Erotic story: Diplomacy and lust part three

By Cooper Max. Check out part 1 and part 2.

The butterflies were fluttering like they’d snorted lines of cocaine in Nate Bymer’s stomach. His vehicle raced towards the local shopping center; his hands kept slipping on the leather-coated wheel with nervous sweat. His heart sounded like the base tones in one of the late nightclubs in LA he used to frequent during his USC days.

Tonight was the night he’d be meeting David for dinner. The two hadn’t had much time to talk freely since their steamy session a few nights back. Those memories were very fresh in Nate’s memory; they’d fueled his jack off routine for the last few mornings and evenings. His dick stiffened just thinking about it.

`None of this lustfulness. This is what got me into trouble last time. I don’t want that kind of mistake again.’ Nate thought to himself with a pang of regret shooting through him like an electrical current at the thought of the distant, college memory.

Nate’s body had him going in one direction while his mind had him going in another. David was so good looking; so physically attractive. Naturally, Nate wanted to rip David’s clothes off every time he saw him. Nate could tell that David wasn’t just a hot Ken-Doll waiting to be played with though; there was more there. He had an energy level that was infectious. He was articulate; clearly intelligent. In other words, he had a personality to go along with those sexy features; a rare thing to come by at least in Nate’s experience.

`I wish I wouldn’t have made such an aggressive first move. If this could turn into something more, I may have sabotaged it by putting the physical urges first. ` Nate thought to himself.

Within 30 minutes Nate was sitting across from a candle lit table at the Italian restaurant Osteria.

“I swear I didn’t know this place had candle lit tables,” Nate confessed truthfully. “Don’t think I’m getting all weird and clingy right off the bat.”

“Oh it’s nice. Who doesn’t like candle lit dinners? Especially with a handsome dinner guest sitting across from you,” David volleyed back casually with a grin.

The two laughed. Nate’s nerves started to ease. David had a special ability of putting those around him at ease; Nate could really appreciate that ability tonight. His mind was racing with a hundred things he wanted to say. He didn’t know where to start and the last thing he needed was his nerves wreaking havoc on him.

“So let me clear the air a bit.” David said flatly. “I may have made a mistake with you the other night.”

“Oh?” Nate said with reserve as his heart began to sink.

“As you saw from the photo, I’m just out of a very serious relationship; my first real relationship with a guy to be truthful. As you probably have guessed, it didn’t end well. I can’t blame him fully; I’m an equal partner in the crash and burn. I made some mistakes. I was selfish and emotionally immature. It’s a long story that I won’t bore and scare you with. The point is with all that history in mind, I probably shouldn’t have moved so quickly with you and let things get so carried away the other night.” Dave said kindly.

“Why is that? We’re both consenting adults. We both agreed that a friend with benefits situation could work. You’re not the only one with a rocky record of past relationships, ” Nate remarked cautiously.

“We agreed to that steamy session in the heat of the moment. From what I gathered neither one of us is very good at making rational decisions when our hormones are raging. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about me. I don’t typically hook up. I just don’t want to let all the physical urges sink what could be a good friendship in a challenging place for gay guys because I was more interested in a quick fuck.” David shot back; a higher pitch to his usually deep voice.

Nate perked up a bit. “I was just thinking to myself earlier that maybe I’d made a mistake for being so physically aggressive. I don’t want you to think I’m that kind of guy either.” Nate said cheerfully.

“Don’t get me wrong Ð the whole experience was great Ð I won’t lie I’ve thought about it a time or two over the last few days to help myself out,” Dave replied with a wry smirk on his face.

Nate smiled. “That experience was fucking intense. So what are going to do? Clearly, we’re really into each other physically but the physical aspect can wear out faster than a hooker during Navy fleet week.” Nate remarked with an air of humor.

Dave’s laughed. “Really, a hooker joke at time like this? Like I said, I’m just out of a serious relationship. I don’t want to hook up randomly but I don’t know if I want something serious again this soon either. I guess I’m not sure what I really want. I know that’s lame to say and sounds like an excuse but I want to be honest.” Dave finished with a flattened tone.

“I get it. I’m not trying to pressure you. Hell, I don’t even know what I want in all this. How about we start from square one and just get to know each other? Let’s go from there; no pressure Ð no expectations Ð no labels. We’re guys; horny guys. To rule out the physical aspect would be a disservice to both of us but let’s try to balance the physical aspect with actually getting to know each other too so we can test the waters and see if we may be compatible.” Nate said.

“That’s sounds like a smart idea!” Dave countered in a much happier tone.

The atmosphere of the conversation took on a noticeably lighter tone. The two talked intently until their food arrived; even then they talked rapidly in between mouth fulls of pasta.

“So how do you like the consular section, Nate?” David inquired bringing the conversation back onto a more serious topic.

