Erotic story: Caught my college roommate part 2

By Randy Peters. Part 1 here.

I was standing there in the hallway with my pants around my ankles, and Kevin couldn’t stop looking at me. “Are you alright, Josh? I know this is all new to you.”

I nodded and reached for his shoulders. “Yeah, I’m just getting used to being naked in front of… well, anyone else.” I squeezed them and smiled. “I’ll admit, I’m a little overwhelmed, but I’m glad we did this.”

Kevin reached out and we embraced sweetly, wrapping our arms around each other and just standing there, intertwined, for a few seconds. “I guess this means we won’t have to wear clothes around the room, huh?”

I snickered and gave him a squeeze. “Yeah, I guess not.” We moved apart and I pulled my pants up so I could walk into the bedroom. He followed me and bent down to grab his. I looked at his smooth, pale butt, round but toned, and my cock rose to attention.

When he turned around he must have noticed me staring, he smirked and looked down at my crotch with my cock pressing against my jeans. “I knew you liked the front, but you must have really liked the back!”

I blushed and smirked back. “It’s a nice butt!”

“Thanks! Want to touch it?”

“Sure…” I reached out and grabbed his cheeks with my hands and gave them a firm squeeze. They yielded slightly and the skin was smooth to the touch, with just a slight cover of light fuzz.

As I let go he turned around and his rod was sticking out and up, showing his obvious enjoyment of the attention I had given his rump. We smiled at each other again and he slipped his jeans up his legs. I watched them cover his cock, but I could still see the outline as it pressed against the fabric. I fastened my own button and we slipped our shirts on.

Kevin rubbed his stomach. “All that excitement made me hungry!”

“Yeah, me too. I wonder what’s around?”

“Let’s find out!” Kevin opened a map online and typed in “Restaurants” and a whole bunch of pins popped up around campus.

I pointed to a Chinese place that had a really good rating. “How about here?”

“Yeah, that sounds good. Let’s go!” Kevin stood up and his face ended up right in front of mine, and he kissed me quickly before heading out the door. I let out a little squeak and followed him.

It was still pretty warm, but there was a wind that kept it from being too bad. We walked for about five minutes before we realized we had no idea where we were going, we hadn’t printed out the directions or even written down the address. (This was before the Age of the Smartphone, so we had to rely on what we had or ask someone who knew!) After wandering around, lost, for a few more minutes, we decided to head back to the dorm and order delivery. We weren’t that hungry just yet, so we did a little exploring along the way.

This was a town that had sprung up around the college, so it was structured a bit differently than most where the schools came later. The academic and administrative buildings were in the center, surrounded by dorms on most of the sides, and the businesses and outer residences built out from there. Since the school hadn’t been built until the mid-50’s, there wasn’t a lot to the architecture, but the way it was organized there were a bunch of crevices, alleys, and places that just didn’t lead anywhere. It was like, rather than expanding the buildings, they would build a new one right next to it without actually touching, so there were paths with no doors or lights that seemed to serve no purpose other than to separate the walls.

Kevin looked around and quickly pulled me into one of the alleys. It was too narrow to let any cars in, and the buildings were tall enough that most of the light stopped within a couple feet. We were almost completely in the dark besides a few stray beams peeking through and shining on our faces. He put his hands on my face and pulled me in for a kiss. I let out a small moan but got quiet quickly since we were outside. What he did next surprised me so much I couldn’t help it – I shrieked as he reached his hand down my pants and grabbed my package. It just made him kiss me more passionately and push me against the wall. I responded by putting my hand down his pants and wrapping it around his snake that had started to harden, getting fully erect when I squeezed it.

After what seemed like an eternity he pulled his hand up and broke the kiss, and I slid my hand out too, but not before giving him another squeeze. We scooted out of the alley and walked toward the dorm like nothing had happened, but there were bulges in both of our pants that showed otherwise. We looked straight ahead with grins on our faces and held hands just for a moment before swinging them to our sides.

When we got back to the dorm, I grabbed a couple of the take-out menus that were scattered on the tables in the lobby. We headed back up to the room and quickly shut the door, and within moments we had pulled our shirts off and embraced each other, kissing again just like we had in the alley just a few minutes before. We unbuttoned our pants and grabbed each other, moaning at the same time.

