Erotic story: Lisa’s Man


I have a female friend Lisa that I have know for a few years now. We met at both working Temp at some company in our area. Lisa was a really sweet and beautiful full figured woman. We had actually started talking as she and her ex husband were starting to have marital problems. It would be less than a year later before they divorced. I was happy for her as her ex-husband was a complete fuck hole. he treated her like crap and had little care for me

“Fucking faggot” he would say to her on many an occasion.

Well it didn’t take Lisa long to move on and find a new man. And was he a piece of man at that. His name is Chris and he is about 6ft 2. tall and hot looking. Not a big muscle hunk in anyway. But what he had in looks was more than anyone could desire in a guy. He was gorgeous. He always had on a goatee on his handsome face and his eyes were a soft blue like I have never seen before. I wanted to jump him just for his looks alone. But he was also a pretty nice guy. Every I would see him he would say hi. He seemed to have no problem with the fact I was gay at all.

The only problem I think he had was at his crotch area, as almost every time I would see him he would involuntarily (or so I assumed) would be adjusting himself. All I know is that when Chris came into her life she seemed always so freaking happy. Maybe he had a nice big dick that fucked her brains out all the time. Well what ever the case, the guy was hot.

Chris worked in construction so he always wore baggy jeans and or dickies every time I saw him. His face was always in some state of unshaveness too. I really liked when he had almost a grungy look cause the day old beard looked so lickable on him.

I had gone out with them and a few other friends one night. We decided to go to some restaurant that we had to wait to be seated. When I got to the restaurant Lisa and Chris and one other person was already there. Lisa and Chris were nicely dressed for a night out and he looked especially hot, The light blue shirt played off his gorgeous blue eyes. It also was a bit more snog on him than usual. His dark slacks also looked good on him. He sat down there where they waited. As he sat there he did again reach down and adjust himself as usual. Only this time I saw it. There was a rather hefty looking tube in between his legs as he groped himself. They both got up when they saw me. I gave Lisa a hug and shook Chris’ hand. He smiled at me and said.

“Good to see you buddy”

My dick throbbed in my pants as he spoke. I liked his voice as well as everything about this hot man.

“40 minute wait” Lisa said as we stood there in the waiting area.

“That’s okay” I said.

Michell is gonna be a bit late anyways” I added

So we sat there and waited to be seated. Michelle showed up just before the called us for seating. when she arrived again everyone got up. Chris stood and once again had to grope himself to adjust his big confined dick. I was so hot for him by now. I thought that I may need to leave or find myself jumping on him right there in front of everyone. We were finally seated and I found myself seated next to Chris. So I obviously had a commanding view of his crotch any time I could glance at it. The round table we sat at also helped.

Several times throughout the evening he would reach down and grope himself. My eyes would dart to the area between his legs and back away from it as quickly as possible. Then at one point I saw another hand reach between his legs. It was Lisa and she blatantly grabbed his dick as thinking no one could see it. But I did. The big trunk of his cock was now visibly seen as he held it with her small hand. The thing looked enormous. I was now officially uncomfortable in my chair as my dick was raging in my pants. I kept moving around in my seat as we ate. I wanted myself to reach over and grab that fat tube steak in his pants.

“Can I get a bit of water” I asked the waitress

I needed to drink it or pour it in my lap to try and cool down. The more I looked over at Chris, the more I wanted him. he would often glance in my direction and smile at me. And each time he did it appeared his eyes would sparkle. I was sure I was gonna bust a load in my pants right there. When the water came and I drank it like a fish. I needed to cool myself off or go mad right there. Chris looked over at me and then down at his crotch. Obviously he noticed me looking at it. Then he took Lisa’s hand from his crotch and gave me a half hearted smile.

The dinner wore on and was finally over. I needed to get out of there and get home. I was so damned horny that I had to keep my hands near my crotch to cover any obvious bulge.

“Well I should be going” I said after I finished dinner.

“Forgot I have something in the morning”

I got up and left. I raced home and jerked myself off to orgasm at the thought of the hot man that had been sitting next to me all night. I was in totally hot for Chris now. He set my loins on fire that evening. When I finished jerking off I just lay in my bed with visions of Chris filling my head. The big bulge that I had seen would not leave my head. I had to see it again.

