Erotic story: Jock vs Nerd part 1


I try not to spend too much time after hours at school but I’ve been putting a lot of effort into this Physics assignment. My parents don’t seem to mind what time I come home, how much trouble can a nerd really get into anyway? I walk my stocky frame down the hallway towards the gym locker room, my least favorite part of the school. It’s the last place I have yet to look for my cell phone.

The steam from the showers after class fogs up my glasses, I bet I left it in my locker since I don’t tend to linger in there and usually leave in a hurry.

I enter the locker room and it’s completely silent, no douche bag jocks hollering about how great they are at sports and no coach yelling at us to clean up our clothes. I make my way to my locker in the back of the room, each aisle just as empty as the next. I reach the final row and walk towards the corner where my locker is. A couple of them are slightly ajar, one of them being right next to mine. A jock strap, a pair of boxers and some deodorant are inside. I’m not sure why, perhaps it is just curiosity but I grab the jock from the locker and hold it in my hand. I feel a slight stir in my pants but for the most part ignore it.

My other hand stays busy by opening my locker door and feeling around for my phone as my eyes examine the jock strap. My fingers glide across the device and I almost grab it to put it in my pocket while my left hand slowly moves the jock up to my nose. I don’t know why I want to smell it but smelling what another guy smells like is fascinating to me. A pungent smell of sweat quickly fills my nose, either this jock hasn’t been washed in awhile or this guy sweats way more than I do.

“Find something you like nerd?” My eyes widen and I quickly pull the jock down to my side, doing my best to crumple it up in my hand. My right hand has lost contact with my phone so I use it to close the unknown locker. Maybe whoever is walking up behind me didn’t notice what I was doing.

He speaks again, the voice getting closer. “You know, those things go around your waist, not your face, right?”

The voice sounds somewhat familiar but couldn’t quite place it. I slowly turn around to see what trouble I’m in. It’s Tommy Hallic, a fellow senior classmate. At six foot tall and probably 200 lbs he is a pretty intimidating guy but he doesn’t have a reputation for being a complete asshole however he is still one to avoid.

I do my best to get control of my heart beat and not panic.

“Hey Tom.” I mumble out. “I’ll get out of your way, I’m late.” As I try to squeeze by him and the lockers.

Tommy puts his arm out stopping my progress. “Not so fast geek, have a seat for a bit.”

He starts taking off his tank top as I back up a few steps. I’m not big on orders so I elect to keep standing. His body is full of sweat, starting from his tightly buzzed head down his face and even his mid section which I can’t really describe. He somehow has a beefy body but a defined chest and visible abs. Genetics have been kind to him. He opens the locker I had just closed and he tosses his shirt inside while he kicks off his sneakers, turning his head towards me with a smile on his face.

“It’s no surprise a nerd like you is a homo.”

“I’m not a homo.” I reply firmly

“Well my jockstrap up your nose says otherwise. You didn’t think I noticed that in your hand?”

I look down at the jock still crumpled in my fist. “Err-” I’m not able to get much of a response (not that I had one anyway) before he continues.

“It’s a safe bet that a guy who throws a ball like you do, is a cock sucking queer. And after the lift I just had working my lats, chest and quads. I could use a little release right now. A hole is a hole after all.”

Tommy turns the rest of his body towards me and starts to take off his gym shorts, leaving him standing there in his boxers and socks. He starts to play with his cock through the front of his boxers as he takes a step closer. The idea of him telling me what to do sets me off.

“Wanting to get your dick sucked by a guy sounds pretty gay to me” I casually say, staring him right in the face.

Tom’s smile is replaced by a stern look but he hasn’t stopped playing with his cock.

“You got a death wish idiot?” Tommy replies. “Get on your knees and open that mouth of yours.”

I was hoping my smart ass, ego hurting remark would scare off his demand but he seems all the more intent on this happening. He takes another step closer and his semi hard cock is now hanging out the front, begging to be licked and sucked.

“Take your shirt and pants off too while you’re at it. You look stupid in those clothes of yours. Wouldn’t want to get any cum on them since you’ll probably choke out on my dick” Tommy says with a half laugh.

I comply and remove my tshirt. I kick my shoes off and undo my belt and drop my jeans to the floor, leaving me with just my tighty whities on and socks. I push the jeans between us on the floor so I can use them as padding. I might as well be comfortable while I do this.

“You’re a pudgy little fucker aren’t ya, maybe lay off those donuts and you’ll even out”. Tom snidely remarks.

His 7″ cut cock is now fully hard and I sheepishly kneel in front of the massive jock. He grabs the side of my head and gently pulls me in as I open my mouth and slip his cock inside. I get my second slight stir in my underwear and I start working on his dick. I’ve always enjoyed the company of guys but never fully understood it. I didn’t hate sucking his dick but I didn’t love it. His hips starting to rock back in forth with the motion of my mouth. Tom would lets out a moan or two once in awhile, eventually letting go of my head as I continued to suck on his pulsing prick.

After about five minutes of sucking and licking I was growing tired of whole thing and pulled off his cock and started to stand up. It took him a few seconds to realize I stopped but finally he came to.

“I’m not done fag, get down there and finish the job.” Tom demanded.

“I did what you asked for long enough; just jerk yourself off until you shoot.” I fire back.

“I’m the one telling you what to do here, you jerk me off.” He replied.

I don’t think he realized how terrible of a negotiator he was but I just got out of being forced to suck this jocks dick. I reach my hand forward and grab his meat and begin to slowly work his cock. It’s still covered in my saliva and his precum. I tighten the grip and start to gather a rhythm.

