Erotic story: At Last! part 2

By Steve Smith. Check out part 1 here.

As we walked to the cabin, dicks swinging in the breeze, Tommy put his arm around my shoulders as good buddies do. He brought me close to him. His strength and warmth felt so comfortable.

“I can’t tell you how much I missed you”, he said, “not just the physical sex, although I must admit while we were apart these past 6 months my first thought in the morning, last thought at night, and often throughout the day was of us and all we did when we were last together. “Many hard ons and a lot of serious jacking off thinking of you”, he laughed. “But mostly I miss just being with you and being able to express who I truly am.”

“I feel the same way”, I said as I leaned my face to his and lightly kissed him, thinking how much I loved this man. “I often woke up hard during the night and think of you as I quietly jacked my cock. After my morning run, I would soap up cock in the shower and think of you. I’d often be at a meeting at the hospital and my thoughts would turn to you and how much I love you. The weekends were the best because my wife was usually out shopping and I would get out my dildo and pretend you were in me. But you are right, the most important aspect of our relationship is us just being together and sharing our innermost thoughts and feelings.”

Back in the cabin I unloaded my bulky backpack – a few clothes (I wasn’t planning on wearing much unless we hiked), vegetables, granola, soup packets, dried meat, dark chocolate, shaving kit, and the two most important things: two fifths of Jim Beam bourbon and lube. The rustic but homey cabin was as we had never left it. A crackling fire provided just the right amount of warmth as well as a very romantic atmosphere.

Over a couple of bourbons we brought each other up to date on what was going on in our lives, our jobs and families. I was still very busy at the hospital but felt more relaxed and did not let the pressures get to me like before. I told Tommy that I attributed this to him, as whenever I ran into a difficult person or situation I would just think about my hike up to the cabin, our meeting, and week together. My family was pretty much the same. All were doing well and we all frequently got together which I love. Tommy told me about his new grandson who was named after him much to his delight. He and his wife traveled frequently to see their children who lived in different cities than his own. He was looking for a different job as he felt there was no room to grow in his current work environment.

“Do you want something to eat?” he asked.

“Yes”, I enthusiastically responded, “You!”

“Now how did I know that you would say that?” he smiled.

“I need to clean up”, I told him, and took my shaving kit down to the stream. The water was cold and I shivered – both from the water and in anticipation. I thoroughly cleaned myself both outside and inside.

Coming back into the cabin Tommy started uproariously laughing. “What?” I said. He pointed at my cock which had major shrinkage from the cold water – my dick was only little more than an inch long and my balls were practically drawn inside me. “It’s cold in the stream”, I protested, laughing along with him. Kneeling down in front of me he said, “Poor baby, let me warm you up” and took my penis into his mouth. It didn’t take long for me to spring to life as his expert mouth and tongue caressed my cock, growing it to its full 7 inches. He slowly licked under my foreskin and over my piss slit, taking me further and further into his mouth. “God, I missed this”, I thought.

“Stop” I said, “Or you’ll have me creaming. Let’s take this slow”. I wanted to taste and feel him too. We went over to the double bed and pulled down the covers. We lay down together and deeply kissed for a long time as our hands explored each other’s bodies. Kissing, licking, and lightly biting I moved down from his neck, to his nipples, taking in the manly scent of his underarms, down to his ripped abs, to his smooth shaved balls, and then took his cock into my mouth. He moaned and began to slowly fuck my mouth. How I loved the taste and feel of his cock in my mouth: the smooth texture of his skin, the touch of my tongue on his slit, the firmness of his rod with its engorged veins, and most of all knowing I was bringing him pleasure. I thought how lucky I was to know the joys of sucking cock. There just is nothing like it.

He pulled out and sighed “your turn” as he bit and licked all over my body ending up below my balls. Anticipating where he next wanted to go, I lifted my legs up to give his tongue entry to my hole. His tongue penetrated making me writhe in pleasure and desire. “Fuck me”, I begged. We quickly lubed each other and he positioned himself. Holding my legs up he pushed his cock head against my anus and as I bore down it popped in. I gasped. He stopped but I implored him to keep going so he slowly pushed all the way in. I felt so complete, so united with my lover. I could feel his pubes and balls against me. Slowly at first, and then with urgency, he slid back and forth in me. I was jacking my cock in his rhythm. We were very close.

