Erotic story: Jocks of the South part 12

By Scott Goulding. Check out parts: 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

The Wednesday night after Nick and Lucas fucked in the shower, the frat guy snuck into Nick’s bed once again and began to dig his boner into the teenager’s ass. They fucked again that night. But come Thursday, Nick was disappointed to learn that Luke was taking a girl out and wasn’t going to be back until the following morning. And since Nick told his brother that he wanted to stay in that day, it gave the teenager the perfect chance to spy on the other frat guys living at the house.

In the four days he’d been there, Nick had noticed the large amount of guys who liked to go swimming naked in the pool, lift weights in skimpy clothing in the basement, as well as how many of them liked to play basketball, shirtless, in the backyard of the house. It was around 5pm when Nick heard people playing and yelling in the back. It may have been a Thursday night, but the house was emptier than it usually was.

There were only two guys at the courtyard, one around 6′ and another who was about 5’10”. The taller guy had long golden-brown hair that reached his eyebrows and came down in messy clumps to below his ears. It was a little curly but from Nick’s view through the window of his room, it must have been that way because of his sweat. His whole body shimmered in the bright sunlight and he wore nothing but a knee-length pair of light grey shorts that were stained with darker patches of his sweat. By the way he was playing basketball with his left hand, and by his gorgeous features, Nick knew instantly that this was Jason.

The young man had a smooth, hairless body that was the colour of caramel. His face was soft and square, his cheeks red from playing so hard. He had a nice built chest and a lean stomach with the hint of a six-pack of abs. His thick toned arms and shoulders matched nicely, but didn’t look oversized or awkward. He also had a faint pair of v-lines that came down from his torso and disappeared into his waistband, pointing to his crotch. He had a small brown happy trail that lead down from his navel.

Nick had seen Jason around the house a few times–he had the cutest face and bright blue eyes like ice. The thing that separated him the most from the other guys Nick had fucked was his lean body and medium-length hair. Nick could see from the window that he was scoring hoops easily, beating out the stockier guy he was playing with. The other dude had nice arms, a good chest and a flat stomach. The taller guy had a much nicer ass than the other.

Nick put on the cotton rugby shorts that Matt had let him keep and went down to the pool, knowing that he’d get a much nicer view of the guys from there. It was close enough so that he’d be able to fully make out their muscles and the bulges in their shorts as they jumped and scored hoops on each other.

Nick walked over to the pool, which looked cold and dirty, and instead dipped into the jacuzzi. It was closer to the courtyard and was still bubbling with hot water.

“You fuckin suck, dude.”

“I’m going easy on you.”

Nick pretended to be going through his phone as he watched the guys block each other from scoring. The taller, hotter guy, Jason, was nearly pressed up against the other, waving his arms around and keeping his crotch pressed up against his ass, preventing him from getting close to the hoop. He seemed to be enjoying that particular position a whole lot.

“Get off me, Jason, that’s a fucking foul.”

“Don’t play like a pussy, bro.”

Nick smiled as he watched them play. Jason’s glowing, tanned skin was drenched in sweat and his chest moved up and down heavily as he stole the ball and ran across the yard to do a perfect layup. He grabbed his crotch and stuck his tongue out at the other dude, showing him the finger. “Suck on that.”

“Get the ball, dumbass.”

Nick watched carefully as Jason went to retrieve the ball. As he came back, the sunlight flitted overhead and shone brilliantly through the stud’s light grey, mesh shorts. Nick got a breathtaking view of the stud’s junk, silhouetted against his translucent shorts. He was free balling it, and Nick could see the long, thick pole of his cock, swinging from side to side, accompanied by a heavy, low-hanging sack of nuts behind it. Nick ogled at the dick, mesmerized by its girth and perfect shape. It looked about five inches while flaccid, and he was clearly cut.

His fat dick and big balls leapt up through his shorts every time he went up to shoot, jumping past the other guy and letting his thick, round ass bounce as he hit the concrete again. His toned arms were hairless like every other part of his body–smooth and silky soft. His back-muscles rippled with every movement. As he stretched to reach the basketball, trying to escape his opponent, the waistband of his shorts came down a little and Nick was able to sneak a peek at his pubes and deep v-lines. Nick wanted to lick him all over.

As soon as he got another basket, Jason began to wave his arms, dancing on his tip toes and shaking his waist erotically. He began singing, jokingly, showing off to the other dude.

His shoulder muscles flexed and his ass seemed perkier than ever as he moved, and Nick watched him, intoxicated at the sight of such perfection. He wasn’t a hunk or extremely ripped like the other guys, but that was what so alluring about him. He had just enough muscle to look fucking sexy, and was lean enough to seem approachable and silly, like a normal, cute guy.

When he was done with his cocky dance, he put a hand down his shorts and scratched his dick–Nick could still see his penis through his shorts as the sun shone right on him. Nick could tell he was getting a bit stiff down there, but both the guys didn’t care. Apparently getting half-boners during a game of ball was a normal thing.

Jason still moved quickly, despite his dripping sweat and the stiff meat growing in between his thick, hairless legs. He moved the ball easily between his legs, doing 360 spins and showing off unnecessarily as he shot another point without any effort on his part. Nick watched his dick move to and fro as he spun and jumped, his balls bouncing erratically and his dick snaking around, blood still flowing through it.

The other dude gave up, swearing as he realized there was no way he would win against Jason.

“Aww, c’mon man! Don’t be like that! I’ll go easy on you! C’mon, don’t be such a sore loser.”

“Shut up, Jason.”

Jason kept a cocky smile on his face, as if he was glad to see the other guy walk away. He knew he was good. Jason picked up a hand towel from the fence and wiped his face down a bit, moving over to his abs and then down into his crotch.

Nick knew he was rubbing his cock, wiping the sweat from his balls with one hand and pleasuring his dick with the other. But a few moments later, he reached back up again. He rubbed himself dry, moving his big hands over his rigid abs and hard, erect nipples. Then, he threw the towel over his shoulder, grabbed the basketball and headed inside. Nick quickly turned back to his phone, pretending to relax in the jacuzzi as Jason walked by with a confident air to him, wide-legged and arms swinging.

Nick nearly jumped out of the water as Jason’s low, dreamy voice came from next to him.

“Yo, you’re Scott’s brother, right?”

“Uh, yeah. Nick.”

“Nice, I’m Jason.”

They shook hands, as Nick tried to avoid the dick-print in Jason’s shorts. They were completely wet with sweat now, and the mesh cloth stuck close to his member, revealing a thick vein and big head to his penis. It protruded from his shorts, moving ever-so-slightly as blood pumped through it. But the young stud didn’t seem to care about showing off.

Jason threw the basketball aside along with the towel. “Mind if I join you?”

Nick shook his head. “Nope. Feel free.”

Jason smiled at him. He had perfect, pearly teeth, and a charming smile. Jason bit his lower one as he pulled his mesh shorts off, revealing his bare, pale ass to the entire house, and his half-hard, fat cock to Nick, along with his freely swinging balls. Nick’s penis got hard in his own shorts, but the bubbling jets of water and thick foam hid his bulge well.

