Erotic story: At Last! part 4

By Steve Smith. Check out parts 1, 2, 3.

Four weeks had gone by. Originally Tommy thought they would be moving in two weeks, but it had stretched out because of some loan technicalities that had to be settled on his new house and the delay in paperwork in the selling his old home. I was climbing the walls in anticipation.

We spent the additional time constructively, however, by formulating our plan by email on how we would “meet” and become “friends” so our wives would not suspect our already deep friendship and physical attraction. Finally it was Tommy’s move-in day.

At the preplanned hour I suggested to my wife that we take a walk. This in itself was not unusual, as we often would go on walks for light exercise and to see if there was anything new going on in the neighborhood. Of course this day she said she didn’t have time because she was busy with household chores, she wanted to plan on what we would have for dinner, and besides it was too hot out.

“Come on. It will be a good break, we can have something on the grill, and later we can take a cooling swim in the pool” I insisted. After additional coaxing she reluctantly agreed.

As we rounded the corner onto the street behind us I casually said, “It looks like someone is moving into the old Hammond house.”

As we got closer to the house I could see Tommy in the front yard and a woman who must be his wife. My heart was pounding. I wondered if we could really pull this off. As we got closer and closer I just wanted so badly to race up to him and give him a strong embrace and a long kiss. At last we were in front of his new house.

“Hi, new neighbor,” I called out. My wife looked at me in surprise because usually I am fairly reserved when it came to talking to new people. Tommy walked over to the sidewalk.

“Oh, hi,” he smoothly said with that beautiful dimpled smile of his, his blue eyes twinkled. “Yes, we are just moving in. It’s quite a job on this hot day even with the movers doing most of the work.”

I stretched out my hand and “introduced” myself. “My name is Steve and we live behind you on the next street. This is my wife Patty.” My voice quivered a bit. I could tell that he noticed my nervousness but I didn’t think my wife did. As we shook hands he squeezed mine three times saying in code: “I” “Love” “You”. My knees felt weak.

Tommy said, “Doris, come over and meet some of our new neighbors.” She was very pretty and approached us with a wide smile on her face. Tommy continued, “This is Steve and his wife Doris. They live right behind us.”

“So nice to meet you,” Doris said. “We love the neighborhood, everyone has been so friendly already, and this house is great. I originally thought we should buy a different house across town but Tommy insisted that this was the one for us.” Tommy gave me a slight wink.

With that the girls, being girls, just started talking about everything and anything. Tommy and I casually strolled over to where his new car was parked, pretending he was showing it to me.

“So far, so good,” I softly said. “I can’t believe you are finally here.”

“Me either,” Tommy said. “You look great and I want to hug you so badly, but we have to be carefu1,” he cautioned.

The two wives came over where we were talking and Doris said we should get going to let them finish their move. It appeared the movers were just about finished emptying the van.

“Hey,” I said. “Why don’t you come over for dinner later, and maybe for a swim in our pool?” Patty looked at me a bit funny again but readily agreed that they should come over and told them that we would just have something simple. We gave them our address and agreed on a time. “Bring your suits and just come around to the backyard when you get to the house,” I called back.

“They seem nice,” I said. “Hope you didn’t mind me inviting them over for dinner.”

“They are nice,” said Patty. “Doris is very pleasant and you and Tommy sure seem to hit it off quickly. Inviting them for dinner was fine as I was thinking of making them something anyways but taking it over to them. I never knew you to warm up that quickly to someone you just met.”

When we got home I put on my bathing suit and cleaned the pool. I was so excited that Tommy was actually going to be at my house. I wanted everything to be perfect. It wouldn’t quite be the same as being in his rustic cabin where we could really be ourselves but this would be good too, just being close. Patty went into the kitchen to make hamburger patties and prepare some sides for dinner, then came outside to sit on a lounge chair under an umbrella to read.

At 5:00 Tommy and Doris appeared in the back and waved hello. I jumped up to greet them. Doris hoped that they weren’t putting us out by coming for dinner but it was so great to be invited as nothing in their new kitchen had been put away in order to fix anything and they felt too tired to go out to eat.

