Erotic story: Gym buddies part 2

By C. Charlie. Check out part one here.

After watching the football game with Dylan and Jordan, I didn’t hear from them. I figured that hooking up with Dylan was probably a one time thing brought about by too much alcohol. If I hadn’t been drunk, I wouldn’t have done, and from what I’d gathered, Dylan was relaxed about the casual sex thing. Still, there was something about the guy that I couldn’t get out of my mind. Every time I went to the gym I hoped to see him there, but almost a week passed before I saw the guys again.

One afternoon I walked into the gym and saw Jordan standing behind a bench while Dylan lifted. I jumped onto the treadmill to warm up and watched as Dylan packed up his stuff. We crossed paths as I walked to the locker room, and Dylan winked at me.

The wink and smile were more than I could handle, and my dick got hard instantly. I now routinely packed a pair of tight compression shorts and I slipped them on to hide my bulge. When I walked into the weight-room, Jordan was still working out. He was deep into his routine, chest it looked like, but when I started to use the leg press, Jordan asked if he could cut in.

“Sure,” I said, getting out of the machine. I watched as he added weight to the machine, almost 200 more pounds, then he sat down and hiked his shorts upward over his muscular thighs. I watched as he dropped the weight down, pushing his knees into his chest and then extended his legs. His quadriceps bulged, the thick muscles pushing out against his skin. Then I glanced between his legs. His shorts had ridden up and showed off his big basket. I tried not to stare, instead letting my eyes pass over the lump as I shifted my gaze.

Jordan stood up, sweat pouring down his neck into his t-shirt. Unlike Dylan, Jordan wasn’t a beast. He was shorter than me by about an inch and fairly compact. His arms were thick and he had shoulders like bowling balls. His mass was well-proportioned across his frame, and he didn’t seem bulky at all. He ran his fingers through his hair, messing it up just a little bit, and then leaned against the machine.

“Your turn, stud,” he said with a sly smile.

I climbed down into the seat after taking two plates off of each side. Jordan stood there watching me. He pulled up his shirt to wipe away the sweat on his face, and I saw his flat stomach and the thick elastic band of a jockstrap. His shorts were low on his hips and I could see the straps disappear behind his back. I quickly banged out eight reps and then looked up at him.

“Seriously, a jock strap?”

“Seriously,” Jordan said, showing off the way the band cut across his hips and ass. “Dylan says they’re fag bait, and, well, since you owe me a blowjob, I figured I’d get dressed up for you.” He waited a moment and then said, “I’m kidding . . . well mostly.”

“Isn’t it uncomfortable?”

“Not really. I kind of like the way it grabs at me to be honest.” Jordan looked around and then grabbed at the lump in his shorts, mashing it around and moving it. “No one can see my dick. It’s all wrapped up.”

I rolled my eyes, and he shook his head at me. “I’m going to go do some squats.” He turned and then looked back at me, winking, “You should come watch.”

“I thought you were the straight one,” I said softly.

“Mostly straight,” Jordan said, “Relax man, I’m just trying to get a rise out of you. I like screwing with people. It’s in my nature. I can stop if it bothers you.”

“I think I’ll be ok.”

Jordan grabbed my shoulder, “Just chill out, dude. We’re just two bros working out together.” Before he took his hand away he rubbed the back of my neck, and I went weak in the knees. Jordan smiled at me and stuck his tongue out, “The fact that I can do that to you is pretty awesome.”

“You’re a dick.” I said

“Watch me squat, bro. It’ll make me feel good knowing that a studly old guy like you is into me. Makes me more confidant.”

He stood up with the bar on his shoulders, and I watched as he dropped down to the ground. He squatted deep and held it there. His perfect ass bulged out against the thin fabric of his shorts, and I could see the bands of the jockstrap showing through. He did this eight times, going low and pausing each time. My mouth watered. All I wanted was to dive between those thick cheeks and lick up his sweat, make him squirm, and wait for him to push his cock back between his legs into my waiting mouth. There’s something about a muscular man ass that blows my mind. Jordan’s ass was firm and defined with a little patch of hair in the small of his back. In my head I imagined pulling down his shorts and revealing two hairy cheeks.

When he finished his set, Jordan started to strip the weight off the bar. Apparently he had done the set just for me. “What do you think?”

“You’ve got a nice ass, Jordan. Like the nicest. I don’t know why you don’t understand that.”

