Erotic story: Jocks of the South part 4

By Scott Goulding. Check out parts: 1,2, 3.

Nick and Matthew didn’t wake up until the afternoon. By then, Matt had convinced Nick to stay a bit longer, and the beach hunk tempted him into it by making lunch for the two of them–dressed in literally nothing but an apron.

They ate some pasta together and then stayed in Matt’s room, playing Madden 15 in their underwear. For the first time, Nick wasn’t completely batshit nervous as he sat with one of the McCarthys. He was just enjoying the company and shouting over video games like any other dude. It was only when Matt started scratching his balls that things got weird. Nick got a boner off him in no time and had to fake an excuse to leave–he didn’t want to get risk being caught here by Francis or his parents.

“You sure your parents want you home so early?” Matt asked him.

“Um, yeah. They need me to cut the grass and stuff. We have guests coming over tonight,” Nick said, quickly trying to make up which one of his family members would be visiting.

“Alright. Cool, man,” Matt replied, getting Nick his clothes from the floor. He realized some of them were still covered in cum. “Hey… do you wanna exchange numbers or something? In case you wanna hang out again?”

As Nick pulled on his baggy shorts, he couldn’t help but think of what Francis would say. Would he be pissed that Nick was fucking his brother? “Umm… sure. It’d be fun to hang out again.” Nick knew he was underselling their morning together.

“Cool, little bro. I’ll save your name under something different so no one finds out about us.”

That got Nick interested–even Matt didn’t want Francis knowing about their fuck session. “Okay, thanks. It’ll stay between us.”

Matt smacked him on his ass on the way out and shot him a cocky smile. “See you ’round, brah.”

Nick gave him an awkward nod. “Yup. See you around.”

Tuesday night, Nick didn’t wait until Matt or Francis texted him. He knew well enough that the two brothers would want to spend some actual time together so Nick decided that he could get off on his own. He thought about going to the gym to watch guys, and he figured that he could even just spy on both the brothers.

But something Nick hadn’t done in a while was go to the rugby field at the local college. Even before Nick started fucking Francis, the teenager had been sneaking into rugby practices to watch the shirtless athletes sweat through their clothes and pull each other’s shorts down as they went in for tackles. Nick figured he’d take it up again, seeing as the risk of bumping into Francis at the gym was too high, and some guys were starting to give Nick weird looks.

As a cover up, Nick would bring his gym bag to practices, filled with swimming gear. The pool and rugby field shared the same locker room, and so if Nick got in at the right time, he could watch the college men strip naked and shower. It was still Spring Break, which meant the only students on the field were those who were keen on being the best athletes on the team. That also meant that they were the hottest.

But by the time Nick got around to going, it was night, which meant that there would be only a few jocks around. The darkness gave Nick a great cover, and he usually liked to hide under the bleachers to watch the studs play on the brightly-lit stadium. There were a couple cars parked in the lot, and as Nick made it to the team change rooms, he hoped he was going to have a good jerk off session.

Nick dropped his stuff at a bench and lazily undid his shoes, watching carefully to which guys were undressing. He was surprised when he heard someone drop their gym bag next to him.

“Sup Nick? Heard you were going to Cali next week?” asked Dustin Binning. He was on both the college football and rugby team. He had a soft face with windswept blond hair and brown eyes. He had a couple of freckles on his face and large, broad shoulders with nice arms and a chest to match. He was two inches taller than Nick. Dustin was friends with Nick’s older brother, Connor, but whereas Connor had gone to California for school, Dustin had stayed in town.

“Uh, yup. Gonna go check out U of C.”

“Nice. You got in, right?” He was wearing a plaid shirt, thick jeans and a pair of collared boots–typical southern, male attire.

“Yeah. And UCLA too. Conditional acceptance. I have to keep my grades up.”

“Not bad, not bad.” Dustin was getting out some athletic clothing from his gym bag. Nick was sure he saw a box of condoms inside.

“You, uh, still going to A&M college?” Nick asked him.

“Yup, thinking of transferring to Texas State next year, though.”

Nick nodded his head. He was watching Dustin strip down out of the corner of his eyes. The first thing to come off was his shirt. He had a hint of abs–only because he was naturally skinny. But his chest, shoulders and arms definitely showed time well spent in the gym. He had hairy, blond pits and dark nipples that stuck out in the cold night air. Other than a faint happy trail from his navel, and dusted forearms, he seemed as hairless as Matt.

Nick took his own shirt off, throwing it into his gym bag and sitting down to slowly undo his shoelaces.

“Any other plans for break?” Nick asked him, trying to make himself seem as normal as possible.

“Nah, my parents want to save up for summer, so we can go someplace nice.”

“Oh okay,” Nick said lamely. He engaged him a few times in conversation, watching him take off his clothes. By now, Dustin had taken off his jeans. He was wearing a short pair of boxers, thigh-length, and had no problem slipping them off too. Dustin almost showed Nick his asshole as he bent over to get his underwear.

Dustin’s ass was a pale white. The rest of his body was nicely tanned, but his butt was colorless. It was pretty meaty for a guy his age, and his strong legs made him look especially hot; it framed his ass nicely.

