Erotic story: At Last! part 5

By Steve Smith. Check out parts 1, 2, 3, 4.

I woke early the next morning with Tommy spooning my backside and his muscular right arm over me. His slow even breathing told me he was still sound asleep. I could feel his penis against me; it was soft. It felt nice. I just can never get enough of his beautiful and sexy cock whether erect, flaccid, or in between. It is still difficult for me to believe that I am waking up next to another man, especially the man I love, after wanting this for so long.

I rubbed my hand gently up and down the blond hairs on his arm as I thought back to when I was young and I masturbated to fantasies of getting off with another guy. I thought back over the years of my marriage and although I dearly love my wife and family I always felt incomplete by not experiencing sex and a loving relationship with another man.

I thought back when Tommy and I met at that clearing in the mountains and how embarrassed I was when he, this stranger, caught me masturbating. I thought of that first week in his cabin and how we first developed a deep and trusting friendship, which quickly moved into an intense sexual relationship, releasing in both of us our pent up homosexual tendencies and yearnings.

I thought of our second week up at the cabin and how his brother Jake walked in on us as we were fucking and how we helped him, emotionally and physically, come to accept and be proud of his own homosexuality. I thought of how Tommy changed jobs, moved on the street behind my wife and me, and how clever we thought we were in deceiving our wives. I thought about when our wives confronted us about our relationship and how generous they were to want to stay married while giving us the alone time we so craved and needed by suggesting we get an apartment of our own.

I thought about how special yesterday was, moving into our place and our making love last night. I nervously thought about today and the surprise I had planned for Tommy, worrying that he might be upset by it.

Tommy awoke, pressed up closer to me, squeezed his arm around me, and planted a warm kiss on my neck. “Good morning lover”, he said. “That was really nice last night”.

“Good morning yourself and good morning to your cock”, I laughed as I felt his dick plumping against me; “you both are awakening”.

I told him how yesterday and last night was indeed so special. That maybe it was the new place, the new bed, or just the acceptance that our relationship was out in the open, well with our wives at least, that I almost felt we had made love for the first time the night before. He kissed my neck again.

“Listen”, I told him as I changed the subject, “Your birthday is next Saturday but we won’t be alone together as that is our off weekend so I want to celebrate it today by doing anything and everything you want to do. Your wish is my command. Just tell me what you’d like for breakfast and lunch and I will get and prepare it for you. I have already planned dinner so you don’t have any say there. Whatever you want to do, wherever you want to go, whatever fantasies you want to play out, all you have to do is wish it”.

“Wow!” he exclaimed. He nuzzled my neck and went silent for about 5 minutes.

“Here’s what I want to do”, he suddenly and excitedly said. I turned to face him.

“I want to first go for a hard six mile run and then come home and make love with me on the bottom. It is my turn after all.” His blue eyes twinkled and he had a big grin on his strong handsome face.

“Then I want to go to that bakery in town and get some pastries, orange juice, and tea for breakfast, and a loaf of really good white bread for lunch. After that we will lie about and watch a college game. After the game is over I want to watch an old movie, maybe `Cool Hand Luke’ or `Stand By Me’ during which we will have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, and a coke. Then I want to put on some porn and watch you masturbate. You know how much I love to watch you stroke your dick. Then it will be time for manhattans and dinner. After that I want you to fuck me again.”

“What do you think?” he asked.

I took his hand and put it on my erect cock. “This is what I think,” I chuckled. “Let’s take a shower, then we’ll go for that run, and do everything on your list”.

“No shower”, he said.

“No? But we have dried cum on our chests, butts, pubes, and thighs from last night,” I protested.

“We smell”, I added.

“That is the whole point. I want us to smell of sex and I want to go on that long run so that when we get back we both have a manly aroma. I want to breathe in the masculinity of your body, especially your armpits and crotch and taste the musk of your cock and ass. I want this fuck session to be rough as if we were two gladiators in the arena fighting to the death. But don’t worry, my fantasy is that you will be the victor but instead of you running me through with your sword your reward will be to savagely fuck me from behind with that beautiful weapon between your legs”.

“You randy bastard. That’s quite a fantasy, but I like it. Can I at least go take a piss before we run or do you also want me to give you a golden shower as well?” I kidded.