His cock was about six inches now, even though it wasn’t fully hard. The girth truly was amazing, and his clear-cut head was very pink. For a second, Nick thought Jason caught him staring, but he didn’t say anything to indicate that he had.

Jason rubbed his dick softly a few times, pulling on his meaty flesh, then ran his hand through his neatly trimmed pubes. They were a golden-brown like his hair, and were kept short and out of the way, making his dick seem even larger. His swung himself and his big balls into the jacuzzi, letting out a deep sigh as the warm water engulfed his thighs and crotch. He sat on the seat across from Nick, legs wide apart and his knees barely grazing Nick’s.

“You’re staying in Luke’s room, right?”

Nick nodded, not wanting his voice to crack as he spoke. It was making him nervous to have such a hot guy fully nude, with half a hard-on, just a couple feet away from him. His nipples were brown and erect. He rubbed his abs and happy trail, then snaked his hand back down through the water to get to his cock. He couldn’t keep his hands off his dick.

“Cool. I’m in the room next to you guys.”

“Oh,” was all Nick could manage to say. Besides the fact that Jason was now exposing his hairy armpits to Nick, the teenager was sure that Jason was trying to hint to him that he’d been hearing Lucas fuck Nick like a horny animal.

“You guys are kinda loud,” Jason smirked, looking at Nick up and down. Nick kept to his phone, trying to seem casual as his heart beat wildly in his chest.

“Yeah… Lucas snores a lot.”

“I don’t mean that…” Jason said, lowering his voice. “I mean the fact that you two have been fucking really loudly.”

“W-what?” Nick said, trying to look surprised. “We’re not fucking! Luke just… likes to jerk off a lot.”

Jason raised his eyebrows. “Is that why you call him ‘daddy’?”

Nick bit his tongue. He didn’t know what to say back–he couldn’t say anything. He put his phone to the side of the jacuzzi.

“You’re one to talk!” Nick argued, his heart pounding. “I saw you getting fucked by that Shane guy the other day, in the showers.”

Jason smirked. “Yeah, I know. I saw you watching us while you jerked off.”

Nick’s head spun. He couldn’t believe this. “You–you saw that?”

“Yeah, man.”

“You… aren’t gonna tell, are you?”

“It’s not my business what you do. And as for Luke… as long as you try to keep it down, we won’t have a problem. It’s not the grunting or yelling as much as it is the bed creaking. Your bed and mine are right next to each other on the wall, so I can hear Luke smacking you against it…”

“But you won’t tell anyone about us, will you?”

“No, I won’t say anything. Just… try to keep it down? Or let him fuck you on his bed.”

Nick was beginning to blush. “He… kinda comes onto mine.”

Jason laughed. “And you let him?”

“Yeah. Because he’s hot,” Nick blurted out, without realizing what he’d just said.

Jason didn’t seem to care about his comment. “Does your brother know?”

He was still shocked at what he just said. “U-uh no. And I hope he doesn’t finds out. He doesn’t know I’m…”

“Fucking Lucas?”

“Yeah. That.” Nick was going to say ‘gay’, but he figured it was all the same anyway.

“Well then maybe you guys shouldn’t be so loud, then.”

Nick looked at him. “Yeah. We’ll keep it down. But we’re probably not gonna fuck again anyway… he’s out with a girl.”

“Oh… so you guys were doing it until he found a chick?”

Nick nodded slowly, realizing how it sounded. “Yeah. We were just messing around.”

“Alright,” Jason nodded, keeping a hard gaze on Nick even though the teenager was trying to focus on his phone in embarrassment. Everyone nowadays was beginning to find out about his sexuality. Why couldn’t he just fuck in peace?

“W-what about you?” Nick asked him. His experiences with Francis, Matt, Luke, and even his short conversation with Shane had made him daring. He tried to talk with an air of confidence, the way Francis always did. It was the kind of thing that always made Nick horny, and his heart melt. A pang of sorrow filled his heart as he remembered that Francis was back in Texas, all alone…

“What about me?” Jason smirked.

“What are things like between you and Shane?”

Jason eyed the backyard before he spoke, making sure no one was around to hear them. Then, he spread his legs wider apart and leaned against the back of the jacuzzi, grinning at Nick. “What do you wanna know, dude?”

“Are you two… like a thing?”

“Nah. We just fuck whenever one of us is horny.”

Nick wasn’t sure how that worked. “Can’t you… fuck girls?”

“Of course we can. But fucking dudes is way more fun. I’m bi, so I can definitely tell you.”

“And what about Shane?” Nick asked, “Is he gay?”

“No. At least he says he’s not. He can be intimidating at times, and that dick of his is pretty big, so he likes to have someone who can take all of it,” Jason laughed a bit, as if he were joking. “Chick aren’t always willing to do everything. And the ones around here aren’t nearly as horny as guys can be.”

“For real?”

He shrugged, watching in amusement as surprise crawled over Nick’s face. “You workout, Nick?” he asked suddenly.

Nick nodded. “Yup. A little.”

“Cool. ‘Cause I was thinking of going down in a few. Did you wanna join? I know Lucas was helping you lift so I thought since he wasn’t here tonight…”

Nick could only think of one plausible reason as to why Jason was inviting him to workout with him. “Uh, yeah sure. That’d be great.”

Jason smiled again, making Nick’s heart flutter. “Nice.” He began to pull himself out of the jacuzzi. Water dripped off his smooth body, coming down in huge drops off his big, stiff dick and his thick, round thighs. Nick avoided looking directly at it, but he was so tempted to suck him off right there. Jason didn’t bother covering himself up as he got out. He just grabbed his stuff and began to head off towards the house, dick waving back and forth.

“I’ll see you in a few,” Jason told him.

Nick smiled back at him. “Yup.” He stared at his big, round ass as we walked away. It was pretty tight, and Nick had the overwhelming urge to feel it up.

As soon as Nick was sure that Jason had gone up to his room to change, Nick hurried out of the jacuzzi and did the same. He dried himself off, put on his jockstrap, and tried to find a loose pair of shorts and a cotton tee.

When he went down to the basement, him and Jason were the only ones there–the other frat bros had either gone out or were jacking off in their rooms. Jason looked cleaner; the sweat from his body was gone and as Nick passed by him, he smelled like coconuts and shea butter. He was still shirtless, wearing a loose pair of cotton basketball shorts. Nick wished he was still wearing the sweaty mesh ones.

Despite their bagginess, Nick could still make out the shape of Jason’s dick. It was pointing downward, five full inches of thick, flaccid meat just hanging out on the other side of the cloth. He smirked as Nick came over, checking out the teenager from head to toe.

“What do you wanna do first?” Jason asked, rubbing his rigid abs and playing with the waistline of his shorts. Nick could see his pubes, but what he really wanted was a good, long view of the stud’s cock.

“Uh, I’m fine with whatever,” Nick said, wondering what Jason would do. He’d clearly brought Nick down here for some other reason.

” ‘Kay. Maybe we can start with cable crossovers, for your chest,” he said, leading Nick over to the machine. He bent over to pick up the rope attachments from the floor, sticking his ass in the air right toward Nick as he did it. Nick watched his fat globes stretch and expand, admiring their bubbliness and how round Jason’s ass was as he stood upright again. He reached up to connect the attachments, letting the muscles on his big, broad shoulders ripple and twitch with every movement.

