Erotic Story: I like to watch

By Sascha Meier

“Billy not so fast, do you have a second?” my professor said. “Yes of course, how may I help you?” I answered politely.

“Let’s keep this short, I know you’re hung-over and bored out of your mind” he said, “I have seen your profile on Grindr”, now I was listening “You wrote something about liking to watch two guys fucking…” I blushed. Ohh hell no, I have seen my professor profile on Grindr too but I wasn’t ready for this. “Well all I am trying to say is if you ever want to watch me your welcome to do so”. Now my face was fire-red and he just walked away.

My Professor is in his mid thirties, dirty blond hair and blue eyes. He was quiet masculine, but I was just not into him. Anyhow the shock and the excitement gave me a hard-on. The day went by like every other day and soon I was on my way home.

I received a message from a user called “dirty_professor35”, well he was really bold but not worries all of his students were over 18. His message said “If you want to watch your still welcome, tonight 8pm Room number 305”. I answered “I still have to finish an essay”. He wrote back “I have read one your essays before, just leave it.”.

I smiled “Fuck you, I’ll be there ;)”

I looked at my phone, got dressed and took a jacked with me. As I was sitting in the bus, I got more and more excited. Who was the other person? Maybe it was a women? Maybe Misses Meyer from the library she was like a 100 years old and really nice. I chuckled why do I always think about such weird stuff, no wonder I don’t have much people talking to me.

He was waiting for me in front of the university building, “Hey Billy” he said “Good Evening Professor” I answered, “Just call me Chris, but only after school hours” I nodded. He closed the elevator doors with his key, the elevators were usually for teachers only. “Are you ready for this?” He asked with a perverted smile on his face. “Hell no!” I answered laughing.

The door to classroom 305 opened. There was no one else in there, he turned the lights on, but only the ones in the teaching area. “Make your self comfortable” he said. So I went and sat on one of the tables in the second row. This was better then the movies the only thing that was missing was popcorn.

“He’ll be here soon…” and with that said someone knocked on the door. The door opened and somebody walked in. He stood in front of the door. “Finally, come here Tommy” the professor said, “Yes Sir” Tommy answered. Tommy walked over to the professor, he didn’t even realize I was sitting there. “Open your mouth, tilt your head back” the professor graped him by the chin and spat in his mouth “Swallow it, Tommy” and Tommy did swallow. “Now look to your left”, our eyes met and Tommy’s face just froze. “Hey” I said quietly.

I didn’t really knew Tommy, I just saw him around the building. He’s is quiet the jock, short brown hair, emerald green eyes and t-shirts that were way to tight. He talks shit all the time, is very offensive and probably the only student that is worse at school then me.

Tommy turned to the professor “What the fuck is he doing here?” the professor looked at Tommy with a really pissed expression Tommy rephrased the sentence again “What is he doing here, Sir?” answering his question really calm “He is going to watch you being a submissive bitch-boy”. Tommy looked at me “Fuck you, I am leaving..” Tommy walked to the door “If you leave now, you may never come back again..”

Tommy turned around “But… I don’t want him here” Tommy said in sad voice. Now I was feeling bad for him. “He stays, you can go jerk yourself off…” the professor said like he didn’t give a shit. Tommy just stood there “Now fuck off…” the professor said not looking at him. Tommy said quietly “Okay I’ll stay” The Professor asked “Sorry, what was that?” Tommy yelled “Okay I will stay here and he can watch me being your bitch-boy, Sir”

Tommy slowly walked over to the professor. Chris grabbed him by the balls “Why do you always have to be such a cunt?” he ask squeezing Tommy’s balls “I am sorry, Sir” Tommy squirmed. Unbuttoning his own pants Chris pushed Tommy to his knees. The red boxers that Chris was wearing had already a big wet spot, he took them of freeing his big fat pole. Tommy waited like a puppy for something to happen. Chris turned his boxers inside out relieving a sticky mess “What are you waiting for?” the professor asked.

The bitch-boy started to like all the wet spots, Chris shoved them in Tommy’s mouth making him suck out all the pre-cum. Slowly grabbing Tommy on both sides of his head, pushing him deep into his balls “Now breathe in” Tommy started taking in the smell of his balls while still sucking on the boxers “Good boy”. They stayed that way for a few minutes. Then Chris pushed him off, Tommy was gazing at the professor like he was stoned. Chris pulled the back to foreskin of his cock relieving his huge penis head. “Take it in your mouth, but only the tip”

While Tommy was sucking on the head Chris kept stroking his cock contentiously feeding him fresh pre-cum, the bitch-boy moaned every time he got a new drop. Chris pushed his cock deeper into Tommy’s mouth, slowly face fucking him increasing speed slowly, until the was jack-hammering his throat, and then slowing down again. Chris pulled back his cock until only his head was in Tommy’s mouth, “Look up at me” Chris started to moan and Tommy started to swallow “Drink it…. All of it” Chris moaned while Tommy swallowed as fast as he could.

Like I already thought Tommy didn’t cum, he was still on his knees slowly nursing every last drop out. Chris pushed him off his dick and pull up his trousers leaving. Tommy tried to protest but the professor shoved his used boxers in his mouth. “How did you like the show?” he asked with a big smile on his face “quiet interesting, I have to process this first” I said “You’ll do that, see you tomorrow, by the way you two can take the same bus home” and with that said he left. I watched Tommy get up, he looked like an tsunami survivor considering what just happened in his mouth. He realized that I was still in the room, but instead of being pissed, he looked really vulnerable.

“Are you okay?” I asked. He nodded, with the professor’s boxers still in his mouth. “Don’t you want to spit that out?” He shook his head. “Are you not allowed to spit it out?” He nodded again. “You got to be shitting me, open your mouth” I pulled the boxer out of his mouth. “He is going to kill me!” I looked at him “If you don’t shut up I’m gonna kill you, apart from that he will probably just punish you with some sort of plug in your ass” He blushed “I’m already wearing one” he said quietly. “Tommy come on let’s just leave”

I said losing my patience. As we walked down the stairs I noticed that he was still having a hard-on, he was actually kinda cute when he was not talking. We took the same bus and got off at the same station, how did I never notice that? Anyway as we got off, he looked at me with big eyes, “You’re not gonna tell anybody at school are you?” he asked almost crying “No, but I’m gonna call your mom and tell her my self” he looked at me in shock “I was kidding”. “Listen Tommy I need to know how this happened” I asked in a serious voice “Well it’s a long story I’ll tell you another time ” he said facing the ground. “It’s not the end of the world, sleep tight, see you tomorrow…..

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