Erotic story: Jock vs Nerd part 2

By JJP. Check out part 1.

After my fun with Tommy at school I was left famished so I stopped off for some fast food before heading home. I hadn’t shot a load like that in a long time and needed to refuel my body. The image of Tom on his knees in front of me is all I can think about as I walk up to the front door.

“Is that you Gregory?” My mom asks from the living room as I close the door behind me.

“Yes Mom, it’s me” I reply

“You’re home a little later than normal, are you hungry at all?” She inquires.

“No, I had some food before I came home, wasn’t sure if you had saved any dinner for me since I was running late.” I tell her from the top of the stairs as I make my way to my bedroom.

I close the door behind me which ultimately gives me complete privacy. I get very little interruptions from my parents. It’s a pretty sweet arrangement. I get top grades and stay out of trouble; they go to work and check in on me once in awhile.

I toss the backpack I grabbed from my hallway locker before leaving school onto the floor and sit at my desk. I’m unable to focus on any type of school work which is highly unusual. The thought of Tommy’s warm mouth around my cock keeps bouncing around my head. I stand up from my desk and discard my shirt and pants and decide to lie in bed with the TV on. It takes me a bit to locate the remote control for it since I rarely use it.

The TV has no power over what my mind has racing through it right now. I lay there in my briefs, dick fully erect as if it knows what type of access it has to in order to relieve itself of any tension. The strongest desire isn’t the need for me to stroke myself until I cum but instead I wonder what Tommy is thinking right now and what his next move will be. A smirk develops on my face and I turn on my side. It’s too bad that dumb jock is already two steps behind me. I drift to sleep with great anticipation for our next encounter.

School continued as normal the next day as I walked to the locker room. Our gym class is the first one of the day and a few guys had already started to change. I make my way to the back of the room as images of the previous evening flash in my mind. I open my locker and my eyes widen, and then remind myself to act normal. Hanging from the middle hook is Tommy’s cum soaked jock strap. A strong smell of semen and sweat escape from the locker and enter my sinuses. I feel a stir in my briefs as I continue to change into my gym shorts and shirt. Every ounce of me wants to put the fabric up to my nose and inhale but this is clearly not the time.

I go through the motions of gym class just as I do any other day. My thoughts are split between work that needs to be done in other classes and Tommy. Coach doesn’t seem to pay much attention to the kids that are not as athletic or talented as the rest. Still he must watch since he gives me an A in the class, most likely for effort. At five foot and ten inches tall, roughly 225 pounds I’m not going to report any blistering times when running but I do give my best effort and finish what I start.

After class I found my prize still hanging in my locker. I decided to wear the jock strap the rest of the day. I lifted it from the hook, as I brought it closer to me I could see many yellow dried cum stains in the fabric, too many from just me wiping my hands off of it. Tommy must have shot his load into it since there was very little fabric left that wasn’t crusty and stained. I pulled the jock up and it was a bit snug around my waist but the elastic had enough stretch in it to fit comfortably for the most part. My dick was quickly filling with blood and I hastily finished getting dressed. My one left over article of clothing was my briefs so I opened Tommy’s locker and hung them on his middle hook. We didn’t share a class together so I’m sure he’ll see them later.

I share only one class with Tommy and that is toward the end of the day, Study Hall. It’s not a class with assigned seats and I typically sit in the back; out of anyone’s way. My prior class is next door so I usually was there first and could sit where I wanted. I pulled out my Calculus work and started to make my way through it as students made their way into the room. No one typically sits next to me but a larger frame has sat in front of me and I look up slightly and first notice the waistband of a jock strap sticking up above the jeans in front of me. It’s Tommy. Never has he sat near me before but today the beefy stud plops his built frame down right in front of me. He clears his voice at a nonchalant level, crosses his arms on the desk and leans forward to put his head down, which causes the bottom of his t-shirt to be pulled up higher, further displaying the jock strap and even some skin below it.

After Ms. Hendricks does role call Tommy raises his hand and she calls on him.

“Yes Tom?” She says sweetly.

