Erotic story: Jock vs Nerd part 4

By JJP. Check out part 1, 2, 3.

The next day at gym class was going as normal,
the boys in class where playing touch football out on the field while the girls went off to do track and field activities. Coach spent most of his time watching the guys play to make sure we all played nice together. An errant throw landed in the area where coach was watching and I had to run it down. After grabbing the ball and start to turn to head back Coach gets my attention.

“Say Greg, come over here for a second.”

“Sure Coach.” I reply

He puts he hand on my shoulder as I get up close to him. I’m slightly taller than him but I still notice he has a well built body that hides his slight belly very well. He is clearly in much better shape the most men his age. His tight black shorts go down mid thigh and accentuate the thickness of his legs. His dark gray t-shirt hugs the muscles of his chest and hairy arms. His round face is clean shaven and he keeps a high and tight buzz cut for his hair.

“When you get cleaned up after class, step into my office in the locker room.”

I nod and start to take the ball back to the guys who were waiting impatiently just out of ear shot. Just as I was running away Coach again gets an ass slap in.

I don’t think much of our conversation since I know my class grade is fine and figure he seems some varsity football potential in me.

After I get cleaned up and dressed in the locker room, I make my way to the coach’s office. About half the guys have already left the locker room. On the outside of the door to his office reads Coach Phil Thomas. I knock on the door and wait for a response.

“It’s open.” I hear a voice from inside.

I open the door and close it behind me. Coach is just filing some papers in a cabinet next to his desk. The room is fairly decent sized. A solid desk that is kept clean for the most part, a few trophies in a cabinet off to the side, a couple chairs near the desk and a few other general office furnishings. I notice a wrestling singlet hanging in a frame behind his desk with a title of “1988 State Wrestling Champion” underneath it.

“Go ahead and have a seat Greg.” Coach says as he closes the cabinet.

“Looks like you’ve been spending a bit more time with Tommy Hallic lately. Seems like a strange match to me given your different athletic talents”

“Uh yeah, we don’t spend a lot of time together. I help him with school work and he has been giving me pointers in the weight room.” I reply back.

I’m not too sure where he is going with this but the topic has taken me by surprise. Coach has moved over closer to me and puts most of his round butt on the desk to lean against, his ass slightly bumps the a jar labeled “Runners Vaseline”. I’ve seen a handful of the cross-country runners use this to stop chaffing in a few parts of the body.

“Yes, the weight room.” Coach continues. “It’s a great place to pump some iron and stay in shape. I use it frequently, what do you think of it?

“Uh, it’s good. I guess. I don’t have much to compare it too.”

“It’s actually one of the nicer ones in our school district. Some of that equipment is quite expensive.” Coach states.

“Looks like most of the guys in our school put it to good use.” Not knowing what else to respond with.

“That’s true, they do.” Coach says. “It’s also why I have installed a digital camera in the room to make sure nothing grows legs and walks out.” Coach nods toward the laptop on the desk

Fuck. I think to myself. I did not see this coming. No doubt coach noticed my eyes widen slightly after he casually dispensed that bit of information. What have I gotten myself into?

“I think we both know what I’m getting at here, you’re a smart kid Greg. Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble with the school. Coach says calmly.

“Yeah, I know what you are talking about coach, things got a little off track with me and Tommy.” I reply, staring right back into the coach’s green eyes.

“Heh heh, a little off track?” Coach chuckles. “I think that is an understatement. I was your age at one point too and understand what it’s like to experiment a bit.

“Well I really appreciate your understanding Coach, things got confusing, it won’t happen again and I appreciate you letting this slide.” I say innocently.

“Hold on there sport. I said you weren’t in trouble with the school. You still have me to deal with.”

Coach is looking down at me with a grin on his face. He moves his leg over and starts to rub mine with it. I feel the hairiness of his leg against my own. I should have known it wouldn’t be this easy. Although this isn’t all bad since Coach has a great ass I think to myself as I feel a stir in my briefs.

“I wasn’t too surprised to see Tommy make quick work of you and put you on your knees, but I clearly underestimated you when you turned the table on him.”

I lean back in my chair as my nerves calm a bit from the rapid change in conversation. My cock starts to swell from the possibilities running through my mind. We both break eye contact during the conversation, no doubt each of us sizing each other up figuratively and literally.

