Erotic Story: Daytime in the Barracks

By Eric Patrick

It was July of 2015 and as usual for this Army training area, it was hot as hell. I’m a member of the National Guard in a certain western state, and this year, we were doing our two weeks of annual training, or AT, in a place called Yakima Training Center. It was my first time to YTC, and it was as barren and as hot as could be.

After a day convoying to the site and then establishing our footprint there, myself and the rest of the staff had our TOC, Tactical Operations Center up and running, receiving reports from our line units in the field and sending up our reports to Brigade.

My name is Eric. I’m a Captain assigned to the operations section of Battalion staff, and that meant I never really got to go to the field. I was new to staff duty in Headquarters, but from what I had seen, I liked it well enough. It came with the promotion, even if it wasn’t riding around in a tank anymore. I’m 29 years old and one of the most fit soldiers in the entire battalion of over 400. I’m 5’8′ tall, fairly muscular with two full sleeve tattoos, professionally concealed now that I’m an officer (in today’s army, officers are under tighter restrictions than enlisted as for tattoo regulations).

Even though I’m only a guardsman, I always sported the military haircut, being a cop on the civilian side. I nearly always have a smile on my face at work, but I’m always professional. I love what I do. I’ve always had an aggressive ‘mission accomplishment’ attitude, and so I’ve volunteered for certain training to help the unit as a whole and of course, to further my career. One of these, is the EO, or equal opportunity training. It became a very focus-point issue a few years ago when the military got rid of the don’t ask don’t tell, and by widening what EO covers, we had to find more soldiers who have sat through the mind-numbing PowerPoints.

I volunteered because I wanted to further my career, and because I’m an avid bisexual.

I’m discreet though; unlike some soldiers in the unit who took the opportunity to become divas overnight. Nobody would know my lust for men unless it came up in conversation or somebody knew me well enough. I didn’t lie about it, I just didn’t advertise it.

Well, back to the hottest part of the day in Yakima Training Center: We were a week into AT and I averaged 18 hours a day in the TOC, which occupied a concrete floor, woodplank building, an old barracks from WWII. Even with the windows open and fans set up to get air circulating, it was hot and suffocating. I hadn’t had the opportunity to shower in two days, and with the uniform, I knew I stank; the saving grace was, nobody could tell who’s smell was who’s.

I had finally broken down and re-downloaded the Grinder app on my phone, mostly out of boredom. As I sat at my computer typing reports, I would discreetly peak at grinder, careful to not let anybody see what I was looking at. Mostly the feed was full of local kids from the town nearby, but I would see other soldiers log on for a few seconds and hop back off. I never considered reaching out to any of them to play; they were all enlisted, and an officer being caught with an enlisted guy would be big trouble for me!

And then, checking the feed, I saw a profile that said ‘200 ft away’. I quickly put my phone down and looked around, seeing if anybody had caught me on my phone. I wanted to know who it was so close to me that had a grinder account! It had to be somebody in Headquarters, surely! I kept looking around, but nobody else was on a phone. I kept acting like I was working, and I told my coworker that I was going out to the latrine for a minute.

I hustled down to the row of port-a-johns on the street corner and locked the door behind me. It was at least 20 degrees hotter in there than outside and sweat dripped off my face in seconds. I opened the app again and indeed, the guy was still close, and he had messaged me! The simple ‘hey’ first, and then to my shock was ‘I know you’!

I was stunned. My heart was beating a mile a minute, and even if it wasn’t a million degrees in the port-a-john, I would have been sweating. I was nervous as hell when I replied ‘who are you” I thought I was discreet enough with my profile picture, the head cropped off and only my abs and pecs in the picture.

In a few seconds the phone vibrated back with a picture received message. I immediately opened it to see the face of the soldier who could potentially out me, wondering if he would be a lowly private or if he was a major or even higher. The picture was a dick. But it wasn’t just a dick; it was a cock, big, erect, veiny and full! It was shaven smooth and cut, with a nice head and a gentle curve to it but the size! He was a good 8 inches or so and so hard.

