Erotic story: Jocks of the South part 11

By Scott Goulding. Check out parts: 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Scott Evans wasn’t as lucky as his brother, Nick.
He’d brought a chick upstairs to show her his room during the frat party, but either something about the place seriously spooked her, or she just wasn’t game, because the girl ended up leaving without so much as even seeing Scott’s dick.

“You sure you don’t wanna stay?” he asked her, flashing his deep brown eyes at her and giving her a charming, loveable smile. It was a smile that could make any woman melt. Any woman except this one.

“No, I have to go,” she said, breaking free of his hard grasp and fleeing down the stairs. In an instant, she’d gone across the main floor and disappeared out of the entrance.

“Bad luck?” a deep voice came from behind Scott. It was his roommate, Jason. He was an even six feet with long brown hair that came to his forehead and ears. He was very good-looking–rosy cheeks, bright blue eyes, light brown skin and a really nice body. He wasn’t bulky like Luke or the other guys, but instead, nice and lean, and big where it counted. He was of Italian descent, although he had all the quirks and mannerisms of a typical L.A. guy.

His chest was large enough that the fabric of his shirt was taught against him, and his arms were round and muscular, with bulging veins. From what he’d seen with living with him, Scott knew that Jason had better abs, v-lines and obliques than he did–something he was envious about. At least, he thought, their dicks were the same size.

“Yeah… I guess she’s a lesbian or some shit,” Scott said, fumbling to his room. He struggled to throw off his shirt and then slumped into bed. He began to undo his jeans, pulling them off but had trouble coordinating after having been so buzzed with liquor.

“Need help?” Jason asked, his eyes lighting up. He licked sone beer off his pink lips, looking at Scott up and down.

Scott glared at him with glossy eyes. “Don’t like at me like that, man.”

“Like what?”

“Like that,” Scott said, nudging his head toward the impressive bulge in Jason’s pants. His jeans were light and faded, so the shadows made by his boner were easy to spot.

Jason defended himself, laughing a bit. “What, is getting hard illegal? You’ve seen my dick enough times, dude. Don’t act so surprised.”

Scott sat there, his pants still half-off. Jason could see his roomie’s junk bulging across his short white, Calvin Klein boxer briefs. They looked incredibly sexy on him, and that fact that his roommate was still horny turned him on quite a bit. His underwear was scrunched up his thighs like a pair of briefs, exposing a lot of his legs.

“Yeah,” Scott said, “but you’re looking at me like…”


Scott shook his head. “Like you wanna… fool around.”

Jason shrugged. “Yeah, I kinda do. And you still seem pretty hard, man.”

“No, Jason,” Scott said adamantly. “I told you I don’t wanna do that stuff anymore. It’s… sort of gay.”

“No it’s not,” he argued. “Dudes help each other out all the time. Like bros. I mean, we both have dicks, and we both get boners, so why not…”

“Let me go to bed,” Scott muttered, trying to pull the skinny jeans off his calfs. They were stuck hard and bunched up together. The sweat made it even harder to get his pants off.

“Need help?” Jason asked, smiling again.

“No, I can do it myself.” He spent a good while tugging on them before he realized that his dick was getting harder by the minute, and that his pants weren’t coming off unless he stood up. He wasn’t exactly in the mood to show off his wood, or the stain growing on his underwear, to his horny roommate. Defeated, he let go of his pants.

“Bro, let me help you,” Jason said, walking over to him.

Scott slumped back into bed, putting his arms behind his head and exposing his hairy pits. He was bulging in his pants and it was easy to see as his waist protruded from the bed. “Fine, man. Have it your way.”

Jason came onto him, brushing his fingers unnecessarily down Scott’s hairy thighs. Scott tried not to react, but the sensation felt nice. He wasn’t sure if it was the liquor making him feel that way. But he told himself he was straight–it was the truth after all–but the feelings running up his body were still there…

Jason met his jeans and pulled them off easily, making contact with his feet and stroking his calves. Then he got up, facing Scott’s bulging white trunks. “You like to sleep nude… so you want me to help you with those, too?”

Scott wasn’t sure how to reply. He was incredibly horny, and here Jason was, hitting on him. He knew the booze was making him more daring, but he wasn’t sure if he’d regret seizing the opportunity. And hell, he probably wouldn’t even remember it. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d had a friend help him out with business down there. And especially not his first time with Jason.

“Yeah,” Scott mumbled, his voice low as he felt his balls loosen. “Yeah,” he repeated. “Take them off too.”

Jason got down on Scott, sitting on his thick, hairy thighs with his perky ass rubbing against him. Then, he slipped his fingers inside the waistband, pulling on it. He could feel the stud’s course pubes. He was a hairy guy–the thicket of hair carried up his abs and there was some good fuzz on his well-built chest. Jason could see that Scott’s nipples were hard, and his mouth was open, waiting for Jason to take action. Jason admired Scott–he looked just like an older, hotter version of his younger brother, Nick, whom he’d seen in family photos. Although Jason never said anything, he thought Nick was pretty cute himself.

Finally, Jason went down on him. He ran his big hands down Scott’s crotch, stroking his throbbing erection and his soft balls. Then, he pulled on the bottom of the trunks while Jason used his teeth to lift the waistband. They came off easily, and before he knew it, Jason was left facing a thick cock surrounded by large pubes, muscular legs, and a loose pair of balls.

