Erotic story: Josh and the tropical a-frame

By Little Drew.

“Wow.” Thats what I said to myself when I saw my new neighbor take off his shirt for the first time. His shoulders were broad and his waist was narrow. When he turned toward me the fine dusting of blond hair across his upper body shimmered in the afternoon sun. His pecs were high and firm. His biceps bulged as he lifted a packed duffle bag from the back of his old truck.

“What’s up?” he said softly as he came closer to me, the duffle thrown over one shoulder.

I kept from saying,”My dick,” and instead extended my splayed fingers to shoot him the local Hawaiian welcome, a shaka. “Howzit,” I managed to say as he stepped up to me.

“I’m Josh,” he said, dropping his heavy bag at my feet.

“Donny,” I said. “Can I help you with the rest of your stuff?”

“That’s it,” he said looking at the duffle.

“You travel light,” I said.

My boss had told me to expect “the new guy” around noon. It had been after four when a little red Toyota truck had made it’s way slowly up our rough cinder drive. It had pitched and jostled through the pits and ruts and seemed to have hesitated as it had passed the small grove of cashew trees.

The 15 acre organic garden where I lived and worked was tucked away on the wet side of the Big Island of Hawaii. The gay owner lived on the mainland and only came over a few times a year. He liked to keep a team of four gardeners working on the property at all times. We had been shorthanded for over two months so I was glad to hear that the manager had found another guy. Living and working in a well established gay owned organic garden and BnB wasn’t right for everyone. A life off grid was not luxurious and working 20 hours a week outdoor labour in exchange for a bed in a 10×10 bamboo and redwood A-frame cabin could at times be Spartan.

“I was told to expect you around noon,” I said. I shielded my eyes from his and the sun so I could check out his lean abs and his package.

“What time is it?” asked Josh.

“After four,” I said, as my gaze locked on his shallow belly button.

“Oh,” he said. “I guess time got away from me.”

“I hope that doesn’t become a habit,” I said as I looked him in the eyes for the red tell tale signs of being high. I didn’t see any indication that he was stoned. His pale green eyes looked confidently back at me. “Are you high?” I asked anyway.

He smiled and laughed a little when he said, “No.” His teeth were white not brown and worn down like a meth head.

We had tried a couple guys in the last month but neither had been a good fit. A 20 something guy was stoned all the time and always found laying in the grass staring up at the sky when he should have been working. A 30 something guy had turned to meth after a bad break up. Late some nights he’d walk between cabins talking to us wether we wanted to listen or not. One night he stood naked outside my screen door stroking his cock. “You wanna suck it?” he’d asked in a throaty baritone. His dick hadn’t been fully hard which would not have been a problem for me. I like a bit of softy donkey dong every once in a while. But the skinny sack of meth crazy that it had been attached to had been decidedly unappealing. He had to go.

Visually Josh was a vast improvement over the other two wanna be gardeners. He would be the best looking of the four of us without a doubt. I’m not bad looking but not nearly physically impressive as Josh. He was built like a swimmer. Carrying about 160 pounds on his lean 5’11” body. In his early 20’s he walked with grace and confidence, virility oozing from every pore. His pale green eyes were entrancing and hard to look away from.

I am built more like a baseball player carrying about the same weight on my 5’8″ frame. I’m in my late 30’s and have brown eyes streaked with bursts of gold. My arms and legs are thickly muscled and kept pumped up. My reddish brown hair is shaved close to my head. Josh’s very blond hair was shoulder length and wavy with a few pale green beads braided in here and there.

I was imagining taking those small beads between my fingers then into my mouth when I was aware of Josh’s thick pretty lips moving and his soft voice filling my ears. “What?” I asked, trying to bring myself out of my fondling reverie.

“Where am I going to be living?” Josh asked again.

“Right here,” I said gesturing the cluster of individual rooms scattered around me. “The largest room behind me is our community kitchen and living area.” I headed up the sloping incline in the direction of the glass walled cabin with it’s steeply pitched roof. Josh picked up his duffle, drawing his broad shoulders back as he began to follow me up the hill.

I stopped without warning and turned quickly back to him so he was forced to bump into me. “Sorry,” I said, lying. He had kept himself from fulling crashing into me by placing a flat hand against my hard stomach.

“First let me show you where you’ll be sleeping.” I said, slipping away from his hand and gesturing toward a room across the driveway. He did exactly what I hoped he would do and started walking in front of me toward his new bedroom. It was the perfect opportunity to check out his ass.


