Erotic story: Jocks of the South part 2

By Scott Goulding. Check out part 1 here.

Nick hadn’t gone back to the farm since Francis had fucked him. It had been a week since the best Monday of his life, but Nick was far too scared to go back. He wasn’t sure if Francis would be happy or pissed to see him. Was Francis fucking him so hard and rough supposed to be some sort of punishment for spying on him? And if it wasn’t, was fucking him a one-time thing or did Francis want him to come regularly? He’d made no mention of it after it happened last week, and Nick didn’t dare ask him.

But for now, Nick hadn’t paid much attention to these problems. He had a test on Wednesday that got in the way of him working out at the gym. After writing it that morning, Nick decided to make up the lost gym time the same night.

Nick was a lean boy, with no fat on him, but not much muscle either. His arms were getting a bit defined after two months of working out, and his chest wasn’t as flat as a ten-year old girl’s anymore. He would have been more well-built if he spent some actual time working out–not pretending to like he usually did.

When Nick Evans worked out on Tuesdays and Thursday, he’d put on his tightest jockstrap, long baggy shorts, a regular t-shirt, bring his iPhone, and his earphones. He’d put on some music, pick up a set of weights that weren’t too heavy, and do bicep workouts at the back of the gym, where he could see everyone else working out in plain view.

The gym was a rectangular room, which made it easy for him to see others. It was about 80% guys with the rest girls. It was the perfect time for Nick to enjoy his music, watch the hot, muscular men work out, spy on dicks and asses in the change rooms, watch them touch themselves in the showers, and then jack off when he was done.

This Wednesday was especially different for Nick, since it wasn’t his usual work out night. The guys were different than who he’d been used too, and the new array of muscle was a turn on for him. Just from what he’d seen walking past the windows, Nick knew it would be a good night.

Nick strolled to the change rooms, holding his gym bag and finding a bench furthest away from any changing guy. The locker room was also rectangular, so Nick found that changing his clothes away from everyone gave him a better–and safer–vantage point.

Nick sat there, lazily taking off his Nikes, which weren’t suited for running on the treadmill. He undid the laces slowly, looking up to see if there were any hot guys around, and surely there were.

He was listening to music while scouting out the other dudes hanging around. There were two others in there with him, one was about 6’2″, and the other a couple inches shorter. The tallest was a blond jock with a big, beefy body, hairless everywhere except his legs, and bright blue eyes with a sharp face. He was just coming out of the showers, his fat, muscular chest wet and his small hint of abs were flexing as he walked. He had huge arms, the veins visible like Francis’, and as he walked to his locker, he turned around and sat on his bench, scrolling on his phone. He had a muscled back, which flexed and rippled as he hunched over. Nick felt his dick expand in his shorts.

The other dude was fully dressed, having just come from outside. He was wearing a windbreaker, a pair of jeans and big boots. He had a dark, manly face with thick stubble and his dark brown hair pulled back in a bun. His thick eyebrows, straight jaws and big grey eyes made Nick want to suck his cock right there. But all Nick could do was pretend to undo his shoes and watch quietly out of the corner of his eyes.

The guy unzipped his jacket, showing off a maroon shirt that was tight on his frame. He pulled it off, revealing his thin, lean figure. He had a good chest with dark, taught nipples, and a eight-pack of ribbed, rigid abs. His had a small v down his waist that had a light fuzz of pubes. He was hot, and his deep tan made him stand out from the others guys Nick was used to seeing.

Nick watched him push the shirt and jacket in his bag. He pulled on a grey shirt made of some athletic, sweat-proof material that was tight enough that it clung to his chest and abs like a second skin. He then proceeded with his shoes and shorts. He kicked off his runners, and then pulled off his shorts, showing Nick his loose-fitting boxers, like the ones Francis sometimes wore. He turned around, where Nick could see an ass pressing against the cloth, as if asking him to free his cheeks. Then, he stud pulled them down.

