Erotic story: Baseball Cocksucker part 4

By Gymguy8

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“Back to the room,” Sam said, as Baker stood up. Without looking back, Sam started walking briskly towards the nearby hotel. He knew after the scene in the restroom, he had beaten Baker down once more, and the cocksucker would follow him. Baker knew his lusts had been exposed once more and he was hungry for more cock, more cum, and more humiliation. Nevertheless, he was angry with himself for giving in to his desires.

Erotic story: Baseball Cocksucker part 4

The two were silent on the walk. Baker’s heart sunk when he saw that Holman was leading him in right through the front door; he couldn’t have anyone to see him like this. Even in the cool night air, his cock had stayed totally erect, making his desires patently obvious. As the doors opened automatically for Sam, Baker scanned the lobby. Luckily, it was deserted; even the front desk clerk had stepped away for a moment. Sam went straight for the elevators.

“Dodged a bullet there, huh, Baker?” Sam asked, as they waited for the elevator. “Might have been a bit awkward for you if there had been a crowd in the lobby, seeing the famous Jed Baker come in wearing nothing but a dirty jockstrap, kneepads, and a boner.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Jed knew Baker was nervous; when he wasn’t staring at the ground, he was nervously scanning the lobby, making sure once more that no one was there. After what seemed like an eternity to Baker, the elevator light came on, and the far door opened.

Holman was closest to the elevator, and as he stepped in, he smiled, and said “Hello.” Baker’s stomach knotted. There was someone in the elevator. As he knew Holman would, Holman held the door open, waiting for Baker to step in. “Hurry up, man,” Holman said.

Reluctantly, Baker stepped to the elevator. He first saw the cart, covered in a white cloth, then the uniformed room service waiter. The guy looked to be mid-twenties, had a muscular swimmer’s build, with a brown hair, and a bit of scruff on his face. It was hard to tell much of anything else about his body under the uniform. When Baker stepped into the elevator, the stranger looked him up and down and an evil smile crept across his face.

“What floor?” he asked.

“12, please,” Holman said.

“Having a good night?” he asked, his eyes dropping down to Baker’s erect cock.

“Oh yeah,” Holman answered for the two of them.

“You guys need anything?” the unknown waiter asked as the door closed. “Anything at all?”

“What do you need, Jed?” Sam prompted him.

Baker’s stomach knotted. Even though the weed was wearing off, the need was still there and just as strong as ever. His hunger was barely sated with only one load in his stomach. “I… I need cock,” he said.

He looked at Sam, who was smiling. “Go on. What else do you need?” Holman continued.

“I need to suck a guy off. Any guy. I need to be on my knees and to swallow his cum.” Baker couldn’t bring himself to look the stranger in the eyes. He hated his weakness and he hated his burning desire for something so debased. But his cock was doing all the thinking for him now, and his cock craved the humiliation.

“Right on man,” the stranger said. He reached down and unzipped his black pants, pulling out a huge, but still soft cock. “This work for you?”

“He’ll take it all.” Sam had answered for Baker. “Room 1210.”

“Gotta deliver this. See you in fifteen. Hope he can take a big one.” The stranger pushed his cock back into his pants and zipped up. “And that he won’t gag too easily.” At about the same time, the elevator stopped, the doors opened, and he pushed the cart into the hallway.

As the doors closed again, Sam turned to Baker. “Looks like you’ll be getting more than just my cock tonight. Lucky faggot, huh?” Baker was silent. It took only a few more seconds to get to the twelfth floor, and Holman led Baker out of the elevator. Baker looked up and down the hallway, relieved that it was empty. Sam did the same scan of the hallways and looked disappointed. “Bummer. Was hoping someone else would be around, and you could get another cock and load to add to your collection.”

“Please, Sam, let’s just get to your room.”