Nick asked a couple more general questions. He half-paid attention to whatever lame answer Dustin gave back, and instead focused on the teen’s circumcised dick. It was five inches soft, swinging to and fro, slapping into his low-hanging balls. There was about two feet of distance between Nick and Dustin, but he could clearly smell the musk of piss and cum wafting from his sweaty nuts. His glowing blond pubes didn’t seem to be any cleaner.

Dustin scratched his dick nonchalantly, even squeezing it gently with his hand. Then, Dustin pulled out a jockstrap, pulling it over his junk and fitting the straps underneath his ass. He walked around a bit, stretching his legs awkwardly and getting everything to fit. He put his hand inside the sack, adjusting his penis and shifting around his balls. Then, he pulled on a pair of board shorts and a tank top that showed off his chest and nipples.

“See ya later, bro.”

Nick barely realized what Dustin had said. He was still too busy drooling over his fat cock. “Yeah, man. See ya.”

Once a few more guys had left the locker room, Nick proceeded to look through the lost and found. Here was an assortment of junk that sometimes gave Nick something nice to jack off to–occasionally he’d find labelled underwear (he found it arousing to sniff the dirty, cum-stained boxers of a hot soccer player), used compression shorts and best of all, dirty jockstraps.

Nick had found a of couple condoms in the showers before too, and he’d hoped of finding the culprits in action by sporadically checking around the lockers. But so far, all he’d seen was a lacrosse player trying to jerk off and a random guy fingering himself.

As Nick sifted through old socks, mismatched shoes and sweaty basketball jerseys, he came upon the catch of the day–a mesh jockstrap that smelled of cum. Making sure no one was around, Nick got out of his own briefs and slipped on the strap. It was a perfect fit.

There was no name tag, but he knew that at this college, the only people who wore straps were athletes. And Nick couldn’t think of any athletes that he didn’t want to fuck him up the ass. Nick adjusted his growing boner, putting a hand through his ass and felt up his bulge. It felt great on him.

He pulled on his board shorts and packed away his things. He’d pretend to go down to the pool later–right now he had jocks to watch. He went through the regular exit to the fields, which was much closer to the bleachers. He climbed over the rail guards that tried to prevent students from going in.

The stadium lights shone brightly in the dark night sky, making it the perfect time for hot guys to whip off their shirts and relax in the cool stadium. As Nick pulled up an old crate of tennis balls to sit on, he could already see about three boys passing each other the ball. Their muscular arms flexed as they passed to each other, and they bent low to catch it, making their asses look extra plump.

One of the guys, a messy, brown-haired beauty with fair skin and green eyes, was especially hot out there. He was also wearing a tank top, one that was clearly too tight for him. His chest bulged through like a constrained pair of tits and his neck line was unnecessarily low. He was definitely putting on a show for the few girls watching them from underneath a tree on the other side of the field. But Nick suddenly realized that this stud was none other than Francis McCarthy. It dawned to Nick why Francis hadn’t texted him about meeting up. The jock probably just needed some time to hang with his bros. Realizing his luck, Nick decided to stay and watch the guys play a fake game of rugby.

Francis’ tank top was white, and now that he was sweating profusely–running across the field, catching balls, grunting wildly and humping the air when he got a touchdown–Nick could see his abs and fat pink nipples. The cloth clung to his skin, even riding up with his movement to reveal a furry patch of brown hair on his deep v-lines, and a wild forest of pubes below.

As one of the other boys failed to tackle Francis as he sprinted, the jock turned around and thrust his pelvis into the air, yelling “SUCK IT!” Nick would have taken that offer in an instant. But he was too distracted by what he’d just seen. As Francis fucked the air before him, Nick saw something in his silky shorts flop upward. It was his loose, sweaty dick.

Nick rubbed his boner, realizing that Francis was playing rugby commando. Why hadn’t he see him in the locker room? As Francis began to run around again, jumping, dashing and hopping, Nick saw every movement of his dick through his shorts, and whenever he stopped to catch his breath, he could see the monstrous imprint against the cloth. He had a towel sticking out from his ass, which helped reveal the crack of his fat bubble-butt. He turned around, allowing Nick to see his sweaty, rippling, muscled back as his arms moved.

As Francis stuck the towel back into his shorts, Nick saw the waistline move down, revealing half his ass cheek. Nick’s heart jumped, having seen an evenly-tanned rump. As the boys huddled up to start another imaginary round, Francis smacked the third boy in the ass–his name was Jonathan–causing him to smile. “Nice catch, nice catch,” Francis said to him.

“Come on, boys,” Dustin said, sweeping some of the moist hair from his face and sticking a hand down his shorts, adjusting the balls in his strap. “Let’s make this a good one.”

“You jackin off, Binning?” Francis asked him.

“Yeah bro, thinkin of how I fucked Stacey’s pussy last night.”

“Shut the fuck up man.”

“Francis you sure you can still get it up after takin that kick to your balls?”

“Binning, I got more testosterone in my left nut than you have in your entire body.”

“Aww, shit McCarthy. If Stacey had known that, maybe she wouldn’t have broke up with you.”

“Suck my cock, Binning.”

“You homo now?”

The boys bantered on, grabbing each others asses as they huddled up to start their game. As Dustin bent over, holding the rugby ball on the ground, Francis came behind him and slapped his ass with his groin.