“You didn’t bring your bathing suits?” I inquired. Doris said that she had showered and did her hair so she didn’t want to get it wet. Tommy, to my relief, said he wore his suit under his shorts. “Well, take your clothes off and get in the pool,” I insisted. He kicked off his sandals, took off his shirt, and then dropped his shorts. God, he looked so handsome with his square jaw, broad chest, tight stomach, and muscular arms and legs. I quickly dove into the pool as I could feel my cock plumping a bit. He dove in after me. While the girls talked, we swam and pretended to get to know one another.

“I wish we were nude in our secluded pool in the mountains,” I whispered. “Oh, such good times there!”

“Me too,” Tommy said. “But stop talking about it as I am getting an erection thinking about it. With the move, I haven’t had an orgasm in over a week!”

“Maybe we can fix that later,” I teased.

After a little while the girls said they were going inside to get the dinner ready and said we should come in soon. I told them that I’d take Tommy downstairs to my exercise room so he could use the shower to clean off the chlorine and get dressed. As soon as they were inside we got out of the pool and quickly dried off and loosely wrapped our towels around our waists to hide our noticeable bulges.

As soon as we reached the bottom of the stairs and went into my exercise room we immediately embraced and passionately kissed. Our tongues danced and dueled. “Oh, how I have missed you,” I said as we pushed and rubbed our hard dicks together. I kissed his neck, bit his nipples, and as I slowly knelt down ran my tongue down his chest to his treasure trail. Once fully on my knees I pulled Tommy’s suit down and off of him. I licked his shaved balls and ran my tongue along his erection, savoring its hardness and the pronounced veins running along his shaft. I took the end of his penis in my mouth and ran my tongue into his slit, under his musky foreskin, and around his engorged helmet. The joy of sucking his cock is something I know I will never tire of. He softly moaned as he fucked my mouth. He gently held and caressed my head, guiding it up and down on his cock. I could tell he was getting close and I couldn’t wait to get a mouthful of his tasty cream. I had pulled my suit down and was jacking my cock in unison with his thrusts.

Suddenly Patty called down the stairs, “Steve, you need to come up and cook the hamburgers.” Tommy quickly pulled out of me. “Damn, damn, damn,” I groaned. So close yet so far, I thought. “I’ll be right up,” I shouted in frustration. Tommy had a sad but lustful look on his face. I showed him where the shower was and quickly went upstairs to my bedroom so I could shower as well. My cock was aching for relief and I just had to get off. I soaped my cock up and feverously jacked off, thinking of Tommy’s cock in my mouth just minutes ago. I came quickly and forcib.

I quickly washed up, got dressed, and went outside to start the grill. Tommy came outside to join me. “Damn, we were so close,” I said. “I had to jack off in the shower just to get my cock under control.”

“Me too,” he laughed. “I came thinking of you sucking me and knowing you probably have jacked off many times in that shower.”

“You know it!” I whispered. “When we are apart I masturbate a lot on my weight bench, in the shower, and even in my workshop, as you well know from me describing my masturbation sessions to you by email. Downstairs is also where I hide my lube and dildo.”

As I put the hamburgers on the grill the girls came outside with martinis for them and beers for us. “What were you guys doing downstairs for so long?” Patty innocently asked.

“Oh, I was showing Tommy my exercise equipment and the tools in my workshop.” And Tommy was showing me the tool between his legs, I thought. Tommy had a big grin on his face so I knew he was musing over the same thing. I honestly think sometimes that we can read each other’s thoughts.

“Oh, you men and your tools,” said Doris.

“Yes, we love our tools”, Tommy laughed. As I choked on my beer I thought, and we love sucking on each other’s tools as well.

The rest of the evening was very pleasant having a satisfying dinner, some more drinks, and good conversation. Our plan was working out very well. In just a short time we set in motion the basis for Tommy and I to “becoming” best friends and even our wives seemed to genuinely like each. Little did we know that we had also put in motion something unexpected that would change all of our lives significantly.

