Erotic story: Jocks of the South part 10

By Scott Goulding. Check out parts: 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

After Nick and Francis finished cleaning themselves in the stream,
they finished hunting and eventually called it a night. They headed back to camp and had dinner before Francis dropped Nick off at home. They said their goodbyes, but before Nick left Francis’ truck, he noticed the look on Francis’ face. He couldn’t help but feel as though the jock was checking him out.

“Have a safe flight,” Francis told him, giving him a wink before Nick closed the door.

Nick smiled back, wishing he didn’t have to leave. “I will.” Then he headed inside, his heart heavy as Francis drove off. That night, Nick quickly finished packing his things and then threw off his clothes, touching himself with no one but Francis’s big naked body on his mind. It was still hard for him to believe that the two of them had had sex so many times. People like Francis McCarthy never fucked people like Nick Evans.

Nick’s plane ride to California was long and boring–the movies weren’t interesting to Nick in any sort of way after having spent an amazing couple of days with Francis. All he could think about was the thick, muscular body ad the large veiny dick of the jock who had made him horny the whole weekend.

He hoped the guys in California were ugly and gross–he wanted to stay faithful to Francis: to keep his ass tight for him, even though they weren’t exclusive in any sort of way. There was something about Francis that made Nick feel a certain way, but realistically, he didn’t think the jock would ever return the sentiment. Nick knew that if an opportunity to have sex presented itself in Cali, he couldn’t refuse. Nick was just too horny.

Nick was picked up at LAX by his brother, Scott–a twenty-year-old with short dark hair, faint stubble, bright brown eyes but about the same height as Nick. They both had similar features, but their faces couldn’t be more different. The two of them hugged tight, having not seen each other for a long while. Nick noticed that his brother seemed more rigid and bigger than last they met–he must have spent some time in the gym.

His brother had a tight chest and thick arms that bulged out of his light blue shirt. He picked up Nick’s bags with ease and got into his Escalade, driving Nick to his frat house. They talked about girls and sports the entire ride there. Nick tuned some of it out: he wanted to jerk off again as soon as he got to his room. Thoughts of Francis had been haunting him and he needed to get his rocks off once more.

When the drive was over, it was around 7pm and Nick saw that they’d arrived at a huge wooden house with a sign that read Kappa Sigma. Scott helped Nick take his things inside, where the teenager spotted a couple of half-naked jocks throwing footballs, drinking booze and stripping down to their underwear to go take a dip in the outdoor pool. The front lawn had a few picnic tables littered with crumpled cans and ashtrays.

Hot guys greeted Nick left and right, making his dick twitch and his nipples hard. The amount of abs, biceps, pecs and bulges he saw made him want to cum right there, and gave him a lot to think about for later.

Scott lead his brother to a room upstairs, letting him know that he’d be sharing with a guy named Luke. He showed him the showers (most of which were communal), bathrooms, and TVs, and then let him get settled in.

“I have to go make a quick beer-run,” Scott said, “We’re having a party here, tonight.”

“Okay, sure I’ll just unpack and do whatever, I guess.

“Cool. There’s a spare drawer in the dresser. You might find some booze downstairs, and you can meet some of the guys if you want.”

Nick smiled. “Sounds good.”

“And my room’s across the hall if you need to find me later,” Scott added. “I’ll catch up with you once I’m back.”

“Okay, see you soon.”

Scott nodded. “Yeah man, I’ll see you later.”

His brother left, pulling up his baggy jeans as he closed the door behind him. Nick sat on the bed, staring at the naked pictures of women on the walls of the room. There were two beds, and the one on the far side of the wall was littered with dirty clothes. Nick walked around, spotting some used condoms and empty bottles of lube scattered on the floor. It felt weird to think of what went on up here, and the possibility that his brother probably partook in some of it. But at the same time, it was kinda hot to to think of a ho frat dude humping some chick throughout the night.

Nick began to take out some of his clothes. He opened the dresser and came across a drawer full of dirty boxers and cum-stained sheets. He closed it quickly, but he realized that for now, it was just him in the room. He opened it again, sifting through the contents. A pair of tight briefs, old compression shorts, spare jockstraps (Nick noticed they were an extra-large), rugby shorts that smelled like piss and balls, and a tight leopard print thong that made Nick laugh.

Nick opened the next one and it was empty. He put his stuff inside, listening contently as a bed creaked furiously on the other side of the wall. Judging by the lack of girls he’d seen, there was probably a hot frat guy jerking off next door. If only the man knew that just a couple feet away, there was a horny teenager willing to do all sorts of things to him, with no strings attached. Nick shook his mind clear, focusing on getting settled first. He’d go hunting for dick later.

A loud voice came from right outside his door and before Nick had the chance to make sure his half-hard dick wasn’t visible, a frat guy came strolling through.

The door opened, revealing a tall, muscular hunk with huge biceps, meaty pecs and thick, engorged thighs. He was 6’4″, with dark brown hair, a sweet face, straight nose and deep blue eyes. He was shirtless, and was wearing nothing but a sweaty pair of thigh-length shorts. He had big feet and a long bulge in his shorts that jumped with each step he took. Nick was instantly hard.

His whole body was covered in dark hair, from his chest to the bottom of his rigid, 8-pack abs. His deep v-lines were barely visible under the thick forest of pubes tucked into his waist. The stud’s nipples were big and erect, looking like they could poke someone’s eye out. He was so masculine and his air of manliness made Nick’s body tense. And to top it all off, the dude had an adorably cute face.

“Yo, you Nick?”

Nick tried to get the words out without drooling all over the floor. Was it not for his sweet, fair face, Nick would have been totally afraid of the jock. “Uh, yeah.”

