Erotic story: Diplomacy and lust part one

By Cooper Max.

Nathan Bymer felt like he had grasshoppers in his stomach. Today was his first day at the US Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya. He would be serving his first rotation as a diplomat for the US Department of State in the management cone. He had no idea what to expect as he drove down United Nations Avenue towards the embassy.

All Nathan knew was he was nervous and very horny. It’d been forever since he had any action; life was so busy with the move to Kenya. Nate wished he’d have whacked off that morning; it definitely would have helped ease his tension.

It was quite a different day for David McAdams. He had already served one year of his two-year rotation at the embassy in Nairobi. He wasn’t new to the State Department; this being his 2nd rotation on the African continent. David was serving his mandatory rotation in the Consular Affairs cone but was looking forward to his next assignment serving in his actual cone; Political. He strode across the embassy’s lush green compound toward the main entrance with confidence. As David walked towards the door, he passed one of the embassy’s Marines.

The marines stood guard at embassies and consulates all across the world and David wasn’t sad that they did because the marine he passed was a stud; well built, great ass; young and athletic. David could feel his cock start to stir as he neared the entrance. He couldn’t help but take a glance back for one last peep of that muscled ass.

Nate’s first day flew by quickly. The second day just as fast. Soon enough a few weeks had gone by and he was feeling more confident and just as sexually frustrated. This embassy was full of incredibly hot guys; young and athletic marines, salt and peppered senior officials, guy-next-door types. It seemed like every type of guy Nate liked was represented here. Just walking the halls each day was enough to build a year’s worth of spank-bank memory material. As far as Nate could tell, though, these guys were straight. Most wore wedding bands or didn’t give off any clear vibes. Nate was busy thinking about one of the olive skinned, wiry looking studs he had passed in the hallway when his supervisor strode into his cubicle.

“Nate, I’m going to need you to fill in at the management meeting for me today,” his boss said. “Something has come up and I need to handle it. Here are my notes. Don’t be late Ð the meeting starts at 3pm.”

“Uhh ok. I’ll be there. I’ll let you know how it goes.” Nate replied with a flat voice. He had just been thinking about how big the olive skinned guy’s dick probably was and wasn’t too happy about the interruption.

At 2:45, Nate made his way for the conference room. As he strolled into the room, his eyes caught sight of a man he hadn’t seen yet at the embassy. Nate lost his breath. This guy was stunning Ð short blond hair, green eyes, clean cut demeanor, squared jaw, thick wrestler build.

Nate stammered, ” Oh hey, I thought I’d be the first one here.”

The man stood up and Nate felt himself nearly faint. The man stood six foot, four inches tall with a thick chest and what looked like an over 200 pound frame.

“How the hell have I not noticed THIS guy?”Nate thought to himself.

“I always get to meetings early.” The man said with a slight southern accent, “My name is David Ð David McAdams.”

“I’m Nathan Ð Nathan Bymer. Nice to meet you David.” Nate replied trying to keep himself from staring too hard at David.

“Ahh call me Dave. Nice to meet you too.” David stated as people started to walk in for the meeting.

Nate and Dave both took their seats. Nate could barely take his eyes off of Dave the entire meeting. This man was absolutely gorgeous. Nate barely heard what was happening in the meeting until Dave spoke up.

Dave was pitching some updates and new ideas to the group. Nate hung on every word because it was the perfect excuse to stare openly at Dave. Nate noticed Dave’s muscled, blond haired forearms and very large hands; his relaxed and confident demeanor; his well-kept business suit.

The man was articulate and well spoken too. The words seemed to just roll off his tongue in that smooth buttery southern accent. Nate could have listened to him read the damn phone book and still have been happy. Dave finished his presentation and the meeting droned on for what seemed like forever. Finally, the meeting wrapped up.

Nate jumped to his feet and bolted towards the door. The bulging erection jutting out of his tight, black business pants wouldn’t make a good impression on all his colleagues. He considered making a dart to the bathroom to beat off quietly to the thought of Dave before this sexual frustration and tension caused him to jump the next hot guy he saw in the hallway.

