Erotic story: Baseball cocksucker part 1

By Gymguy8

Sam Holman was in a good mood that evening. He had just opened the new stadium — his new stadium, named after him — to a capacity crowd. During the exhibition game, he had hit three home runs in three at-bats. One of the lucky bats was currently sitting on the couch in his suite at the hotel, right by the stadium. But the bat would be used later that night. Sam’s number one cockslut, Jed Baker, had flown in for the event. The lucky bat would be a fine way to end up the evening with Baker, ending up inside of Jed. Holman wasn’t surprised that Baker had come to the opening Sam knew he would. Jed did whatever Holman told him to do. He had trained Baker for many years, and the man would do anything for a taste of Holman’s cum. Or any man’s cum. Baker was hooked on jizz, and Holman took full advantage of Jed’s addiction.

Holman hadn’t paid Baker much attention during the celebrations. Sam had been the center of attention, and Jed could occasionally be a bit like an adoring puppy, constantly underfoot, constantly in the way. But now that the dinner and drinks were over and the speeches done, it was time for Sam to have some fun. And it would be at Baker’s expense. Sam had told Baker to meet him on home plate, dressed in full game gear. As Holman wandered out to the stadium, he patted his pocket, making sure the goods were still there. A bottle of poppers, a pipe filled with fine, fresh weed, and a lighter. It was a good start for what was going to be a long and intense night for both of them.

As Holman knew he would, Baker was there right on time, dressed up, and hungry. “You ready for this, Baker?” he asked. “Gonna do what I tell you to do?”

“Yeah, man. Anything you want.”

Holman smiled. “Three bases, plus starting and ending at home plate. Each one, something for you to do.” Holman pulled the pipe out of his pocket. “Let’s start with you doing a toke.” He handed the pipe and lighter to Baker.

Baker did a hit, trying his best to hold it in. But he soon doubled over, and coughed out the thick, sweet-smelling cloud of pot smoke. “Damn, that’s strong,” Baker said.

Holman knew it was just Baker being a faggot. “Hold it like a man, cocksucker. Do another one, pussy. And do it right.”

Baker took another hit, this time longer. Sam stared the man in the eye, daring him to cough or even breathe before he gave his permission. This time Baker held it. Holman could tell Jed was trying hard not to cough, and prolonged Jed’s agony as long as Sam could. “Ok. Breathe,” he finally said, to Baker’s great relief. Jed collapsed into a fit of coughing.

Holman barely let him catch his breath. “Run to first base. Fast.” Baker took off like a gazelle, running towards first. Holman took a leisurely toke from the pipe, watching Baker slide into first. He took his time walking to first base. He knew Jed was getting horny, and Sam knew how easy it was to frustrate Jed’s desires.

Once there, he gave Baker a quick peck on the cheek. He figured he should at least let the man be able to say he had gotten to first base with the great Sam Holman. Before Baker could get any ideas, he handed him the pipe. “Another toke. Don’t cough this time.” Baker took a long draw on the pipe. “And hold it until I tell you to exhale.”

After a minute that felt like an eternity, Holman finally said he could breathe out. Baker was gasping, trying his best to catch his breath. Sam knew the strong pot was starting to cloud Jed’s mind. “On your knees, cocksucker,” Holman said.

Baker was on his knees almost before Holman had finished speaking. They had spent many a fine hour like this, Baker’s lips wrapped around Holman’s cock, licking his balls, and begging Holman for a load. But it wasn’t time for that pleasure yet. “Another toke. Bigger,” Holman ordered the man.

Kneeling down before Holman, was uncharacteristically reluctant to do what Sam had told him to do. “Don’t be such a pussy, Baker,” Holman said. “Do the toke.” Jed finally followed Holman’s instructions, and drew long and deep on the pipe. “Go to second base,” Holman told Baker. He began to get up, but Holman pushed him back to his knees. “Didn’t tell you to get up, cocksucker. And hold that toke until you’re at least halfway there.”

