Erotic story: Isaac and Ian

By Blank Blank.

Ian liked to work out naked. I had no idea why, and seeing as we shared a small yet efficiently spaced room, he obviously didn’t care much about what people (me) thought of his body. Or, more likely, he just knew whoever (me) saw it would be impressed. Yeah, probably the latter.

It had become a routine, Ian would get up around 5am, his alarm waking both of us up, and he’d start exercising every muscle on his already perfectly muscled body. From push-ups to pull ups, he’d do it all, exposing his tanned 6 pack, biceps, thighs, a perfectly round ass, and by far the body part that took the cake: his 9″ hard dick. Pretty thick, a little curved, overall perfect. A 10/10. He got damn hard when he worked out, too. I often found myself getting mad, who had he killed to get such a perfect body?

I was a bit different, not out of shape, but definitely on the skinnier side. I worked out everyday as well (not naked in front of my supposedly sleeping roommate of course) and it showed too, I had a bit of muscle on my arms, and my chest wasn’t awful, but plop me down next to Ian and I looked like a white, flimsy, straw. I was eternally pale, my one true curse. My dick was my saving feature though, almost just as long as Ian’s, but thin, and uncut.

This routine had been happening for almost 5 months now, from when I had arrived as a sophomore at college. Ian would workout for an hour and a half, retreat into the shower where I was pretty sure he jerked off (or, wanted to believe at least), then emerged fully dressed to “wake me up.”

I still remembered the first time I had met Ian, nervously walking into my dorm room with a backpack and a suitcase weighing what had felt like a million pounds. Ian had spun around from where he was aligning a calendar on the wall of his side of the room, and I remember my breath catching in my throat. Never in my entire life had I seen such a perfect guy. I still remembered his outfit too, a perfectly snug black T-shirt that hugged his biceps, dark jeans, and even a small whitish dab near the left shoulder of his shirt, which looked like it could be paint, but I fantasized was cum instead. Ian had smiled and ran a hand through his short dark brown hair. He had introduced himself, and kindly took my 1 million pound suitcase from me with little effort. Unfortunately, I also remember stammering, unsure of what to say to the Greek god standing in front of me. He had just grinned, my fears of meeting my roommate had evaporated.

I watched Ian’s muscled back as he faced away from me, carefully lifting dumbbells into the air and back down again. He had passed the amount of reps I could do minutes ago, and he was still going strong. My eyes lingered to his round slightly paler ass, and my dick which had been hard for almost an hour and a half pushed harder at my boxer briefs containing them. There was nothing I wanted more than to grab my dick and start jerking off, but I hadn’t admitted to Ian that I was gay, or that I was even into him.

Ian grunted and dropped the dumbbells to the floor. This was my cue: quickly, I shut my eyes and tilted my head, I had mastered faking being asleep. I had also mastered opening my eyes just a little bit, to a degree that Ian couldn’t tell, to watch him from the front. To watch his dick bounce as he did jumping exercises. Nothing was hotter than Ian’s dick slapping against his abs as he jumped.

Ian dropped down to do a plank, the last exercise in his workout routine that I knew perfectly, and I watched as the distance between the floor and Ian’s hips was too small for his dick, causing it skew to the side a little. I imagined that if I ever got his dick in my ass, a similar “not fitting” issue might occur. He finished his plank minutes later and sat up, a perfect coating of sweat covered his chest, and slightly hairy arms. My eyes focused on the large black fitness watch that sat firmly on his left wrist, and my dick twitched.

Something about it turned me on, maybe that it was always with him when he jerked off just centimeters from his dick. It was there when he had sex too, he never took it off. I bet it even made contact with his dick sometimes. I shut my eyes as Ian got up to turn, but unlike any of the previous 5 months, Ian spoke.

“Isaac,” he mused. I kept my eyes closed, trying to simulate like I was actually asleep. “I know you’re awake,” he chuckled. I kept my eyes closed. I heard footsteps walking over to the side of my bed. “I also know-” he grabbed the comforter covering my almost naked body and tugged, “-that you’re rock hard right now.” I opened an eye to see him towering over me, his dick swaying fantastically close to my face. I opened the other eye and felt my face turn a bright shade of red.

“No- I uh-… um-” I stammered. I sat up a little, and scooted my back against the headboard so I didn’t accidentally touch his dick which was extending pretty close to me. He chuckled again, grabbing his shaft with his left hand and pumping once.

“It’s fine Isaac,” Ian grinned, “I’m feeling a bit horny today anyway. Care to suck me off?” I froze and prayed to whatever gay god that had sent me Ian that I’d heard him right. Had he said what I thought he had said? Ian’s large hand slipped onto my dick from the outside of my boxer briefs and an embarrassing amount of pre-cum wet the fabric instantly. “Perhaps I could convince you?”I let out a loud moan, I had never felt more electric than I did right then.

I widened my eyes further as the anticipation in my chest rose. He put his forearm out in front of him and glanced at his watch, “quickly though, we both have class in 10 minutes.” I inwardly scoffed, challenge accepted. Leaning forward, I ran my tongue over all 9″ of his shaft, and I peered up for a second to watch pleasure wash over his face, an instant boost of confidence filled me. From there, I took his head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around his tip and grabbing his balls with a free hand. I then plunged his dick into my mouth, eager to please Ian.

It wasn’t before long that Ian was fucking my face, one hand in my hair and the other resting behind his head, unintentionally flexing his arms making our little oral session only hotter. He thrust into my mouth and moaned loudly. Another two minutes, and I felt him speed up. “Fuck, Isaac, I’m gonna cum,” he warned. But instead of pulling away, I swirled my tongue playfully, desperate for every last drop of Ian’s seed. “Isaac-” Ian started to warn again, but before he could finish, his knees buckled slightly and he fell forward, propping his body up by putting both hands onto my headboard to support himself.

I felt a wave of ecstasy as I noticed how close his his hot manly armpits were to my face. I felt a rope of cum splash into the back of my throat and to my surprise I felt my climax approaching too. My dick hadn’t even been touched besides Ian’s playful tap a few minutes ago, yet it felt like the biggest cum shot ever was preparing inside my rod. Another volley of cum shot into my mouth and I felt Ian begin to weakly thrust. “FUCK, ISAAC” he moaned.

And THAT set me over the top. With a moan of pleasure of my own, I launched

a rope of cum into my briefs, splattering out onto my dick and balls. Four more ropes shot out and I thrust my own hips up slightly in the process, the feeling all too amazing.

Ian and I both panted heavily, unable to speak for a minute. Ian eyed my cum soaked boxer briefs and slid down to sit at the edge of my bed. I broke the silence: “How could you tell?” I asked. Ian raised an eyebrow and looked at me.


“That I was hard,” I swallowed, “and watching.” I felt my cheeks heat up again.

“Dude, Isaac, you were humping your bed.”

Adam Juniper

My brother’s name is Isaac so I felt a little weird choking my chicken to this story LOL

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