His brown ass was lighter than the rest of his chestnut skin, and it made Nick horny to see it was covered in small brown hairs. The cheeks were round and perky, just like Nick’s. The stud turned around, looking through his gym bag for something, letting his dick and balls swing freely. Nick almost let out a horny gasp.

The dude’s dick was soft and thick, uncut, and about five inches long. It bounced atop the two low-hanging balls, which swung back and forth like a ring of loose keys. The beautiful sight of soft, nude dick lasted for only a moment. The young man took some underwear out of his bag, turned back around and quickly put them on, bending over, and exposing his dark, hairy asshole to Nick.

He now wore a pair of long, spandex boxer-briefs that made his ass look like two huge beach balls. He was still turned around and Nick couldn’t get another look at his bulge. But the ass and thick hairy thighs were certainly not a let down. He bent over to pack his shoes, and as he did so, Nick got a glimpse of his balls pressing against the shorts. Then he pulled on a different pair of loose shorts, sat down and began tying his shoes.

Nick had undone both of his own shoes by now. He had taken out his runners and pretended to put them on while he watched the blond guy get up and drop his towel. His huge, thick ass wiggled as the towel left his cheeks, and he began to wipe himself down, rubbing his chest, his abs, his dick and his balls. He bent over to wipe his legs, showing off his bright, hairless asshole to the whole world.

Nick could feel his own dick pressing up against his jockstrap and making an imprint on his shorts. His boner wanted to be free, free to jack off and spurt cum all over. His music was pumping hard in his ears, and he felt like humping something–anything–to get his rocks off.

The blond didn’t turn around. He grabbed a pair of boxer briefs from his locker, slipped them on and struggled to get them up over his damp ass. It was a good show, but unfortunately, the only sight of his dick that Nick got was a slight bulge in the front as he turned to sit down after pulling on his shorts and putting on some socks. He smiled at something on his phone, scratched his balls, and then put on a shirt. In a matter of seconds, he was all packed, and Nick was the only one left in the locker room.

Nick contemplated jacking off right then and there, but he knew that anyone could walk in–and there were even more hot guys in the actual gym. An older man entered the locker room and Nick felt his dick flatten again.

After everyone was gone, Nick changed in a matter of seconds. He put on his work out clothes, grabbed a bottle of water and set off for the gym. He sat on the mats and stretched for a long while, stealing glimpses at the other hotties stretching their legs and arms around him, flexing their muscles and doing poses that got Nick horny. He imagined what these men would be like in bed.

In order not to seem suspicious, Nick went over to the treadmills and upped the volume of his music. He set the pace to slow, warming up first. From here, he had a good view of the weights and the dudes using them. There was a sea of hot jocks, and he spotted the sexy, lean brunette from the change rooms lying under the bench press. From here, Nick could see the bulge of his package stick through the thin fabric of his shorts. He looked like he was grunting, clenching his teeth, as he lifted the heavy weights. The muscles in his arms flexed and turned hard, making Nick stare for a long while. After four sets, the brunette moved on to do cable crossovers.

He pulled the long, elastic ropes, attached to weights, toward his chest with his arms straight out. His big, burly chest scrunched up before him, turning even bigger and making the dude look hotter by the second. Hair fell out of his man-bun and onto his face, giving him an even sexier look. His nipples were hard now as he clenched his teeth and while he did his reps, he seemed to be staring at some girl’s ass. She was going squats nearby, and the brunette clearly had his eyes turned her way.

The man’s dick was beginning to get bigger, and as he finished his reps, the woman adjusted her sports bra and leggings. This made the brunette adjust the monster in his pants, forcing himself to look away as she walked toward the water fountain.

Nick couldn’t help but smile. His eyes followed the jock, who did two more sets of the crossovers and moved on to do chest flys on a bench. As he went over, Nick’s music changed, and he nearly tripped on treadmill at what he’d just seen.