So I made arrangements to hang out with them again…

A few weeks later I found I was having a plumbing issue in my kitchen. And being that Chris was a handy man of sorts I enlisted his help in seeing if he could fix the problem as I and inept at plumbing. Lisa told me that he could come over after dinner one night. So I stopped using the sink to do much of any thing in the kitchen and just used the wash basin in the laundry room.

When Chris came over he was wearing a pair of jeans that were a bit more snug that he usually wears. They displayed his butt nicely.

“Hey man . How ya doin?” he asked

“I mean other than sink issues” he laughed lightly

Chris has his face trimmed nicely and he looked so hot standing there. I gave him a quick glance over and hoped he hadn’t noticed me staring at him.

“So where the problem” He asked

“This way ” I said as I lead him to the kitchen

“I tried drano and even a plunger. But system is backed up”

“Lemme get under there to look” He stated

Chris laid down his tool and crawled up under the sink and he sat and pulled himself under he groped his crotch. I could see a big lump that he pulled onto. I dint try to assume that it might be his dick as I figured I would be wrong. I watched him as he worked on the sink. Commenting on the reasons and why’s I was having this problem. I saw his hand come out from under the sink and his voice call out.

“Can you give me a wrench man” I grabbed a wrench from his tool box and bent over to give it to him. Again Chris groped/ adjusted or what ever he was doing to himself as I did. I was less than a foot from his crotch at this time and I was literally staring at his hand as he pulled on himself. I dropped the wrench next to his thigh as I couldn’t take my eyes of his jeans.

The sound woke me from my trance and I grabbed the wrench and gave it to him. At that moment I noticed him looking straight at me. He had a strange smile on his face. he then proceeded to unscrew the pipe. Then a shower of water and what ever was in the sink fell on him. He was soaked from top to a good amount of the top of his jeans.

“Shit ” he cried out.

He lunged forward from under the deluge and hit me. I fell over and my hand literally fell on his stomach. It help me from completely falling over . But now I was but inches from his crotch. He pushed me off and tried to get up.

“Didn’t expect that” he said

“Now I’m freaking soaked. ”

Chris started to take off his shirt. His nice firm arms flexed and he pulled off his soaked shirt. He handed it to me and there he sat bare chested. My dick sprang to attention. His body was indeed lean and fit. His chiseled chest had some nice fur on it. His tight stomach showing the cords of his abs. I grabbed his shirt and tried to stand up.

“I’ll throw this in the dryer man” I said.

“Thanks” Chris answered back.

“But may need to get these pants in there too. I’m soaked to my nuts”

I quickly turned from him as that comment had my cock raging in my own pants. I sure as hell didn’t want this hot guy to noticed my growing hard on for him. He reached out his hand.

“Help me up man” he asked

So I did. I pulled him by his hand so he may stand. When he stood he quickly adjusted what appeared to be a massive tube along his upper thigh. Then Chris proceeded to undo his pants and pull them down.

“What are you doing man” I said in shock

“These things are soaked too” he said.

“You mind”

I just stood there in awe as this totally hot guy was standing there in my kitchen dropping his pants to the floor. He then stood there in a pair of light blue boxers. And he again groped himself. As he did he hefted up a huge covered dick. I had to get outta that room before I lost it. he handed me his damp pants and I rushed out of there.

“Be back” I called out behind me

I rushed to the laundry room and threw his clothes into the dryer. I stood there for a few moments just reeling from the sights I had just seen in my kitchen. I reached down and stroked my raging cock in my own pants. I started to pull on my dick as I stood there. How much I wanted Lisa’s husband at that moment. He was so freaking hot. And he was standing in my kitchen naked save for his boxers. My dick was raging in my pants. I wanted to just drop them and jerk off right there

“God he is so fucking gorgeous” I said to myself.

I felt my dick throb in my hand and I moaned

“Aweee Chriss”

“Yeah. what” came a voice from behind me.

I turned around to see Chris was standing in the door way to the laundry room.

“What about me man” He continued

I looked at the stunning man in my doorway. He was just standing there in his boxers. And his boxers were trying to contain a huge bulge. He reached down and stroked his cock through the shorts before me. My eyes were transfixed on his huge covered dick. he stroked himself several times as he stood there. The massive trunk of his dick gripped in his stroking hand. It threatened to pop through the cotton of his shorts.