“Come on, Baker. When I put you in front of a glory hole at a sex club, you take all cummers. How is this any different?” Sam walked to the end of the hallway, where his suite was. He swiped the card, opened the door, and motioned for Baker to go in. “Need to get you cleaned up for your new cock friend,” he said as the door closed.

Sam pulled off his shirt, exposing his hairy, muscular chest. Baker tried not to stare; even though he had jerked off too many times imagining Sam’s body, he still couldn’t get enough of it. As Sam kicked off his shoes, he turned to Jed. “I think we’re going to need something stronger than mouthwash to clean out your mouth.”

Baker immediately knew what Sam had in mind. Sam had done it to him once before, after he had made him lick up a pool of sperm in a bookstore video booth. The cleaning process had been one of the most degrading and humiliating experiences of his life. “No, Sam, not that. Please? Anything?”

“I think it’s still the best way. Maybe the only way to really clean out all that filth you licked up.” Sam dropped his pants, and his cock sprung free. It was almost hard, sticking out from Sam’s muscular body. “You weren’t sure about that, were you?” Sam said. Baker shook his head, distracted by how perfect Sam’s dick was: fat and long. He wanted it in him, but he didn’t want it the way Sam was proposing to insert it into him. “Into the bathroom, cocksucker.”

Baker went into the bathroom, with Holman behind him. He knelt down by the sink, wishing himself to be almost any other place in in the brightly lit bathroom. Sam turned on the faucet, and let the water warm up. He splashed some water on his cock, wetting down his pubic hair. “You know what’s going to happen, right cocksucker?”

“Yeah, I do.” Baker was looking up at Sam’s body, finally resting his gaze at his face. “Do we have to? Do this, I mean?”

“I don’t know. You tell me what you think is going to happen, and we’ll see if it’s what I have planned. Then we can figure out if we have to do this.”

This was a standard trick of Sam’s: he’d get Baker to explain what should happen next. Usually, Baker, in his cock-hungry fever, would go far further than what Sam had originally planned. When he was horny, Jed was his own worst enemy. Either way, Sam would do exactly whatever option was more intense and humiliating: what Baker said he wanted to be done, or what Sam had planned. Baker hated it. There was no way he could win. “You’re going to soap up your cock. Get it covered with lather. Then you’re going to have me deep throat your cock, cleaning all the soap off it. And repeat. If I’m lucky and you are generous, you will let me rinse out my mouth between throat fuckings.”

“Sounds exactly like what the doctor ordered.” Holman unwrapped a bar of soap from the bathroom counter, and held it under the water. “It should get that mouth and throat good and clean for more mancock.”

“Do I have to?” Jed asked. He knew it was futile, but tried anyway.

“You have a better idea on how we can clean out that dirty mouth and throat of yours?”

Baker was silent. “No,” he finally said, resigning himself to his fate.

“You been practicing deep throating like I told you?” Holman asked.

“A bit,” Jed said.

“Yeah?” Sam asked. “Just a bit? When was the last time? And why?”

“About a week ago,” Jed answered. “I went out to the park Friday night, and sucked off a few guys.” He remembered the turmoil of emotions and desires that had made him to it. He didn’t want to re-visit the utter emptiness and terrifying need that had driven him to such tawdriness.

“How many is ‘a few?'”

“I dunno. I didn’t count,” Baker answered.

“I don’t believe that,” Sam said. “How many?” He was rubbing the bar of soap over his hand, working up a thick lather. Jed though that the scene could have been an advertisement for the soap. Then he remembered where the lather would eventually end up.

“Honest. I can’t remember.”

“Were you high?”

“Yeah.” Jed knew the truth was a better option here. Eventually, Holman would pry out what he had done, and any evasion would be far worse than just being honest.

“Pot? Or more?”

“More. Crystal.”

“Fucking tweaker slut, Jed. You get fucked too?”

“Yeah. Three guys.” He knew the next questions already. “Raw. I took their loads.”