“Cool, man. I’m Lucas, but you can call me Luke. I’m your roommate for the week. You’re from College Station, right? Scott’s brother?”

Nick realized that Scott must have told Lucas about him. “Um, yeah. I am.”

“Nice. I’m from Houston.”

“Oh, okay. I’ve been there a couple of times.” Nick found himself staring at the pulsing veins on the stud’s tan, beefy arms and the unmistakable bulge through his shorts. Something abnormally big and thick was moving around in there.

“Cool,” Lucas said, going to the second bed and rummaging around in the sheets for something to wear. “We’re having a party tonight, dude. You stayin around?”

Nick nodded. “Yup.” As Luke walked by him, he caught a strong whiff of the sweat-stained shorts he wore. It smelled pretty dirty, but in a way that aroused Nick.

Luke barely paid attention. In a matter of seconds, he’s stripped down nude, revealing his fat, muscular ass to Nick. He was wearing a skimpy white jockstrap that was clearly too tight for him. His butt stuck through it hard, like it was trying to break free of the straps. His ass was the only part of him that was hairless, and it had a nice, even tan. It looked awfully big, and as hard as his biceps. His back was broad and muscular, covered in fine hairs. His cheeks jiggled as he took off the jockstrap and walked over to the dresser, presenting half his dick to Nick’s glued eyes.

“You don’t mind right?” Luke asked, scratching his low-hanging, hairy balls that swung back and forth. He looked to Nick, wondering if he was alright with being in the presence of fully naked man.

“Huh? Oh–yeah. It’s fine, man. I’ve seen a dick before,” Nick said, trying to crack a joke.

Luke gave a short laugh that made Nick happy. “Haha, thanks dude. I just got back from a workout.” His dick stuck out in front of him–it was surrounded by a lot of hair but the shaft itself was smooth and pale, four inches thick and six-inches long. And this was just while he was flaccid. He was circumcised–his head was as pink as his lips, and looked just as soft. It moved and swung like a third arm, slapping against his hairy, veiny thighs.

“Is there a gym around?” Nick said, trying anything to stop the stud from getting dressed by engaging him in a conversation.

It worked. Lucas turned around, revealing his fat cock to Nick. “Yeah. You lift?”

Nick kept his eyes up, but he could still notice the fat member a mile away. “A little. Been wanting to get bigger,” he said.

Luke nodded, scratching his dick and turning back to the dresser. He pulled out short white towel and wrapped it around his groin. His big lump was still visible through it, but Nick forced himself to look away.

“Yeah, takes a while to get big. We can work out later, if you’d like.”

Nick nodded quickly. “Yeah, okay. I’d like that.”

“Cool. I gotta shower. I’ll be back.”

” ‘Kay.”

The stud walked lazily out of the room, his ass still jiggling with his heavy steps. Nick watched him go out of the corner of his eyes and as soon as the door shut behind him, Nick turned back to where the stud had thrown his dirty jockstrap.

Nick picked it up from the bed. It was damp and clearly covered in sweat. He moved his fingers over the soaking yellow front and then put it to his nose, taking in dirty, disgusting smell that most people would find utterly revolting. But to Nick, it was one of his favourite scents. It reeked of wet, dirty dick and sweaty, hairy balls mixed with cum and piss. It made him instantly hard. His body shuddered with the thought of a hung jock walking around the frat house with nothing on but this very jockstrap, possibly even jerking off in them when he was alone. Why else would it smell like cum?

Nick stroked himself gently through his pants, trying not to get himself off but enjoying the feeling of holding the stud’s dirty underwear in his hands and being in the very room where he must have undoubtedly fucked hundreds of chicks.

When Luke came back, his beefy, ripped body was sparkling–the smooth hair that covered him was still damp and smelled intoxicating. Nick knew it was the body wash that he must have used, but knowing the jock was nice and clean got him just as horny as the dirty underwear.

Nick watched the frat guy’s wet, hairless back ripple with muscle and his furry abs wrinkle beneath him as he bent over to go through his dresser. He dropped his towel easily, letting his dick dry out in the warm air and scratching his ass every so often. His cock was perfectly cylindrical, like it was a dildo. It was a nice tanned colour and had a clear set of veins running up the side, disappearing into the messy thicket of dark pubes. The balls that hung below cuddled against the tip of his dick. The pink head was still wet with water.

Nick had to stop staring once Lucas turned around. Instead, Nick was able to catch a glimpse of his cute, soft face. His hair was messy; clinging to his forehead and a few long locks obscured his bright blue eyes. He pushed the hair out of his face scratched his long pubes. He ran his hand over his thick dick, getting rid of the water and then reached down to get out a pair of black boxer briefs from the drawer.

He quickly put them on, shoving his huge cock and big, round balls properly in the pouch. The underwear looked big in his chunky, manly hands, but once he wore them, they were really small and stretched out tight across his body. There was a huge bulge in his groin and his ass looked like a fat pair of beach balls. Lucas crashed on his bed, scratching his junk and swiping through his phone. Nick could already imagine seeing the stud half-naked, lifting weights in his boxer briefs and getting his balls all sweaty. And then, maybe they’d hit the showers together…

From what Nick could see now, the jock was looking at pics of naked chicks on his phone. His beautiful, soft face stared hard at the pictures, and his sweet lips were open, almost as if he was panting for sex. His hand was still on his dick, moving slightly and rubbing the monster inside.

Nick tried his luck while his brother was still out fetching beer. “You uh, horny, dude?”