“Fuck you!” Dustin yelled. Then, he rubbed the rugby onto his crotch, getting his dick-sweat all over it. “You want it now?”

“Shut up and bend over, bitch.”

“Quit touching my ass, homo.”

Dustin rolled his eyes at them. “Guys, just shut up and play.”

“Alright, get ready!”

Nick touched himself, watching the boy’s glistening, half-naked bodies stretch and contract, showing off their muscles and pumping themselves up with adrenaline. Whenever Francis got a touchdown, he’d flex his arms and yell in a low grunt, huffing out steaming air. He adjusted the growing boner in his shorts, as if he was getting hot on his own ego.

Nick felt his dick throbbing, pressing against his shorts and leaking pre-cum on his leg. He watched the boys move, their exposed thighs pumping and their asses bouncing up and down. He wanted to lick the sweat off their fuzzy abs and hairy chests, to drown himself in their balls and choke on their fat dicks. Nick watched as they flirted with the girls who continued staring, and then wipe themselves down with their shirts. It was almost an hour later when they began to head back inside.

Despite having a massive case of blue balls–now Nick remembered why he stopped coming to rugby practices–Nick was quick to take his stuff back inside, take off the jockstrap, and change into his swim trunks. He got under the shower to make it look like he’d been in a pool, and headed back to the locker room to watch the studs change. His heart raced as he realized that they’d first go shower.

The men were quick to throw their sweaty shirts aside and then whip off their shorts. Nick strategically chose the lockers across from the showers, taking care to cover his now soaking swim trunks with a towel–he didn’t need the boys seeing his boner. The rugby players took off their underwear and pranced around buck naked without a care in the world. Looking as how beat they were, none of them made any snide comments about each other’s junk–perhaps also because they were all so well-endowed.

Francis was slowly pulling down his shorts, revealing his commando junk. The front of his shorts were blotched with sweat stains and what looked to be pre-cum. He’d definitely gotten a hard-on while playing with his bros. Not expecting any different, Francis had the largest flaccid dick: six inches long, uncut, with a stark forest of pubes encircling his entire groin. He had a nice tanned ass and hairy thighs, all of which made Nick’s cock spit out more pre-cum. Francis’ muscled legs sat underneath his well-defined, hairy v-lines, as if they were giant arrows pointing to his fat cock.

Francis walked slowly past Nick, not at all noticing him. Nick was about to say something when he realized that the jock’s other friends were still around. But also, Nick was afraid. What if Matt had told Francis that they’d fucked? Would Francis be mad at Matthew? Or worse–would Francis be mad at Nick? Nick decided it was best just to stay silent and watch.

Francis walked to the showers, with wide legs that made his loose balls swing erratically and made slapping noises as they smacked into his big thighs. Nick could smell his sweaty, dirty, musk. It was as though the jock hadn’t washed his balls in a week. And he smelled like piss.

Nick discreetly watched Francis’ dick flop around on top of his nuts and as he turned to enter the communal shower, he got a great view of the stud’s bouncing ass. Francis lumbered over to a shower head, rubbing his big, aching shoulders and scratching his filthy pubes. Nick was desperate to suck him off right then and there–to tell Francis that he’d suck the cum out of his dick like never before. And that he’d swallow every last drop.

But because Francis wasn’t alone in the locker room, Nick didn’t say a word. He didn’t even move around while he changed into dry clothes–in order to not risk being seen by the college guys.

Jonathan, the second guy, was stick skinny with a flat ass and chest. The only thing he had going for him was a pleasant face, a big dick and a matching attitude towards others. He’d taken off his compression shorts quickly after Francis got naked, giving Nick time to focus his attention on Dustin.

Dustin pulled down his board shorts and rubbed the front of his sweat-stained jockstrap. It looked like a size too small, since his blond pubes stuck out in the many gaps and his left nut was hanging out from below. Dustin took the strap off, revealing a slightly-hard dick and two low hanging balls. Dustin cut cock was about six inches big, even though he was barely hard. He rubbed the crack of his ass with a hand and played with his balls for a second when he thought no one was watching. Then he walked over to the showers.

Nick watched his boner disappear as Dustin walked plainly into view, rubbing the sweat from his long pubes and stretching his big arms. His thick ass twitched as he walked, and his balls bounced with every step. Soon Dustin was underneath a steady stream of water, rubbing himself down and stroking his dick.

Nick was more fascinated by Francis, perhaps because of his arrogance and general air of sportiness. He was rubbing his cock eagerly, and then seemed to be putting water in between his two fat, meaty cheeks. He glided his rough hands over his big, hairy chest, and then his abs and pubes. When he was wet enough, he smacked Dustin on his ass and walked right out, still buck naked and his dick swinging. He still didn’t notice Nick, and didn’t even wrap a towel around his junk. He was just sitting on the bench, dick flopping downward, scrolling through his phone. With a dick that big, Francis didn’t have to worry about being embarrassed or covering it up. He enjoyed the attention that his penis got.

Dustin and Jonathan got dressed quickly after, wrapping their groins with a towel and putting on some fresh underwear. Then they pulled on their other clothes and left soon after, but Francis was still sitting on the bench with his phone, his dick hanging out.