In the corner of the gym, surrounded by huge weights and bars and doing deadlifts, was none other than Francis McCarthy. Nick’s heart began beating fast. The stud was dressed in a tight-fitting, sleeveless nylon shirt that exposed his broad, muscled shoulders and thick, bulging chest. Like the brunette dude, the shirt clung to Francis’ abs, and even showed off a bit of his hairy, brown waist. His shorts were knee-length and he had the usual bulge in his pants that most guys did while wearing workout clothes. Nick could tell that pure testosterone was coursing through his body, and the concentration on his face gave Nick a boner.

Francis’ pale, freckled face was gleaming in sweat, and his usually short, spiky brown hair was slicked back. His big, veiny arms jiggled with muscle as he did his deadlifts, and he breathed out savage, primitive huffs and grunts. He was standing with his legs shoulder-width apart, lifting the humongous set of weights and pushing his arms, shoulders, and chest to the max.

Nick knew that deadlifts were used to strengthen hamstrings, and he could only imagine what was going on beneath Francis’ sleek shorts. He’d already seen his groin area, and had only caught glimpses of his thick muscular legs while he was being fucked. But his memories of Francis skinny-dipping in the river came haunting back, telling him that he was missing out on the movement of his muscles underneath what he was wearing.

Nick had no idea what to do. Half of him wanted to run–to get out of the gym before Francis saw him. What if Francis thought Nick had come here to spy on him? Nick knew that Francis would think he was stalking him: first around his house, and now at the gym. What would he do to him?

The other half of Nick wanted to stay and watch Francis, as well as the other guys, and hope to follow him into the locker room so that he could watch him strip naked and possibly take a shower. He had missed out on seeing him naked this week already…

Francis was done with his deadlifts and was taking a huge swig of water from his bottle. Then, in a display that made Nick’s cock throb, Francis lifted his shirt to wipe down his face. He revealed his rock-hard six-pack, covered in a fuzz of brown that amassed into a huge jungle at the waist. His intercostal muscles rippled and moved as he did, and in another second, the sight was gone, covered by a sweat-stained nylon shirt once more. He took another gulp of water and made his way to the leg press. It was much closer to the treadmills than the deadlift was, and Nick felt like he was having a heart attack as the stud came his way.

Nick made it so that he was looking down at some stain on his own shirt, avoiding any contact with Francis. At the same time, the brown-haired jock wiped sweat from his face, not paying any attention to the people on the treadmills at all. In fact, as he walked, he gave a cocky nod to a blonde who was staring at him. She frowned as he nodded to her, and moved away from him. Francis’ ego seemed deflated for a moment, and then he went over to the leg press, trying not to show any weakness. Nick smiled wryly. When Francis had told him that the girls in their town were pissed with him, he sure wasn’t kidding. As another group of girls walked past, Francis shot a smile their way.

“Sup ladies?” he said. But the girls frowned at him and began muttering angry things amongst themselves. Feeling defeated, Francis sighed angrily and took out his rage on the leg press.

That just about made Nick’s decision. He could already imagine Francis kicking him right in the head after having spotted him at the gym–he didn’t want end up like the leg machine. Nick took his things, turned down his music and headed for the change rooms. He had to get out before Francis saw him.

In the locker room, Nick felt his head swim with relief and regret. He was glad to be a safe distance for Francis’ possible anger, but truthfully, it turned him on a lot and he couldn’t help wanting to possibly watch the jock strip down naked and then lather himself up with soap in the showers.

But Nick put his thoughts aside. He knew the possibility of him being able to watch Francis without being discovered was zero. Instead, he decided to head to the furthest corner away from the entrance. It was here that he moved his gym bag and began to slowly undo his shoes, watching a few more hot guys stroll out of the shower and rub their dicks down with a towel.

By the time Nick had gotten both his shoes off (this took his a great deal of time), he could see a stain of pre-cum soaking through his tight jockstrap and even his shorts. He easily covered it up, but his hard cock gave a jump as he saw Francis come through the entrance. He immediately took off his shirt, which was scrunched up near the waist, and walked straight toward Nick. He hadn’t seemed to notice him, and even got to his locker before he turned to change.

He looked up, his nipples hard and his chest dripping sweat, to see Nick staring at him.