“Man, it’s challenging. It’s a daily heart breaker. I had no idea that so many Kenyans and East Africans were so interested in coming to the United States. So many people are applying for immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Their stories range from sad to overwhelming. We end up saying no to a lot of them though. Their stories just don’t add up to justify the conditions they need to meet to be granted these various visas. It’s tough saying no to an elderly Kenyan woman who wants to go visit her daughter in the US because there’s no evidence that’d she’d actually return to Kenya once arriving in the US.” Nate finished a bit short of breath.

“Yeah, I’ve heard tough stories about life in the consular section. I haven’t gotten nailed for my mandatory rotation through consular yet but I’m thinking it’ll happen on my next re-assignment. I bet you’ll be glad to move onto management on your next rotation.” Dave said sympathetically.

“How do you like the political section? Is political everything everyone makes it out to be; glamorous and world changing?” Nate questioned with a bit of sarcasm in his voice.

“Political has it’s problems; late nights, lots of work. The real challenge is dealing with Kenya’s governance issues. The Kenyan government officials are very intelligent people. This isn’t a backwards, uneducated group of people I’m dealing with. They’re cunning. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the best interests of their own people in mind. The corruption that plagues this country is well known and we deal with it in our capacity in political as best we can. Throw in other issues where American policy and Kenyan policy don’t always line up like LGBT rights and women’s rights and our work is an up hill battle. Throw in the security concerns too and the way the Kenyan’s handle terrorism and it really gets stressful.” David replied calmly in his deep voice with his slight southern accent.

Nate nodded his head attentively. The food on their plates had disappeared and the candles starting to run low. Nate glanced down at his watch.

“Oh shit is it getting this late?” He said startled. “It’s a work night and we both have a lot of ground to cover tomorrow I’m sure.”

Dave looked at his watch too. “Damn it is late. I lost track of the time. Good conversation will do that. Yeah, we should get going. I have to be at the Kenyan foreign ministry first thing tomorrow for a few meetings.” Dave stated.

The two paid their bills separately and started for the door.

“Let me walk you to your car. It’s the gentlemanly thing do to.” David said with an undertone of sarcasm.

“Ohhhhh my knight in shining armor; willing and able to defend me from all foes and villains.” Nate shot back with even greater sarcasm.

“You’re a dick, you know that?” Dave said rhetorically; laughing.

“Correction Ð I’m a BIG dick.” Nate said playfully. “C’mon now, you should know that at this point.”

“So humble,” Dave said laughing, “but you’re right you are enormous. No one would guess it. I know I didn’t!”

The two walked across the brick parking lot. The sun had set and the parking lot was dark except for the few lampposts with their iridescent, yellow lights. A few people made their ways to and from their cars and there were a few security guards in their navy blue uniforms patrolling the parking lot.

“My vehicles over there in the corner.” Nate said plainly.

“Well your chariot awaits.” Dave replied quietly.

“Smartass.” Nate replied.

The two slowed to a stroll and finally reached the driver’s side door. The two stared at each other.

“You want to hop in real quick?” Nate inquired in heightened tone giving Dave a very forward stare.

Dave looked around nervously. “Ummm sure but there are a lot of people around. Kenya isn’t exactly well known for it’s gay-friendly atmosphere.” Dave remarked with an edge to his voice.

“I’m not going to rape you in there man. Just jump in. Trust me.” Nate shot back.

The two hopped in. Nate, clearly in the lead of the situation, looked around and waited.

“Coast is clear!” He whispered eagerly.

Nate leaned in and gave Dave a very passionate kiss. Nate broke away.

“That’s it?” Dave questioned in a confused tone but with a huge smile on his face.

“You said it yourself, there are plenty of people around. What were you expecting? Me to go down on you again?” Nate said laughing.

Dave reached over and gave Nate’s crotch a playful squeeze. Nate returned the favor.

“Well, that’s enough of that before we get too excited and carried away. Last thing we need to have happen is explaining to the embassy why we were caught having sex in the mall’s parking lot.” Nate stated with a chuckle.

“You’re right and it’s a good thing we’re stopping. I’m rock hard. Anymore and I might maul you.” Dave whispered eagerly.

“How about you come over tomorrow night? I’ll make you dinner. I can’t promise it’ll be good. I’m still figuring out this whole cooking thing. We’ll continue the great conversation we had tonight and maybe continue a little bit of this fun we’re having here with more privacy.” Nate said invitingly.

“Well if your cooking isn’t any good Ð you’re giving me two blow jobs.” Dave said sarcastically.

“Get out of this car you horny bastard and I’ll see your dumb ass at work tomorrow, hopefully, and then definitely at my place for dinner. I may purposefully burn the meal so I have an extra excuse to go down on you.” Nate replied with a wide; handsome grin.

“Oh you don’t need an excuse for that, stud.” Dave said looking around quickly. He leaned in for a fast kiss and then flung the door open.

“See you tomorrow. Drive safe, I need your pretty little body in one piece for me tomorrow.” Dave said strolling towards his car. Nate flipped on his head lights so he could get a better look at Dave’s ass as he walked away.

Nate sighed as he watched Dave’s meaty buns disappear into the distance. `Damn I’m in trouble here.’ He thought to himself; excitement pulsating through him.

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