Nick was confused. Should he just get dressed and go too? Or should he wait until Francis had gone? But he didn’t have time to think. He watched Francis suddenly change into his same, sweaty shirt and dirty little rugby shorts. He wore nothing underneath, which made for nice bulges to show through the damp cloth. Nick dressed quickly too and packed up his own stuff. The he carefully followed the jock out of the locker room. Francis was headed for the parking lot.

Francis walked slowly, still free-balling it, to his truck. He threw his bag in the back seat but as he did so, Nick thought he saw something a bit weird. It was hard to tell with it being so dark in the parking lot, but Nick was close enough to see what it was. Francis had put a hand down his sweaty shorts and was stroking his fat cock–in public.

The jock’s penis was now at full-mast. His cock was a full eight inches. It was sticking upward like a ruler, throbbing as he stood next to his car. Francis just stayed there, hidden nicely between two cars, and began jacking himself off. Then he pulled his shorts down, exposing his big, loose balls, his hairy thighs, and his fat, beefy ass. No one was around to see Francis do it, and even if someone did walk by, they wouldn’t be able to make much out in the dark. ‘Was this really happening?’ Nick thought to himself.

Nick watched, mesmerized, as the stud thrusted the air, making his fat ass clench and expelling deep, powerful moans and grunts. The jock continued to wank, rubbing his ass with one hand and his member with the other. Was it not for the sounds of cars going up and down the road behind them, Nick was sure the entire parking lot would be filled with Francis’ horny groans, the fapping sound of his foreskin, and his balls smacking into his legs.

Francis’ hand was moving fast, and his air-humping got even faster. Nick felt his own dick throbbing in his shorts, and he knew he needed sweet release. He hid between two cars too, but made sure he was still able to see Francis jack it. Nick began rubbing his cock. He was fapping hard, pulling his trunks down so his wet dick was free in the air. He stood on his feet, humping the air like Francis and breathing quick, deep breaths.

“Are you gonna blow me or just watch?” Francis voice came, making Nick jump violently.

With his dick in his hand, Nick opened his eyes to see Francis looking back at him, horniness all over his face and this cock sticking erect in the air, slightly curved. His foreskin was still covering half of the pink bulb of his dick, which shone with sweat and sticky pre-cum.

“O-oh! Hey Francis,” Nick said suddenly, covering his junk with both hands. It was difficult to do with full-on boner, and his balls hung low from underneath. He had never been so embarrassed before.

“Are you stalking me now?” Francis smiled, still slowly rubbing his boner, showing it off to Nick like it was candy.

“No,” Nick said, hoping Francis would believe him. “I came here to watch some guys shower since… well, you’ve been busy lately.


“And then I kinda… followed you out here.”

Francis nodded. “Well I’m sorry about being busy–been hanging out with my family a lot. But… we’re here now. And we’re alone.”

Nick dared to step forward. “What exactly are you suggesting?” he asked, daring the stud to say it out loud.

Francis put a hand to his cock and rubbed it slowly, showing off to Nick, whose face was beginning to blush. “I know you want my cock, Nick. Just come over here and suck me off. I need your mouth.”

“Now? Out here in the open? What if someone walks by?!” Nick asked. Despite his desire for hard, wet cock, he wanted to be careful.

“I’m too horny to care. No one will catch us. We’ll hear them coming up anyway.”

Nick didn’t know what to say.

“Just fucking blow me, man,” he said.

Nick hesitated, before finally giving in. Like Francis, he was too horny to care. “Okay.” Nick smiled at him, walking towards the big, beefy stud.

“That’s a good boy.”

Nick pulled up his shorts and stuffed his boner inside quickly so he could walk to Francis. It was as hard as ever, and throbbing with each look he stole of Francis’ ripped, glistening body. He dropped his bag next to him and looked up and down at the hot rugby player. Francis smiled back at him and pulled off his shirt, exposing his large, hairy pecs and rigid abs. Then, Francis pushed Nick down to his knees. He held his cock out, showing off his muscular, hairy groin to the horny twink below.

“It’s so pink,” Nick muttered, watching the veins on the hunk’s cock pulse with each heartbeat. They were purple and red, gushing with testosterone.

“Shut the fuck up and blow me.” With that, Francis took his massive, meaty tool and slapped it across Nick’s face. Pre-cum flew all over, getting on Nick’s cheeks, nose and lips.

Nick moaned in pleasure, getting off on such a hot jock disciplining him with a hard, rigid cock. Before he could admire the beautiful erection before him, the fat boner ploughed its way into Nick’s mouth, invading his warm hole and shoving itself deep inside. Nick gagged on the enormous member, feeling the hard head hit the very back of his throat and leak pre-cum down into his stomach. Francis groaned in ecstasy as Nick’s tongue wrapped around his pink, hairless shaft.

“Holy shittt…” Francis whispered, closing his eyes and concentrating on the soft touch of another boy, who was caressing his cock with warm saliva and a hot tongue.

Nick let Francis take his dick out, giving it room to breath before he really went down on the jock’s groin. “You like that?”

Francis pulled his shorts all the way down to his ankles so that the teenager had the full view of the jock’s hot, naked body. “Fuck yeah. Haven’t had it that in a while, bro.”