“Hey! Nick!” Francis smiled, walking over in a cocky attitude and making contact with the teenager’s shoulder. “What are you doing here, dude?”

Nick felt a huge weight lift off his shoulders–Francis was happy to see him. It came as a complete shock.

“Oh… hey Francis!” he tried to sound enthusiastic. “I just finished a workout,” he lied. “What about you?”

“Yeah man, leg day. And I didn’t know that you worked out here. Shit, man, I haven’t seen you around in a while.” Francis said the last bit in a low voice, his teeth clenched. Nick realized, as he sat there, that Francis’ bulge was alarmingly close to his face.

“Yeah… I come here twice a week. Um, been a bit busy with tests lately. Teachers are giving us a bunch to do before Spring Break.”

“That that sucks man. Glad I’m done with that shit. I would never go back to high school, to be honest.”

Nick managed a smile. They were talking normally with each other–as if they were friends.

“Twice a week though? Dude you gotta come around more often if you wanna bulk up.”

This surprised Nick too. Did Francis really want to see Nick more often? “Uh, yeah…” he laughed nervously.

“How much you bench?”

All this straight-boy talk was getting to his head. “Um… 75 pounds…” he finished lamely.

Francis also looked like he’s just heard something really lame. “Oh, cool. That’s… not bad…” he lied back.

Nick was sure 75 was nothing compared to what Francis could bench with his enormous chest. His pecs looked like flat, muscular bricks. Nick accidentally flashed them a look, but brought his face back down, embarrassed. He was sure that Francis had seen him.

“I, uh, was gonna hit the showers,” Francis told him, like he was expecting him to say something back. Francis already had his shoes off and was taking off his shorts right in front of him. Underneath, he was wearing skin-tight, Underarmour boxer briefs made of spandex. It clung to his hairy, chunky thighs, covering them completely. The muscles of his legs could be seen pushing against the fabric. Nick could also make out the unmistakable bulge of his big flaccid dick and his huge balls, pressing against his underwear, longing to be out in the open. Was Francis inviting him to shower?

“Uh, yeah. Me too.” Nick heard himself say, not sure where it came from.

“Cool. See ya inside.” He wobbled over to his bag, took off his spandex, and turned around to face his locker, looking for shampoo. Nick caught a glimpse of his seven-inch dick, but had a nice, longer view of his ass. Nick had a raging boner in his pants and couldn’t believe what he’d just agreed too. He’d be too embarrassed to show Francis that he had a boner, and he was sure that the other guys in the gym would be freaked out by him. But Nick had been in the showers before and knew their layout–he suddenly had an idea that would save his gay ass.

Nick stripped down so fast that his boner began to subside. On top of that, Nick did some math in his head, forcing the blood from his dick to come back up to his brain. It did the trick to make it seem that Nick just had a very big dick, not a huge gay, hard-on for Francis. He wrapped a towel around his waist and walked to the shower, immediately followed by a completely naked Francis. Nick had just made it before him.

The locker room showers were in a separate room that was made of two components–a hot, steaming communal shower that took up most of the room, and a three private showering stalls on the left, covered with curtains. They’d usually be full when Nick came around, which was why he jerked off in the toilet stalls before he took a shower there. But now, however, he saw one stall with its curtain wide open–a shower that was free.

As Francis walked toward the communal shower, Nick made hard left turn. Before Francis even had a chance to say anything, Nick had closed the curtain behind him and took a deep breath. His boner was stirring again, and he couldn’t believe it worked. He was safe from total humiliation.

Nick threw his towel onto the edge of the stall, and looked down at his dick. It wasn’t hard enough for him to jerk, but he knew he had to do it. Nick peered through the cracks of the stall, looking out at the communal shower and staring at the few naked guys who were rubbing themselves beneath it. And then, he saw Francis. His seven-incher was hanging flaccid, before his two sweaty balls. Francis was already putting soap through his hair, and seemed to be looking right toward Nick. He could see Francis’ groin, abs and chest in plain view, and realized that his cock was growing. It was eight inches now, hard and fat, sticking in the air just a bit.