Once again, after a while, Kevin broke the kiss and looked at me, our hands still cupping the other’s jewels and tools, and we slowly pulled them back out so we could clasp them together and just stand there, blissfully, smiling.

“Kevin… I really like how you make me feel.”

“Me too, Josh.”

“Even though we just met, it feels like we have this connection… it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before.”

“Yeah, it is. I hope it never changes!”

I nodded and pulled him into the bedroom. We stripped the rest of the way and climbed into bed together. He slipped behind me and his cock, about half-hard, slid between my cheeks as he wrapped his arms around me. I grinned at him and we looked at the menus. We found one for Chinese, though it wasn’t the one we had found before, and I dialed the number on my phone.

Kevin decided it would be funny to mess with me while I was ordering. He told me what he wanted and let me tell the woman with no problem, but when I started giving mine, he tickled my sides and made me jump and squeak into the phone. I’m not sure what she must have thought on the other end, but after some poking and prodding, a few stutters, and a shriek when he pinched my nipples, I managed to finish the order, give them the address, and hang up.

I turned around and frowned at him, then hit him with a sneak-attack nipple pinch! He squealed and tried to push me away but I managed to slip under his arms and started tickling his sides and back. He lost control and started flailing all over, laughing hysterically and trying to catch his breath. He finally managed to eke out “Stop! S..stop!!!” and I gave him a break and we both laughed for a few minutes, so hard and so long that our sides hurt.

After we calmed down, we got up and grabbed the money so we could pay the delivery guy when he got there. Kevin agreed to get the food, so he threw on a pair of shorts so he would be ready. I stayed naked and I spent the next ten minutes teasing him and posing for him, my cock and balls flopping around and slapping against my thighs and stomach. At one point I stuck my butt right in his face and he gave it a smack, not too hard, but enough to make a sound that filled the room. I yelped and looked at him mischievously. “I’ll get you back for that!”

“I hope so!” He winked and I smirked and winked back.

Eventually there was a knock on the door and Kevin went out to greet the delivery guy. He came back with two giant bags. I was really surprised since we didn’t order that much food! “What’s with all this?”

“Well, it must be our lucky day! They made the order twice and didn’t realize it until after it was already in the driver’s car, so when he called the store to ask what he should do, they said to just give us the second order!”

“Whoa, sweet! Our first day in college and we already get free food!”

Since we didn’t have a good place to put our food in the bedroom, we decided to go out to the living room. Kevin had set up his TV and DVD player out there so we were able to put on a movie while we ate. He popped in some movie with a bunch of cars and drugs and stuff. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really paying attention to the movie, since I had something much better to look at right there in the room with me.

After we had enough food to quiet our stomachs, we stopped the movie and put the rest away for later. We went back into the bedroom and climbed back into the bed. We faced each other and smiled, and I ran my hand lightly down Kevin’s chest. He shivered a little and I noticed his nipples get hard and pointy. I gently rubbed them and he closed his eyes and moaned. “Do you like that?”

He nodded and looked at me. “Please, don’t stop.”

I obliged and continued to rub them. I put them between my fingers and started to pinch and twist them lightly and he leaned his head back and sighed. I saw his cock start to twitch and stick out and mine followed suit. I pinched a little harder and he moaned loudly, his rod growing to full size and hardness. “Kevin…”


“What… what can I do with you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… there are things I want to try, but I’m not sure if I’ll like them. Is there anything you don’t want me to do, or that you don’t want to do to me?”

“I’m not sure, I mean, I’ve played a little with girls, but I’ve only imagined doing stuff with guys. I’ve done some stuff by myself, but not much. I guess I’m willing to try almost anything once.”

“Alright. I… I’m going to try something, let me know if you want me to stop.”

“I don’t think I will, but I’ll tell you.” He watched me intently as he wondered what I had going on in my head.