Nick loved it when straight boys called him bro. Even with his boner out for the whole world to see, Francis was calling the man who was sucking his dick, ‘bro’.

Nick finally got a long, nice view of the massive, engorged cock before him, while Francis caught his breath and stopped himself from cumming. It had soft skin, bulging purple veins, a long, thick shape, and a slightly exposed head. The huge tool throbbed violently, spewing out salty jizz. The foreskin was just pulled over half his head, and his member was beginning to turn red with all the blood gushing toward it. It stuck out of Francis’ body like eight inches of pure muscle and meat–exactly what a real man’s cock ought to be like.

Despite his wish to suck the massive, throbbing tool, Nick decided to give the jock a little extra service. He brought his face closer to Francis’ dirty crotch and stuck out his tongue, licking the stud’s loose, hairy balls.

“Fuck!” Francis exclaimed, feeling the soft tongue caress and taste his hot, sweaty nuts. Nick smiled as he took one ball into his mouth, sucking on the skin and licking him dry. He kissed and pursed his lips on it, making Francis’ legs tremble.

“Ohhh shit!” he moaned, feeling the little twink roll his fat nut around in his mouth, slurping at it with his tongue. Then he let go of his scrotum and put his lips to the other ball, licking and teasing it before he engulfed it with his mouth. Nick massaged the jock’s testicle, feeling his sack fill up with sperm and more testosterone. His entire face was now up into the stud’s crotch, pubes attacking his face and two beefy legs surrounding his head.

As Nick sucked the fluids off the smooth scrotum, the rugby player’s fat cock bounced on his forehead, covering him with more gritty spunk and whipping him into shape with the massive wooden tool. When finally Nick had had his fill on balls, he withdrew and looked up at the jock.

“Was that good?” Nick asked. He watched as the jock rubbed his naked, hairy chest with one hand and stroke his shaft with the other.

“Fuck yeah,” he answered, grabbing his erect member and slapping it around Nick’s wet, gaping hole. “Now take daddy’s cock.”

Nick put one hand to the base of Francis’ dick and the other just below the head. He retracted the foreskin, making Francis moan and his boner tremble. Exposing the bright red head, Nick got a look at it’s nice shape. It was perfectly curved around the edges and nice and round at the front. Only the very tip was pointed, ready to fuck the living shit out of Nick’s mouth. The teenager finally put his lips to the dick-hole, looking up at Francis’ pained expression as he kissed the tip of his penis.

“Jesus, fuck!” Francis wailed, bitting his lower lip and throwing his head back. His dick was more sensitive now than ever.

Then, as Nick’s lips spread across the head, tight against his rigid flesh, he put his tongue to his piss-slit and milked the cum out of it. He could see the jock’s balls jerk in pleasure with each flick of his tongue.

Francis whined like a little boy, clenching his jaw as the soft pair of luscious lips moved further down his shaft, and the tongue vigorously painted his head with spit. “Ohh… fuck…” Without realizing it, he put his hands through Nick’s hear, rubbing his head and pulling him closer in.

Nick went down on him, moving his head in and out. Each time he tried to take all of his dick in, the head would hit the back of his throat and make him gag, and he’d cough up some of the pre-cum he’d already swallowed. But gagging on his cock was only making Francis hornier, and it fuelled his ego.

“Fuck yeah, choke on my cock, bitch.”

“Mmmmm…” Nick moaned, feeling Francis push his huge bulb further down onto his shaft. Nick’s nose and face buried itself into Francis’ long, wet pubes, and as the jock began to mouth-fuck him, the stud’s balls flung themselves into Nick’s neck and chin. They were still long and hanging low, big and full of sperm. Nick could see that they were just as pink as his head, sore from having been teased for so long.

Then suddenly, they heard a few people walking down a sidewalk. Judging by the distance of the noise, it was on the other side of the parking lot. Nick took the dick out of himself, while cum and spit dripped out of his mouth like he was a dirty whore.

“I should stop,” Nick said, trying to get to his feet. However, Francis held him down and slapped his fat cock a few times across Nick’s mouth. It felt heavy and hard against Nick’s face, as if the hunk’s boner were made of lead.

“Nah… keep going.”

“Y-you sure?”

“You do as I say, Nick. Let me worry about others. Just keeping sucking my dick.”


Francis stuffed his member back inside the teenager’s mouth, pumping in and out of him slowly. The bouncy, meaty tool felt warm and tasty in Nick’s hole, and he licked up as much of its dirty sweat and cum as he could. He loved the way Francis tasted. Nick also really enjoyed the way that the stud was being rough with him, but he was scared of getting caught. Did Francis really not care about being found out?

There were a couple of voices not to far off. Nick could hear feet shuffling and there was the unmistakable sounds of young, twenty-year old jocks messing around with one another as they headed to the large field.

Nick let Francis’ cock out of his mouth again. “They’ll see us.”

Francis shoved his penis back into Nick’s throat, surprising him. “Then you better milk me before they do,” he commanded, his rugged, stubbly face looking down at him with horniness. Francis was being reckless. He was too horny to care, and he just wanted to get his nut. The riskiness suddenly turned Nick on. Anyone could come and catch Nick sucking a guy’s dick, but all that did was encourage Nick to keep his lips tight around the hard, sticky shaft and squeeze him dry.