There was another guy in the shower who had a boner, and he was rubbing it without a care in the world. It seemed to Nick that no one cared what other guys were doing–whether it was cleaning their junk or jacking themselves off.

Nick couldn’t believe it. Was Francis trying to show off to him? Nick’s dick hadn’t grown much–mostly out of fear–but his balls were swollen with fluid. Pushing away the curtains and growing a pair, Nick went to the shower head next to Francis, and began to lather himself up with soap.

Francis stared at him for a second, not sure what Nick was doing.

“Er, no hot water in there,” Nick lied.

Nick tried not to watch Francis rubbing his chest, abs and balls, or massage his fat boner. His sleek, wet skin was so sexy, but Nick was still instilled with fear, and he practiced more math in his head. He still had half an erection, and it seemed as though Francis was looking right down at Nick’s ass–he could feel him staring.

“You horny?” Francis suddenly asked, taking a quick look at Nick’s cock to let him know he’d noticed it. He hadn’t spoken loud enough for anyone to hear, but even if he had, the noise of the shower would have drowned out his voice.

Nick jumped. “Huh? Oh, uh, I… yeah. Haven’t wanked in a while…”

Francis didn’t say anything after that. He turned around to later his fat, bubbly ass, as if he was trying show Nick what he was missing out on.

It was two minutes later when they both of them had finished. When they came out, Nick realized there were only two other guys in the locker room, and they were both at the far end.

“You didn’t come this Monday,” Francis suddenly said to him. He’d wrapped his waist in small white towel that looked like it was meant for smaller people. His massive, solid thighs stuck out like tree trunks, showing off his manliness to the world.

“I was… um, studying for tests. I got into colleges already but I have to keep my grades up.” For once, Nick wasn’t lying.

“Oh I see. You seem kinda stressed though. Working out can help with that you know.”

Nick nodded, pulling his jockstrap on while the towel still hung around him. “Yeah, it does.”

“It releases tension… gets the body flowing.”

Nick froze. There was something about Francis’s voice that made him turn to face him. ‘Is he fucking hitting on me?’ Nick thought.

Francis was dead-ass staring at him. Then, with a swift nod of his head, Francis spoke in a hushed whisper. “Bathroom stall.”

Nick couldn’t believe it. “W-what?”

Francis raised his eyebrow. “Do I have to say it again?”

Nick’s heart pumped. Was Francis fucking McCarthy gonna fuck him again? He finished pulling on his strap, threw away his towel and walked over to the unused bathroom stalls across from the showers. They were just four toilet stalls here–the urinals were only in the bathroom connected to the gym itself.

To his dismay, the large handicap stall was already in use. Nick went to the furthest one instead, wondering if it was even possible to fuck in there. There didn’t seem like enough space for a man of Francis’ size to fit.

As Francis came strolling toward him, bare-footed and wearing a pair of loose cotton boxers, the guy from the handicap stall went to wash his hands. Francis washed his hands too, waiting for him to leave. Then, as the stranger left, Francis flipped the deadbolt lock of the washroom door. Nick heard him coming toward his stall.

“It’s clear,” Francis said to him, opening the stall that Nick was hiding in.

“A-are you gonna fuck me?” Nick stuttered, determined to have the green-eyed hunk’s dick up his ass.

Francis smiled charmingly, his damp brown pubes catching the light. “If you’d let me.”

Hesitating for a second, Nick nodded, wanting more than anything to feel the man’s hot member embedded deep in his ass, his balls slamming into his own. “Yes.”

“Fuck yea,” Francis moaned, “But first… you’re gonna suck my cock.”

Nick almost didn’t believe it. He was frozen and stiff–his dick the same, yet he was determined to show Francis a good time, and having a thick dick in his mouth was something he’d longed to do again.

“O-okay, I’ll suck you off–”

“I don’t wanna cum, I wanna fuck you after.”

Nick nodded. “Alright.”