I slid myself down the bed, kissing his chest and stomach as I did, and I put my hand between his legs. I slid a finger between his cheeks and gently rubbed his hole. He gasped and I felt it tighten at first, then relax as I played with it a little more. I pushed a little and felt my finger slide in, just a bit, and Kevin breathed in sharply and I felt his hole squeezing my finger. I kept it there and just wiggled it a little, and he moaned and squirmed.

“Josh, that… feels good!”

I tried to push it in a little more, but it wouldn’t budge, so I tried to stretch it a little by pulling my finger sideways. I managed to push in a tiny bit more, but not much, and I gave a few little pulses before pulling it out.

“You really liked that, Kevin?”

“Yeah, man, I did. I’ve never done anything like that. I rubbed it a little sometimes, but never stuck anything in.”

“I… saw it in a video once and tried it on myself. I liked it so I figured you would, too.”

“You were right!” He looked at me sweetly and a little lustfully. “Is there anything else you wanted to try?”

I silently wrapped my hand around his cock and gave it a couple big, deliberate strokes. I felt it get even harder in my fist and throb in pleasure. I moved myself down and looked at it intently, then I stuck my tongue out and licked the head. I heard him gasp and felt it twitch in my hand, and I wrapped my lips around it and licked some more. Kevin moaned and arched his back and thrust his hips forward. I wasn’t expecting it and his cock plunged all the way into my mouth, bumping up against my throat and making me gag. He pulled back and I lifted my mouth off.

“Why don’t you lay on your back?”

“Alright.” He shifted his weight and turned so he was on his back, facing straight up at the top bunk, and I turned myself around to get better access to his crotch. I grabbed his balls with one hand and the base of his cock with the other and stuck my mouth back around the head. I worked up some spit and started to suck on it, feeling him squirm under me as I did. As I worked it with my tongue and mouth, I felt his hands on my butt and he stretched my cheeks apart. I moaned into his cock and bobbed my head as he explored my crack. I felt his finger find its way to my hole and he rubbed it a little. I moaned more and my cock got hard and poked his chest.

He pulled his finger back, keeping my cheeks stretched with his other hand, and I worked his cock a little more vigorously, getting about half of it into my mouth without going too close to my throat. I felt a sudden coolness on my hole, and I realized he had moistened his finger with spit and started rubbing again. My hole twitched and I moaned and started to leak some precum onto his chest. Then, as I tried to take more of his cock, he pushed his finger forward and it popped into my hole. I screamed out and my ass twitched as I got used to the feeling. He worked it a little and stretched it, getting some more spit in there with his other hand, and managed to get most of his finger in as I worked up to about 6 inches of his cock in my mouth, just hitting my throat. I suddenly felt him hit something inside me that sent electricity through my body and my cock started to twitch like crazy and leak all over him.

It was then that I noticed Kevin’s moaning had gotten really loud and his cock had started throbbing intensely. I didn’t realize it since I had been moaning pretty loudly myself, but it sounded like he was enjoying what I was doing a lot. He thrust his finger in my hole and made me scream into his cock, leaking even more on his chest and causing my cock to throb and rub against it. We moaned and howled together, and with a little work I somehow managed to get his head down my throat. At the same time he hit a spot in my hole that caused me to twitch all over and my cock jumped against him. Soon after that I felt his hips bucking and my hole started to clench. I didn’t know what was going on at that moment, but I knew I liked it.

In what seemed like both the fastest moments and most drawn out experience of my life, I felt a warmth in my mouth and throat and, at the same time, my cock pulsed and spewed my hot jizz all over Kevin’s chest and stomach, mixing with the pre that had streamed down before. It wasn’t until about a minute later, after we were done panting and I felt his finger slip out of my ass and his cock fall from my mouth, that I realized we had both emptied our balls in the most spectacular way I had ever felt. I had jerked off before, but the orgasm I just had was about a million times more intense than any other. I could taste the saltiness in my mouth from his cum, and I liked it.

“I… just swallowed your cum… and you made me cum with your finger!”

“I know, I can’t believe it… that felt so great!”

“Yeah… it did!” I turned around and wrapped my arms around him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled and I rested my head in his neck as he rubbed my back.

I didn’t realize how tired I was, but I must have been, because it only took a few minutes for me to fall asleep in his arms.

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