Erotic story: At Last! part 3

By Steve Smith. Check out parts 1, 2.

It was Saturday; a week had passed since I had left Tommy at the clearing, he walking in one direction and I in the other. Daily emails from him told me that things were moving quickly on his new job situation. He had accepted the new position as soon as he got back home and resigned from his current employer.

His manager tried offering him a lot more money to stay but the thought that the two of us could be in the same city easily helped him stay the course. An email to me that morning told me that he and his wife were in town looking for a new house. I quickly emailed him back, encouraging him to look for something in the same suburb where I lived.

I hadn’t ejaculated in 7 days which was very unusual for me, but I had been apprehensive about whether Tommy was going to take the new job or not and I kept thinking that something would prevent this from happening. All week I stroked myself a lot but just short of cumming as I stupidly and superstitiously felt I would put a jinx on him moving if I had an orgasm before I was sure that this was really going to happen. This feeling was a throw back to when I was a teenager.

Growing up Catholic I was made to feel guilty about jacking off by my parents who often said that it was wrong to touch oneself “down there” and especially by the priests in the confessional who said that masturbation was “self abuse” and a grave sin. So I was always making a pact with God that I wouldn’t masturbate in order for something else to happen Ð a good grade, a date, winning a game, etc. As soon as that something else happened, or when it often didn’t, I would jack off with a vengeance. Now I knew for sure he was moving and I was horny as hell.

I went for a longer than normal morning run during which all I could think about was my soul mate Tommy living close by and of course all of the good sex we had had and would have. As I was doing my cooling down walk and reminiscing about being intimate with Tommy my cock became very plump. Because my shorts are loose fitting with only a thin liner I had a serious tent going. Luckily my T-shirt was fairly long and hung over my crotch, pretty much hiding my erection.

I was afraid however that a neighbor would stop me to talk and would notice my bulge. I hurried home and when I got there my wife was just walking out the door to go shopping for a few hours as she usually does on Saturday mornings. Still covered in sweat, and not letting her see the front of me, I told her that I was going to go down to my weight room in the basement to exercise, knowing full well that the only muscle I was going to exercise was the 7″ one between my legs.

As soon as I heard my wife’s car leave I stripped out of my clothes and lay back naked on the weight bench. I put my nose in my sweaty armpit and breathed in the manly aroma, caressed my chest muscles paying special attention to my nipples by twisting them which always sent an electric pulse straight to my cock, gently kneaded my low hanging shaved balls, spread my ass cheeks apart so that my pucker could feel the cool air, rubbing a finger along my anus to stimulate those erotic nerve endings, and gently stroked my cock with just two fingers.

My cock was now so hard and erect that the foreskin had retracted down and under my engorged reddish blue dick head. Needing to cum so badly I knew that if I weren’t careful I would spew my juices after just a few short strokes. I wanted this session to last. Knowing that Tommy was close by I wanted to fantasize that he was with me in the basement doing the things to me that I was doing to myself.

I just had to have “him” in me to feel complete. I got up and retrieved my 7″ dildo and lube from their hiding place. Laying back down I closed my eyes and rubbed the dildo along my shaft simulating what Tommy always did in our foreplay. I so love the feeling of our two cocks rubbing, caressing, and dancing with each other. Cock on cock feels so masculine. A few drops of pre cum provided some lubrication making the contact of the two cocks very sensual. Still with my eyes closed I placed the dildo in my mouth so I could lick and suck it, imaging that it was Tommy’s magnificent penis I was pleasuring. With all the practice I had had with my lover’s cock, I could take the dildo’s full length. I was getting closer and closer so it was time for “Tommy” to enter me.

I generously lubed the dildo and gently rubbed it against my anus fantasizing that it was Tommy’s cock seeking entrance. I spread my legs wide and lifted them up onto the weight bar. I pressed the dildo and with a sudden pop the head was in me. I breathed in and out slowly, relaxed, then bored down on the sweet intruder. I opened up and the full shaft entered me. Although certainly not as wonderful as the real thing, it still felt very, very, very good. This was turning out to be a very memorable masturbation session that I would be sure to relate in detail to Tommy. He always got extremely turned on when I described the different ways I masturbated and he loved to watch me pleasure myself, as much I loved to watch him masturbate as well. Masturbation alone or with the guy you care about is such a gift and why I am so glad that I was born with a cock.

I could feel my cum beginning its journey of release, so with one hand I quickly slid the dildo in and out of me, and with the other hand alternated with fisting my rigid tool and twisting my nipples. My breathing got faster and shallower as I reached the edge of the sexual cliff. Suddenly my body stiffened as my body dove off into the pleasure abyss, my toes curled, and my hole clamped down on the dildo.

“Oh, Tommy” I screamed out, convulsing in pleasure as my seed erupted like a geyser, 4 strong streams followed by three smaller squirts. The creamy nectar covered my face and chest. As my sexual high began to abate I gently milked the last of my white juice out of my penis. After my long run and the workout I just gave my body I was physically spent. I slowly rubbed my cum over my body and face as you would do with skin lotion and brought some up to my lips and mouth to taste and savor. Thinking of post coital cuddling with Tommy, I fell asleep.

Suddenly I heard the back door open and my wife calling out my name. I leapt up. My body was covered with dried cum and the dildo was still in my ass.

“I will be right up”, I shouted, “right after I take my shower”.

“You haven’t showered yet?” she asked.

“I was exercising and fell asleep”, I truthfully explained.

It’s always good to be honest, well, perhaps without a few key details. Thank God I had a shower in the basement and that she didn’t come down the basement stairs. That was a close one I thought. The masturbating she might understand since she doesn’t like to have sex anymore, but the dildo? No way! That would have led to many uncomfortable questions. I quickly hid my friend knowing I would clean him up when I had a chance and jumped in the shower, washing my body of cum and my hole of lube. As I was doing so I got hard again. My cock just has a mind of its own, probably because it knows how much I love it. I so wanted to jack off again but got myself under control so that my wife would not get suspicious on how long I was taking.

The rest of the day was uneventful but seemingly endless. All day long I kept checking my private email account hoping to hear from Tommy. Long ago we had decided not to do any phone texting, as it was too risky that our wives or someone else would see our messages. A friend of mine once got caught when he was texting his girlfriend and he accidentally sent the text to his wife. Ouch! They separated.

I knew Tommy was busy with his wife looking at homes, but it was driving me crazy wondering what was happening. I cut the grass, and then checked my email. I went for a swim, and then checked my email. I worked on a couple of projects around the house, and then checked my email. My wife and I went out to dinner, and then checked my email. Right before we went to bed I went to my study to check one last time. I didn’t expect anything to be there, but it was!! I quickly opened it and read that Tommy and his wife had bought a house, it was on the street right behind us, and they would be moving in two weeks.

I couldn’t believe it. My best friend and lover was going to live right behind me. I wished that he were right behind me now rubbing his cock in my ass cheeks, causing me of course to have another nice erection. I emailed him back to express my joy, told him I was rubbing my dick, and said that we now needed to form a plan on how we would accidentally “meet” and become “friends”. I ejaculated into my hand, licked my hand clean, brushed my teeth and went to bed. It was quite a physical and emotional day. As I was drifting off to sleep I thought about Tommy living close by. At Last!
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