Erotic story: Jocks of the South part 7

By Scott Goulding. Check out parts: 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

The same day that both the McCarthy brothers had fucked him, Nick got drunk at their house before he left. He headed home with a sore ass that ached with each step he took. Both hunks had fucked him hard, and he thought about them every time he sat down, with a smile on his face. Nick fell asleep in bed thinking about their erect dicks and sweaty, bulging bodies.

Unknowingly, he leaked a bit in his bed, whispering their names as he drifted into sleep. He dreamt of long, endless days with the two hunks, and how they’d pile load after load into his ass and mouth, planting their seed deep within him and using him to get off. It was the best dream he had in a long time.

It rained hard that night, which was a relief after the strange, warm weather they’d been having recently. Nick would be leaving for California in two days time and was excited to have some cold before he left. He heard California could get even hotter than Texas around this time. The next morning was the day that Matt was also going back to California. His flight was at twelve but that didn’t stop him from hanging out with his bro, even with the rain. That morning, Francis and Matthew had managed to get up early and headed outside to toss a football between each other. It would be a while since they’d see each other again, so the two bros wanted to spend a little bit more time with each other.

They played in their little rugby shorts, which got just as wet as the rest of them, and threw the ball back and forth, occasionally going long or tackling one another. Their shirts were off, which meant that the downpour soaked their hard, muscular bodies on the field. While they played, the two of them talked about sports, sex, and most importantly, Nick.

“So… you’re sure you weren’t weirded out by last night?” Matt asked him, catching the football easily in his large biceps and then tossing it back to his brother.

Francis shook his head, while pushing his hair out of his face. “Nah. Besides, it was my idea. You guys deserved to fuck one last time before you left, and I was just really horny.”

Matt laughed, catching the ball again. “Double-teaming with you is fun, bro. Remember back when we fucked Alyssa?”

Francis suddenly turned red, trying to hide his embarrassment. The both of them had fucked the chick good–Francis’ dick impaled her pussy while Matt stuck his junk in her ass. It suddenly made since why Matt had volunteered to take the back door. “Yeah, dude,” he chuckled, grinning like a pervert. “I remember.”

Matt caught the ball and threw it back, watching the rain slick off his brother’s beefy body. The water ran down his large, broad shoulders and veiny traps. His wide, chunky pecs were covered in fine, brown hair, which ran down the rest of his body: down his six-pack, across his waist and then it grew into a wild jungle at his crotch. Francis’ happy trail was a forest of its own, and the pubes around his dick were just as densely populated.

Francis’ stubble had grown out, and the hair on his head was beginning to get long too. It was a bit curly now, but still entirely messy, especially in the rain. His prominent cheek bones and bright green eyes set him apart from other guys, and not for the first time, Matt realized just how hot his younger brother was.

“I wish we could do that more often,” Matt muttered, “y’know… fuck some holes together.” Matt threw the ball to him. Francis’ hairy abs rippled as he stretched to catch the ball. His biceps were large and veiny, and his soft, rugged face scrunched up into a grunt as he took the ball in his hands. Matt watched Francis’ shorts stretch up as he jumped to catch the football.

Francis laughed again, looking at Matthew. “Who’s hole, exactly? Nick?” Francis’ muscular, hairy thighs were exposed for all the world to see, and the bulge in his shorts was fairly obvious. More water ran down Francis’ half-naked body, and what little clothing he had on was dripping heavily.

Matt could see the long, thick imprint of Francis’ dick sticking against the cloth, and the base of his member was visible through his long pubes as Francis caught the ball. Matt shook his head at him. “No. Not Nick. I know you have feelings for him.”

Francis tensed. “No I don’t.”

“Don’t lie to me, bro. You basically admitted it to me the other day.”

Francis tossed the ball at him angrily. Matt could see the muscles on Francis’ thighs jiggle, and his loose, wet balls shook in his tiny, sporty attire. “He’s a good guy and I just don’t want him to get hurt. So what if I care about him?”

Matt shrugged. His brother was cute when he was angry–cuter than usual. He wondered why it was so hard for him to get a girl. “There’s nothing wrong with it, Francis. Except, you ought to tell Nick how you feel. What if he finds someone else to fuck? What if he gets a boyfriend? You’ll feel like shit when he leaves you for someone else.”

Francis caught the ball and squeezed it hard with his palms. The veins in his biceps popped and his arms flexed violently, along with his abs and pecs. He was definitely angry, but he wasn’t sure at what (or who) exactly. “Nick can do whatever the fuck he wants. I don’t give a shit. As long as he doesn’t skip out on me when I need sex, I really don’t care. I don’t have feelings for him.”

Matt shook his head. “Francis… don’t be like that.”

“Like what, Matt? What exactly am I being?”

“You’re being a pussy. You’re scared of what you might feel for Nick. I’m telling you to face your feelings so that you don’t get hurt when Nick finds someone else, like he found me when you weren’t hitting it right.”

Francis hesitated, then angrily threw the ball at Matt, almost catching him in the face. Matt expected as such, and didn’t blame him. He’d pushed the few buttons that Francis didn’t like. His younger brother was very protective of his masculinity, especially when Matt was around, so this response wasn’t a surprise.

Matt tried to reason with him. “You shouldn’t care about what others will think, Francis. Just do what you feel is right,” he said, scratching his wet balls as he kept the football from Francis. His brother had his hands on his waist, waiting for Matt to pass the football back. His cleats were soaked and his bare legs were still dripping, along with his brawny torso and bulging member.

“Take some time. Go hunting or something, maybe a night in the woods. Just clear your mind and think about what you want. I’m trying to help you, bro. I’ve been through this before and when I didn’t act on my feelings, I got hurt real bad.”

Francis looked to the ground, not sure what to make of things. His brother usually gave great advice and hadn’t steered him wrong before, especially when it came to girls. But this was different–this had to do with a guy. And if Francis knew anything, it was that all guys wanted sex. What if that was all Nick wanted from Francis? He had no intention of embarrassing himself in front of him. “I guess…” he started.