“Damn cocksucker. You know I want to know when you do that.” Sam started to soap up his cock. “And fuck, you didn’t tell me anything about this.” From Jed’s point of view, it looked massive: thick, long and hard. Jed knew it was going to take a lot of lather to cover it, and he knew he would have to lick and swallow every bit of it. As Jed had told Sam about his late-night park exploits, Sam had gotten harder. “Tonight’s not the night, but I think you need to be punished for that. For not telling me. Damn. God only knows what else you’ve been holding back on.”

Jed’s stomach clenched. Sam’s punishments were depraved, intense and humiliating. Cleaning out Jed’s mouth with soap and water was only an average punishment by Sam’s standards. “What kind of punishment?” Jed whispered, unsure if he really wanted to know.

“It’s going to be a big one,” Sam said. He was smiling, and his cock was now rock hard. “But don’t get too excited. You’ve still got this to work over,” Holman said, grabbing the base of his soapy cock with a hand and shaking it. A few flecks of the soap flew off, landing on the clean tile floor of the bathroom. “Ready, cocksucker?”

“Please Sam? Do I have to?” Jed begged once more, hoping to avoid what he knew was inevitable. “I mean, the floor wasn’t that dirty.”

“Fuck, Baker,” Sam said. “Don’t give me that shit. Literally. You saw how filthy it was. And you lapped it up. You can’t expect to suck me off without cleaning out first, can you? Much less service a guest with that filthy mouth and throat?” Sam grabbed the back of Jed’s head, and pulled him right up to his erect member.

Baker’s nose filled with the harsh, floral scent of the soap. He could already taste the bitter flavor, and he willed himself to open his mouth. The sooner he took Holman’s cock, the sooner it would all be over. He’d be able to rinse and get the taste of soap out of his mouth. But that first step was harder than Baker expected. Some ancient part of his mind was rebelling: against the certain knowledge of the bitter taste, against the inevitable humiliation of the cleaning process, against the innate throbbing of his own cock’s dark desires.

“Come on cocksucker.” Sam was almost shouting at Jed, and had increased his pressure on the back of the man’s head. “Take it deep. It won’t be the first time tonight.” Jed forced himself to open his mouth, letting Holman’s cockhead enter his mouth. “And besides, it’s just a bit of extra lubrication. Make it that much easier to slide into your throat.”

Jed tried to hold off just a bit longer, not sure if he was delaying the humiliation, or heightening the twisted pleasure. He did his best to not let his tongue touch Sam’s soapy member. “Come on, cocksucker,” Sam said, “Either suck on it or go back to your room!” Reluctantly, Jed closed his mouth, just enough to wrap his lips around Sam’s hard cock. He ran his tongue over the cockhead, finally letting the bitter lather fill his mouth. He repressed an immediate urge to gag.

Jed worked his way down the top man’s shaft; carefully licking off all the soap, as he knew Holman wanted him to do. As always, Sam was right: the lather was a lubricant, making it a little easier for the thick cock to slide into Jed’s throat. It was also easier for Sam to make Jed feel slightly less of a man. Jed tried to force his mouth to water in order to wash away the taste of the soap. But the small amount of spit hardly made a difference; all he could taste was a strange combination of bitterness and flowers, all with a harsh chemical flavor.

Jed adjusted his position so Sam’s cockhead would slide in to his throat; he felt it slide right in. “Right on, cocksucker. Swallow it all,” Sam moaned as he forced his cock the rest of the way into Baker’s throat. By then, Jed’s lips were right at the base of the superior man’s cock, his nose buried in the soapy pubes. There were two realities in Jed’s world: the smell of the soap and the fat cock gagging him. These two things clashed in Jed’s mind, the innocence and purity of the soap he smelled contrasted to the humiliation and depravity of him choking on another man’s penis.