“Coach gave me this pass and said it would be okay for Greg and me to use the weight room this afternoon. He has shown some potential to be on the offensive line for the football team and we’re doing some weight training. Do you mind if we leave?” Tom asked

“Is this true Gregory?” Ms. Hendricks asks, looking at me for confirmation. Apparently she doesn’t trust Tom’s information.

“As surprising as it sounds Ms. Hendricks, it is true.”

All of this is completely false but Tommy clearly has a plan for me.

“Alright boys, you two are excused” She said politely.

I pack up my books into my backpack and I follow Tommy out of the room. I don’t bother walking next to him down the halls or even talking to him. I’m not interested in bucking the social circles we are both in.

We make our way to our lockers and start changing. I have to take a few seconds to admire his body as he peels his t-shirt off. I start undressing as well.

“What are you doing wearing my jock strap nerd?” He asks surprisingly

“You put it in my locker, moron. Don’t you remember putting it in there, or were you disoriented yesterday? It’s mine now.” I fire back.

“I’ll show you disoriented in a little bit” He quickly replies.

I roll my eyes while I finish getting dressed. I look back over in his direction and I can already see him playing with his dick through his gym shorts.

We head over to the weight room across the hall, Tommy has a key to get in and after we enter he closes the door and locks it behind us. The room has no windows and is filled with various sets of exercise equipment, free weights and medicine balls. The air is damp and musky, a potent aroma of sweat surrounds the room.

Tom puts his arm around my shoulder, essentially escorting me over to the part of the weight room with a bench press and rack. Half way there his hand moves from the far side of my shoulder to the back of my neck and he applies a small amount of pressure.

“You know you still have a job to finish, don’t you?” Tommy says plainly.

“I suppose I do.”

I look down towards the floor and see a bulge in the front of his shorts as we come to a stop at the foot of the bench. He releases his grip from the back of my neck and then lies down on the bench. The bar already has a couple plates on each side; he dismounts it with ease and steadily executes a few reps with ease while I watch his chest in action and glance down to his crotch as well. My cock begins to swell from the site of his body playing with the weights like a toy. He continues with a few more repetitions before placing the bar back onto the rack.

Tom gets off the bench and stands up to remove his tank top which reveals his nice chest and a slight outline of abs which are accented by a moderate patch of hair on his stomach that trails down the front of his waist. The workout wasn’t long enough to cause a sweat but it has primed his muscles a bit.

“You like what you see, don’t you nerd?”

I shrug indifferently but it’s obvious he has an amazing body. He’s a handsome, meaty boy on the verge of becoming a full grown man.

He kicks his shoes off and drops his gym shorts to the floor, leaving him standing there in just his white jock strap. He rubs the front of the fabric with his left hand and points to the floor in front of him with his right.

“Get on your knees now” He orders to me.

I know better this time than to test the waters with Tom, he has his objective. I don’t know him quite well enough and how much force he’ll put into this if I resist. I also have to be honest that I wouldn’t mind another taste of his stud juice. I remove my shoes by using my feet and toss my t-shirt aside and then move in front of him and down to my knees. His right hand goes on top of my head as he uses his left had to pull his fully erect dick from the side of his jock. The same scent from last evening fills my nose. A mixture of sweat, precum and Tom’s manliness flows deep into my lungs.

“Open up Greg”

I comply, inviting his throbbing pole into my mouth, gliding my tongue along the bottom of the shaft as it enters. I make sure to coat every inch of it with saliva. His hand rests on my head but does not dictate any speed, I work my own pace on his cock and he responds with a soft moan and releases a deep breath. My hands wonder from the sides of his hairy legs to the back of his slightly furry butt which is framed perfectly from the straps of his jock. His ass is firm and round and I can occasionally feel him clench the muscles in them. I explore the rest of his legs down to the back of his calves and then up the inseam to his balls. I use my right forefinger and thumb to cinch his nuts which have now been released from the jock pouch and tug on his sac while I continue to engulf his dick.

“Oh yeah, keep it up nerd. That feels so good.” Tom whispers slowly as he exhales out.