Matt grinned, rubbing his wet ass. “Trust me. It’ll help. A day or two away from all this.” He threw the ball back, making Francis’ pecs bounce as he went long to catch it. When Francis finally ran back towards him, he had a faint smile on his face. He walked right up to Matt and threw the football down, opening his arms to embrace Matt in a hug.

“Thanks, man…” Francis whispered, feeling his brother’s wet, slippery body against his. They patted each other’s backs, and their groins pressed each other. They could feel the other dude’s wet dick, but they didn’t care. They were brothers and had seen each other naked more times than they could count. And most importantly, they loved one another.

Matt gave Francis a short little kiss on his cheek, slapping his ass. “No prob, bro.” Then, as Francis pulled away from their hug, Matt put a hand down to his brother’s crotch and bounced his loose, wet balls in his hands, teasing him. “Now you gonna turn soft on me or are we gonna play?”

Francis smacked Matt’s arms away, laughing. He picked up the ball and passed it to Matt, running away so that his brother could throw a long one. His powerful, burly thighs surged with power as he planted his legs into the tough ground, running across the open field to intercept the throw. His large, half-naked body was drenched in rain and more came down on his wet muscles, cooling his hot, pumping body.

Matt threw him a pass and watched as his brother ran into the ground to catch it, sliding across the wet grass. When he got up, his whole front was covered in mud, and his body looked even hotter than before. He was a dirty guy, and it kinda turned Matt on. If it wasn’t for the cold water, Matt would have had a tent in his shorts right about then.

“That was a dirty throw!” Francis yelled, laughing as he tried to get the mud off his cock. He pulled his shorts down, not caring if Matt saw his long, fat member, and rubbed the dirt off himself.

“No, you just suck dick at catching!” Matt grunted, teasing his brother.

Francis shook his head, laughing some more as he watched Matt pretend to hump the air at him. Then, when Francis wasn’t looking, Matthew stuck a hand down his shorts and adjusted himself. Talking about Nick had aroused him, and he suddenly realized just how much he was going to miss the teenager. But Nick belonged to Francis–not Matt. He’d just have to find someone else. And right then, it looked like he might have found a hole to distract him. Or maybe, it was a dick he was after…

Francis was running towards him with the ball, pretending to dodge big players and twirling stupidly in the air to bypass the opponent. Then, he passed the ball to Matt, mud still covering most of his bare body, and chased after him, seeing if he could catch up and get him in a tackle.

Matt went slow deliberately. He could tel that Francis was having some issues with his masculinity and he knew that Francis looked up to him in every way. He didn’t want his brother to feel any worse, so he let Francis tackle him. He regret it instantly.

Matt’s shorts came down to his ankles in a flash as he hit the muddy ground. He felt Francis’s arms and face on his calves, and his own dick was cold and wet.

“Fuck!” Matt yelled, turning around suddenly and desperately trying to pull his shorts back up. He saw Francis sitting up, laughing hysterically as he stared at Matt’s ass and dick, flopping around in the wet dirt.

“Shut up,” Matt laughed back, his face turning pink. Francis was sitting with his legs wide apart, and his balls bulging through his trunks. There was mud all over his lower body and he was too tired to even care. The two brothers just sat on the cold ground, laughing and giggling, until they finally found the strength to get back up. They trudged back up to the house, kicking off their shoes and heading upstairs to shower.

“Good game, boys?” their father asked, raising an eyebrow as his two filthy sons came stomping through the kitchen.

“Yeah, dad, ” Matt smiled.

“You two better clean up before your mother sees,” he told them, drinking coffee out of his mug. “We’re not driving you to the airport like that.”

Francis scratched at his muddy balls, which were sticking out of his shorts by now. “We’re on it.”

Their father gave Matt a spank on his ass before they went upstairs, then sat down and began to read the paper. He missed seeing his boys hanging out.

It didn’t take long for the both of them to get naked. Francis and Matt lumbered into the same shower, turning on the water and hastily rubbing the dirt off their bodies. They squeezed in under the shower head, occasionally pushing and punching each other in order to get directly beneath it. The boys liked being physical with each other and it showed.

“Quit touching my ass, dude,” Francis laughed.

“Then stop staring at my dick,” Matt retorted.

Francis rubbed his slick, hairy body, getting rid of the mud and watching it run down his long, flaccid dick. He squeezed his member and pulled on it, touching himself in pleasure while cleaning. Matt easily noticed his brother getting a bit hard and wondered what exactly he was up to. He also wondered if he could get away with doing the same thing.

Matt turned around so that his fat, meaty ass was facing his brother. He knew Francis enjoyed a good, bulky butt. Matt rubbed his cheeks and ran the water through his crack, before stepping close enough to Francis so that his butt rubbed up against Francis’ dick. The hairy jock didn’t object, aware that there wasn’t much space for the two of them in the shower.

When Matt turned back around, his dick was half hard, although it was too heavy to stick upward. It was a large, pole of man meat, throbbing violently and rising with each passing second. It wouldn’t be long until Matthew was fully erect.

Francis couldn’t help but stare at his brother’s large member. He tugged on his own dick, feeling blood gush through his shaft. He was also getting harder by the second, and he wanted sweet release.

Matt was rubbing his cock, stroking his shaft gently as Francis watched on, doing the same to his own dick. Matt let him watch, teasing him a little and letting him rub up on his butt. Francis felt his mouth water, and he knew that in a few moments, he would be just as hard as his brother was.

Matt was rubbing his schlong now, fapping at a good pace, swinging his low balls wildly back and forth. He was almost fully erect, but his head was completely exposed, jutting out from his foreskin. Then, he picked up his speed, slowly thrusting the air and grunting with each jerking motion.

Francis stared, bleary-eyed, as his brother jacked off in front of him. He’d seen him do it countless times before, and Matt had seen Francis do it, but this was different. Matt was inches away from Francis’ body, and his ass was rubbing up on the jock’s side.

“You don’t mind… if I jerk off, right?” Matt huffed, leaning against the tiled wall and arching his back, as if to show Francis what he was missing out on.