Suddenly the cabin door opened and a guy walked in. We froze. Tommy said “Jake?” It has to be Tommy’s younger brother”, I thought, he looks just like Tommy, the same square jaw and intense blue eyes. Jake seemed transfixed as he stood there staring at us – my legs up, Tommy’s cock inside me. Suddenly he turned toward the door, stuttering how sorry he was, and mumbled something about not knowing anyone was here. He ran out.

Tommy pulled out of me and said “I’ve got to go after him and talk to him about what he saw – about us”. “Of course – Go!” I said, suddenly feeling very empty.

Tommy threw on a pair of shorts and shoes and took off after his brother. When he caught up to him he saw that he was crying. “Jake, I am so sorry you saw that. You must be very shocked and disappointed in me. Please don’t cry, let me explain. Steve and I met last year up here near the cabin. We immediately hit it off, quickly became the best of friends, and then lovers. Jake, part of me, maybe all of me, has always been attracted to other men but I never acted upon my urges until I met Steve. He had always felt attracted to men as well but got married, as I did, and suppressed his desires, as I did. Steve is a great guy. Please come back to the cabin to meet and get to know him. I love him and he loves me”.

“Tommy, I’m not crying because I am shocked or disappointed in you. You are my big brother and nothing you could do would make me think less of you. Growing up I idolized you and have always wanted to be just like you. I’m crying because I too am attracted to men and also have never acted on my feelings.”

They talked for a long time. Tommy spared no details on our first meeting in the clearing. Tommy also told him that he was not overly surprised that Jake was at least bi-curious since he knew that Jake had discovered Tommy’s gay porn magazines and dildo hidden under the floor boards in the cabin. He said he figured it out when a different brand of lube was there when he next went to use it. He went on to tell Jake that he never brought it up to him because he was embarrassed and also he didn’t want to embarrass his brother. “I always felt the cabin was like Vegas”, Tommy said, “What happens there stays there”. After a lot of coaxing he convinced Jake to go back with him to the cabin to meet me.

While they were gone I got dressed, made the bed, and started dinner – hopefully for three. When the two brothers walked through the door I was relieved. It was a bit awkward at first and there were a lot of apologies all around. To get everyone to relax I poured the three of us each a generous bourbon and proposed a toast. “To the brothers and their impeccable timing. I meet Tommy when I am jacking off, and I meet Jake while in the midst of making love with Tommy. Guys, is it you or me?” That broke the ice; the three of us laughed as we clicked our glasses together, and said “to timing!”

Over dinner, I told Jake my life story. He was inquisitive and friendly just like his brother. One couldn’t help but to like him.

After dinner we sat by the fire, had more drinks, and smoked some pot. With encouragement by Tommy and me, Jake talked in generalities about his homosexual feelings and his failed marriage and divorce. He said the marriage finally ended when he was making love to his wife and as he climaxed called out a man’s name. Red faced, he told us the only way he could have an orgasm was if he fantasized being with a man.

“You two are so lucky”, he said. “I hope someday to be able to have sex with another guy. I guess I am just so shy I don’t know how to go about meeting a guy and taking it to the next level” he lamented.

It got late and time for bed. Jake said he would sleep out on the porch so Tommy and I could have some privacy. We protested but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He grabbed a blanket and a pillow and went out.

Tommy and I got into bed, turned off the lights, although the room was still illuminated by the full moon shining through the windows. “Now where were we when we were so rudely interrupted?” Tommy said. “Oh, yes, your legs were up in the air and I was fucking you”. We kissed and caressed each other and in no time I was lubed up and ready to go. He entered me and we made slow tender love. His sliding cock milked my prostate just right bringing me exquisite pleasure as my penis dripped its clear pre-cum nectar. I felt my cum beginning to make its assent. “Harder, faster”, I implored. “Yes, yes” he breathlessly said. As we neared orgasm we weren’t as quiet as we should have been and as we both shot our semen we cried out.