Nick was glad he was wearing his jockstrap. As his dick expanded, the tight cloth kept his goods hard against his groin, protecting him from flashing Jason any hard-on he got.

“You wanna go in intervals or work on something else while I’m on here?”

Nick looked back up at Jason, realizing that the jock had caught him staring at his limp dick again. “I–uh–intervals. We can go in intervals.”

“‘Kay. I’ll finish a set and then you can go. But you’ll have to adjust the weights each time.”

“Yeah that’s fine.” Nick watched as the stud got into position, leaning forward with his hands on the ropes. He pulled the rope straight in front of him, keeping his arms locked, and let his hard pecs crunch into each other, squeezed by the jock’s flexing biceps. His abs twitched and he grunted, hot, horny air out of his mouth with each rep. His dark, creamy skin pulled and pushed, strained by his muscles as he worked them.

When he was done, it was Nick’s turn. Nick turned down the amount of weights attached and began to do his sets.

“Wait,” Jason said, watching him do a couple. He walked over, putting his warm, gentle fingers on Nick’s waist. “You gotta lean more forward, otherwise you’re working your back instead of chest. Here, take a step back.”

His hands stayed on Nick’s waist, the edge of his fingers just grazing the top of his ass. Then, he tapped Nick’s right thigh. “Put this leg out.”

Nick obeyed, letting Jason put his hands on his shoulders. The jock tipped him forward, putting a hand to Nick’s waist and showing him how to keep his back straight.

“Yeah, just like that,” Jason whispered to him, his low voice and his hot breath hitting the side of Nick’s head and falling into his ear. “Now trying pulling.”

It was more difficult to pull the weight this time, but Nick felt a definite tug on his chest and arms. He struggled to pull the weight, and as his arms shook, Jason grabbed his hands and let him drop the rope gently. “Whoa there, you feel that?”

Nick nodded, realizing how close Jason’s chest was to his face. Nick reluctantly stepped backward, facing the jock again.

“I think the weights are too much for you. You gotta strengthen your arms a bit more, too.”

Nick nodded, huffing air and turning a bit red as Jason reached over him, trying to adjust the weights. His toned, muscular arms caressed Nick’s sides, and his bulging chest rubbed up on his shirt and torso as he tried to adjust the scale.

Their shorts met, and Nick could feel the thick pole of meat pressed against the bulge in his jockstrap. Jason got closer, and his limp cock pushed on Nick’s thigh, spreading its warmth across his leg and poking the ridge of his head into his skin. Before Nick had the chance to savour the fact that Jason’s nipples were rubbing against his own, the stud stepped back and looked at Nick.

“Go. Try it now.”

Nick pulled again, finding it a thousand times easier.

“No, you have to make sure you’re leaning forward and that your back’s straight. Let me fix you,” Jason mumbled, putting a hand to Nick’s shoulder and another on his stomach. “Damn, have you been working on your abs at all?”

Nick turned red. “Um, not really.”

“Yeah, I can tell. You gotta do some leg raises and planks to get started.”

“Those work?”

“Hell yeah! Started a few weeks ago myself, and look at them now,” Jason confidently stuck his waist out at Nick. “Go ahead, feel how hard they are.”

Nick smiled, gently grazing the rigid set of abs Jason had with the tips of his fingers.

“No, you really gotta feel it,” Jason told him, taking Nick’s entire hand and pressing it hard against his abs. He moved Nick’s hand up and down, letting him take it all in. Then, he moved it down over his happy trail and down over his v-line, and as they slid over his naval, Nick’s hand quickly slipped down his waist and into the hem of his shorts, reaching his pubes and flicking the base of Jason’s dick.

“Oops,” Jason said, pulling the tip of Nick’s hand out of his shorts.

“I’m so s-sorry.”

“Nah, it’s nothing. Guess my shorts are a bit loose,” Jason said. He pulled on the drawstrings of his shorts, undoing the bowtie and pulling on them hard. As he did so, his shorts stretched out before him, creating a gap between the waistband and his groin. Nick could see his pubes and the full upper half of his dick, nestled between his thick, hairless thighs and in front of the loose balls.

Then, when Jason cleared his throat, Nick’s face turned a bright shade of red and he instantly looked away, getting back into position. Jason tied a tight knot with the drawstring and let the shorts fall onto his hips. Then, he put his hands over Nick’s, getting him to let go of the rope. “Why don’t we try that one later? There are easier ones, one that work your chest more than your arms.”

“L-like what?”

“Decline barbell benchpress,” Jason said, “it’s more for beginners. It works your chest most and you’ll be pushing, not pulling.”

“Alright,” Nick said, hoping it would be easier than the crossovers. He barely understood what Jason had just said, anyway.

“Here,” Jason showed him to the benchpress. He lowered one side of the bench, so that when Nick lied down, his knees would be higher up than his head. Nick sat on the edge, putting his feet underneath the rest and lying down with his back flat against the bench. The bar was above his head, and Jason began to pick up some weights.

“How much you bench?”

“Around 75,” Nick said.

“We’ll try 85.”

Nick looked up at him. Jason stood behind his head, sliding the bar through the holes of the weights. “A-are you sure?”

“Yeah, don’t worry. I’ll be right here to spot you. We’ll do a couple hard reps and then you can go down to 75. It’ll feel easier after.”


Jason stood there, the bottom of his shorts high above Nick’s head and allowing him to look up them with ease. Jason got closer, helping Nick pick up the bar and feel it out. “You got it?”

Nick nodded, letting it off the rest. He brought the bar down to his chest, his arms shaking only a little. He needed a little bit of help to bring it back up at first, but then he got the hang of it.

“Nice, dude.”

“Thanks.” Nick did another, going slower this time. As he did so, Jason got concerned and moved closer to Nick’s head, allowing his hands to rest just below the bar, ready in case Nick dropped it or couldn’t get the bar back up. From there, Nick could fully see up Jason’s shorts, able to see his low-hanging balls move against his thighs and the fat dick swing back and forth. His head was pink and soft, and his thick rod was a little stiff, looking longer and fatter than when Nick had seen it last.

“Oh wait,” Jason said, letting Nick put the bar on the rest again. “Your hips are crooked,” he said, bending over Nick’s face to try and straighten the teenager’s hips. Nick felt Jason’s shorts against his nose and then, he felt the hardening cock fall against his face, accompanied by two heavy balls. Nick could smell his clean pubes, but there was still the recognizable musk of cum, sweat and piss. Nick took in a deep whiff as Jason’s big hands held onto his hips and moved them correctly into place. Then, the fat cock left his face, teasing Nick by hanging a couple inches above him, where he could still see it in all its glory.

“There, try it now,” Jason said, helping Nick get the bar down. The stud’s dick was hardening even more, pressing against the cloth and lifting up off his balls. Once Nick got the hang of the weights again, and began to improve, Jason ran his hands over his bulge and squeezed his dick, trying to get it to go down. But from what Nick saw, touching his boner had only made it bigger.

