Erotic story: College restroom encounter

By Alex

On my college campus is a restroom well-known for under stall action. Today, I was feeling really horny, so I headed over to it. There are three stalls side to side in this bathroom, and in between the first two stalls is a hole. The hole is not big enough for a cock, but it is perfectly situated to see what the person next to you is doing. When I went in, someone was already in the first stall. I slowly walked past it, and could see that the stall was occupied by an Asian guy. I couldn’t tell if he was hot or not–yet! I took the second stall, dropped my pants all the way to my ankles, and started stroking my already hard cock.

I saw his eye at the peephole, and then I could see him move back. I peered through the hole and could see him stroking his cock. It was about 5.5″ and uncut. He had his shirt unbuttoned and I could see his smooth, flat stomach. As he leaned forward, I could see his face. He looked very attractive! I wasted no time, but squatted down on the floor with my cock facing towards his stall. He did the same and we took each other’s cocks in our hands. My cock was already dripping with precum, making his hand easily slide up and down my shaft. I slide my other hand in between his legs, under his balls, and touched his hole. He leaned closer to the stall wall, giving me more access. Just then, someone else came in the restroom. We quickly got back on the seats.

I could see someone walk past my stall into the only empty stall. He lowered his pants all the way and sat down. I could see his very nicely shaped legs, which had a bit of hair, but not much. After a few moments, I hadn’t heard anything, so I started stroking again. I was horny, and didn’t care if I made much noise. The new guy peered under the stall, and I could see him clearly. He was a very hot looking Asian guy–he looked like a jock. I squatted down on the floor. Both of the other guys did the same, and I took a cock in each hand. I was jacking them both at the same time. The Asian jock moaned softly, so I decided to give him a little more attention.

His cock was about 6.5″ cut, and a little bit on the thin side. I let go of the first guy’s cock, and started playing with the second guy’s ass. He moaned softly again. I put our cocks together and jacked both of them. My pre-cum was leaking out all over his cock. I then let my cock slide under his balls, letting my wet cock head rub against his hole. His cock throbbed, and I could see a bit of precum on the tip. I bent down and tasted it–sweet! I was thinking about turning around and backing my ass against his cock when he whispered, “Suck it!” I started sucking his cock, taking it all the way into my mouth. I glanced behind me to see the other Asian guy watching us while he jerked off.

Precum was dripping off my cock, so I pooled it into my hand and on my fingers and then began rubbing it into the jock guy’s ass. My pre-cum made his hole very wet, and my finger slipped inside him. He caught his breath and his ass clamped down on my finger, then his cock exploded and cum filled my mouth. I kept his cock inside my mouth while he shot, and let the cum ooze out of my mouth and on to the floor, making a very large puddle. In a few moments, he was spent, and he pulled his cock from my mouth.

The first guy stuck his cock as far into my stall as he could. His whole lower body was almost in the stall with me. I started jacking him off and rubbing his ass again. He moaned. I scoped up some of the still warm cum from the floor. Then I started rubbing his hole with the second guy’s cum. He moaned a little louder and moved his ass down on my fingers. My fingers, lubed up with the jock guy’s cum, penetrated his ass. I scoped up some more cum, and pushed it into the first guy’s ass with my fingers. I was finger fucking one Asian guy with another Asian guy’s cum!

I pictured sliding my raw wet cock into the first guy’s ass, and moved closer to the stall wall so I could fuck him. He grabbed my cock, and the sensation was too much–I shot all over his cock! I stroked his cum-covered cock with finger fucking him, and he immediately shot his load onto the floor! His asshole clenched and throbbed, pulling my cum-slicked fingers deeper into him, then he relaxed. We both cleaned up. I saw him on the bus a bit later, and we recognized each other. He looked at me and smiled.

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