Tommy leans his head and back against the lockers, letting out some louder moans. Then he leans back forward on his feet, moving with every tight stroke I apply. Suddenly I feel a hand rub up against the front of my tighty whities. Tom starts rubbing the front of my crotch, awakening my not quite semi hard dick. It doesn’t take much to get any teenage guys dick hard with a little friction and soon my dick is hardly being restrained by my briefs.

Tommy continues to let out moans and rubbing my crotch. A few seconds later he collapses to his knees, unable to control the ecstasy of my slow edging of his cock. His face collides with my belly and now he is at eye level with my crotch, stuck between the lockers and my fat frame.

My cock is hard and looking for attention after the rubbing Tommy applied to it just moments ago, I fish my hand through the front of my tighty whities and pull out my dick, nearly swiping Tom in the face.

“Get that thing out of my face, faggot. And back up so I can stand up and have you finish me off, I’m close.” He demands

“Shut the fuck up Tommy, and open that pretty mouth of yours.” I reply as I look down on him.

A look of shock is on his face as he looks at me and then my own 7″ cock. I grab the sides of his cheeks with my left hand and squeeze his mouth open and put my right hand on the back of his head and push it forward. My dick enters his mouth with some resistance but I power through it. His warm mouth engulfs my dick and warm saliva covers it like a blanket. I put both hands on the side of his head as I force him to keep sucking. I push my cock further and further into his throat with each rhythmic push, his forehead hitting my gut while his nose runs into the waistband of my briefs.

“Watch the teeth stud boy, my dick isn’t a cob of corn.” I instruct him sternly.

I can’t believe this stupid jock is letting me face fuck him. While I am heavier than he is, his strength is twice mine. He could easily push me back and knock the crap out of me. I try to analyze the situation but it’s proving difficult since his cock sucking ability is improving with each thrust.

My hands loosen the grip on the buzzed hairs along the side of his head; the velvety feeling against my fingers is erotic, pushing me closer to orgasm. Tommy lets out a few moans and I look down at his face, saliva and precum dripping down his chin. I can see his dick is still rock hard pointing straight up and cum dripping from the tip and down his shaft.

At this point I realize he’s not just doing this because he’s horny, he actually wants to do this. I need to know how bad this closet homo wants to suck my dick. I release my hands from his head altogether and his head continues to bob back and for on my cock like an obedient pro. A smile forms on my face. The thought of snapping a picture from my phone crosses my mind, getting regular head form this guy could be valuable. The phone is easily within reach but I elect not to grab it. The proof is in the pudding right now and I bet this meat head will be back for me because I’m smarter than him, not because I have a photo of him sucking my cock.

I push the envelop a little further, placing the palm of my pudgy hand on his forward and slowly move my hips back, giving him less and less access to my full shaft. Tom pushes slightly on my hand but I hold fast as the tip of my dick is the only thing he can get his lips around at this point. My dick eventually pops out of his mouth and he pushes his chin up to try and get it back.

“You really want this nerd dick back in your mouth jock boy?” I say.

I get no real response but he stares at my dick intently. I hold his head steady with my right hand and grab my dick with the left, push my hips forward a bit and slap him in the face with it.

“I asked you a question stud. You want this fat boys dick or not?”

A quiet “Yes” tumbles out of Tom’s mouth.

“What’s that? I couldn’t hear you.” I say forcefully. I keep Teasing him with my dick, ever so close to his lips.

Tom barks back. “Yes, I want your fat boy dick”

I laugh quietly and move my right hand to the back of his head.

“Open up fag, and choke on this nerd’s dick you pathetic jock.”

Tommy opens his mouth and I push my hips forward and his head slams into my belly. I release my hand immediately and he continues to worship my cock, free willingly. I put my hands at my hips and I watch my conquest continue to do exactly what I want.

“You’re doing great Tom, just like a good cocksucker does. Only you CAN throw the ball really well can’t you? But you are the one on your knees, sucking and out of shape, nerd’s cock. Isn’t that right?”

Tom nods in agreement, not willing to let go of my cock from his hungry, hot mouth to speak. His hands reach up to my waist as he holds on and then caresses my butt. With each stroke of his mouth it sends me closer to release. I step forward forcefully with my hands on his shoulders and rock Tom off his knees and gently onto his butt as his back and head now rest against the lockers. Truly pinned with no where to go, I have him right where I want him. I take a half step back and move my hips back as well

“Open your mouth slut” I command.

Tom willingly does. I grab my dick tightly and continue to stroke it slowly, after a few seconds I feel my balls tighten as they begin to erupt, firing the first spurt of cum right on Tommy’s face vertically from forehead to chin, some of it going in his mouth. Stream number two is a full on hit to his tongue and three and four quickly follow, both landing on his right check. The subsequent shots land partially on his face and cheek running down to his chest and abs. He eagerly swallows what has landed in his mouth. I finish stroking with my hand and give my next order.

“Clean it, now.”

I step forward and his mouth opens obediently and I shove it in, giving him a few seconds to get all the cum off my dick. I then use my right hand to smear the cum onto the rest of his face.

“That’s a pretty good look for you homo” I say as I use his jockstrap to wipe the cum off my hand and I toss it on his left thigh. “Maybe think about hitting the showers” I offer as advice while I pull up my pants, throw my shirt over my shoulder, grab my cell phone and start walking to the exit. The remaining sound is Tommy jerking off and moaning. As I get a few steps from the exit I pull my shirt on and hear him reach his climax, no doubt shoot more cum onto his stud body.

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