Baker took off as fast as he could, scrambling on his knees towards second base. Holman took a slow toke from the pipe again, and watched as his personal cocksucker did his best not to breathe out before the halfway point. Holman pulled out his phone, and snapped a picture of Baker on his knees. Sam knew the picture wasn’t going to be that great. But it was going to annoy Baker no end. Jed lived in fear that his desires for men, for cock, balls, and cum, were going to be made public. However, the desire to serve other men controlled Jed entirely. Baker would do anything Holman said, anything any man told him to do. Jed was a born faggot, and couldn’t stop himself.

Baker finally crawled into second, and Holman slowly followed. Once there, he handed the pipe back to Baker. “Another toke.”

“I’m good,” Baker said, trying to hand the pipe back to Holman. “You know I’m a lightweight.”

“I know you think you’re set. But I want you far, far past your comfort zone.”

Baker didn’t say anything. He took the pipe in his mouth and did a toke. He held it until Holman just barely raised an eyebrow. Sam loved the feeling of control he had over the man. It took just the slightest sign from him, and Baker would know exactly what to do. “Again,” Holman said. Jed took another toke.

“Strip down, Jed,” Holman said. “Now.”

“Here?” Baker asked. For all of the times Holman’s cock had ended up in Baker’s mouth, in all of the various locker rooms, hotel balconies, public parks, taxi cabs, airplanes, restrooms, Baker was still a pussy when it came to public sex.

“Yes, here,” Holman said. “Don’t make me wait.” He watched as Baker took off his shirt, then his shoes, socks, and pants. Jed only had a thin swimmer’s jockstrap on underneath, almost more naked than if he was totally undressed. Jed’s cock was straining painfully against the jockstrap. He couldn’t deny he was turned on.

“Please, Sam, can we go inside?” Baker asked. His pleading reminded Holman of a small dog, begging for food and attention. “Anyone can see us out here.”

“That’s not my problem. Now, be quiet,” Holman said. “Stand up, and turn around.” Baker dutifully followed the superior man’s instructions. As he showed off his exposed butt to Holman, Sam snapped another picture with his cell phone.

“Please, Sam, no pictures. You know how I feel about pictures. What happens if you lose your phone?” Baker asked.

“True. But, I know how you feel about sucking my cock.” Baker involuntarily licked his lips. He wanted Holman’s hard shaft between them so badly. “Head onto third base, faggot.”

Baker started to gather up his clothes, but Jed interrupted him. “You can leave those here. You won’t be needing them for quite a while.” Baker took a last longing look towards the pile of clothes, then started walking towards third base. “Run, cocksucker,” Holman called out.

Baker followed the order, running to third base. His hard cock bounced against the threadbare jockstrap. Holman followed him. At third base, Sam gave the pipe back to to Jed.

“Please, no, Sam. I don’t think I should do another,” Baker asked.

“I’m not asking you to think, pussy.” Holman lit the pipe himself, and took a long hit from it. He knew the pot was starting to hit him as well, and it wouldn’t be long before he would have to force his cock into one of Baker’s holes. “I’m asking you to get high for me.” He grabbed Baker’s body and pulled him close. Baker knew to shotgun the hit from Holman. Sam forced Baker into taking one more hit. “Hold it,” Holman ordered Baker.

Sam repeated the process, taking another hit from the pipe. Baker exhaled the first toke, only to get another one immediately shotgunned into him. “Please, that’s it, Sam,” Baker begged.

“Just one more, faggot. Then we’ll see what you’ll do for a taste of cock.” Holman handed the pipe to Baker. Jed dutifully put it in his mouth. Holman held the lighter this time, forcing Baker to take as much as Sam wanted. Baker tried not to cough as the thick, acrid smoke burnt his lungs.

Holman reached down and grabbed Baker’s balls, and squeezed them. At the same time, he put his mouth against Baker’s and let Baker shotgun the last toke into Sam’s mouth. A grimace of pain covered Baker’s face and Holman stuck his tongue into Baker’s mouth, enjoying the power he had over Jed. Jed was his his stoned toy, and Sam knew he could now do almost anything to him.

