Erotic story: Fine Art Modeling

By Bald Hairy Man.

The name gives a false impression. We provide special services for the Gay porn business. We are in Los Angeles and that is one of the few places a business like ours can service. I am Dusty Groves and my partner is Rex Dunham, better known as King Dong to the public. We provide training for Porn movie actors. They aren’t actors, since Hamlet is a universe away from what they do, but they often need training.

You might think that just doing what comes naturally would be enough. A shy or embarrassed actor can ruin a scene. It is supposed to be hot and erotic. It can become a comedy routine with a few missteps. That can be charming, but the men who like porn aren’t into laughs; it doesn’t sell.

There is another problem. A handsome muscle stud who fucks is okay. If he gets fucked; he is a star. If he gets fucked by a middle-aged, slightly dumpy older man he can be a superstar. Porn is a fantasy and men like to see men like them get lucky.

The muscle stud needs to learn to take it in the ass and like it. He also needs to suck and take a load in the mouth. Preferably the muscle stud needs to be aggressive and do the older man. Eventually, he will discover that he likes the older man, and he opens his ass for that man’s pleasure. As I said porn is fantasy.

King Dong runs the post-graduate studies part of the business. Being fucked is a basic part of the training. When King Dong does the fucking, it is special and requires a man who is really into it.

Sometimes we train men who aren’t in the business, but want to be. Having been in the business, I can’t see the glamour or romance in it, but some men are delusional. They want to go to an audition knowing the tricks of the trade. Some just want to know if they can keep an erection while the camera is on them. That can be a problem.

We have a bunch of retired porn stars working for us. Some have made a go as real estate sales men or stock brokers, but most have jobs as cashiers or night watchmen. Some of them will work for the price of an orgasm or two. It adds a little fun to their pretty ordinary lives. Most don’t care of it is the trainees or their orgasm. Anything warm and sticky is good for them.

Our first success was Lonesome Rider. He was a handsome, macho mans who looked like a cross between Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck. He had an impressive sex drive. He couldn’t do speaking rolls because of his lisp. He was a good floral designer for his day job and he was a Johnny-one-note sexually. He fucked and he let others suck him.

He career began to flag because his fans wanted a little reciprocation. Every video was the same old thing with no variety. He had been big money maker and his studio sent him to us. Lonesome was a nice, quiet guy with an oversized sex drive and no imagination. He could make money with his cock and that was fine for him.

When I said he had no imagination I meant it. He hadn’t considered sucking his playmates or taking it in the ass. Luckily, Lonesome hit it off with Rex (King Dong) and me. We were all masculine men and we all had over developed sex drives. We knew where he was coming from, but we were more experienced and open to possibilities.

The owner of the studio had told Lonesome that he needed to change. He did not take that well. King Dong said that we wanted to see what worked for him. He asked us want that meant.

“We want to see what excites you and gets you off,” I explained. “We can try some things and see what works. I have to admit that King Dong and I unexpectedly have had fun doing new things. I was planning for us to get it on with a pal, and hoping you might join in?”

“That’s fine with me,” Lonesome replied.

Our pal was Lon Smith, a good looking otter of twenty-five. He was tall, thin and well equipped. With a well-trimmed, black beard, hairy chest, thick bush and treasure trail, he was both young and masculine. the black bush tended to emphasize this thick, uncut cock. We knew that he was the sort of man Lonesome preferred.

Lon had made it too the post-graduate level and had no problem taking Dong. He had fucked both Dong and me. He had a good combination of drive and consideration. He wasn’t exactly a man rammer, but you knew every inch of his tool would eventually be in you. His cock was a seven incher, with a large knob. Once the knob popped through the sphincter it was easy. His cock head seemed to have prostate finding skills. While he liked being in deep, he never forgot the little man-gland.

Lon’s skills as a needy bottom made friends for him, but he usually switched to his top role shortly thereafter. No one complained. He oozed a lot of pre cum so that once he was in, he was self-lubricating.

Lonesome could cum on command. That was a director’s dream. Lonesome also was good pulling out of an ass just before he shot off. He would then ejaculate on his playmates anus and then push the quivering cum into the ass. This squirt and plant action was also good. If his playmate was uneasy about a cum filled ass, Lonesome could skip the planting step.