Lucas suddenly looked up, his cheeks rosy with embarrassment. He smiled, making Nick’s heart melt and dick twitch severely. “Haha, yeah man. But I gotta save myself–hoping to get some pussy at the party tonight.”

Nick nodded, pretending to get out more of his clothes. “Oh okay.”

Luke shut off his phone and adjusted his dick. Then, he pulled on a pair of jeans and a tight t-shirt. The pants were low-rise, letting Nick catch a tantalizing view of the stud’s hairy torso every so often. There were more pubes on him than Nick had ever seen before.

Lucas walked wide-legged toward the door and began to head out. “It was nice meeting you, dude.”

Nick smiled back. “Yeah, you too.”

“See you tonight.”

“Yup. See ya then.”

As Lucas left, there was a loud cheer from behind a pair of curtains. Nick walked over, sliding away the cloth and looking through the window out at the back yard. Nick had to strain his neck to catch a view of the huge open pool. It was faraway, but he could make out hot, bulging dudes skinny-dipping, cheering each other on as they pushed their bros into the water and whipped towels at somebody’s ass. Watching some guys pee in the pool and drunkenly sword-fight with their limp dicks made Nick realize that he’d never really left home, after all.

That night, Nick put on his own best set of clothes. He wore tight-fitting, dark jeans that made his ass look huge and a nice, loose shirt. His brother let him borrow a cool pair of sneakers and as soon as it was 11pm, the music started blaring and the whole lower floor of the frat house was sent into a foray of wild colours.

Nick noticed Luke a few times: he was wearing a backwards ball cap and a dark pair of sunglasses. He was dancing a bit, spilling his beer all over and grabbing a booze-filled red cup every so often. He chugged his drinks down fast, and it wasn’t long before Nick saw him get a bit tipsy.

It wasn’t too uncomfortable to be at the party. Nick got into a few interesting conversations with some girls who thought he was cute, and a few frat guys began to talk to him as well. By the way that they touched Nick’s shoulder and pulled on their jeans, it almost seemed to Nick as if they were flirting with him. Judging by their skinnier frame, they weren’t from Luke’s frat and probably had nothing to lose by messing around with some teenager.

But the two guys eventually moved on and Nick was more interested in what was happening in the back pool. He spotted a naked guy jogging across the deck–his pecs jumping up and down with each step and his dick and balls flinging from side to side. The crowd of guys and girls cheered and laughed at him as he jumped into the pool. A few girls in bikinis followed after him, along with a few other guys who stripped naked, showing off their nice abs and thick chests, and dove in.

But Nick eventually spotted Lucas making out with some blonde girl. He had her pinned against a wall in an abandoned hallway leading to the gym downstairs in the basement. He was sucking on her face, and was putting his hands on her waist. One hand slipped up through the girl’s skirt and another groped her boob. As he did so, he whispered something into her ear.

“Ew, no! I’m not doing that.” She began to push him off, taking his hand out of her skirt.

“C’mon baby, you’ll like the taste.”

“Fuck off!” she yelled, finally shoving him away. She aimed to kick him but Luke avoided her and kicked her out of the party. She didn’t put up much of a struggle and left as fast as she could.

The party was beginning to thin out by now and as Luke watched the girl storm off, the horny look on his face turned sour and the bulge in his jeans yearned to break free. He looked desperate, as if he’d just seen his last opportunity to fuck simply slip through his fingers.

“Strike out?” Nick asked, as Luke noticed him and walked over. He smelled of alcohol and he wobbled a bit as he stood there, picking up a cup of booze from a nearby table. They walked back to the main room where most people were either grinding on each other or chugging down the last few bottles of beer.

He nodded. “Some bitches are too weak to take dick to the mouth. Fucking pathetic. And damn, I haven’t had a blowie in a while, man.” He took a long swig from the cup.

Nick looked up at him. His ice-blue eyes were glazed and distant, and his face was flushed with red. At that moment, with the urge to get his dick off and the daring instilled into him by the alcohol, Luke seemed like an easy target. And maybe, Nick felt a bit confident in his ability to get what he wanted. He wasn’t exactly that timid, frightened guy hiding in the bushes of a hill anymore.

“Are you horny?” Nick asked him.

“Yeah bro.” He scratched his hairy abs, glancing across the room to see if there were any hot chicks around. He didn’t fix his gaze on anyone in particular, but Nick spotted Scott making out heavily with a girl near the entrance. “I need to get sucked off,” Luke told him.

“Well, I know a solution, if you’re really desperate.” The couple of beers Nick had made him more confident, and with the frat guy’s desperation leaking out of him, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. His nipples were hard and bulging through his tight-fitting polo shirt. His hair stuck out of his ball cap and his sunglasses were stuffed away in his pocket. He looked down at Nick as he spoke, licking the drink off his lips. He looked clueless.

“Yeah? What’s that?”

Nick looked down at his pants. The imprint of his fat dick was hard on his jeans and the hair was sticking out of his waistband. It was so tempting, but frightening at the same time. But he realized, Luke was drunk, and might not even remember this conversation later on. Nick went ahead with it.

“I-I… I could suck it for you.”

Luke reeled back. “W-what? What the fuck are you talking about? I-I’m not gay!”

Nick sighed, a bit annoyed. “Yeah I know that. But I’d just be doing you a favour… bro to bro,” Nick added, trying to appeal to him. “And it won’t be gay. It’s just a mouth. You can close your eyes and pretend I’m a girl.”

But Lucas wasn’t having it. He stared at Nick, trying to keep his voice down.”What the fuck, dude, are you a fucking faggot? I don’t need a guy to suck my dick.”