“You gonna blow me? L-like before?” Scott asked a bit nervously, not sure if this was what he wanted. He’d judge it on the feeling he’d get once Jason answered him.

“Yeah. Just like last time.”

Scott felt relief and excitement. Some of the times his roomie had blown him had been the best bj’s of his life, and there was no mistaking the fun he’d had when him and Jason had double teamed the same chick, or the times when they had had a foursome. He knew Jason was bisexual, and that he had never actually gotten feelings for him, but Scott was still scared of what might become of the innocent ‘favours’ they gave each other. Jason, however, ensured him that Scott wasn’t the only guy he did favours for.

“Relax dude…” Jason’s voice came, his hands gently stroking Scott’s legs while he breathed hot air against his thigh.

“Alright.” Scott hadn’t had sex in a while, and hadn’t been blown for even longer. At this point, he told himself, any mouth was a good mouth.

“You okay with that?” Jason asked him, using his hands to gently graze the hard dick. It twitched under his embrace, throbbing in pleasure as he did so.

Scott bit his lower lip, nodding. Someone else’s hand on his penis felt too good for him to spit out any words. His cock was fully hard, and after a few days without jerking off, it was incredibly sensitive. He didn’t think he’d get any action while Nick was here, and so letting Jason service him suddenly made sense. His roommate was on him before Scott knew it.

The wet, warm lips felt like heaven on his cock. The skin of his penis was smooth and hairless, and as Jason retracted the foreskin, he felt his glans begin to tremble.

“Ohh shit…” Scott sighed out, unable to comprehend the sensations on his dick. He’d forgotten what it was like. The smooth saliva glided across his shaft, and the pair of lips sucked on the bulging veins, wanted to milk every drop of pre-cum out of the tip. He felt Jason’s face come closer to his groin. His pubes brushed his roomie’s face, and his thighs cupped his neck and chin. His whole body shuddered, and his skin turned numb in bliss.

“Oh god… uhnnnn…” Scott didn’t even have the words to describe it. The pleasure of Jason’s mouth was overwhelming. His rough tongue played with Scott’s head, and his hand gripped the base of his dick: seven and a half inches of hard, meaty cock gave Jason a lot of shaft to work with.

The lips massaged his rod, going back and forth on him. Jason’s tongue would occasionally leave his leaking head and graze the underside of his boner–the next most sensitive area. Scott pressed himself hard against the bed, writhing in uncontrolled pleasure as the hot mouth engulfed his member, taking him to a place he’d never known.

Scott could feel himself spewing more pre-cum into Jason’s mouth. The salty squirts of cum came up from his balls, making his groin shudder, and shot through his schlong, exiting the tip and making both his head and Jason’s mouth tingle. Jason was getting full now–his mouth contained a lot of sperm and spit. He was slobbering it all over Scott’s cock, and it was beginning to dribble down his mouth and drip off his chin.

“Swallow it,” Scott said to him. “All of it, dude.”

Jason smiled at him, even with a dick in his mouth. He did as Scott told him and swallowed the man’s seed. The pre-ejaculate warmed his throat. The salty, bitter taste made him horny, and he loved every second of it.

“That’s a good guy,” Scott moaned, putting his hand through Jason’s hair and stroking his head. Jason continued to dive right in, running his lips up and down his throbbing erection while looking up at his roommate with big, doleful eyes.

“You like that?” Jason asked, letting go of the soaked, slippery shaft for a second to catch his breath.

Scott nodded. “Uh huh,” he mumbled. He took his dick in his hand and smacked it a few times across Jason’s face. Strands of cum covered his lips and face, and then Scott shoved it back inside his mouth, choking him as it came back in.

“Ohhh fuck… that’s right, choke on my cock.”

Jason did as he was told. He got his mouth all the way down the engorged penis, choking on the thick meat and coughing up cum and saliva. Scott smiled at the sight–it felt good to have someone choke on his fat boner. It made him and his cock swell up with pride. “Yeahh take that cock, bro.”

“Mmmm…” Jason mumbled, feeling the hardness of the rubbery meat hit the top and sides of his mouth. Scott began to thrust himself into Jason’s face. His cock shoved itself violently in and out, penetrating his hole and ravaging anything inside. He held Jason’s head down, fucking the hole as his fingers ran through his hair and clamped on tight. His balls shook, bouncing up and down against his legs and Jason’s adam’s apple.

“Uggghhhhh… yeah, suck on it.”

Jason nodded, pressing harder on the penis with his mouth. His lips curled around the bulging flesh, leaving thick layers of his spit against the skin. Scott’s dick had turned even more pink as blood gushed through it, warming his roommate’s mouth. It was a like a hot injection of meat inside Jason, spewing thick, premature wads of cum. The hands that held him down pushed him further against Scott’s groin, making Jason’s nose dig into his lower abs and his chin grind against the top of his scrotum. It overwhelmed Scott.

“Ohhhh… ohhh god… bro, keep at it…”

Jason could feel the cock begin to shudder violently in his mouth. As Scott kept mouth-fucking him, Jason felt the stud’s hips began to buck, and a powerful lurch from his friend’s balls signalled that he was near. The sack of nuts smacked hard against his chin, tickling his skin with their light hair.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck I’m gonna cum.”

