Erotic story: Jock vs Nerd part 5

By JJP. Check out part 1, 2, 3, 4.

I never really meant to explore this much into taking control
over these stupid jock boys or men but after these conquests it’s definitely on my mind a lot. Getting Tommy to basically beg me to fuck him was the key point for me, now he is mine to mould and use how I please. Getting coach under my thumb is just an added bonus but I’ll need to keep a close eye on him, he’s smarter than other jocks.

At school I catch Tommy looking at me from time to time, passing in the hall or during class. I can tell he wants more but I make him wait. The hungrier he is, the more he will take and do what I tell him. I find ignoring him a day or so at a time really drives him crazy, especially no replying to his text messages. “Hey bro, come over and suck my dick”. Translation: I’m horny and trying to put up a front, I’ll do anything to please a guy who gives me attention. Fuck me fatty. That might not be exactly what the translation is but it’s what I read.

Halfway through the morning classes I decide it’s time to dump a load. I pull out my phone and type him up a message.

“I feel like lifting over lunch, let’s hit the weight room then when no one is around.”

I don’t even get a chance to put the phone away and Tommy has replied back. “Heck yea man.”

After my last class before lunch finishes I make my way to the locker room to get changed. It’s empty as far as I can tell and I eventually find Tommy at his locker changing. He has just thrown his shirt into the locker and is starting to remove his jeans. His defined back is quite the impressive. His pants drop and like a good sub boy he is in his tighty whities. Not the low cut grandpa ones, these are a man’s pair. Higher cut around the hips and a the waist band have a ring of two colors going around them.

“Nice briefs big guy.” I say as I run my hand around the back side of his waist band.

“Whatever dude.” Tommy replies. “I wear them cause they hold me junk right.”

I start undressing myself and Tommy switches over to a jock strap instead of the tighty whities. These are his only two options and right now I can tell what makes his furry ass more desirable. He heads to the weight room and I stand in there adjusting myself in my briefs.

We decide to make it a back squat day, somehow Tommy doesn’t get that I’m not really going to be doing much of any lifting. I’m here to fuck him. Bury my seed deep in his hairy hole. Let him feel my chubby body rub and slap against is superior, muscled body and have him beg me to do it more.

We run on the treadmills for a few minutes to get the blood flowing and heart rate up. I don’t mind this since Tommy smells like a stud when he sweats and that scent is the only trigger I’ll need to get rock hard.

“Let’s get our legs stretched out while our muscles are warm and the blood is flowing” Tommy pants as we finish up the run.

“Drop to a bottom of the squat like me” Tommy’s butt is almost to the ground and he sits there flat footed, ass way below parallel from the waist.

“I’m not that flexible yet but this is as far as I can go down.” I tell Tommy. Stretching isn’t what is on my mind, I think to myself.

“Your butt is getting more defined bro, it’s still huge but it’s taking shape.”

“Thanks Tom, I think.”

I don’t work out that much and not many other people have said I look different. My guess is Tommy is just saying that so he can think that the slob dominating him isn’t totally out of shape.

Tommy then rolls backwards onto his back and keeps one knee up in the air while he lets the other one lay flat on the ground.

“Here, put my knee on your should and let me half rest on your back, then slowly drive my knee toward my chest” Tommy demands as he lays there looking at the ceiling.

My cock goes half hard as I kneel down by him and straddle the leg laying flat. I put my shoulder under his knee.

“Let me know if I push too fast or if it starts to hurt”

As I slowly push forward I get stronger and stronger whiffs of Tommy’s man stink. My dick is now completely hard and making my shorts tent a bit. I let my hand brush over Tommy’s crotch and I can feel and see he is getting hard.

“You like it when my dick gets hard fat boy?” Tommy says under some strain as I push a bit further into his chest.

“I’m not gonna lie stud, that was a pretty hot load I lucked out of you in your basement.” I reply, looking him right in the eye.

“Let’s switch legs, my left one is good. I’m gonna slip off my gym shorts though, they are limiting my mobility.”

Tommy slips off his shorts and I start the process on his other leg. We are both hard as a rock, the full head of Tom’s mushroom dick is above the jock strap waist band.

“Why don’t you put that mouth of yours to work again and drain my nuts like a good nerd should.” Tommy says with a smile. “But you took my nerd dick up your jock ass like a stud so well last time, but I guess that was just a fluke you could handle it.” I reply. A couple drops of sweat have fallen from my brown on to his face, one of them on his lip.

“Lick that sweat up. You know you want to.”

Tommy licks his lip and let’s out a moan.

“That was pretty manly of me to take a dick like that. I felt like a stud afterward.”

“You were a fuckin stud buddy.” I quickly agree with him.

I use my free hand and slip my index finger into his sweaty hole. They don’t use A/C in the weight room and the sweat is covering our bodies. I’m able to slip a second finger in as the beefy stud lets out a moan.

“I can’t wait to shoot my cum inside that hot hole of your stud. You’re the toughest jock I know.”

“Fuck yea I am bro. My ass is so strong, feed me your nerd dick.”

“Get on all fours, you bitch stud. I want to fill you now.” I command Tommy.