“When I want something Coach, I go out and get it. Simple as that.”

“I see some similarities between us Greg. But what you lack is experience and that is about to catch up with you.

“Perhaps.” I reply. Not to argue with him but I don’t necessarily agree with his statement.

Coach moves his right hand to his crotch and adjusts himself. My eyes focused on his movements to where his hand goes. I look back up at him and meet his piercing green eyes once more as I’m forced to adjust my own dick.

“I’m a reasonable man son and I think we can find some type of payback for the actions you and Tommy did in my weight room. I have no doubt your mouth can do a lot of hard work as well as that beefy ass of yours.”

Coach stands in front of me and peels his shirt off and tosses it to the floor. His built, large chest is revealed which is covered in dark hair that runs down over his very small beer belly. His arms are large but not muscled and a light amount of hair runs from his wrists up just past his elbows. The waist band of his jock strap is just above the top of his shorts. The hair from his belly continues to run down and disappears under his shorts.

He is a formidable man and I am definitely impressed with his physique but I do my best to stay focused.

“I’m not one to leave outstanding debts unpaid Coach.” I reply as I slowly rub the thumb from my left hand back and forth across my lower lip.

Coach starts to unbutton the top of his shorts.

“Why don’t you go and lock the door to the office. I don’t want anyone to disturb us as we settle this.” Coach directs and I stand up to make my way to the door.

“You know I’ve fucked a handful of football players over the years, just begging to get a piece of my body. All of them had incredible bodies that could get just about any dumb cheerleader they wanted. But knowing what you did to Tommy might make this the sweetest session yet. I still can’t figure out how an overweight nerd like you managed to seduce that stud.”

“Like I said coach.” As I lock the door. “I get what I want. And I wouldn’t say I seduced him, Tommy wanted that all a long, I just helped him see it that way.

I turn around to find coach already with his shorts off. I drop my plaid shorts as well and toss my t-shirt on the ground. Coach has one hand on the desk, propping himself up while he struggles to pull his jock strap off.

“You have a great ass coach.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard that many times.”

Coach has just gotten the jock off as I walk up to him. My arms go under his and I run my hands over his belly and chest as my cock, restrained by my briefs nuzzles into his ass crack.

“That feels nice kid but you need to be in front of me. I want to plow that tight, beefy ass of yours.”

“I was thinking the same thing Coach but we gotta get you lubed up and ready first.”

“Mmm, now we’re talking.” He responds.

The jar of Vaseline is just out of reach so I use my body weight and push myself forward, making Coach bend over slightly. My left hand grabs the jar as my right hand continues to explore the Coach’s hairy body. I pinch his right nipple and he releases a soft moan. I pop the lid off with my left hand and set the jar back on the desk. I dip a couple fingers in and scoop out a fair amount and start to apply it to his cock.

“Looks like someone is already hard and ready. What a stud.” I compliment Coach.

I have yet to see his dick but this built fucker has a thick one. Probably seven inches long but at least six inches thick.

“Fuck yeah son. I’ll be ready in no time.”

I apply a fair amount to his throbbing cock as I tighten my grip and slowly stroke him back and forth. My right hand rubs his belly and then wonders back up to his nipples where I start to flick and pinch them. Each time Coach moans or lets out a deep sigh.

“I’m going to fill your ass with cum boy, you’re hitting all the right spots. I can’t wait to get inside you.”

“Me too.” I say with a grin.

I release my left hand from his thick pole and use both hands to pinch his nipples and massage his chest. My right hand wonders down the side of his body while my left keeps his chest busy. I use my free hand to pull down my briefs far enough for me to wiggle out of them.

Coach has both hands braced on the desk and his head tilted back as he continues to enjoy the attention I am giving his nipples. I dip two fingers from my right hand into the jelly and coat my own dick. My left hand makes it’s way down to his thick cock and tightly grasp it in my hand. I wipe the excess jelly from my right hand in between Coach’s ass cheeks for good measure.

Unfazed by my actions he seems completely lost in his pleasure. I push my cock just between his cheeks as I slowly increase the stroking I apply to his massive cock. I place my right forearm on the back of his neck and lean my body against his back as if I need a rest from standing. He unknowingly adjusts to my added weight and bends just a little bit further over.

