Erotic Story: Garage Job

By SR.

“So, we going to do it here or take it inside?” Tim asked.

“Wwwwhat?” I stammered.

“You heard.”

I’d moved into my house a few weeks earlier, and been bitching and complaining about what a mess the bitch that had moved out had left the place in. Biggest problem was the garage. All of the rubbish that she didn’t have room for in the house had been dumped in there, so it was a fucking mess. After getting fed up of me talking about it, my neighbour, Tim, had said he’d come and help me empty it. So, here we were, at the end of the job with the trailer emptied of about the fifth load of crap that we’d taken to the tip, and us standing in the now empty garage, admiring our work (or, rather, the empty space that had contained it!)

Tim continued: “I’ve seen you looking at me over the fence, and undressing me with your eyes today. You really want to get to know what’s under my overalls, don’t you?” As he’d said this, he’d closed the distance between us and was now rubbing the crotch of my overalls, massaging my cock which had gone from mostly stiff to hard as steel from the pressure of his hand. “You want to do it here, or take it indoors?” he asked again.

My lips met his and we kissed, tentatively at first, then moving to more involved, tongues fighting and inspecting dental work, to really galvanic. God, this man can kiss. Wonder what he’s like at sucking, I thought.

He broke the kiss and started to drag me indoors. “We need to christen your house,” Tim commented as he took me up the stairs. “And your new mattress.” So he’d been watching when that was delivered too. Interesting.

By now, we’d reached my bedroom door and he waited to be invited inside. I pushed him through the door and started to feel him up through his overalls.

“What you got on under there?” we asked each other at roughly the same time. I held my hands out to the side to let him explore. He ripped my overalls open to find a pair of Sluggers – Aussie trunks, and one of my favourite types of underwear. He rubbed the crotch again, feeling my balls and cock more closely. I mirrored his movements to find what I thought were a pair of old-school Y-fronts. Then I grabbed a feel and realised: navy blue, nylon Y-fronts. And they were very well filled. Another fetish come to life. I think I was in heaven. My fingers moved to the tip of his fat, well proportioned cock, and rubbed the tip. The fabric of his underwear dampened with precum. It was going to be a challenge, but I was determined to feel that inside me today. It would have been rude not to! 6’3″, big hands, big feet, and a big package.

The opening on his overalls didn’t go quite far enough down to be able to get to his cock easily. I got frustrated by this so, as I moved to kneel in front of Tim, I ripped the overalls down so that the opening went from the neck to just behind his balls. His brief shout of, “Oi, what do you think you’re doing?” was quickly silenced as my mouth covered the tip of his cock, then moved down to caress him from tip to balls. He tasted fantastic. Bit of a tang from being sweaty all day, but clearly he’d taken care over preparation this morning. I pushed him back onto the bed and adjusted myself to get back in contact with his balls. With a bit more tearing, I managed to get enough access to take one, and then the other, in my mouth. Running my tongue across them was difficult (it was a mouthful – did I mention his large package?) but I managed to do a bit and make sure that he was enjoying it. Tim’s fingers started to feather the tip of his cock so I moved my focus back there, licking and sucking along the way. He then took control, standing me up and doing the same kind of action on my overall as I had on his – tearing them from waist to balls so that he could run his tongue over my cock.

I was in heaven!

“You got condoms and lube?” Tim asked. I pointed to the cabinet beside the bed, and stepped out what was left of the overalls and underwear. “On your back,” he commanded, pointing at the bed.

“Yes sir!” I answered, and lay back on the bed, trunks still on, but barely containing my stiffness. A moment later and Tim had also stepped out of his overalls and was pushing a well lubed finger towards my arsehole.

“Nice and tight,” he said. “I’m going to enjoy this.”

His finger slipped inside, making me feel pretty full. His digit explored and traced, stretching me, then was joined by its brother. Two fingers. I felt the stretch and struggled to say, “wait,” through the burning. His lips were on mine to relax me, and soon the burning and pain was replaced by pleasure as his fingers explored my most secret parts.