Jason sucked harder, cheered on by the urgency of Scott’s thrusting.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

Scott felt the huge wave of sperm leap from his sack and up through his groin. It stabbed his shaft and pierced the tip of his head as he ejaculated, making it’s way through into his roomie’s mouth. Three huge wads of hot spunk left his member, landing on Jason’s tongue and dripping off the top of his hole. Scott felt his sperm mingle with his partner’s saliva, meeting his head time and time again as more loads erupted from his cock.

The intense wave of semen kept coming, prickling Scott’s crotch in pleasure and locking his muscles into place. His legs and arms buckled, followed by his anus as the spunk swept through his body. The pleasure made his chest and torso shudder, and his face was flushed with pink. His cock kept trembling, done in part by the sound of choking as his semen filled Jason’s mouth.

Jason was forced to keep swallowing, taking his roommate’s seed while the bursts of cum subsided into weakening spurts. Scott didn’t withdraw himself just yet, letting the intensity of his orgasm fully take his mind away. He lied there, naked, with spit on and around his cock, spotted with flecks of his cum. Jason was still on him, licking up what was left and letting his bro’s dick soften in his mouth. When finally it had stopped beating, and it no longer produced anymore of his sperm, he felt Scott’s handle on his head loosen.

Jason lifted his mouth from Scott’s crotch, watching the cock shorten in length to about five inches. It was still wet, and his pubes had some cum still on them. Jason licked it up, watching the look of content on Scott’s face. He had a dumb smile, and his face was entirely red.

“That was some good fucking head, man…” he murmured, getting sleepy after having spilt his seed into another mouth.

“Can I finish on you?” Jason asked, feeling the eight beers take its hold on him. His cock was still hard and pressed up agains his jeans. It was pitched like a tent.

Scott turned his body, revealing his bubbly ass and hard, muscular back to Jason. He didn’t bother getting into the sheets, revelling in the warmth provided by their hot breaths and the smell of sex that lingered in the air. “Do whatever you want…” he said, not caring about what Jason did to him. After that amazing blowjob, Jason deserved whatever he wanted.

Jason closed his eyes, unzipping his pants and pulling his cock through the fly of his boxers. It was a hard rod of meat, seven and a half inches long. It was thick, and was spewing long strands of cum the second he whipped it out. It took a couple of beats for him to blow his watery load all over Scott’s back and ass. Jason’s roommate didn’t seem to mind, though he told him to clean it up afterwards.

Jason used the excuse to feel Scott up. He rubbed his hands over the man’s fat, hairless cheeks, squeezing the flesh to make sure he got all the cum off. Then, he glided his hands across the small of his back. When he was done, he washed his hands and took off all his clothes. Not wanting to waste the warmth of his roomie’s body, Jason stripped naked and snuck into Scott’s bed.

“Can we cuddle?” Jason asked him, wanting to feel the stud’s big ass against his loose junk.

“Yeah okay,” he mumbled back, letting their bodies pressed up on one another. They fell asleep in an instant, dreaming quietly into the night.

When Nick woke up, he felt Luke’s hard dick against his ass again, and the stud’s big biceps curled around his small frame. They were both in tight embrace, with Luke’s huge legs keeping Nick close and the jock’s hands grazing Nick’s nipple. They had somehow ended up in bed together, although Nick wasn’t quite sure how.

When Nick tried to adjust his balls, he felt Luke awaken. The hunk quickly realized he had morning-wood that that we was cuddling up next to Nick like they’d just been on a honeymoon. He turned onto his back, his dick sticking upwards through the thin sheets. He blinked away his sleepiness and talked in a slow but deep, sluggish voice that turned Nick on. It was cute to see him look a bit messy.

“Shit, man… what did we do last night?”

Nick didn’t bother hiding his own boner. He too was buck naked, and he remained in the sheets, catching a whiff of Luke’s sweaty, hairy armpits. It was a smell that excited him. “Uhhh… I think we might have… um, messed around. A bit.”


Nick laughed a bit. “Umm, you don’t remember?”

Luke suddenly tensed, as some it seemed to be coming back to him. “Oh fuck. On the balcony… we, uh…”


“You… and then I kinda…”

Nick giggled a bit. “Yup.”

Luke turned on his back and ran his big hands over his hairy abs. “Was… it good?” Luke mumbled, trying not to look embarrassed.

Nick was a bit surprised to be asked that. “Uh yeah. I definitely enjoyed it.” He smiled, trying not to laugh or embarrass him.

“Damn, really? I didn’t think you would have enjoyed that. I mean… I think I had fun…”


Luke blushed a bit, his face all flustered. “Yeah, bro. That was… uh, wow. ” Then, he looked down to his dick, putting a hand to his groin, realizing there was some dried up cum in his pubes. “Just don’t tell anyone, alright? I don’t need your brother finding out and wanting to kick my ass.”

The teenager nodded. “It’s our secret.”

“Thanks, man.”

“We’re, um, both naked right now,” Nick suddenly said, outright looking at the stud’s big boner pitching a tent in the sheets. He didn’t think Luke would mind the attention. “You want some clothes?”

“Nah, I’m good,” Luke smiled, rubbing his hairy, muscular body and stretching his taught, bulky arms. “I like being naked.”

“You’re okay with being nude with a guy?” Nick asked, wanting to know just how comfortable Luke was with their situation.

“Sure man. There’s naked dudes around the house all the time,” he muttered, absent-mindedly stroking his boner through the sheets. “Do you have any idea how many times I’ve seen a dick? I mean, we all share the same set of showers.”