“N-no,” Francis answered, absent-mindedly rubbing his own erection, which was covered in bulging blue veins. His brother was making him horny.

“Fuck,” Matt muttered, humping the air fast, ripping his arm back and forth as his balls jerked all of the place and his penis shot pre-cum all over the wall.

“Uhhhhnnn…” Francis moaned silently, feeling his dick stiffen and convulse in his hand. He was jacking off too now, going a little quicker than before. His one hand cupped his balls while his other pleasured his fat pink cock.

Francis watched, mesmerized, as the stud thrusted the air, making his fat ass clench and expelling deep, powerful moans and grunts. The jock continued to wank, rubbing his ass with one hand and his member with the other. Was it not for the sound of the shower coming down beside him, Francis was sure the entire house would be filled with Matt’s horny groans, the fapping sound of his foreskin, and his balls smacking into his legs.

“Uhhhnnn… fuck,” Matthew muttered.

Matt’s hand was moving fast, and his air-humping got even faster. Francis felt his own dick aching for release as he jerked himself off. Francis was fapping hard, pulling on his wet dick and slicking his head up with pre-cum. He stood next to Matt, their bodies grazing each other, and began humping the air like his brother. He was breathing quick, deep breaths, biting his lips and groaning as his brother moaned in pleasure.

Matt was close. He jerked off quickly pounding on the wall as he wanked. His big, nine inch boner was a monster, ready to erupt like a volcano, spewing his priceless jock-seed all over the shower. He was driving himself into the air furiously, moaning and grunting like a horny caveman. Testosterone coursed through his veins and blood was making his muscles swell up.

His ego got bigger as he listened to his brother’s own horny grunts and groans. The two brothers bonded as they jacked off together, their bodies touching, Francis ass was pressed up next to Matt’s, their bare, wet skin hot with blood and sliding off one another. Their legs were flat against the other’s , and Matt had an excellent view of his brother’s red dick, ready to shoot its load all over.

“Fuckkk!” Matt yelled, throwing his head back as he began to ejaculate. He felt the fat load rip through his cock and erupt out of his tip, setting his whole shaft on fire and sending unfathomable jolts of pleasure up his spine, making his whole bulky body shiver erratically. He jizzed all over the shower, watching as his load burst from his thick dick and painted the floor with his sperm.

Matt had finished so hard that his own cum had shot a meter through the air before landing on the tiled walls of the shower. Matt stood in the shower for a long while, feeling more jerks of pleasure racing through his entire groin and shivers entering his dick like he’d just came for the first time. Matt knew his brother was staring at him and his dick, but he realized that Francis pace had slowed. Almost as if he was waiting for something…

“Need a hand?” Matt said, putting his cum-covered palm to his brother’s stiff, leaking member. He covered his head, massing it through his skin and let his spunk spew out of it. Then he used his fingers to find his way inside the foreskin, rubbing his brother’s raw glans and using the water to clean his cock.

“Fuck…” Francis moaned, closing his eyes as his brother slipped his head in-between his knuckles, using his hard fingers to milk his tip. As much as Francis enjoyed the feeling, he didn’t want to cum so quickly. He let Matt pleasure him for a while before he pushed his hand away.

“Wait… I wanna watch some porn first,” Francis said, wishing his boner would go down. He felt like a single step would result in him busting his nut.

Matt nodded, knowing he had his brother right where we wanted him, and that soon, things between them would get even better…

They helped each other lather up on soap and then quickly rinsed off, stepping out of the shower and wiping themselves messily with a towel. When they were relatively dry, Francis crashed on Matt’s bed. His brother was still buck naked and with his cock hanging right out, but he didn’t seem to mind having Francis around. They were usually naked around each other anyway, but they eventually put on some underwear after Francis found a pair for each of them.

They still had a few hours before Matt had to leave, so they made the most of it. It was just the two brothers in Matt’s room, with nothing on but their boxers and a long bong to smoke out of. Matt’s put some porn up on his TV, but the two bros had been so used to it that their half-hard dicks barely reacted to the good parts. The curtains were drawn, there was food all over the floor, and a whole shelf full of empty beer bottles from last night.

“That week went by fast,” Francis said, scratching his balls through his boxers.

Matt shook his head, pushing back some of his medium-length, tan hair. As the sun came through his curtains, it hit his brilliant cream skin and turned his hair a glowing blond. Like Francis, he was wearing nothing but his boxer briefs.

“Nah man, it’s been pretty long. I wanna stay longer but I can’t miss a week of class. I’m already failing one my classes, don’t need to get behind on my other work.”

Francis tried to hold his laughter, looking a bit enviously at his brother. His chest was much more pronounced than his, and his beach-blond hair was an instant turn on for the ladies. As well, he had really bright blue eyes. He also sported a square jaw, and high cheekbones–perhaps the only thing the two of them shared physically.

“That sucks, man. It’s fine if you don’t wanna stay. But we’ve gotta spend more time together, then, some other day.”

“You know it,” Matt answered, now rummaging through a cooler for another beer.

Francis watched his brother’s big, eight-pack of abs ripple. Francis had been trying so long to get his six pack like that, but so far to no avail. Fortunately, he thought, they both had the same thigh-width: strong, muscular legs that rippled with each movement and a fat matching ass that made girls stare. Matt’s body, however, wasn’t touched by a single hair. From the multiple times he’d seen his brother’s naked ass, he knew that the only thing hairy about Matt were his pubes and his pits. The only other places he had hair was on his head, his eyelashes, and his eyebrows. At least Francis could grow a beard.

Matt sat back down beside Francis on the bed. Their legs brushed against each other, but Francis tried to focus on the porn instead.

“Here,” Matt said, passing his brother a joint.

Francis took it without hesitation. He put it to his mouth, aware of the sticky wetness from Matt’s lips. It was strange for Francis–to be aware of every little thing that seemed gay to him, like he was hypersensitive or something.

A month ago, he would have thought nothing about sharing a joint or grazing against his best friend’s body parts. But now, as they sat there with a tent pitched in their underwear, Francis couldn’t help but think whether this was a guy-thing or just remotely gay. He shook the hazy thoughts clear of his head–he did this kinda stuff with all his friends too, so why should he worry?