Tommy impishly smiled. “Well, not this time, but hey who knows maybe we could do that sometime in the future!”

“I didn’t know you were quite so kinky,” I teased.

“You bring out the loving pervert in me”, he retorted.

We cracked up as we pissed together, most of it getting into the toilet.

After brushing our teeth, we quickly put on our t-shits, shorts and shoes, and took off for our run. Tommy wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted it to be a hard run. He kept going faster and faster and when I told him to slow down a bit he just said that there was a reward for me when we got home and wiggled his ass. It is sure difficult to run fast and laugh at the same time! The faster we ran the faster I would get the reward he kept reminding me, as if I needed reminding. We ran the six miles in slightly over 47 minutes. Not bad. It’s amazing what a little, or should I say big in his case, incentive will do.

When we got back Tommy insisted that there be no cooling off period, other than to drink two large glasses of water. We took off our sweat-drenched clothes as we rushed to the bedroom. Tommy threw me on the bed, got on top of me and rubbed his cock on mine bringing us both to full erections. He stuck his nose in my armpits and licked their salty sweat. The more excited he got the more excited I got. I too took one his armpits and put it over my nose and mouth so I could also smell and taste his masculine odor. We wrestled on the bed and got even sweatier as we tried to pin the other down, first he was on top, and then I was on top, then he. He licked and bit my nipples, which sent shivers to my cock. He then dove down to my cock and stuck his tongue under my foreskin, cleaning the head and slit of my penis. I coaxed him into a 69 position so I could indulge in his funky prick as well.

Talk about an aphrodisiac. The pungency of our sex filled the room. Then he struggled free, got between my legs, lifted up my ass, took in a strong sniff as if he were a dog and then rimmed my hole, lapping it with his long tongue as if he was eating an ice cream cone. I swear it felt like he had a second penis in his mouth as he entered my anus with it. He moaned and with a mouth full of ass murmured how good I tasted. I knew what he wanted next so I maneuvered away from him, got on top of him, positioning him on all fours. He didn’t protest and quietly said with a broad grin on his face that “I had won” and I should take the prize. He put his head down on the pillow and invitingly raised his small, beautiful, and very muscular ass further up in the air. I opened his ass cheeks, feasted on his hole, and lubricated him with my saliva.

“Fuck me long and hard”, he growled.

I lined my hungry cock against him and forcibly pushed in, all the way in one thrust, until my low hanging balls hit his ass. He grunted and he moaned. As I impaled him he pushed back to make sure all of my 7 inches penetrated him. I pounded him over and over and over. Sweat was dripping from both of us. The wetness and the odors were intoxicating. This session wasn’t about lovemaking; it was just about having man-to-man animalistic unbridled sex. I was fervid and furious as I fucked him. I would pull the entire way out and then slam my cock back into him. His hole remained wide open inviting me in over and over and over. His fantasy was for a punishing fuck so I was giving it to him.

But perhaps this fuck session wasn’t just about getting our rocks off. Yes we were going at it like animals in heat but we were doing this because we were bringing each other exquisite pleasure. And that is what lovers should do; provide pleasure to their partner. I love Tommy so much that I know even if I could never have another orgasm that I would still want to suck and fuck for the sole purpose of Tommy having orgasms. That by itself would bring me pleasure.

I suddenly felt my seed rising up from my balls, traveling to their sweet destination. I screamed out loudly as I erupted inside of him. I couldn’t stop trembling as shot after shot of my white load entered him. He too yelled out “Yes, yes, yes!” as his own semen made its release. He was like a wild bronco as he ejaculated, bucking his ass back and forth onto my cock. When we were spent we collapsed on the bed. Sweating, breathless, laying in a pool of our wet manhood, neither saying a word, we slowly came down from an unbelievable orgiastic high.

After about 15 minutes I said, “Now can I take a shower?” He punched me in the arm.

“Steve”, he said, “Thank you for willing to make one of my fantasies come true. It was even better than I ever imagined and masturbated to. I wouldn’t want us to fuck like this all the time but it really was amazing. I love you so much”.