Lon had a different skill. He internalized all the excitement of an orgasm. He didn’t moan, shake or shiver during an orgasm or lose his erection. He could shoot off, and then pull out and no one guessed he had made a deposit deep in the ass. This was not a useful skill for a director, but in social situations it was useful. He had been at a sex party and had fucked a man’s partner without anyone knowing he shot off. Lon told me the man tended to be jealous, but he fucked him later in the party. Both men when home with a load of Lon cream in their asses.

Lon, Dong and I had a nice session. Dennis, a camera man joined in. Dennis was all bear. We were just having fun with cocks everywhere. This attracted Lonesome. He was single and most of his sex was in front of camera. Most of his videos were of two men only. He played the stud muscleman who encounters a horny twink and they end up in a bed with Lonesome’s cock in the twink’ s ass. The twinks always moaned and cried as the big cock drilled them.

With our foursome no one pretended to have a problem fucking or taking a cock. I fucked Lon as Dennis sucked Dong. Dennis was a good sucker with a taste for sperm. Dong was able to shot one volley into Dennis’s mouth before he swallowed the cock and milked Dong dry. This rarely happened in gay porn since you cannot photograph the milking action.

Lonesome’s cock reacted and Dennis moved on to him. While many men had sucked him, no one had been interested in coaxing the cream from the balls. Lonesome loved it. By that time, I had switched places with Lon; he was in my ass. I had asked him before to pull out of my ass while he was shooting so that there would be sperm dribbling from my ass. Lon did what his was told.

I don’t think it was accidental that Lonesome shoot off as the cum dribbled from my ass. He broke it off with Dennis and he slipped his cock into my sperm slicked ass. He was normally a man rammer, but Dong suggested he take it slow and savor the sensations. That was a success.

Lonesome had a teenaged boy’s approach to sex. He wanted to shoot off a quickly as possible so his Mom wouldn’t discover him masturbating. It took him only a minute to get from zero to spurting. I have to admit that I possess a nearly prehensile ass. Once a cock is in me, I can give a man a good experience. I can achieve the equivalent of jerking off my partner without him doing a thing. Dong loves that. He can lie back and relax and wait for the orgasm. It is hands free, but not sphincter free.

Incidentally, King Dong and I are not partners, but we are sexually compatible. I have no problem helping a friend in need.

Lonesome had a great time and indeed popped his cork without a manual assist. It was getting late and Lonesome agreed to come back for another session in two days. He had come into the first session with a negative attitude. He left it feeling good and trusting our judgement.

One of the objectives of the training sessions was to get a cock into his ass. We told Lonesome we hoped for that. He told us he didn’t think that would happen, but he was coming back. That was a good sign. I asked Lon and Dennis to return but King Dong stayed away. I wanted average cocks, not anatomical exhibits. All the cocks would fit easily into Lonesome’s ass if the opportunity arose.

I asked old friends Gussy and Tony to joins us. Gussy was a tall, ultra-masculine old bear who had been in porn in the 1980s. he looked like the Marlboro man with an erection then; he had filled out but was still handsome and still erect now. Tony was a young body-builder. There is no such thing as a gay-type, but if there was, Tony was the least likely man to fit the proto-type. He always gave men the impression he was on the way home to his wife and five kids.

Tony came to the agency to get a job in the porn industry. That wasn’t true. He just wanted to meet and have sex with other men. He wanted to improve his sexual skills. He was a talented computer programmer who worked from home with limited contact with other people. Tony was willing to do anything with anyone one if it involved his cock or asshole. He had no regular hours so he could come over any time. He was good sexually when he joined us. Several weeks later he was great. Everyone liked Tony. I hoped that would soon include Lonesome.

I’m not a matchmaker, but I guessed right. Lonesome had seen Gussy in his prime and was a little bit star struck. He wasn’t much attracted to young, beautiful men, but Tony was fine. Tony was like your hot neighbor. You hoped he was gay, but he showed no outward signs.

