Erotic story: Jocks of the South part 6

By Scott Goulding. Check out parts: 1,2, 3, 4, 5.

Since Nick had blown Francis off for Matt that day at the lake, the hunk was forced to find pleasure elsewhere. His attempts at picking up some girls had failed and Francis came back home defeated. He knew that Matt had also just come home and was in his room, but Francis wanted some alone time to himself–Nick was on his mind and he couldn’t get him out of his head. Francis was horny, and he needed to fuck something. Seeing as Nick was busy, Francis realized he’d have to please himself, instead.

Francis sat on his bed, opening his night drawer and getting out his skeet sheet–and old pair of boxers that was really soft on his dick. It was covered in dried up cum and he’d been meaning to wash it out, but his fucks with Nick had put it off for a while.

Francis pulled his boxers down to his ankles. He sprung out his dick, which was already awakening at thought of being jerked and having to stare at the naked posters on his wall. He rubbed his balls and then latched a hand on his dick. He closed his eyes, imagining big voluptuous tits, tight pussy, and a big fat ass. But the images in his head began to distort, and soon enough all he could think of was Nick’s body…

He was putting his dick up Nick’s ass, holding him against the bed and telling the twink to quiet his screams of pleasure. He was so fucking loud but Francis secretly loved it. Francis drove his cock deep inside, ramming his eight-inch boner into Nick’s tight hole and ploughing him into the bed, causing the springs to squeak and Nick’s voice to get loud.

“Yeaahhh! Fuck me, daddy! Put your big, fat cock inside of me!”

“You like that wood, bitch? You gonna scream for daddy?”

“Yeah daddy, give me your dick! Fuck my boy-hole daddy…”

Francis imagined ramming his ass so violently that the bed was moving from side to side. He was grabbing Nick’s waist so hard and thrusting his fat, raging boner into his cunt with such force that Nick was screaming wildly in pain, moaning at the top of his lungs.

“Fuck the shit out of me, daddy!”

“You want this cock, faggot?”

“Yeah, daddy! Cum inside me!”

Francis was going very fast now. His breaths were quick and shallow. One arm was on Nick’s shoulder, keeping him in place and another tight around his waist, fucking him senseless while he stood over his body, which was driving itself deeper into the bed.

“I just came daddy, I shot my load for you…” Nick said to him, looking back at Francis with those deep brown eyes of his…

Francis hadn’t opened his eyes just yet, but he realized something surprising: while one hand was on his cock, another was reaching up onto his ass. The jock’s legs were spread out and he sat low against the bed so that his asshole was exposed, and his two fingers were rubbing his crack.

He imagined more of Nick’s body, wanting to pump his big boner deep inside the teenager’s cunt, impregnating him with his spunk. This thought lead to Francis slowly putting one finger inside his ass–curious to see what it was like to feel his prostate throb in pleasure.

Francis let out low moan, momentarily stopping from rubbing his swollen shaft and instead focusing on the tight, prickly feeling overwhelming his body as his big finger slipped inside of him. His eyes were still closed, and he clenched his jaw, wanting to slip in another finger, and then another.

Three of his fingers were up Francis’ ass, and they expanded his tight, hole. Francis had felt this before, though the only person who knew about it was Matt. Francis’ thoughts strayed to his brother, and he imagined watching his older bro plough the pussy of some chick, doggystyle, and pounding her ass nice and fast. Francis’ finger went in and out of his hole, tickling his g-spot and causing his whole body to arch and stiffen.

The jock was eagerly jerking himself off again, his nuts jumping wildly up and down, while his foreskin slapped against his wet head and his fingers drove deeper into his anus. Francis bit his lip, pressing hard on his engorged head and pulling on the pulsing veins. The three fingers penetrated his body, making his cock tremble and his legs weak.

Francis felt his loose balls smacking hard against his legs and with a quick motion, they gave a big contraction. His penis shuddered and a prickling wave of sensation jolted his entire waist. A load swept through his body and spurt out of his dick. It went flying past the dirty pair of boxers and landed instead on Francis’ chest. Two more steaming spurts came, soaking his thick brown pubes and his rigid, rippling abs. It died down quickly, covering his hand entirely and dripping down to his balls. It had landed everywhere but his boxers.

It took a moment to realize who he’d came to. He wasn’t imagining fucking some girl, but it was Nick who he was thinking about, and his older brother, Matt. Thinking of them had also reminded Francis of how Nick would sneak a lick of his cum when he thought Francis wasn’t looking. As his own thick, white cum lay cooling on his chest, a curious thought passed through him.

He took a scoop of the spunk with his fingers and put it in his mouth. It wasn’t as bad as he thought. When he was done, Francis headed towards the bathroom. He needed to piss and then find some clothes for later. He was going to hang out with his friend, Nate, and maybe kick around a few balls on the field. When Francis relieved himself, he took to finding his clothes.

He was looking for a specific shirt–one that made his muscles look even bigger. If there were any girls watching him tonight, he wanted to impress him. Seeing as Matt and Francis shared a lot of their clothes, even as to go so far and share underwear, he bumbled over to Matt’s room to ask him about it.

Francis opened the door to their connected bathroom. “Hey Matt, you seen that blue v-neck–” Francis stopped dead in his tracks, realizing what the hell was going on in Matt’s room–he was with someone. But when he realized just who, his face turned pink.

Nick and Matt jumped. Nick pushed Matt off, sitting upwards. He stared in disbelief as Francis’ face turned a violent shade of red and he grit his teeth in anger. Matt also turned very pink, not bothering to cover up the leaking boner in his shorts.

“What the FUCK?” Francis bellowed, throwing aside the jeans he had in his hands and marching right up to the both of them. Nick trembled, too frozen with fear to even process what was happening. Francis had his fists clenched, and Nick was sure he was going to have his lights punched out.

“What are you doing with him?!” he asked Matt, ignoring Nick for the time being, which completely surprised him.

“Dude, r-relax–we were just–”

“He’s MINE,” Francis yelled. And then he pushed Matt back down onto his bed, and clocked him in jaw.

Francis’ punch had only grazed the side of Matt’s head. In one swift movement, Matt socked him in the gut, making Francis double over. Then, Matt pinned down Francis’ arms and pushed him back toward his room–a boner still in his tiny shorts. Nick was watching, horrified, as Matt locked Francis inside his room and shut the door behind him. “You okay?” Matt asked Nick, who was surprised that Francis had been dealt with so easily. Matt’s muscles were bulging and his veins were throbbing as he huffed out hot air. His blood was pumping fast.

“Y-yeah,” Nick muttered. “What about you?”

Matt nodded. The side of his right cheek was a little purple, but other than that, he seemed relatively unharmed. But his face was still a bright shade of red and his chest rose and fell quickly. He was breathing short, rapid breaths and his abs were twitching. Nick watched the hard-on in his shorts get limp. “Yeah. I’m good.” Matt answered. “I… think it’ll be best if you leave, for now. Just until Francis calms down.”

Nick was hoping he’d tell him to get out–he no longer felt comfortable in any way by staying in Matt’s bed, still half-naked. Nick was about to take off the cotton shorts Matt had given him but the jock put his big hand on Nick’s shoulder. “Nah, dude. Keep it.”