“Really?” Nick was getting a bit angry now, and he didn’t want his first attempt at picking up a guy to fail. He began to get dirty. “Well the party’s basically over, dude. All the girls left are either taken or they’re headed back home. And they’re aren’t even that hot,” he said.

Luke seemed to calm down as Nick continued. “But if you really don’t want me to help you out, it’s cool. I get it,” Nick said, pleased with himself. “I’ll see you around.” He began to walk away slowly, aware of the shocked and speechless look on Luke’s face as he stood there, a pulsing hard-on in his jeans. It took only a few slow steps across the hall for Nick to get what he wanted. The thrill of it was exhilarating, and suddenly, he knew what guys like Francis and Matt must have felt on a regular basis.

“W-wait,” his voice suddenly came, cracking with anxiety. Nick stopped in his tracks and turned around. “You’d really do it?” Luke lowered his voice as some people walked past. “You’d just suck me off, with no strings?”

Nick nodded, keeping his cool.

“You won’t tell anyone?”

“No. It’d be between us.”

Luke still wasn’t sure. “W-what if your brother finds out?”

“He won’t. Don’t worry about him. He’ll be busy with some chick.”

Luke faltered. He pulled on his dick but he still looked around the room in concern. “I don’t know…”

Nick shrugged. He knew he already had him. “Whatever. See you later, then.”

Luke suddenly reached out an arm and grabbed Nick by his shoulder. “Wait. I-I guess… I’d be okay with it.” Luke mumbled, slurring his words.

Nick looked at him. The chunky jock was still bulging through his pants–the head of his cock was hard against his blue jeans. His tight polo shirt shook as the stud’s thick pecs twitched and his sweet, soft face looked down at Nick.

“You can suck me off,” Luke said, looking around nervously and adjusting his boner. He pulled hard on his jeans and exposed the bush of dark hair on his waist and abs. “But not here…” he mumbled, still holding his red cup and slowly walking toward the main room. Nick noticed he was headed toward a sliding glass door. There were curtains drawn over it, and Lucas cocked his head toward it. “C’mon,” he said, still very much horny.

Nick followed quickly, putting his hands in his back pockets and trying to come off as casual as possible. He had sweat dripping down his balls and his dick was beginning to spring up through his jockstrap. But at this point, he didn’t care who noticed–Nick had gotten what he’s wanted, all on his own. He couldn’t quite believe that he was about to blow this dude.

As they walked over, Nick stared at the tight jeans Luke wore, tight against his big, muscular ass, exposing his fat globes to the entire party. His thick, massive legs walked wide apart, as if the frat jock had a huge case of blue balls. And soon, his balls would belong to Nick.

The balcony door slid open quietly and Luke walked outside, the curtain still drawn over the glass. It took a bit of scooting for the hunk to get his thick, rigid body through the small space between the door and the table of booze–he didn’t want to move it and raise suspicion.

Nick went after him, watching the stud use his bulging biceps to close the big door with a single finger. He latched it hard, then looked down at Nick, rolling his red tongue over his fat lips.

“Get on your knees.”

Nick did what he was told. The balcony they were on looked over a deserted road, but the railings hid him from sight as he got down, looking up at the raging boner inside the hunk’s sweaty, leaking package.

The jock took a long sip from his cup, throwing his head back and pressing his groin closer to Nick’s face, signalling him to get on with the blow job. Nick was gonna show him that he’d never had anyone suck his cock better.

First, Nick kissed the obvious head of his dick, licking it through his jeans and caressing the huge, pulsing pole with his lips. The stud sighed, taking another swig and letting Nick do this thing. He used his free head to stroke Nick’s head, pressing him hard against his junk. Nick licked the shaft and sucked on the fabric, which was getting wet and salty.

“Ugh, fuck,” Luke mumbled, his words encouragement to Nick’s ears. The twink got down to it, putting his hands through the thick forest of pubes sticking out from the waist of his jeans and unbuttoning his pants. He undid the zipper, letting all his dick-hair pile out, sticking out all over. It was barely contained in the tight boxer briefs he had on.

Nick pulled down the front a little, exposing more hair and finally, the base of the stud’s thick dick. It was light and creamy, with big veins covering it all over. The soft, supple skin was heaven on Nick’s lips, after being teased by it swinging between the jock’s hairy legs all day.

The twink pulled the pants down further, showing his bulging underwear to the warm, hot air of the west coast. His tight, black boxers were wet with pre-cum and the twink’s slobber. Nick finally pushed the pants down enough so that he could reach in and take the stud’s massive tool out of the pouch. Nick used his fingers to delicately pull the waistband down, and then, release the swollen monster into the night air.

The cock sprung out of the wet front, hitting Nick’s face hard and covering him in a stand of thick, salty jizz. It bounced in the air, long and thick, the veins pulsing with blood and its clear, exposed pink head dripping more white fluid. The nine-incher was five inches thick now and had its own pulse, spewing out pre-cum like it had been waiting for Nick’s mouth the entire night. He couldn’t believe that the giant dick he’d seen earlier was now fully hard and was merely centimetres away from his face. He had the stud’s hot throbbing erection all to himself.

Nick took it in his hands, unable to comprehend the magnitude of the penis before him, how large and hard it was to the touch, yet still the skin was soft and delicate, kept clean and ready for a mouth to please it. Nick kissed the twitching head, licking up the pre-cum and sucking on it like it was an oversized piece of candy.

“Uggghh, yeah suck on that cock,” Luke sighed, pulling down his jeans more and letting his huge, round balls wiggle out from between his legs. The loose scrotum hung low, nestled against the stud’s pants and shooting up regular spurts of pre-cum and lubricant onto Nick’s hot lips.