Nick nodded, not believing his ears. He felt his dick begin to grow again. A frat seemed like the perfect place for him to get off, and by the looks of it, Luke enjoyed talking about his frat brother’s dicks.

Luke then got out of the sheets, finding a pair of loose, baggy shorts. Nick watched the stud’s nine-inch dick swing from side to side, and his fat ass jiggle with each step. His pale back was muscular and twitched with every movement. He pulled the shorts over his hung cock, which was still bulging through it like a thick metal pipe.

Luke began to clear away some beer bottles, still rubbing on his dick every so often, as if his boner was trying to remind him that it was still there. Nick helped him clean out their room before he got out a spare towel and headed for the showers. There was dried cum all over Nick’s hair and body–and he thought it would make things easier if he got some cool water over himself to clear his senses..

“Well, I should shower. I feel sticky,” Nick told him.

Luke looked at him. “Did I cum on you or something?” He stroked his hardening dick again, unable to resist touching himself. Being horny in the morning was the most difficult.

“Uh, yeah. I think a lot of it got on me.”

Lucas seemed embarrassed again, suddenly hiding his boner. “Oh. Uh, sorry, man.”

He shrugged. “It’s whatever.”

While Luke sorted out his clothes, Nick stripped down and walked to the bathroom. He walked down the hall in nothing but a towel around his waist. He opened the bathroom door, hoping to find that it was deserted, but instead, he could hear hushed voices and the shower running.

The bathroom had a long line of shower heads on a tiled wall, behind a long continuous curtain. There was nothing to separate the stalls or the row of urinals on the adjacent walls. There was only privacy at the few toilets in the back.

To Nick’s surprised, the voices didn’t stop as he stepped into the bathroom, and past some drawn curtains, he could spot some figures moving about. The length of the curtains did little to cover any part of the communal showers, and the translucent, plastic fabric didn’t do much either. As the door closed behind Nick, making no noise, he stepped a bit closer, making his way through the thick steam, to get a look at who else was in the showers, and what exactly they were doing.

There were two men in the shower–the same shower. Nick carefully peered through the curtains and kept his distance, trying to make out their features. The first man, the taller one, was about 6’2″. He had tanned skin, but judging by his stark-white ass and groin, Nick guessed it was an effect of spending a lot of time on the beach. He had a dark, manly face with thick stubble and his dark brown hair pulled back in a bun, although now it was matted by the water. His thick eyebrows, straight jaw and big grey eyes made Nick feel faint. He was a really attractive man.

He had a thin, lean figure, but he was bulky nevertheless. He had a good chest with pink, taught nipples, and a eight-pack of ridge, wash-board abs. His had a small v down his waist that had a light fuzz of pubes. He was hot, and his stylish hair made him stand out from the other frat guys–or even just the ones Nick was used to seeing back home.

His white ass was lighter than the rest of his tanned skin, and it made Nick horny to see it was covered in small brown hairs, just like his thick, muscular thighs. The cheeks were round and perky, just how Nick liked. The stud turned around, rubbing his body while gently playing with the other man. He let his dick and balls swing freely, allowing Nick to see his manhood. Nick almost let out a gasp.

The dude’s dick was hard and thick, uncut, and about eight inches long. He was erect, but the mass of his penis prevented it from sticking upwards. It bounced atop the two low-hanging balls, which swung back and forth like a ring of loose keys. The beautiful sight of his hard, nude dick lasted for only a moment. The young man turned back around, reaching over to the other person in the shower with him. And this guy, Nick knew.

It was his brother’s roommate–Jason. He could tell by his darker, mocha skin and the longer brownish-blonde hair that dangled in front of his eyes and came down in messy clumps behind his head. Nick had caught glimpses of him at the party last night, and of him passing by in their hallway, with nothing on but a loose pair of sweatpants. But what interested Nick the most was what exactly the two guys were up to, especially since they were practically pressed against one another under the shower-head. Nick was able to stay out of sight and peer through the steam to see what exactly was going on.

“… fuck, that feels good.”

“Yeah, you like that?”

“Yeah, bro. Shit, don’t stop.”

Nick was able to see it clearly now–the taller dude, with the longer brown hair, was fully hard. His dick was erect and stuck in the air at full mast, being serviced by an enthusiastic hand. Jason rubbed his cock up and down, focusing on his long, veinous shaft and the foreskin pulled over his leaking head. The two guys were fooling around, and they both seemed to be enjoying it.

“Fuck, Shane. You’re so hard dude.”

So that was the other guy’s name. Shane. Nick put the name to his face, turned on by his closed eyes and open mouth as he received the hand job. He was in bliss.

“That’s because you’re so good at this, dude.”

Jason laughed, suddenly getting to his knees. Shane didn’t stop him.


Jason’s mumbling voice came, struggling to speak. “Relax…”

“Shit… take all of it, Jason. Get it in all the way.”