After that day we all settled into the routine of regular life. Tommy started his new job, which he liked very much. He and Doris spent a lot of time redecorating their house and they had us over for dinner frequently to show off their latest accomplishment. Of course we often reciprocated. Patty invited them to visit our very progressive church. It wasn’t long after that they joined because they liked the friendliness of the congregation and the liberal stance our church took on racial equality, a woman’s right to choose, and homosexuality. The last was especially important to them because they told us that Tommy’s younger brother had recently come out of the closet and professed that he was gay. He even had a partner that he was living with. Doris and Tommy were very supportive and happy for him but Tommy’s oldest brother and some of their relatives condemned Jake and would not associate with him. I was so happy to hear that Jake had found someone and fondly reminisced the time at the cabin when we helped Jake find, accept, and celebrate his sexuality.

Tommy and I often went to sporting events, mostly high school and college games that we preferred. We usually didn’t care much who the teams were or who won but just went for the enjoyment of two buddies going out together and sharing our burdens, thoughts, and joys. He started running with me and often came over on Saturday mornings so we could work out together in my exercise room. We spotted each other and goaded one another to lift heavier and heavier loads, resulting in each of us becoming even more muscle defined. Occasionally the wives would go out shopping together or to a community event giving us the man-to-man intimate physical alone time we so craved. We often talked about renting a room at a motel so that we could leisurely have sex without fear that one of our wives would walk in on us but hesitated to take that step, as we feared discovery. We worried that someone might notice our car in the parking lot or we would run into someone we knew.

We only had sex about once a week because that was all the alone time we normally could find because of our work schedules and our wives being around. Tommy told me that Doris had also lost all interest in sex just like Patty did some years back which didn’t bother him at all as all he was interested in now was sucking cock and receiving cock. Like me he was horny and ready to go on a moment’s notice. Since we had infrequent sex and because of our deep love and affection for one another, when we did make love it was usually urgent and hurried. We also were normally quick because we worried about being caught in the act. If the wives were out and we were lifting weights, it wasn’t long before our nude sweating bodies were on the floor sucking each other off or one of us bending over the weight bench being rimmed and fucked. If we were alone at Tommy’s house we usually got off in his upstairs office. He has this great recliner that he would lay way back on and then getting into a 69 position I would suck his cock while he rimmed my hole. Tommy could never get enough of my ass. If we hadn’t ejaculated by that point I would lower my hole on him and we’d fuck to completion. We’d use a condom when we fucked for quick and easy clean up. If we went out alone for a game we would hold hands in the car and discretely caresses each other’s thighs and crotch as we drove. We often talked about going to a secluded spot to make out and get off but we never did because you read too many stories about guys being caught by the police and being arrested for indecent exposure, causing ruin to families and careers.

One Saturday the four of us went out to dinner and we got on the topic of how much we all enjoyed physical workouts. Patty and Doris had joined a jazzercise class that they went to during the day. Of course, Tommy and I talked about our running and weight lifting.

Patty said to me, “Well as part of your exercise regimen don’t forget you also like to go back packing up in the mountains.” I suddenly got an uneasy feeling that this conversation might go in a direction I didn’t want it to.

Doris asked me where I went hiking and when I told her she said, “Oh what a coincidence, Tommy’s family has a cabin in that same area. I don’t like going up there but Tommy loves it as does his younger brother, Jake. When did you last go hiking in that area?”

I looked over at Tommy who appeared shell-shocked. If the wives started to compare dates and it was discovered we were both in the mountains at the same time and in the same area multiple times, the coincidence might seem to be a bit unbelievable. Luckily as I fought for an answer we were distracted when our dinners were served and we were off onto another topic of conversation. After dinner the wives went to the restroom together.

“Oh my God,” said Tommy.

“I know,” I said. “I hate this secrecy but what can we do? We don’t want to alienate our wives and families but we don’t want to give each other up either.”

“I could never give you up,” he said. “Let’s just hope that the topic doesn’t come up again and things settle down.”

Over the next few months we thought things had settled down. Our normal routines of work, family, and the two of us getting together as often as we could without raising suspicion continued. What we didn’t realize was what we had unknowingly set in motion when Tommy took the new job continued to slowly churn to a fateful conclusion. A conclusion we could never have expected.