“You’re so fucking big…” Nick whispered, unable to imagine what it’d feel like to have this thing inside of him. It would literally tear him apart.

“Just suck on my dick, faggot,” Lucas said, grabbing hold of his member and hitting Nick across the face with it like he was disciplining a child with a wooden pole. Cum got on Nick’s face and nose, and Luke splattered more of it across his cheeks, like a paintbrush drawing pictures. The hot, sweaty rod relished in the warm night air and hung downwards like a huge, horse-cock, waiting to mate with any dirty hole that presented itself.

“Gimme it,” Nick said, taking the oversized dick from Luke’s grasp and beginning to work on it again. He put the whole head in his mouth, sliding it in and out with ease and taking in the taste of cum, piss, and dirty underwear. Then, he licked the shaft, running his spit all along the rigid pole and kissing the pubes that reached his mouth.

Luke closed his eyes, his drink still frozen in his hand. “Uhhnnn… shit…”

Nick put the top in his mouth once more. This time, he tried to fit as much of it inside as possible, choking on the hard, fat meat inside of him and coughing up some cum. The dick expanded in his mouth as his desperate breaths for air swelled the hunk’s pride. He forced it down further, making the twink struggle for breath.

“Yeaaahh, choke on my cock, faggot. Take that fucking thing whole. You like daddy’s dick? You were so desperate to suck on it, you like it now, faggot?”

“Yes,” Nick managed to spit out, humming his answer onto the thick, warm meat.

“Yeah you do, because you’re a little fucking slut. Is the slut gonna blow daddy?”

Nick nodded, unable to get the words out. The huge phallus was constricting his mouth, plugging him up whole and filling him with more and more penis, lubricated with spit and dirty, filthy cum. It was salty and bitter, just how he liked it. The taste of jock was overwhelming.

“Oh yeaahh… suck on it. Fu-uuck, fuck!” Luke began thrusting into Nick’s mouth, pumping his huge swollen member as far down the teenager’s throat as he could. He held his head tight against his groin, pushing his dirty pubes into Nick’s face and slapping his huge, swinging nuts right onto the guy’s adam’s apple. It felt just right, to have his balls smack into flesh while a hot, wet hole choked on his massive schlong.

His one hand still head the cup, the other on Nick’s head, keeping him steady as he mouth-fucked the little sex slave. The guy gagged and shook, tears coming to his eyes as a reflex to the pain on his throat. But Nick loved every minute of it. The hot, throbbing meat in his mouth was invading his neck now, hitting the flesh hard and leaking sizzling, thick wads of jizz into him.

The hairy pits of his groin smelled like sweat and cum, comforting Nick as the penis attacked him, pushing its way through and slapping his neck with two large, swollen balls and a sack full of cum.

“Uhhnnn, uhhhhnnn!” Luke moaned, bucking his hips and then suddenly letting go, releasing Nick of his tight, horny grip and withdrawing his huge member like a never-ending snake. It plopped out, getting cum and spit all over Nick’s shirt and leaking what was left onto the balcony floor.

“Ohh shit… I almost came…” Luke mumbled, taking a few weak breaths and then taking a sip of his beer. Thrusting into Nick’s face had made the stud’s mouth dry. He finished the drink, throwing the cup aside and licking his lips as Nick stared up at him, still down on his knees, waiting for the massive cock to choke him once again.

“You like it?” Nick asked.

“Fuck yeah, you’re actually good.” Lucas blushed a bit, remembering that this was a guy giving him head. “Really needed this.”

“You wanna finish?”

Luke nodded. Without another word, he shoved his dick into Nick’s mouth, and grabbed the twink by the collar of his shirt. He leaned his bare, hairless ass against the railing and dragged Nick closer to his hairy, sweaty groin. With both hands, he pulled tight on the teenager’s shirt and choked him as his own dick plugged him up from inside. Nick coughed and slobbered as the thick member filled up him, throbbing in his mouth and throat as pre-cum dripped down into his esophagus.

Then, using Nick’s shirt like a doggy collar, Luke held on tight to the twink and began to fuck his mouth wildly like it was some girl’s pussy. He thrusted hard and repeatedly into Nick’s wet hole, ploughing himself deeper and smacking his balls up onto his chin.

“Uhnn, uhn, uhn, uhnn! Fuck…” Luke whispered, his voice barely audible as Nick’s mouth drained him of his energy. His hips bucked, losing its power as he felt his cock shake and tremble, reacting violently to every bit of Nick’s mouth.

Nick’s eyes burned and his throat felt like it was on fire as the pulsing cock attacked his flesh and spilt its seed inside of him. But it tasted so good. Nick’s tongue rolled against the throbbing vein of the fat shaft, and he swallowed any semen that leaked out from the big pink tip.

The teenager’s nose and face slammed hard into Luke’s hairy groin and hard, rigid abs. Nick could see the stud’s massive biceps flexing hard as the frat guy kept his hands clenched tight around his shirt and used his neck to fuck him wildly–pulling him in harder and harder, faster and faster and plowing his throat vigorously as the balcony railing squeaked and creaked. The veins in his arms pulsed hard, surging blood from his big beefy muscles and making his cock swell up even more.

“Fuck dude! Ughh, uhhnn…” Luke’s panting got shallow and more frequent. His hips moved quicker to Nick’s mouth, delivering his hard, meaty boner faster with each pump and barely even trying to withdraw himself from the twink’s hole. Instead, the throbbing, flexing jock was just shoving his member deeper into Nick, instead of taking it out at all.

“Ohhh, shit! Fuck this feels good…” he murmured, watching Nick blow him.