Nick gave him an awkward smile and nodded back. He pulled on his pants and tossed his shirt back on.

“We can leave through the front…” Matt mumbled. “My parents’ already left.” He was also putting on a pair of jeans, and a white-tank top that did barely anything to cover up his chest and torso. “I’ll drop you off.”

Nick said okay and almost sprinted down the steps. He waited at Matt’s truck, and got inside as soon as the lock clicked open. He watched Matt walk awkwardly to the truck and get inside with a wince–it seemed as if the stud had a case of blue balls.

The whole drive, the two of them said nothing. Matt just put his hand down his pants to adjust his junk every so often and sped down the road in silence. Nick was pretending to do stuff on his phone while they got back into town. After what felt like an eternity, Matt had drove onto Nick’s street.

“Nick…” he started, just before Nick closed the door behind him.


Matt was pink again. “I’ll call you when this blows over, alright?”

Nick nodded quickly. “Okay.”

“And–take care of yourself, okay? Tell me if anything happens.”

“Yeah, okay. Bye.”

He left before Matt could reply. It was around 11pm by now, and his parents were surprised to have him back so soon from what they thought was a party.

“The neighbours complained about the noise,” Nick lied, giving them an excuse. He went up to his room and shut the door. Despite everything that had happened, watching Matt and Francis fight–with Matt essentially slapping his hard dick against Francis’ ass as he pushed him out–had turned him on again. Nick’s hands shook as he stroked his cock, not bothering to take off the cotton shorts. They were small enough for Nick to get his whole dick out of the leg-hole and stroke his balls and his dick without a problem. He shot a load all over himself that night.

Nick got a text the next day. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw it was Matt.

‘I wanna meet up, to talk. Let’s find a place to eat. When’s best?’

Nick didn’t know how he felt about it–being seen with Matt in public was a bit scary but seeing as he’d made it clear they weren’t going to fuck in the bathroom or in his truck or something, Nick guessed it was fine just to see Matt and eat lunch. It wouldn’t look gay–just two friends eating together.

Nick texted back, ‘ok. there’s a Whataburger on Elm. Is around 2 okay?’

About ten minutes later, Matt replied. ‘Yeah, sure little bro.’

Nick arrived at the Whataburger in his ’09 Chevy Malibu–a birthday gift from his parents. He parked nearby and went in while nervously shaking. He could feel his legs quivering, and it felt like he was about to expose himself to the entire world by being seen with Matt. But he reminded himself–it was just lunch.

Nick saw someone waving at him in the far corner. Matt had saved him a seat in a booth, and he stood up to greet him. Matt looked deadly cute. He wore a tight-fitting blue shirt that showed the thick globes of his chest and the ridges of his abs underneath.

His arms stretched the short sleeves to the fullest, looking huge and bulky as they flexed. With any movement of his torso, Matt’s shirt lifted up to expose his blond happy trail and the thicket of pubes barely hidden by the waistline of his tight jeans. If Matt had them on any lower, Nick was sure he’d be able to see the base of Matt’s dick. Was Matt free-balling again?

Matt’s short beach-blond hair was messy and cute, barely visible underneath his backwards ball cap. His cheeks were rosy as usual and his soft pink lips stretched into a faint smile as he saw Nick. His blue eyes glistened, checking Nick out from head to toe. “Sup?” he said, his soft, deep voice making Nick instantly horny.


They both sat down.

“Wanna order something?”

“Yeah, okay.”

They looked at the menu in awkward silence for a bit and then Matt went over to tell a waitress what they’d like. He came back, his eyes still attached to Nick’s face. “You’ve been okay?”

“I guess.”

Matt got in close, leaning over the table. “Look, I’m sorry about what happened. I didn’t know Francis was so… protective. I didn’t even know he had fe–” Matt stopped short, realizing he’d said too much.


Matt shook his head. “I didn’t know that you two were… close.”

“We aren’t. Not really… I guess.”

“Yeah well Francis thinks that you are. He… wants you for himself. No sharing.”

“He never told me that.”

“Well he told me this morning. I figured I had to tell you before I leave.”

Nick looked shocked. “Leave?”

“Yeah, dude. My Spring Break is over. School starts on Monday and I’ll miss a few classes if I don’t leave tomorrow.”


“Yeah, that’s the plan.”

“But what about–” Nick lowered his voice suddenly, looking around a bit anxiously. “…what about… us?”

Matt sighed. He leaned back into his seat, his face looking glum. “I like you a lot, Nick. I enjoyed our time together–the fun we had. I care about you, obviously. But… not in the way that you’re looking for. I’m sorry.”

Nick felt rigid. He didn’t know what to say. It felt like all the blood in his body had been turned to ice. “Did I do something?”

“No, no,” Matt put his hands over Nick’s. Evidently, he didn’t care who saw them. “It’s nothing you did. It’s just that… I have to go to San Francisco to finish school. That’s my first priority. And… I just don’t feel that way towards you. Besides, even if I did, I don’t think I have it in me to do a long distance relationship. Especially not with exams coming up. This is my final year and I can’t fuck it up when I worked so hard up to now.”

Nick pulled his hands away from Matt. “Okay. I understand.”

“I’m sorry, little bro. But… you still have Francis. He cares about you–more than I thought he did.”

Nick was surprised. “He does? He told you that?”

“He does, Nick. He told me. And… there’s something else…”

“What is it?” Nick asked, able to tell by Matt’s voice that it was probably something private.

“Nick, I wanted to meet you here so I could say bye. I’ll be in Cali in a day or so.”

“I’m leaving for Cali soon too.”

Matt suddenly remembered. “UCLA, right?”


“Well… Francis and I made up. And… he says that it’d be okay if I said goodbye to you. Properly.”

They sat in silence again.

Nick spoke first. “What do you mean?”

Matt cocked his eyebrow. “I think you know what I’m talking about.”

Nick was shocked. “A-are you sure?”

“Yes. He said it’s alright, since we probably won’t ever get to do it again. Y-you’re not mad at me, are you?”

Nick shook his head. “No.”

“What about with Francis?”

“I’m not mad at him either. Are you?”

Matt shrugged. “No. We made up this morning. And I can’t really blame him for acting the way he did,” Matt lowered his voice again. “You were the only way he was getting any sex. All the girls in town are still giving him the cold shoulder. I guess he felt that you were ditching him for me, and that upset him.”

Nick knew that’s exactly what he’d done–in the moment, he’d chosen Matt over Francis. But now… it seemed as though Francis was the one who wanted Nick more. Despite Nick’s feelings for Matt, he knew that what he had with Francis was special, and that something else was going on in Francis’ head.

“Francis doesn’t mind too much if you do it with other guys, but he finds it a little weird with the idea of you doing it with me, especially if you choose me over him.”

“I said yes to going out with you before Francis even asked me. It wouldn’t have been fair to say no to you after he asked,” Nick said.

“Yeah, I told him that. He understands, Nick. Really. That’s why he said its okay if…” Matt’s voice got quiet again. “He said its okay if we have sex one last time before I leave for Cali.”

Nick nodded, wanting to change the subject. But he didn’t have to. The waitress had come over with their food. They ate in relative silence, with Matt occasionally trying to stir up a conversation. This was nothing like how Nick had imagined their lunch being, but he also knew that something had changed since he’d seen the two brothers fight. To see Francis fight someone bigger than he was for Nick… to fight his own brother…

When they finished, Matt looked down at Nick. “So… you wanna hang at my place then?”