“Whatever,” he said, “I’m done.”

Desperate to go home and jack off, I followed him into the locker room.

We talked for a minute and then Jordan switched topics, “You made one hell of an impression on Dylan last week.”

“Yeah,” I grunted.

“Yeah.” Jordan said. “He hasn’t talked about anybody else since.”

“Well, I had a good time too.”

“Be careful, bro. I love that dude like a brother, but he’s a shitty boyfriend.” Jordan lowered his voice, “He’ll fuck almost anything that moves and he expects a guy to be there for him pretty much whenever. He’s pretty dominant, if you know what I mean.”

I knew exactly what he meant, and the log between my legs throbbed as he said it. I’d never considered myself submissive, but something about Dylan made me want to spread my legs for him. I wanted to feel his massive arms wrap around my torso while he shoved up into me.

“I don’t think he’s looking for a boyfriend.” I said.

“He’s a pussy when it comes to making a move, but I guarantee you that if you show some interest, he’ll respond.” Jordan said, “And from what I hear, he’ll take you on a date and you’ll be totally in love with him by the end. He’s that good.”

The way Jordan was talking, I seriously considered grabbing my phone and texting Dylan. I wasn’t quite sure what I would say, but I was getting close to making a move.

The conversation drifted off while we stripped down. “What are you guys up to this weekend?” I asked, hoping to get another invitation over.

“Same as always, sports and beer during the day. Hunting for ass during the night. It’s what we do. You give Dylan a call, he’ll want you to come over. I want you to come over too. You still owe me a blowjob.”

I blushed. “About last Saturday, I’m not usually like that.”

“You mean you don’t usually blow a guy on a whim or you don’t usually sit around and get smashed with your buddies?”

“Well, both really.”

“You act like you’re not into fooling around, but you’re a liar. It’s obvious.”

“Really, I’m not usually into that stuff. I like to get to know a guy a little first.”

“So you’re saying that if a guy like me started to strip his clothes off. If a big, muscular, straight college dude like me pulled off his shirt, flexed his muscles, and then started to pull off his shorts . . . If that guy asked you to suck his dick, to make him feel good, to help him relax after a hard workout, you wouldn’t follow that guy into the sauna and help him out? Your dick wouldn’t get hard and start dripping just at the thought of getting in between his legs, seeing what he had to offer, and drinking his nut?”

While he was talking, Jordan pulled off his tank and tossed it onto the pile. I was used to his arms, thick and long with a big black and white tattoo on one shoulder. I was used to looking at the beautiful tufts of hair in his armpits. I’d never seen his chest without a shirt on before, and the guy was sculpted. His pecs were massive and heavy, with perfect quarter sized nipples. His waist was trim and his stomach was flat with a little definition. A light dusting of hair covered his stomach and pushed down into his shorts.

He looked directly at me, straight into my eyes, as his fingers slipped under the band of his shorts. I gazed down at his torso as he slowly pushed them down. His pubes came into view. They were short but dark and thick. The top of his shaft came into view and then he pushed the shorts lower. His cock was long, soft, and cut. It hung heavy between his legs, maybe half-hard from the conversation. His smooth balls swung freely as he stepped out of his shorts, turned around, and bent down to put them into his gym bag. I stared at his muscular ass. His crack and cheeks were just hairy enough to make him seem unbelievably masculine. My mouth watered as I imagined eating him out.

Jordan wrapped a towel around his waist low enough that his pubes were still visible. “I’m going to be in the sauna, you know, if you’re interested.”

He grabbed his cock and winked at me. Then he turned toward the door.

It took about ten seconds for me to close me mouth and regain my bearings. Then I walked over to my locker and started to strip down. I wrapped a towel around my waste and and jetted to the sauna. When I opened the door, the hot, dry air caused me to cough. Jordan was sitting naked on a far bench, his towel balled up next to him. There wasn’t anyone else around.

“Thank god.” Jordan said. Then he sat up and leaned forward, “You don’t actually have to suck my cock. I just wanted you to stop being so hung up. Life is about having fun, bro. If it doesn’t hurt anyone, there’s nothing wrong with it. Right? So, we can just hang out if you want.” Then he winked. “Just to be clear, though, I wouldn’t say no to a blowjob. I mean, if like, that’s what you want to do. No pressure or anything.”