Nick moaned as the pain continued, and the stud held onto his head tight. His own cock was dripping cum through his strap and down his leg. He felt light-headed and the taste of salty spunk overwhelmed him. Then, after what felt like hours, he could tell that the jock was about to let himself loose on his mouth.

“Oohh, fuck! I’m cumming!”

Luke didn’t bother asking where he should do it, nor did Nick object. The first few hot, steaming, vats of cum shot into Nick’s mouth, hitting his throat hard and them flooding into his mouth itself as Luke continued to pump in and out of him. The warm, salty cum covered Luke’s dick and plastered itself on Nick’s insides: sticking to his tongue, the top of his mouth, the sides and every fleshy nook and crevice it could find. It filled him up like he was slurping up thick, warm syrup. But the white fluid tasted bitter and had a soft, creamy texture to it that made Nick swish his tongue through it and swallow it all down.

Then, Lucas withdrew his cock and let the next few pumps of cum cover Nick’s face. The semen erupted out of his fat, twitching pink head like a huge jet of piss. It shot through the night air and enveloped Nick’s face like endless layers of oozing magma, dripping down his face in huge streams. Yet, still even more plopped onto his lips, forehead and cheek, surging out of the stud’s cock.

“Uuuuggghhh!” Luke moaned, throwing his head back and stroking his cock hard as it leaked the last of the white, creamy spunk onto his slave’s face. He smacked his throbbing dick on the guy’s mouth a few times–the thick meat was still hard–and then he wiped the remaining cum off and let Nick lick it from his hands.

“Holy fucking Christ,” Lucas mumbled, stumbling as pulled his ass off of the railing and struggled to pull his pants back up. Nick helped him, settling the stud’s massive cock back in his boxers and gently tucking his balls in behind it. He pulled up the boxer briefs and let the jock button up his pants. “I’ve never been blown like that before,” he said. His words were slow and slurred. “Chicks don’t let me put all of it in…” he muttered, licking his lips. “Never fucking plowed a mouth like that before…” He adjusted the boner he still hand in his underwear then finally helped Nick up on his feet.

Nick had wiped all the cum from his own face and swallowed it whole. He didn’t care if Luke saw–the jock was probably too drunk to remember any of this in the morning anyway.

“You like the taste?” Lucas teased him.

“Yes,” Nick smiled. He stared at the huge pecs bulging through his shirt and the hard nipples threatening to tear through the cloth.

“So… you’re, like, gay?”

Nick nodded. “Yup.”

“Then… you take it up the ass?”

He looked around awkwardly, wondering where this was going. “Pretty much.”

Lucas was tugging at his pants, and Nick noticed that there was still quite a noticeable bulge there. He hadn’t actually seen Luke go soft just yet.

“Does it hurt?”

Nick shrugged. “A little at first, but I get used to it. That thing, however, might do some serious damage,” he said, staring at the man’s groin.

Luke grinned. He grabbed his crotch and shook it a bit. “Does that mean you want it?”

“Yeah… I wouldn’t mind taking that. I mean… if you think you’re man enough to try it.”

Luke was impressed with Nick’s sudden cockiness. “You think I can’t get it up again?”

He bit his lip, looking at the frat guy up and down. He wanted him badly. “Maybe. But I don’t know if you can keep it up the entire time. Or

cum for a second time. Or even get me to cum.”

Lucas stared at him, his mouth slightly open. The teenager was challenging him, mocking him even, and he wasn’t going to stand for it. If the guy wanted to be fucked, then Luke would fuck him.

“Take off your pants,” he told him.

Nick smiled, licking his lips. He did as he was told, pulling his pants down, underwear and all. He revealed his hard dick to Luke, wondering how the jock would react. Luke simply raised his eyebrows, a little surprised that sucking his dick had gotten Nick erect.

“Turn around.”

Nick turned around, now showing off his ass to him. The warm night air felt good on his bare waist and legs, but the idea of what was about to happen next was making his heart speed up. This was someone different–it wasn’t Francis or Matt. He wasn’t sure what exactly to expect.

A hand pushed Nick down slowly, bending him over so that he could hold onto the railings of the balcony. Then, another hand caressed his ass, sliding up and down his cheeks and pinching his flesh. Nick winced, but hearing Luke’s hard, nervous breathing was intoxicating. Nick’s legs felt weak as both of the frat guy’s hands held his butt, grabbing his ass and pulling his cheeks apart.

“That is one nice ass…” he whispered, a bit unsure of himself.

“You ever done this before?”

“Anal? Or fuck a guy?”


Luke shook his head, his voice cracking. “No.”

Nick looked back at him, watching his flushed face nervously scan Nick’s exposed butt. “Take off your pants,” Nick said.

Luke hesitated before he began to unbutton again. He then unzipped and pushed his pants down to his thighs, pulling his dick out of his underwear. It was still hard, and it was still leaking.

“Further down. You can’t fuck properly with jeans that tight.”

“You an expert?”

He grinned. “A little.”

Luke did as Nick said. He pushed his pants and his boxers down to his ankles, then waited for more.

“You can come closer.”

Luke shuffled up to Nick. His big, hairy thighs brushed against the teenager’s bare skin, and his fat, throbbing dick was now pressed between the guy’s cheeks. Nick bit his lip, closing his eyes as the soft skin of Luke’s cock twitched and trembled against him. It was incredibly warm, and the man’s nervousness was turning him on.

Nick looked at him. “You’ll need lube.”

“I don’t got any.”

“Spit on it.”

