Erotic story: Jock vs Nerd part 3

By JJP. Check out part 1, 2.

Maybe it’s just because I have an added interest in Tommy Hallic that I over hear his name in conversations in the hallway or at lunch. I suppose his good looks and success as an athlete makes him a common topic but I never noticed much before. I took a few minutes to change out books from my backpack at my locker this morning and the bitchy clique girls were talking just loud enough for me to over hear one of them rant about their desires to have Tommy’s sweaty body on top of her, kissing her passionately after the “best sex she ever had”.

I’m sure Tom could get it up for any girl with how horny he has been but it’s a safe bet it won’t be the best sex she (or he) ever has. Later that day while eating lunch I sat in on another conversation that got me hard. Seems like Tommy has taken my instructions seriously about what he puts on for underwear. I don’t have many close friends and used to hang out frequently with Luke Parker in junior high.

We actually jerked off a couple times together in my bedroom. We’ve remained friends in high school but not as close, as a fellow nerd we don’t have a lot of options. Luke was telling a couple other friends and me about his gym class in which Tommy is also in. After class was over and the guys were changing in the locker room Luke heard Danny Fortson (another jock who plays football and baseball) making fun of Tommy who was sporting some tighty whities instead of his normal boxers. Luke paraphrased what Danny said but something close to

“Nice briefs Tom, you going all homo on us or what?”

Tommy gave a sarcastic “Ha Ha” back and said

“If my nut sac getting too big and my dick being too floppy is gay then I guess so. Your pencil dick should be just fine in those boxers Danny, my junk needs support.”

The boys at the lunch table started laughing.

“I know, it was pretty bad ass of Tommy to do that” Luke said as they quieted down. “That’s why I wear briefs still, same problem as Tom.”

I know Luke was telling the truth, his dick was bigger than mine back then and can only imagine it’s grown in size since then. The guys at the table all said “yeah, yeah” and the conversation switched to something else. Hearing that story was only fueling my need to play with Tommy some more. His attitude and aggressiveness are showing signs of dominance still. I may have underestimated him and how easy it would be to control him.

The next day at gym class was a little strange. Coach seemed to be paying a little more attention to me than normal. Maybe Tommy did think I could play football and spoke to him about it. I worked on shot put during class and as we jogged our way back into the school coach slapped my butt.

“Nice work today Greg, I like what I see out there.” He said jogging past me.

I imagine coach was a shorter version of Tommy when he was younger. He has thick legs and a built chest but a little bit of a belly now. Not anything like mine. I overheard a couple of the pit lickers (wrestlers) talk about his glory days as a wrestler. He still has a decent ass at least.

The day got even better as a window of opportunity began to present itself in Study Hall. I left for the bathroom and upon coming back a folded note was stuck under my paper work. I looked around and as usual no one was paying any attention to me so I felt more than comfortable reading it. It seemed Tommy is horny as ever and wants to play

“Leave your cell phone number in your gym locker; it will be easier to text you when I need to get my dick wet. Being popular has its advantages so remember who is in control. Don’t fuck this up geek.”

Well it’s nice to hear from you too Tommy, although I really didn’t take his note personally. I stuff the unsigned note in my bag but it’s clear who it’s from. I was hoping he would realize by now I’m not trying to expose him but I understand his need for caution. I was concerned about his continued fight to keep control but now I welcome it since the battle will be just make the sex and victory that much sweeter.

After my morning gym class I left my cell phone number and a note for Tommy, letting him know I heard he switched to tighty whities and the other guys at school are impressed. I look forward to seeing those thick thighs and bubble butt fill those briefs out soon.

After a quiet dinner with my parents I got bored with TV in the family room and head back upstairs to my room. I open up my physics book and look at the next few chapters to see if anything will be challenging. I don’t get very far when my phone vibrates, it’s from a number I don’t have programmed and has the following text:

“Is this Greg?”

I reply back, “Yup.”

A few minutes later my phone vibrates again with another message.

“Cool, its Tom here. My parents are out of town for a week. I’m lifting weights in the basement, get over here. Front door is unlocked.”