Josh was wearing board shorts which are cut to hang on the hips. They seemed too big, hanging even lower than on most guys, exposing the deep crack of Josh’s ass. A fine trail of blond hair plunged directly into his crevice. I watched the tanned fleshy mounds of his butt propel him across the lawn in front of me. I didn’t see a tan line.

The small A-frame cabin where Josh would be sleeping sat a good hundred feet from the common room, nestled in the shadow of a sheltering tree. As he walked ahead of me I wished his cabin sat 1000 feet away. The rhythmic movement of his tanned downy ass was hypnotic. He stopped and I almost plowed into him but caught myself just in time when my hand pressed into the small of his sweaty muscular back.

“Sorry,” Josh said. “I almost stepped in dog shit.”

“We don’t have a dog,” I said. Stepping around him to take a look, my hand slid easily from his back to brush along on of his firm buns. I forced myself to move my hand and start ahead of him. “That looks like pig shit.” I picked up the pace as I lead him to his new room.

Josh seemed surprised to learn that our fenced perimeter did not always keep all the wild pigs out, especially the smaller ones. He said he’d like to catch a little pig. I just had to laugh and remind him that where there are little pigs there are often big pigs.

I looked back to see a huge grin on his face. As we stepped onto his front lanai I realized I was in trouble. This guy was really getting under my skin. I had to tell myself to back off. There was no use getting all excited about him. He might not work out so what would be the point. I loved the look of him but did not want risk scaring him away by impulsively making a move on him. I had no idea if he was gay or bi or what and we really needed another gardener so I controlled myself.

“So this is your own private Lanai,” I said. “A porch is what you probably call it wherever your from.”

“Portland,” he said.

I indicated two teak chairs on either side of the double screen door. “Those chairs belong to the cabin. Don’t leave with them. Don’t borrow them, don’t loan them out. Don’t take them to the beach. Don’t paint them. Don’t carve your name into them and please don’t splatter them with cum. It stains.”

“People did all that stuff?” Josh asked.

“All that and more but I don’t want to give you any ideas,” I said opening one of the doors and stepping into the room.

Josh followed me, dropping his duffle near the door. An un-made full size bed was centered beneath a very large screened window at the back of the room. A small teak table sat in one corner and a bent bamboo club chair covered in a vibrant aloha print sat in the other. The lower half of each side wall was more screened windows from the front to the back of the room.

“So this is yours while you’re here. All the screened windows gives it good ventilation. It can get hot here. And it can rain a lot. We don’t really work in the rain. We usually stay inside and find other things to do. If the rain starts to blow in you can go out and close the bamboo shutters. I’ll bring over a set of sheets and a pillow for the bed. They are pretty basic but they will do. I wouldn’t spend a lot on the room until you see if you’re going to stay.”

“Oh I’m going to stay,” Josh said. “This place is great.”

“Your work and work ethic will have more to do with wether you get to stay than your desire ever will,” I felt like I was being harsh but I could’t help it. He needed to know what was expected of him. I was also vaguely trying to put some emotional distance between us. I had fallen hard a few years earlier for a beautiful young man and I could not let it happen again. “I will work you hard but no harder than I work anyone else or myself. You have two weeks to prove yourself worthy of a place in our garden.”

“I understand,” Josh said. “I wont let you down. I promise.”

“Don’t make any promises,” I said. “It will only make you look bad when you break them.”

“I wont break my promise.”

“Yea? We’ll see,” I said.

Josh opened his mouth but no words came out. That’s when the beauty of his plump rosy lips drew me in. He lowered his eyes and softly asked, “Umm… Is there a bathroom?”

“The toilet is back at the common room,” I said. “There is an indoor shower as well. As far as pissing goes you can off load into any of the plants. They need the nitrogen because of all the rain we get here.”

“I just really need to pee,” Josh said, swaying from side to side to emphasize the point.

I indicated the screen door and told him to go for it. Josh walked out to the covered lanai and then onto the grass stopping outside the window behind his bed. “I love to pee outside,” he said smiling at me. He sucked his stomach in and yanked his board shorts down. His knob was fat and his shaft was thick. His balls were good sized and his pubes were cropped close. He shook his cock with one hand and stretched his sac with the other. His thick shaft engorged a little waiting for the urine to flow. I felt my nuts churn as his stream began. He moaned softly and then said, “Here it comes.”

His stream was insistent and far reaching.