Francis began rubbing his dick, watching the man on the TV pump in and out of the girl’s pussy. She was looking back up at him, wailing and moaning, muttering his name and arching her back. The man kept driving his shaft into her, fucking her like a machine and not even caring to admire her fat, bouncing titties or the looks of pleasure she was giving him.

Francis watched the dick go in and out, and how little the man actually did. He just kept his hands on her waist, pile-driving himself onto her. It suddenly made sense why Nick had chosen Matt over him. Francis just hoped he could make it up to him before it was too late.

“She’s so hot,” Matt said, letting Francis keep the joint and instead focusing on the screen. Then, as if it were a normal part of their day, Matt just whipped his dick out of boxer briefs and began to stroke himself. It was over nine inches and had a nice girth to match. He also had a nice long vein running down the underside, making his pink head throb in pleasure. He wrapped his hand around his member, stroking it up and down and staring intently at the screen, not taking his eyes off. “Fuck,” he muttered, as the chick groaned even louder. It didn’t surprise Francis that Matt was up for shooting another quick load.

Francis took his dick out too. He felt himself thrusting the air, rubbing himself up and fapping his boner rapidly. His foreskin made the sounds of jerking off echo across the room and the balls still inside his boxers were loose and were smacking onto his big thighs.

“Shit, I’m so horny,” Francis heard himself say.

Matt took his eyes off the screen. He still hadn’t cum yet. “You want me to finish what we started in there?” Matt asked, nudging his head to the wet shower.

Francis looked at his brother, a grin on his face. “Sure man. Jerk me off.”

Matt gave him a horny smile. He scooted closer to Francis, both their thighs pressed against each other now. Francis let go of his dick for only a second when he felt Matthew’s warm, soft hand wrap around it. He kept a nice grip–not too tight, but well enough that it felt like he was trying to milk the cum out of Francis’ cock.

“Fffuck,” Francis said, thrusting his hips into Matthew’s hand. “Thanks, bro,”

Matthew looked back at the chick. “No prob.”

Remembering Matthew’s own cock, Francis hesitantly reached his hand for Matthew’s dick.

“Don’t worry about it bro. We’ll do you first. We can worry about me later.”

Francis smiled at him. “Thanks.”

Matt nodded. He pulled his own underwear down to his ankles and began to rub his balls with his free hand. He kept jerking Francis, varying the strokes and reaching up and down to his most sensitive areas. It seemed like touching another man’s dick was turning Matt on as well.

Francis closed his eyes and pushed his legs wide apart, feeling Matt’s smooth thighs and muscular calfs against his. Their feet touched, and in that moment, Francis felt even closer with his brother–both their legs nearly intertwined.

Francis took in breaths of relief as the pleasure swept over him. It felt so nice to have a hand on his cock, squeezing the pre-cum out of his head and using it to lube up his shaft. The soft hand went down into his thick mess of pubes, tickling his skin and making Francis’ groin prickle in ecstasy. Then his brother’s hand came back up to his head and lingered for a bit, rubbing the loose, wet skin around it in a tease and then playfully going back down.

Matt picked up speed. He helped Francis push his boxers down, which allowed his balls to bounce up and down even faster, making wild noises. They jiggled like they were on springs, the soft, hairless skin of his sack slapping against his thighs. As the chick on-screen began to scream her partner’s name, Francis felt himself fuck Matt’s hand. He began to thrust harder, playing with his balls and his pubes with both hands. He moaned soft swear words, weak murmurs and groaned at his bro’s touch, letting out hot sighs of pleasure.

“Shit, man,” Francis muttered, breaking the silence. The hand-job was making him weak, and he never felt to sensitive to a guy’s touch before. In past times, it had just been about getting his rocks off, but now, he was actually enjoying another man’s touch–his best friend’s. His brother’s. “Matt that’s awesome.”

“Glad to know I’m good,” Matthew laughed, wiping some sweat off of his bulging, pink pecs.

Francis kept fucking the air, wagging his dick up and down and keeping his mouth open to taste the steamy, humid air that smelled like cum and weed. But despite the sensations on his cock, he couldn’t help but feel as though he wanted more. And he knew his brother would be willing to give it to him. Matt liked sucking cock almost as much as Nick did. “Matt… could you… blow me?”

Matt suddenly slowed his pace, looking up at Francis. “What? Really?”

“Yeah, dude. I… I really need it.”

Matt looked surprised. “I thought… I thought you didn’t wanna do that anymore,” he said, focusing on pleasuring Francis’ tip, trying to open him up a bit. “I though you said we grew out of that.”

He shook his head. “I don’t care right now. I’m so fucking horny, I’d do just about anything.”

Matt smiled, a horny grin across his face. “Anything?”

“No anal, Matt. Just head.”

“Good enough for me…” Matt muttered, suddenly turning his whole body. He faced Francis’ crotch, looking up at him with doleful eyes. “You sure you want this?”

“Yeah.” He nodded. “Do it. I’m so hard right now.”

Matt gently put his fingers on Francis’ cock and pulled slightly, slowly revealing his red-hot cock. His surrounding pubes were soft and curly, and as Matt pulled down to the base of the stud’s cock, Matt could feel his own erection shooting weak lines of pre-cum across the bed. Matt got close to Francis’ shaft, letting the thick, veiny cock hit him in the chin and graze his face and nose. It spread pre-cum where it touched, and Francis let out low sigh as the sensitive skin of his member brushed Matt’s face.

“I’ve been wanting to do this again…” Matt said, looking at the eight inches of throbbing meat. “I needed to suck some dick while I was here.”

Francis smirked, showing Matt his white teeth. “Then just do it.”

Matt gently put his lips to the head of Francis’ cock, kissing the tip and taking the base of his shaft into his hand. He pulled his boxers further down with the other hand, exposing his loose balls and his tanned, muscular thighs.