He scratched at his sweaty pubes. Something about the sauna and his nakedness made him seem hotter than usual, with his hair messed up as he leaned forward, hands on his elbows. There was sheen of sweat on his shoulders and chest. He looked like a Men’s Health cover model except that he was naked. Jordan was a straight up fox, and as he gazed at me I was aware that despite claiming he wasn’t that good looking, he knew how hot he was.

I sat down on a bench around the corner from him. I was nervous to take my towel off, but I did it. If he was going to be naked, I would be too.

“Hey, can I ask you a question? You can tell me if it weirds you out.”

“I guess,” I said. “After hanging around with you guys, not much weirds me out anymore. I’m starting to relax, I think.”

“Yeah you are.” he said, “I wasn’t like this before either. Dylan really brought it out in me, made me more confidant and assertive.”

“So what’s your question?”

“Do you think I’m hot? Or maybe, like, on a scale of one to ten, how hot am I? Girls never answer, but I’m curious.”

“Right now, you’re a perfect 10 dude. You’re hitting all my buttons.” I said to him. I motioned down to my cock which wasn’t rock hard, but was pretty close. “With clothes on you’re a total stud. Before we started talking, I rubbernecked every time you walked past me.”

“It’s kind of fucked up, but I never feel that way. I focus on my flaws pretty seriously.”

“I don’t think you have any flaws. Not that I can see, anyway.”

“Take a look and let me know.”

He stood up in front of me, bare ass naked, and started posing. He did front poses first, pushing out his lats and then tightening his stomach. As much as his body turned me on, I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. In the heat of the sauna, everything was hanging pretty free and flopping around. On a lot of built up guys, their cock starts to look small, but Jordan’s body was perfect. He was muscular, but not so bulky that he looked out of proportion. His cock fit him perfectly.

He turned around and squatted down to show off his glutes. His muscular ass opened up and I got a look inside his crack. There was some hair around his hole, but otherwise his ass was smooth. I groaned loudly, “Alright dude, that’s enough or I’m going to lose control.”

He turned back toward me and looked between my legs. “I was only half joking about you sucking my cock. I wouldn’t say no to a blow-job.”

I stared him up and down. There was no way I was going to leave the room without getting between his legs. A guy like me doesn’t get offered this kind of opportunity very often, and I was going for it.

“You sure Dylan won’t mind. I mean, you said he’s into me.”

“That dude?” Jordan said with a smile, “He once offered me his boyfriend without even asking the guy. He’s the kind of guy that thinks sharing is caring. If you don’t suck it now, he’ll make you suck it later. Trust me, it’s part of the deal with him.”

“What? He’ll pass me around.” I said, momentarily uninterested in Jordan’s dick.

“Not like that, but he expects his guys to worship him. He likes to be totally in control. Like I said, he’s a demanding boyfriend. You’ll like it. I can already tell with you. A lot of guys think they want a guy like Dylan, but freak out when they get it. You’re the opposite. You didn’t know you wanted someone like him, and you’re a little afraid, but he’s going to make you his guy and you’re going to love it.”

“You think?”

“I know. And I’m going to love it too. Having a guy like you around the apartment will be good for both of us.”

“Not sure I’m ready for that, man.”

“Liar. I would think a hot guy like you would have spent a lot of time slutting it up when he was young.”

“I kind of figured myself out later.”

“So, this is your chance to fuck around with a bunch of hot young dudes. I mean, look at me, I’m practically offering you my cock and my body. You can do, like, anything you want. All you got to do is take it.”

I blushed, but couldn’t help but staring at his body. The tufts of hair between his ass cheeks and under his pits, his perfect fucking pecs with pert dime-sized nipples, and his massive cock bouncing with his heartbeat.

“You’re serious? I always feel like you and Dylan are joking, but you’re serious, right?”

“Dead serious. And I bet I know exactly what you want too. I can read you like a book.”

He leaned back against the dry wood and lifted both of his legs. He kept pulling them up, his soft cock dangling over his balls, until his furry asshole came into view. The fur was matted with sweat and he stared straight at me. He was right. He’d read me like a book.

“You’re an ass man, right.” He said grinning, “I saw the bulge in your shorts after I squatted. Gotta tell you dude, there’s not much that I love more than a tongue on my asshole, and most chicks aren’t into that.”