I nearly instantly got hard in my ACU mouth watered and I silently mouthed ‘fuck’. I was impressed.

I don’t know what I was thinking, But I DO know that I hadn’t gotten off in a week, and I had been turned on since we got here; army training always gave me random fits of lust and fantasies. Without any sort of plan or second thought of how many ways this could go wrong, I replied with the message ‘text me!’ and sent him my number.

I gave my cock a few stroked through my uniform and went back into the TOC, getting ready to pretend to be focused on work. The next hour dragged on. Had I been too forward’ Was the soldier really straight but just on grinder to fuck with the gay soldiers’ Would he out me now that he had my phone number’ What was his rank’ Private, sergeant, officer’

By 1500, (3:00pm for readers who haven’t had the misfortune of having to use a 24 hour clock!) I was sitting in our daily ‘Commanders update Brief’. Very little to report outside of the schedule reports already being sent, and lately they had turned to a reason to take a break and bullshit around the conference table and drink our room-temperature monsters and red bulls.

I finally felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and instantly I pulled it out to see who it was. Again, it simply said ‘hey’, and a local phone number I didn’t have saved in my phone. I replied ‘who are you’ again and waited, holding the phone in my hand. A second later, a reply:

‘I’m horny, you”


‘Wanna fuck around”

My heart was racing and in my throat while I sat next to senior First-Sergeants and Master Sergeants, a few other captains and a Major. These guys are the leading edge of the greatest military on earth, and they are all experts and professionals. A few had even graduated West Point. And two a man, they are as conservative as you can get.

To be texting such a stranger was a turn on, but it was terrifying. I typed ‘YES’ into my phone again, followed by the same question ‘who are you’. A second later, another picture came. This time a face picture. It was a sergeant. Staff Sergeant Madison! I had only talked to him one time in my life, and seemed like a good guy. He’s also a cop but in a different town. He’s attached to Headquarters, like me, but in a different section, having to do with mortars and artillery more than what I do. I knew his immediate boss a lot better than him, but I had always thought the muscular Staff Sergeant Madison was a pretty sexy guy. I just didn’t know he was into dudes’.

‘Are you gay, dude” I typed. Maybe he was just bored and horny from not getting laid in a week and with no girls around, he was willing to settle for a guy to blow him.

‘I’m bi, have a gf, sir’ I thought it was almost funny that he replied with military courtesy, calling me sir. First, after I (rather unprofessionally, called him gay, and second’we are texting because we saw eachother on a gay hook-up app!

I put my phone back in my lap and waited for the next text. I rejoined the conversation with two other captains, about how the line troops, and how our fellow captains were doing in the field. My mind was entirely elsewhere, back to the phone and to SSG Madison and his big cock. I knew what the next text would be. I had played this game before, just not with somebody I knew professionally. We have already established a physical attraction, thus the first text. Second was a potential for us to be sexually compatible, when he showed me his cock and I said ‘wow’. And now the third and final part was HOW.

Well, when there is a will there is a way. And, as luck would have it, this was the perfect time. I’m a captain now, and with being in staff, I got my private room in the officer’s barracks. This just may work out’.

He text me just as my buddy was telling us how the ranges were all burning up from our Tank rounds. Again, I casually looked at my phone. ‘5 minutes in the barracks”

‘Yea, 5 minutes in MY ROOM’ I replied back. I was horny as hell and needing it, but SSG Madison was just that: a staff sergeant, which meant he didn’t have a private room! Just an empty communal barracks.

By now the adrenaline was coursing through my hands, and I set down my monster and took up my half-gone gallon of water and took a few gulps. I had to start building up my saliva’ Again, Madison texted back, this time saying he didn’t have a key for the barracks and he was worried somebody would see him going in to the Officer Barracks. I had to think for a minute. The barracks was on the corner of the cantonment area, but the building next door wasn’t occupied, in the daytime at least. He could hop through my window.

I texted him the plan, and as discreetly as I could, I tucked my hard cock into the belt line of my uniform pants. I stood up, told my buddies that I was going to go throw some laundry in the wash and take a quick nap, and, red in the face, hands shaking and heart fluttering, I speed-walked to the barracks.