When Nick was done his set, Jason did his own. He didn’t need any spotting, so Nick watched the bulge in his shorts get bigger while the stud stretched his muscles. The frat guy’s cock was a big pole against his left thigh, pressing hard against the fabric. When Jason got back up, his dick fell downwards in his shorts, like a lead pipe.

They did a few more exercises that involved less contact, and Nick realized that Jason had finally got his dick to go down. After about forty minutes, Jason patted Nick on the ass and lead him back upstairs. “Nice work, bro.”

“Thanks, you too.”

“Damn, all this exercise has got my arms tired.”

As Nick followed Jason up the stairs, taking the wonderful opportunity to blatantly stare at the jock’s big ass, Nick couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed that the two of them hadn’t messed around in the gym. Maybe Jason was just too scared to try anything. Or maybe he’d been waiting for Nick to make the first move? “Yeah, I’m kinda tired too.”

As Jason waited for Nick at the top of the stairs, he pulled on the front of his shorts again, revealing a long imprint of a fat dick against his baggy shorts. “Damn, I’m kinda horny,” he said.

Nick had already noticed that–he’d been staring at Jason’s other hand stroke his fat cock through the fabric for a while. He was just surprised that Jason had so abruptly mentioned how he was feeling.

“Did you, maybe… need some help with jacking off?”

Jason looked at him funny, cocking his head and smirking. “Help?”

Nick began to blush. “Yeah, since you’re so tired… I could give you a hand or something…”

Jason did a quick scan of the first floor. It was still completely deserted, and the only noise that could be heard were of the frat guys goofing off upstairs in their rooms. Then, Jason stepped a bit closer, keeping his face down on Nick’s. “What about… a mouth instead?”

Nick looked up at him, watching the stud’s pink lips water. “You don’t think it’ll be weird?” he asked, making sure Jason was down. “For your roommate’s little brother to blow you?”

Jason didn’t take his eyes off of Nick. “No. I actually think it’s kinda hot.”


“Yeah,” Jason smiled.

Then, before Nick could cum his shorts, he took Jason’s hand and lead him back downstairs. Jason locked the door behind him as they raced down the steps, turning the lights back on to the gym.

Nick waited for Jason, staring at his perfectly slender but muscular form. He couldn’t believe he was about to have this man’s penis in-between his lips.

“Did you wanna sit, or…”

Jason shook his head. “No. I want you on your knees.”

Nick tried not to smile. Jason walked up to him, putting his big hands on Nick’s shoulders and gently pushing him down. Nick could already see the large, beefy bulge in his shorts–the long line of his hung cock and the rounded shape of his head, which was twitching in anticipation. Nick got to his knees and looked up at Jason with big eyes, staring at the cocky look on his face. He was exuding power, and Nick knew that by seeing him on his knees, Jason was getting off.

“Take it,” Jason said, slowly pulling his loose shirt off. He revealed his rippling abs and the faint pubes leading up to his naval. His pecs seemed bigger from this view, and his nipples were red and fully erect. He threw his shirt aside, and then put his hands on his waistband. “Take it,” he repeated. “Take my cock.”

Nick did as he was told. He gently put his fingers on Jason’s waistband and pulled slightly, slowly revealing the thicket of golden-brown pubes. They were soft and curly, and as Nick exposed the base of the stud’s creamy brown cock, Nick could feel his own erection trying to break free from his jockstrap. Finally, as the cloth went down the length of Jason’s shaft, a thick, veiny cock sprung up from his crotch, hitting Nick’s chin and grazing his face and nose. It spread pre-cum where it touched, and Jason let out low sigh as the sensitive skin of his member brushed Nick’s soft skin.

“You’re so big…” Nick said, looking at the eight inches of throbbing meat. His dad was bright pink, while the rest of his shaft was an irresistible creamy brown that made his mouth water.

Jason smirked again, showing Nick his white teeth.

Nick gently put his lips to the head of Jason’s cock, kissing the tip and taking the base of his shaft into his hand. He pulled the shorts further down with the other, exposing his loose, hanging balls and his tanned, muscular thighs. There was a clear tan mark from his crotch to his legs, and it made Nick even hornier to look at it.

“Fffuuucck…” Jason gasped, feeling Nick’s soft, pillowy lips against his pulsing head. The twink pushed his tongue into Jason’s piss-slit, invading the most sensitive part of his body and making him squirm in pleasure. Jason’s legs felt like jello, and he was afraid that he’d crumple under Nick’s mouth at any moment.

Nick licked up the few drops of pre-cum that leaked from the shaft and turned to Jason. “You taste so good.”

“Ugghhh… you’re really good at this,” Jason whispered, putting his hands through Nick’s hair and slowly guiding his mouth back to his throbbing, wet schlong.

Nick took him in his mouth again, swallowing the salty fluids and finally engulfing the full head of his penis. Jason groaned, throwing his head backwards and shoving his groin harder into Nick’s face. Nick took more of the hot, meaty pole into his mouth, feeling the soft skin tingle and sizzle with heat against his tongue. Nick pulled the man’s shorts down to his ankles, fully exposing his smooth, hairless legs to the both of them.

The veins were pulsing hard inside of Nick, as the sweaty penis filled his mouth. The stud let out low moans of ecstasy as Nick went down on him, taking more and more penis. With the dick all the way in, the head now jamming itself hard on the back of Nick’s throat, the twink choked and gurgled up pre-cum, slobbering his spit all over the meaty pole.

“Oh fuckkk… oh shit… that’s amazing, Nick…”

Nick smiled as he withdrew from the cock, still keeping the glans tight between his lips. Then, as Jason thrusted his groin into Nick’s face again, the dick came hard into his mouth, jamming Nick full. Nick began cocking his head, massaging his lips up and down Jason’s hard shaft. Meanwhile, Jason was rubbing his smooth, sweaty pecs and his rippling abs.

“Uhhnnnn…” Jason sighed, his mouth open and drooling with desperation for Nick’s touch. His small hands were gripped around his cock, his fingers tangled in his pubic hair. His muscular crotch twitched and flexed as Nick sucked him off, salivating all over his rigid, flopping member.

“Mmmmmm…” he smiled at Jason, watching the sheer pleasure etched across his face, and the surprise of knowing that another man was capable of giving him these sensations. Jason’s dick squirted more pre-cum into his mouth, some beginning to escape Nick’s eager lips and instead dripping down his chin.

“Ughhhh… fuck, I’m lovin that mouth, bro.”

Nick grinned, pursing his wet lips and hardening his blows. He picked up the pace, going down on him even further. His pubes grazed Nick’s eyes, and he could feel the stiff head attack the backside of his throat. It hurt to take all of it in, but he loved every second of it, and every inch of the man’s engorged penis. Before he knew it, Nick realized that Jason’s body was shaking, and his cock was pulsing uncontrollably.

Nick felt the hard pole shudder with heat, and the stud’s balls bounce furiously, banging against his chin and neck and flying all over Jason’s legs and crotch. The sounds of flesh slapping hard against skin echoed across the gym, and the noises of Nick’s mouth slobbering all over Jason’s fat cock made Nick even more horny.

“Oh shit, stop,” Jason murmured, letting Nick get off of him.

“What’s up?”

“Bend over. I want that ass, dude.”