He slapped the inside of his thigh and then grinned again, “I’m not asking, bro.”

I was still in shock, literally stuck in place, and then I snapped out of it and dropped to my knees. I was about five feet away from him, and I suddenly realized that I was going to have to crawl across the sauna. I considered getting back up, but figured that it was useless and started to make the trip. Jordan laughed and said, “Fuck this is going to be good. Dylan said you’re an awesome lay and I can already tell it’s true.”

For a second I was stoked that Dylan had been pleased with his blow-job, then I closed in on Jordan’s hole. I stared at it, the dark red circle, the thick dark hair, his ample balls hanging loose because of the heat. I pushed my mouth in and started to lick at him.

Instantly the smell of his body, his taint, and his nuts, overwhelmed me. His balls pressed into my forehead and the skin stuck against mine. I darted my tongue around his hole, licking up every drop of sweat that I could find. Then I mashed my face into his crotch, rubbing all of my skin and hair against his junk. I knew Jordan was enjoying it because he grabbed onto the back of my skull and pulled me into his body.

“Oh fuck yes, dude. You were hungry, huh?”

I pulled away and nodded at him. He stuck a finger in my mouth and pulled it open. He leaned over me, drooled a little bit and then sucked it back into his mouth, You want it?” I opened my mouth fully and he spit straight into it. Then he pushed my face back between his legs.

As I ate this hunk’s sweaty ass, my body overwhelmed by the heat of the sauna, sweat poured down my forehead. Jordan wrapped his legs around my skull and pulled me in, smothering me with his body. He gripped me firmly and I felt his massive quads bulge and smash my head. He’d clearly learned something from Dylan. He was just as dominant and seemed to enjoy taking charge.

He unwrapped his legs and stood up. He walked over to the door and locked it quickly. Then he walked back to me. I was seated on one bench, my back leaning against the wood of the next bench up. Jordan climbed over me and started to squat down. The last thing I saw before his butt pushed into my face were his huge balls and uncut dick hanging down over my mouth.

“Lick my asshole, bro.” Jordan growled, Then he grabbed one of the hands I had on his leg and pushed it between my legs, “Jerk yourself off while you do it. Show me how much you like making me feel good. Show me how much my asshole turns you on.”

I started to jerk off and as I did, Jordan pressed his ass down against my face. The bench bit into my back, but I ignored the pain as I licked at his taint and the back of his balls. He groaned loudly, and his dick was getting hard. Every so often, as he moved around, I could feel his hard cock bounce against my chest. I wished there was a camera in the sauna so that I could see how he looked, straddling my skull with his beautiful body, handsome face, and hard leaking cock.

Jordan stepped up and stood over me, his feet on either side of my body. I looked upward, across his thick, hairy legs, toward his cock, assuming that it was coming next. His dick was flat against his belly, and the tip was shiny. I swore that I could see a glimmer of precum dripping from it in the half light of the sauna. His skin was shiny and lines of sweat ran down his chest. This was the dirtiest sex I’d ever had, and I was insanely turned on. I wanted to spend the rest of the day licking every inch of this man’s body.

“You’re staring at me.” Jordan said. “You weren’t lying when you said you weren’t used to this. It’s like you’re in a trance.”

I swallowed hard, but couldn’t produce any words.

Jordan stepped down from the bench and stood in front of me. He grabbed my hair and pulled me forward. I fell off the wooden bench onto my knees. My face was now inches away from his groin. I could see the individual hairs in his sweaty matted pubes.

“Stick out your tongue.” he said.

I stuck it out and he pulled my face into his body. Yanking on my hair, he lifted me up, dragging my tongue over his thighs, across his hip, up the middle of his stomach, across his nipple, and then to his armpit. He dropped his arm down around me, pinning my head between his ribs and his triceps.

“Get in there man.” he said, “Don’t worry about embarrassing yourself either. I know you’re a slut and you’re only going to turn me on.”

Hearing those words freed me from any of my residual shame. I pushed into his pit almost knocking him over. My whole body was getting covered with his fresh sweat as our bodies slid against one another. Jordan ground back against me. He was turned on and he wasn’t afraid of a man’s body. If the guy really was straight, he had absolutely no hangups. He pressed his thigh between my legs and into my cock. I ground into his hard quadriceps, humping him as I licked along the muscled side of his body.