Nick watched, a little dazed, as Jason blew Shane’s cock, rubbing his shaft with his free hand in-between strokes of his mouth. Nick could also see that Jason himself was as hard as a rock, serving himself with his other hand. It was a bit exciting for Nick–there was another guy in the house who seemed to love dick as much as he did. Silently, he wondered to himself… did his brother know? And if he did…

Nick shook his head. He focused instead on the scene before him. Shane was leaning against the wall, sticking his waist out and thrusting his groin slowly into Jason’s mouth while Jason himself eagerly went down on the length of the man’s erection. He slobbered and gagged on Shane’s huge dick, pushing away the long brown pubes as his face went all the way in, fitting the whole penis inside his gullet. Shane’s hips bucked and the veins in his crotch popped. He let out a low groan, holding Jason’s head to his dick as he thrusted harder, and harder, his pecs twitching and his legs trembling as the overwhelming sensations of pleasure took over.

“Fuck… stop,” Shane muttered, suddenly letting Jason off of him.

“What’s wrong?”

“I almost just came.”

Jason laughed. “Isn’t that the point?”

“Do you… maybe… wanna do anal? Like before?”

Nick could tell that Jason was grinning. Despite the nervous tone to his voice and the uncertain way he presented himself to Jason, Shane was desperate enough to try anything.

“Yeah, man,” Jason said, his voice low and quiet. “I’d like that. But remember… you can’t tell nobody what we’re doing, okay? No one can know.”

Shane nodded, willing to agree to everything Jason wanted, as long as it meant that he’d get his way. “Yeah, I won’t tell. So… do we just…”

Jason rolled his eyes, chuckling. He turned around–Nick was careful to stay out of sight–and grabbed Shane’s cock from behind, lining it up to his asshole as he bent over in front of him. Shane was surprised by the straightforwardness, but he didn’t mind at all.

“Fuck… I forgot how tight you were…”

Jason closed his eyes, clenching his fists and gritting his teeth as the jock entered him. He felt the man’s member penetrate his body, and then he straightened himself up, rubbing his back against Shane’s rugged pecs and hard abs. “Jeez, dude. You feel so good inside me.”

Shane grinned, grabbing Jason’s hips as he began to pound him.

“Fuck… fuck!” Jason moaned, feeling the huge penis slide inside him, lubricated by his pre-cum and own spit. Shane barely muttered a word as he fucked Jason. The feelings overwhelmed him and he was going at a rapid pace now, huffing and puffing air as he dominated Jason’s body, holding him tight in his arms. Loose hair fell out of his bun and came over his face, obscuring his view. But the man ignored it, continuing to fuck Jason as more of his wet hair fell to his face and to his shoulders. His savage, primitive fucking continued, and both men let out horny groans of pleasure and pain.

By now, Nick’s cock was also fully erect. He found himself rubbing it quickly, as it stuck out through his towel and wagged in the hot, morning steam of the showers. His legs were trembling as he watched the two hot men fuck each other, while the pain of Luke’s penetration of his own body was fresh to him, aching with each movement Nick made.

“Fuck! I’m gonna… cum!” Shane bellowed, grabbing fistfuls of Jason’s ass and abs and he took control of him.

Jason arched his back and let the stud have his way. He felt the man withdrew his penis and then, squirted his spunk all over his back, jerking himself off quickly. The water swept a lot of it away, but as Shane’s orgasm died down, he helped clean some more of it off. He let Jason get to his feet, and then, rubbed him down with more water.

“Fuck, dude.”

Jason smiled at him. His dick was still fully erect.

“You… wanna finish?” Shane asked.

Jason shook his head. “Nah, someone will be in here soon. I’ll go jerk off in my room.”

“You want me to help you?” Shane asked, a bit more enthusiastic then Nick would have thought.

“Uh, sure. If you want Scott to see you.”

“Oh, right. Well… we could go to my room. Jim’s still passed out downstairs.”

Jason smirked. “Sounds like a plan.”

While the two of them cleaned the last bit of cum off of each other, Nick crept out of the stalls, going back the way he’d come. He was going to pretend like he’d just come in, but first, he needed his dick to go down. It took a few moments to realize that at any rate, his boner was not about to disappear.

Nick gave up, and opened the door wide, scoffing a bit as he waked back in to the bathroom. He noticed the two guys stiffen up, but they didn’t hesitate from cleaning one another. They merely glanced over at Nick, and went back to cleaning up.

Nick threw the towel aside, wondering if there was any chance that they’d invite him to join. But he realized–these guys had no idea that Nick was gay.

“Sup, dude?” Jason casually greeted him, as he walked out of the shower and fetched a large hand towel. It didn’t look like he was going to cover himself as he walked out of the bathroom.

“Hey,” Nick said back, a bit glad that Jason hadn’t really paid him much attention. He seemed too focused on himself and his half-erection. However, Nick’s boner was still present, and he was sure the both of them had definitely noticed that. He didn’t want his brother’s roommate seeing him like that, despite knowing that all the frat brothers had probably seen each other’s boners at some point.

Shane, however, lingered a moment longer as Jason left. He eyed Nick, especially his ass, and gave him a quick scan. It was just the two of them now, and Nick could feel himself being stared at.

“You’re Scott’s brother, right?” Shane asked. His voice was deep and manly, and with his long dick still dangling between his legs, wet and hairy, it was hard for Nick to look straight at him.

“Uh, yup.”

“Sweet. He’s a cool dude.”

“Oh, thanks.”

“You, uh, horny there, bro?” Shane asked, flicking his head as he stared at Nick’s boner. It was as if he was trying to find out more about him.

Nick already had a good excuse. “Yeah. Morning wood.”

Shane chuckled. “Ohh, right. Well, uh, if you ever need anyone to take care of that, swing by my room, okay?”


