced nipple.

It was too much for Greg. After a week without getting off, and hours of these two studs teasing him into a major case of blue balls, this was the final straw. The warm mouth, the painful pleasure in his nipple, and the ass pounding he’d craved for weeks combined to push him over the edge. He screamed in release, begging the two studs to fuck him harder, suck him harder, anything they wanted, as long as they didn’t stop. Load after load shot into the warm, welcome suction of Derrick’s mouth, while his ass spasmed around the shaft that was giving him so much pleasure.

Eventually his orgasm subsided and he returned to his senses, aware of Derrick lapping at his crotch to clean up the jizz that had leaked into his pubes. Aaron was still rock hard inside him however, and breathing heavily. His hand caressed the stubble on Derrick’s scalp, and Greg recognized the expression of lust on the wrestler’s face. He knew what was going to happen next even as the blond athlete pulled out of him.

Derrick looked up from where he knelt on all fours and grinned. “You like that ass bud?”

Aaron looked down, panting. “It was good, but not quite what I needed.” With a speed that had surprised more than one opponent on the mat, he pulled Derrick’s ass around even as he moved his own hips behind, dropping down to control the bigger man’s body. “I was thinking of a tighter hole.” His hips humped and one hand fumbled at his groin as he lined up to sink into Derrick’s ass.

Derrick’s shock quickly gave way to a grin as he settled down and spread his legs for easier access. Aaron hadn’t topped him in a couple of weeks, and he had to admit that he was missing the feel of a warm dick stretching him open. As the slick head homed in on his hole he arched his back and breathed out, welcoming the pressure. The blue lube Aaron used a few weeks ago had taught him to appreciate the pleasure of a man inside him, almost as much as when he was doing the fucking.

Aaron let out a long grunt of satisfaction as he sank into the rock-hard ass. He hadn’t been entirely sure Derrick would let him get away with it, but Greg had blown his load too soon and he knew how good his buddy’s hole would feel. Now he was in, it was obvious that Derrick wanted this as much as he did; getting over his fear of getting fucked had really helped him have more fun in bed. It had definitely made them better friends, or at least better fuck buddies.

As he picked up his rhythm he reached around to stroke Derrick’s cock. He loved feeling it pulse in his hand as they fucked, and looked forward to licking off the tasty cream he’d be getting soon. He looked at Greg as he humped away—the ginger was watching them intently, smiling, and Aaron had no doubt this scene would be one of Greg’s future jack-off fantasies. Him too, come to think of it.

Soon Derrick was pushing back hard against him, grunting as Aaron bottomed out. “Do it, man. Pound my ass!” Aaron obliged and picked up his pace, until Derrick was down on his elbows, fists knotted in the sheets in pleasure, rocking faster and faster. He’d begun to grunt as his orgasm approached, and Aaron matched him with groans of his own. He was more than ready to shoot now, and was only holding back so that Derrick could come at the same time.

Finally it was too much for Aaron. His cock exploded, and what felt like a gallon of cum shot up his buddy’s ass. He was vaguely aware of the slapping noises their bodies were making as they came together, but his attention was focused on his cock and balls. Three thrusts later and Derrick joined him with a muffled “Jesus Christ, yes!” and then an iron ring clamped down on his dick, milking more juice from it as he plunged in and out. Warm liquid spurted into his fingers, and he worked his thumb hard over the swollen cock head to increase Derrick’s pleasure. The muffled cries from the sheets told him his grip was working as intended.

When they finally both slowed Aaron let go of Derrick and brought his hand up to enjoy his treat. More than most other guys in the Program he really got off on the taste of jizz, and he shivered in pleasure as he licked his fingers clean. When he’d told Derrick he’d be happy to suck his cock all day long he was only half kidding.

Derrick continued rocking slowly as his orgasm faded. That shaft up his ass was still sending twinges of pleasure through his body, and he wasn’t ready for Aaron to pull out just yet. He gave a low growl of contentment and continued moving slowly, twitching as the wrestler’s warm hand squeezed the last few white drops from his shaft. Finally he looked up to see Greg smiling lazily at him, a knowing grin on his face. Let the summer games begin, he thought.

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