Erotic story: Diplomacy and lust part two

By Cooper Max. Check out part 1 here.

David McAdams shifted from foot to foot
as the hot shower water pelted him. The steam filled the room so that he could hardly see the wall on the other side of the bathroom. Water pellets pinged off David’s thick, six foot four inch frame. His blond chest hair clinging to his body and water sliding down his smooth well-defined abdomen.

`I should really be taking a COLD shower’ David thought to himself.

David could not stop thinking about his new buddy Nathan Bymer; he couldn’t get him off his mind. Dave’s thoughts drifted to Nate’s lean 5’7 frame. Nate had said that he swam so David could imagine that his body was very smooth; hairless. Nate was so handsome; dark brown hair, big almond colored eyes. He was white but had a darker, more olive complexion; it wasn’t just a tan. The darker skin tone suited him well.

`Shit, I’m NOT supposed to be thinking about Nate’ David thought to himself as he felt his groin start to stir.

Dave’s balls churned. He hadn’t had any man action in so long. Dave reached down his body and slowly began to tug on his cock.

Dave’s thoughts shifted to Nate’s tight, cute little ass. It always looked so good in his dress pants. Dave really liked when Nate wore the tanner colored dress pants because they really cupped his ass well; putting it on full display. Dave wondered how it would feel to burry his face between those firm cheeks and get Nate writhing in ecstasy.

At that thought, Dave’s pace quickened; he was stroking himself hard now. There was no sense in trying to avoid it now. He needed to blow this load or he might go insane. With a loud grunt that echoed off the steamy, tiled walls Dave shot his load. The load spurted across the shower hitting the white tile four feet away. He had expected it to go far. He was known for the massive loads he could shoot and the distances they traveled; it was like his dick was a super charged squirt gun. He may be an average six inches but his loads NEVER disappointed.

As Dave stepped out of the shower and dried off, he pondered what he was going to do. For most, hooking up with Nate would be an obvious answer but it wasn’t that simple to Dave as horny as he always may be. Dave had his professional career to think about. Work place romances could easily turn into trouble. The State Department was supportive of LGBT but a harassment charge wouldn’t look good on his record either even if he kept his job. Then there was his overall professional reputation to think about. Combine all that with the fact that he was just out -messily – of the most serious relationship he had ever had and the situation wasn’t so cut and dry.

`FUCK HE’S HOT THOUGH!’ Dave thought to himself. The little head down stairs was trying to fight his big head upstairs.

There was always the chance Nate wouldn’t want to hook up too. Dave had been avoiding him for the last few days while he tried to figure everything out. The two hadn’t had their chance to talk through the fact that both were single and gay. Maybe Dave was assuming too much by thinking that just because they were both gay and single that they’d hook up or even date. Not all gay guys were automatically attracted to each other.

`Jesus and I get mad at other people stereotyping our community and here I am feeding into it myself with my assumptions.’ Dave thought with a tinge of guilt.

Dave knew there would only be one way to put a rest to all of this and get focused on the world around him again; talking to Nate. Dave’s concentration was broken by the sound of the doorbell. He headed to the door in just his towel; what did he care who say him next to naked? Would anyone really be mad at that sight?

He swung the door open and to his surprise it was Nate. Dave had not been expecting him at all. Dave looked at him; guilt and embarrassment surging through himself at the thought of avoiding Nate these last few days.

“Hey man, I was just thinking about you.” Dave said.

“Oh, really? Weren’t you just in the shower? Nate replied with a grin looking down at Dave’s towel.

“Obviously. I don’t just open the door in a bath towel for shits and giggles.” Dave countered playfully.

“So you were thinking about me in the shower then or was that before you got all hot and steamy? Nate asked with a teasing tone.

“You’re a sarcastic little shit aren’t you?” Dave said rhetorically. “To answer your question Ð yes I was thinking about you in the shower.”

“Well are we going to stand here and talk about you using me as spank bank material or are you going to invite me in?” Nate replied with a very wide and mischievous grin.

“Damn, alright then come on in, Nate,” Dave laughed.

The two went inside and sat on the couch. Dave didn’t bother to change into his clothes; he was too distracted by Nate in his button down shirt, khaki pants and converses. He looked really good.

“So let’s start with the giant elephant in the room – no not our sexuality because that cat is already out of the bag Ð you’ve been avoiding me.” Nate said firmly but not unkindly.

“Errr yeah man I wasn’t trying to be a dick.” Dave started but Nate cut him off.