“Fffuuucck…” Francis gasped, feeling Matt’s soft lips against his pulsing head. The hunk pushed his tongue into Francis’ piss-slit, invading the most sensitive part of his body and making his squirm in pleasure. Francis’ legs felt weak, and he was afraid that he’d melt into Matt’s mouth at any moment.

Matt licked up the few drops of pre-cum that leaked from the shaft and turned to Francis. “I forgot how good you tasted,” he said, grinning like a school boy.

“Suck that cock, Matty,” Francis whispered, putting his hands through Matt’s hair and slowly guiding his mouth back to his throbbing, wet schlong.

Matt pulled down on his foreskin again then put his tongue to Francis’ cock, slowly licking up the fluids leaking out of his brother’s head. Then he looked back up to see if it was okay, if his brother really still wanted it.

“Fuckkk….” Francis moaned, closing his eyes and throwing his head back. His hands were on his chest, playing with his hard nipples, occasionally pinching and twisting them as Matt downed his bro’s massive dick. “Fuck, don’t stop, bro.”

“Mmmm…” Matt smiled at him, before going deeper on Francis’ member. He licked the juices off the throbbing shaft, feeling the gritty sweat against his tongue and the thick, creamy wads of pre-cum lubricate his mouth. He could taste the leftover cum from Francis’ fuck with Nick last night, despite the two brothers having showered that morning. There was the unmistakable taste of Nick’s ass, and his brother’s dick was a familiar texture, one that he had missed ever since he’d gone away to college.

“Just like that, Matty,” Francis whined, bucking his hips into Matthew’s face. His pecs twitched and his abs clenched as his brother sucked him off, milking the pre-ejaculate from his sensitive, red tip. Francis rubbed a hand through Matt’s hair, and then put his arm behind his head, exposing his hairy, sweaty pits. “Keep going, bro.”

Matt chocked and gagged on his cock, using a hand to guide the engorged member in and out of his mouth. He could feel his brother’s heart beating through his thick boner, and his erect shaft was pulsing erratically in his hole. Matt downed his whole shaft, letting his hard head hit the back of his throat. His face was buried in Francis’ long bushy pubes, which still smelled like cum, sweat and piss. Apparently Matt hadn’t cleaned his brother well enough.

Matt took more of the hot, meaty pole into his mouth, feeling the soft skin tingle and sizzle with heat against his tongue. Matt pulled the man’s boxers down to his ankles, fully exposing his thick, hairy legs to the both of them.

The veins were pulsing hard inside of Matt, as the sweaty penis filled his mouth. The stud let out low moans of ecstasy as Matt went down on him, taking more and more penis. With the dick all the way in, the head now jamming itself hard on the back of Matt’s throat, the beach hunk choked and gurgled up pre-cum, slobbering his spit all over the meaty pole.

“Oh fuckkk… oh shit… that’s amazing, Matt…”

Matt smiled as he withdrew from the cock, still keeping the glans tight between his lips. Then, as Francis thrusted his groin into Matt’s face again, the dick came hard into his mouth, jamming Matt full. Matt began cocking his head, massaging his gaping, hungry hole up and down Francis’ hard shaft.

“Uhhnnnn…” Francis sighed, his mouth open and drooling with desperation for Matt’s touch. Matty’s big hands were gripped around Francis’ cock, his fingers tangled in his pubic hair. Francis’ muscular crotch twitched and flexed as Matt sucked him off, salivating all over his rigid, flopping member.

“Mmmmmm…” he smiled at Francis, watching the sheer pleasure etched across Francis’ face, and the surprise of knowing that another man was capable of giving him these sensations–his own brother. Francis’ dick squirted more pre-cum into his mouth, some beginning to escape Matt’s eager lips and instead dripping down his chin.

“Ughhhh… fuck, I’m almost there. Don’t stop.”

Matt nodded, pursing his wet lips and hardening his blows. He picked up the pace, going down on him even further. His pubes grazed Matt’s eyes, and he could feel the stiff head attack the backside of his throat. But Matt’s insides ached with desire. He was squatting on the floor and his bare naked ass, with his balls hanging low enough to nearly graze the ground, was clenching and puckering in anticipation, desperate for something to penetrate him.

Matt worked hard on him, using his tongue to massage the scorching hot cock-head and fat, veiny shaft. His hands were on his brother’s hairy, naked thighs, while his mouth engulfed the entire length of his penis, making him gag and choke on the man’s length and girth. He forced himself down on the swollen boner, wanting to pleasure the hot stud and get him off.

“Jesus!” Francis yelled, putting both his hands on Matt’s head and pushing his face further down on his dick, biting his lip and thrusting hard. Matt sucked him off eagerly, tasting his brother’s sperm and feeling his cock jerk violently while Matt’s own ass craved cock.

Then, with a series of hard thrusts, and after his hips began to buck violently, Francis’ cock jerked and his balls crumpled.


Three powerful jets of his hot jock-spunk attacked the back of Matt’s throat, slathering his skin with the thick, salty semen and filling his mouth up in the bitter saltiness. The manly fluid felt heavy and it tasted so good, leaking and dripping out of Matt’s hole as he tried to swallow his brother’s seed.

Matt choked on his spunk, as two more shots escaped his slit and hit the roof of his mouth. Meanwhile, Francis was wiggling and writhing in pleasure, unable to catch his breathe as the bliss of Matt’s mouth milked his cock of all it’s sperm, and then he began to realize that his brother had swallowed every bit of it. After a few moments of Matt continuing to slobber on his fat cock, Francis could see that he was still erect, despite, having unloaded in Matty’s mouth, and there was a urge deep inside him that told him to go for more.

“Holy shit, dude…” Francis muttered, rubbing the sweat off his massively hard, hairy pecs and his furry abs. He could feel Matt stare at his monstrous shaft as well as his bulky body, longing for something else.

Matt let his brother’s dick out of his mouth, looking up at him with a slight grin. There was still cum on his chin and slobber across his lips. He licked it up, swallowing even that tiny amount. He didn’t let any cum go to waste–not his brother’s.

“That was great, bro…” Francis said, his voice weak and out of breath.