Nick gave him another grin, satisfied with himself. “You top too?”

“Yeah man. Especially for a piece like that. Afterwards you can top me. Sound good?”

Nick was suddenly at a lost for words. As Jason rubbed his dripping cock, Nick found himself a bit nervous. Jason wanted him top after?

“Really? I… I’ve never topped before. At least, not with a guy.”

“So you have had sex with a chick before?”

Nick nodded. “Uh yeah. Once. It wasn’t very good.”

Jason reached around and grabbed Nick’s butt, tapping it gently. “Then don’t worry about it, man. This will be good, and it’s not much different. In terms of motion. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

Nick shook his head. “N-no, I’ll try it.” He was suddenly excited at getting a go at the man’s plump ass. “But… I want you to fuck me first.”

Jason chuckled, still holding his dick. “Sounds good to me.” He got close to Nick, leaning into kiss him. They made out for a while before Nick broke free. Deep down in his gut, despite being majorly horny, there was someone else he’d rather be kissing.

Nick rubbed Jason’s pecs as he came in, then moved his hands down his hard abs and began to play with Jason’s cock again. He rubbed the massive tool, massaging the meat and feeling his thick veins. A sigh of ecstasy escaped Jason’s sweaty face, and he closed his eyes, relishing in the guy’s touch. “You sure know how to handle a cock, Nick.”

“Let me ride you, then,” Nick said assertively. His ass was hurting so bad, wanting a fat dick to penetrate it more than anything. And Jason was just as eager to put it inside him.

“Shit, man. I’d like that.” Jason stumbled over to the bench, sitting down on it and spreading his legs wide apart. He was completely naked, with his balls hanging low and his rock-hard dick still pointing straight up.

“Take it off,” Jason commanded, watching as Nick pulled his shorts and jockstrap down. His hard cock sprung up fast, spewing a ling of pre-cum all across his thighs. Jason laughed at the sight, happy to see the teenager so turned on. He watched as Nick approached him, pulling his shirt off and then putting his legs around the man’s thighs, hovering his butt over his manhood.

Jason pulled on his cock, beginning to line it up to Nick’s hole. “I’m… I’m going in raw, man. Is that okay?”

Nick nodded. “You’re already pretty wet,” he said, teasing him a bit. “Fuck, let me at that thing…” Jason ran his hands over Nick’s cheeks, grabbing a fistful and spreading them apart. He needed to ram his cock inside of that hole. Nick then adjusted himself, lowering his fat cheeks into Jason’s cock. He squealed, moaning in pain as the schlong entered his dripping wet cunt, spewing pre-cum all over both their balls and thighs.

“Oh fuck!” he exclaimed, as Jason cock began to enter him.

“Shiiiitt…” Jason moaned, letting Nick settle on his dick. He was inside of Nick, now, feeling his body shiver and writhe with the desperation to be taken. Jason’s dick shook as the teenager’s flesh wrapped around his shaft, warming him up and rubbing his bulging veins and throbbing head. His ass came down around Jason’s balls, his weight turning the jock on.

“Ooooohhh fuckkk…” Nick whined, pushing himself further down on his dick as he held onto Jason’s broad shoulders and twitching pecs. His nipples were hard, fully erect.

Jason held the guy down on his crotch, rubbing his ass before spreading his legs apart to get some good leverage. Then, when he thought he was ready, the jock slowly began to thrust himself up into Nick’s hole, lifting himself into the ass, trying to penetrate him as deep as he could.

“Shit! Fuck, that feels nice Jason,” Nick exclaimed, gritting his teeth as the fat, eight-incher prodded his bladder and completely missed his prostate. From this position, Jason was able to reach much further up, and his extra length helped too.

“This is so good,” Jason told him, suddenly falling against the bench, letting the sensations in his dick take over. “Been wanting to fuck you for a while,” he admitted, still feeling up Nick’s ass.

“Yeah?” Nick asked, “You wanted to fuck me?” He laughed a bit, panting for air as Jason pushed into him again.

“Yeah, bro. I want that ass of yours.”

“Oh fuck, pound me then. Just fucking pound my ass.”

“You got it,” Jason sighed, beginning to pick up his speed. Suddenly, his thrusts got faster, and the screws of the bench began creaking violently under the weight of both of them. Jason bit his lip as he drilled the guy, fucking him deep and quick, ramming his hole and filling him up with wet, cum-stained cock.

“Ohhhhh fuck! Uhhhhhnnhnnnnn!” Nick whined, swearing and moaning at each of the stud’s speedy thrusts. Jason was impaling him like his cock was a piston, his large, muscular legs and fat balls coming again and again, slapping into Nick’s ass and breeding his tight, slippery hole. Nick continued to wail, feeling Jason plunge deeper and deeper.

Jason grunted like a caveman, testosterone coursing through his body. “Uggggghhhhh! Fuck, bro! You’re so tight.” His hands were still grabbing hard onto Nick’s ass and waist, digging into his flesh and putting red prints all over. He slapped his ass, spanking the slutty teenager and pulling him in close.

He rocked Nick back and forth, fucking his hole more rough and faster each time. He was slapping his balls onto Nick’s cheeks, and the sound of their muscles colliding so hard echoed throughout the entire room, which smelled like fresh, salty cum and dirty stench of jockstraps and sweat.

“Fuck me! Harder!” Nick cried, rubbing his own cock wildly, using his other hand to hold onto Jason’s hot body. His hard dick flopped up and down against both their abs, throwing pre-cum all over the place and making Nick’s hard, smooth body sweat even more.

Nick was groaning hard, screaming gently as Jason’s huge dick pounded him again and again, hammering him up his asshole. The throbbing shaft shot pre-cum inside of him, and Nick could feel it inside, slushing and squirting as the huge cock head came back again for more. Jason was so deep inside of Nick that he could feel the man’s heart begin to beat even faster.

The entire bench creaked and rocked hard under both their motions as Jason grabbed Nick’s bright white ass and slammed it against his hairy groin, rubbing the fat globes and spanking him. “Take that cock, bro! Fucking eat up that dick, Nick.”

“Uhhhnnnnnn, yeah, fuck me like that, Jason! Fuck, that feels good!” Nick swore and stuttered, unable to talk while breathing so hard and groaning with each word.

Jason couldn’t say anything back. His moans and heavy breaths were loud enough to tell Nick he was enjoying every bit of breeding another dude’s fat, beefy ass. Jason was still thrusting hard and fast, desperate to get himself off, like he was also a horny teenager. He slapped Nick’s ass, and then put his hands against Nick’s soft back, grabbing him by his shoulders and using it to push Nick hard against his cock as they fucked.

Then, Jason flipped Nick over. He was quick, slamming the teenager down onto his back while his massive cock was still inside him. He was strong, and his massive biceps flexed as he spread Nick’s legs apart, adjusting his position on the bench so he could fuck him better. in missionary.

“Oh god,” Nick muttered, feeling the stud’s cock swell up.

Jason grinned. “You like me on top?”

“Yeahhh… fuck me hard, Jason.”