“Please Sam, not so hard? Please?” Baker begged. Sam kept on squeezing Baker’s balls, as he enjoyed the feeling of the pot in his lungs. Finally, he coughed it out, right into Baker’s face. Holman didn’t care about the few drops of spit landing on Jed’s face. It was nothing. Sam had spit tobbacco right into the faggot’s face before. Only as the saliva ran down Jed’s face did Sam release his grasp on Baker’s balls.

Holman pushed Baker back down to his knees. “I know what you want, cocksucker. So, why don’t you suck on it a bit?” Baker could hardly keep his hands off of Holman’s crotch, reaching for his fly. Holman swatted Jed’s hands away. “Use your mouth, faggot.”

The continuing humiliation at the hands of Holman only further aroused Baker. Jed’s head was right against Holman’s jeans, grabing at the top button, his tongue working around the button fly and then undoing each button in turn. Holman loved watching Baker do this. The cocksucker was desperate for the shaft hidden behind the jeans. Because he knew it annoyed Baker, Sam pulled out his cell phone again. He took a short movie of Baker trying furiously to open his pants, his raw need for cock so evident.

“Damn, Sam. Please don’t.” Baker stopped from his task just long enough to beg Sam to stop. “You could loose your phone, man.”

“Come on faggot, worry more about making mmy cock hard and happy, and less about who may see you sucking me off. Besides, at home, I’ve got whole albums of you. You stripping for me. You getting partied up by me. You sucking on me. You getting fucked by me. You sucking random strangers. You getting fucked by strangers. I bet those albums would be very popular on the Internet.” Baker finally got the last button open, and Holman’s cock popped free. “Finally, faggot. I thought I was going to have to help you. Now, suck.”

Baker had years of experience with Holman’s cock. There was already a small bead of pre-cum at the tip, which Baker licked off first. The anxiety and nervousness of earlier had left Baker, and he focused on the warm, hard shaft in front of him. He took the head into his mouth and licked off the dried sweat and piss. Sam’s cock was the very essence of masculinity and Jed was ready to worship it devoutly.

Baker worked his way down the length of Holman’s manhood. Jed knew that until he had his nose buried in Sam’s pubes, he wasn’t showing the appropriate devotion to Sam’s cock. In these moments Sam’s manhood was his life and his reason for existence. “Finally Baker,” Holman says. “You remember why you’re here. To pleasure my cock. Not to worry about pictures of yourself. Not to worry about your little wang. But to make my cock feel good.”

Baker didn’t respond.He couldn’t respond. His nose was buried in Holman’s pubes and Sam’s cock was deep in his throat. He tried not to choke on the fat rod, even as he was desperate for his next breath of air. Baker’s struggle not to choke, even as difficult and uncomfortable as it was, seemed appropriate to Jed. Showing the proper devotion to his idol and master wasn’t ever easy, and suppressing his gag reflex was a small price to pay for the opportunity to feel Holman’s staff of life in his throat.

Combined with the hits of pot he had done and Holman’s cock in his mouth, Baker was slowly being whipped up into a cock-fueled frenzy. Jed no longer cared about anything but getting cock inside of him: Sam’s cock, or any cock. Jed no longer cared. He started bobbing up and down on the superior man’s cock, trying urgently to milk out a load of semen. “Whoa there, buddy. Not so fast,” Holman said. He grabbed Baker’s head, and started to slowly fuck Jed’s face. Sam appreciated the frenzied eagerness Baker put into the blow job, but wanted something slower tonight.

After several minutes of pounding Baker’s face, Holman felt his balls begin to clench up. He knew he would shoot far soon if he kept on letting the fag suck him off. Eventually, Baker would get a load or three from Sam, but now wasn’t the time. Sam pulled his cock out of Baker’s mouth, and wiped off the accumulated spit on Baker’s cheek. Baker disliked being reminded so bluntly of his role as cocksucker, which meant that Holman usually wiped his cock off far more often than he really needed.