“God that was especially good” I whispered. As I was saying this I happened to notice through the corner of my eye Jake watching us through the window. I didn’t let on that I saw him. We quietly talked about Jake and his sexual frustrations. Tommy had also seen Jake watching us but said he didn’t mind. He said that he was going to get up early and go on a day long hike – alone. I asked why and he told me that he wanted me to spend the day with Jake and talk to him about his feelings and help him break out of his shell. He then went on to suggest that maybe I even show him the pleasures of man to man sex which he hoped would help him get over his inhibitions. I protested but Tommy begged me to do this for him and for his little brother who he loved so much. I reluctantly agreed.

Early the next morning I got up with Tommy and as he got dressed I packed him some lunch. I asked him again if he was sure he wanted me to spend the day with Jake and he again said yes. “Perhaps if we just talked to him together we could help him”, I suggested, but Tommy felt it was better if he wasn’t in the room. “I think he is still embarrassed because I am his brother” Tommy mused. As Tommy quietly left I thought to myself that this week certainly was not turning out as I had planned. I was nervous about being with Jake all day wondering how and what I would say to him.

Around nine I heard Jake knocking on the door, asking if it was OK for him to come in. I smiled and opened the door. When he came into the cabin he looked around and asked where his brother was. I told him that he had gone out on day long hike and it would be just the two of us for the day. Jake had a puzzled and concerned look on his face.

“Jake”, I said, “Tommy loves you very much and understands how difficult it has been for you suppressing your gay feelings. He thought if perhaps we talked it would help you.” Tears welled up in Jake’s eyes, he took a deep breath, and the dam burst as he started talking non-stop about his sexual life.

“I’ve known that I have been ‘different’ all my life but never told anyone because I was so fearful of the repercussions from my parents, my friends, my oldest brother, and especially from Tommy who I was always closest to. As Tommy probably told you our parents were strict religious conservatives especially when it came to sex. They constantly preached against touching oneself for pleasure and against premarital sex. If they knew I had homosexual thoughts I think they would have sent me away. But I was always more attracted to a man’s body than a woman’s. I am a pretty good artist but never pursued this talent because my father said that being an artist was effeminate. Often when they were out of the house I would go up to my room and draw pictures of naked men with huge erections and then masturbate as I looked at my images. Of course, I would then have to destroy these beloved pictures before my parents came home.”

“Jake”, I said, “you don’t have to tell me all of this if you don’t want to.”

“No I want to get it all out”, he said.

Jake went on to relate his growing up years. He never had a relationship with the oldest brother because he was ten years his senior. Tommy is four year’s older but they were still close, even sharing a bedroom. Tommy taught him how to throw a football and often played catch with him. They went to movies together and watched games on TV. He idolized Tommy and wanted to be just like him. When Tommy went off to college he was very lonely and always looked forward to him coming home for vacations.

Until his senior year in high school his relationship with his parents was tolerable as long as he accompanied them to church every Sunday, which he hated, and as long as he never broke his curfew. But his relationship with his father became almost unbearable after an incident. He told me how he came home early from school one afternoon and thought both his parents must be out as the car wasn’t in the driveway. Thinking he had time for a quick jack off he went straight upstairs. To get to his room he had to pass his parent’s room from which he thought he heard a moan. He looked in and saw his father naked on the bed stroking his penis, cum shooting out. His father saw him. Jake rushed to his room and closed the door praying that his father wouldn’t confront him. But a few minutes later the door opened and his father came in.

“How dare you look at me”, his father said with clenched fists. “Are you a faggot?”

“I wasn’t looking at you, Dad; I just came home from school early and was going to my room. And I am not a fag!” Jake thought his father was going to hit him.

“If you ever tell your mother or anyone else what you saw, I will deny it and call you out as the fag you must be.” His father left the room slamming the door on the way out.

Jake related how he couldn’t believe how his father had turned around the situation and made it sound like it was Jake that did something wrong. And he was stung by his father’s words: “Are you a faggot?” He didn’t want to be a fag and became determined to suppress all sexual thoughts. He stopped drawing pictures, stopped glancing at other guy’s bodies in the locker room, and vowed he would never masturbate again. Of course a young man’s hormones rage and he would wake up with erections begging for relief. Wet dreams helped but often guilt would result as he would remember the dreams, usually of him being with another guy. He would hold off as long as he could but when he couldn’t stand it any longer he would quickly beat off in the shower just to get his cock to calm down.