Nick thought about it, but he didn’t need much convincing. “Yeah, okay.” It was weird to think that this might be the last time they fucked. He hoped to make the most of it.

Matt smiled at him, leaving some money on the table. “Alright. I’ll walk you to your car. You can come over when you want, I’ll be home packing.”

Nick nodded. “Okay.”

They walked slowly and silently, keeping close to each other as they strolled down the street. When Nick stopped, Matt looked at the car in surprise. “This yours?”

Nick smiled at him. “Yeah. A birthday gift from my parents.”

“Nice, nice…” Matt trailed off. Nick had expected the beach hunk to start talking about cars, but Matt instead grabbed Nick’s hand softly and lead him into an alleyway. For some reason, Nick didn’t resist.

The alley was dark and it smelled like crap. They walked to the very end, where the shadows made it impossible to see anything. Nick wasn’t sure where they were even going. But Matt stopped. He turned around to face Nick and looked down at him. “I wanted to give you something before tonight…”

Nick’s heart began to pound. He watched Matt wrap his sexy, muscular arms around him, and his cute rosy face come close. Their lips touched, locking on and sucking each other off. Matt’s big pink lips were soft and hot, and he felt Matt gently grab his ass. Then, it was over.

“That’s all?” Nick asked, smiling a bit.

Matt laughed. “Don’t get greedy.”

Nick smiled back at him. He let go of Matt’s waist, and looked back at him as he walked away, back towards his car. Once he got inside, he sat in silence, excited for tonight, but also sad. He waved at Matt as he pulled onto the road and headed for home. Once he was there, he showered, pulled on some tight briefs, sprayed on some cologne and got out his best clothes. He waited around for a few hours, trying not to look desperate, then headed to Matt’s house at around six. The sun was almost down by the time Nick got there.

The house looked deserted–Matt’s parents were probably off on another shopping trip in town, and Matt himself seemed to be the only one home. The beach stud invited him in, wearing the same, tight shirt from before. He was also wearing his pink baseball cap, which made him look insanely cuter. He flashed Nick his pearly white teeth and lead him inside, taking him to the kitchen first.

“You eat dinner yet?” he asked him.

Nick shook his head. “No, I’m not hungry.”

He shrugged. “Alright.” Matt put a hand down his pants and adjusted his junk, as if he was getting hard already. It turned Nick on.

“Do you wanna play some video games or–”

“I want something else,” Nick blurted, staring at Matthew’s bulging body and bright blue eyes. He wanted to take the stud into his mouth right there in the kitchen, and he had half a mind to pounce on the jock himself. In fact, he thought he saw an inviting look sprawled across Matt’s face…

Nick walked closer to him, looking blatantly down at his crotch and then back up to his face. “I’m horny, daddy.” He put a hand to Matt’s waist, watching the stud’s penis stir in his pants. “And I want you… to fuck me.”

“N-nick…” Matt sighed, feeling Nick’s small hands reach down to his groin, grabbing the inseam of his jeans and rubbing his bulging goods.

Then, Nick took a step back and sat up on the counter of the kitchen. “Are you horny too, daddy?” He spread his legs wide apart, beginning to pull his t-shirt off. “Do you wanna fuck me?”

“Nick… Francis is upstairs. He could come down at any minute.”

For a moment, Nick didn’t know whether to continue. But the stiffy in his pants was thinking for him, and it was telling him to go for it.

Nick grinned at Matt. “Then he can watch.”

“You sure?” he asked him, getting close to Nick, so close that the tent in his jeans was inches away from edge of the counter, and his big, rough hands were beginning to slide over Nick’s ass, his fingers finding their way into his pants.

“Yes, daddy. I’m sure.”

“Right here?” His face was excited, and there was a look of mischief. The horny stud was up for taking a risk.

Nick’s shirt was off, and he reached down to unbuckle Matt’s belt. “Yeah. Right here. Take me on this counter, daddy. Fuck me on it.”

“It’ll be rough, then,” Matt whispered, his hot breathe on Nick’s face, just above his lips. He could taste the jock already.

“The rougher the better,” he replied, freeing Matt’s pants of his belt. He reached down again, rubbing the long, hard shaft in his jeans, and feeling it convulse under his fingers.

“I wanna fuck your hole so bad, Nick,” Matt said, beginning to pull Nick’s jeans off. His voice was weak as he talked, seduced by Nick’s touch and his look of horniness.

“I want you to fuck me, Matt,” Nick said, putting his lips overtop Matt’s and slipping his tongue onto his. “Fuck me so hard that I can’t walk. I want to remember every minute. Do it and I’ll blow you. You can cum in my mouth, and I’ll swallow every drop.”

Matt grinned, licking Nick’s mouth and slobbering all over his face. “You’ve got a deal, bro.”

Nick’s pants were off in an instant. Matthew pulled them off hard, making Nick giggle and moan. Matt rubbed his hands up Nick’s thighs and kissed his navel, then finally pulled off his underwear. Matt pulled down his own jeans too, pushing his pants and his boxers down to his ankles, too eager to take them completely off.

Nick’s legs were open to Matthew like a dirty slut, displaying his hole to him like a filthy whore begging to be dominated. He wanted Matt to violate him in the nastiest way, to shoot his hot spunk inside his hole and all over his body. Nick’s pink hole puckered and clenched, begging to be fucked by the jock’s firm, rigid cock.

Matt put his fingers inside Nick’s ass first, spitting on his hole and rubbing his pink opening. He wanted to tease the teenager and until he was on his hands and knees, physically begging to be impaled by his erect penis.

“Uhhnnn…” Nick groaned, feeling Matt’s four big fingers enter him, filling him up until they were as far in as he could reach. He wiggled them around, watching in pleasure as Nick’s face twisted and his mouth opened to whisper the stud’s name.

“Matt… that feels soo good.”

“Yeahh, you like that?” Matt put his hands to Nick’s ass and pushed his legs further up into the air, so that his ankles rested on Matt’s broad, muscular shoulders and that the stud’s dick was inches away from the pulsing hole.

“Yes, daddy. Ugh, just like that.”

Matt took his fingers in and out, making the twink shake as he lay on his back, the cold marble counter underneath him. His nipples were hard and his chest rose and fell quickly, sighing in ecstasy as the thick fingers dug deep into him. When Matt came over him, he kissed Nick again and then sucked on his chest, using his tongue to flick his nipples. His fingers went in even further, and Nick let out a squeal.

“Unh! Matt, put it inside me. Put your big fucking cock inside me, daddy.”

“Yeah? You wanna be fucked like a little slut?”

“Yes daddy, fuck me like I’m a dirty boy.”

“You are a dirty boy, Nick, and I’m gonna put my cock inside your tight little cunt,” Matt said, sucking on Nick’s lips and tongue. Then, he withdrew his hand from the teenager’s ass and pushed his throbbing member down with his thumb so that it reached the puckering asshole. Then, as he retracted his foreskin and began to insert his dick into Nick, the teenager wailed.