“Ready for the home run?” Holman asked Baker. Baker was kneeling in front of him, his hard cock still straining against the jockstrap. “Why don’t you leave the jockstrap here, dickbreath?”

He was stoned and the lust for cock had taken over. Baker didn’t mind the petty humiliations any more. He was completely under Holman’s control: his need for cock and especially for Sam’s cock was driving his every action. He pulled down his jock, getting up off his knees just enough for the jock to slip off. Then he was kneeling again, completely naked, in front of Sam. Jed knew enough to keep his hands behind his back. Not until Sam gave him permission would Jed dare to touch his cock.

“Now, guy. Run,” Holman said, giving him a kick between the legs. He could see Baker wince in pain as his foot hit the man’s sensitive balls. It made Sam smile, knowing tonight, he could do anything to Jed that he wanted. Baker got up as fast as he could, and ran to home plate. Holman could tell Baker’s balls were aching from the kick and to make it worse Jed’s cock was bouncing with every step. Holman buttoned up his jeans, and walked to home plate.

By the time Sam arrived back at home plate, Baker was already back on his knees, staring at Sam’s crotch. “Ready to really prove your worth, cocksucker?” Holman asked the man.

“Please Sam, You know I need you load,” Baker pleaded. “But, damn, man, do we have to do it here?” Baker looked around, terrified that someone might be watching them and hearing him reveal his darkest needs. Sam was in a good mood, and was inclined to give Baker a small favor or two. But, first, Holman’s cock need more mouthloving from Jed. Holman was horny enough to give into his own cock’s desires.

“Stop worrying cocksucker. What’s the worst that could happen?” Holman said. He pulled open his fly, letting his cock hang out once again. “You’d be outed as a cocksucking faggot, and you’ll have all the cock you could suck.” He grabbed the back of Baker’s head. “But for now, there’s just one dick you need to worry about.”

Baker went down on Holman again. This time, there was no hesitation as he swallowed the entire length of Sam’s shaft. His throat felt amazing on Sam’s cockhead, trying to milk out the load Baker so badly needed. Holman quickly got back into forcing his deep strokes into Jed’s mouth, watching Jed’s lips stretch around his fat rod. Sam never got tired of watching a guy give him head, seeing the stubble on a man’s face rub against his groin and the warm lips tight against his hard shaft. Cocksucking was one of the ultimate acts of subjugation for a man, for the man to willingly take another man’s manhood in his mouth and give pleasure to it so eagerly.

Baker was a pro. Many years of practice on Holman, plus an uncountable number of other men Holman had found for Jed had made him an expert at cocksucking. Although Baker claimed he only sucked dick for Holman, Sam was beginning to think that he wasn’t meeting all of Baker’s needs. Jed enver seemed to get enough sperm. It boned Sam’s cock to think of Baker in some dingy restroom, begging strangers for their loads. Or Baker in a bathhouse, standing in front of a glory hole, taking whatever came through. And Sam knew that Baker wouldn’t just stop at sucking cock. Sam had started Baker’s descent into sexual depravity and had given him more than a few hard shoves into the depths. But Jed’s own needs had been a force to be reckoned with.

Baker was sucking away like a baby on a bottle and Holman was still trying not to cum right away. He had only worked through part of his long list of things to humiliate Baker with, and it would ruin some of the pleasures he had planned for the night if he shot too soon. Holman grabbed the back of Baker’s head, and began to face-fuck Jed. Sam loved hearing the gagging noises as his cock went deep into Baker’s throat, and they only made him want to fuck Jed’s face harder.

After a few minutes, Holman decided to give Jed a break. “You want to go somewhere more private, cumdump?” he asked.

“Fuck yeah. You know I hate it out here in the open,” Baker said. He returned immediately to Jed’s cockhead, gently licking up a fresh bead of pre-cum.

“Ok,” Jed said. “Follow me.” Baker turned and looked at his clothes, scattered across all the bases. Holman noticed Jed’s longing stare. “Don’t worry about those, faggot.” He turned, walked quickly off the diamond, and into the stands.

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