Erotic story: Jock vs Nerd part 6

By JJP. Check out part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

I continue to have some more fun with coach Thomas and Tommy on random days
over the next few weeks, on a couple occasions they aren’t quite horny enough to succumb to my needs but more often than not they are taking a load from this fat nerd one way or another.

Football season is over and wrestling has started. Coach Thomas does the coaching for both sports, he was a former wrestler at the school as well, a pretty darn good one at that. The wrestling team isn’t all that great this year but still pretty respectable, I’ve attended the first couple home meets.

I enjoy watching Mr. Thomas coach his boys on how to dodge a leg attach from their opponents, he has a lot passion in it. Tommy is a wrestler this year in the 220 pound weight class, which is one of the heavier classes to be in. The lighter weight classes have many of the short, stocky guys in them. Very compact little fuckers. I keep track of which wrestlers coach touches the most, putting his hands on their hips as he giving them advice before letting them onto the mat. Tommy is one of them.

The singlet each wrestler wears is snug, not leaving much to the imagination. They are almost all yellow, which is pretty transparent, and blue piping down the sides. You can easily see the wrestlers underwear lines. Most boys wear boxers and depend on the lycra to provide support for their junk when wrestling. I can see Tommy wears tighty whities when he is out there, so does my friend Luke.

At the last week Tommy was looking around the gym before his match while coach was talking to him. We made extended eye contact and he adjusted himself. I gave a nod and shortly after that coach looked in the same direction, noticing me and then slapping Tommy’s butt as he headed in for the match.

Tommy ended up losing that match to a highly ranked wrestler from the other team, it was close but in the end he lost 9-5. A couple key take downs in the second period doomed Tommy.

That week coach stopped me after gym class. “Are you interested in doing the video recording for the meets?” Asked Coach

“I suppose I don’t have much else going on and I’m already there, do you have your own equipment?” I replied.

“You know I do son, stop by after wrestling practice today and I’ll show you what you need to know.” Coach says as he slaps my butt and walks away.

After school is done for the day I head over to the library to get my homework finished up since wrestling practice just started. A good hour passes before I am done and then I decide to head to the wrestling room to meet with Coach Thomas.

“Now Ricky, you have to focus on your opponent, the minute you get distracted they will strike” Coach barks as he just dives down for Ricky’s leg and gets a take down.

Coach still has his speed, I’ll give him that.

“Now I’m gaining riding time and I got 2 points.”

Ricky is stomach down on the mat, struggling to get loose from coach’s grip as he lays on top of him.

“Alright, let’s try it again.” Coach let’s the grip go and the two get off the mat.

As the two get ready to keep practicing, Ricky keeps pulling at the singlet around his crotch, trying to stretch out the fabric. From the looks of it he is about half hard and it’s starting to become obvious.

“Having any issues? Something you need to talk about? Coach asks, pointing at Ricky’s mid section.

“What? Um, no. It’s just, nothing. Sometimes when I wrestling, the friction and what not causes this to happen is all.”

“Don’t you wear a jock or briefs? It helps keep that from happening or at least hidden son. Happens to a lot of wrestlers, nothing to be shy about.”

“I know coach, and I usually just free ball it wrestling. I don’t have a jock and boxers always ride and bunch up.” Says Ricky.

“Well boy, let’s have you try mine out.” Coach pulls his shorts down

“You don’t ha-” Ricky replies but coach is already switching out. Ricky rolls his eyes in embarrassment but undoes his shoulder straps to his singlet and slides it off.

Coach hands him the jock strap and pulls his loose gym shorts back on.

“It might be a little big for you but you’ll get a feel for how they can help.”

Ricky turns away from coach and puts the jock back on and then his singlet.

“Greg, you made it. You’re a little early, I’m just helping Ricky out with some moves and technique. You two know each other?”

“Eh, a little bit, I reply. Hey Ricky”

“Greg.” Ricky replies with a nod.

“Hey coach, Greg is about the same weight as you, maybe you can show me what you’re talking about on him”.

“Oh, I don’t know how to wrestle, I step back”.

“Yeah, that will work.” Coach jumps in. “There won’t be much on your part Greg, I’ll do all the work. You’ll have to take those cargo shorts off though, and polo.”

“Alright, I’ll do what I can to help.”

Honestly I’m not opposed to this but I’m not very athletic so I’m also hesitant. Seeing Ricky get a little hard was hot and who knows what can happen.

I’m in my socks and tighty whities now. Coach directs me how to stand and where to move as he counters and simulates a take down. Nothing rough but I end up with coach on my back a few times.

“I see coach.” Ricky says. “I wasn’t turning my hips in my leg swipes and now I can see how that helps.”

Coach Thomas is now pulling at his gym shorts, trying to adjust himself discretely but doesn’t do a good enough job, he’s sporting some wood now too.

“Want your jock strap back coach? It can really help with that.” Ricky says with a smile.

“Looks like I’m having some friction problems too” Coach chuckles.

“You sure are” I jump in.

“Just give me a sec boys.” Coach grunts with his back to us.

I move behind coach and slip my arms under his and put a full nelson on him, catching him by surprise.

“Hey, come on now. What the heck Greg”

Since I have a few pounds on coach I can control him a bit. I arch my back and push my stomach forward which pushes his hips out and his boner is fully visible, poking a tent out of his shorts.

“I’d say you’re more than a little excited coach.” Ricky says, getting a better view.