He and his father had a civil but very cool relationship. He had lost all respect for his father knowing what a hypocrite he was. It was a relief to graduate from high school and finally leave home.

In college he dated as many girls as possible to prove to the world, and to himself, that he was heterosexual. There were a couple of instances during and after college when another guy made suggestive remarks to him but he always firmly rejected these advances. Sure he still had dreams of being with one of these guys and sometimes when he masturbated he thought of another’s guy’s cock, but he kept telling himself that he wasn’t a fag.

His happiest times were when he and Tommy both were home together. Just going to a movie, playing chess, playing catch lifted his spirits. At night he confessed that he enjoyed hearing Tommy quietly masturbating in the next bed. A couple of times he came very close to talking to him about his own masturbation and some of his fantasies but felt he couldn’t take the risk of losing his brother’s friendship.

He remained single for quite a few years but when his friends and family started asking why he wasn’t married he again felt his sexuality being questioned. He met Liz and talked himself into being physically attracted to her. When she said she didn’t want children, just a career; he felt she was a good match. They got married but he knew it was a mistake almost immediately. Sure they had sex but as he explained the night before just about the only way he could have an orgasm was if he thought he was doing it with another guy. Being married just made his gay feelings even stronger.

“The rest is history”, he said, “a life of lies and physical frustration from which I can’t break the chains. Oh, how I dream of having sex with another guy. A man I know and like”.

I was quiet for a minute and then I said, “Well, you know me now and I hope you like me. Perhaps I could show you the way, help you break those physical chains”.

“You, would do that for me? But what about Tommy?” he asked. “I could never betray him”.

“Jake, I told you how much Tommy loves you and why he wanted us to talk. He even suggested that we go further if that would help you. Come on; let’s go down to the stream and clean up and see where that leads.”

Down at the stream, I took off my clothes. The morning sun was warm and felt good on my skin. Jake stared all over my naked body focusing on my penis that was plumping a bit.

“Come on, take off your clothes too”, I said.

“I can’t, I’m embarrassed. I have an erection” he said.

I laughed. “That is the whole I idea!”

He nervously smiled and then slowly stripped down. He was right, his cock was rock hard.

“You look good”, I said reassuringly. He was a bit thinner than Tommy but his chest, abs, and butt were all nicely defined. His pubic hair was darker than Tommy’s and not as curly. His cock was uncut, thinner but longer than his brother’s. He had good sized testicles. He was a very attractive guy. “Let’s cleanup” I suggested.

I soaped up my hands and began to rub his body with suds. I washed his arms, his back, and his chest. I then took the bar of soap and soaped up his pubic area, rubbing my hands over his cock, balls, and along his anus. His knees suddenly buckled and he moaned an “oh, God!” as his cock erupted and his sperm shot out in 5 or 6 spurts.

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t hold it. Having another man touch me there was more than I could take”.

“Not to worry”, I smiled. “We have the whole day. Do you want to wash me as well?”

“Oh, more than anything” he said.

He took his time exploring my body with his hands, rubbing my nipples, my abs, and spent a lot of time caressing my cock and balls. Up to that point I hadn’t had a full erection, still feeling somewhat disloyal to Tommy, but his constant rubbing brought me to full hardness. As he rinsed me off I asked him what his fantasies were. He said that he has always dreamed of rubbing his cock against another cock, to taste cock and another man’s seed, and one other thing but he was too embarrassed to tell me.

“What is it?” I prodded.

“It probably is too much to ask”, he said, “but I want to be fucked more than anything”.

“Well let’s see what we can do and take one step at a time” I said.

We went back up to the cabin and got onto the bed. I told him to kneel on the bed. I did the same and got up close to him. We put our hard dicks together and I took his hands in mine and put them around our cocks and started to rub them together. “Yes, yes” he said, “it feels so good. I can’t believe that I am actually rubbing against another cock. I love it!” We did this for a long time but we began to get close to cumming so I said that we should stop and rest. We relaxed and talked for a while.