Tommy quickly flips over and is ready doggy style. I drop my shorts and pull my cock through the slide flap of my briefs trying to save some time before the lunch hour is over. I kneel behind him and spread his kneels a little further apart. I rub my hand between his ass crack and gather up his man sweat. I take a sniff and then rub it on my rod. I lean my face forward and plunge my tongue into his waiting hole.

“Ahhh fuck yeah that feels good. Get my hole fatty.” Tommy moans.

I work up some saliva and spit it onto his hole, then spit a second time on my hand and get my cock nice an lubed.

“Time to be a real man.” I tell Tommy.

I slowly slide my dick deep into Tommy’s hole. Taking my time until I’m balls deep and his sphincter has loosened enough. I start a slow methodical motion of fucking his tight ass.

“Fuck Tom, you’re gonna get a load of cum in about 30 seconds. Your ass is so hot and tight I’ not gonna last long in here. You’re my little muscle slut today, dump and run.

“Yea, shoot that load in me sir. Use me like a muscle bitch.”

I slowly keep thrusting into Tommy’s sweet hole. My hands on his hips and I pull him into me as my hips rock forward. Each trust plowing into his body, I can feel him squeeze his hole around my dick and my nuts are ready to release their seed into his guts. Ropes of cum are shooting from my cock as I load up Tommy’s ass full of my cream.

“Fuck I can feel your seed inside me!” Tommy yells.

I cover his mouth trying to muffle the rest of his moans. I hear the bell ring and I know it’s time to head to class. I slowly slide out of Tommy and he lays on the floor. I pull my gym shorts up and head back to the locker room.

“Later fag” I say over my shoulder and I hear the stud reply with a moan.

I know I don’t have much time to make it back to class so I don’t have time to shower. I put my regular clothes back on and hope for the best.

I make it through English Lit and I know I need to get cleaned up. Being chubby I don’t get too many friendly looks but this post workout funk has made things worse. Personally the smell of myself and tommy on me is turning me on but my classmates are not too excited about it.

I work my nerd magic with my study hall teacher and get a hall pass for class. I head back towards the locker room but on the way I see Coach Thomas head into the teachers lounge. The man scent on me and my earlier fuck session has only kicked my horniness into overdrive.

I too head into the teachers lounge just seconds after coach to see what the situation is. The room is empty except for Coach and he is pouring himself some coffee.

“Good to see you Greg.” Coach says with a smile.

“Very good to see you, Coach. I reply and I grab my crotch and head to the vending machine.

I see coach do a double take at my aggressive behavior. I grab my snickers from the machine and glance over at coach. He’s rubbing a hard on while sitting at the table.

“All this coffee makes a guy gotta piss.” Coach states as he walks over to the single person bathroom, leaving the door open after entering.

I follow him in and close the door behind. Coach has already dropped his pants and I do the same. I walk up to coach and we’re about chest to chest, we take turns rubbing each others cocks through the fabric of our underwear.

Coach puts his hand behind my head and pulls me in for a kiss. Our tongues meet and our lips take over for a minute of kissing. I continue to stroke his cock and his tongue explores my mouth. Not wasting any time I put my hands on his shoulders and start to guide the coach down to his knees. Two inches down I get some resistance.

“You first fat boy.” Coach whispers. As he tries the same motion to me.

“I’m here to choke you with my rod and fill your stomach with seed. Now get on your knees. Coach.” I say with authority.

He stares at me in shock and I push harder on his shoulders. He falls to his knees and his face is lined up with my gut and bulging briefs. He looks up at me and I smile.

“Good boy, coach.” I say with a smile.

I pull the top of my briefs down and my dick springs out and hits him in the face. I put my hand on his head and guide his willing mouth onto my thick stick.

“Fuck yeah. That’s a good coach. That is a hot little mouth you have there.”

I get a couple moans in return and he starts to stroke his own dick with I slow face fuck him on his knees.

“Yeah, you’re a good little sub jock are you? Just like the players you coach. Does my dick taste a little funny?

Coach tries to pull off my dick to say something but I keep my hand on his head and his mouth on my dick.

“You don’t need to talk. I’m almost ready. That taste is your star linebacker. Yeah. I was fucked him earlier in your weight room. Now your cleaning my dick. Fucking pathetic.”

Coach starts moaning a bit more frequently and is really pounding his dick now.

I put both hands on the sides of his head and feel my nuts tighten up. I keep a slow face fucking motion as some saliva and precum drip down the coach’s cheek. His moaning is picking up and Coach starts shooting ropes of come on the floor between my feet.

“Here comes your load stud, swallow it all like a good cum dumpster.”

Streams of cum flow into the coach’s mouth and hit the back of his throat. I force his head on my dick until he swallows all of it. I pull away from the coach as he is slouched on his knees.

“Stick your tongue out, I want to make sure you got it all.”

Coach obeys and I slap my dick on his tongue a few times. I pull up my briefs and pants. I run my hands over coach’s buzz cut hair as I walk out.

“That should get me some extra credit. See ya soon boy.”

I continue the rest of my trip to the locker room so I can clean up.

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