“Well, it was really difficult for me and I didn’t enjoy it at all as you could see by all the cream running out of your ass, but after all it is your birthday so I made the sacrifice”, I kidded. I told him how much I loved him as well and kissed him gently on the lips.

We took that badly needed shower; gently washing each other of our sweat, our funk, our seed. We toweled each other dry and embraced for a long time luxuriating now in each other’s clean bodies and clean smells. I took his strong cleft chin between my hands and brought his mouth to mine and kissed him deeply. We got turned on again, our cocks just never can seem to get enough, thank God, but broke it off as we were famished and needed to get to the bakery before it closed. Before we left we stripped the bed and threw everything in the washing machine. We wanted a clean bed for later. I nervously thought about later.

On the way to the car Tommy was gingerly walking, a bit bow legged. “Am I a bit too much for you?” I joked. “Maybe too long and too wide for your tight ass?”

“You wish” he volleyed back with a smile.

To the bakery we went and Tommy picked out croissants, orange juice, and green tea. When we got home we went straight to the kitchen and I prepared the food we bought plus I fried eggs and bacon. Because we were so hungry we still were fully clothed which is unusual for us. Being nudists at heart, normally as soon as we come in the door all our clothes come off. It makes enjoying our own and each other’s bodies so much easier.

As soon as breakfast was over and the kitchen was clean our clothes did come off and we put the bed linens and running clothes in the dryer. Tommy turned on a basketball game and lay on the couch, calling me over by patting the cushion between his legs. I arranged myself with my back against his chest and my head on his shoulder. His callused hands messaged my arms and chest. The game was an exciting one so our positions frequently changed as we jumped up to cheer or protest a call. At that point I got dressed and went to the store to buy his birthday dinner and birthday dessert. He wanted to go with me but I told him to stay home and relax.

“Now don’t touch yourself while I’m gone” I admonished with a laugh. “I’m going to see if you can easily get an erection when I get back, and if you can’t I will know you took matters literally into your own hands”.

“I won’t”, he promised.

When I got back I put away the groceries and stripped out of my clothes. I knelt down where he was laying on the couch, took his flaccid penis in my mouth, and he immediately got erect.

“OK, you’ve been a good guy”, I praised with a laugh. “Start the movie”.

He decided on “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, another favorite for both of us. During the movie we had lunch. I nervously trembled a couple of times as my mind drifted off thinking about tonight and my surprise.

“Are you cold?” he asked, holding me tighter.

“Oh, a little”, I lied, “but things will get hotter when the movie is over”. He snickered.

When the movie was over Tommy jumped up and guyishly said, “OK, time for porn!” He told me that he had recently down loaded a new video that I was sure to enjoy. He said that the two male actors, Boston Miles and Dylan Hauser, are partners in real life. “They really know how to suck and fuck!” he excitedly explained.

I went to the bedroom and got our lube and generously applied it to my cock and hole. I got very excited as I watched the video not only for the content but also because the actors are truly real lovers like Tommy and me. I also was very hard and leaking my clear pre-cum nectar because I knew Tommy was getting off watching me and because I was messaging my prostate. This was one of his birthday wishes and I wanted this to be memorable for him. I did my best to put on a show for him while keeping my cock under control. I made sure that I stroked down my full length pulling my foreskins all the way down to expose my engorged purplish cock head and then pulling it up and over the end. Throughout the video I often had to stop stroking, as I didn’t want to spill my seed until the end. I was especially ready to blow when Boston entered Dylan and was fucking him but somehow I was able to resist.

Tommy mostly watched me as I stroked and fingered my ass, often making remarks on how hot I was, how he loved my uncut dick, and how he was going to eat my cum. Looking over at his cock I saw him dripping as well even though he wasn’t masturbating. After 30 minutes of watching and as Dylan and Boston were cumming on each other I couldn’t hold it any longer. I stuck two fingers in as far as I could and started feverishly stroking my cock; arching back I shot 5 streams of juice all over my chest and face. Tommy stood over me and jacked just a couple times and started creaming all over me as well. I love a cum bath. And, of course, being the cum hound he is, Tommy then licked me nearly clean, swirling our loads in his mouth before swallowing. He even put the two fingers I used to fuck my ass in his mouth and sucked on them. “Hmmmmmmmmm, tastes sooooo good”, he remarked.