Shane laughed harder. “I’m just joking, dude. Relax. But… I’ve got some porn if you need any. Just… don’t tell your brother.”

“O-oh… thanks.” Nick gave a nervous laugh, suddenly rubbing his boner again as he watched Shane stoke his own penis. Was this really happening–was Shane hitting on him? Just like that? The thought of it made Nick’s cock jump, and he knew that Shane was still staring. Was Shane bisexual too? Or maybe, he just didn’t mind having someone blow him or let him fuck like a cave man. In a house full of guys, Nick assumed that anything could happen.

Shane pulled his hair back in a bun again, stretching his muscles and making his pecs bounce. It was extremely erotic to Nick. Just then, he decided to try something. His victory last night in scoring Luke had made him cocky, and he wondered just how Shane would react to him.

“Well…” Nick began, “if you ever need anyone to take care of your boner, give me a call,” Nick smiled, winking at him. Despite his heart pounding wildly, he gave of the impression that he was joking. Or at least, he hoped that Shane would pick up on it.

“Yeah? I might take you up on that, bro. But you gotta bring the porn then.”

Nick laughed nervously, hoping he didn’t sound that way. He began to watch Shane leave, his fat, white ass bouncing with each step. His muscles dripped with water, and his loose balls and dick slapped against his thighs. “Yeah, I’ll bring some.”

Shane winked him a goodbye and left the bathroom with just a towel slung over his shoulder. Nick stared at his ass as he left, wishing that Shane would just sit on his face. And, Nick said to himself, Jason could join in too.

Nick realized that he really needed to jerk off. But before he did that, he decided to get all the stickiness off his body before he did anything. Nick turned on the shower tap, ran the water for a bit, then stepped inside. Cleaning himself was bittersweet. On one hand, it felt nice to get clean and wipe the sweat off his body, but on the other hand, he was getting rid of the remaining traces of Luke’s cum from his skin, and it felt weird to part with it.

The steam fogged up his senses and the bright morning light coming in from the window high up was glittering across his body, lighting up the entire room. As Nick began to wipe his dick clean, he heard the rings to the shower curtain move and he felt something heavy step in behind him. It was Luke.

The huge jock wiggled in beside him, sharing the water with Nick as it came down on both of them. Nick was frozen for a moment, but tried to act normal. Luke, however, had already noticed.

“Hey dude,” he muttered, as if it were no big deal.


Luke hesitated. “You’re… okay with me in here, right?” he asked.

Nick nodded, trying not to get a boner in front of him. “Uh yeah. Of curse, dude. I mean, we both have dicks after all…” he said, trying to hide the fact that it was making him horny.

Nick looked away from the stud’s fat, chunky pecs, his erect pink nipples, the thick brown hair running all over his body and down his six pack of abs to the forest of thick, curly pubes surrounding his six-inch, meaty cock. It was somehow still soft, not turned on by the perkiness of Nick’s ass. The water dripped down his hairy, muscular thighs, running to his beefy feet.

Nick forced himself to look away, focused on the jock’s head–his soft-cheekbones, his clear, tanned face, straight nose, ice-blue eyes, soft, luscious lips, square jaw and chin and the faint brown stubble that covered them. His medium-length dark hair was slicked back now, wet with water.

The stud was rubbing himself down, occasionally brushing his hands across Nick’s naked ass or the back of his legs. Nick found it strange that Luke had decided to share a shower with him, but none of them said a word about it, though Luke was trying not to make things les uncomfortable. “You gonna do some sightseeing here?”

Nick offered him lame answers, doing anything not to focus on Luke as he leaned over, putting his huge biceps beside Nick’s delicate frame as the jock tried to grab the bottle of shampoo. Nick had completely forgotten to even use it, and the blood drained from his head to his cock as he felt Luke’s own dick bump gently against his ass.

Luke lathered his massive, bulging body quickly, then squeezed out even more shampoo onto his free hand. “Here,” Luke said, rubbing Nick’s back with the shampoo and spreading it to his chest and stomach.

“Oh, thanks,” Nick said, closing his eyes as the stud spread his big hands around Nick’s body.

“Turn around,” Luke said, almost commanding him. Nick obeyed, opening his eyes and looking at Luke. His eyes were narrowed and there was a horny look on his face. Nick didn’t have to look down to see that the stud’s morning wood had come back. In fact, it seemed to him that the jock had a raging hard-on for him. The six inches had grown to a full nine, and it was throbbing against his leg.

Luke didn’t say anything. He could see that Nick’s own cock was stirring to life, and he very gently rubbed Nick’s body down, slowly making his way to the twink’s pubes. His fingers brushed momentarily against the base of Nick’s dick, and the teenager sprung back to reality.

“I-I can do that part,” Nick said faintly.

“‘Kay. Turn around.” His voice was deep and strong, willing the teenager to do as he said.

Nick obeyed once more, putting his ass on display for the jock. Luke’s hands came to the the twink’s tight white ass. He rubbed the fat globes up before Nick jumped again and weakly said, “I’ll do that too.”

“It’s okay, bro. Let me help out…”

“L-Luke…” Nick sighed, letting the stud put his big fingers through his wet crack, squeezing his flesh and running him through the water. The suds were gone from the both of them now, but Luke kept rubbing Nick down, getting close enough so that his own cock was pressed against Nick’s ass.