Francis pushed him back into the stall. He clicked it shut behind him and pushed Nick to his knees with his big powerful hands.

Francis’ dick was already half hard, pressing against the cotton. Nick pushed the boxers down, exposing a big bouncing cock, hanging out of his thick brown pubes and swinging side to side–it was too heavy to stick upwards, and it was completely engorged. Francis’ hand pushed the back of Nick’s head, forcing his lips to brush the half-exposed tip. Nick happily obliged, putting his lips overtop and pressing his tongue against the head, pushing down the skin delicately with his hands.

“Holy shittt, man,” Francis muttered under his breath, moving his hips and pressing his hairy groin in Nick’s face. “Fuck yeah, that’s good.”

Nick put his hands down on the wild brown pubes, and began to move his entire mouth over the thick swollen cock. It was beginning to reach full height, and it thickened with every twitch–Nick could feel the blood pumping into the fat dick, and he could feel Francis’ heart beat through it.

“Uggghhhhhh, yeah, use your tongue, faggot.”

Nick felt slobber run down his mouth, but he didn’t care. Now that the jock’s dick was fully hard in his mouth, he knew he had a job to do. He moved his head as far as he could, trying to fit everything inside, but it was impossible. He made a kind of choking noise that made Francis’ cock twitch with ego. And Nick finally retracted, licking the throbbing veins and moving back to the tip. He went as far down as he could, slowly, once more, then began to move to and fro vigorously.

“Fuck! Suck my cock, Nick… just like that, yeah. Fuck yea, take that dick…” Francis’s deep, breathless commands kept coming, grabbing Nick’s dark, culry hair and mouth-fucking his head. Nick felt like his bitch–his sex slave, and at that moment, he’d do anything to make Francis cum.

Nick could already taste the salty pre-cum ooze off the dick, dripping thick drops of it in his mouth. He savoured the taste, using his tongue to push it back around the throbbing cock and swallowing anything he gave him. Nick’s own dick was pulsating, turned on by the hung jock taking him down and fucking his face. Nick’s boner was pressed against his jockstrap, soaking it with pre-cum and longing to get out. His loose balls were aching, just like Francis’ sack.

“Oh shit, Nick, you’re so good. Fuck! Chicks don’t suck cock half as good as you do…” Then Francis slid his dick out of Nick’s mouth and slapped the hard, wet wood on Nick’s face, covering him slightly with more sticky pre-cum. “You take dick so good, you want this fat cock, faggot?”

“Yeah, give it to me.”

“Say you want this cock, Nick,” Francis moaned, slapping his lips with his hard dick again.

“I want your big, fat cock Francis, I want it in my mouth,” Nick smiled, looking up at his rigid abs and thick chest.

“Yeah you do, you’re a good little cocksucker.”

Nick’s lips spread across the thick dick again, massaging the tip and then along the sensitive underside. He loved the taste of Francis’ cock. It was hot in his mouth, and it was forcing its way inside him, as confident and jerky as the hunk himself.

“Oh yeah, you’re a dirty fucking slut. Take that dick.”

Then, as Francis’ member began to throb more violently, the jock gently pushed Nick away, taking the cock out of his mouth. Long strands of spit and pre-cum came out, covering Nick’s face.

“Fuck, I almost came right then.”

“Was I good?”

“Good? You were fucking amazing… Now get up.”

Francis picked Nick up with ease and eagerly grabbed his ass, squeezing the soft flesh tightly. Nick’s dick twitched as his package brushed with Francis’. He pulled his dick out of his jockstrap, stroking his erect penis and wincing as Francis grabbed his neck and pulled him in close. As Francis stuck his tongue down Nick’s throat, tasting his own dick and pre-cum, their dicks fought and rubbed each other like swords. Francis McCarthy was kissing him. ‘Who was gay now?’ Nick thought.

Francis grabbed Nick’s head, slobbering his big fat lips all over his mouth. They made out hard, barely able to breath yet breathing hot, stinking breaths on each other at the same time.