Baker looked up at Holman, who was staring right at him. Sam had a big smile on his face; enjoying the discomfort he was subjecting Baker to. “Good job, faggot. You swallowed, so now I guess it’s up to me to scrub.” With both hands, Sam grabbed the back of Jed’s head, and held it in place. Holman used his washboard abs and muscular thighs to begin a forceful face-fuck of Jed. Sam’s cock slid almost all the way out of his mouth and Jed used the opportunity to suck in a bit of much-needed oxygen. Then, Sam forced his shaft back in, hardly stopping to let Jed get used to the fresh invasion of his throat, before the entire length was deep in the cocksucker’s throat.

The next morning, Jed’s throat was going to be raw and sore. But that knowledge was but a minor discomfort compared to the brutal face-fuck, and the disgusting soapy taste he tried vainly to ignore. Sam kept up the assault on Baker’s throat. With each thrust, he adjusted the angle of penetration, making sure that Jed’s mouth and throat were completely coated with the soap. “Almost done, cocksucker,” Sam said. “Unless, of course, you think you’re dirty enough that a second round is necessary.

Jed shook his head violently no, but made sure not to let the tip of Sam’s cock fall out. He wanted to rinse out his mouth, to drink something, anything, to get the taste out. Jed watched as Sam reached over the counter, and grabbed a bottle of shampoo. “Lather, Rinse, Repeat,” Sam read. “I guess we should follow instructions, no? Even if we’re not using this shampoo?”

Jed nodded meekly. He knew it was impossible for him to refuse anything that Sam asked him to do. Sam had been threatening to withhold his cock from Jed increasingly often. Jed knew that there was no replacement for Sam’s cock. It had been the first cock he had sucked, the source of the first load he had swallowed, and even the first cock he had allowed to penetrate his ass. He had done unspeakable things just to be able to lick the head. Sometimes, being on his knees, deep throating Sam’s cock seemed to be Jed’s only goal in life. To not have it defile and abuse him regularly was something Jed had nightmares about.

Two weeks ago, Sam had sent Jed a picture of some anonymous man servicing him, the caption read, “Nearly as good as you. Just needs a bit more practice.” After that Baker had spent some sleepless nights, wondering if he’d ever get to pleasure Sam’s cock again, if he would ever get to taste Sam’s sperm once more. On that dark Friday night last week, the fear of loss had driven further than he had ever gone. He had made up four fat lines of crystal, snorted them in rapid succession, two lines per nostril, and then gone to the nearby park. There, he had let anyone and everyone use him. The anonymous cocks and the loads of sperm had barely been able to fill Jed’s emptiness. It would be such a minor thing to let Sam shove his soapy cock once more into his mouth. “You’re right, Sam,” he said, letting Holman’s cock fall out of his mouth. “Once more, please.”

“I always am,” Sam said. He turned on the water again, and worked up a lather. Jed watched as he wrapped his soapy hand around his cock, and coated it with the thick, bitter suds. “Ready, cocksucker?”

Jed nodded, opened his mouth and waited for Sam’s dick to enter. But Sam had other plans. He grabbed the wet bar of soap, and soaped up his hands again. This time, rather than stroking his cock, he scraped the soap off one hand, and got all of the lather onto the other one. He held it right above Jed’s open mouth, and let the lather drip right in. “That should make sure you’re totally clean,” he said, laughing.

A bit of the foam had landed in Jed’s eyes, and he blinked rapidly, trying to get it out. Tears started to well up, and before Sam could say anything, Jed leaned in and took the dominant man’s penis in his mouth. Baker could barely taste the soap on Holman’s cock; his mouth was already so full of the taste of soap. Slowly, lovingly, Baker went down on his master’s shaft, licking it clean and licking it to a rock-hard erection.

Jed tried to ignore the stinging in his eyes by focusing on pleasuring Sam. At least one Sam was enjoying the experience, even if it was a minor circle of hell for him. “What’s wrong, Jeddie faggot?” Sam asked him. It was a childish, condescending term and one that Sam hadn’t used in ages. Weirdly, it re-assured Jed that Sam wasn’t about to throw him away in favor of another cocksucker. “You’re crying.”