Tony went for Lon right off and began sucking cock. Cock sucking is definitely an outward sign. Lon was sitting, so Tony was on his hands and knees sucking. Tony spread his ass cheeks so that his hole was on view. Lonesome knew what that meant. He lubricated his cock and pushed it into the open hole. Gussy straddled Tony’s body and fed Lonesome his cock. Lonesome rarely sucked cock, but he made an enthusiastic exception for Gussy’s uncut member.

At first, he only took the wrinkled tip of foreskin, but soon most of the cock was in his mouth. When he pulled away I had the impression that Lonesome’s tongue was searching out Gussy’s precum. Gussy was a heavy leaker. I am a precum fancier, and I had milked Gussy for an hour or so several years earlier. Lonesome obviously liked man juices.

Dennis was sucking me as I watched. Precum serves as an aphrodisiac for me and Lonesome was getting into it. I was leaking too, and Dennis liked that. we traded places and Dennis was ripe and ready. At some time during the next hour, Lonesome relaxed and went with the flow.

Dennis was the first to pop his sphincter. Dennis had a beer can type cock, short and stubby. It wasn’t impressive looking, but he kept it hard and oozing. He always used lubricant, but once he was in, he refreshed the lube with his own man juice. He was just long enough to reach most men’s prostate. When he rammed Lonesome’s prostate the first time, I saw Lonesome react. He looked dazed. I had a feeling this was the first time, and that Lonesome had no idea what a prostate could do.

He found out more about the prostate’s capabilities when Lon took a turn. Tony had fed him is cock, so Lonesome had his first cock from each end experience. Sometimes that is confusing since you don’t know which sexual stimulus to respond to. That was not a problem for Lonesome. Both Lon and Tony had good sized organs but Lonesome was happy and hard as a rock.

Tony saw the cock, pulled a way, turned around and let Lonesome fuck him. Ten minutes later, Lon was squirming on Lonesome’s tool as Tony cock explored his ass. Often porn videos portray fucking as a dominant top and a passive bottom. Lonesome, Tony and Lon pooled their sexual resources for common pleasure. It was pals letting off steam, not men expressing dominance. The situation was hot and intense. Sexual hot and intense situations are always short. Tony popped and set off a chain reaction of ejaculations. Dennis was nice enough to take Lon’s man seed. The men broke apart, exhausted.

Dennis was a bit of a cum hound. He was rock hard. I bent over and licked his knob. After the second lick, he began to spurt. I took every drop. He whined that his cock was too sensitive when he was shooting, but I ignored him. He shot a spectacular load and I saved it in my mouth so that eventually his cock was enveloped in his warm semen. Let’s just say Dennis forgave me.

I kissed Dennis and he ate his load from my mouth. That induced a second orgasm. Much to my surprise, Lonesome took Dennis’s cream with obvious enjoyment. Our session was over but Lonesome asked me if there was going to be a third session. Of course, I said there was. I had a sling in the corner of the room. Lonesome glanced at it. I noticed. He smiled.

The next day I was surprised when Lonesome came by to see King Dong and me. He was worried he had done too much at the last session and the men would think he was an oversexed slut. He was afraid they would thing badly of him.

“You don’t need to worry about that. Most men see sexually active men as lucky, not slutty. They were all just as active as you were,” I said. “They like sex with men just as much as you do. You did notice they liked it all?”

Lonesome nodded. “I didn’t think I would do that stuff.”

“I thought you liked it?” I said. “You seemed to enjoy it.”

“I did like it. That is what bothers me,” he replied. “I didn’t think I should have liked it. I took a guy’s load.”

“How many men have taken your load?” I asked.

“Quite a few,” he said in a whisper.

“They liked it didn’t they? How many swallowed?”

“About half took it all,” he said. “More than half if you add in the men I fucked. Some of them begged for it.”

“I feel a tingle when a man takes it all. If he takes mine, I usually take his,” I explained. “Some of that is because I want it. The rest is to swallow the evidence. That sounds stupid, but when I was a teen ager I was afraid someone might find out. I got to like it as I got older.”