Suddenly Jordan stepped away from me. He took a step back and then sat down on the bench. He spread his legs wide open, his balls resting on the bench in his spread out scrotum, his dick pulsing against his stomach. He pulled it away once and then let it slap against his body. He stretched out his arms behind him and grinned.

“I like you on your knees like that,” he said, “It’s like you’re my dog or something. You wanna be my pup? How about that? You can be Dylan’s bitch but my dog.”

I stared at him quizzically. “I’ll do anything you want, dude. Just let me get a taste of that cock.”

“Bark for me.”


He laughed, “Yeah, seriously. Bark like a dog.”

My face burned bright red. I’d done stupid things for dick before, but I’d never humiliated myself like this. I realized all at once that this whole afternoon had been about toying with me, getting me to think that I was doing him a favor while he sat on my face and smothered me between his legs. Jordan had been manhandling me for an hour and I was completely oblivious to it. He was staring into my eyes when I figured it out, and I swear that he could tell. The grin on his face went from a friendly to something different. Still friendly, but a little aggressive and twisted.

He held his cock out in front of him and squeezed it. His foreskin slid forward across the tip and a drop of precum oozed out. It oozed down onto the floor.

I barked. And when Jordan smiled, I barked a couple of more times.

“Good guy.” He said laughing. “Now get those thick lips onto my cock.”

I ran over to him and took his dick into my mouth. He roughed up my hair and scratched behind my ears. “You would make a good dog. You certainly know how to play with a bone.”

After that, he leaned back and stopped talking. For ten minutes I sucked his cock as he slowly moved my mouth to whatever part of his body he wanted it on. He had me suck on his balls for a solid two minutes, just rolling them around in my mouth before he let me back on his cock. Occasionally he groaned or let out a long moan, other than that, he stopped teasing me and let me do my job.

“Alright bro, you ready to eat some bro nut?” Jordan said, Then he grabbed my chin, “Dylan has brought home some seriously hot dudes, but you’re a fucking natural. You’re not faking it. Close your mouth. I want to paint your face.”

He stood up and looked down at me. I put my hands on his huge thighs and held on. He grabbed his cock and started to jack it while he grabbed my skull with his free hand and pulled me into his balls. “Suck my nuts, dude. Get them both in there.”

I sucked his balls into my mouth and tongued his sack. He kept straightening up, pulling on his nuts until they popped out of my mouth. Then he’d squat back down and feed them to me. I listened as his hand glided over his cock and he made soft grunting sounds. Then he leaned back and pushed my head away.

I gazed up at him. He ran one hand through his hair and then put it behind his neck. His whole body lengthened and his muscles bulged. I opened my mouth. I didn’t need to be asked. I would have done just about anything at that point to get a taste of his load. He kept his dick about six inches over my head as he beat off. Then his glans swelled and I quickly closed my eyes.

I felt the hot ropes of cum splash across my face. He grunted and sighed as his nut splashed onto my cheeks. The massive amount of cum started to run off my cheeks before he finished. Finally, I felt his cock on my tongue and I wrapped my lips around his glans. I licked up my first drop of his semen, what turned out to be the first taste of something that I would practically live off of for the next few months. It was salty and chunky. I sucked every drop out of his cock before he pulled his dick out of my mouth, and I opened my eyes.

Jordan already had his phone out. He smiled at me, “Dylan’s gotta see this.” He said. He took a few picks and then he reached down and rubbed the gobs of nut all over my face. His hand was huge,and I stuck out my tongue to lick his palm while he did it.

“And another one,” he said as he took another shot. Then he pushed the cum up into my hair and styled it a little, “You almost look like me.”

When he was done, he made me eat the rest of his semen off of each of his fingers, one by one. He was slow and almost friendly while he made me clean his hand. When he was finished, he walked back to the door and unlocked it.

“It fucking reeks like cum in here. Better take off before someone else comes in.” He reached down toward me and slipped his hand behind my neck. He caressed me for a minute and I leaned back into his big paw, then he pulled me forward. My face landed right in his sweaty crotch. “Man, Dylan hit the jackpot when he decided on you. I’ll text you soon.”

Then he left. My phone buzzed right after. It was a message from Dylan which consisted entirely of smiley face emojis and the word slut. I sighed and smiled at myself as I savored the last of Jordan’s cum. I figured that if I was going to be ashamed of something, it might as well be this.

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