Then he asked me if he could taste my cock. After nodding yes, he went down on me with a vengeance; licking, sucking, and stroking my cock with his hands. As I thought of Tommy I could feel my sperm building up and told Jake I was about to cum. He was a natural cock sucker and suddenly I exploded in his mouth. He swallowed my cum and kept sucking for more. I lay back on the bed physically spent as he licked my pole clean. He just couldn’t get enough of my juices. Eventually, he lay back aside of me and said that I tasted so good and that it was everything and more than he always imagined. I took his cock in my hand and stroked him until he was writhing on the bed. He knelt over me, stiffened, and then ejaculated all over my body. He then bent down and licked me clean. Like his brother, he was a real cum dog.

We then had a leisurely lunch on the porch and talked more about his life, his fantasies and his desires. We also talked a lot about Tommy, what a special person he is, and how much he means to both of us. I told Jake that this day was just a one-time occurrence because I loved Tommy and I wanted to be his and his only. Jake said he completely understood.

After a couple of hours Jake asked if we could complete his last fantasy. I thought for someone that was so shy he certainly had come out of his self-imposed shell. I asked him if he ever had anything up his ass before and he said that whenever he came to the cabin he would use Tommy’s hidden dildo so he thought he was ready although it had been many months since he had done so, other than stick a finger or two in his butt while he was showering. I told him it could hurt a bit at first but I was willing if he was.

We went back into the cabin and I asked him what position he wanted to be in when I entered him. He said he wanted to be on all fours, doggy style. I got the lube and lathered him and my dick generously. As I rubbed his ass cheeks I first inserted one finger, then two, then, in time, three. At that point I felt he was ready. I knelt behind him and pressed my cockhead against his anus. It took a few minutes but suddenly the head of my penis pushed in. He cried out, I stopped, and told him to relax, which he did. Once he was breathing more normally I slowly pushed in until my balls rested on his ass. He was breathing hard.

“Do you want me to withdraw” I asked.

“God, no” He said. “I have wanted this for so long. I can’t believe that a real cock is in me. Go ahead. Don’t be gentle.”

Taking him at his word I rapidly pounded his ass. I reached under him and took his rod in my hand and stroked him in rhythm with my cock thrusts. He got lost in his pleasure, moaning, pushing his ass into me, and calling for more and more. As he erupted he screamed out “Oh, Tommy!”

He lay on the bed, sweaty and satisfied. He said that it was the most incredible and pleasurable moment of his life. Realizing that I hadn’t had an orgasm he asked me if I wanted him to stroke or suck me off. I told him that being in him was very pleasurable for me as well but I wanted to save my juice for when his brother came home. I lay there thinking of what Jake had screamed out.

We cleaned ourselves up and dressed. I took the sheets down to the stream and washed them and hung them to dry. About 4 o’clock Tommy came back. Jake ran up to Tommy.

“Tommy, thank you for the most incredible day of my life. I feel so liberated. I think I can now admit to the world who I truly am. You indeed are the best brother anyone could ever have”.

Tommy ruffled the hair on his head and with a wry smile said “So Steve showed you a good time, huh? I thought he would.” He looked over to me, smiled and voiced a silent “thank you”.

“Come on, man” I said to Tommy. “You are hot and dirty from your hike. Why don’t we go down and I’ll wash you up.” Turning to Jake I told him to start the dinner.

As we walked down to the stream Tommy said he wanted every detail of the day. I told him about our long talk, the incident with his father, his troubled high school and college days, his failed marriage, and throughout how he tried so hard to suppress his true sexual identity. Then I related the sexual encounters we had.

“I must admit” Tommy mused, “that even though I wanted you to show him the way, and am glad you did, I am a bit jealous”.

“No need to be” I insisted. “I am a one man guy and you are that one guy”. We kissed.

“Now I what to bring you some pleasure” I said as I washed him from head to toe. I knelt down in front of him and with my mouth brought his cock fully erect. I then moved behind him and opened up his cheeks so I could have full access to his love hole. It wasn’t long when he asked me to enter him, and like Jake, I took him from behind and again in rhythm with my thrusts I stroked his cock. He tightened up on my cock and started shooting. I followed shortly thereafter.