There is a stir in my jock and my eyes light up. I grab my keys and make my way downstairs. Another text with his address comes through.

“Hey mom, I’m going to be out for a little bit, shouldn’t be gone long.” I say as I put my shoes on at the front door.

“Just call if you run late honey.” She replies as I make my way out the door.

It takes maybe 10 minutes to find Tommy’s house, a pretty standard upper middle class neighborhood like mine. I notice a couple lights are on upstairs and on the main level as I make my way up to the front door. I don’t bother to knock and walk in, I take my shoes off and toss my keys on the floor next to them.

I make my way around the main level and found an open door that led downstairs. I could hear the clanking of some metal as I walked down to the basement. Tommy was on the bench press again, playing with the weights like they were toys. I took a look around and was surprised at the amount of space that was down there. It was quite unorganized with no walls really separating the area. Aside from the weights and gym equipment there was a TV and couch setup and then a decent sized bed with a night stand in another corner. My guess is Tom would use that bed if relatives were in from out of town or something.

“You made it.” Tommy yells to get my attention back on him.

I don’t think anything was going to take my focus off him the rest of the night. He stood there in just his jock strap changing out weights for the bench press. My dick instantly went hard, matching his. I could see the tip of his cock sticking out the band of his jock.

“Yeah, wasn’t hard to find.” I reply.

“Good, because I really need some release tonight.” Tommy says with a grunt

I move closer to the bench and remove my shirt and drop my pants to the floor. I rub my belly with one hand and my cock with the other as I stand next to him.

“Same here, stud.” I reply.

I can’t wait any longer and I kneel between his legs at the foot of the bench and peel the front of his jock strap down unleashing his stiff cock. He must have been hard for some time because precum has stained his jock and the fur around his belly is sticky. His crotch reeks of sweat and semen and the smells invade my nose and lungs. I carefully wrap my lips around his head and start to work his shaft but not interrupt his set.

“Ah fuck that feels good man. Way better than having to jack off tonight.”

I can feel Tommy do a couple more reps and then mount the bar back on the wrack. I pull the jock strap down further and begin to play with his fuzzy nuts while I slowly suck on his thick cock. I run my hands up and down his hairy legs, feeling the muscles in his calves and quads.

I feel his cock start to twitch a bit and slowly let his dick slip out of my mouth. I watch it pulsate and lift off his stomach a few times while I continue to massage his sac.

“Don’t stop now nerd, I’m so close and I’m ready to shoot.” Tommy says as if he is frustrated but I know he likes getting teased.

I wet my lips again and use my tongue to lick the length of his shaft all the way to the tip. As I get to the end his cock lifts up and I quickly open my mouth and continue to slowly develop a rhythm. Tommy’s breathing starts to get a bit heavier and his leg muscles begin to tighten and release with each slow, methodical stroke my hungry mouth applies. I tightly squeeze his nuts with my hand and release his dick from my mouth one more time.

“You ready to shoot that load stud boy?” I ask Tommy.

“Fuck yeah man, you’re killing me. Make me cum.”

“You gonna do what I say and give me your load boy? I ask again.

“Yes. Fuck. I want you to have it.”

I smile and take his cock back in my warm mouth, sliding my tongue along the shaft and pushing this tip of his cock to the back of my throat. I suppress the gag and keep it there a bit before tightly closing my lips around his dick and slowly bobbing up and down. My hands feel his leg muscles tighten again and Tommy starts to growl.

“Fuck yeah, here’s your load nerd”

I feel Tom’s hips rise off the bench and his dick fires stream after stream of cum into my mouth and I swallow on alternating bobs as I continue to work his shaft. His load is much larger than I expected but I managed to swallow the stud’s seed and his hips lower back down to the bench.

Tom’s breathing starts to slow down and I lean back from being on my knees at the foot of the bench to sitting on my ass and my legs stretched towards the exhausted beast. He looks like a beefy model laying there with his guns for arms; dangling off the bench and the core of his body in a sweaty mess. My own dick has been hard since I came down stairs and has been leaking quite a bit; aching for some attention.

“That was a hell of a load Tom.”

“Yeah well it had been a few hours since I shot. And you’ve got a pretty sweet mouth.”