“Don’t get any on the house,” I said.

“Yes, sir,” said Josh.

I walked out to the lanai then onto the grass stepping around the corner to wait for Josh to empty his bladder. I watched him in profile as he continued to pee. Every few seconds he’d thrust his hips forward and grind them from side to side as his stream began to slow. Desire for him rose up from my balls. I wanted to drop to my knees and worship at the altar of his beauty. To search out his dank hole with my wanton tongue. To lick the sea’s salt off his sweaty sac.

But I had sworn off sex. After having my heart crushed by a broken a promise I had not had sex with anyone for over a year. I was fine with that. This young beautiful man was going to test my resolve.

Josh’s stream quickly became a dribble. He shook his dick a few more times before pulling his shorts up. He could have peed with his back to me but he hadn’t. He had looked right at me and had whipped his junk out. He had wanted me to see his cock. I decided right then that he wanted a roof over his head and a pillow under it and he was going to flash little flesh to get what he wanted. It was not about me. It was about a bed.

After Josh tucked his junk away I told him to follow me back to the common room. I hoped he was watching my firm bubble butt as we walked back across the lawn. All I could think about was how well he could dick me as I showed him the shared space. It was hard to concentrate as I pointed out the basics of the open kitchen/living area. He seemed to be closer to me as I showed him the bathroom and the utility area. By the time we made it to the solar battery storage he was practically on top of me. I wanted him so much my fingers were starting to tremble.

The light was fading, the sky was azure blue when we ended up at the ponds. The upper pond was home to a dozen koi and the surface blanketed with lily pads.

The lower pond was a little larger and a uniform three feet deep all the way around, built for soaking in after a hot hard day of work. Eight men could easily soak at once and often had, especially at holidays.

“Sam, the farm manager, had us dig it last year. He calls it our new nude bathing pool,” I said switching on the lights in sides of the pond. “We chill here a-lot. Sometimes we do water massage. Sometimes synchronized swimming. Sometimes we just float.”

“Would it be O.K. if I tried it out?” Josh asked.

“You live here now,” I said. “Make yourself at home.”

Josh didn’t hesitate to yank his board shorts down again, this time they fell to his feet. He stepped out of them and stood on the edge of the pond. His hands groped his testicles as the last rays of the sun burnished his skin with a golden glow. He was magnificent in his naked glory. I felt like I was seeing the epitome of the evolution of man.

Josh jumped into the water up to his chin. “Ohhhh… Man….” he moaned. “Oh that feels so good.”

“I’ll get you a towel,” I said as I headed for the common room. I had to get away from him before I sprang wood and dove for his cock.

Inside the house I got a towel then stepped to the living room window overlooking the ponds. There were no lights on in the room so I was sure Josh could not see me. He was wading away from me splashing water high into the air. Then he started to jump up and down. His ass tightened up as he jumped making me inhale sharply. I reached down and rubbed my growing dick through the fabric my running shorts. I squeezed the head and felt it re-engorge as it grew harder. I pulled my shorts leg up so my dick could grow to its full fat 6 inches unencumbered. I stood back from the window so Josh wouldn’t be able to see me stroking but so that I could still see him.

At the far end of the pond Josh climbed out so he could dive back in. It was a beautiful dive with strength and control. He stayed under water until he reached the edge of the pond near me. He pulled himself from the water, and stood there unashamedly, with water dripping off his flawless young body. He shook out his full head of blond hair then whipped his hair out of his sun kissed face.

With one hand I gently caressed the sensitive head of my dick, with the other hand I groped my balls and gave them a squeeze in their sac. I knew I shouldn’t be letting him get to me but I had been basically untouched for over a year. Josh and his joyful cavorting was such a pleasure to behold I could’t help myself. The universe had brought a remarkably beautiful man into my life and I wanted to give thanks by shooting a sloppy load into my hand. I fought with myself about wether to stop beating it or keep going. I knew I shouldn’t do it. I was still not past the point of no return. I could stop anytime I wanted to. But then he did something that took me past the point of no return. Standing with his back to me, he widened his stance and from a shallow squat he bent forward, gripping the edge of the pool ready for another dive.

Josh’s ass cheeks parted and his hole was on display. I couldn’t look away. His hole clenched and released and clenched again. I couldn’t turn back, I stroked in ernest, the fire of my lust fanned by the sight of Josh’s communicating hole.