Just as Nate excited the door he heard a voice from behind him that made his heart stop.

“Nate! Wait up, man,” Dave called out to him.

“Lord Jesus what could that hunk of a man want from me. Pleeeeaase don’t let him notice the tent I’ve pitched in my pants. ” Nate thought to himself

“Hey, you’re new to post aren’t you? I haven’t seen you before.” Dave inquired.

“Yeah, I’ve only been here a few weeks. This is a big post with a lot of people so I’m not surprised we haven’t bumped into each other yet.” Nate replied trying to sound confident and remain calm.

“Well, I know how rough it can be to be new to post. Do you want to grab a beer after work?” Dave asked.

“Sure. Name the place and I’ll be there.” Nate said nervously.

“Great, let’s go to the Asian place next door. It has a bar. We can walk over together and not worry about Nairobi’s terrible traffic. Meet me at the front gate at 5:15.” Dave replied.

Nate couldn’t wait for the day to be over. He kept thinking about Dave’s tall, thick frame in that well tailored suit he was wearing. Nate didn’t think he’d ever been so close to drooling in public.

Finally, 5:15 rolled around and Nate practically ran to the front gate. After 10 minutes of waiting, Nate began to think that Dave had forgotten their meet up but just as Nate was getting worried, Dave came running up to him; panting.

“Sorry man, life can be crazy around here Ð had to finish some work up and lost track of the time. Let’s get moving. Follow me.” Dave said warmly.

Nate let Dave get a few paces ahead of him so he could better admire Dave’s ass cupped in his tight dress pants.

“I’d follow that ass to the moon and back or right of a cliff! “Nate thought to himself.

The two were seated in the Asian restaurant with beers in hand not even 10 minutes later. Nate loved being so close to Dave while sitting across from him. Nate could drink down his Tusker beer and drink in Dave’s features without looking too obvious. Light chest hair curled out of David’s unbuttoned work shirt and Nate wondered what the rest of him looked like underneath that shirt of his.

“So, tell me all about you, Nate.” David said abruptly pulling Nate out of his trance focused on Dave.

Nate went on to explain how he had graduated from University of Southern California just over a year ago. He had studied business and swam for the men’s swimming team. He explained how he had spent the time after school going through the Department of State’s training program in DC and catching up with his family in Portland.

“Is your family here with you Ð a wife? Kids?” Dave inquired looking directly at Nate.

“Errrr no Ð I’m single. No wife or kids. Not even a girl friend.” Nate replied looking right back at Dave watching his face closely for any telling reactions.

“Ahhh, interesting. I’m single too. Just got out of a relationship not too long ago and happy to be single again.” Dave stated smiling a wide, captivating smile, which put his perfectly straight, white teeth on display.

The conversation broke off awkwardly. After a weirdly long silence, Dave stood up.

“Well, I’m three beers down and a 4th may have me saying things I shouldn’t. It’s been a pleasure. Let’s definitely do this again. Let me give you my number so we can work something out later.” Dave said affably.

Something about the way Dave had said definitely caught Nate’s attention. The two shook hands firmly and headed back up the street towards the embassy. Dave called out good night and jumped in his vehicle and sped off. Nate paused by his car to catch his breath. His underwear was wet with precum as his rock solid cock fought to escape his pants. He’d need to beat off as soon as he got home. He was ready to explode.

“Man, I hope this guy isn’t straight. The ones THIS hot always are straight for some stupid reason. I better be careful; I work with this guy and I can barely keep myself together around him.” Nate thought to himself.

Over the coming weeks, Nate and David had a few more beers together. It turned out that David and Nate both liked to run so a few trips to Karura forest to jog the trails were thrown in over the weekends. Each time the two got together, Nate didn’t pick up on any additional hints about David’s sexuality. Nate cautiously probed his ex-relationship hoping to get an indication on whether Dave had been dating a guy or a girl but Dave didn’t mention a sex and wouldn’t talk much about it. Nate really started to believe that Dave was indeed straight. The thought disappointed him immensely.