Lonesome smiled. “I remember being worried about my folks discovering it. I had a sock. I got crusty and I snuck it into the washing machine. Mom thought it was nice I wanted to do my own laundry,” he explained. It is so personal; it is all hanging out.”

“The men like you. The more you do with and to them will be good. You don’t need to worry,” I said. “They don’t mind if you drip or drool some; they love it when you squirt. They have done it all. They know what you are feeling and they are happy for you. We share and share alike, we share cocks, assholes and we trade cum. We are a bunch of happy men. You have fucked enough men. Now you know what they have been feeling all these years.”

“It did feel good but sort of strange,” Lonesome admitted.

“It will feel better and less strange the more you do it,” I said. I told him the next session was the next day. “King Dong will be there.”

“He likes to fuck, doesn’t he?”

“He sure does,” I told him. “Let me tell you something about him. He said the best sex he ever had was when two or three guys fucked him and shot off in his ass. When he fucked another guy, the semen began to ooze from his ass. One of the men began to lick the drooling semen. He had the best orgasm of his life.” We talked a little longer and Lonesome when home. He came back the next day relaxed and horny. Whatever worried him the day before was no longer a problem.

The next session was all I wanted it to be. King Dong’s presence usually kicks things up a notch. His huge cock was exciting and inspirational. Dennis, Tony, Lon and Gussy were all there and they were ready to play. Man sex tends to build on itself and if one or two men are excited, everyone will eventually be excited

Lonesome tended to be reserved, but the reserve vanished after the sex began. Being reserved is one thing; left out and missing the action is another. I mentioned that King Dong’s cock is inspirational, but he had good attitude too. He was evenhanded and sexually generous. While he loved fucking a man to an orgasm, he opened up his ass for his friends. He had a school friend who had a cleft pallet. It had been not well fixed. His pal was the first to take Rex’s entire cock. While his friend was not well equipped, it was long enough to give Rex’s prostate a work out and a nice sperm bath.

Rex tended to look for left out or neglected men. they were flattered he paid attention. Most they opened their asses in gratitude. As King Dong, he didn’t lack for sexual playmates; he did it for mutual enjoyment. Dong told me some of his porn playmates had attitude and could bend over only as the director’s request. The ugly guys wanted him and welcomed his cock into their bodies.

Dong wasn’t a romantic man. He told his playmates he was horny and wanted a place to keep his cock warm and then lighten the load in his balls. Almost no one said no.

At the session Lon and Tony went to Lonesome. Gussy and I connected; Dong took care of Dennis. Dennis was just a guy, not handsome and not ugly. He had never received Dong’s rectal enlargement treatment, or his special sphincter stretching exercise before. The dong didn’t fit easily, but Dennis wanted it. Dennis went a bit crazy in his desperation to take it all. it was quite a show, erotic, sensual and exciting. It wasn’t little candles around a hot tub erotic; it was men being men erotic.

King Dong took his time and he know all the tricks on how to fit his oversized cock into a tight space. Dennis was willing to put up with some pain to get royally fucked. As King Dong went deeper, Lonesome was in Tony’s ass, stroking gently as the watched. Lon was playing with Lonesome’s tits. He also had his know on the warm site of Lonesome’s sphincter. He was easing back onto Lon’s cock. Tony was doing the same, getting more of Lonesome’s cock into him.

King Dong noticed that and he pivoted with Dennis so that Dennis could suck Tony as the fuck festival continued. Dennis was bent over to take Tony, and that was needed for Dong to get that last two inches into Dennis. Gussy went over to feed Lonesome his cock. By this time Lonesome had a cock in his mouth and another cock in his ass as he fucked Tony. That only lasted a short while. Dennis shot off and then we all rearranged.

A little later King Dong was in Lonesome’s ass and all was well. Lonesome took it easily, and he liked the overstuffed feeling. King Dong was enjoying it. he wasn’t romantic but sometimes he was mellow. He was caressing Lonesome’s rectum. I knew from personal experience, when Dong was in you, he applied constant pressure to the prostate. Dennis and Tony were licking Lonesome’s cock when he shot off. They shared the freshly spurted man see as Lonesome moaned.

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