Nick’s hands were on Francis’ abs and chest, feeling the rough, hardened muscles and playing in his soft brown pubes. His lingered his touch over the soft nipples, and then Francis rubbed both their dicks together, thrusting midair.

“Wow, that’s hot,” Francis said, surprised that two dicks rubbing up on each other could feel so good.

A long, exasperated sigh left Nick. With a hand on his ass, both their dicks getting rubbed together and his own hands all over Francis’ front, Nick was in bliss, and he felt like he’d cum right then and there.

Then, without warning, Francis turned Nick over, pressing him against the wall. “I’m gonna fuck you in the ass,” his voice commanded. He squeezed Nick’s butt and grabbed the back of his jockstrap, making it tight against his crotch and then releasing the elastic to let is snap back against his ass, hard.

Nick landed hard on the wall, stunning him. His dick was pressed against the cool side of the stall, his balls stuck uncomfortably between his legs and penis.

“I’m not gonna be easy on you…” Francis muttered in his ears, pressing his hot body against Nick’s, putting his fully erect, 8-inch cock against his ass.

“Fuck me hard,” Nick moaned, desperate to feel Francis’ big dick fuck his hole.

“Yeah? You want my cock?”

“Yeah… I want you inside me,” Nick relaxed as the man’s thick, swollen arms surrounded him, and his torso pressed up against his ass. Francis’ hairy thighs brushed Nick’s own bare legs and soon, he felt the hot head of a penis touch his puckering asshole.

“I’m gonna fuck you dry, faggot…” he said.

Nick nodded, feeling his boner expand against the hard rock wall. “Fuck me.”

Francis pushed in deeper, and a moan escaped both of them–Francis’ was deep and low, while Nick’s was high and surprised. Francis’ big, red cock was thick, and Nick’s pink hole was tight, making them both shudder in ecstasy.

“You’re so tight,” Francis mumbled, his words shaking as his erect dick penetrated Nick’s hole. He was forced to spit on his cock, realizing that there was no way he was going to get all that dick inside without any help. “Take this dick, slut.”

“You’re so big…”

“Ffffucck!” Francis exclaimed, pushing his cock deeper.

“Uhhhnnnn…” Nick felt as if his ass was about to tear into two, but he clenched his fists and braved himself–he was being fucked like a filthy animal by no other than Francis McCarthy.

Francis’s dick finally settled all the way in, sticking up inside Nick’s ass like a blazing hot rod–warm and hard. Nick was pinned against the wall, almost lifted off his feet from Francis’ raging cock and the strength of the man’s torso. He then fell back to the floor as Francis half-pulled out, wanting to start the fucking.

“Shit, dude,” Francis said, feeling the tight warm skin on his dick. Loose pussy was nothing compared to tight ass, Francis thought, though he wished there were titties for him to grab onto. He latched onto Nick’s arched waist instead. Nick sighed as the throbbing dick left the innermost space of his hole, and retreated to the outside. The relief was short lived, however, as Francis’ dick came again like a pendulum, pounding hard up into his asshole and pressing his groin against Nick’s perky ass. His whole body flattened against the wall as Francis pushed deeper, wanting to feel every inch of Nick’s hole.

Nick was past the point of pleasure–or rather, Francis’ dick was. The shaft rubbed against Nick’s prostate, while the head poked into something far above, giving Nick the feeling as if he was being loaded like a truck. “Ooohhhh… uuuhhhnnnnn!” Nick’s voice came, his moans becoming louder and harder.

“Fuck!” Francis exclaimed, slapping Nick’s ass and pushing deeper. He half-pulled out again, then piled back onto Nick, a process that became quicker and more repetitive. “Take my cock, faggot! Take it like a man!”

Nick almost screamed as the friction of Francis’ hot dick rubbed on the inside of his anus. Soon, there was a fast jerking motion that slammed Nick harder into the wall as Francis picked up speed. Nick yelled in pain, while Francis groaned in pleasure. He spanked the tight ass again and pulled on Nick’s head, grabbing a headful of hair.