Another time we were all together another uncomfortable conversation came up and I again almost blew our secret. We were all talking about our families when Doris said that they had gotten good news that afternoon. Tommy’s brother, Jake, was getting married.

Without thinking I exclaimed excitedly, “Jake’s getting married? That’s wonderful!”

Patty said to me, “For someone you don’t know you sure are excited about him getting married.”

Luckily Tommy stepped in to the rescue and quickly explained how he had been keeping me informed about his younger brother, the difficult upbringing they had had growing up under their abusive dad, Jake’s failed marriage, and how difficult it had been for Jake to proclaim his gayness.

“Oh, that makes sense” my wife said. Although I noticed that she had a questioning look on her face as she said it.

“Another crisis averted,” I thought, but it was just four weeks later when the house of cards and secret fortress that Tommy and I had built came falling down.

The night of truth started like most other Friday nights. Tommy was picking me up to go to a basketball game at the local community college. We were excited about going to this particular game as it was for the conference championship and the locals were favored to win. Tommy drove up my driveway, tooted his horn. I called upstairs to my wife that I was going, jumped in the car, and without thinking gave Tommy a quick kiss on the lips. Little did I know that Patty happened to be looking out the front bedroom window just at that time.

The game was very close but the local team did indeed win in overtime. Tommy and I joined some other friends at a bar for a few celebratory beers and to rehash the highlights of the game. When we got back to my home, I gave Tommy a quick squeeze of his hand and after looking around a quick kiss on his lips.

“I Love you!” I said.

“Love you too,” he replied.

Going in the house I was surprised that the lights in the family room were on and that Patty was still up. Usually when I am out she goes upstairs early to read in bed.

“We need to talk,” she said.

“Sure, what’s up?” I inquired.

“Are you and Tommy having an affair?” she asked.

There it was, the moment I had been dreading but had convinced myself would never happen. I felt my world come crashing down around me. My shoulders slumped and I slowly sank down into an easy chair. In a split moment my mind flashed first that I should act shocked and deny it and say she was crazy to think that. But I know my wife well. She is very perceptive and would know if I were lying which would only make matters worse, if that was possible.

“Yes,” I quietly said. Oh my God, I thought. I am going to lose my wife, the respect of my family, and maybe Tommy as well.

“I am so sorry, I never wanted to hurt you,” I softly said. I sat there waiting for the ultimatum. Would I have to immediately move out of the house? Would she insist that I give up my friendship and love of Tommy if I wanted to stay married? I felt trapped and sick to my stomach. How could this be happening? Why weren’t we more careful? How did she find out?

“Let me explain,” I said, although I had no idea what explanation I was going to give.

“I don’t want or need your explanation,” she said. I slumped further down into the chair.

“I care very much for Tommy and Doris and consider them both dear friends. I immediately liked them the day we met them when they were moving in. I remember how insistent you were that we go for a walk. I remember how strange and so unlike you to get so close to someone so quickly as you did. You two became best friends upon meeting and have now become practically inseparable. Not that you don’t give me and the rest of the family a lot of your time but so much of your free time is spent with Tommy, either going to sporting events, running, exercising, or just hanging out. I was happy that you had such a close friend as you haven’t had one in many years.

“However, I began to notice other things beside the two of you being together so much that began to nag at me. Often when Doris and I came home from going out together the two of you would usually be together either in our basement or as Doris told me in his home office. You guys often looked flushed in the face and had looks on your faces as if you had just been caught with your hands in the cookie jar. You often also seemed to be coming down from some kind of high. For a while I wondered if you were taking drugs together. At the restaurant that time when we were discussing you back packing in the same area where Tommy has a cabin, Tommy’s face became frozen and you were stuttering as if you had something to hide. Doris and I later compared the two times you went backpacking and the last two times Tommy went to his cabin, they were identical. Then there was the time Doris announced that Tommy’s gay brother was getting married. You were awfully excited by this news for someone you didn’t know. And then tonight sealed everything for me. I was watching out the bedroom window when you got in Tommy’s car and gave him a kiss.”

“Let me try and explain,” I implored again.