“Uhhhnnn! Fuck!” Nick could feel the hard, smooth head explore his entrance. Then, the veiny schlong expanded his hole and thrusted itself inside of him, spewing salty pre-cum and lubing up his hole.

“That’s right, I’m gonna fuck you raw, bitch,” Matt smiled, watching Nick react to his dirty words. “No lube or anything. I’m going in dry.” He adjusted the cap on his head, while rubbing Nick’s body.

“Yeaahh, daddy. Fuck me raw. I deserve it.”

“You know it, bitch. Sluts get punished.”

Nick closed his eyes and laid his head against the counter. “Ohhh fuckk…” He used his hands to spread his cheeks and make it easier on himself as Matt’s nine inches of erect, sizzling meat penetrated his asshole.

“Ffffuuckk…” Matt moaned, finally putting all of himself into Nick. His groin was pressed against the teenager’s ass and his long pubes tickled Nick’s nuts. Nick looked up at Matt and smiled, lifting himself so that he could reach Matthew’s herculean body and feel up his rigid abs and large, bulging pecs. His biceps flexed and his veins popped as Matt clenched onto Nick’s waist, pushing himself deeper inside the meaty ass.

“You’re so hard,” Nick said, feeling the massive boner tremble inside of his anus as well as the toned, protruding muscles on his body. Nick’s legs shook as Matt piled himself into his ass, snaking his big hands up Nick’s sides.

“I’m hard for you, bro,” Matt muttered, biting his lower lip as he began to pull himself back out. From what Nick could see of his cock, the skin was pulled all the way behind his huge, red head, and his shaft was covered in massive veins that gushed with his warm blood. He licked his lips, sliding himself out of the teenager’s ass and spat on his pole, trying to make the next thrust easier.

“Uhhnn… fuck me hard…”

Matt began the fucking. He pile-drived himself into Nick’s hole, slapping his groin into the twink’s ass. Nick let out a loud moan, feeling the thick meat invade his body and begin expanding his anus. Matt withdrew half of his dick and thrusted again, pumping himself in and out of the boy’s asshole.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Nick wailed. He felt the jock continually fuck him. The man’s loose, heavy balls flung themselves into his ass, making loud noises. And with each lunge of Matt’s waist, Nick’s legs bent further over his body so that his knees touched his chest, pushed down by the stud’s bulging pecs against his thighs and the shoulders upon which Nick’s ankles rested. Matthew was bending the boy in half as he fucked him, humping Nick’s expanding ass and giving his own dick a good time.

“Yeah, daddy! Just like that!”

“Uggghhhh!” Matt grunted. His primitive instincts took over as he drilled Nick’s butt, leaking hot, premature semen into his opening. Matthew was mating with him, tapping his ass with short, deep thrusts and grabbing onto the twink’s shoulders to keep him in line. Meanwhile, Nick was holding onto Matt’s biceps for support, trying to feel more and more of the jock’s thick, veinous shaft as it busted his ass.

Matt’s raw penis was wet with the sweat rolling off both their bodies, as well as the juices of Nick’s butt, and the hunk’s pre-cum. His head was larger than ever, pulsing deep inside of Nick’s anus and warming him up. He pushed himself deeper, pulling his foreskin back more than it could handle. It hurt Matt as much as it hurt Nick to be penetrated, but Matt didn’t care. He was desperate to fuck Nick–to mate with his bitch and show him exactly who the man of the house was.

“You’re my little slut, aren’t you?” Matt asked, whispering to Nick as he lumbered over his body, still recklessly drilling his hole with his hard, meaty shaft. “My dirty fucking faggot?”

“Yes, daddy, I’m your slut. Fuck me like a dirty faggot. Punish me.”

Matt picked Nick up from his armpits and told him to wrap his arms around his neck. The teenager did as Matt told him and then spread his legs around his waist, feeling his round, plump ass with his toes. It was a soft, hairless butt that was as warm as the rest of his body. As Nick clung onto Matt, the stud thrusted himself back into Nick, reaching deeper than before as he cupped the twink’s ass and grabbed hard onto his fleshy cheeks.

“Oh shit, Matt!”

“Fuck, you feel that? I’m deep inside of you, little bro. Yeah, hold onto me. Hold onto your daddy.”

As Nick sat on the counter, he felt the raging cock dig its way further up his anal cavity, the shaft rubbing hard against his prostate. One of Matt’s veins pulsed right where Nick’s g-spot was, and the teenager could feel the stud’s heart beating through his penis. It shot out more pre-cum, making his hole sticky and warming his flesh.

Nick’s body was close to Matt’s, his faint abs rubbed on Matt’s long pubes and the top of his chest was being poked by the stud’s erect nipples and round pecs. His massive arms hung from his sides like two veiny dicks and clung onto Nick’s body, starting to hold him down as Matt pushed himself into him.

“Oh fuck,” Nick whispered, feeling the cock leave his hole and then drive itself back up inside him again.

“I’m so fucking horny,” Matt said, his voice shaky as his breath reached Nick’s face. He held the teenager down on his cock and the counter, and then began to plough him hard and fast.

Nick was yelling as the erect penis invaded his fleshy hole and stabbed at his anus, piercing his body like a large, meaty harpoon and spewing out more jizz, impregnating his body. “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” Nick screamed, feeling the stud’s loose, heavy balls jump up and down through the air, slapping Matt’s thighs and than whipping back up to meet Nick’s ass.

The pain of Matt’s nuts colliding was both pleasure and pain. As their soft skin touched, it sent chills up Matt’s arched spine and to Nick, the texture of his balls was erotic. But the speed and momentum at which they hit Nick shot pain through Matt’s body and deep into his groin, combined with the hot, fleshy tunnel that completely engulfed the throbbing cock between his legs.

Matt repeatedly ploughed his member into Nick’s cunt, stabbing his body and putting as much of himself inside as he could. Nick’s shouts of pain echoed throughout the kitchen, and the sound of Matt’s balls slapping Nick’s ass was just as loud.

“Shut up, Francis will hear you,” Matt said, still holding onto Nick’s body with full force. The pleasure of the soft, warm hole around his manhood was too great for him to stop. He was too far gone, and he needed to get his nut.

“Uhhn, uhhn, uhhnn!” Matt grunted, shoving his dick deeper and deeper into the teenager. Nick moaned and writhed in Matt’s arms as the stud lifted him off the counter and began to fuck him into the air, humping him like a horny dog, desperate to mate with a bitch.

“Fuck!” Nick said, clenching his teeth. Matt hooked his arms under Nick’s legs while the teenager used his hands to hold Matt’s neck. Matt’s hands still reached Nick’s ass and guided the tight hole up and down his shaft, while simultaneously fucking Nick’s anus like his dick was a piston.

“Uhhhhnnnn! Shit!”

“Fuck!” Matt exclaimed, suddenly slowing down and trying to catch his breath. His tough abs rippled and he slipped his pants off his ankles, walking over to the sofa nearby. He collapsed onto it, with Nick still riding his cock, and let the twink settle himself on top.

“You want me to ride you?” Nick asked, his voice weak after the good dicking he’d just received.

Matt gave him horny grin. “No. You better hold on, bro.” He lifted Nick a little into the air above his cock and began to push his hips up and down into the twink’s ass, thrusting his pelvis hard and fast, making the springs in the sofa squeak.