I got to my room and changed into my PT uniform and flip flops and through my sweaty ACU’s in with some other laundry and started the machine. I took a quick ‘whore bath’ in the cold barracks water, enough to wash what had to be washed. And then, I stood in my room, all 10×12 feet of it leaning against the door with the window open. My cock was rigid under my uniform and I was wondering if this was all a mistake. What if we were caught’ If somebody heard us’ Or saw SSG Madison climbing through the window then came up to investigate’

Finally, I saw his face at the window and I slid it open, in five seconds he was in and the window was closed. We smiled at each other, big teeth baring grins.

‘Hey sir’ He said. I was expecting him to almost be sheepish about coming to my room, at least a little bit shy, but his town and his demeanor was anything but. ‘Fancy meeting you here’ he added.

I laughed, half out of nervousness, and then at how ridiculous the entire situation was. ‘Call me Eric’

‘I’m Dan’ he replied. He reached for his waist and pulled his cock from his belt line and grabbed it through his uniform, gave it a few pulls. ‘I’ve been so fucking horny all week, Eric’.

I smiled and stroked my own cock in my thin PT shorts. ‘Me too, Dan’maybe we can help each other out a little’.

The smile from his face disappeared. With all the authority and confidence I expect from a Staff Sergeant, he said ‘So get on your knees and help me out’

And it was game over for me. Dan, Staff Sergeant Daniel Madison, had tapped into that headspace of mine that is rarely touched. Its an area of my personality and my psyche that has only been truly tapped into two other times in my life, and those times, it had taken a few hours. Dan however, did it in one statement: ‘So get on your knees’. I am a commissioned officer in the United States Army. I am a Police Officer. Both professions denote a vast amount of authority and responsibility, and respect.

Dan however, had stripped off those layers, the two most encompassing identities I have, and laid bare something else. Something powerless and meek. Something that is the antithesis to what the other two identities are. This part of me, that now rushed out to every fiber of my body and every though in my head, this part of me had no power, no authority. It does not denote responsibility, nor respect. It’s something that society is either disgusted with or pretends it doesn’t exist at all: The male submissive.

Despite all the success and power my life tells, Daniel turned my into his submissive. And I was more than happy to oblige, and amazed that he had done so. I know that part of me exists, and I’ve tried to force it out, fake it ’til you make it with some partners, but the real submissive, the true part of me, overcame me to my own surprise, and to my great pleasure.

He said ‘So get on your knees and help me out’, and that extra surge of adrenaline coursed through my heart and my hand and the carotid in my neck, it was my submissive finally being let out of the cage that the rest of me, the civilized me, had shoved it in.

I went weak in the knees and took a step towards him and dropped to my knees. I lifted his uniform jacket up and undid his tan riggers belt. I looked up at him while I undid the buttons on his uniform, and he looked down at me, not smiling or angry, but expectant. He knew what he liked. I was grinning and red in the face. After three buttons I grabbed the hem of his pants and pulled down; no underwear. Just flesh. I sighed in satisfaction and with the tip of his cock pulled straight down by the pants I kissed the top of the base of his cock, wet with my spit and tongue. I yanked the pants the rest of the way down and his hard member sprang up and me, sticking out and up, with that soft curve upwards.

”wow’ I whispered to myself”so fucking big”

I ran my hands up and down his thighs and his abs, feeling the v-lines of his abdomen while I stared at his cock. He still hadn’t said a word, and he unzipped his uniform jacket and pulled that and his tan t-shirt off. He revealed his bulging abs and nice pierced nipples, a surprise I thought. He was particularly muscled, just my type of course. Once undressed, he ran his hands through my hair, soft at first and then a second pass rough before grabbing the longer hair on the top of my head.

