Erotic story: The Jocks series, part 1

By Mark James

Cock, cock, cock, I really want to suck a cock. My problem is that because I’m the premier athlete in my school and also the best looking, I have always felt that it would destroy my reputation if I was outed as a fag. But I almost don’t care any more. Every day I’m in a locker-room full of young, cute, hard body studs and I can’t touch any of them. I jack off all the time to try to keep from having an erection when I`m naked in the locker room.

Erotic story: The Jocks series, part 1

I was by myself, in the locker room, yesterday. At least I thought I was until I saw this other guy. I had seen him around school but did not really know him. He was nice looking and well built. I wondered fleetingly why he was not on one of the teams. I also wondered what he was doing in the locker room.

I was standing there with just my jock strap and a net t-shirt on, holding my football helmet. He walked down the aisle toward me just staring at my crotch.

He sat down on the edge of the bench right in front of me and said, “Hi, Tommy, that’s a nice package you have there. You want me to blow you? If I can suck you, I will have had the whole team.”

I stood there in shock. I have been trying to find a cock to discretely suck and this guy has sucked off the whole team. All my teammates are into blowjobs and I didn’t know anything about it.

While I had been standing there dumbfounded, he had knelt down in front of me and was licking on my dick through the jockstrap while rubbing his hands up and down my legs. Of course, I immediately got a very hard erection.

He said, “I guess that means yes,” as he reached up and pulled my jockstrap down to my ankles and took my dick in his mouth and sucked on it.

I dropped the helmet to the floor and reached up and took off my shirt.

He had grabbed my ass and was holding on with both hands as he bobbed up and down on my hard cock. He was sucking me with a vengeance. It was not going to long before I came.

I reached down and grabbed his head with both hands and started to pump my cock in and out of his mouth. He let go of my cheeks and with one hand he massaged my balls in their sack while he reached up and stroked my torso with his other hand. My body started to tremble as the need to cum intensified. I started to shoot. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed my cock all the way in his mouth as I shot my load.

He took it all and swallowed it down.

He stood up and said, “Well, I guess I qualify as the team cocksucker. It must be time to start another round of sucking each member of the team. Boy, you have a nice cock.”

As he took my cock in his hand and stroked it he said, “Do you want to come over to my house tomorrow?”

I really didn’t have to think about it I said “yes.”

It was a no-brainer in other ways than the fact that I was thinking with my cock and not my logical mind. Being sucked by him was the first gay sex I had ever had. He might provide the entry into the gay world for which I had been looking. I really didn’t know at the time whether I was anticipating another blowjob from him or hoping that I might get to suck his cock.

He said his name was Aaron and gave me his address and we agreed on a time.

As he left, he said, “This turned out better than I expected. I thought, from your reputation as a straight shooter, that, at best, you would refuse my overtures and, at the worst, you would beat the shit out of me.”

That night all I could do was toss and turn; I couldn’t get today out of my mind or tomorrow either. I kept remembering Aaron sucking my cock and conjured up pictures of our positions being reversed with me sitting on the bench in the locker room sucking on his cock. Of course I had to use my imagination because I had not seen him naked, but he had a pretty good build and I imagined he had a nice 6-6.5 inch cut cock with a nice bulbous head on it.

This gave me an erection and kept me sexually aroused, especially when I kept shifting the picture in my mind from Aaron to various members of the team. Eventually I had pictured me doing to each member of the team what Aaron had done to me-sucking me off. I even threw a couple of the coaches, the towel guy and the trainer into my marathon dick sucking fantasy.

Finally I realized that I would never get to sleep as long as I kept my fantasy going in my mind. I was going to have to jack off to get rid of the sexual tension. I found that my shortie pajama bottoms were soaking wet with cum so I took them off and lay there on the bed stroking my cock.

Oh God, that felt so good. My cock and balls were alive with sexual sensations. I had my hand around the shaft of my cock and stroked it up and down real slow savoring the feeling this created in my cock and balls as I fantasized about going down on any number of different guys.

I cupped my balls with the other hand as I stroked and was rewarded with a whole new series of heightened sensations in my groin.

I threw my legs in the air, wet my fingers of the hand as I was using to fondle my balls with saliva and reached into the crack of my ass and massaged my asshole. My body shivered and the heightened sensations. I pretended in my mind that there was a hunky stud between my legs licking up and down my rosebud with his hot, wet tongue.

I took time out to grab some lube from the drawer and lubed up my asshole and finger. I slid my middle finger a little way into my asshole, held it their while I savored the feeling and then slowly fed it in all the way. Oh, God yeah man, I really liked that feeling. I longed to be fucked by some hot stud. In the meantime I imaging the stud that had been licking my asshole was now fingering my asshole: working his finger in and sliding it out, working it in and sliding it out as I worked my finger in and out of my asshole.

I couldn’t stand not having a cock up my ass, so I took my dildo out of the drawer, threw my legs back over my head and worked it into my asshole all the way. For the next ten minutes I worked it in and out of my ass just as if I was really being fucked. Finally I lay my legs back on the bed and massaged my cock some more. The dildo was pressed against my prostate and the sexual stir in my loins as I slowly flexed my hips and jacked my cock was unbelievable. Flexing my hips drove the tip on the dildo back and forth on my prostate just like it was being massaged by a real cock.

My cock was more than fully erect and so sensitive that I just stroked my fingers lightly up and down the shaft to create wonderfully erotic feelings as my hips manipulated the dildo against my prostate. I lay on the bed for half an hour just enjoying the feeling.

What would be almost perfect would be if there was some other hot stud working his cock in and out of my mouth. So, I just worked that picture into the fantasy in my mind.

There, there were a couple of hot guys working my ass and mouth with their hard cocks. As my fantasy unfolded I wrapped my hand around my cock and slid it up and down my pole. The combination of pre-cum and lube had made it very slippery and heightened the erotic sensations considerably. Oh, Jesus it was too much, I had to come.

As my actual orgasm heightened until I was on the verge of cumming, my fantasy guys blew their loads into my ass and mouth. The combination was exquisite and I blew my load in the air and all over my stomach.

I used my pajamas to wipe off my cock, turned over and finally went sleep.

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