I remove my forearm from his neck and place my right hand on his shoulder. With one quick thrust I burry my dick deep into his ass in one quick motion.

“You little shit!!” Coach yells.

No doubt a strong stinging sensation is screaming through he ass right now. I use my body weight to try and keep him still as I tighten my grip on his cock and speed the stroking even more. My right hand pinches and massages his nipples to replace the pain with pleasure.

“I’m the one that is supposed to be fucking you, you son of a bitch.” Coach says angrily.

“This is going to be so much better though.” I reply.

“I don’t get fucked by students.”

“If you didn’t want me inside you big boy, I wouldn’t be in this position. Now shut up and take this dick.”

I start to move my hips back and forth and slow the rhythm of my stroking to match it.

“See, no more pain once you stop being a little bitch.”

“Ahhh, fuck that does feel good.”

I move both of my hands to his hips and slowly push my dick as far as I can into his hole. Coach lets out a deep breath as I continue to push my hips forward with his body trapped between me and the desk.

I release the pressure going forward and pull my hips back until the only the tip of me is left in and push all the way in again. Coach lets out another loud moan as I continue to slowly fuck his tight hole.

He begins to clench his strong ass muscles around my cock on each slow thrust in. The added tightness sends shivers through my body. I tighten my grip on his hips and increase the pumping of his ass, I can feel my nuts getting ready to explode, so close to firing loads of semen in to his tight cavity.

I move my hands back to his chest and pull our sweaty, beefy bodies close together. Beads of sweat have started to run down the sides and back of his shaved head. I stick my tongue out and lick from the base of his neck to half way up his head. The stench of his manliness and salty taste drive me crazy.

Coach continues to brace his body with both hands on the desk, no doubt enjoying each pounding blow deep inside his hot ass.

“Fuck yeah coach. I’m ready to seed that sweet ass of yours.”

“I’ve never been fucked like this before.”

“Yeah? You like getting your ass fucked?”

“Yes! I want to feel your cum inside me. Load me up boy!”

I continue to drive my hips forward and pulverize his hole as I slam against his cheeks. I release stream after stream of cum into his ass as Coach yells “Yeah, fuck me boy, I can feel you cuming inside me.”

My thrusting slowly comes to a stop as a collapse on his back to rest for a minute. I reach my right hand around and feel that his dick is still rock hard. The desk is at the perfect height where Coach can lay down face first.

“Lay down on your belly.” I command.

He obeys. I grab his hips and start to turn him over. As he turns he lifts his right leg forward and up, I pick up his hip and left leg and finish his flip over onto his back while my dick remains inside of him.

With his legs on my shoulders I grab his thick cock and start to stroke him, occasionally moving my own hips back and forth. Coach immediately starts to moan, each time getting a little louder as I increase the stroking of his thick dick. I use my left hand to rub the sweaty hair on his chest and massage his pecs.

The smells of his body continue to waft into my nose as I watch Coach lay there with his eyes closed; lost in his ecstasy of being fucked and stroked by me. I lean my body forward as our bellies rub together. My hands move to the sides of his head and I pull him closer, his mouth opens and our tongues meet. Coach is a slow, passionate kisser and his tongue retreats as our lips kiss and do all the work. I push my tongue into his mouth briefly and give him one last kiss before I pull away. I use my right hand to push his mouth open and lean forward slightly, I work up a bit of saliva and fire it onto his face and into his mouth.

“Of fuck yeah.” Coach moans.

My right hand grabs his thick meat stick and I begin stroking him off again. Moments later a deep growl comes out of him as ropes of semen shoot across his chest, face and past his shoulders landing on his desk. It’s a beautiful image seeing a grown man covered in his own cum.

I back my hips up slowly and let my semi hard dick slide out of his used ass. I let his legs down off my shoulders slowly and leave them hang over the edge of the desk as Coach tries to catch his breath.

I gather my clothes and start to get dressed again. I notice cum has already started to leak out of his ass and down his leg. I grab a tardy pass from his stack on the desk to give to my teacher.

“Thanks for the pep talk Coach. This may have been more fun than what I did with Tommy.”

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