‘Suck it’ He said, with even more authority than he had a minute ago. I again felt that rush of adrenaline as I look up at him and meekly said ‘yes, sir’, and with both hands on the base of his cock, opened my mouth and in one go, took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. It felt so much bigger in my mouth than it looked, and it tasted so salty and musky and manly. I got about four inches in my mouth, not bad for the first taste, and I held him there, moaning at his taste and his smell. I felt his hands on my head still, one hand on top the other on the stubble of the back of my head. I held my mouth on his cock and I could feel him tense and moan a little: the most wonderful sound a submissive cocksucker like me could ever hear.

The saliva was building in my mouth while I tried to breathe through my nose, and when after several seconds, I slid off his cock and exhaled in relief. Already a string of spit was dangling from my mouth to his shiny-wet cock. As soon as I took a breath I dove back on his cock, farther this time. His hand tightened on my hair and I started wiggling my head back and forth trying to get more cock in, coaxing more spit from my mouth and throat.

I grabbed his hips to hold him in place, to give my something to hold onto while I fucked my mouth on his stationary cock. When I needed a breath I backed off his cock again and caught my breath and even more saliva connected me to my prize. I started pumping my mouth up and down his cock, using his hips as handles and he had firm pressure with both hands on my head. Spit was running freely out of my mouth and all over his cock, dripping onto my PT shirt and my shorts, tented in front of me by my own leaking cock.

Dan started whispering ‘Fuck yea’ over and over again like a mantra and his grip on my hair getting tighter and tighter. Any submissive loves this reaction, and it encouraged me to go deeper and deeper onto his cock. I started gagging myself on him, and by now my nose was nearly to his base. His cock, and my shirt, were soaking wet and I could feel his hip flexors start to spasm a little. He was getting close and by now I was overcome by the need for him to cum all over my face. As much as I love feeling a cock spurt in my mouth, the warm impact of ropes of cum on my face are so much better, and it’s a reward for him to see all his warm manly cum covering his toy.

I thought I knew when he was going to cum. Staff Sergeant Madison had other plans. We hadn’t discussed exactly how we were going to ‘help each other out’, but after sucking his cock, that would have been enough for me! Dan pulled my off of his cock with the fistful of his hair and almost scolded me, looking down at me, eyes red and watering from gagging, saliva dripping from my mouth to his cock and to my shirt and simply said ‘Not yet slut!’

He knew that word! The secret word reserved for sorority girls at frat-houses, and poor trailer trash girls, he knew to use that word on me! I get off on that word, and being called that word, and living up to its sordid expectations. Being called a slut, and being a slut is my own private rebellion against the establishment of the military and the police department.

He pulled me by my hair to my bunk, my head to the wall and I scrambled to keep up with his fist. I was on all fours on my bed, my head shoved into the corner of the room and held down, presenting my ass out to him, still wearing PT shorts. Dan took care of the shorts. He yanked them down hard, exposing my pail white ass. Like him, I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. He finally let go of my head and grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling them apart. The cooler air tingled on my exposed bud, but instantly it was replaced with his warm tongue. I groaned loudly into the wall and I barely bit my fist in time to keep from screaming out the first thing that came to mind: ‘Eat my little hole, Daddy!!!’

The Staff Sergeant hungrily licked at my hole and spat on it and it was my turn to be whispering ‘fuck yea’. Unlike Dan though, who sounded in control and appreciative of the pleasure, I sounded exactly what I was: a slut. My mantra had the urgency and the desperation of begging, of being helpless and desperate for more and more, it sounded like blissful abandon. ‘Eat it Daddy, fuck yea, it eat! lick your sluts little asshole’oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck’ All of these were the most natural things to say, and at that point, my mouth already fucked and bent over having my ass tongued out, it was the only thing I could say.

My ass was coated in his spit and loosened by his tongue, and I felt his weight shift onto the thin old mattress. Dan grabbed my hair again and yanked me up against him, both of us on our knees and his cock pressed between my ass. Everything was so wet and slick with our collective saliva. My shirt was pulled off of me, and now our bare sweaty unwashed bodies were pressed against each other. The heat of it was incredible.