“Ooohhhh!” Nick moaned, shutting his eyes and clenching his jaw. His hole tightened around Matt’s shaft and his own dick and balls bounced up and down on Matt’s eight pack and soft pubes. His half-hard dick put long lines of pre-cum all over the jock’s body, making him wet. The stud’s pumps were harder, deeper and faster than before. Nick’s hole was beginning to go numb with the pain, and his whole body was shaking in Matt’s embrace. “Fuck, that hurts!”

“Take that dick, dude. I know you can do it.”

Sweat rolled down both of their rugged bodies, and they slid and slipped against each other. The dirty smell of Matt’s hairy armpits and dirty balls filled the air, combined with Nick’s sweaty body and salty jizz.

Matt smiled at the pain and pleasure on Nick’s face. “You dirty little slut. You fucking like that cock?”

Nick opened his eyes, staring right into Matt’s and licking his lips. “I fucking love your cock in my ass, daddy.”

“You’ve got a tight little pussy, Nick. It feels so good. I can feel your cunt throbbing.”

“Uhhnn, I’m throbbing for you, daddy. I want your fat dick deep inside of me.”

Matt suddenly smiled, laughing a bit. He bit his lower lip, slapping Nick’s ass and putting his tongue hard against his cheek. Nick could feel the jock bucking his hips, pushing himself deeper and deeper inside of his hole as his tool throbbed and his balls gave a massive lurch forward. Nick felt the stud heave his chest, gasping for air as his muscles tensed. Nick grabbed onto his large pecs for support as Matt pushed him into the air, trying to get as deep inside his hole as possible.

“Fuck!” Matt yelled, putting a hard grip on Nick’s waist as he began to unload his spunk into the teenager’s anus. “I’m cumming!”

“Uhn!” Nick moaned, feeling the enlarged cock inside of him as it swelled with fluid. The hot, sticky semen exploded deep in his asshole, warming Nick’s body and causing him to tremble in pleasure as the jock’s seed shot up inside him and dripped down his flesh. It filled him up, as Matt kept thrusting into him, making Nick feel tingly and horny. He hadn’t shot his own load just yet, but he was ready to.

“I wanna cum,” Nick said to him, rubbing his hands on Matt’s chest as he continued pumping himself in and out.

Then, scaring Nick, a deep voice came from behind him, followed by two large hands that pressed down on his shoulders.

“Not yet,” Francis muttered, soaking wet and wearing nothing but a small towel across his groin.

“F-Francis!” Nick exclaimed, trying to get off Matt.

“Ohh no, you don’t,” Matt said, smiling at him, keeping the boy planted on his shaking dick. He was still unloading deep inside him, though his shots were weak and watery now. His thick cum was beginning to ooze out of Nick’s hole, trailing down his crack and onto his balls. A lot of it dripped down onto Matt’s massive thighs too. “My bro here wants to join, don’t you?” Matt asked.

Francis’ hair was loose and wet, thrown over his forehead. He’d just come out of the shower, and his hairy, muscular body shone like a sweaty athlete’s. “Yeah. I want in.”

“That okay with you, Nick?” Matt asked, making the teenager stay on his lap, his dick still pulsing inside him.

Nick felt Francis’ hands run up and down his back, his strong and quiet presence invoking masculinity. He felt the bulge in Francis’ towel rub up on his bare skin as he began to slowly hump Nick’s skin. Then, Nick answered. “Yes. I want both of you.”

“Fuck yeah,” Matt said, smiling at him. Then he looked to Francis. “You up with double-teaming this guy?”

Francis nodded. “Yeah. But I want his ass,” he said, looking at his brother. “You’ve had him already.”

Matt agreed. He turned to Nick. “Looks like I’ll get that blowjob you promised.” His dick was still hard, and Nick was surprised he could go for it twice so quickly. The only other person who Nick had seen get this horny was Francis.

“Get on your knees,” Francis commanded him, picking Nick off of Matt’s long, wet dick. Francis pushed Nick down onto the sofa, pulling him closer to the edge so that Francis could stand over him and be close enough to plough him with his cock. He was gentle as he did it, however, going slowly with him and caressing his soft, naked skin with each touch.

Matt got up, holding his dick in his hand and waving it across Nick’s face. “Take it,” Matt told him, leading it to his mouth. Long lines of cum went all over the place. Nick gently put his fingers on Matt’s waist and leaned his head forward. He put his hands on the massive dick, which was very warm to the touch. His fingers entwined with the long blond pubes at his base. They were soft and curly, and as Nick moved in towards the stud’s cock, Nick could feel his own erection leaking pre-cum over the couch. It was fully hard now, thanks to Francis’ own member looking for a way inside him.

Then, he gently put his lips to the head of Matt’s cock, kissing the tip and taking the base of his shaft into his hand. He pulled the foreskin down, exposing his bulging, red head. He tasted the jock’s cum, and the fluids of his own asshole as he inserted his erection into Nick’s mouth. Nick opened up more to lick the swollen head of his penis and then slobber against his thick, rigid shaft.

“Fuuucck…” Matt gasped, feeling Nick’s soft lips against his tip. The teenager pushed his tongue onto Matt’s head, massaging the most sensitive part of his body and making the jock moan. Matt’s legs felt weak, and his balls got heavy as they filled with more sperm.

Nick licked up the few drops of pre-cum that leaked from the shaft and looked up at Matt. “You like that?”

“Ugghhh… yeah. Your mouth’s amazing, bro…” Matt whispered, putting his hands through Nick’s hair and slowly guiding his mouth back to his throbbing, wet schlong.

Then, Nick felt Francis’ rough hands latch onto his waist. Nick arched his back for him, wanting to feel the hunk’s cock once again, and to service the man who’d taken away his virginity. He exposed his wet, gooey hole to him, showing him that he’d been used but that he was ready to take in more. He was lubed up for Francis, and his cunt was pulsing with desire for his daddy’s cock.

Francis dropped his towel, exposing his naked, herculean body. It was still wet and glistening, dripping occasionally with cool water. The stud spat on his hand and rubbed it across his hardening cock, desperate to lube himself up. He spread the liquid over his bouncing tool and then onto Nick’s asshole. It felt warm and inviting to Nick, and it tickled him.

The stud ignored the spunk currently inside of Nick, not wanting to think about the fact that his own brother had just unloaded inside of him. But it was hot. Nick was being used like a cheap whore, and the boy liked every second of it. Francis could tell by the way the teenager pushed his asshole into Francis’ face that he was waiting for him to enter. He needed another good dicking.

Francis huge pink dick was completely swollen, and as he smacked it onto the perky white ass before him, huge strands of pre-cum went flying. “I’m going in,” Francis muttered, spreading the white cheeks apart and rubbing his dick inside of them. He got his brother’s cum all over his shaft, mixed with Nick’s sweat.

“Do it. Fuck me, Francis,” Nick murmured, with Matt’s dick still throbbing in his mouth. It spewed out more cum every so often, and Matt’s big blond pubes plugged up his nose while he pumped into him.

As Francis pressed the throbbing pink head of his dick onto Nick’s little hole, Nick gasped loudly, making both of the brothers laugh. For Francis, it was weird to see his brother at Nick’s head, sticking his dick into someone’s mouth. The sight mesmerized Francis, almost as if seeing his brother fuck a dirty mouth, and watching his muscles flex and twitch, turned him on.