“I need you to fuck me,” Matt told him abruptly, getting to his feet now. He was the older brother, and what he said was law. He needed his best friend to plough him hard and fast like he’d ploughed Nick. And he needed it now.

“I… I just came, dude.”

“So? You still look hard to me.”

Francis knew he was right… and there was something about having his brother suck him off that made Francis feel incredibly masculine and powerful. His hips were aching for action, and his dick was still twitching, making his loose balls bounce. “I… I don’t wanna fuck you,” Francis lied.

Matt was adamant. He climbed overtop his brother, leaning on his shoulders to push him hard against the bed, in order not to escape. Matthew’s ass waved dangerously close over Francis’ erection, but as the beach hunk wrapped his legs around the younger jock’s waist, his ass slipped silently behind the trembling boner, grazing the shaft with his soft, hairy balls.

“Yes you do, little bro. I can feel it, right here,” Matt said, putting his big hands over Francis’ wet, hairy pec. The film of sweat over them was enticing, and huge drops rolled down his bulging chest and nipples, reaching his abs and now covering Matt’s own body.

“It’s wrong…” Francis stuttered, slowly wrapping his hands around Matt’s waist. He began to clench his brother’s fat ass, feeling the thick globes with his fingers. His cheeks were large and perky, bouncy like basketballs. He couldn’t stop himself from feeling the meat in his palms. It was an ass that almost rivalled Nick’s. Almost.

“Who cares, bro? I’ll be gone in a few hours. This will be our only chance. Let’s just do it, man. Like old times.”

Francis cock ached. He wanted to fuck his older brother, especially with the hard, muscular body overtop his. He wanted to dominate his bro, to show him who the man of the house was, but something about his situation made his balls quiver. Maybe he was just that horny. “We were teenagers our last time together, Matty… we could barely get laid. It was different back then.”

“I don’t give a fuck.” Matt rubbed Francis’ pecs, then moved his hands down his hard abs and began to play with Francis cock again. He rubbed the massive tool, massaging the meat and stretching his foreskin. A sigh of ecstasy escaped Francis’ sweaty face, and he closed his eyes, accepting his brother’s touch. “I taught you how to fuck… and for that, you owe me. Show me how you’ve grown since I’ve been gone.”

“Matt… I…”

“I’m gonna ride you,” Matt said assertively. His ass was hurting so bad, wanting a fat dick to penetrate it more than anything. And Francis was more than man enough to do it.

“No. No riding. If we’re gonna do this… we do it my way. I’ll fuck you myself, Matty,” Francis commanded, already lifting Matt off of him so that he could insert his penis inside his pink hole.

Matt smiled. He knew that would get his brother’s attention.

Francis pulled on his cock, beginning to line it up to Matt’s hole. “I’m… I’m going in raw, bro.”

Matt nodded. “I’ve already lubed you up,” he said, smiling a bit. “And my ass is watering for that dick.”

“Then let me at it…” Francis ran his hands over Matt’s cheeks, grabbing a fistful and spreading them apart. He needed to ram his cock inside of that hole. Matt then adjusted himself, lowering his fat cheeks onto Francis’ cock. He squealed, moaning in pain as the schlong entered his dripping wet cunt, spewing pre-cum all over both their balls and thighs.

“Oh fuck!” he exclaimed, as Francis cock began to enter him.

“Shiiiitt…” Francis moaned, letting Matt settle on his dick. He was inside his own brother, who so desperately needed a good, thorough fucking. Francis dick shivered as his brother’s flesh wrapped around his shaft, warming him up and rubbing his bulging veins and throbbing head. His ass came down around Francis’ balls, his large weight turning the jock on. Francis was fucking another jock, one who needed to be bred as much as Francis needed to fuck. And this was someone he loved, his best friend. Suddenly, Francis realized that for Matt, he’d be willing to do anything.

“Ooooohhh fuckkk…” Matt whined, pushing himself further down on his dick as he held onto Francis’ broad shoulders and twitching pecs. His nipples were sharp like glass, fully erect and turned on for a good fuck.

Francis held his brother down, rubbing his ass before spreading his legs apart to get some good leverage. Then, when he thought he was ready, the jock slowly began to thrust himself deeper into Matt’s hole, lifting himself into the ass, trying to penetrate him as deep as he could.

“Shit! Fuck, that hurts bro,” Matt exclaimed, gritting his teeth as the fat, eight-incher prodded his bladder and completely missed his prostate. From this position, Francis was able to reach much further up, and his extra length helped too.

“This is what you wanted,” Francis reminded him, suddenly falling back onto the bed, letting the sensations in his dick take over. “Watching you fuck Nick turned me on,” he admitted, still feeling up Matt’s ass.

“It turned me on too,” Matt added, “seeing you ram him.” He laughed a bit, panting for air as Francis pushed into him again. “Oh fuck, pound me bro. Just fucking pound my ass. I need some dick.”

“You got it,” Francis sighed, beginning to pick up his speed. Suddenly, his thrusts got faster, and the bed was creaking violently under the weight of both the jocks. Francis bit his lip as he drilled his brother, fucking him deep and quick, ramming his hole and filling him up with wet, cum-stained cock.

“Ohhhhh fuck! Uhhhhhnnhnnnnn!” Matt whined, swearing and moaning at each of his brother’s speedy thrusts. Francis was impaling him like his cock was a piston, his large, muscular legs and fat balls coming again and again, slapping into Matt’s groin and breeding his tight, slippery hole. Matt continued to wail, feeling Francis plunge deeper and deeper.

Francis grunted like a caveman, testosterone coursing through his body. “Uggggghhhhh! Fuck, bro! You’re so tight.” His hands were still grabbing hard onto Matt’s ass and waist, digging into his flesh and putting red prints all over. He slapped his ass, spanking his cock-hungry brother and pulling him close.

He rocked Matt back and forth, fucking his hole more rough and faster each time. He was slapping his balls onto Matt’s cheeks, and the sound of their muscles colliding so hard echoed throughout the entire room, which smelled like fresh, salty cum and dirty underwear.