After we recovered and washed up I told him that I needed to tell him one more thing. He had a concerned look on his face. I told him how much Jake had always looked up to his brother, how emotionally tied he was to Tommy, and that I thought his feelings for him ran even deeper.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Jake called out your name as he was ejaculating” I said. “I think he was fantasizing that it was you who was making love to him. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it was your name that he called out when he was fucking his wife.”

“But we are brothers!” said Tommy. “You must be mistaken. That wouldn’t be right, would it?”

“Who is to say what’s right or wrong”, I said. “Many people still say sodomy is wrong and that two people from the same sex should not be allowed to marry. All I think is that today was very liberating for Jake but I still think he has some issues that only you and he can work out. Tomorrow I am the one who is going to take the day hiking and leave the two of you alone to talk. And if you feel you should or need to do something more than talk then I am the one who will understand.”

The next morning after I had left, Tommy suggested to Jake that they go clean up by the stream. “You go first” Jake hesitated “and when you get back I’ll go down.”

“Why can’t we go together?” Tommy asked.

Jake got red in the face, didn’t say anything for a moment and then just said “OK”.

At the water’s edge Tommy stripped off his clothes, stretched, and then started to wash. Jake just stood there staring.

“Come on, Jake, strip, and wash up”, Tommy said.

Jake turned his back to his brother and first took off his T-shirt, and then his shorts. Tommy walked around in front of him and saw Jake’s erection. Their eyes met.

Trying to break the awkward silence Tommy kiddingly said, “That is quite a rod you have, brother. Are you trying to show me up?” Jake’s eyes welled with tears.

Tommy told Jake to clean up and that they needed to go back up to the cabin to talk. Jake quickly washed and when he started to put his clothes back on Tommy told him to leave them off. “Steve and I never wear our clothes when we are at or near the cabin”, he said, telling him about our silly rule #1.

Sitting down at the steps of the cabin Tommy asked, “Do you sexually fantasize about me, Jake? Steve said that he thought he heard you call my name when you were ejaculating. Was it my name you said to your wife that caused the divorce?” Tears rolled down Jake’s cheeks as he nodded his head. “Talk to me, Jake. I’m your brother and you can tell me anything.”

Slowly at first and then in a gush Jake started unburdening himself of everything that he had kept bottled up for so long. He told him about his high school and college days, the incident seeing his father masturbating, his drawings of naked men, and marrying so that he could remain in the closet.

“But where do I come into this?” asked Tommy.

Jake took a deep breath and told him again about how much he always idolized his brother. He related when he was in high school and Tommy would be home from college on vacation breaks that he often would pretend to be asleep when Tommy would come home after being out late. Even with the lights out their room was softly lit from an outside street light so Jake could watch Tommy undress. He admired Tommy’s masculine body, wanting to look just like him.

“I can’t believe I am telling you this but if you remember our beds were practically right next to each other which allowed me to see and hear you very clearly. You usually beat off under the covers but on warm summer nights you would lay there uncovered and I would watch you quietly stroke yourself. When you ejaculated I often did as well – I kept very still but my orgasms were intense. I wanted so desperately to join you but I was afraid you would think I was a queer. After a while whenever I would masturbate I would think mainly of you stroking and cumming. I imagined you and me getting it off together when I was having sex with my wife. Look at me; I have a hard on just relating this to you.”

Tommy looked at Jake’s face and then down to his penis. “I never knew, never suspected, that you had these intense sexual feelings for me. I’m not sure what to do but maybe we should play out your fantasy.” He took Jake by the arm and led him inside to the bed. He propped up the pillows, laying down he patted the space next to him for Jake to lie down next to him. He began to stroke, getting an erection.

Not saying anything, Jake positioned himself right next to Tommy and he too began to stroke. Tommy then gently took Jake’s hand and put it on his cock and he began to stroke Jake’s. Both closed their eyes and got lost in the moment. It wasn’t long until both were heaving their hips up and down, their hands firmly and quickly beating each other’s dicks. They exploded at the same time, cum flying up on their chests.