“You okay with that, now?” he asked.


“You ready for something bigger?”

“Go slowly,” I asked.

“I will. If you need me to stop, say stop. But your arse feels fantastic.”

Tim pulled his fingers out, then I heard the rip of foil and he was rolling the condom on. More lube, and he was ready. “Ready?” he asked.


“Ok,” and he was poised at my entrance. Pushing, until there was a pop when my muscles relaxed and the head was inside. He stopped pushing, and allowed me to get used to the fullness. I breathed in through my nose and out through my mouth, trying to quench the burning pain. It began to subside, as he waited, patiently.

“Ok?” he asked, waiting for me to confirm that I was ok for his length and girth to fill me up.

I nodded. “Fuck me,” I commanded, and he began to push gently. He was massive, or felt so in my arse. It hurt, but oh, it hurt so good. As I breathed slowly, I suddenly felt his balls against my arse cheeks. He was balls deep in me. He asked if I was ok again before pulling out almost all the way, then slowly in again. The pain was largely gone, replaced by an exquisite pleasure. My legs up over his shoulders, he began to pump with more vigour.

“Ooh, yeah,” I sighed. “That’s good. Harder!” The slap of his balls on my buttocks confirmed that he was doing just that.

“Turn over,” Tim said, pulling out. My arse felt empty, desolate. I was confused, but did just as I was told. On all fours, Tim pulled the trunks up so that they were round the top of my legs. A little more lube, and he was balls deep again. Then I realised why the position change – Tim’s balls were caught in the back of the trunks, and were getting caressed by my sluggers at each stroke.

“I’m not going to last long,” he said, as his pounding of my arse increased.

“Me neither,” I gasped, his cock feeling like it should have been coming out of my mouth with its length filling me. The rolling of his hips and the pounding of his cock in my insides was relentless. Thrust, thrust, thrust, roll, thrust. This wasn’t love, this wasn’t romantic, this was just pure passion and animal magnetism. My own cock was being massaged by the trunks that Tim’s balls were getting caressed by, so each thrust was getting me two ways – the fabric on my cock, and my prostate being massaged within my body. I couldn’t take it. The familiar tingle started in my balls, my arse contracted, and I was shooting my load. I shouted my release. “Jesus, fuck, ohh! Ahhhhh!” and my cock was surrounded by my fluid. Two, three, four spurts, and my arse contracted around Tim’s cock on each one.

“Oh no…” Tim shouted breathlessly, through the joy and pleasure of his thrusting. I felt his cock grow in the condom, and that was it, a thrust, then another, and he tensed. He shouted his release at the room, “Fuckkkkk…..”

His cock in me down to the hit, he filled the condom. “Fuck!”

And he had!

He pulled out, and went to the bathroom to dispose of the condom. When he came back to the room, he was grinning, like the proverbial Cheshire Cat.

“I’ll need to borrow some clothes to go back to mine. You got anything that will fit me, please?”

“A pair of speedos do?”

“Perfect!” he said.

Somewhat awkwardly, I stood and opened a drawer, and handed him a pair of trunks.

“I rather like the ones you’re wearing?” he asked.


“Yeah. There’s a little bit of you inside them, and there’ll be a little bit of me inside them on the way home.”

I could see his point. I took them off and handed them to him. The trunks were a bit baggy, but not too much so.

“Great,” he said. “If you’re free later in the week, we can swap back?” he said, pointing to his underwear that was lying on the floor.

“Ok. Sounds like a date?” I asked.

“It is.”


“See you Friday, then. You won’t need clothes,” he said, “and you won’t be back until Sunday. Let’s see how the underwear fits you.”

I picked his Y-fronts up, and slipped them on. A little tight, but they were ok.

“Look great,” Tim said. With that, he kissed me, and gathered his overalls and keys up, ready to leave. Just as he opened the door he added, “Welcome to the neighbourhood!”

I guess that was a moving in present?

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