“No I think I have it all figured out. Somehow the two of you met, became friends, and maybe more that first time you went backpacking. That is why you were so contented when you came home. You couldn’t wait to go backpacking again so that you could meet up with Tommy. You were even happier the second time you came home. Somewhere along the way you met his brother Jake. When Tommy got offered a new job I imagine the two of you conspired to get him to move as close to us as possible. Your plan was to casually meet and for all of us to become friends. Congratulations, you succeeded in that. By the way, Doris is talking to Tommy right now as she agrees with my conclusions about the two of you.”

My shoulders slumped even further and I held my head in my hands afraid to look Patty in the eyes. So much was swimming through my mind. I betrayed her. What am I going to do? What will Patty and I do? What will Tommy and Doris do? What will Tommy and I do? Is all lost?

“You got it right,” I quietly said. “I know we have been devious but we thought we could keep you and each other at the same time.”

“Do you love him?” Patty asked.

“I do”, I honestly said. “But I love you as well, but obviously in a different way.”

Patty came over and sat on the edge of the chair and took my hand. “I love you too”, she calmly said. “We’ve had too much history together to end our life together. And let me tell you something I have never admitted to you. I have felt guilty for a very long time that I have no interest in sex when I know you still have a strong sex drive. I know you masturbate in front of the computer over porn, during the night when you think I am sleeping, and down in your exercise room. I found your lube and dildo down there once when I was cleaning. Although the artificial penis surprised me I never thought too much about it because I know men like to masturbate and need to masturbate especially if they aren’t having sex with their wives. I’ve done enough research on the Internet to know that most men need frequent orgasms, enjoy the stimulation of porn, and many like to use sex toys. I was always worried that you would find another woman to have sex with, as I know that although masturbation can provide sexual relief it is not the same as having sexual intimacy with another person. Strange as it may seem, and this will really surprise you, I feel less threatened that you are having sex with another man and not another woman. And if you are going to be with another man I am glad it is Tommy, someone I know and really like. But I do have to ask you if you feel you are gay and maybe have always been gay but faked your sexual desire for me over the years.”

“Tommy and I have often wondered ourselves if we have always been gay,” I admitted. “I think we can honestly say that for most of our lives we were bisexual but never acted on the gay side of our sexual spectrum. However, we both have felt all of our lives that something was missing and it wasn’t until we met, became best friends, and started sexually experimenting that we fully realized how attracted we were to another man. Kinsey in his sex studies concluded that everyone ranges differently on the sexual scale, which ranges from being completely heterosexual to completely homosexual with many interim points between the two. When I was a teenager I probably was right in the middle of the scale having sexual fantasies about girls as well as guys. But after I met and married you I was more on the heterosexual side of the scale, enjoying sex with you, although I must admit I still had fantasies of having man-to-man sex. I never acted out in real life any of those fantasies. I now feel at this point in my life that I am completely homosexual and can only imagine having sex with another man, and that man is Tommy. But this doesn’t mean that I don’t love you and don’t want to stay with you. Tommy is pretty much in sync with me both on acknowledging his homosexuality but also loving and wanting to remain in a relationship with Doris and their family.”

“Thank you for being honest with me,” said Patty. “This pretty much confirms what Doris and I concluded and hoped for. I am relieved, and I am sure Doris is too, that you both still want to have a life with us. Our fear was that once you found out we knew what was going on between the two of you that you would leave us and start an exclusive life together. Based on what you said, here is the proposal we have for you. Hopefully, the conversation between Doris and Tommy is going along the same lines as ours.

“We understand how close the you of you are as friends and the need you both have for sexual intimacy, but we don’t want you having sex in our houses unless for some reason either Doris or I are out of town. We don’t want to come home from shopping or church always wondering if we are going to find the two of you having or just have had sex. We also don’t want you shacking up at some sleazy motel, which could be dirty and unsafe. Continue to run and exercise together and continue going to sports events or out with your guy friends for drinks. We understand the need for males to bond and for being macho. We understand that as best friends you like to be together and do things together. Of course, in your case the two of you take your friendship to an intimate physical level as well, which is OK with us under certain limitations. We think you guys should rent an apartment far enough away that no one knows you but close enough that you can get there in a reasonable amount of time. This will be your `man cave’ so to speak and where you can have discrete time together. We would propose that you go to your apartment every other weekend, Friday night, Saturday, and Saturday night, getting home on Sunday in time to take us to church. It would also be OK if you went to your apartment one or two nights during the week. All we ask is that we always know where you are, that you spend time with us as well in the form of going out, working around the house and going on vacations. Spending time with your children and grandchildren as you do now is also a must. And by the way, we have no problem with the two of you going up to the cabin a couple times each year. What do you think? Deal?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Did this generous woman just offer a way that I could save my marriage, keep my house and family, and still have Tommy?