Luke spat on his hand and then rubbed it between Nick’s cheeks, feeling his shaking hole and stroking his crack up and down. Nick moaned in pleasure, which made Luke’s cock jump. That reaction ensured the both of them that what they were doing was right.

Luke spat again, but this time, stroked it across his hard shaft. He lubricated his head and then looked at Nick’s face for more direction.

“Do it. Enter me.”

“Y-you sure? Just like that?”

Nick stared at his huge cock. No, he wasn’t sure. But he knew that he needed it. The two guys were still horny, and Nick’s insides were aching for it. “You’re the one who’s fucking me. Just be a man and take my ass.”

Luke nodded. He picked up his dick, lining it up to Nick’s puckering hole.

He was getting hornier by the second as Nick pushed himself to him. His sweaty, cum-stained groin slide across Nick’s ass as he rubbed himself across it, wanting to enter him. Slowly, he began stroking Nick’s crack with his dick.


“Shit… you’re so soft,” Luke said, bleary-eyed at the hole before him. He began to press his head inside of it.

“Fuck!” Nick yelled. “Oh my god…”

Luke drove himself deep inside, going as slowly as he could. His bright pink head pushed Nick’s hole apart, digging its way in.

“Holy fuck,” the jock muttered, closing his eyes as his erection slid inside of the teenager.

Through his own clenched teeth, Nick looked back at him. “Are you alright?”

Lucas nodded, still slipping further into him. “Yeah, you?”

Nick smiled. “Yeah. Keep going.”

He rubbed Nick’s thigh with one hand while he put his other on Nick’s back. He pushed himself inside, moaning in pleasure as the guy’s tight body engulfed his throbbing boner. “Holy fuckkk.”

Luke went deeper, touching his groin against Nick’s butt and brushing his pubes against his skin. He put both hands on Nick’s waist, keeping him close as he pushed on his puckering pink hole. Nick grabbed at the railings, gritting his teeth as he braced through the pain with deep moans.

Then, a sigh of pleasure escaped Nick’s mouth when Luke stopped. All of him was inside, but Nick was a little numb. The massive member stretched his insides and with each heartbeat, it swelled in size and made the teenager’s legs weak. He had mocked Luke for not being able to fuck him, but now, he was doubting his own abilities to take the jock’s manhood.

“Is that okay?”

Nick nodded silently.

He laughed a bit, spanking him. “This is pretty good, actually. Fuck, you’re tighter than a few chicks I’ve fucked.”

“Do any of them let you put it in all the way?” Nick asked, knowing full well what the answer was.

Luke took a while to respond. “No.”

Nick arched his back and stuck his ass further out, squirming in pleasure as the hard, hot member inside his body hit his prostate and spewed pre-cum out onto his flesh. He sighed in relief and adjusted his footing. “Well now’s your chance to fuck me.”

Going slowly, Luke pulled out half his cock and then drove it back in his ass, trying not hurt him. It was hard on Luke to have such a tight ass around his huge cock, just as much as it hurt Nick.

“Ugh! Shit!” Nick moaned, as the man’s thrusting motion pushed him further onto the balcony, and threatened to knock him off his legs.

“Fuck, man…” Luke pulled out and then ploughed Nick’s hole once more. He kept hold on Nick’s body, feeling the tight, hot flesh around his shaking cock. “This feels good.”

Nick could feel the hotrod climb deeper inside him, making his insides throb and his legs quiver as Luke struggled to keep hold. He felt Luke’s groin smack into his ass again, and then his balls came flying in too.

“Fuck, go faster,” Nick said.

“Shit, dude, you’re so tight.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard, Luke. Make me cum.”

Luke slowed for a quick moment, so that he could take his shirt off as he fucked. He ripped it over his head threw the shirt aside. He then rubbed the sweat down his hairy, rigid abs and around his erect nipples and hard pecs. Nick smiled as he turned to see the jock enjoying himself, continuing to plough the young guy’s hungry hole with quick, desperate motions of his hips.

Luke got faster. His thrusts were short and fast, however, his tingling prick was still embedded deep inside of the teenager. Lucas humped Nick like a bunny, holding onto his two thighs and driving him up and down the railing. Luke kept it coming, fucking his hole over and over. The sounds of his thighs colliding with Nick’s legs and bare ass echoed across the night sky. He drove himself deeper and deeper, harder and harder, while Nick held onto the side of the balcony,

“Fuck! Don’t stop.” Nick’s eyes were closed, and he moaned in loud gasps. It made him harder to hear the stud’s horny grunts and deep panting while he fucked. He clambered onto Nick’s body, tightening his grip and groaning as he allowed himself to get lost in the pleasure of fucking another dude.

Nick moaned loudly as the friction of Luke’s hot dick rubbed on the inside of his ass. The stud’s fast jerking motion slammed Nick harder into the railing as the stud picked up speed. Nick yelled in pain, while Luke sighed in pleasure. He spanked the guy’s tight ass as he climbed over his body, putting his head against Nick’s shoulders so that he could reach even further inside of him.

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed, never having fucked like this before. No one had taken all of his cock, and there was a never a hole he’d fucked that was this tight. He didn’t have to worry about impressing some girl or showing off. He could just fuck how he wanted to and concentrate on the spectacular sensations surging through his large dick.

As Lucas climbed over him, Nick’s legs shook under his weight. Luke’s large, meaty pecs dug into his back and his broad, muscular shoulders held him in place, clinging to his body. As Nick’s erection hung below him, and leaked pre-cum all over the place, the frat guy’s large balls swung back and forth, slapping into Nick’s own nuts, dick and taint. It was so erotic for him, the pain of the man’s testicles colliding with his own, and hanging low because of how turned on he was. He was desperate to fuck, to be inside of Nick, and to get himself off.