Despite this, the thing that pleasured Francis the most was watching Nick writhe in pain with each touch of Francis’ hand and hot, throbbing cock. And there was the fact that hot cum still oozed out of his cunt, dripping down his balls and bare thighs. The boy’s dick was fully hard, wanting Francis’ member to attack his hole.

Just the tip had gone inside, and Nick moaned loudly. He grit his teeth and clenched his fist. He grabbed onto the sofa’s fabric, trying to brace for the jock’s cock while steadily massaging Matt’s cock with his mouth.

Nick felt heat rush through his body, and his balls began to ache with ecstasy. His ass was shaking in anticipation–he’d never had someone put something in his ass while a dick was in his mouth, and especially not when his asshole was already filled to capacity with spunk. Matt’s baby-makers were still inside him, keeping him warm.

“Mmmmm…” Nick moaned, as Francis began to push his schlong further down into his perky ass. His sounds turned on Matt, who put his hands onto his ass and began pushing his own cock into Nick’s mouth. Francis was going slow, trying to show Nick that he could please him just as well as his brother, if not more. Francis wanted to fuck Nick, and he was going to do it right this time.

“I forgot how tight you are, fuck.” Francis said. He threw his head back in pleasure as the warm flesh of Nick’s ass engulfed his erect cock and his brother’s cum lathered his shaft.

Nick smiled, while trying to fit as much of Matt’s dick inside his mouth, choking on the hard, fat meat inside of him and coughing up some cum.

“Swallow it…” Matt told him, gently grabbing at his hair.

“Do as he says,” Francis muttered, spanking Nick’s ass. The sound was loud and it turned on both the brothers. Francis loved Nick’s tight little ass and Nick loved being punished.

Nick took the dick out of his mouth long enough to answer, “Yes, daddy.” Then he put it right back inside. The dick expanded in Nick’s mouth as his desperate breaths for air swelled the hunk’s pride. Matt forced it down further, making the teenager struggle for breath.

“Yeah… choke on my dick, bro…” Matt muttered, his deep voice weak as the air escaped his mouth. “Does it taste good?”

Nick let out a faint moan that made Matt’s cock throb in ego. His penis leaked more cum, while Francis thrusted more of himself slowly into Nick’s butt.

“Nick, relax,” Francis calmed him down, rubbing Nick’s ass. He was still lining himself up to his hole. “I’m gonna be slow.”

“No,” Nick begged, wanting to enjoy the fuck as much as he wanted to please Francis. “I want you to be rough. Punish me. I’ve been a bad boy.” Nick wanted to feel pain and he wanted to the jock to dominate him. His own cock was shaking in horniness and at that moment, he’d let the hunk do anything to him.

Francis smiled, rubbing Nick’s soft cheeks. “You sure, baby? It’ll be hard on you.”

Nick took Matt’s fat boner out of his mouth, swallowing his cum. “Do it. I want it. I need you to do it.”

The jock grinned, slapping his ass again. No one made Francis happy the way Nick did. “Alright, baby. I’ll do it like you want.” Then, Francis put more of himself in. Feeling Nick’s warm, tight asshole around his cock was bliss. He had seriously been missing this hole. There were gasps of ecstasy escaping Nick’s lips, and he told Francis to go in all the way. The boy wanted the fucking to begin.

Francis grabbed a fist full of ass in his big, beefy hands. His dick finally went completely inside, and Nick cried out in pain. The stud’s boner was up his ass, throbbing violently. Francis’ hairy groin and balls smacked against his butt, and his thick muscled arms surrounded his small frame.

Francis pulled half of his cock out of Nick and then pushed back in. Nick moaned, feeling the thick, pole of meat expand his hole and slide forward, spewing out more cum. Francis’ head hit his prostate as he did so, and Nick’s body was weakening under both the bros. His dick let out a premature load onto the sofa, splattering his legs. But his red, trembling cock was still fully erect, and it was telling Nick to take the fucking like a man.

Nick eagerly went down on Matt again, swallowing any more salty fluids and fully taking the full length of the stud’s erection. Matthew groaned, throwing his head backwards and shoving his groin harder into Nick’s face. The teenager took more of the meaty hotrod into his mouth, feeling the soft skin twitch against his tongue. “Take that cock, bro. You enjoying my dick?”

“Yeahhh…” Nick moaned, the fat penis still in his mouth.

“Damn… you’re so good. You like my little brother’s dick in your ass?”

Nick nodded again, looking back to see if Francis was enjoying himself. There was a hard look of determination on Francis’ face, but he looked like he was having fun, and his bulky, hairy pecs twitched with each movement Nick made. His biceps flexed, veins popping, as he drilled Nick’s hole, while spanking him hard with the back of his hand. Then, Francis laughed, looking at Matt thrust hard into Nick’s face.

“You’re doing good,” Francis told Nick, stroking his bare back with his large, manly hands. His touch made Nick shiver, but it felt so good to feel the jock’s abs on his body, and his whole groin was covering Nick’s fat ass.

The veins were pulsing hard inside of Nick, as the sweaty penis filled his mouth. The stud let out low moans of ecstasy as Nick went down on him, taking more and more penis. With the dick all the way in, the head now jamming itself hard on the back of Nick’s throat, the teenager choked and on Matthew’s pre-cum, slobbering his spit all over the large member.

“Oh shit… Jesus, Nick.”

Francis thrust forward again. The first few were still slow, as he held Nick’s body down and grasped his smooth back, and then they got harder, and quicker. Nick felt his asshole expand as Francis got deeper and deeper inside of him, his shaft and veins hitting his prostate square on, grinding it until it ached in horrible pain. But Nick loved it.

Francis’ long, bushy pubes bounced off Nick’s ass, as his groin began to smack into him. Nick could feel Francis’s loose balls swing into him too and the sofa was shaking under the stud’s powerful movements. He was built like a god, and his powerful, manly thrusts were enough to impregnate any woman who was bent over before him in just a few quick thrusts. His big balls flung themselves into Nick’s scrotum, making him wince but smile as more semen leaked into his hole, and as Matt’s seed dripped down his legs and his chin.

Nick moaned again, crying out in pain while the cock was still in his mouth. Francis grabbed onto his shoulders and started to rhythmically pump in and out of Nick. Francis himself was grunting like an animal now, the feeling of hot flesh around his boner and watching his brother pump in and out of Nick’s mouth while his abs clenched and flexed.

Nick had to keep his arms below him, against the sofa, in order to stay upright so that Francis could fuck him. He only had his mouth on Matt’s dick, but that’s all he needed.

Nick smiled as he withdrew from the cock, still keeping the glans tight between his lips. Then, as Matt thrusted his groin into Nick’s face again, the dick came hard into his mouth, jamming Nick full. The boy began cocking his head, massaging his lips up and down Matt’s hard shaft. His cum was hot and gritty, mixed with dirty sweat and salty sperm.

“Uggghhhh…” Matt sighed, his voice deep and low. Matthew’s hairy crotch rippled with muscle as Nick sucked him off, salivating all over his rigid, flopping member.