“Well I can’t deny I love the taste of a real man.” I say with a grin. “But I love fucking one even more. How about you lay down on that bed over there.” I suggest, nodding my head in its direction.

“No way some fat ass geek is going to fuck my ass. I got what I needed already.”

“You got off Tommy, but haven’t gotten what you needed.”

“Whatever Greg, I’m not going to let you fuck me.”

“I’m surprised you haven’t asked me to, quite frankly.”

“You think I’m going to ask you to? That’s fuckin funny.” He says. Sitting up, he pulls his jockstrap back on and uses the bar as a back rest.

“I just always picture a big, strong guy like yourself looking to push your body a little bit further. I’d have you fuck me but I don’t think I’m strong enough to handle it.” I reply, laying down on my back and trying to sound weak.

“I’m strong enough to do anything, I can bench more than any guy at our school. But I’m not some bitch that’s getting fucked.”

“Who said you were a bitch? Any guy that can take a dick is twice the man of some guy banging a girl. Girls are easy, simple. Boring. I can’t think of another act manlier than taking a dick and load in my ass. Any chump can get his dick sucked or jerked off. Just figured if anyone was tough enough to do it, it’d be you.”

“I know I can do it, I Just-”

“Prove it.” I cut him off.

There is a moment of silence. That is the window I was looking for. Something that lets me know I’ve made him think about it. The rest is all down hill.

“I don’t have to prove anything. I don’t see what the big deal is.” Tommy counters

Instinctually he starts to rub the fabric of his jockstrap and I can already tell his cock has begun to swell. The challenge is turning him on. Horny and na‹ve. My favorite combination.

“Fuck it. I don’t have time for this. I guess I was wrong”

I start to stand up and walk to where I had discarded my clothes. Half way there Tommy cracks.


I stop walking but don’t turn around. A smile forms on my face.

I sigh loudly so he hears me and shrug my shoulders and continue walking to my clothes.

“Dude I said wait.” Tommy says, almost pleadingly. “I want to do it.”

I bend my large frame over and start to pick up my jeans.

“I want you to fuck me.” He says, practically begging me.

“I know, I heard you.” I reply with a slight hint of annoyance.

I start to fish the small bottle of lube I brought with out of my jeans. I conceal it in my fist and walk back over to Tommy.

Nervous that I was leaving he had gotten up off the bench and had taken a few steps after me, like he was chasing me down.

I walk up next to him and place my hand on the back of his neck and push his face into my crotch. Letting him smell my mixture of precum and sweat stained into my jockstrap.

“This is what is going to make you a man tonight meat head.”

Tommy takes in a deep breath and I continue to hold his face to the fabric. I tighten the grip on his neck slightly and pull up on his head and guide him over to the bed. His jockstrap gives me all the access I need to his hole and something to grab on to for good measure.

We stand at the foot of the bed with me directly behind him. I use the hand that guided him there to go under his right arm pit and run my hand over his chest. I pull his body close to mine and let his back rub up against my gut. My dick still held back by the jockstrap, lines up perfectly with his ass crack and I nuzzle it in.

I move my hand down his chest and over his lightly furry abs and into his jockstrap. His cock is pulsing hard from being under my control and I squeeze it tightly. Tommy lets out a long moan.

“Ahhh, fuck that’s nice.” He whispers.

I push my hips away from his ass and use my other hand to hold on to the lube and start to pull my jockstrap down. I get it low enough so it falls to the floor and I kick it to the side.

I give his cock a final squeeze and pull my hand to his back and give it a short rub before pushing on it, forcing him to bend over. His hands land on the bed, bracing his body. I kneel behind him and set the bottle of lube down next to me and use both hands to spread his cheeks apart. I gather some saliva in my mouth and launch it right onto his hole and then drive my face into his ass. His man scent is like heaven as I let my tongue explore his furry ass and hot hole.

“Holy shit dude, that’s amazing.” Tom yells out.