While my right hand continues to gently tug on Tom’s nuts my left hand starts to wonder back to his ass. I work the forefinger of my left hand through his crack and start to massage the entrance to his hole. I can feel the heat against my finger as I continue to play and rub against it, occasionally applying enough pressure to ever so slightly push the round tip of my finger inside. Tom continues to moan as I slowly continue to work him from front and behind.

I’m not sure how he has refrained from shooting his load after the effort I’ve put into his cock. I don’t think he wants a blow job at all. I release his nuts from the grip of my right hand, saliva and precum are running down my chin so I use my left hand to wipe it off and coat my fingers in it. Meanwhile my right hand slips back to his ass and plays between his cheeks, spreading them apart slightly to give more access to his hole. My left hand moves around his right thigh and ass cheek and I start to force my finger inside him.

“Fuck, you give amazing head bud” Tom blurts out.

I continue to work my finger further and further into his cavity, the saliva coating on my finger works as a perfect lubricant. Tom has almost welcomed the penetration into his ass and my own cock has swollen to a rock hard state in my briefs. I release Tom’s dick from the warmth of my mouth and get no objections as I continue to finger fuck the jocks ass. I slowly work my second finger in alongside the other one and look up to see Tom’s face. His head is tilted back while his hips move in sync with my hand. I keep my fingers inside Tom as I slowly stand back up and move to the right side of him, using my right hand to slow jack him off again.

“You like how that feels stud?” I whisper into his ear.

“I love it, don’t stop” Tom replies

I stop stroking his dick as he continues to clench my fingers with his tight ass muscles with each push in. Sweat has started to drip down the sides of his tightly buzzed head and his chest is glimmering in the light as I observe my prize in the mirror against the wall.

“You liked getting fucked, don’t you bottom boy?” I ask Tom

“Just don’t stop, this feels so good.” He pants

Tom starts to reach for his dick with his right hand and I quickly grab it.

“First say you liked getting fucked by a nerd.” I say sternly

“I like getting fucked by you.” He says after a slight pause.

“It’s okay to admit you crave my control Tom, I’m not going to hurt you. I’m just going to use your sexy body any way I see fit.” I reply. “Now I wanna see you come.”

I release his right wrist and he immediately starts to stroke his meat and starts to moan.

“That’s right big boy, let it out”. I whisper in his ear.

I move my right hand in front of his dick as his body starts to shake and his moans grow louder.

“Oh fuuuuck!” Tom yells out.

Shots of hot cum shoot from his cock and into my hand, some of them over it and onto the floor. A pool of semen quickly fills in my hand as his orgasm finally comes to an end and he collapses to his knees in exhaustion causing the fingers from my left hand to slip out of his ass

“Now eat it.” I say plainly and move my hand towards his mouth.

Surprisingly he himself leans forward to meet my hand and eagerly laps up the cum in my hand as I press it against his mouth. His tongue works feverishly to clean my palm and then each of my fingers diligently.

“Good boy, there’s hope for you yet.” I commend his work.

Tommy lets out a sigh of release and lies down on the floor, his chest lands in some of the cum that shot over my hand moments ago. I stand over his legs and take a minute to enjoy the backside view of his body.

“You’re not done yet meat head, I’ve got something here to wash that cum down with” I say

Tom instantly uses his thick arms to push his chest back off the ground, gets to his knees and turns around. With my hands patiently waiting on my hips he pulls the front of his jock strap that I’m wearing down to spring free my dick. His mouth opens and he swallows my cock whole, nose to my pubes. I quickly put my right hand on the back of his head to hold it there, a few seconds later he gags and I release him. He needs to know exactly what he’s dealing with. I let him catch is breath and he begins to work on my dick again. His obedient actions quickly send me to orgasm as I fire stream after stream into the back of his throat. He swallows every drop and worships my cock until I finally push his forehead back.

“No more boxer shorts for you boy; only jockstraps or briefs like mine, your ass it too nice to be covered up by those baggy clothes. Understood?

“Yes” Tommy says kneeling from the floor looking up at me.

“I’ll catch ya later Tommy” I say as I finish getting dressed and then make my way to the door. I hear him exhale deeply and lie back down on the floor. Maybe the gym isn’t so bad after all.

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