Then, as Luke’s two arms wrapped around Nick’s body, the stud whispered into Nick’s wet ear. His breath was hotter than the water, his voice sounded like he was panting. “I wanna fuck you, Nick. Right here, right now.”

Nick let out a low moan, arching his back so it pressed into Luke’s crotch. “Yeah?”

“You think I don’t remember exactly what we did last night? I’ve never had anyone let me put my dick all the way inside. I want to do that again… at least until I can get a chick who can take it.”

Nick felt himself melt in the jock’s big slippery arms, caressed by a throbbing cock and two rigid pecs digging into his back. He didn’t even have to say anything to Luke–he just put his hands against the wall of the shower and leaned forward, sticking his ass out and curving his back. Luke ran his hands along Nick’s backside, moaning silently as he felt up the small, slippery wet body in front of him, presenting itself for a fuck. The jock already had his dick pressed against the plump ass, and he picked his boner up, slapping his member against the pale cheeks.

The two of them kept quiet, well aware that some of Luke’s frat bros were still asleep on the other side of the wall. The two of them were kept safe only by the loud pattering of the shower-water. Luke dropped his fat dick on Nick’s back and took to spanking him, making the twink wince and jump up. But he enjoyed it, pressing himself against the stud’s ballsack and keeping them both under the warm, running water.

Luke spanked him a few more times, whispering silently to his slave. “Daddy’s gonna fuck you nice and hard, Nick.”

“Yes daddy,” Nick let out a high-pitched moan, trying to seduce the stud. “Fuck me hard.”

Luke ran his hand down Nick’s side and to his ass, spreading the cheeks and letting his cock fall into place. He pressed the head inside his crack, pushing Nick’s hands up onto the wall and testing his ability to stay standing against Luke’s powerful groin and raging red cock.

“Uhhnn, yeah. Put it inside me, daddy,” Nick whispered.

“You gonna make me cum today?”

Nick smiled, well aware that he had control over what Lucas’ body did–how it reacted and how it felt. “Yeahhh…”

Luke slapped Nick’s ass, grabbing the twink’s waist and piling himself on top of him. He drove his cock inside, made easy by the warm water and the juices already flowing inside of Nick’s anus. He was ready to be fucked like a dirty animal.

“Uhhnnn!” Nick exclaimed, as the full nine inches shot right up his ass without a single warning. The thick, swollen schlong was deep inside of him, pulsing with Luke’s heart beat and making Nick’s insides tremble. It radiated heat, spewing pre-cum all over inside and shaking uncontrollably as Luke tried to control his cock.

Nick pushed himself away from the wall, putting the big dick deeper inside of him, ready to please the huge jock and make him cum. Luke groaned, his muscular waist quivering as the tight anus closed over his entire shaft, grinding against his messy pubes and pressing against his nuts.

Luke had to take himself out. He withdrew his cock, quite aware of the slick, hot flesh rubbing against his soft, raw shaft. The veins pulsed, making his cock throb and spit out more salty jizz. It was sticky, clinging to Nick’s ass and dripping down his legs.

“Ohhh fuck, L-Luke… Lucas…”

Luke took in a deep breath and rammed himself into Nick, making the teenager groan in pain and slam against the wall. Luke took his body, pulling his waist back towards him and using him like a ragdoll. He didn’t care if Nick had nothing to hold onto, he was just slamming himself back and forth into the tight ass, fucking the little hole with all the power him and his cock had. He moaned and swore, grunting hot air and growling horny, manly noises. “Oh yeahh… fuck.”

Nick wailed silently, struggling to keep up as the huge cock penetrated his hole with great force. The jock was pummelling his ass, taking short and fast movements to fuck his anus and smack his own low-hanging balls into Nick’s. The pain of their nuts colliding made both of them groan, but Luke was too horny to stop. He kept bashing his butt, mauling his flesh and hammering away at Nick’s tight hole like a drill.

“Yeah, daddy! Fuck me, fuck my ass.”

“Take that dick, bro. Take it all.”

“Fuck! I love your big cock… uhhn!”

Nick yelled out in pain as the jock’s thrusts got more violent. He was raping his asshole, squeezing hard on his waist and pulling him in for no other reason then to tear his flesh apart. He shoved all of his cock inside, going in and out vigorously at an alarming speed. Luke’s penis barely came out–only the base of his dick put any distance between Nick’s ass as the stud came back and back again, throwing Nick’s body closer to the wall of the shower.

“Oh shit, it hurts! Uhn, L-Luke! Fuck!”

Luke let go of Nick’s waist, clamping his big hands over the twink’s mouth and shutting him up. Then the jock pressed Nick’s entire body against the shower wall, slamming him onto the cool wet tiles. “Shut the fuck up, Nick. Just let me fuck you.”

The teenager’s dick was stuck in-between his body and the wall, squished by Luke’s huge, violent body. Luke’s humping still came, thrusting his own cock deeper and deeper into Nick, pushing him into the wall and pressing himself onto the twink as his screams of pleasure hit the jock’s big hands.

“I’m gonna fuck you ’till you bleed.”

Nick screamed moans of pleasure into Lucas’ hand. His muffled yells barely came through the noise of the shower. Luke kept going, fucking Nick against the wall, sliding him up the tiles and using his huge body to keep him tight in place. His huge penis kept piercing his hole, stabbing his bladder and rubbing hard against his prostate. He could feel the manly cock up against his stomach, slamming his insides. The slick water and sticky pre-cum, along with the growing friction, made his anus feel like it was on fire, being torn to bits and invaded by Luke’s third, veiny muscular arm.