“So Im gorgeous’ he said

“I thought I was always pretty good looking. But gorgeous”

He smiled as he continued to answer to what I assumed was a private comment to myself.

“Do you like this too” he said as he waved his big covered dick at me.

I swallowed hard as I stood there string at this man. My p[ants were tented like no other time before. My dick also threatened to poke through the material of them. I instinctively reached back down and grabbed myself.

“Yeah” he exclaimed

“You want it”

“Your dick cant lie man”

“Why don’t you come over here and fix my plumbing problem” Ryan said as he stood there at the door.

I could not believe Lisa’s hot man was coming on to me. he stood there pulling on his cock through those lucky, lucky boxers. The huge covered stem in his hand had to be massive. I swallowed hard as I just stood there staring at Chris’ hot body. His chest was still a bit damp from having the water spill on him. His other hand rubbed at his hairy chest. I licked my lips instinctively.

“Come on man” he said again

“Get over here and service this cock fag”

He waved his covered dick at me again. I could not stand it any more. I had to have Chris badly. And the fact that he was offering up his dick for me to suck had my dick practically poking through my clothes. I dropped to my knees in front of Chris. My hand fell to his lean muscular thighs. They too were covered in a light furry coating. pulled his hand from his crotch and reached for it myself.

I gripped what was a semi hard dick. I stoked his covered dick with my shaky hand. I couldn’t believe this was happening. But dare not lose the moment or chance at him. I could feel his big cock as it throbbed in my hand. I watched as it continued to grow and tent those poor shorts.

“How big is this fucker” I asked

“9 and a half” came his reply

I then shoved my face into his crotch as I needed to have at his dick. I opened my mouth and covered some of the massive covered shaft he possessed. I stroked his dick through his shorts. I was getting so hot for him. My dick was still raging in my pants. I chewed on his dick through his shorts for a bit longer. But I needed to get the beast released from his underwear. I reached for the waistband of his boxers and pulled down. It was difficult as his tented shorts refused to release the monster in them. Then with another tug I had his shorts down to his knees. His massive, and I do mean massive cock flew out and actually his my face. It was truly over nine inches long.

The pointed bullet shaped head was already drooling pre-cum. I grabbed for Chris’ huge member. It was long and thick. Below it were a nice set of full balls. I watched as one nut just shifted in his sack. It was sexy to see. I reached for those balls and cradled them in my hand. They indeed felt full, just slightly weighted from the load that he must have been holding in there. I licked my lips as I gazed at his massive cock and balls. I stroked the huge shaft and the full head bloated out as I pulled down the length of it. His cock head continued to drool pre-cum.

“Go on man” he said

“Open up and have at my dick buddy”

I licked my lips and swallowed hard as desire took hold of me. I bent over and opened my hungry mouth. I let my tongue hang out and let his drooling cock head touch my tongue. I tasted the incredible elixir drooling from his dick. It was the most delicious pre-cum I had ever had on my palette. Sweet and salty all at once, but with a dewy texture that had my dick really raging in my pants. I licked at the head of his cock to taste more. I wanted more. I could drink cup fulls of his delicious pre-cum.

“Sooo good” I said as I licked his cock head.

I then opened up my mouth and took him down. I swallowed about 5 and a half inches of Chris’ massive dick. I looked up at his stunning face as I took half of his schlong into my face. He smiled down at me and then I felt his hand stroke my head.

“That’s a good boy” he said

“I knew you wanted it from that day at the restaurant man”

“You couldn’t take your eyes of my lap”

I pulled off his enormous dick and answered back.

“Its cuz you are gorgeous Chris. ” I stated

“And I knew you had a huge dick from the giant lump you possessed”

” I wanted it from that moment on”

I returned to swallowing down Chris’ massive schlong. Deep into my mouth it went. Soon it was pushed into my throat and esophagus. I had never had a dick so big it did that before. And I wasn’t even all the way on his cock. His pubic hair was another inch or so from my face still. But I had to release his monster cock because I needed air. I pulled from his dick. It seemed to take forever to do so do to the length of cock that I had swallowed.

“Damn” I said as I gulped up some much needed air.

“This thing is huge Chris”

I gripped at the wet spit covered shaft and pulled on his mighty cock. The tip continued to drool his delicious pre-cum. I licked at the tip again. That magnificent tasting dew fell on my tongue and I drank it up. I sighed in lust as I opened up and tried to swallow Chris down again. Inch by inch by inch I went down onto him. 5, 6, 7, 8 inches down again. His dick head again deep in my throat.