“Deal!” I quickly said. I hugged her tightly, told her that I loved her, and thanked her for being the most loving, accepting, and understanding woman in the world. I wondered how it was going with Tommy and Doris. I didn’t have to wonder long. The phone rang. It was Tommy and he started talking nonstop.

“Did Patty talk to you about us getting an apartment? Can you believe it? Did you agree to their terms? Will we really be together that often? We’ve got to start looking this weekend for an apartment!”

“Slow down,” I laughed, “Yes, No, Yes, Yes, and Yes.”

We spent the next weekend apartment shopping in different communities that were 30 or 40 minutes away from home. We saw at least 20 different ones and were getting discouraged, as none of them seemed right. You would think we wouldn’t be so selective but this was so important to us. Our wives had given us a tremendous gift and we wanted our place to reflect their generosity, our personalities, and our physical needs. As soon as we walked in the next apartment we both knew this was the place for us. It was on the second floor, had been recently remodeled, and it was open, bright, and airy. The kitchen, although small, had new white cupboards, granite counter tops, and new stainless appliances. The combined dining room and living room had space for a small table to eat at in front of a sliding balcony door and room for a large couch and two easy chairs. A large widescreen TV hung on the wall and it came with the apartment. It had two bedrooms. The first was relatively small but would make a great office and a guest room for when Jake and his husband came for a visit. The master bedroom and bath really sold us on the place. The bedroom was large and had three windows looking out onto woods. The bathroom was perfect with two sinks, a two-person shower with multiple showerheads, and a Jacuzzi tub big enough for two. We were practically giggling when we saw all of this, imagining all the possibilities that could go on in this room. The area was secluded and was next to a nature preserve with many trails for jogging, biking, and walking. We quickly accepted the terms of the rental and signed the lease.

Over the next two weeks we moved some excess furniture from our houses, bought and had delivered a king sized bed and sectional couch, and equipped the apartment with food and alcohol. Tommy brought his DVD player and hooked it to the TV so we could watch his collection of old classic movies, a genre we both enjoyed. We so looked forward to just curling up together on the couch to watch a movie or sports game. Naturally we also had cable installed for our computer Internet and to be able stream movies and TV shows.

We also got a TV and DVD for the bedroom so that on Saturday mornings we could watch cartoons in bed. Silly I know, but we still were very much like little guys in many ways. And yes, a TV in the bedroom would be nice for watching some M2M adult fare to occasionally spice things up.

The day we actually moved in we completed the place with basic kitchen appliances, pillows for the couch, and new linens on the bed. We hadn’t gotten around to getting any pictures to hang but planned on retrieving from the cabin the pictures Jake had drawn for us. These we would frame and hang in the bedroom. We were pleased with the results. All day long we couldn’t help grinning at each other and after every little thing we did we would hug and kiss. We felt like newlyweds. We invited the wives to see the apartment but they said that it was just a little too soon and the situation still a bit sensitive for a visit but they would some day.

After a great dinner of steaks, baked potatoes, and salad that we jointly prepared, we sunk down together on the couch. “Can you believe this?” Tommy asked. “Our own place!”

I leaned in on him, gently took his face in my hands, looked at him deeply in his eyes, and gently kissed him on the lips. His mouth opened slightly and my tongue ran over his lips and onto the tip of his tongue. Our mouths opened wider and our tongues caressed the other, getting ever deeper and more intense. Every so often we would break apart and just grin at each other in wonder, amazement, and love.