“Alright boys, we’ve all had our laughs now.” Coach says in his serious tone.

“Let’s have some more fun.” As I push my semi cock tenting out from my briefs into coaches butt cheeks. “Yeah, more fun sounds good to me.” As Ricky walks in front of coach and gives coaches tenting cock a flick.

“Mmph”. Coach let’s out.

“You like that too coach?” Ricky asks? Doing it again.

“It’s just friction guys, it doesn’t mean anything.” Coach says.

“If it doesn’t mean anything, I’ll just keep doing it then.”

Ricky gives his bulging boner a few more pats and flicks and coach responds the same. Ricky undoes his shoulder straps to his singlet and sheds it to the floor. He puts his thumbs on the inside of the jock strap coach lent him and hikes it up a bit, letting it snap against his skin. You can see his boner now too, tenting out and up.

“What’s wrong boy, never seen a grown man’s dick before? Coach says with a smile. He stands there helpless and has been struggling less and less against my full nelson.

“I’ve seen one before.” Ricky replies. “I had to stay the night at my Uncle Butch’s double wide trailer a couple years ago. Coach gives him a nod.

“Pull the coach’s shorts down Ricky, give it some air.”

Ricky pulls coach’s shorts down by grabbing onto the bottoms of the shorts and pulling, kneeling in front of him as he does it.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” I whisper.

Coach let’s out a moan as Ricky starts playing with coach’s balls and shaft.

“Coach has much bigger balls than Uncle Butch.”

“You ever pleasured a man before Ricky?” Coach asks.

“Ricky looks up and then back at coach’s thick cock.

Ricky leans forward with a an open mouth, his wet lips coating the shaft as his warm tongue and throat engulf coach’s dick.

“That’s a good boy Ricky, very nice.” Coach says.

He’s not resisting me anymore. I release my hold from him and coach’s hands immediately go to Ricky’s head, guiding his motion.

I’m rock hard and right behind coach’s bubble butt. I cup my hands over both cheeks and give them a squeeze.

“Mmmph. You’re doing really good boy, some of the best service I’ve ever gotten.”

Ricky let’s out some inaudible words as he continues to work on the coach’s cock. He’s using one of his hands to slow beat his fully erect dick which is leaking precum onto the mat.

I let my finger wonder over coach’s butt and push my index finger against his hot hole. It slides right in, it feels slippery inside. My second finger slides in too. Is coach prelubed? I think to myself.

“Yeah boy, there’s a hot load in there for you.” Coach moans. Ricky moans back.

I slip my fingers out of his ass and give them a smell. A strong semen spunk enters my nostrils as I give my fingers a whiff. It dawns on me then that coach was talking to me and not Ricky. I wonder who dumped a load in my cum dumpster.

My cock is dripping itself and I’ll get to that mystery another time. I slide my hard dick between coach’s plump cheeks and slowly slide in.

“Ooooh fuck yeah. Man that feels good.” Coach whispers.

I slowly move my hips back and forth and I work up some friction in coach’s hot ass. I grab onto his hips and start going balls deep on each thrust into his tunnel.

“Mmm, I’m going to lose my load here any second Ricky, get that sweet throat of yours ready. I’m going to dump my seed in your tummy boy.”

Perfect timing I say to myself cause coach is clamps his hole together so tight I have no choice but to shoot this load inside him.

“Ahhhh Fuuck!” Coach moans as his hands continue to force Ricky onto his dick.

“Fuuuck Yeaaaah! I blurt out as I shoot my first few ropes of cum deep inside coach’s ass. I keep thrusting my cock, dumping my remaining spurts of jizz.

Ricky has started to stand up as he wipes the saliva and cum mixture off his chin with the back of his hand. Coach falls forward onto his knees in an exhausted manor. My cock slides out of his ass. Cum dripping from my cock and out of his butt cheeks. I wipe the spunk off my dick on the back of coach’s velvety soft buzz cut hair.

“Ricky, you better finish up too.” As I grab Coach’s wrists and pull them above his head.

Ricky looks at me with a question on his face and I motion my head down to coach. “Open up that mouth coach.” I command.

Coach open his mouth. Ricky just smiles and steps in front of coach’s face. He slides his dick into his mouth and Coach knows just what to do. His head starts bobbing back and forth.

“Ohh damn, that feels good coach.”

Ricky moves a little closer and I do the same. Ricky is now impaling his dick deep down coach’s throat as my big belly and Ricky’s muscled abs pin his head between us. Our lips meet for a short bit and we kiss. I can taste the remnants of cum from coach which is still in Ricky’s mouth. We break our kiss and Ricky then puts his hands on Coach’s head and starts getting the rhythm he wants.

“Now Coach, before each meet you need to do this for Ricky so he can continue to freeball when he wrestles. That way he wont get hard during his match since he’ll be dumping his load in your belly. Isn’t that a good idea?” I ask.

“Mmm Hmm.” Coach moans.

“Oh fuck!” Ricky yells. “I’m about to shoot sir.”

Ricky starts moaning more and more and then arches his back as he starts to load up Coach’s throat with hot cum. He guzzles it all down and Ricky steps back. He picks up his singlet from the floor and wipes down his sweaty, muscular body.

“Thanks coach. I’m going to hit the showers.”

“Yeah, thanks coach. I repeat as I finish getting my clothes back on. I’ll see you at the next meet for filming.”

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