I reached for his cum filled balls and pulled on them. Chris moaned and thrust the last in and a half into my face. His balls slapped up against my chin. I now had ever little bit of cock Chris owned buried in my throat. Chris held onto my head and started some quick jabs at my skull as he fucked my face. I feared I would choke on his monster cock as I now could not breathe. I pushed at his thighs to get loose of his gigantic dick. Chris released my head when he saw I was having a problem. His huge schlong fell from my coughing drooling mouth. I fell forward and I coughed and gasped for much needed air.

“Sorry bout that:” he said.

“But that felt real good when you did that”

Chris looked down at me as I coughed on the floor. I felt his hand on my head. He stroked my head tenderly. I looked up at this gorgeous man. His huge schlong hung just above me. It was dripping wet with my spit. Glistening in the light coming in from outside. It looked utterly massive as it hung there above me. I still wanted him. Every delicious inch of him and his monster dick. I reached up and grabbed his cock again.

I reached up and grabbed his cock again after nearly choking to death on it just moments before. But it just hung there in front of me. Covered in my drool from he cramming it deep into my throat. I licked my lips again after I had gulped up some air. I then went back down on Chris’ donkey cock again.

My mouth wide and my tongue pulled back to allow more of his schlong to dig itself into my face. Soon I had more and more of Chris’ massive horse dick shoved into my esophagus. His low hung balls then finally hit my chin. I had to release his giant trunk again to get more air back into my lungs. I sucked up some more air with a gasp.

“Damn that’s a lot of cock Chris” I said

“How does Lisa take it all. ” I added

“Only in her pussy” He replied

“She will not try and suck me off”

“Too big for her mouth.”

“But your mouth buddy is fantastic. ” he added

“No one has taken that much of my dick in their mouth ever.”

He grabbed his huge salami and waved it at me. I was mesmerized by the sheer size of his dick. I was as a mouth to a flame. I opened my mouth again as he waved his schlong at me. It hit my face several times until I was able to get it back into my hungry mouth.

I sucked him down once more. I was deliriously in mad lust with this guys dick. I could have sucked on his huge dick all freaking day if I could. I went back down on his dick again and again. Soon my jaw started to ache from having Chris’s huge dick in my face and throat repeatedly. After that least time I had to pull off his monster dick.

I stroked his big meat again in both hands. Seeing how utterly massive it was. Even with both my hands around his gigantic meat there was still some left over sticking out from the top of my hands. I squeezed his dick in my hands. I felt the beast swell up and the tip started drooling pre-cum again. I placed my tongue on his cock head and licked up the precious goo.

“Why don’t we go upstairs to your bedroom” Chris suggested

I just nodded in agreement as I was still kneeling at worship to his behemoth obelisk. I then reluctantly got up and we went upstairs. I lead this awesome dicked man into my bedroom.

“Get out of your clothes man” He ordered

“Lets see what you have to offer”

I was shedding clothes for him faster than I ever have. I was naked before Chris in moments. He looked me over then he grabbed my sides and turned me around.

“Wanna see that hole” he said

“Get up on the bed and bend over for me” He continued as he patted the bed

I looked at this hot stud and his huge hanging monster and did as I was told. I crawled up on my bed on all fours and presented him my ass. Chris got on his knees behind me and reached for my butt. I felt his strong hands on my ass. then near my hole. Then Chris just shoved his thumb into my ass hole. It felt good to have him push that thumb into me.

“This is gonna be nice and tight” he said

“I’m sure any hole is tight against you huge dick Chris” I called back

He laughed at the comment. Even though he probably realized what I said was true. I envisioned this gorgeous man crawling up on top of me and slamming home with his horse dick. My mind reeled at the thought of all 9 plus inches of his giant log crushing down into me hard until his heavy sack slapped against me. there was a tingle at my ass hole other than the fact that he had his thumb digging around in there.

Chris pumped his thumb in and out of me for about a minute or so. Then he pulled his thumb out of me. I had my face in the pillow as I had been groaning with pleasure from his thumb fucking so I didn’t see him as he lowered his face to my ass. Then I felt Chris grab my waist and pull me to him, I then felt him spit on my hole and then shove his hot wet tongue into me.

