Erotic Story: Hanging Out With Chris


Chris and I were never too close of friends but we still hung out every now and then and kept up to date with each other’s lives. We were kind of opposites but we never let that bother us. I was pretty much your everyday average guy. I was skinny and looked pretty cute. The only difference was that I came out a few years ago. Being 18, I’ve had a few years to get use to it. Chris and I were the same age. We went to highschool together. He was a more `out there’ kind of guy. He never cared what people thought about him or what he did, he just lived his life the way he wanted. He knew that I liked him but never let that get between us.

Erotic Story: Hanging Out With Chris

I got to see him shirtless on many occasions when we use to go to the beach or when he use to come over for a swim. Sometimes I think he just liked showing his body off to me. He wasn’t overly muscular. Just kind of an average guy. He had nice developing pecs. He didn’t have abs but still had a flat stomach which I found hot. He loved wearing wife-beaters and tank tops to show off his biceps. His chest had hair but not too much and he had a snail trail that trailed down to his pants. He would often catch me looking, wondering where that trail ended. Every time I would be looking at his crotch, I would look back up to see his sexy smile. He loved the fact that I was checking him out. We still hung out after we finished school. We use to do the same thing when we could. Swim during the day, have a few drinks, play xbox, pretty much just hanging out.

We had just finished swimming and were hanging out in our board shorts, plaything the xbox. Hours past by while we played. Chris sometimes stayed over if he was too lazy to drive. The sun was down but it was still pretty early in the night. We finished up our game and turned the TV on while Chris made himself something to eat. He was over so often, he was never really considered a guest anymore. I wasn’t hungry so I just watched TV while he ate. After he finished, we were watching some reality TV show where everyone was pretty much hanging around the house, half dressed. Everyone in those shows liked to show themselves off.

“Some of these bitches are hot but they’ll come up with any excuse to wear less clothes.”

I looked over at him and saw him spread his legs open and adjust the growing bulge in his shorts. His hand didn’t leave his crotch. It looked like he was stroking his dick.

“Hey Tim, I’ve been thinking about how to ask this delicately. I already know the answer but haven’t really found the right time so I might as well just come out with it.”

“What is it Chris? You can ask anything.”

“Well… can I use your toilet?”

Well that was anti-climactic.

“Ah… yeah Chris. You know you don’t have to ask.”

“Well… that isn’t really what I wanted to ask. I’m just a little bit nervous. What I really want to ask is… can you suck my dick for me?”

“Really? You want me to?”

“Yeah… I’m just kinda curious and I’m really horny at the moment. I pretty much just want to blow my load.”

As he said that, he grabbed his cock and shook it.

“You remember when we were kids and you walked in on my in the shower? Let’s just say I’ve grown a lot since then.”

He slid his shorts off and sat back, stroking his dick. My eyes widened as I watched. I looked up to see his smile.

“I didn’t say yes yet Chris.”

“I know. But I know that you’ll suck it.”

He knew me too well. Within seconds, I was on my knees between his spread legs. He let go of his cock which hung inches from my face and put his hands behind his head.

“I told you it was big. 9 inches last time I measured. It may be thick but I can see that it’ll fit perfectly in your mouth.”

I stuck my tongue out and licked the precum off the head of his cock. He released a small moan. It tasted amazing and I wanted more. I placed my lips around his dick and sucked more precum out. With every suck, I moved further down his cock, taking more into my mouth. When I was about half way, I wrapped my hand around the thick base and started blowing him. I was in heaven and, judging by the look on his face, so was Chris. My hand jerked the base of his cock while I sucked the top few inches. My other hand was cupping and playing with his large, low hanging balls. He was moaning in pleasure as I worked my hands and mouth.

“Fuck little buddy. Better than any chick has sucked my cock. Well almost any chick. If you can take more, you’ll definitely be the best.”

I was determined to please him. I removed my hand from around his cock and slowly tried to take more. I was swallowing about 5 inches when I felt his hand on the back of my head. He started applying pressure, making me take more.

“That’s it man. You’re doing well. Little bit more.”

After slowly swallowing his cock, I had finally taken it down to the base. All 9 inches filled my throat. He held my head down for a few seconds before allowing me to come up for air. My eyes were watering from having such a thick cock down my throat. I came off his cock and started jerking him while I wiped away the tears.

“Fuck that’s a big cock Chris.”

“You’re not the first to say that. No one’s ever taken my cock all the way before.”

He leaned forward, placed his hands under my arms and lifted me so I was leaning over him, inches from his face. He grabbed the back of my head and kissed me deep. He pulled away from the kiss and sucked his finger before returning to exploring my mouth with his tongue. I felt his hand slide under my shorts and his finger slowly slide into my ass. I released a small moan while he fingered me. He pulled away from the kiss and continued to look into my eyes while I pulled my shorts down. I stepped out of them and kneeled over him, placing a leg each side of his hip. His cock was covered in my saliva so I placed it at my hole. He held my hips and I placed my hands on his shoulders as I slowly lowered myself. I could feel it stretching me as the head popped in. I grit my teeth and stopped for a moment as I got use to it. I slowly continued to slide his thick cock inside me. He held my ass and stopped me when I was about half way. I opened my eyes and looked into his.

“You don’t have to take it all. It’s pretty big.”

“I want to.”

I continued to slide it in. After a long, slow process of getting his dick in my ass, I finally reached the base and realised that every inch was inside me. I slid about half of it out and then rode it back down. I picked up the pace and started riding him. We were both moaning in pleasure. I felt his hands grip my hips tighter and he slowly started thrusting. I could see a lustful fire burning in his eyes as he took control. He started thrusting harder and faster, sliding every thick inch into my ass.

“Take my cock Tim. Ride it good.”

He wrapped his arms around my body and moved us both so I was laying on my back with him on top. He sat up, lifted my legs and held them by the ankles as he started thrusting again. It felt incredible having him fuck me so deep. I couldn’t help but moan while he fucked me. He picked up the pace more until he was pounding me as fast as he could. Before I could say anything, he pulled his cock out and dropped my legs around his waist. He was towering over my body, jerking his cock fast.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

He tilted his head back and moaned as I watched his huge load shoot over my body and my cock. My hand reached for my dick to start jerking myself off when I felt Chris’ hand slap mine away. He bent forward and started licking the cum off my cock before taking it into his mouth. His warm mouth felt amazing around my dick as he sucked me. I was moaning loudly as my hands moved through his hair. Within minutes, I was shooting my load down his throat and he was swallowing every drop. He released my cock and sat back on the couch with one leg on it and one leg off. I looked at him while he laid back with his thick cock against his stomach. It was still half hard and glistening with cum.

“Hey look what I can do Tim.”

Then he did something incredible. I watched as he lent as far forward as he could with his cock in his hand and took the head of his own cock in his mouth. He sucked and licked the cum off it before sitting back again. I was in shock. That was the hottest thing I had ever seen. Chris was breathing heavily as I saw a smirk cross his face. This was the beginning of something great.

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    I’m str8 but always try selfsucking can lick head and something get head in my mouth it’s so hot

  2. Bill says:

    Very hot I sometimes try to suck my own cock when flexible I can suck head but not more than that wish I could deep throat myself

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