“I’m not a dramatic person. I’m not looking for trouble. We’re both professionals. I just wanted to come over here and clear the air so we can move forward Ð whatever way that ends up being. I don’t want work to be anymore awkward than it has to be.” Nate stated confidently.

“Wow, well you’re direct. I can appreciate that.” Dave replied and then he launched into all the doubts he had been having. Nate listened attentively.

The conversation paused as the two stared at each other.

“Listen, I’m not going to cause issues. I’m in favor of seeing where things go. You’re a stud. You already know that and you seem like an interesting, nice guy too. At the very least, it’d be nice to have a friend here Ð sex or no sex. If that turns into a friends with benefits situation even better; If it turns into something even more than that then fantastic. Let’s just lay it out there once and for all.” Nate blurted out.

Dave went to respond but Nate cut him off again.

“I think I know which way you’re leaning, Dave.” Nate said as he peered down at the bulge protruding from Dave’s towel. Dave hadn’t even noticed.

“I’m in if you are, Nate. As long as we promise to keep it professional at work regardless of what happens. Now maybe you can help me out with the situation I have going on here!” Dave said smirking.

Nate stood up quickly and plopped down beside Dave.

“Oh, I can keep things professional Ð I can promise that.” Nate said as he slid his hands underneath Dave’s towel. “Let me be a buddy and fix this situation.”

Nate grasped Dave’s dick forcefully and began tugging it up and down. Dave moaned with pleasure. Nate didn’t waste any time. He threw off the towel and plunged his mouth onto Dave’s dick; grasping his smooth balls firmly.

Dave let out a loud groan as he reached over and pinched Nate’s nipples gently.

“Let’s get that shirt of you, Nate. I’m already naked. Join the party!” Dave remarked affectionately.

Nate threw off his shirt.

`Completely smooth Ð just like I thought!’ Dave thought to himself.

Dave didn’t think it was possible for Nate to look any sexier but Nate shirtless helped to dispel that idea.

“Toss off the pants while you’re at it there stud.” Dave said excitedly.

Nate wasn’t shy. He had his pants off in less than 30 seconds. Dave’s eyes almost came out of his head.

Nate’s cock was huge. It had to be at least almost 8 inches and it was thick.

“How the fuck?” Dave said out loud. “You’re short and lean. I never would have guessed you had a cock like THAT!”

“I’m full of surprises, Dave. You just wait and see. Now how about you help me out with this cock you’re staring at so intently!” Nate countered.

Dave lunged at Nate’s cock and had it to the hilt in record time. Nate’s precum tasted so sweet. Dave absolutely loved giving an intense blow job and with a sexy stud like Nate; he was even more motivated for the task. Dave rubbed his balls, played with his nipples and then licked his balls while stroking his thick, huge dick. Dave couldn’t get enough.

“Let me get some of your cock too man. Let’s 69!” Nate said.

The two leaned down onto the couch and started working each other’s dicks with fury. Moaning and groaning echoed off the walls. Sweat poured down both of their faces. The man smells were incredible; the atmosphere was electric and building fast.

“I’m close man!” Dave muttered.

“Me too! You want to blow at the same time?” Nate countered.

“Face or mouth?” Dave inquired.

“I’d like yours in my mouth!” Nate said excitedly. “Fuck yes, then I want yours in mine too!” Dave shot back.

The two went back at it; balls churning closer and closer to the breaking point. Dave could tell Nate was really getting close. He was timing his own load for Nate’s load. He wanted to shoot at the same time!

Finally, Dave felt Nate’s ball’s tighten. He felt Nate’s hips start to buck and his intensity quicken. His moans got louder and more forceful. This was it!

With 3 quick thrusts of his hips, Nate’s load exploded into Dave’s mouth. Dave couldn’t hold his back anymore and launched his load into Nate’s mouth. A minute passed and both loads were spent.

Dave wondered if Nate swallowed. He’d swallow if Nate did. Nate looked him right in the eyes, winked and took a huge gulp.

Dave gulped Nate’s sweet load down too; not breaking eye contact. Nate leaned in and gave Dave a forceful kiss.

“Well for fuck’s sake man!” Dave muttered.

“I know, right? That was phenomenal!” Nate replied.

“You bet your sweet little ass it was!” Dave said.

“Well it looks like we have chemistry and compatibility. That’s never a guarantee regardless of how hot the other person is.” Nate said. “I should get going. How about we actually grab that beer you mentioned awhile back so we can talk threw some of this?

“I’m in,” Dave said. “I won’t dodge you this time.” He smirked.

“Good. See you at work then. I’ll have to resist mauling you in the hallways tomorrow.” Nate chuckled.

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