Already a hundred degrees out, then the physical efforts of our depravity had made both of us slippery and wet. His calloused hand reached around and grabbed my throat, holding me still for him to bite my ear. His hot breath tickled my face and dripped of more sweat. SSG Madison squeezed hard and he bit hard, and coupled with the heat, I started to see stars. He backed off when he could feel me start to lose it and he grunted into my ear:

‘Beg for me to fuck your bitch ass!’

I couldn’t speak. All I could do was let out a loud grunt, groan squeal. Whatever it was, it sounded pathetic, desperate, almost painful. I looked at him with the most wanting and begging face I’ve ever made and just nodded, sweat shaking from my hair. I was breathless, all I could do was mouth at him, ‘please, please, please, fuck me, fuck me”

Dan grinned, and then he spat right onto my cheek adding to the shine of sweat. He let go of my throat and pushed my head back down, down into the old exposed mattress, and exposing my wet wanting ass again. I prepared myself the best I could as he lined up his cockhead with my hole. I knew he was going to be rough, but I was beyond caring about my pain. All I wanted was his satisfaction and his pleasure. He had completely unleashed and dominated my submissive. He had ordered me on my knees, he had fucked my face and made me beg as he ate my hole, and now he had just spat on my face!

Spitting on somebody is a crude extremely rude act of hate! Players get thrown out of baseball games for spitting at an Umps feet, and here I was, being held in place and made to beg while a man, from only an inch away, spat directly onto my face! The depravity! I opened my mouth and licked at his white spittle dripping down towards my mouth, hoping to taste his power and his sweat.

Dan ordered me ‘open up boy’, so I grabbed my asscheeks and spread them as far apart as I could, feeling his spit drip into my slightly gaping hole. His spit was almost instantly replaced by the hot fleshy firmness of his 8 inch cock, still dripping with my spit. He hesitated just a second, adjusting his aim, and in a firm push, his thick head popped past my wet little ring and into my ass. I grunted and groaned at the intrusion. It burned only for a second as my warmed-up hole quickly relaxed to take it. Dan paused again. It wasn’t for my benefit though, only his. He spat onto my hole, to add more slickness to our fucking, and for good measure, he spat right onto my back. I couldn’t help myself, I let out a demurred ‘Oh fuck yes Daddy’ as his spit landed on my skin.

His hands were on my hips and he slowly started to push the rest of his cock in. He didn’t thrust, he only pushed in, slow and steady, letting me feel just how giant that cock was going to be in my tight little ass. It had been months since I’ve been fucked, and it would take a few minutes for the rest of my hole to accept a cock as big as his. I let out a long guttural grunt into my pillow as he slowly bottomed out. The last inch burned but quick enough he pulled himself back out until just his head was in my ass.

I inhaled sharply and looked back at him, eyes wide at how big he felt. He was looking down at me, almost sneering but quite pleased with himself. Again, he spat on me, this time wetting my shoulder and my neck. I don’t know what it was besides the simple depravity, but I was in love with this act of dominance. I let out another groan as I took a deep breath and smiled at him, sticking my tongue out as a target. He spat again, straight onto my face, and that again, set me off: ‘Fuck me daddy, fuck your little slut!’

Dan started rocking his hips forward, pushing his cock in and out an inch at a time. It wasn’t enough for me and I started pushing off the wall, pushing my ass onto his cock. Dan quickly got the idea and grabbed my hips tighter and started to piston his cock in and out of me fast and hard. I was biting my fist, trying to be as quiet as I could, but a slut always has a hard time being quiet when being fucked in the ass. I looked back at him, my eyes pleading ‘more, Daddy!’ as he looked down at me, resuming his mantra ‘fuck yea!’ Every few stroked he would spit at my face. Sometimes it would land in my hair, already matted down with sweat, or it would hit my back, adding to the sweat dripping off of him.

Minutes passed and my ass was taking him comfortably now. All the tightness and pain was replaced with the fleshy-hot feel of pleasure and fullness. Dan was maintaining his pace, never slacking off or pulling out. He was going for it. We were both dripping sweat and out of breath when he collapsed onto me. His naked chest and abs pressing into my naked back, and all of our combined sweat and his spit let us slide against each other effortlessly. He reached up and grabbed my throat again, biting my ear.

