Erotic story: Hot for college jock feet

By K.

My heart was racing as I swept my tongue across my lips, the hunger from my dreams even sharper now that I was awake. Sticking out from the blue sheets that covered my roommate’s bed were two huge size twelves that had my dick throbbing in my sweats.

I lay in my own bed for a moment, slowly stroking my cock while I stared at his feet, all ten toes I was dying to pull into my mouth, those big meaty soles my tongue was waiting to ravish. Our dorm room was small, which made tip-toeing to his bed that much quicker. By the time I was sitting at the edge of his bed, I had already reached my limit, and leaned in to take a big whiff of the bare feet that made college the best thing in the world.

Jason was a hunky football player who looked like he deserved his own calendar. His chest muscles were insane, pecs so firm and bulky with tiny pink nipples jutting out, and abs that would have anyone on their knees licking every drop of sweat from them—and big sweaty feet, the best part of every morning. Impatient and so hard that it hurt a little, I pressed my face against his soles and took another sniff, feeling the dampness of his bare skin against me. I let out a throaty shutter and licked my lips again as I continued burying my face in his huge feet.

Hearing him moan spurred me on, my huger so insatiable that I started sucking on those plump big toes. My tongue ravished them, sliding around in the gaps, taking my time to suck on one while I massaged his free foot, before I switched, relishing in the way they felt in my mouth. Fuck. I had to reach down and grab my dick through my sweats.

My mouth was already fully accustomed to these feet, and I was pulled each toe into my mouth, one by one, the rush was even hotter than it had been yesterday.

“Yeah, man, suck those toes,” Jason groaned.

His husky voice sent my senses into overdrive, feeling his toes curls against my touch as I licked and kissed up and down his big smooth soles. I let my tongue dance around his heel, sliding to his ankles, before I stuffed all five toes of his left foot into my mouth.

“Fuck yeah, suck `em, Ben.” From the movements under the covers, I could tell he was humping his bed.

Had it not been for his phone alarm going off, I would have lost myself in the reverie of worshipping Jason’s big hot feet. And even when it did, he let it snooze for five more minutes so I could continue sucking and licking every inch of his feet, until we really had to head out for our first classes. But the taste of his hot sweaty toes would be lingering in my mouth all day.

My first class on Mondays Fridays was biology, in a lecture hall with room for all twenty of us to spread out and zone out while our teacher taught. It was brutal having such a boring class in the morning, but it knocked out a graduation requirement and was an easy A. So it wasn’t all bad, especially because Louis sat in the same row as me. He was a couple seats down, and there was no one between us, so for a full fifty minutes, I would be sneaking glances at his incredible legs, muscled and toned from cross country, all the way down to his shoes, which would be dangling on his feet for a couple minutes, teasing me.

I would try to focus on the images on the projector, but inevitably my eyes would drift towards the hint of black ankle socks hugging his big feet. Even though I was more into bare feet, socks were sexy too. When they were tight and each toe was visible against the fabric, that’d get me hot so fast my head would be spinning. So as badly as I tried not to watch and look like a freak, I couldn’t help myself, especially when he finally slipped his shoes off and sat there in his socks.

I shifted in my seat, my dick aching and my balls heavy with cum. His feet were smaller than Jason’s, probably about a ten, but I was dying to crawl on the floor and study his feet for the next forty minutes. I wanted to suck on his socks, make the tops of them wet so that I could see every toe through the cotton. He curled his toes in his tight black socks, and shit, I felt like I’d start shooting off in my pants any second.

While everybody else focused on the lecture, I sat on the floor, massaging Louis’s feet through his black socks, feeling the warmth radiating from them and seeing bliss spill all over his face. I worked up and down the soles, getting him more relaxed, then giving the heel a good work-out, fighting back the urge to salivate openly as I continued upwards towards his toes.

Toes. I couldn’t tell you why I was so intensely attracted to feet, but I could tell you in a heartbeat that toes were the sexiest part. Pressing my fingers against them, cracking each one, my heart sped up so fast that I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to calm down. And that excitement was fueled when he looked down at me with those gorgeous green eyes, waiting for me to keep going. I leaned in and started sucking on his right pinky toe.

Even through the sock, I could feel how hot it was. There was a smell, but it wasn’t bad. I inhaled deeply, filling my lungs with the scent that ramped up my desire tenfold and moved my way left, licking and sucking on his toes through the socks. And he moaned, calf muscles tightening as he pressed his foot against my face, so horny that self-control was as lost as our attention to the lecture. But I liked it, I dug my face against his foot, sighing as the moisture along his socked sole hit my face. His foot sweat had me so fucking hot that I was ready to bust a nut any second.

