Erotic story: Baseball Cocksucker part 2

By Gymguy8

You can read part one here.

Baker had to run to keep up with Holman’s long, quick strides. He didn’t know where Sam was going, but he knew, no matter where Sam went, he would follow him. Baker was hungry, and only Sam’s cream would satiate his appetite. Holman strode through the stands, up to the mezzanine. It had been a capacity crowd, and the staff hadn’t gotten a chance to clean up yet. Baker, barefoot, had to step over half-empty cups of beer, partially eaten hot dogs, broken nacho chips, and all kinds of other garbage. At the mezzanine, Holman headed behind the seats.

Baker suddenly realized where Sam was leading him. Jed tried to will himself to turn around, get his clothes, try to forget about everything that had happened, and rid himself of all the desires he felt so urgently. But he couldn’t do it, and Jed matched Holman step for step. Before long, Jed saw the clean, distinctive sign, and he knew that Holman was going to walk in there. Jed was not wrong. Sam walked under the block outline of a man, and pushed open the door. Sam held the door open and motioned for Baker to go in. “Private, no?” Sam said, laughing.

The cleaning staff definitely hadn’t gotten to the restroom either. The room stank of piss and the floors were still damp. Baker tried to convince himself it was just water, but the yellow hue on the white floor tiles made that fiction difficult to maintain. Behind him, Holman had closed the door and carefully locked it. “We’ll be alone here for a while,” Holman said. He leaned against the wall, right next to a urinal.

Baker forced himself forward, feeling the wet, dirty floor under his bare feet. Soon, he was standing in front of Holman. Sam was smiling; he knew that not only would he soon be getting an expert blow job, but that he’d be able to make Baker wallow in the cock-drippings of a crowd of anonymous men. “Kneel down, cocksucker,” Sam said.

“Please, Sam. Not here. It’s fucking filthy,” Baker pleaded.

“Shut up faggot. First you want privacy. Now, you’re complaining there’s a bit of piss on the ground. Which do you want?” Holman was getting tired of Baker’s complaining. Sam knew that the only sure way to shut Baker up would be to stick his cock in his mouth. Luckily, Baker made no more complaints and meekly fell to his knees. His head was right on level with Holman’s crotch. Sam unbuttoned his pants, and his manhood spring free right in front of Baker’s face. “Go ahead. Show it how much you love it,” Holman said.

Knowing that he had no choice, Baker opened his mouth, gently licking the head of Holman’s cock. As he got it wet, he was able to take more of it into his mouth. He focused on Sam’s shaft, finally able to ignore that he was on his knees in a piss-soaked restroom, totally naked. His need for cock was a fierce beast within him and it had already taken over. Baker knew in his heart he was completely under Holman’s power, even as he tried, fiercely, to convince himself he wasn’t.

“That’s what I like, cocksucker,” Holman said as Baker stretched his lips around Sam’s thick shaft. Holman grabbed the back of Jed’s head, forcing Baker to take even more of Sam’s cock. There was a slight hesitation as Sam’s dickhead hit the back of Baker’s mouth. But Holman ignored the cocksucker’s worries. In the decade of servicing Holman’s cock, one of the first lessons Baker had learned, so long ago, was that gagging was unacceptable. Holman moaned in pleasure as Baker let Sam’s cock into his throat. The warmth of Baker’s body enveloped his hard shaft, sending chills up and down Holman’s body.

Holman had gotten head from more women than he could count. But getting it from a man was always an order of magnitude better. Not only did Baker, a man, know exactly what Holman wanted in a blow job, but there was the added pleasure of Jed’s humiliation and submission. Naked and on his knees, Jed had his lips wrapped around another man’s cock: Sam’s cock. If his mouth wasn’t full, Holman knew that Baker would be begging him for more cock and a load of jizz.

Instead, Baker’s mouth and throat were full of Holman’s rigid member, milking and sucking like his life depended on the perfection of the blow job. Holman knew that he couldn’t last much longer. He needed to blow a load soon. It wouldn’t be the last load of the night for Baker, but there was a special pleasure in the first load of a long play session. Holman knew that post-orgasm, his head would be clear. He would be driven less by the insistent demands of his cock and balls, and more by the twisted fantasies and imagination of his brain.

Sam was holding Baker’s head steady, letting his hips drive his cock into the faggot’s mouth. Despite the constant pounding Holman was giving Baker, the cocksucker stared up at Holman the entire time. Jed couldn’t get enough of Holman: the way he looked, the way he smelled, the feeling of his cock, such a private part of the man, being forced into Baker’s throat. “You want my spooge, cocksucker?” Holman asked.

With his mouth full, Baker could only nod. But his face told Holman everything he needed to know, that Baker would swallow every drop of the superior man’s cum. Holman was sure that Baker was even desperate enough already to drink his piss as well. It wouldn’t be the first time that Jed had done that. Baker opened up his throat for Sam, ready for him to pound his cock into Jed and shoot his load right into Jed’s stomach. Holman pushed his rigid cock into Baker’s throat one last time, enjoying the warm wetness surround his member.

Right as Sam felt his balls pull up preparing to spurt their cream, Holman pulled his cock out of Baker’s throat, then out of the man’s mouth, and began to furiously beat off. Baker was in shock at Sam’s action. The prize he wanted was being held so close to him, yet still so far. Jed tried to get Sam’s dick head back in his mouth, but Holman used his free hand to hold Baker back. With several deep grunts, Holman shot his load, the pearly white drops falling onto the dirty tiles right in front of Baker.

Jed Baker, a grown man, a day’s worth of stubble on his face, was about to cry. Between the rough throat fuck Sam had just given him and Sam denying Jed the cream he so craved, Jed had been both humiliated and thwarted. There was a tear at the corner of Baker’s eye, but it was hard for Holman to tell if that was from the rough cocksucking or disappointment at not being able to swallow his jizz. “What’s up, cocksucker?” Holman asked. “You look like you’re gonna cry.”

“I would have swallowed it, Sam. You know that,” Baker answered.

“Who said you weren’t going to swallow it?” Baker milked out one last drop of semen. It fell to the floor, making one more white puddle on the filthy floor. “Go ahead. Lick it up.”

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