“Fuck! Ugghh! You’re so tight!” Luke yelled, his balls smacking hard against Nick’s legs like loose cannon balls on a chain. “Does the faggot like daddy’s dick? Huh?”

Nick made a motion to nod his head but the hunk’s hand was clasped tight over his face. Luke’s thick slab of fat, throbbing meat spurted out more jizz, leaking out of Nick’s stretched out hole. Nick was screaming in pain and pleasure, keeping his eyes closed and somehow still bracing himself as the huge meaty pipe attacked his anus, ripping him apart from the inside.

He tried to hold onto anything–his nails scraping against the tiles–as he let the jock clamber onto him, fucking him senseless and smacking his groin hard and loud against his fat cheeks. Nick still moaned and yelled, shouting Luke’s name into his big hands and begging him to breed him like a dirty slut.

Luke was going faster now, losing his ability to talk and instead panting at a rapid rate. His breaths were short and shallow, and his body was shaking with anticipation.

“Uhn, uhn, ughh, uhhnnn!” Luke grunted, his voice weak and his hot breath on Nick’s neck. His hands were still closed against his mouth in a tight grip, his arms hooked up from underneath his armpits and lifting him up higher to fuck harder. Then, Nick’s ass clenched as the stud moved his thick, hairy legs closer. They framed Nick’s body, closing on him tight from either side of his waist. Luke was on top of Nick, not taking his dick out to fuck but just driving himself deeper into the guy’s trembling hole.

Nick screamed “I’M CUMMING!” into Luke’ hands. His balls jumped, aching in pain and shooting a huge spurt of semen up his shaft and out of the tip of his dick. His ass contracted, constricting Luke’ cock and milking the cum out of him. The thick wads of cum coming out of Nick’s boner splashed against the wall, dripping down the tiles and his body, coming down even harder as a few more loads blasted through. The soft waves of ecstasy coursed through his anus, up from his prostate and dick and snaking up his spine. But the stud’s pumps kept coming, loading his ass up from behind in powerful, manly thrusts. He was like a caveman mating with his bitch.

“Uhhnnggg! FUCK!” Luke grabbed Nick’s body, letting go of his mouth and fucked the guy senseless, shoving himself so hard onto the twink’s ass that Nick’s face hit the wall, slammed tight by the jock. The stud’s monster cock throbbed in pain and his hips bucked. His balls jumped, shooting a huge load of cum up the hunk’s body and into his pulsing, swollen erection, ripping through his flesh and spurting out of his red hot head like a geyser.

Nick felt three jets of cum shoot up inside his anus, filling his body and warming him up. His ass and anal cavity was sore–throbbing with pain. The jock’s sperm continued to shoot up into his ass, making Luke’s cock quiver and his body turn rigid as the waves of pleasure shot up like needles from his balls and shaft, spreading across his bulky body and making his muscles twitch and flex.

Luke kept humping slowly as three more oozing loads of spunk shot from his shclong and into his sex-slave’s asshole. The cock kept throbbing, and Luke was holding Nick’s entire body tight in his arms as he split his seed, as if he were impregnating him. Luke went in and out of the guy’s hole, his face against Nick’s shoulders and his hands stroking his faint, hairy stomach.

Nick whined in a high voice as the jock’s dick began to turn soft inside him, and the cum filling him up now began to leak out of his hole, dripping down his crack, balls and legs. Luke withdrew his member with a pop that made Nick double over in relief. Luke pulled him back into the water, stroking Nick’s upper body and playing with the guy’s nipples.

Nick felt the sticky, cum-covered cock against his ass still, rubbing against his cheeks like a soft baton. The jock’s ripped pecs were still sporting erect nipples that dug into his back and his flexing abs were like big rocks on his lower back.

“You okay?” Luke said, whispering into Nick’s ears as they both kept their eyes closed, relishing each other’s touch in the warm water.

Nick barely got the words out of his mouth. “Fuck, it hurts. But… that was amazing.”

Luke gave him the cockiest, most egotistical smile, wrapping his arms tighter around the teenager and caressing his ass. “I know.”

The guys cleaned up, getting rid of each other’s cum and quickly huddling their bodies together beneath the shower head. Luke smacked Nick on the ass hard before he stepped out, his big limp cock swinging from side to side like a ball and chain, dripping water all over. He dried himself off quickly and they returned to their room, letting everyone see his huge member. He sat on his own bed, still buck nude.

Nick followed his lead, drying himself and leaving his clothes behind for a moment, sitting on his bed, both their damp cocks still hanging out. It was hot, and it felt nice to let their balls loose in the humid air.

“Shit man, that was a nice fuck,” Luke mumbled, playing with his pubes and scratching his dick.

“You’re not worried you’ll turn gay?” Nick teased, watching the hunk’s abs slowly rise and fall, and his dick twitch every so often.

Luke smiled, rubbing his rough hands on his own naked thigh. “Like you said… it’s just a hole.”

“A favour,” Nick smiled, as if it were a joke. “just me helping you out.”

Lucas looked up at him, an eyebrow raised. “Exactly. And I might still need a bit of help while you’re here.”

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