Josh dove in and his glorious body disappeared into the pond. My left hand pulled my sack down tightening the skin of my swollen shaft. My dick head was fully engorged, precum seeping from my slit, heightening the pleasure of my rhythmic friction.

I turned my back to the window so Josh wouldn’t see what I was about to do, and aimed my throbbing cock toward the center of the room. I closed my eyes and replayed the image of Josh’s hole presenting itself to me. I reimagined the clenching and releasing over and over, his soft spot opening and closing. Teasing and inviting my stare. I worked the skin of my shaft up and down, wanting to splatter the ceiling fan eight feet above me with my steaming load.

I had been alone and lonely for so long I really deserved an epic, geyser of an ejaculation. And I was sure that was exactly where I was headed. I could use the sight of Josh’s amazing body to unlock deeply buried passions and he would never know. I could feel my prize coming, rising through my body readying to work itself out.

I was fantasizing about my hungry tongue burrowing into Josh’s musky ass when I was aware of the floor creaking. When I opened my eyes I stopped stroking immediately. Josh was standing in the living room dripping water all over the floor. He had a sly smile on his face and his fat shafted cock was rising to attention.

I was caught. Dick in hand. I was speechless until Josh turned around and squatted forward, again displaying his rosy hole.

“Oh fuck yes,” I said as I started working my cock again.

Josh looked back at me. “You like that ass?” he asked.

“Oh fuck yes,” I said.

Josh turned, his 7 inch cock bobbed in front of him as he walked toward me. “Show me how much you like my ass, Donny,” Josh said. Then he turned his back to me again and squatted. His strong hands reached back and pulled his firm tanned buttocks apart revealing his throbbing pucker.

I dropped to my knees and reached for his ass cheeks. They were firm and warm. I gripped as hard as I could. Josh moaned, pushing his ass back toward me. I inhaled deeply along his taint feeling his fine blond hairs ticking the tip of my nose and my lips. Then I slowly breathed in the aroma of his hole and blew a warm stream dead center. Josh moaned longer when I stuck my lonely tongue out and wiggled it shyly at his most vulnerable spot. His salty asshole clenched at the tip of my tongue. Emboldened by overwhelming lust for Josh, I kissed his puckered offering, licked it, sucked it with lusty abandon.

Josh’s moaning intensified as I gave myself completely to his hole. My thumbs started working their way toward paradise when he stopped me by pulling away. “Not yet,” he said. “I don’t give that up to just anyone.”

“What about that?” I asked, indicating his hard oozing cock.

“Oh that,” Josh said. “You can definitely have that.” He stepped toward me and slapped his dick against my face. I let him slap me again and again, then I caught hold of it with my hand. I stroked down his fat shaft until my hand was buried in his kinky golden bush.

“Show me how much you love my dick,” Josh said in a throaty whisper.

My lips parted slightly as I kissed the tip of his leaking cock head. I pulled back slowly watching the viscous strand now connecting us. My lips parted more as I engulfed the head of his dick locking down tight. I sucked the swollen head wanting to savor the tender flavor of his copious pre-load.

Josh ran his hands through my short hair until they reached the back of my head. Then he pushed his cock further into my throat. He left it there. Then slowly drew it back to the glans before sliding it more forcefully down my throat. I was in Heaven. My dick was throbbing. I wouldn’t allow myself to touch it. I had to give all my attention to the rod before me. It had been so long since my throat had been filled with man meat I truly wanted to take my time and savor every moment of his cock in my mouth.

Josh withdrew his dick from my mouth and rubbed my lips with his swollen dick head. I puckered up and slowly swept my lips along the broad underside of his shaft. I wanted to slide all the way to his hole but his ballsack was clearly in the way. I hefted one nut and slurped it into my warm mouth. I moaned, he moaned. I rolled it around with my tongue before pushing it out and slurping in the other nut. Josh moaned again. I rolled the second nut around in my mouth. Then I opened my mouth as wide as I could sucking both lucky nuts in at once. Josh moaned louder and longer.

I slid an index finger lightly along this hairy taint searching for his sweaty pucker. Josh rebuffed my scouting finger and pulled his balls from my mouth. He took hold of my beefy forearms lifting me up while he himself sank to his knees.