The jock began to pick up the pace. He thrusted in and out of the twink’s wet mouth, holding Nick’s shoulders down. Francis breathed quickly, wanting to cum into the boy’s gullet and fill him up with his seed. He threw his head back, taking in the overwhelming sensations and the desperate, hungry look Nick had on his face.

Francis put a tight grip on Nick’s head, and began fucking his face hard and fast, and grunting with each thrust. Nick could do nothing but swallow the spurts of pre-cum that filled his mouth and try not to gag on the eight inches of man meat that plunged itself down his neck. He groaned in pleasure but also in pain, for the ruby player’s dick was so big and hard that it hurt for it to keep banging into throat. Nick could do nothing but put his hands on Francis’ waist, feeling the soft hairs on his muscular thighs and the rigid love-handles he sported on each side. Every inch of him was pure muscle.

Then, without warning, Francis pushed Nick’s mouth off his fat dick and pulled him up by his armpits. Francis was very strong, and he lifted Nick up like he was a little boy. Francis turned Nick around before he could even understand what was happening.

“Bend over,” he commanded, folding Nick over by pushing down on his back.


“I’m gonna fuck you up your ass.” The jock pulled Nick’s shorts down in one swift movement, as if he’d had years of practice. Soon Nick found himself butt-naked from the waist down. His shorts and underwear fell to his ankles, making it difficult to maneuver. He tried to hold onto Francis’ truck for support, but Francis knocked his arms aside.

“Not on my truck, dude,” Francis muttered, grabbing Nick’s arms tight and pulling the twink’s body hard against his groin.

“Uhn!” Nick groaned, as the jock slid his hands down Nick’s arms and locked a tight grip on his wrists.

“What do I hold onto?” Nick whispered, shaking in fear. Francis was so commanding and dominate, and although Nick was terribly frightened of being discovered naked in the parking lot, the jock’s masculine, protective presence made him feel a bit safe. Despite how hard Francis usually pounded him, he would’t let any harm come to his fuck buddy.

Francis smirked at him, pulling Nick’s arms behind him and pushing on his smooth back to bend him over. “I’ll be holding onto you,” he sneered, his stiff cock bouncing against Nick’s ass. It was trembling with each pulse of blood, ready to burst open at any moment. Nick’s mouth had gotten the large pink dick close to the edge.


Francis spanked him hard, letting the noise echo across the lot. “Shut up and do as I say.” He was too horny to be nice. Francis needed to get off–to fuck something–and the tight, hairless hole in front of him was the perfect solution.

The jock held onto Nick’s arms for leverage as he bent him over and stuffed his large cock into Nick’s hole. He was already open wide, ready to receive Francis’ meaty pole. He wanted to be fucked as badly as Francis needed it.

“Ohh fuck!” Nick whined, rolling his head as Francis entered him all at once. The large rod jammed itself all the way in, lubed up by Nick’s spit and Francis’ pre-cum.

“Awwww, fuck yeah…” Francis moaned, slowly beginning to thrust himself in and out of the trembling teenager.

“Ohhh god… oh god, oh god!” Nick muttered, wailing like a baby. He could feel the jock’s member throb with desire, wanting more than anything to spill its seed inside of him. “Faster,” Nick said, needing more of it inside him.

Francis smiled, grunting as he pushed himself harder into Nick’s ass. “You want that dick?”

“Yes daddy! Harder. Fuck me good.”

Francis was grinning with ego. Nick was getting him hotter than ever. “Yeahh I will. I’ll fuck you like the dirty little faggot you are.”

Nick felt the raging boner stab his insides, expanding his asshole and piercing the deepest parts of his anus. “Yeahhh, daddy! Do it!” It was hot and wet as it rubbed his flesh.

“I’m gonna fuck you like you’re a cheap whore,” Francis said, smiling as he began to wrap Nick’s waist with his beefy, hairy thighs. “You and your dirty little cunt.”

“I hear someone…” the teenager mumbled. He looked up, desperate to see if anyone was there. He could spot people walking down the street on the other side: a couple of girls laughing and giggling. But they hadn’t noticed Francis, or the frail little faggot he was fucking.

“Shut up,” Francis said, “No one’s gonna see. Take my cock, slut.” He spanked Nick again, harder than before, putting bright red handprints on his cheeks.

“UHN!” Nick moaned, almost catching the attention of the strangers. The cars covered the sounds of Francis’ horny, primitive mating and Nick’s cries of pain and pleasure.

Francis was fucking him fast now. He pumped in and out of Nick, drilling him hard. The jock’s hips slapped into Nick’s ass and his legs surrounded the teenager’s, keeping him firmly in place. Francis bucked his waist up and down, thrusting himself deeper and deeper inside of the boy’s hole with each passing second, fucking at an alarming speed.

He tapped the boy’s ass repetitively with his hairy groin, breeding him good. He was going at it, throwing caution to the wind as he pulled on the twink’s arms and shoved his massive tool into his anus. He didn’t care about Nick’s safety or his own. In that moment, the stud was desperate to get off. Francis was mating with his dirty fag like he was a bitch in heat. And Francis was a horny animal, desperate to penetrate flesh with his big, throbbing cock.