Luke’s humping didn’t relent. Nick felt the giant cock spasming up inside his ass while Luke’s pre-cum leaked all over. His fluids allowed his member to move faster and harder with each horny thrust. Nick arched his back again as the stud pushed into him, grinding Nick’s prostate and stabbing his bladder over and over again.

“Ohhhhh, fuck! Luke, that feels so good.”

“Take my cock, bro,” Luke whispered, his voice raspy and strained as he drilled the guy’s hole.

“Oh god… don’t stop.”

“Fuuuucckkkk…” Luke whined, fucking Nick faster and faster, penetrating his anus with deep, horny thrusts and piercing the guy’s flesh with his erect, muscular cock. He latched onto Nick’s body, fucking him hard and salivating over his neck. Nick moaned and yelled as the stud drove himself inside hard, forgetting the guy’s pain and concentrating on his raw, manly pleasure. He was mating with a tight, throbbing hole, like an animal in the wild. Testosterone coursed through his veins and his manly instincts took over. But before he could spill his seed inside Nick’s ass, he slowed down and paced himself, trying to clench his dick and stop himself from bursting.

“SHIT!” Luke shouted, feeling the teenager’s hole tighten around his rigid shaft. He wanted to pull out, so he could last longer, but it felt too good. The man’s urgency to fuck was erotic to Nick, reminding him of Francis, and he suddenly felt himself give into pleasure.

“I’m cumming!” Nick told him, feeling the stud’s cock stab his prostate. A shudder of euphoria swept through his dick and his groin. Nick’s balls contracted and with big jump, his dick shot a wad of cum all over the floor and walls of the balcony. Nick reached down to jerk his dick, milking his own penis of all his spunk and covering his hands with the hot, white fluid.

“Fuck, I’m almost there!” Luke said, holding onto Nick even tighter.

Nick began to moan, nearly screaming in pain and pleasure as the jock fucked him good. He held him there, keeping him underneath his chest and abs. Lucas filled him with his nine-inch dick, ramming himself deeper and thrusting with all the power in his huge, beefy legs.

“Oh my god, Luke…”

“I’m gonna cum soon.”

Lucas hooked his arms underneath Nick’s, driving himself into him like he was a machine. He pushed Nick’s legs up against the railing, pressing on his thighs and breeding his ass. One of Luke’s huge hands grabbed Nick’s shoulder, keeping him bent down as he thrusted him up the short wall.

“I’m gonna fucking blow.”

“Cum inside me. I wanna feel it.”

Nick felt the jock’s body tighten, his muscles get rigid as Lucas focused all his energy in the singular activity, ploughing his fat cock up into Nick’s tight little ass. Nick was moaning in pleasure, hearing Luke grunt and groan as he hit the wall of Nick’s ass hard against his cock-head. It made Nick jump, but the friction of his bare dick against his skin was creating so much heat that Nick only felt himself on fire, torn apart by the raging boner deep inside him, eager to let its spunk loose.

He felt huge, powerful thrusts against his butt and then, Luke let out a loud moan. His dick shuddered and Nick felt a powerful jerk inside of him. Lucas pulled Nick close, keeping his legs against his while his chest pressed into Nick’s back. He humped faster, barely breathing fast enough to keep up. “Oh shit!” Lucas yelled, sounding as if he were afraid of what was about to come out of his own dick. “Uggghhh!”

Nick felt three fat wads of spunk burst from the man’s penis, shooting far up inside him and completely soaking all of his flesh. The hot fluid made Nick tickle with more pleasure, though he thought it wasn’t possible after already having came.

Two more spurts followed, as Luke shoved himself deeper inside his ass and put his head against Nick’s shoulders. They humped in silence, Luke’s body shaking as his cock ejaculated again, shooting more semen inside. Nick’s own cum got onto his legs as it leaked out of his dick. Luke was still panting heavily, trying to catch his breath and digging his nipples harder into Nick’s skin. They were both wet and sticky, covered in cum and a film of sweat. Then, when Like finally pulled out, Nick felt the liquid leak out of his hole.

Luke nearly fell over as he took a step back. Nick saved him in time, helping him pull up his pants and clean off some of his semen.

“Holy fuck, dude.”

Nick smiled, ignoring his own cum and pulling up his jeans. He passed Luke his shirt, a bit disappointed to see him put it on. But he quickly realized that he’d be sharing a room with this stud for almost a week. They stood there for a while, catching their breath while waiting for their boners to die down.

“You enjoy yourself?”

Luke seemed a bit shocked about all that had happened, as if he couldn’t believe that sex with a guy could be better than with a chick. “Yeah man. Thanks for this. I… needed a good fuck.”

Nick tried to button Luke’s pants up but he told him to leave it.

“I’m gonna take them off… when I get upstairs,” he said, a bit tipsy.

“You calling it a night?”

He nodded, giving Nick a quick spank as he turned to go back inside the house. “You gave me what I came down here for.”

“Pussy?” Nick teased.

He gave another quick, embarrassed nod, his stubbled face all red.

“Let me help you up.”

Luke didn’t resist, barely paying attention. His legs were weak and he could feel a cramp coming on. “Alright, buddy.”

Nick half lifted his side, helping him through the balcony door and back into the house. The music had begun to die down and only a few people were around, though they were too busy to notice the two guys. As Nick helped him up the stairs, he secretly thought to himself about what was to happen. He’d probably end up helping Luke out of his clothes, and maybe, he’d have to help him to the bathroom to pee. But what Nick was most excited for was finding out about just many clothes Lucas liked to take off before he went to bed.

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