The night outside was sinking into darkness, the living room was already dark. The lights from the pond bathed our entwining bodies in a shimmering glow. His long nimble fingers caressed my aching hard shaft. His angelic lips kissed the pulsing head of my dick. The tip of his tongue darted out of his mouth and directly into my wide slit. It was oozing and his tongue was lapping it up. Without warning my dick disappeared down Josh’s throat. He moaned and pressed himself further into me. As if he couldn’t get enough. He kept my shaft in his mouth until he started to gag and then he pulled his mouth away. “I love having my mouth full of cock.” He said looking up at me.

“You look good with a cock in your mouth.” I said.

“So do you.” He said standing back up. He leaned into me, gently offering his soft lips to mine. I accepted his tender kiss and returned the affection with a bit more energy. He accepted by lightly biting my lower lip then sliding his slim tongue into my hot mouth. My tongue sought out the interloper and the two began to wrestle. My greedy hands gripped Josh by the hips and pulled him into me. I wanted as much of his sweating young skin pressed against mine as I could get. My hands worked their way down in order to grip his magnificent ass as firmly as I could.

Josh pulled his tongue out of my mouth and stuck it in my ear. He snaked it around while his nimble fingers played with my nipples. When he spoke his breath was hot and wet. “I want you to taste my load. Now.” He transferred his hands to my shoulders and pressed down. With regret my hands had to leave his ass and with deep carnal longing my mouth was full of his young hard cock.

He started circling his hips while he fucked my face. I accepted every thrust willingly wantonly unashamedly glorifying the creation of man by opening my throat to him. I wanted him in my ass more than I had wanted anyone. Ever. And I wanted it now.

Josh was circling his hips less and thrusting more. Faster and deeper. I was loving it so much and needing it so deeply that I wanted to slow it all down so I could linger in the truth of our union. But Josh was starting to moan. I was going to get a mouth full and soon. Before he came I slipped one of my fingers in my ass. I moaned when my sphincter was breached. Josh moaned loudly and gripped the back of my head. He raised himself up on his toes and unloaded. He stilled his cock while it spurt. I could feel it slathering the back of my mouth.

I swallowed with gratitude and swirled my tongue around when Josh withdrew his cock. He slapped his still hard rod against my nose leaving behind a splattering of his cum. He bent down and kissed the tip of my nose. I tweaked his nipples with my trembling fingers. He got me to stand up and turn around while he knelt down and buried his face between my ass cheeks.

“Oh my God.” I moaned as his strong tongue worked on my hole. I opened to it’s advances and puckered up to teasingly deny access. I couldn’t keep my hands off my rock hard cock. The knowledge that this amazingly beautiful young muscular man was pillaging my hole with his tongue was too miraculous to ignore. I needed to spew and this was going to be a whooper of a load.

That’s when I saw the headlights entering the orchard beyond the pond. “Josh stop.” I hated saying it, but I had to. “Look.” I indicated the growing light outside.

“Someone’s coming,” he said standing up.

“I was about to cum.” I said, pulling him into the darkest corner of the room. The lights of Sam’s truck swept quickly through the dark room and were gone as he headed for the carport. “Sam will be up here soon to put groceries away,” I said.

“Then give me your load now,” Josh said, turning me toward him and dropping to his knees.

He engulfed my cock and went to town on it. He worked with one hand on my shaft and the other massaging by loaded balls. His mouth worked my fat cock head with a solid rhythm until I was ready to blow. With my trembling fingers running through his long blond hair I could feel my first spurt rising in my shaft. When I ejaculated into Josh’s mouth he moaned with satisfaction as he gulped it down. My second spurt seemed even more intense than the first and I pumped more cream into Josh. More and more came with each succeeding spurt. Josh couldn’t swallow fast enough. My cum was dribbling down his chin. His sleek tongue whipped out and lapped it up. He stood up and I pulled him to me to take back some of what was mine. He offered me his coated tongue and I accepted, cleaning myself off his tongue and chin.

He tenderly pressed his lips to mine and I wanted to stand there forever in the dark with him entwined in my arms. We both saw Sam as he appears beside the lighted pond. I took his hand in mine and hurried with him out the back door into the dark garden beyond. I stopped when we were hidden behind a young stand of clumping bamboo. Light flooded out of the common room below us.

I tenderly kissed him and then spoke quietly into his ear. “Don’t think that means you’ve got yourself a job. You’re still going to have to prove yourself in order to stay here.”

Josh kissed me. “I’ll prove myself to you in lots of ways,” he said. “I promise.”

I led him through the dark garden until I could see his A-frame and I pushed him toward it, watching him walk away from me hoping in the fragrant tropical night that he would keep his promise.

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