Nick was in heaven. He could feel the giant cock up his ass while Francis’ thick pubes pressed against his cheeks and his big balls smacked into Nick’s nut sack. The pre-cum of Francis’ dick leaked inside of his ass, and allowed the cock to moved faster and harder. Nick arched his ass further, wanting to give his swollen balls breathing room, but Francis pushed Nick hard against the wall, fucking the little boy like a wild animal, desperate to mate with its bitch.

“I love your little pussy so much,” Francis said, leaning close and breathing into Nick’s ear. He pulled on Nick’s jockstrap so hard–too hard–that it snapped broken. “Shit, I broke it.”

Nick didn’t care. “Harder, daddy,” he heard himself saying, not sure if it was possible for Francis to get anymore rough.

“Harder? Alright, faggot. You like daddy’s cock, don’t you?”

“Yeaahhh…” Nick groaned, feeling the thick meat rip in and out of his ass while Francis gripped hard with his big fingers. “I love your big fucking cock, daddy.” Then, the fucking got harder.

Nick moaned so loud that he was sure the entire locker room had heard–but it didn’t matter; most of the corners were occupied by guys trying to jack themselves off anyway.

Francis’s grip hardened on Nick’s ass, shoving himself so far up so hard that Nick felt himself tremble. “Oh… fuck… I’m gonna cum!”

“Shit, yeah I can feel it,” Francis muttered, as Nick’s ass clenched hard around his hot cock.

And then, a low squeal escaped Nick’s mouth and his own dick shook against the wall, throbbing uncontrollably as huge wads of cum slapped onto the concrete and splurged out like steaming lava.

“Huuuuhhhh, yeah, keeping fucking me…” Nick muttered, feeling Francis’ hot, quick breaths against his neck. The hung jock was breathing so fast, humping him like a teenage boy and fucking him like a horny mutt.

“Oooohh fuckkk, I’m cumming!” Francis said, not sure where Nick wanted it to go.

“Cum inside of me!” Nick yelled back, feeling Francis’ balls contract.

It happened anyway. “UUUHHHHHHH!” Francis pushed himself up on Nick, squishing his whole body onto the wall. Huge, powerful pumps of hot cum filled Nick’s ass, bubbling and oozing. But nothing dripped out of his hole, for Francis’ dick was too big on Nick’s ass to let anything down. Francis kept thrusting, his thick hairy legs pressed against Nick and his hard nipples digging into his back. He kept Nick’s ass on his groin, and he kept clinging on, fucking slowly and deeply.

When he finally let go, Francis pulled his dick out with a pop. Nick grabbed some cum as it dripped out, and, smelling it, he licked it eagerly, tasting the jock’s warm spunk and swallowing what they had made together.

Francis grinned at him. “Taste good?”

Nick nodded. “Really good.”

Francis laughed a bit, and then him kissed again, the cum on Nick’s lips mixing with his spit and their hot breaths slobbering against each other. Their dicks both softened, still swinging and brushing against each other.

“That was an amazing fuck.”

Nick smiled. “So I was good?”

Francis looked down at his dick–it still hadn’t gone all the way soft. “Fuck man, no joke–you seriously take it like a soldier. Half the girls I’ve fucked don’t let me do it like that…” Francis’ face turned pink. So did Nick’s.

“So… is this a regular thing? Do you want me to come around again?” Nick suddenly asked, with Francis’ big, thick arms still wrapped around his ass.

Francis finally let go of his waist. He had a horny smile on his face. “Well… I dunno. This was kinda a thing I was hoping to do until I can get some pussy again. If you want… I can text you if I’m horny–or if you’re horny, y-you can text me.”

Nick’s dick twitched at this–Francis was offering him free fuck sessions. Granted, it was a limited time offer, but there was no way Nick was gonna say no.

“Well? What do you say?” Francis asked nervously, adjusting his dick and letting the both of them out of the stall.

Nick smiled the tiniest bit, playing with his broken jockstrap. “What’s your number?”

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