The more aggressive he got, the hotter I got. He rubbed his feet all over my face, and I sniffed, licked and sucked on his socks until I was in a daze.

The sound of people’s chatter and shuffling woke me from my reverie, and I found myself back in class with a massive hard-on. I watched Louis smile at me as he slipped his shoes back on, and winked at me. It looked like I had to wait a couple minutes to cool off before I went back to the dorm.

Right outside my dorm was a lawn, in the middle of campus and just a small distance away from the cafeteria, which made it the perfect place to hang out. And with perpetually sunny weather year round, it was also the perfect place for guys to slip off their shoes and stretch their feet out. One particular guy who frequented this lawn during the day was Matthew, who also lived in my dorm.

If I had a type, jocks would fill that spectrum completely, regardless of the sport. And although Matthew didn’t do any sports, I had bumped into him around the dorm at night enough to know he had a swimmer’s build, lean and toned—smooth legs and hot feet. I knew exactly where my dorm card key was, but always fished around my bag as if I was looking for it to stall time and get a great view of Matthew lying out there. We didn’t really talk, so when he called me over, I was surprised, and practically tripped over my own feet to get to him as fast as possible.

I sat by his feet, not making a big deal about it as we chatted about school, what the cafeteria would be serving, just whatever. But it was more than a big deal—it was huge. There his bare feet were just inches away from my crossed legs. He must have been out here for a little while because there was a thin layer of sweat covering his soles, and no matter how much attention I was trying to give his words, his feet were begging for more.

So when I felt one plop down in my lap, my cheeks were burning with heat. Then came the other and he smiled at me.

“Wanna rub `em?”

Right here? Outside where anybody could pass? I had never done anything like this, not outside a dorm room, but I wasn’t about to pass up a chance to get Matthew’s feet. So without answering, I rubbed his sweaty feet, hoping that my voice didn’t crack as I kept talking to him. His toes were thinner and longer than most jocks, and I loved the way they responded to my touch, curling forward like they wanted more stimulation.

Matthew smiled. “You’re pretty good at this. You have any practice?”


My fetish wasn’t as secret as I had intended to be, at least around my dorm. I had been scared the guys were going to freak out, think I was predatory or something, but they were more than cool with it. And the perks of being in an all guys’ dorm opened up in ways I had never expected. Guys got off on me sucking on their toes, licking their feet, and it wasn’t like any of us expected anything more out of it than a good time. So maybe this thing with Matthew was inevitable. He’d probably heard it from someone in the dorm, and was cool with me slobbering all over his bare feet in pure worship. From the way he grinned at me, it looked like he was enjoying himself.

And I was more than enjoying myself, blushing furiously when he pressed one foot against my crotch. He ran his agile toes up and down the length of my cock through my pants, me unashamedly humping his foot as I moaned around the toes curling in my mouth.

When he finally pulled away, he smiled that perfect smile and told me he was hungry and was going to get something to eat, but maybe we could continue this later. I nodded, this time hurrying to find my card key so I could jack off as fast as I could.

At least, that was the plan until I walked by the common room and found Dennis watching TV with his shoes off. Those big sexy feet framed in his white socks would have had me crawling across the whole dorm just to get next to them. And Dennis knew that. I stopped at the doorframe and he smirked, nodding for me to come in and take a load off. There were plenty of places to sit, chairs and couches, but I tossed my backpack to the side and sat down on the floor with my back against the chair, right between his legs.

Some trashy talk show about people sleeping with other people—not like I was paying much attention. Even though I was staring right at the screen, Dennis’s big socked feet were on my shoulders, resting on either side of my face, toes curling and feet swaying side to side. He was playing with me. And I always played along, shrugging and shifting like I was trying to get away, which only made him push his feet closer. And once Dennis started pushing his feet against my face, the façade of a game dissipated instantly.

Shit, his sweaty socked feet felt incredible against my cheeks, sliding down the back of my neck, curling so that his toes were right under my nose. I took hold of them and took a long deep breath.

“Yeah, you like lickin’ my feet, Ben?”

“Mmm-hmm.” I sucked on his sweaty toes through his white socks, head rolling back.

My whole body went into a spasm when I felt his other foot sliding down my chest to press against my crotch. I had been on a hair trigger since I had sucked on Jason’s feet this morning, and Dennis was definitely not making this any easier. Since I wasn’t wearing a belt, Dennis was able to slide his foot down my pants so that he was rubbing me through my briefs.

Way too fucking hot.

I moaned around his toes as I came, thick bursts of cum splattering along the insides of my briefs as his foot worked me to my limit.