His powerful abs were flexing his big cock into me. His other hand found mine near my hips and grabbed mine, interlocking our fingers. He found my mouth and shoved his tongue inside. It was a surprise for me, I didn’t think he would kiss guys, but in the heat of the moment, so close and desperate and passionate in the last few minutes of our sweaty depraved fucking, anything could be done without a second thought.

He kissed me and Dan’s and my tongue fought at each other. We couldn’t get enough of each other as we panted and heaved into our kiss. The grip on my throat and on my hand tightened, and the thrusts became more staccato. He broke our kiss and grunted, and I let out a final grunt too as I felt his cock pulse violently into me. I felt one, two, three, four jets of hot cum shoot into my asshole. Everything was so hot. The day, the sweat, our two bodies, his cock, my asshole, and now his cum shot between the two. Everything was a burning hot feeling of euphoria and abandon.

As he shot his hot cum into my ass, his body remained rigid, his teeth back on my ear. After a minute, he started slow gentle strokes into my ass, teasing the last spurts of his cum out. Finally, he put his hands on my back and lifted himself off of me.

I was left panting and groaning underneath him, covered in his fluids. I still hadn’t cum, but that thought hadn’t even occurred to me. I had just been used and fucked like a slut, like a toy by this guy, a Staff Sergeant I had never really talked to before an hour ago. He spat on my ear and it snapped me out of my reverie. I was still repeating ‘oh fuck, oh fuck’ quietly, whimpering into my pillow. Dan smiled, the first true emotion he had shown since he snuck in through my window. ‘Your turn you little slut’.

I looked at him. I didn’t have the energy to do anything. I groaned, acknowledging him. He smiled again and pulled my shorts all the way off, leaving me naked and disgraced on the bed. He grabbed my ankles, locked the together and twisted, spinning me onto my back. In one move he lifted my feet above my head. The air felt cold on my used, gaping leaking asshole.

Dan was standing over me, my ass directly in front of his view of my face. He spat into it, adding to the rest of his triumphant cum and sweat already inside his toy. With his other hand, he found my cock and started stroking. It was the first touch my cock had had, and the build-up of dripping pre-cum slid all over my member. Dan was spitting and stroking and telling me what a good little slut I was going to be the next week. I was going wild, looking up at him with pleading eyes, my mouth wide open, tongue sticking out. I knew what he was going to do. He wanted me to shoot my cum all over my own face while his cum was deep in my abused ass.

It didn’t take long. A few more strokes and licks, and I felt my knees lose the last bit of energy they had. My cock started pulsing in his hand, and then a hot, white shower erupted from my cock overhead. They weren’t rope of cum, it was an almost endless spurt of drops, some in my mouth, most on my cheeks, nose eyes and forehead the rest in my hair.

After a few last tugs and spurts from my cock, SSG Madison lets my ankles back down to the bed. I lay there a few minutes, trying to comprehend what happened. SSG Madison had gotten inside my head and peeled away all the self-respecting parts of my psyche in just seconds. He had found and let run rampant my secret inner submissive slut. I took deep breaths, calming myself with my eyes closed. I could here Dan straightening himself up and toweling off. A final breath and I opened my eyes, just in time to see him with a smile and his phone out, taking a picture of me on my bunk; covered in my sweat, his sweat, his spit, my spit, and my cum all over my face.

‘Don’t worry’ He said, ‘I’ll send it to you’ He opened the door, walked out and shut it quickly, and strutted away. It took me another 30 minutes to take stock of myself, clean up decently enough to shower, then change into a fresh uniform.

Eventually, I made my way back to the TOC, feeling my asshole every step of the way. There was spit and cum in my ear though. Not visible, but enough to feel like I had been swimming all day. And, for the rest of the work day with my colleagues and commanders, all of us respectable members of the military leadership and respected members of our communities, all I could think about was how amazing Staff Sergeant Daniel Madison’s cock felt shoved all the way up my ass, and how soon I could be his little fuck toy again.

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