I got a warm washcloth and wiped clean our still dripping cocks as well as other cum and lube remnants off my chest, face, and ass. He grabbed me and held me tight.

“Thank you for that. I get so excited watching you pleasure yourself. I love you so much you know”, he said.

Hearing him say that made me a little less nervous about tonight but I still worried.

I fixed lobster tails, filet mignon, baked potatoes, spinach salad, and broccoli for dinner. His favorites. He remarked that this was turning out to be his best birthday ever and could hardly wait until we made love again, with him on the bottom he reminded me. It was his birthday after all. But was I going to ruin everything?

I cleaned up the kitchen and brought out a cherry pie, another of his favorites. There were a dozen lit candles on the pie and I sang “Happy Birthday” to him.

After eating two pieces of pie, he embraced and kissed me. His cock was hard and he rubbed it against mine. “Thank you again for this wonderful day”, he said. “Now let’s move to the bedroom for the final act”.

“Not quite yet. Let me make the bed and then I have a present for you”.

“You didn’t have to buy me a present. You are the only present I ever need.”

I went into the bedroom and made the bed. Then I pulled the covers back, added a few extra pillows from the closet, and plumped them all up. I wanted to make sure we had plenty of pillows to aid us in any positions Tommy wanted for our lovemaking. I lit all the candles and put on some soft romantic music. I put a fresh tube of lube on the nightstand. I went to the closet and got my present, which I hid behind my back. When I went back to the living room Tommy was laying on the couch with a big dimpled smile on his face, his erect cock in hand. I couldn’t help but laugh thinking how insatiable for sex he was. Not that I was complaining.

“Sit up so I can give you your present”. He did.

I knelt down on one knee in front of him. Bringing out the present I said, “Tommy, will you marry me?” I opened the little box showing him a simple silver wedding band.

“Yes, no, we can’t”, he rapidly in succession stuttered.

“I’ll take your first answer”. I took the ring out of the box and put it on his left hand ring finger. It fit perfectly.

“But Steve, we are already married and we agreed to not further hurt our wives who so generously offered us a way that we could often be together. Yes, I am happiest when I am with you and love you with all my heart, and want to be with you all the time but I cannot go back on what we agreed and promised.”

“Hear me out”, I gently said. “I have a plan. I am not saying we divorce our wives and stop living with them and supporting them. I don’t want to estrange myself from family either. But I still want to marry you and commit my love to you for as long as we should live. You are my heart and my soul. You are my lifeline. You are my best friend and best lover, okay you are my only lover”. We both laughed.

“But wouldn’t that be bigamy?”

“Tommy, you know David the young Associate Pastor at our church. I went to him last week and spent a lot of time talking to him about us. I told him how we met, how we fell in love, about our current living arrangements, and that I wanted to marry you.”

“Wasn’t he shocked?”

“No, as a matter of fact he was very understanding on why I wanted to make such a commitment to you. He even said he would marry us. We would have a very quiet ceremony and obviously he couldn’t send in the paperwork to the state, but we would still be married, perhaps not in the state’s eyes but certainly in our eyes. I was thinking that perhaps we could get married at that clearing in the mountains where we first met, or at the cabin, or at our special place in the woods. David said he loves the outdoors and loves a difficult hike so he would marry us in the wilderness if that were what we decided. So will you marry me?”

“Yes, yes, YES!!” He pulled me up from my kneeling position and embraced me.

“Steve, you have made me the happiest man in the world. I want, no I need, to be your husband and I want you to be my husband.” Tears of joy were running down his cheeks.

“Then let’s consummate our engagement” I said, as I led Tommy to the bedroom.

Unlike the morning our lovemaking this time was tender, unhurried, and very sensual. He wanted me to be the bottom this time, naturally I didn’t object. When he entered me I felt so full, so complete, so one with him. I didn’t want us to ever physically part. I felt some sadness knowing that tomorrow morning we had to drive back, take our wives to church, and then go back to work and daily routine on Monday. But then I thought that we would be back to our apartment in two weeks, maybe sooner. Then I really cheered up as I thought of us marrying up at the cabin. I was marrying a man, the man of my dreams.

At Last!

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