The twink felt the fat boner invade his insides, ripping him apart and piercing his bladder and prostate. Francis’ groin slapped hard against his ass, the rapid sound of it echoing across the lot. It was the sound of testosterone-filled fucking, mixed with the jock’s horny grunts and deep moans of power. Nick shuddered each time the jock’s hairy mess of pubes tickled his crack. But the best feeling of all was Francis’ balls.

The jock’s nut sack was swinging wildly back and forth. They went backwards than came back around to pound Nick’s own red balls, causing both the guys to grunt in pain. The sensation of Francis’ large, hairy balls tapping his sensitive nuggets shot pain up into Nick’s groin, making his ass clench around Francis’ massive tool, and causing the twink’s dick to twitch and spurt out more lubricant.

Meanwhile, Francis enjoyed the feeling of Nick’s soft testicles cushioning his hard balls. His sack was full of testosterone and semen, ready to impregnate the horny bitch he had bent over in front of him. Francis gripped tighter on the boy’s arms whenever his nuts slammed into his partner’s dick and balls. It made his crotch prickle with pleasure and it fuelled his pride. He was fucking Nick like an animal, and his long, loose, heavy balls were proof of that. Both of the guys were like two zoo animals on display.

“Uhhhnnnn… daddy, fuck me good…”

Francis nodded, his mouth wide open and drool beginning to run down his lips. He loved the feeling of Nick’s ass around his cock and no one, not even any girl, had let him fuck like this. Francis enjoyed being rough and primitive, and now he could finally express those desires with Nick and his horny little ass. “I’ll fuck you right, baby,” he grunted, “And I’ll fuck you good.”

Nick smiled as the large dick continued to ram him. Francis calling him ‘baby’ was music to his ears. Along with the slapping noises of the rugger’s ass and balls, and the regular city noises, Nick felt adrenaline pumping through his body. It was mixed with pleasure and the desire to please the hot stud who was ploughing him from behind. “Do it, daddy. Fill me.”

Francis was pulling hard on Nick’s arms, which felt like they’d be ripped out of him at any moment. Nick let the jock have his way, feeling the stud’s groin come again and again, pound after pound, spanking his round, bubbly ass.

“Fuck! Ughhh, yeah! Take that cock!” Francis yelled, the veins in his biceps popping as he kept his hold on Nick’s arms. His legs jerked and his balls hurt even more now from slapping against his thighs and Nick’s ass. The twink tried to bend under Francis’ command, feeling the big, hardened member plough his insides and fill him up with salty spunk. Nick’s body was moving around erratically, pushed up and down by the enormous tool up his ass while Francis spanked and slapped him around. The rugby player was using his hairy legs as a fulcrum: pushing against the boy’s weak knees to plough himself deeper inside, while Nick’s arms were leverage for keeping him firmly planted on his erection.

Francis was fucking his ass wildly, slapping his crotch into Nick’s hole like the horny man he was, desperate to breed. He grunted and huffed hot hair, unable to speak as he bred Nick’s anus. Then, finally, Nick felt the jock’s balls jerk against his skin and his whole body became tense, his penis turning into a vibrating pole of muscle.

“Awwww fuckkk… I’m cumming!”

Nick moaned like a little schoolgirl. “Yeah daddy! Fill me!”

Without delay, a huge wad of sperm lurched from Francis’ balls and shot through his fat penis, still inside of Nick’s hole. Francis yelled in pleasure, driving his manhood hard against Nick’s ass and splurging his hot cum all over his insides. He humped Nick’s waist over and over, his seed spilling into the hot anus that clenched around his member. Francis’ dick shook as more and more sperm exploded out of his tip.

Then, Francis pulled Nick up, wrapping his arms around the twink’s waist and pressing his torso hard against the teenager’s back. His erect nipples dug into Nick’s backside. He kept humping him, gripping him tight and pushing himself deeper and deeper into his throbbing hole.

Francis closed his eyes as the feeling took over his entire body. Spurts of cum escaped his cock head, and he slowly fucked the twink’s pussy, his wagging boner still pointing upwards inside his slave. Then, Francis rubbed Nick’s pubes, reaching down to the boy’s erect cock.

“You cum yet?” he asked, his hot voice sounding horny on Nick’s ears. Despite having just unloaded his spunk inside the boy, Francis was still very hard and still inside of Nick, thrusting into him slowly but rough.

“No… not yet,” Nick moaned, feeling the gallons of thick, manly cum move inside his anus, sizzling with heat and trickling out of his cheeks. The large tool was still digging into his prostate.

“Well since you did so good…” Francis mumbled, his masculine voice humming on Nick’s skin, “I’ll do you a little favor, faggot.” He slid his hand over the teenager’s dick, rubbing the wet shaft up and down and beginning to massage his spunk-soaked head.

“Uhhnnn… Francis…” Nick whispered, feeling the stud work his wood.

Francis kissed Nick’s neck, grinding himself up inside of Nick’s hole. The jock was still hard, spewing a last few shots of sperm into him. “Say my name, baby.”

“Francis…” he replied, giving the jock what he wanted. “Francis… you’re so fucking hot…”

He grinned again, laughing a bit. “I know, baby. Yeahhh… take that dick.”