“Fuck yeah. Shoot your load from my foot, Ben.”

I was panting like a dog and heat and turned around, pulling off Dennis’s socks and burying my face in them. He moved one foot under my shirt and rubbed my chest, driving me crazy when I felt his big toe pushing against my nipple. I could see the huge bulge in Dennis’s shorts. I didn’t care that we were in the common room. I unzipped his fly and pulled out his six and a half inch dick and deep throated it, pushing myself down to the base while one of his feet explored my chest and the other slid under my balls so that I was riding his foot.

It didn’t take long, not with him swearing so much. Suck my fucking cock. Gonna spill my load down your throat and all over your face while you fuck my feet, man. I couldn’t tell you why dirty talk got me as hot as it did either, but there it was, my heart pounding a mile a minute as I felt his dick twitch like crazy as the bulbous cockhead spewed cum down my throat, as I hit my second orgasm, more cum coating the front of my briefs.

Brad was the RA of my dorm, a senior on the baseball team, and one of the hottest guys on campus. If there was such thing as a “foot crush,” I had it bad for him. Watching him walk around the dorm barefoot had me struggling to hold onto every last bit of self-control not to run to the showers and jerk off like a maniac. I took a seat at one of the tables in the library, taking the opportunity to watch him walk around barefoot. A lot of guys did that at our school library, which didn’t make it the best place to focus on homework, but I wasn’t complaining.

Especially when Brad took a seat across from me. Trying to focus on algebra was out of the question when I felt his feet rubbing against my legs. I had changed into shorts after cumming in my pants with Dennis, so feeling those big hot feet against my smooth skin was making my body temperature soar.

I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with Brad’s feet since RA duties and everything else kept him running around campus tending to stuff. But that just meant his feet were extra hot and extra sweaty when we did get together. Abandoning my homework, I pushed his foot away and ducked under the table, getting those big soles right in my face.

Sniffing and licking feet were some of the hottest things ever, but if guys were cool with it, footjobs were stimulating in a way all their own. The sensation of feeling two big beefy feet around my cock, sliding my dick in between thick sweaty soles until I popped my nuts all over them was enough to propel me into vivid wet dreams. It was risky pulling my shorts and briefs off in our library, but we were on the third floor, and there wasn’t anyone nearby. And when his big feet touched my bare cock, all other thoughts were out the window.

“Fuck my feet,” Ben whispered, working his toes along my cock. I had to hold back a moan I felt his big toe pressing against my cockhead, pre-cum gurgling out. The sweat from his soles made the humping motion easier, and when I slid my dick between his toes, I was so hot that I thought I’d pass out.

One of his friends passed by, completely oblivious that I was fucking Brad’s feet, and his friend was barefoot too, so my position under the table gave me the perfect view. I wanted to reach over and massage his feet too, but I had my hands full of senior jock feet as it was, so I couldn’t complain.

I bit down on my bottom lip, hard, as I unloaded thick spurts of cum all over Brad’s feet. Cumming on a hot jock’s feet and licking up my cum, I could never choose which was hotter. Feeling his toes curl as my tongue lapped up every last drop had my cock leaking a little more seed down to my balls. I gave his feet a couple long wet French-kisses before we went back to our work.

Our school’s soccer team was filled with gorgeous guys, and I knew that better than anyone, especially on Friday nights. Sprawled out in Mark’s dorm room, I lay naked on the floor, while four of the hottest studs on the team worked their white socked feet all over my body.

Some feet were at my face, rubbing against my cheeks while I sucked on some jock toes, and some were sliding up and down my chest. Toes pushed angst my nipples, switching between aggressive and teasingly gentle. Feet from two separate guys were working my cock and another one was pushing against my balls, slowly sliding up and down my crack and pushing against my hole like it was going to pop in.

No one was saying anything, other than the grunting and heavy panting as they passed lube around and jacked their cocks while they worked me into a foot frenzy. Socks started coming off, one by one, and soon eight bare feet were moving all along my body, and Mark was guiding me to turn over.

I lay on my stomach, legs spread wide as the bare feet continued to roam my back, my bubble butt, my smooth legs. My cock was facing down so it was open for someone to press their sweaty plump toes up my hard length and—holy shit, someone just dipped their toe into my butt. Humping the floor like a madman, I groaned against the carpet and came all over the foot that was pressing against my dick.

Soon, all four of them were crouched around me, shooting their loads all over my face. Like firecrackers going off, it came from all sides, drenching my face in hot jock cum. It splattered through my hair, across my nose and cheeks, dripping down my chin and ears. And it was only Friday.

Saturday and Sunday, no classes and a lot more fun to be had.

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