Jason was on his knees, staying low to reach the guy’s ass. He pushed Nick’s legs apart, also spreading his own to get a good firm grip. Then, he wrapped his arms around Nick’ thighs and lifted them into the air, beginning to drill him again. He pushed the teenager’s legs over Nick’s body, bending him in half and exposing more of his tight hole. He was able to fuck him better now, able to see more of Nicks’ tight, pink ass.

Jason’s entire shaft came out before it went back in, slipping silently inside him at an amazing speed, lubed up by the sweat of Jason’s body, the juices of Nick’s ass, and the wads of pre-cum that had escaped his tip.

“Ohhhhhhh fuckkk! Ohhhh fuck, Jason! Fuuuuucckkkk!”

Jason couldn’t talk. He was too focused on breeding the guy’s desperate hole, using him just how he wanted to be treated–hot and dirty.

More sweat rolled down Jason’s hairy body, both his pecs dripping at this point. Flecks of pre-cum shot out all over the place, getting the gym equipment dirty and spraying Nick’s loose balls. Nick was jacking himself off as his brother’s roommate impaled him, breeding him hard and fast.

“Fuckkk!!!” Jason exclaimed, his deep, horny voice turning Nick on.

Nick grabbed onto Jason’s waist as his thrusts shortened. He kept his large rod inside him, barely pulling out at all as he fucked. He drilled him quickly, pounding his fat ass and angrily spanking him. He was fucking the shit out his roommate’s little brother, ramming every inch of his anus.

Then, Jason held Nick’s shoulders down and began to fuck him even harder, pounding him nice and fast, returning to his quick pace and panting hot breaths onto Nick’s sticky chest. Sweat dripped off Jason’s abs, gliding across both guys as their bodies slid and rubbed against the other.

“Fuck me!” Nick screamed, feeling the hard, hotrod expanding his hole and ripping through his entire body. Jason’s face came up to his, and the stud slobbered all over his lips, pushing himself deeper inside of Nick.

Jason was humping hard, pounding his piston-cock in and out like a pendulum. He didn’t say a word, panting quickly with short, shallow breaths while he kissed him. Sweat began to drip off Jason’s face and onto Nick’s. His pushed back his messy hair and pounded away at the pink, throbbing hole, piercing his flesh and stabbing his bladder. The jock’s big pulsing veins massaged Nick’s prostate, sending jolts of pleasure up his spine and into his hard penis.

“Ohhh fuckkk!” he exclaimed, feeling Nick’s ass tighten and clamp around his member. “I’m almost there!”

“You’re gonna cum?”

Jason nodded, biting his lip and closing his eyes as he continued thrusting into him, pushing Nick violently up and down the bench.

“Uuuuggghhhhh!” Jason yelled, clenching his jaw while bellowing in pleasure, letting his body loose as the sensations shot through his rock-hard penis.

Nick braced through the pain, gritting his teeth and holding tight onto Jason’s waist and back as the stud clambered over him, desperate to spill his seed within him. “Fill me, I want you to cum inside me.”

Jason fucked the guy’s hole, making their bodies tremble as his fat ass went up and down through the air to get at Nick’s body. Then, Jason’s hips bucked and he felt a huge surge of sperm sweep through his balls. They ached in pain, after having been teased for so long, and after his dick had been sucked so good. His balls clenched and the load shot up into his groin and through his thick cock.

Nick felt the hard pole shudder with heat, and the stud’s balls bounced furiously, banging against his ass and back, and flying all over Jason’s legs and crotch. The sounds of flesh slapping hard against skin echoed across the gym, and the noises of Nick’s moans getting louder as Jason’s fat cock impaled him made both of them even more horny.

Nick looked up to see Jason’s face right when the first load came. Nick could feel the man’s dick throb and quiver. Then, the fat ropes of cum shot into Nick’s tight pink cunt. The loads of sperm came hard, covering Nick’s wet hole, smearing the top and bottom and filling up his anal cavity to capacity. The fat wads of cum were hot and steaming, gritty like the the stud’s slick, sweaty skin.

“Uhhhnnnn! Fuck!” Jason moaned as two more spurts came after each other, soaking Nick’s hole and covering the teenager’s crack with his spunk as it leaked out of his throbbing ass. The hot, thick liquid oozed around his body, soaking into his pubes and covering his whole shaft completely, dripping all over. Another few loads erupted from his dick, falling down Jason’s balls, and covering Nick’s bright red cheeks.

When it finally died down, Nick giggled and made his way back up, letting Jason fall down onto the bench, exhausted after his vigorous fucking. Nick covered him, licking his salty, sweaty abs and cleaning the cum off his body. He made his way down to his pubes, then his cock, milking it dry until his tool was clean. Nick gorged his face into Jason’s crotch, inhaling his manly musk, while feeling the stud’s smooth, muscular thighs close in around his head and body.

“You like that dick?” Jason smirked at him, putting his hands behind his head as Nick serviced him. He exposed his sweaty, hairy pits, teasing Nick with a cocky look. His hair was tangled and dampened with sweat also, and it was messily strewn across his forehead.

“Yeah,” Nick responded, smiling as he went back down to lick the wet penis.

“You still want to top?”

Nick looked up. “Do you still have it in you?”

Jason’s dick answered the question. It hadn’t gone completely soft, and as Nick’s fingers grazed the inside of his thighs, the cock began to harden again. His balls drooped and his abs rose and fell, filled with excitement. “Yeah man. I want you to fuck me.”

“Like this?” Nick asked, wondering if missionary would be the easiest.

Jason nodded, inviting him in with his legs spread wide apart. “Yeah. Just like that.”

Nick came in closer, his arms shaking a bit and his legs feeling weak as he spread himself over the bench, trying to get his legs in the same position that Jason’s had been a few minutes ago. When his knees were safely on the seat, he scooted further up, his dick still totally erect and bouncing in excitement. It was eager to see some action.

“Is this okay?” Nick asked him, now pressing his groin against Jason’s balls and taint. The man lifted his legs so that the guy could reach his ass, and then, he placed his knees over Nick’s waist, feeling his taut chest and hard nipples with his hands as he slid them up and down.

“For sure, dude. Come in closer. I want to feel all of you.”

They were squished together now, as Jason used his legs to bring him in. Jason then put his hands on Nick’s waist, and stroked his ass, grabbing and squeezing it as he smiled. Nick put his hands down next to Jason’s face, trying to keep himself upright as he stared at him.

“Ready?” Nick asked.

Jason grinned. “Put it in, dude. I’m ready.”

Nick laughed nervously, reaching down to his dick and lining it up to Jason’s hole. His ass crack was wet with sweat, and Nick’s penis was lubed up with pre-cum. He spat once onto Jason’s hole, feeling it pucker and adjust to the sensation. His crack was warm to the touch, and his ass was nice and perky. Nick didn’t hesitate to grab and pinch it a bit, while smacking it every so often, just to feel and watch it bounce against his groin.

Once Nick pulled his foreskin back, he pushed his head onto Jason’s hole, feeling his body tighten as he began to enter him.

“Oh shit…”

Nick gasped as Jason’s ass began to accept his penis, letting it slip further inside as the smooth walls glided over his skin. “Holy fuck…” he moaned, throwing his head back as the overwhelming sensation made his spine tingle, and his legs quiver.