I’ve been hard all night and I can’t hold back anymore. I pop the lube bottle open with my thumb and start to stand up. I squirt some lube onto my dick and into his ass crack before tossing the bottle onto the bed. I work the lube over my entire shaft with my right hand and place my left hand on the center of his back. I work the dripping lube into his ass crack and then slowly slip my fore finger into his hole. It glides in easily and I quickly work in a second finger to prep him for the big show.

A low growl comes from Tommy’s voice followed by a few moans. His hole is hungry for more.

I place my hands on each side of him, between his hips and ass cheeks and spread them apart slightly. My stiff shaft slowly moves in on the target and I apply a gentle amount of pressure and wait for him to relax.

“Take a deep breath Tommy and let it out, just relax. I’ll go slowly but it won’t take long.”

He obeys and upon exhale his hole starts to give way and my tip enters his ass, careful not to go in full hilt. I move one hand to his back and gently rub it and he starts to adjust to my thick cock being inside him. I push another inch inside him and the warmth on my shaft is making it difficult to hold back.

Another growl comes from Tommy that turns into a moan.

I slowly push the rest of cock into Tommy until my belly rubs against the small of his back and I lean forward and rest my chest on him. My mouth is close enough to whisper into his ear.

“Now the fun starts big boy.”

I start a push up and put my hands on his back to stand upright. I run my hands along the waist band of his jock and then pull on the straps that cup his cheeks and let them go. A loud snap echoes in the room when they smack against his bubble butt.

I move my hands back to the sides of his hips and get a firm grip before slowly pushing my hips back and then forward again. The single motion of my dick sliding inside his tight ass makes my dick pulsate, no doubt oozing more precum inside of him. I continue the same movement a couple more times at the same pace slowly working his hole.

Tommy props up his strong, beefy body onto his elbows leaving a gap from his dick and the bed. I reach under his belly with my right hand and feel his cock dripping out precum.

“Feels like you’re enjoying this stud, getting fucked by an out of shape nerd. You like my dick up your ass tough guy?”

Tommy lets out a few moans and I stroke his cock with my hand. “Oh fuck that feels amazing. Keep pumping man.”

I release his dick and grab the thick waist band of his jockstrap and pull up on it. I increase the pace of my fucking and my belly starts to slap against his sweaty back.

“I’m going to breed your pretty ass Tommy.”

“Yes! I want you to cum inside Greg. Fuck my ass and fill it with your seed.”

I pull tighter on his jock and continue to pump my dick deep inside him. I feel my nut sac start to tighten as my shaft slides methodically in and out of his hole. His ass clenching tight with each pump.

“Oh I’m going to fill you up boy. This ass is mine.”

The first shot of cum shoots deep in his cavity as I fight to keep the pace of fucking his hole.

“Fuck, I can feel your dick shooting inside me; I’m going to fucking cum too.”

With his hands spread out in front of him to support himself and part of my weight, I realize he is climaxing without stroking. He continues to moan in ecstasy while shot after shot of my cum go deep inside his guts and I thrust my hips and belly into the stud.

I loosen my strain on his jockstrap and my pumping slows to a stop. Tommy continues to pant and his moans subside. I lean forward and put my hands on his shoulders and pull back to stand him upright. I keep my dick inside him so that my semen doesn’t leak out.

“Looks like you made I mess on the bed.”

“You fucked the cum outta me man.” Tommy says in shock.

“Yeah well you better clean it up.”

I put my hand on the back of Tommy’s buzzed head and force his face into the bed.

“We don’t want to waste any of your cum.” I insist.

Most of it ends up on his face but he needed to know that wasting cum is no longer an option. I pull back on his shoulders and stand him upright, he reacts like a puppet. I reach my right hand around to his chin and turn his head sideways and lick some of the cum off his face and then move to his lips and kiss him passionately. His tongue meets mine in return as we share the taste of his cum between us. I pull away and push his chin back forward. I grab his hips and push them forward letting my dick slide out of his ass. I give him a good slap on the butt and then push him down on the bed.

“Well Tommy, I don’t know if you’re more of a man after you begged me to fuck you but I definitely got what I wanted.”

I put my jockstrap back on and finish getting dressed. Tommy lays motionless on the bed in exhaustion as I admire his body before heading back upstairs.

“See ya ’round Tommy.”

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