“Mmm…” he smiled at Matt, watching the look of pleasure on the stud’s face. Matt’s dick squirted more pre-cum into his mouth, more beginning to escape Nick’s eager lips and drip down his chin. Nick had to take the dick out in order to swallow it all, and so that he could catch his breath.

“Ohhhh! Yeah, fuck me, Francis!” Nick said, clenching his sofa tighter as Francis’ huge cock pumped in and out of his ass. In a moment, Francis’ chest was digging into his body, his rippling abs on his back, and his big, muscular arms underneath Nick’s pits.

Francis clung onto Nick, fucking him wildly now, moving the teenager’s ass up and down. Francis put one of his big, beefy legs onto the sofa, thrusting like a caveman: raw and full of testosterone. He was desperate to ejaculate into Nick, like he was mating with a bitch in heat. It was wild and savage, tearing Nick’s ass apart and causing him to shake in pain.

“Fuck me, Francis!”

“Jesus Christ… take that cock, baby.”

“Yeah, daddy, just like that!”

“Fuck him, bro,” Matt sighed, smacking his erect cock over Nick’s dirty, sweaty face.

Francis kept pumping, holding Nick beneath him and feeling the teenager’s anus twitch uncontrollably under his waist. Francis began to thrust really hard on Nick, pressing his body weight against him and pushing him into the sofa, making it creak. Nick felt the hotrod go further up his ass, hitting his prostate for a few moments and then reaching even further up as Francis continued to go up inside him.

“Put it back in your mouth,” Matt said, rubbing his boner as he force fed it to Nick. The teenager happily took it in, feeling the engorged cock slide into his mouth.

Nick squeezed his wet lips over Matt’s penis. He went up and down on his shaft, quickening his blows. As Nick picked up the pace, he took even more dick inside his mouth. Matt’s long pubes hit Nick in the face, and he could feel the stiff head attack the backside of his throat, like a meaty baton.

Francis took half his cock out and thrusted again, pressing deep into Nick’s ass and putting his big, rough hands on Nick’s back. They slipped up his body, feeling his bare, muscled back while his own cock embedded itself into the boy’s anus.

“Holy fuck, this feels amazing,” Matt muttered, pumping himself into Nick’s mouth. “You good, brah?” Matt asked Francis.

The jock laughed back at him, smiling. “Yeah, bro. Nick’s taking this dick like a champ.”

Matt grinned. “Same here, dude. Gonna get my nut all over his face.” Nick heard the two brothers high-five each other, while Francis continued to hump Nick’s ass like he was a horny teenager.

Then, Francis began fucking Nick hard and fast again. The jock was moaning and swearing under his breath, as if he hadn’t fucked anything in weeks.

Nick was groaning hard, moaning as Francis’ huge cock pounded him again and again, ramming him up his asshole. The throbbing shaft shot pre-cum inside of him, and Nick could feel it inside, slushing and squirting as the huge cock head came back again for more. It mixed with Matt’s cum, squirting in and out of Nick’s hole and making his anal cavity swell up as it filled with the two men’s seed. Francis’ loose balls flung back and forth, slapping into Nick’s own balls and dick, putting them both in a kind of pain that they enjoyed.

Before he knew it, Nick realized that Matt’s body was shaking, and his cock was pulsing uncontrollably. Nick felt the hard dick shudder with heat, and the stud’s balls bounced furiously, banging against his chin and neck and flying across Matt’s legs and crotch.

Then, Nick could feel the hunk’s penis harden even more. He saw the pair of balls contract, lurching hard against Matt’s dick as they pushed a load of cum through his body. It made Matthew’s hips tense and the veins in his crotch bulged with power.

“Ohhhh fuck!” he moaned, trying to keep his voice low.

The sperm surged through groin and shot its way through Matt’s dick, making his member throb inside Nick’s mouth.

“I’m cumming, Nick! FUCK!” he yelled, putting both his hands tight around Nick’s head and shoving his face into his groin. He held him there as the wave of pleasure swept over his body.

The sofa creaked and rocked hard under both their motion as Francis grabbed Nick’s bright white ass and slammed it against his hard abs and groin, rubbing the fat globes before him as he thrusted.

The loads of sperm came hard and fast out of Matt’s dick, covering the back of Nick’s throat and smearing the top and bottom of his mouth. The fat wad of cum was hot and steaming, salty like the hunk’s sweaty skin.

“Uhhhhnnnnn!” Matt exclaimed, as he ejaculated into Nick’s warm mouth.

Hot, sticky wads of cum shot into Nick’s gullet, lubricating his throat and filling his mouth with fresh, steaming sperm. The thick, salty substance was smooth, gorging his mouth as three more fat loads followed the first two. Matt’s dick kept shaking, while he continually thrusted himself inside, keeping his muscular thighs tight against Nick’s face. He rubbed his abs up and down, feeling his sweaty muscles.

When finally the spurts of cum began to die down, Matt let himself slowly ease in and out of his mouth while Francis continued fucking him.

“Uhhhnnn, yeah! Fuck me like that,” Nick barely muttered, unable to talk while breathing so hard. He watched a few drops of cum drip out of Matt’s piss-slit. He quickly licked it up, not wanting any of Matt’s sperm to go to waste. His manly fluid tasted good, and Nick wanted every bit.

Francis couldn’t speak. His moans and heavy breaths were loud enough to tell Nick he was enjoying every moment of fucking his ass. Francis began thrusting hard and fast again. He slapped Nick’s ass, putting a bright pink handprint on it as Nick yelled in pain.

“Fuck yeah!” Francis yelled, grabbing the hair on Nick’s head and pulling him back. “Tell me you like that.”

“Yeah I do, daddy! Just fuck me like that, grab my hair. Punish me!”

Francis didn’t let go. He kept his fist on Nick’s hair, pulling his head back and thrusting his fat meaty cock into the large ass before him. His other hand was latched on tight to Nick’s waist.

“Oohhhhhh, Francis! I’m gonna cum!” Nick moaned.

Francis grinned, feeling the teenager’s asshole quiver. “Yeahh, you gonna cum for me, baby? You gonna cum for daddy?”

“Yeeaahhh, daddy! Ooohhh shit, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Nick’s asshole clenched tight on Francis’ huge dick, squeezing the life out of it and causing him to moan in pain. Then, fat loads of spunk erupted from Nick’s cock, whipping back and forth all across the sofa, while spraying Francis’ hairy thighs and Matt’s trembling groin. Nick didn’t even have to touch his dick as he came, for Francis’ rough, dominate fucking was enough to do the trick. His wagging boner continued to spray the sofa.

As Nick came, Francis continued pummelling Nick’s hole, humping his ass and thrusting his cock deep inside him the entire time. The boy’s body collapsed after the intense fucking, but Francis help him up, eager to finish inside of him. Nick barely had the energy to go on, but he wanted to please his daddy, and he let Francis hold him up against his hard, flexing body.

“Arrghh!” Francis groaned, feeling the teenager’s ass clench hard against his cock, milking out every bit of his sperm inside the walls of his anus, and squeezing life from him. Despite the pain, Francis couldn’t stop himself from pumping in and out of Nick.

“Uuuhhhnnnn, fuck!” Nick felt Francis’ huge, toned, muscular arms wrap tighter around him, and Francis’ own dick twitched uncontrollably inside of him as Nick moaned. Francis felt Nick’s balls tighten and he knew things were about to get wet.