Nick put more of himself in. Feeling Jason’s warm, tight asshole around his cock was bliss. He had only felt this feeling once before, but to penetrate a man’s ass was countless times better than to have had sex with some girl. There were gasps of ecstasy escaping Nick’s lips, and as Jason told him to go in all the way, he eagerly obliged, thrusting his hips into the man’s bottom.

“Jesus!” Jason yelled, grabbing Nick’s shoulders as the guy gently pulled out and then pushed back in again.

“Oh fuck… you’re so tight, Jason.”

“That cock is amazing, bro. Fuck, don’t stop.”

Nick grabbed a fist full of Jason’s ass in his hands, rubbing his cheeks and feeling the soft, hairless flesh in-between his fingers. He suddenly felt blood coursing through his veins, and testosterone filled his body. He had the overwhelming urge to pick up speed. His dick went completely inside, and Nick cried out in pleasure while Jason moaned in pain once more. Nick’s boner was up his ass, throbbing violently and spewing out pre-cum. Nick’s hairy groin and balls smacked against Jason’s butt, while the stud’s muscular arms held onto Nick’s delicate body, pulling him closer inside.

Nick pulled half of his cock out of Jason and then pushed back in. Jason moaned, feeling the thick, pole of meat expand his hole and slide forward. The walls of Jason’s ass were intoxicating, and Nick had no intention of stopping anytime soon. He could feel the head of his penis hit Jason’s prostate and as he did so, Jason’s body weakened, and he let out a low, horny yell. Jason’s cock let out a premature load onto his stomach, splattering his abs. But his red, trembling cock was still fully erect, and it was telling Nick to begin fucking him like a man.

“Oh shit… Jesus, Nick.”

Nick thrust forward again. The first few were still slow, as he held Jason’s body down and grasped his smooth chest, and then they got harder, and quicker. Nick felt Jason’s asshole expand as he himself got deeper and deeper inside of him, his shaft and veins hitting his prostate square on, grinding it until his own cock and balls ached in pain, desperate for release. But Nick loved it.

He suddenly knew what it must have been like for Francis to fuck him. Nick had let Francis do whatever he wanted to him, and with both of their large sex drives, it had been a winning combination for them both. Nick felt the power well up in his arms, waist and pelvis as he fucked Jason, penetrating the deepest parts of his body while Jason worshipped him, kissing Nick’s neck and shoulders when he came close, and rubbing his hard stomach and taut chest.

Despite how sexy Jason was, and Nick’s overwhelming need to fuck him, he wanted to share this moment with Francis. He wanted to feel the man squirm beneath him, and to feel his insides the way he had felt, and was familiar with, Nick’s. He wanted to see his face twist in pleasure while his body shook and his muscles bulged.

His mind raced with thoughts of Francis, and what it must have been like for him to live a week without his sex partner. Sure, maybe that was all they were to each other, but as Nick’s whole body shook, and the veins in his arms and dick bulged, he couldn’t help but feel more emotion with every thrust he took into Jason’s body. His heart ached with the thought of the man waiting for him back at home, and what he must have felt like every time he penetrated Nick, and kissed him on the lips, and licked every inch of his body…

“Fuck, Nick! You’re so hot.

His mind snapped back to reality, and he looked at Jason’s scrunched up face. He was loving every minute of it, and his dick was still fully hard.

“You’re so tight, Jason.” It was true, his ass was amazing tight, and every time his cock twitched, the muscles in his butt would clench, making Nick’s body shiver, and his muscles ache. Nick knew exactly how Jason was feeling–it was a sensation he had felt thousands of times, every time he was with Francis. It suddenly made since why Francis had been so desperate to fuck him, and why he never wanted to leave the inside of his body.

Nick’s bushy pubes bounced off Jason’s ass, as his groin began to smack into him. Nick could feel his loose balls swing into Jason’s butt too and the bench was shaking under his powerful movements. He was fucking like a man, and his powerful, manly thrusts were enough to bring Jason to his knees. The stud moaned. Nick’s balls flung themselves into Jason’s cheeks, making him wince but smile as more semen leaked out of his head and into the stud’s asshole.

Nick moaned again, crying out in pain while his cock plunged deeper into Jason. He grabbed onto the man’s shoulders and started to rhythmically pump in and out of him, the way Francis always did with him. Nick and Jason were both grunting like an animals now, as the feeling of hot flesh around his boner overwhelmed him. This was a desire he never thought he’d have–Nick loved to watch Jason’s face twist in pain and bliss while his abs clenched and flexed with each thrust, pull and push Nick made with his body.

“Fuck yeah, dude, shit!” Jason yelled. He suddenly lifted his legs, stretching his ass further apart so that Nick could get in deeper. He put his legs over Nick’s head, and rested the underside of his knees onto the guy’s shoulders.

“Aaaarrrghhhh! FUCK!” Nick groaned, as his whole body began to buck and cramp up. He continued pushing himself into Jason, holding the stud’s smooth legs over his chest and body while he pumped into him.

Jason, meanwhile, was jacking himself off, grinning as the guy’s balls smacked into him. “Fuck me, dude! Faster!”

Nick went as fast as he could, feeling his hips ache and his cock begin to tingle in ecstasy. His balls shook and he knew that he was near climax.

“Fuck, Francis! I’m almost there!”

Jason was taken back for a minute–who was Francis? He ignored it for time being and continued jacking off, not wanting to ruin the moment. But Nick hadn’t even noticed his mistake. His eyes were closed, and he felt up Jason’s body, imagining the tall, hairy stud underneath him. His bright green eyes, his pale, freckled face… his large hairy pecs, his furry abs and that long, bushy trail that lead right to his massive dick…

Nick imagined his deep voice, moaning in bliss as he would penetrate him, the sound of his breath against his face and the soft, yet dominating grasp he’d take of Nick’s body, bringing him closer so that he could be deeper inside of him, so that he could please Nick as much as he wanted to please himself. Francis had somehow known what Nick had wanted–his desire for rough, painful sex and the fast, manly motions they both made together.

He thought of his man, the 6’2″ jock who would smell his hair, who would stroke Nick’s cock and would call him “baby”, even when he was too exhausted to talk or to even breath. The man who had fought his own brother for Nick, who had kept him warm whenever he’d gotten cold… the man who cared for him beyond his words could say.

“Uggghhh fuck!” Nick yelled, holding onto both of Jason’s legs tightly, and fucking his ass so hard that his dick didn’t even leave the inside of his butt. “I’m gonna cum!” He wanted to cum for Francis, to show him that no other man turned him on like he did. He ignored Jason’s body and imagined it was Francis, wanting badly for it to be real.

“Cum inside me, dude,” Jason groaned, whining with high moans as Nick impaled his body with his hard, throbbing rod of meat. The entire length of his shaft was inside of him, and he continually thrusted it further and further in, thinking of exactly who he wanted to be with right then.

“Awwww, fuck! SHIT!”

Nick could feel his dick harden even more. His balls contracted, lurching hard against Jason’s ass as they pushed a load of cum through his body. It made Nick’s hips tense and the veins in his crotch bulged with pleasure.

“Ohhhh fuck! Francis!”