“Ughnnn” I grunted at the suddenness of his motion

But what he was doing to my ass had me squirming in but moments. I fell over on the bed face first as I cried out from his expert as munching.

“Fuckkk” I cried as I felt to the bed

Chris just followed and his tongue reentered my ass. Then as he fucked my hole with his tongue he then presented his fingers back to my opening. Then Chris shoved two digits into me as he continued to drool on my ass hole. I was writhing from his assault on my butt I grabbed for his head and shoved against him.

“Ohh myy God Chriss’ I cried

“That’s sooo incredible stud”

“Oohh Godd. pleesee fuck me baby. Fuck me”

“Pleeeezzz Chriss” I continued to beg the hot man to fuck me as he continued to finger my ass.

Then Chris yanked his fingers from me and his tongue was also pulled from me. I was up against my pillow and groaning as I waited for Chris to make the next move. And did he ever. Chris was on top of me and his huge dick was pressed at my ass hole. He closed the gap between us and just said

“You want me to fuck you”

“Do you really” he continued to say.

“Its right there at your pussy fucker. Just outside the door”

“Yesss baby” I cooed

“I need it bad”

“K then” was all Chris said

Then He shoved hard against me. His cock head hit my gateway and ripped it open and he plunged down into me in one hard thrust. There was a pain at my ass hole I had never felt. I thought my sphincter had been ripped in two. I cried out from the sheer pain of his assault.

“Ohhh my fuckinn Goddd” I screamed into the pillow.

“Fucking Hurtsss… Awweeiiii fuckkk”

Kris thrust about half his massive dick into my bowels with that push. I was literally trying to crawl away from the huge dick that had just penetrated my tight hole. But now that Chris was in he intended to stay in. He reached for me and pulled me back even as I was trying to get away from his giant dick. He pulled me hard and then he fell on me. Every monstrous inch of his horse dick fell into my guts.

“Take it fucker” he growled as he plunged deep into me

All I could remember from that instant was the scream that filled my lungs but never came out as I had no breath left in me.

As I said , I tried to cry out from the intense pain I was now feeling as Chris shoved his monster dick up inside of me. But I could not. My scream was caught in my throat as I desperately tried to stave off the sheer pain of his huge dick being shoved into me. It was so much bigger than I thought it could be.

And he only had shoved in the head and a few inches. It was just his sheer size and the girth below the bullet shaped head,. It was literally tearing up my ass hole. I thought I would lose consciousness as I held of breathing and my body tightened up. I heard him groan as he pushed himself into my ass. Inch by huge inch of his monster dick was moving deeper into my guts.

“Ohhh Goddd” I cried

“Soooo fucking big man. Hurtsss”

Chris paid little attention to my complaints about his size. It only seemed to spur him on to shove harder. He pulled up and only his big head was just inside my ripped opening. Then he thrust hard again into me. His massive tool was plunged down into my poor depths. The huge cock slammed into my prostate hard.

“Sooo fucking tight” he growled

“Feels sooo fucking awesome man”

“Better than my wife’s big sloppy pussy” He added.

“Aweee fuckk” He groaned as he slammed down again into my guts.

The pain seemed to be too much. If he continued this onslaught I feared he would literally destroy my bowels. I pushed back at him to get him to ease up and pull that monster dick out. I couldn’t stand the pain much more. But Chris only held on more and thrust even harder at me.

Then he just started to pummel my guts with his horse dick. He moved up on me and started to accelerate his vicious thrusts. Faster he went as he slaughtered my bowels with every huge inch. 9 and a half massive inches of man cock repeatedly pounding my guts and smashing into my tender prostate. I was whimpering and tears were streaming down my face as Chris was a machine of non stop pounding. Then just as i thought he would puncture my inner walls and plow into my belly. Killing me in the process.

His dick was just so damn big after all. And I was surprised That every inch was shoved into me at all. But I could feel his balls as they slapped against me with each deep thrust. I reached for the meaty orbs and grabbed them. I pulled on his balls hard. Maybe that would get this animal to ease up on my guts. I could feel an intense heat from Chris’ big nuts as I held them. They were definitely churning up the inevitable cum load that would soon blow either in me or on me, dependent on what this stud was planning to do.

Just as I thought he would end me by his onslaught on my bowels, Chris yanked his huge monster from my ass. I gasped in air as the there was a release form the ripping pain he had been giving me. Then I felt a cold rush of air that was pulled into my gaping ass.