“Fuck me! Harder!” Matt cried, rubbing his own cock wildly, using his other hand to hold onto Francis’ hot body. His hard dick flopped up and down against both their abs, throwing pre-cum all over the place and making Matt’s hard, smooth body sweat even more.

Matt was groaning hard, screaming like a horny jock as Francis’ huge dick pounded him again and again, hammering him up his asshole. The throbbing shaft shot pre-cum inside of him, and Matt could feel it inside, slushing and squirting as the huge cock head came back again for more. Francis was so deep inside of Matt that he could feel his brother’s heart begin to beat even faster.

The entire bed creaked and rocked hard under both their motions as Francis grabbed Matt’s bright white ass and slammed it against his hairy groin, rubbing the fat globes and spanking him. “Take that cock, bro! Fucking eat up that dick, Matty.”

“Uhhhnnnnnn, yeah, fuck me like that, Francis! Show me who’s boss. Nail me good!” Matt swore and stuttered, unable to talk while breathing so hard and groaning with each word.

Francis couldn’t say anything back. His moans and heavy breaths were loud enough to tell Matt he was enjoying every minute of breeding his brother’s fat, beefy ass. Francis was still thrusting hard and fast, as if he were a machine designed to do nothing else but fuck. He slapped Matt’s ass, and then put his hands against Mat’s soft back, grabbing him by his shoulders and using it to push Matt hard against his cock as they fucked.

Then, Francis flipped Matt over. He was quick, slamming his brother down onto his back while his massive cock was still inside him. He was strong, and his massive biceps flexed as he spread Matt’s legs apart, adjusting his position on the bed as he fucked him missionary.

“Shit,” Matt muttered, feeling his brother’s cock swell up.

Francis grinned. “I’m on top now, faggot.”

“Yeahhh… show me what you can do, bro.”

Francis was on his knees, staying low to reach his brother’s ass. He pushed Matt’s legs apart, also spreading his own to get a good firm grip. Then, he wrapped his arms around Matthew’ thighs and lifted them into the air, beginning to drill him again. He pushed his brother’s legs over Matt’s body, bending him in half and exposing more of his tight hole. He was able to fuck him better now, putting Matthew in a more submissive position.

Francis’ entire shaft came out before it went back in, slipping silently inside him at an amazing speed, lubed up by the sweat of Francis’ body, the juices of Matt’s ass, and the wads of pre-cum that had escaped his tip.

“Ohhhhhhh fuckkk! Ohhhh fuck, Francis! Fuuuuucckkkk!”

Francis couldn’t talk. He was too focused on breeding his brother’s hole, using it like it was a cheap, worthless sex toy. If his brother wanted to be fucked by him so bad, then Francis would show him how a real man had sex, instead of all of that pussy shit. He was an aggressive, dominate male, and that’s exactly how he’d fuck.

More sweat rolled down Francis’ hairy body, both his pecs dripping at this point. Flecks of pre-cum shot out all over the place, getting the bedsheets dirty and spraying Matt’s loose balls. The hunk was jacking himself off as his brother impaled him, breeding him hard and fast.

“Fuckkk!!!” he exclaimed, his deep, horny voice turning Francis on.

Matt grabbed onto Francis’ waist as his thrusts shortened. He kept his large rod inside him, barely pulling out at all as he fucked. He drilled him quickly, pounding his fat ass and angrily spanking him. He was fucking the shit out his older brother, ramming every inch of his anus.

Then, Francis held Matt’s shoulders down and began to fuck him even harder, pounding him nice and fast, returning to his quick pace and panting hot breaths onto Matt’s sticky pecs. Sweat dripped off Francis’ abs, gliding across both guys as their bodies slid and rubbed against the other.

“Fuck me!” Matt screamed, feeling the hard, hotrod expanding his hole and ripping through his entire body.

Francis was humping hard, pounding his piston-cock in and out like a pendulum. He didn’t say a word, panting quickly with short, shallow breaths. Sweat began to drip off Francis’ face and onto Matt’s. His pushed back his messy hair and pounded away at the pink, throbbing hole, piercing his flesh and stabbing his bladder. The jock’s big pulsing veins massaged Matt’s prostate, sending jolts of pleasure up his spine and into his hard penis.

It hurt to have such a hard part of flesh fuck him so hard like that. Before he knew it, Matt realized that Francis’ body was shaking, and his cock was pulsing uncontrollably.

Matt felt the hard pole shudder with heat, and the stud’s balls bounced furiously, banging against his ass and back, and flying all over Francis’ legs and crotch. The sounds of flesh slapping hard against skin echoed across their room, and the noises of Matt’s moans getting louder as Francis’ fat cock impaled him made both of them even more horny.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” Francis yelled, clenching his jaw.

Matt grinned at him, bracing through the pain. “Cum for me bro, fill my hole. You know you want to.”

Francis fucked his brother’s hole, making the bed shake as his fat ass went up and down through the air to get at Matt’s body. Then, Francis’ hips bucked and he felt a huge surge through his balls. They ached in pain, having been so filled with sperm after watching porn, talking about Nick, being naked with his brother, and having emptied them completely only a few minutes ago. His balls clenched and shot the load up into his groin and through his thick, eight inch cock.

Matt looked up to see his little brother’s face right when the first load came. Matthew could feel his brother’s dick throb and quiver–as if a huge gush of air had torn through his flesh. Then, the fat ropes of cum shot into Matt’s tight pink cunt. The loads of sperm came hard, covering Matt’s wet hole, smearing the top and bottom and filling up his anal cavity to it’s max. The fat wads of cum were hot and steaming, gritty like the his brother’s sweaty skin. He wished he could have tasted it again.

“Uhhhnnnn! Fuck!” Francis moaned as two more spurts came after each other, soaking Matthew’s hole and covering his brother’s crack with his spunk as it leaked out of his throbbing ass. The hot, thick liquid oozed around his body, soaking into his pubes and covering his whole shaft like syrup. Another few loads erupted from his dick, dripping down Francis’ balls, and covering Matt’s bright red cheeks.

As Francis withdrew, Matt eagerly climbed up, forgetting the sore pain up his ass, in order to get at his brother’s dick. He needed to taste the man’s seed.