Nate dwelled on the possible disappointment until late one evening, Nate’s phone chimed. It was a text from Dave.

Hey buddy. I picked up some extra beer from the AEA. I know it’s late but do you want to come over and help me finish it. The USC game is on AFN too

Yeah Ð sounds good. I’ll order some dominos and bring it with me.

Nate’s heart thumped. He’d never been to Dave’s apartment. Within 30 minutes, he was knocking on the door.

The door swung open and Nate’s jaw almost dropped to the ground. There was Dave Ð shirtless and in short shorts smiling widely at him.

“Hey man, no AC here in State Department housing so I’m keeping things light. Sorry the apartment is going to be hot as hell.” Dave said nonchalantly.

Nate did his beast to soak in the details of Dave’s body without being obvious. Light blond hair spread across Dave’s pecks. His abdomen was completely smooth which only helped to display his tight four-pack.

His right arm had an intricate half sleeve tattoo. Nate noticed that Dave also had a thigh piece tattoo on his left leg that his short shorts were barely concealing. His thick arms were well defined. This man clearly spent time in the gym to further hone his already thick build.

Dave’s towering presence moved from the door way and towards the living room. Sounds from the tv indicated the game was already on. The beer was already in the living room and Nate set the dominos box down on the end coffee table.

The two made small talk as Nate shot Dave furtive glances. Nate broke the small talk to excuse himself to go to the bathroom.

On his way down the hall to the bathroom, Nate noticed a door ajar with a light on. He poked his head inside and saw a picture frame on what appeared to be Dave’s night end table. He moved forward to get a better look. What he saw made his blood pulsate harder.

In the photo was a picture of Dave and another man hugging in a very comfortable looking way. The guy in the photo was handsome and the two looked really happy.

“Maybe he is gay after all!” Nate thought to himself happily. “Or maybe he’s just really close with his brother and I’m just looking for any excuse to actually hit on him.”

“Get lost on your way to the bathroom, did ya?” Dave’s voice pierced the room’s silence from behind Nate. Nate almost jumped out of his shoes.

Nate whirled around; embarrassed. He wasn’t sure what to say.

“I see you found the picture of me and my ex.” David said in a cool tone. “I’ve been meaning to get rid of that but haven’t been able to do it yet.”

“Ummmm uhhh I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry for invading your privacy.” Nate stammered. “It’s not like me to pry into other peoples’ business but I saw the light on and door ajar.”

“It’s ok. I probably would have said something about it eventually but I don’t know you too well yet and I’m not one to put my business out there for everyone to know. Some people can be really judgmental. Not everyone is so open-minded. I’ve had a few friendships ruined after them know I’m gay,” Dave said calmly.

The two stared at each other for a long moment.

“Well truth be told you have nothing to worry about from me.” Nate said confidently.

“Oh? Why is that?” Dave questioned.

“Because my last significant other was a guy too.” Nate said hesitantly.

“Oh really? I wouldn’t have pegged you as the type!” Dave replied smiling.

Nate noticed a very slight movement of Dave’s hand to readjust his crotch. Clearly Dave had not wanted that to be seen but Nate noticed more details than many people realized.

“Well, let’s get back out to finish the game.” Dave said awkwardly looking right at Nate.

The two finished the game but there was a noticeable tension and awkwardness in the room. Nate said good night but couldn’t help but notice that Dave was looking at him differently than he had before.

“Let’s hang out tomorrow, Nate. We can catch up on all the details of our now not-so-secret lives.” Dave said as Nate walked out the front door.

“Wouldn’t miss it man.” Nate said trying to steady his voice as he caught sight of Dave’s enlarged crotch area.

“Hmmmm, he definitely wasn’t sporting that earlier.” Nate thought to himself as he walked to his car smiling with his own erection. Nate wondered how big ole’ Dave was under those short shorts. He laughed confidently knowing that he hadn’t met a guy yet that was as big as him. Dave may tower over Nate’s 5’7, lean frame but Nate had more than enough to be confident about below the belt.

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