The sperm surged through groin and shot its way through Nick’s erection, making his member throb inside Jason’s asshole. He put both his hands tightly on Jason’s thighs and shoved his groin into his cheeks. He held him there as the wave of euphoria swept over his body.

The loads of sperm came hard and fast out of Nick’s dick, covering the back of Jason’s anal cavity and smearing the top and bottom of his insides. The fat wad of cum was hot and steaming. It felt amazing as it left his body, and mingled with the juices of Jason’s ass.

“Uhhhhnnnnn!” Jason exclaimed, as he felt Nick ejaculate into his butt. His own ass clenched as he also erupted, shooting his sperm all over his abs and chest while Nick kept driving himself into him. His weak, watery sperm dripped all over his body and down his ribs, leaking onto the bench.

More loads of cum kept coming, and Nick was forced to thrust each time. It suddenly began to leak out of the stud’s ass. It dripped down his cheeks and crack, and then onto his sweaty back and then landed on the bench. Nick felt Jason’s own cum dripping down his ass form their earlier fuck, too. He swept it up easily with his fingers and swallowed the man’s seed with pleasure, relishing in his taste and the look of pure ecstasy on his face.

When finally the spurts of cum began to die down, Nick loosened his grip on Jason’s legs and let himself slowly ease in and out of his hole. His cock wasn’t soft yet, and he wanted to milk every last moment of bliss with the stud. It made Nick smile to see his cum all over Jason’s body, along with Jason’s own sperm. He took another scoop of the stud’s seed, this time from his rock-hard abs, and licked it, enjoying the taste. Although, he had to admit, Francis’s tasted much sweeter.

“Shit, man… that was fucking amazing.”

Nick smiled, licking up the last bit of sperm and then stroking Jason’s cock until it began to go soft. Nick then withdrew himself and rubbed his own cock for a while before he sat down on a nearby bench, completely exhausted. Jason’s hard-on deflated as all his cum leaked out. When he was done, he quickly pulled up his baggy shorts, covering his wet dick and sweaty groin. He didn’t care that his cum, along with Nick’s, was all over his body. A simple shower could fix all of that, and he was sure Nick would love to join.

“Thanks bro,” Jason said, messing up Nick’s hair as the twink got to his feet. “I appreciate you helping out.”

Nick nodded. “No problem.”

“And wow, you’re a pretty solid fucker, yourself. How’d you learn to screw like that?”

Nick was bright red. “I, uh… learned from this guy. Back home.


Nick looked shocked. “How do you…”

He grinned. “You called out for him right before you came.”

Nick was totally embarrassed. He pulled up his own shorts and tried to keep staring at the floor. “I… did?”

“Yeah. No biggie. I’ve done it before, too.”


“Is he… your boyfriend?”

Nick shook his head. “No.”

Jason nodded, not bothering to tighten his shorts. He liked them loose, even though a lot of his ass, and the base of his dick, was showing. “Well, do you like this guy?”

Nick didn’t say a word, but he gave him a quick nod.

Jason wasn’t sure how to react. He merely walked up to Nick and handed him his shirt, while patting him on the back. “You should tell him.”

“He’s straight.”

Jason laughed. “Dude.”

“What? What’s so funny?”

Jason sat next to him, licking a last bit of Nicks’ sperm that he found on his chest. “Well… straight or not, if he pulled the kind of moves on you that you just did on me, then there’s definitely something more there. I haven’t been fucked like that since… well since my ex fucked me.”

Nick was silent.

“You were imaging this Francis dude as you screwed me, weren’t you?”

He was still quiet.

“Do you love him?”

Again, Nick didn’t say a word for a longest time, until… “I think so.”

“And he has no idea?”


Jason’s eyes widened. “You need to tell him. Or, at least say that you have feelings for him, dude.”

“I don’t want to scare him off!” Nick yelled, burying his face into his hands.

Jason lightly patted him again, trying to console him. “Well you can’t let him keep fucking you if he’s making you feel this kind of way. And trust me, if he fucks you half as good as you fucked me, then there’s nothing to be afraid of. He’ll like you back.”

Nick shrugged, looking back up at Jason. “Yeah, I guess so…”

“C’mon,” Jason said, getting to his feet. His long, limp dick flopped around in his shorts as he walked over to the stairs. “Let’s shower up together.”

Nick, however, had something else on his mind. “Uh, is it okay if I shower later? I think… I think I should text Francis.”

Jason smiled, nodding his head. “No prob, dude. Make it happen.”

Nick grinned. “Thanks.”

Before Jason left, and as Nick got to his feet, he slapped Nick on his ass and winked, making his way upstairs. “He’d be be blind and heartless not to want you.”

“Thanks.” Nick slowly followed, unable to keep his eyes off the jock’s tight cheeks. They may have been big, but Nick was sure that no one had a butt quite like Francis McCarthy.

Nick sprinted up the steps and got into his own room, wanting to spend some time alone to reply to Francis’ text. With all that had happened in the past few days, he hadn’t been in the mood to tell Francis what had gone on. But now, it was time to reply. He opened up his texts, reading the latest one Francis had sent him.

‘Thinking of you’, it read, with an attached dick pic. Nick smiled, looking at the massive hard-on Francis had in the picture. He was standing over a sink, his balls and big cock hanging over the counter, fully erect and red. Nick felt his dick throb, and he began to rub himself, texting Francis back with several heart-eyes emojis.

Nick took off his shirt and his shorts, locking the door to his room. Then, he looked through his suitcase, trying to find the jockstrap he’d taken from Francis’ room before. To his surprise, he find them dirtier and stinkier than he last remembered. Nick rubbed his bulge, then put the jockstrap to his mouth and nose, taking in the stud’s bitter, musky, scent. He looked back at the dick pic, smiling to himself. He loved the man’s scent.

Nick whipped his leaking penis from out the side of his strap, wanking hard and breathing fast. Before he had the chance to stick something up his ass, his cock sprayed cum all over his abs and chest, and soaked the sides of his sheets. He lay there, breathing heavily and thinking of everything he’d done that night. As he cleaned up and unlocked his door, he wished he could’ve been brave enough to tell Francis what exactly he’d been feeling for him, before he’d left for California.

Nick kept his strap on, thinking of Francis, and then pulled on his rugby shorts. He texted Francis back.

‘Shot my load to this’, he said, still admiring the nice stiff penis.

Francis replied a bit later. ‘Nice. Gonna jack off to the thought of you jackin off to my cock.’

Nick grinned, turning bright pink. ‘No homo?’ Nick teased him, wondering what exactly Francis was suggesting.

‘A little homo ;)’ Francis replied.

Nick wanted to pursue the conversation but he let the hunk masturbate, feeling a bit tired himself. He put his phone aside and fell asleep, wondering what he’d do once he was back in Francis’ big arms. He wanted to tell Francis how he felt, but he was still reluctant. He didn’t want to ruin what they had between them. He just hoped that Francis has the balls to admit something first. But what if Francis really was straight, and was just using Nick until he got a chick?

Nick looked back to the text: ‘A little homo ;)’

He smiled and put the phone to his chest. Maybe there was some hope for them after all. He just wished it wasn’t too late–what if Francis’ had already found someone?

To be continued…

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