More loads of cum kept coming, and as Matt sucked on his tool, the hunk was forced to swallow all of it. More and more leaked out from his warm mouth and dripped down his chin and neck, and then onto his sweaty chest and then landing on the bed. Their fluids mixed, Matt’s saliva with Francis’ hot cum. Matt swallowed his brother’s spunk with joy, relishing in his taste and the look of pure ecstasy on his face.

When finally the spurt of cum began to die down, Francis let himself slowly ease in and out of his mouth, fucking his face slowly.

“You always shoot so much,” Matthew finally said.

Francis could barely speak. He had a hand on his nipples and one on his balls. His eyes were closed and he could only hear Matthew’s deep breathing, as well as feel his hairy legs against his and his soft mouth milking every bit of cum out of his cock. When Matt finally got off of him, using a nearby shirt to wipe off the cum, Francis opened his eyes to see the man on TV cumming all over the girl. He didn’t watch the girl snake and writhe underneath him as much as he watched the man shoot his load on her back. The man didn’t even look at her, he just wet the chick and slapped his dick on her a few times.

“You good?” Matt’s voice came.

Francis staggered back to reality. “Uh, yeah. Thanks, man. I really appreciate that. It was… amazing”

Matt shrugged. “Relax bro, it’s nothing. I had fun too.”

“Here,” Francis quickly wiped his own cum on his legs and reached to get Matt’s dick. “Let me finish you.”

Matthew let him grab it. He put his hands back behind his head to expose his thick, hairy armpits. The smell reached Francis’ nose easily, but he didn’t mind it. With his brothers, scents such as these were normal.

“Make it count, dude,” Matt smiled, watching the next porno that came on.

It was a blur to Francis. One moment, he was stroking Matt’s dick, pretending it was his own, and the next, he realized that his own cock had sprung back up for a third time. His balls ached, as if asking for a break, but he had no control over what his dick did, or what it felt…

“Yeah, this is a good one isn’t it?” Matt asked, taking Francis’ new boner as a response to the hot blonde chick with a nice rack bouncing up and down on the screen.

“Y-yeah.” Francis answered. He kept his hand on Matthew’s cock and watched the porno. He went up and down, his hand moving quickly as he quivered with anxiety.

“Nice, bro. Yeah, keep it coming.”

Francis kept stroking him, letting his nervous hand go up and down the slick, uncut cock. It felt suddenly strange to him–Francis was realizing that having another guy get off beside him, to listen to his hot, short breaths of pleasure, his deep cursing and his soft moans of euphoria, was making him hard. It was what made jacking off another guy, after just having came, so enjoyable. He secretly watched Matthew’s abs clench, and his chest twitch. His built arms reached down to his balls, rubbing and clenching them in his fingers.

His brother’s long, curly blond pubes felt nice on his hand as he kept smacking into them, and he realized that Matt’s balls were very pink. They slapped onto his legs, jumping up to meet Francis’ hand and making Matt ooze pre-cum. It helped lube up the shaft, and made loud fapping noises.

“Fuck dude. Keep going. Don’t stop.”

Francis did just that. He was servicing his best friend, his bro, helping him get off after their amazing fuck together.

“Shit, I’m cumming.” Matthew pushed Francis’ hand aside and jacked himself off for the last few moments before it came–squeezing down hard on his dick and going at a very rapid pace. Then, he shot his misty white spunk all over his chest and abs, splattering it across the bed and letting a few wild drops fall onto Francis. Matt let out a deep moan as his balls retracted, letting more cum flow through his shaft and spraying anything around him like a sprinkler. It was warm and thick, and Francis enjoyed the feeling of having his best friend’s pleasure trickle onto his body.

“Sorry, dude,” Matt whispered hoarsely, “got it all over you.”

“It’s fine.” Francis smiled.

“Thanks brah, that was great. You want a beer?” Matt got up, not caring to wipe off any cum right then. There was a whole bunch on his hand and in his long pubes. A lot more was dripping down his chest and onto his abs. His still half-hard dick wiggled along with his low-hanging balls as he got up.

Francis watched his brother’s ass jiggle as he got up and walked over to the cooler. It was pale and white like the rest of his body.


“Huh? Oh yeah. Grab me one.” Francis put his hard dick back in boxers, surprised at the tent it still made. He wiped some cum off himself and dared to lick some up while Matt wasn’t looking. Matthew’s spunk tasted surprisingly sweet.

When Matt sat back down, he wiped some cum off of himself with his boxer briefs and then threw them aside. He turned down the volume of the porn and sat drinking his beer, still buck nude. And for some reason, Francis couldn’t help but stare at his dick, which scared him.

“I better get changed if we’re gonna leave soon,” Matt said, not wanting to go. He liked the idea of staying home with his brother.

“Cool. I’ll be in my room,” Francis mumbled back, walking over to his door.

“Okay,” Matt said, “See you in a few.”

When Francis went to his room, he collapsed on his bed and thought hard about what had just happened. It had been a long time since Matt had given Francis head, and even longer since the two of them had fucked. Although Matt had never admit to Francis about being gay, Matt’s constant `favours’ to Francis’ cock when they were younger was enough indication of that. But after watching a few of Matt’s intense fucks with chicks, he had ruled out his brother being completely gay. His older bro could fuck pussy like a man and take it up the ass like a champ. Matt was truly an amazing dude, and he was going to miss him.

It felt strange to know that in an hour or two, he’d be in a plane off to California. There were so many thoughts swirling through Francis’ head, and while half of them were about what Francis had just done, the other half were about Nick. Francis felt guilty after having fucked Matt, almost as he’d betrayed someone.

The stud suddenly had the urge to call Nick and find out if he wanted to hang out–without sex. But then Nick might think of it as a date… and Francis wasn’t sure if that was what he wanted just yet. Maybe Matt was right: maybe Francis needed to go on a camping trip to clear his head–and shoot a few loads, of course. But first, Francis needed a way to get all that cum and sweat off his body. It looked like he needed another shower.

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