Tommy unbutton my shirt, took it off of me, and ran his hands up and down my bare chest, then licking it, and lightly biting my nipples, sending shivers down to my groin. Then as we kissed again I was able to get his shirt off so that as we kissed more our bare chests rubbed together. Then he gently laid me down on the couch and undid my belt buckle, unzipped my fly, and pulled my pants down and off. He went down and started kissing and licking my boxer briefs over my straining to get out cock and balls. The moisture and hot breath I felt through my briefs felt electric. I traded places with him and got his pants off so that I could also go down on him and pleasure him through his very sexy mini bikini briefs. After more kissing and fondling we slipped out of our wet briefs so that now we were now completely naked. We stood up, looked each over again in love and amazement, and hugged each other tightly, feeling each other’s hardness, never wanting to let go.

As difficult as it was I broke apart and told him that I was going to go into the bathroom to prepare myself for him. Over dinner we had worked out an alternating bottom and top schedule. Much to my delight I was going to receive him our first night. I told him to give me a few minutes, then when he heard me in the shower to join me.

With cock in hand and with a broad grin on his face he said, “Don’t be long.”

Giving his very erect cock a gentle squeeze and a few firm strokes, I laughed and said, “Speaking of long!”

Ten minutes later I was in the shower, hot and steamy, as we both like it. I heard the bathroom door open and felt the cool air hit me as he opened the glass shower door and step in. He pressed himself against my backside, hugged me, and kissed my neck. I could feel his penis rubbing between my ass cheeks, seeking entrance. I turned and deeply kissed him. We then spent a long time soaping each other up, washing each other’s bodies with our hands, paying especial attention to our genitals and love holes. The hot water was beginning to run out so we reluctantly turned off the water, stepped out, and dried each other off.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when we entered the bedroom. There was soft music playing and the room was dimly lit with a dozen candles placed strategically throughout the room. The bedspread and top sheet were pulled down and on my pillow was a single red rose.

“You romantic!” I exclaimed.

I laid down, he laid on top of me, we kissed. He propped himself up on his arms and started to rub his cock on mine as he knows how much I love that as part of our foreplay. It wasn’t long before our rubbing got more vigorous and our kisses deeper and more intense. I told him I wanted to taste and suck his cock so he positioned himself over my face so I could suck him while he could go down on me. It wasn’t long however when his tongue was below my balls, searching for my hole. This man loves to suck ass, I gratefully thought. I lifted my legs up and back so he could get access. In time this wasn’t enough for him so he got off on top of me, put a pillow under me, and dove in face first. His tongue licked the tender nerve endings around the opening and then speared into me giving me exquisite pleasure.

“Come in me”, I implored.

After lubing his cock and me up, he positioned his cock at my hole and very gently began to push. I felt his engorged cock head clear the entrance and then gradually he slid all the way in so that we were one. I suddenly began to cry.

“What’s wrong, Steve?” he asked. “Am I hurting you?” Do you want me to pull out?”

“God, no! I am crying because I am so happy. I am crying because destiny had us meet on that mountaintop. I am crying because you are my best friend and lover. I am crying because we have wives that accept us as we are. I am crying because you are in me and it feels so good. I am crying because tomorrow morning I will wake up in bed with you at my side. I am crying because I just love you so much. I am crying because we are truly together, at last!”

Tommy started crying as well, his tears falling on my face. He bent down, kissed me, and wiped them away with his cheek.

“I am so happy too,” he said.

Then squeezing his cock within me and raising my hips to take all of him in me, through me tears I laughingly commanded, “Then fuck me!”

His pace picked up and we both zoned out in our pleasure. Suddenly his body arched back and his hips arched in, burying his cock in me as deep as he could. He shouted out, “Oh, Oh, Oh, I’m cumming!”

I felt his wet warmth spread within me and the warmth seemed to travel through my entire body. The sensation was so new and unexpected that I almost felt that this was the first time I had ever made love with Tommy. Then without touching myself my seed erupted out in many bursts of exquisite pleasure.

Tommy collapsed on me. We both were breathing heavily as we remained united. As I caressed his back, I whispered in his ear, “At Last my love. At Last.”

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