“Fuckkk” I groaned as I tried to regain my composure.

“Fuck, indeed” He answered.

“That hole is so fucking tight on my big dick”

“Gonna bust a load way too soon if I kept that up”

I looked back at the hot stud behind me. He was starting to sweat as I could see the glistening drops on his hairy chest. He pulled away from me and I looked at the horse dick swinging between his legs. I couldn’t believe I had that huge schlong up inside of me. My ass hole was throbbing from the assault he laid down on me.

“Come back up here and suck my dick fucker” he ordered.

He held his dick up and swung it at me.

“It needs that sweet mouth again”

“Get over here”

I got up and turned around to him again. I looked at the massive throbbing dick in his hand. It was dewy wet from my ass hole. And the tip was drooling some pre-cum.

“Come on fucker” he said again

“Get back on my dick whore”

I reached for Chris’ huge dick and grabbed it. It was hot from the pounding he had given my ass. I pulled up closer to it and opened my mouth to take his dick in again. He grabbed my head and thrust his giant cock back into my mouth. Inch after inch was pushed down into my face and throat again.

I immediately gagged on his schlong once more. But Chris held me on his horse dick. I again thought he was out to kill me as he ground his hips at my face. Then he pulled himself from my choking face. I gasped for air and coughed up some drool. His brutal force on me was actually very hot though. I was really beginning to enjoy his dominant nature.

“Damn that’s the biggest dick ever” I said again

“Good now gimme that ass again fucker.” He growled at me

“Gotta get my breeding finished”

He pushed me down to my stomach again and crawled back on behind me. I looked back at the huge angry dick waving between his legs. Then Chris just pushed at me hard. His giant cock pierced my ass hole again. Then He just fell on top of me. Chris then proceeded to viciously rape my guts. he was a jack hammer just pounding his monster metal into my destroyed bowels. faster and faster he went.

I could hear the slapping of his nuts at my backside. He was grunting like a wild boar now as he continued to wreck my insides up. Again the tearing pain and heat consumed me. He grabbed my face and covered my cries as he assaulted my sloppy pussy. The slapping sounds became wetter as his dick was juicing up my poor ass.

“Fuck man” he groaned

“I love this fucking gay hole of yours buddy”

“Better and tighter than any sloppy pussy”

“Gonna blow a huge cum load up in there”

‘Fuckkk” was my only response as was able to get something out of my mouth.

Chris soon was grinding harder at my ass as he neared the inevitable. His breathing grew labored and his thrusts almost ragged as he pummeled my poor slaughter hole with his horse schlong.

“Gonna bust soon baby” He grunted into my ear as he moved in closer.

Then he grabbed my arms and he pulled back and went hog wild slamming my guts up. His monster cock then expanded to unheard of proportions inside my already straining guts

‘Here is comes fucker” he howled

Then I felt the first lava hot blast fire into my used up bowels. Then another and another. Than yet several more. All said and done Chris blasted about 9 heavy shots of his hot molten cum into mt ass. His heavy balls dragged against mine as he emptied his geyser of cum into me. I could feel his balls throb with each dump of liquid.

His shaft too expanded as each thrust of his goo poured into me. Then after what seemed over a minute of Chris dumping a river of cum into me he slowed, then stopped. Then he fell over on my. His cock continued to spasm as he finished draining his balls into me.

“Aweeee fuckkk yesss” He groaned as he finished.

Then the horse hung stud just lay on top of me. His lips pressed to my ear and he kissed the circle of flesh.

“Soooo sweet baby” he cooed at me

“Loved your pussy man”

I just groaned under him as i was beat and tired myself from his attack on my poor guts. But i liked feeling his hot sweating body on me. His dick slowly shrank to a more acceptable size inside of me. Then I felt his cum start to leak from my hole.

I sighed in delight finally. I had taken the biggest dick in my live and survived. Chris then pulled his dick from me and flipped me over. He looked down at me and moved in closer. He then kissed my mouth. I was in heaven now. We made out for over a minute before he finally pulled from me.

“Awesome baby”

“So good to breed your hole” he said

Then I felt his dick throbbing against my hole again. he looked and smiled at me. I think he was ready for another go at my completely used up ass. I wouldn’t walk for days.

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