Before Jed could say or do anything, Sam rubbed his finger along Jed’s eyes, making sure that he got even more soap into them. “Don’t worry, you’ll get a lot more of my sperm to help wash out your mouth. And there’s your new friend coming by as well.” Sam wiped his hand off on Jed’s cheek and then grabbed the back of Jed’s head. Jed had tried to keep his eyes firmly shut, but it was pointless. Soap continued to drip into his eye and the stinging pain only got worse. At the same time, Holman had pulled Jed down on his cock, forcing the hard shaft deeper into Jed’s throat.

Jed was unprepared for the sudden assault, and tried his best not to gag on the superior man’s cock. Without thinking, he looked up at Sam, and opened his eyes. That only got more of the soap in his eyes. He closed them quickly, but it was far too late to make a difference. Jed wanted to take a deep breath, to relax, and compose himself before returning his attention to Sam’s penis. But Jed had his hard cock deep in his throat, which kept him from breathing easily not to mention the soap, which was stinging his eyes. Both of them conspired to keep him from getting any peace.

Sam was acutely aware of his cocksucker’s discomfort, but it only made his cock harder. Jed’s face was contorted, but Holman made no effort to help out the man. Instead, he pressed his cock further into Jed, enjoying the tight warmth of the faggot’s throat and the power he wielded over the cocksucker’s every decision and move. He pulled his dick out a bit, then pressed back in, making sure that Jed’s mouth and throat were once more covered by the bitter soap suds.

“Mmmph, Please,” Jed tried to say, as best he could with Sam’s tool in his mouth. Baker wasn’t sure how much long he was going to be able to keep from gagging, and he knew that Sam hated his cocksuckers throwing up. But he knew he had to get through this; it would be the only way to ever get to enjoy Sam’s cock or to taste the man’s rich semen again.

“Had enough yet?” Sam asked. Baker nodded furiously. The rapid motion of his head was only further stimulation for Holman. His cock pulsed and Sam knew he was dripping pre-cum into the cocksucker’s throat. “Just give me a few more moments inside you. Your throat feels so fucking good.”

Baker concentrated, ignoring the pain in his eyes, the bitter taste on his tongue, and the fat shaft stretching his throat. Jed thought about what it felt like when he got his cock sucked, how good it felt to have another man down on his knees and a warm mouth wrapped around his member. He knew that these thoughts were just a fantasy though. Jed wasn’t on earth to have his cock sucked however good it felt; he was here to service other men and their cocks. To make them feel good. To worship their erections. To drain their balls. To do anything they wanted him to, however low, humiliating or depraved. All he wanted was for these men, for Sam, to feel good. To feel like a man. His own feelings were immaterial.

Sam released his grip on the back of Baker’s head, and gently rubbed the man’s short hair. “Good job, Jeddie,” he said. At the same time, he slowly pulled his cock out of Baker’s mouth, finally letting the submissive cocksucker catch his breath. “I think we’ve got your mouth and throat nice and clean now, don’t you?”

Jed nodded his head, his eyes closed. Sam noticed a rivulet of lather dripping out of the man’s mouth. “Although, you’re so eager you’re foaming at the mouth. You sure you don’t want another round?”

Baker shook his head emphatically no. Baker knew he couldn’t take another round. “You’re probably right. Besides, your elevator friend is going to be here any minute,” Sam said. Jed had almost forgotten the stranger in the elevator. One more cock. One more load. Maybe two. At this point, it would hardly make a difference.

Sam turned on the water, and wet down a washcloth. He wiped off his cock and pubes, leaving them clean of the soap, but still wet and very hard. “Your turn. Get cleaned up and ready,” Sam said. “I’ll be in the other room.” Sam turned and walked out of the bathroom, closing the door behind him, leaving Jed alone, gasping for breath.

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