As Nick took in a huge breathe of air, he felt another fiery surge of sperm encompass his entire groin. His six inches shuddered with euphoria and more cum exploded from his tip. It shot out at the sofa, covering the seats and soaking everything in sight. Francis continued to fuck the life out of Nick, going deeper and faster, as the cum dripped out of his cock.

“Oh god…” Nick mumbled, barely able to speak as a few last bursts of his second load escaped his dick and dripped out onto the sofa.

Francis was fucking him hard and fast, his thrusts shorter but still managing to reach the throbbing depths of Nick’s plump little ass. His breaths were laboured and weak. Inside of him, Nick felt Francis’ cock give a violent series of jerks, and his testicles began to quiver. “Jesus, I’m gonna cum, Nick!”

Nick’s ass shaking and squeezing Francis’ cock got the jock over the top. His hips bucked and his muscles flexed. With a huge jerk, his low, loose balls jumped. His groin convulsed and his dick turned numb with euphoria. “Do it daddy,” he moaned. His voice was soft and raspy. “Cum inside me.”

“I’m cumming,” Francis said weakly, barely able to get his words out.

“Cum inside my ass, daddy,” Nick said back, feeling Francis’ balls contract. “Fill me up.”

“Ohh fuck! Uggggghhhhhh!” Francis pushed himself up onto Nick, squishing his whole body down onto the sofa. Huge, powerful pumps of hot cum filled Nick’s ass, bubbling and oozing. The jock kept thrusting, his thick hairy legs pressed against Nick and his hard nipples digging into his back. He kept Nick’s ass on his groin, still clinging on, fucking slowly and deeply.

Francis was still humping him slowly as three more oozing loads of spunk shot from his schlong and into the teenager’s asshole. His big cock kept throbbing, and Francis was holding Nick’s entire body tight in his arms, his face flat against Nick’s back. Francis went in and out of the teenager’s hole, his hands wrapped around his torso.

Nick whined in a high voice as the jock’s dick began to turn soft inside him, and the cum filling him up now began to leak out of his hole, dripping down his crack, balls and legs. Francis withdrew his member, which made Nick sigh out in relief. Nick collapsed onto the sofa, watching the two McCarthy brothers slowly stroke their soft dicks as they stared at Nick.

“Damn, that was amazing to watch,” Matt said, slapping his younger brother’s naked, sweaty ass. His dick was hard again and as he sat there, rubbing his boner, he cracked a smile at both his sibling and at dick. “Got me horny again.”

“Thanks, bro,” Francis replied, a bit embarrassed. His dick was still half-hard, and swinging to and fro like a pendulum. Matt’s member was no different. Francis fist-bumped Matt and then sat down on the coffee table, his beefy, muscular legs spread wide apart and his testicles still exposed. Matt sat next to Nick, doing the same. He slowly rubbed his cum-stained hands over Nick’s back, feeling his developing muscles.

“You need help with that?” Nick asked Matt, smiling as he licked some more of the hunk’s cum off his mouth.

Matt got up, still stroking his cock. “Yeah, dude. You mind?”

Nick shook his head, opening his mouth for him. “Not at all.”

Matt stuck his dick back inside Nick’s mouth, forcing his hips into the boy’s face and pushing him against the sofa, fucking him slowly with his swollen member and making him gag on his throbbing, meat.

“Uhnn, mmmmmm,” Nick moaned, tasting the jock spurt the last remains of his warm cum, while the stud braced through the pain of being hard again after just having shot such a hard load. Yet he was still ready to burst, and his penis felt like it was being ripped apart by the softness of Nick’s wet hole.

“Shit… I’m getting hard too,” Francis said, playing with his dick as he watched his brother plough Nick’s face. His head was dripping, still exposed through his foreskin and hanging low like a third arm. His balls were low and loose too, swinging wildly with each step he took towards the two of them.

“Wanna join?” Matt teased, taking his member out while Nick took quick, rapid breaths. “I’m gonna fucking shoot all over his face.”

Nick grinned. “Do it. I want it.”

Francis smiled, a bit embarrassed. His dick wasn’t going down, so he guessed the only way to put his monster to sleep was by unloading another few wads of spunk. He wondered if it was possible. “Yeah, I’ll try.”

Matt laughed a bit, while smacking his fat member across Nick’s face, making the twink moan. He hit his mouth and dirty lips, covering his skin with streaks of cum. Then, Francis lifted his heavy dick and waited until he thought it was okay.

“Shoot it on me,” Nick told him, looking hungrily at Francis’ cock. “On my face. I want you to.” The boy was still desperate for dick, needing the jocks to feed him once again. And this time he wanted to taste Francis’ seed too.

“Uhnnnn, fuck,” Matt groaned, beginning to jack himself overtop Nick’s horny face. He was picking up the pace as his brother stood next to him, both their legs pressed against each other as they fought for space on Nick’s face, both their dicks barely inches apart. Both their balls were flying, slapping against his fists and their muscular thighs. Nick watched in pleasure, rubbing his own awakening dick as the two muscular brothers jacked themselves right in front of him, their bodies touching as they moaned and made horny faces.

“Fuckkk…” Francis began, holding his dick and trying to stop his legs from shaking as he urged to shoot over Nick’s open mouth.

“Do it,” Nick encouraged him, looking up at both the brothers, wanting to swallow their seed.

“Fuck!” Matt blurted, bucking his hips as he clenched his cock. A load flew out of his tip, landing on Nick’s forehead with a splash. More loads followed, shooting at high speeds over the boy’s nose and mouth, covering his face.

The sight of his brother cumming over Nick’s face was hot. Francis picked up his own pace, suddenly breathing hard as his dick gave a powerful lurch. “Shit!” His fat cock exploded over the twink, spurting fat, steaming wads onto the boy’s extended tongue and plugging up his nostrils as Nick panted for sperm.

“Jesus!” Francis yelled, whacking his balls into Nick’s chin as he filled the boy’s face with his babymakers, unloading what remained onto his pink, sweaty face. The dirty film of sweat covering Francis’ entire body dripped down his chest and hairy abs, just like it rolled down Matt’s pink, smooth pink pecs.

The beach hunk panted hard, his abs rising and falling as he continued rubbing his schlong. The last few drops fell into Nick’s mouth before Nick swallowed everything down, wiping some from his face and licking it off of his fingers like it was candy.

Francis’s balls bounced slowly and his dick began to go flaccid as his thick, creamy load dripped down his shaft and down Nick’s face. The boy gulped down the remaining drops off his head before moving onto Matt. Then, when the twink had had his fill, and the two brothers were completely empty, the three of them collapsed onto the slippery, cum-stained couch, all still buck nude.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had,” Nick admitted, blushing uncontrollably.

Francis smiled at him. “I know,” he said, playing with Nick’s soft dick without realizing it.

Matthew patted Nick’s faint abs, feeling the cum on his body. “Definitely gonna miss this.” He had already noticed exactly where his brother’s hand was headed.

Nick nodded, looking at the two brothers. His whole body ached and he longed to feel the brothers cuddle with him up in warm comfortable sheets. But he knew it probably wouldn’t happen. “So… who’s gonna clean up?”

Matt smiled again. “Why don’t I fetch us some beers first?”

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