Nick didn’t think about what was happening. He was too consumed by the boner inside his ass and the beefy jock-hands on his cock. It felt amazing to have the stud’s touch against his most sensitive parts. His rough, commanding hands were squeezing the life out of his dick, sending shivers up his shaft and spine. Nick didn’t know what to do with his hands besides feel up Francis’ rough, bare legs. He pushed his plump white ass more into Francis’ erect boner and rubbed his fingers through the jock’s hairy thighs.

Francis kept working on Nick’s shaft, rubbing him down from the base of his hairy pubes, all the way to the tingling, soaking wet foreskin that was dripping like a fountain. Nick felt up Francis’ legs with one hand and played with his own balls with the other. Francis’ rough jacking motion was picking up speed, smacking into his balls and making him wince in pain every time it came down on his groin. But the little bit of pain was enough to up his pleasure.

Then, the jerking got faster, and Francis’ cock was humping Nick’s puckering pink hole again. Nick’s dick became numb with euphoria, trembling as it reached climax, letting sperm from his balls shoot up through his shaft.

“Uhhnn… I’m cumming, Francis!”

“Mmmm… yeahh bro, cum for daddy…”

Nick was letting the pulses of pleasure sweep through his body, taking over his entire being as he felt Francis’ hands get even faster and the stud’s hairy groin humped and grinded against the twink’s tight ass.

“Uhn! Daddy!” Nick shot his cum all over the concrete road, spilling some of his seed onto a nearby car and Francis’ chapped hands. The spurt of spunk that came through was weak and watery, and Nick felt his groin cramp up after having blue balls for so long.

“Holy shit,” Nick mumbled, his voice weak and raspy. As Francis forced more of himself into Nick, chills entered the teenager’s body and dick at the realization that the seed of the naked rugby player was still inside of him.

When the humping stopped, and Francis’ breathing slowed down, the jock withdrew himself. He let his heavy boner fall downward and rubbed out any of his remaining cum on the floor. Then, he quickly pulled up his rugby shorts. They barely made it over his fat ass and it was a struggle to fit his stiff dick inside.

He looked at Nick, who had turned around to reveal his still half-hard boner. It pitched a tent in his shorts as he dressed himself.

“Fucking Christ, dude. You’re good,” Francis said, checking Nick out.

“Thanks,” he replied, blushing.

“No, man–thank you… for letting me do whatever. I won’t forget it.” he smiled awkwardly, a bit surprised at how much he had enjoyed having a dude service his cock. Chicks never did it the way Nick did. The jock suddenly got closer to Nick, helping the teenager dress.

“Here,” Francis murmured, smiling as he pulled Nick’s briefs back up, grabbing his ass a little as he did so. Nick put his shorts back on and smiled at Francis, who was blushing a bit.

“Uh, thank you,” Nick said, suddenly feeling warm and tingly inside. Francis was looking awkwardly at his feet, as if he was embarrassed or something. Or perhaps… had Nick made him nervous?

“No problem,” Francis replied, standing around without anything to do. He then slowly picked up his bag of things, his balls aching at having emptied themselves so violently. He walked closer to his truck and unlocked the door, eyeing the spot where Nick’s load was on the ground.

“Do you need a ride?” Francis asked, still looking kind of shy and timid. The stud was more than happy to spend a few extra minutes with Nick, and he didn’t just want to leave the teenager here after how open Nick had been to doing anything he’d wanted.

Nick desperately wanted to go with Francis, but he had brought his own car here and didn’t want to leave it overnight. The prospect of riding with Francis was tempting, but now that his dick was flaccid, Nick was able to think clearly.

“No, I drove here,” Nick whispered, looking around to see if anyone had noticed the two guys fucking in the parking lot.

“Oh, alright.” Francis looked majorly disappointed. He gave Nick another smile and sat into the driver’s seat. “Um, see you around, then.”

Nick smiled, picking up his bag and walking backwards to where he was parked. “Yeah, I’ll see you around.”

“Text me when you’re horny,” Francis said, before he closed his door, “and I’ll be there.”

Nick blushed, trying not to look like it. “I will. And… you should text me too. When you wanna fuck.”

Francis lowered his window as he started the engine. He pulled out, winking at Nick. “I will.”

Then the jock drove off into the night, his head swimming with clouded thoughts and mixed feelings. There was something about Nick that made Francis feel a certain way–he was suddenly nervous to see him again, and his stomach jumped at the thought of him. Perhaps it was the idea that in bed, Nick would let Francis do whatever he wanted, and that he’d get to express his wildest dreams and urges. But Francis had never felt this way before, and as left Nick behind in the parking lot, he wished he could go back in time and redo things.

Francis was delighted at the thought that Matt would be leaving soon. It meant that Francis would be free to spend some alone time with Nick again, and maybe this time, it would be something more meaningful than a quick fuck. Francis wanted to know the guy a bit more before they did anything sexual. Maybe, just maybe, Francis could take Nick Evans out on a date.

As Francis drove off, he left Nick’s dick weak and his ass aching. The teenager walked awkwardly as he made it to his car. Once he sat down, his anus throbbed and he realized that he might be walking funny for a while. A smile came on his face as he realized that Francis’ cum was still inside of him. As soon as Nick got home, he’d make sure that the jock’s seed was properly treated. He wondered when exactly Francis would be free again.

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