After a long time in silence Tommy said “Jake, I have a confession to make. The whole time we were jacking together I was imagining being with Steve, not you. I hope you aren’t hurt”.

Jake started laughing, “So did I!” he said. “I now realize that I had become so obsessed with you that I confused my sexual leanings with you. But being with Steve yesterday and jacking off with you today, although it will always be very special to me that we did something so intimate together, made me suddenly realize that I love you just as my big brother and I can move on and be myself. I will never forget what you and Steve have done for me. I will be forever grateful.”

“You know Steve is off limits, don’t you?” warned Tommy.

“Of course” laughed Jake. “He is a fantastic, giving, and a very sexy guy but I know that the two of you have a special bond and I would never interfere with that relationship, even if I could, and I know I couldn’t. Listen, I have an idea how to thank him.”

Coming back that afternoon I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect. What if Tommy and Jake had a terrible fight? Or worse, what if the reverse happened and I lost Tommy? As I approached the cabin’s porch I saw the two of them on the porch, naked. Was that a good sign or a bad sign? When they saw me they got up, waved, and walked toward me. When we met up the two of them embraced me and each thanked me for what I did for Jake yesterday and giving them the opportunity to work out some issues together today.

“Go clean up” Tommy said. “We have a special celebratory evening planned.”

When I got back to the cabin, the table, complete with flowers, was set, and a delicious smelling stew was cooking on the stove. Drinks were poured. Jake and Tommy related the events of the day. I was so relieved and happy for them and for me. After more drinks, dinner, and some pot we all became very mellow and talkative. When Jake got up to clean the dishes Tommy leaned over and whispered in my ear “the fun is just beginning. We want to thank you properly for all you did for us – a night of pleasure. You might want to clean up because we are going to fuck you long and hard tonight.”

“We are?” I excitedly thought to myself. I wasted no time getting myself down to the stream. Coming back into the cabin I saw that it was lit just with candle light and the bed was turned down. Tommy embraced me, rubbed against me and deeply kissed me, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. Jake embraced the two of us from behind, his hard cock caressing my ass. I was sandwiched between my soul mate and his handsome brother. Could it get any better? It did.

After ten minutes of hugging, kissing, and rubbing, Tommy led me to the bed and positioned me on my back. He went down on my cock and balls while Jake kissed and lightly bit my nipples. Then Tommy lifted up my legs so he could have clear access and began to work his magic with his tongue as he penetrated my hole. Jake licked my cockhead. The pleasure was intense as these two studs worked me over.

Tommy then lubed himself and me. I was so ready and relaxed, his cock easily slipped all the way in. As he slowly fucked me Jake took my cock deeply in his mouth. Gosh, for someone new at this he was quite the expert cock sucker, I thought. Tommy sensed I was at the edge and withdrew. Jake got up and lubed himself and then he entered me. Jake’s cock, a little slimmer but longer than Tommy’s, felt different but still immensely pleasurable. Tommy then took over giving me an incredible blow job. Then Tommy and Jake switched places again and again. It was pure heaven. I told them that I wanted a cock in mouth as well so as Jake fucked me Tommy positioned himself over me so we had easy access to each other’s dicks.

It wasn’t long when I felt I couldn’t hold off any longer. “Guys” I whispered “my cock needs to blow, but I want us all to cum together. Give me a cum bath”.

The brothers knelt over me and we all started beating our meat in unison. Jake was the first to erupt, then me, and then Tommy. Seed was spurting out from three hoses at once, covering me from head to crotch. I will never forget that moment of raw sex and pleasure. Again ever the cum dogs, the two brothers started to lick me clean. Tommy periodically scooped up our seed with his tongue and fed it to me, I eagerly accepted.

We were all exhausted so we blew the candles out and the three of us spooned together in the double bed and fell fast asleep. When I woke in the morning I was alone in the bed with Tommy. Looking over, I saw Jake had dressed and he was stuffing his gear in his back pack. “Where are you going?” I said. With that Tommy woke up and asked Jake the same question. We both got up and walked over to Jake.

“It is time for me to give you love birds some time alone and for me to find my own way”, Jake said. “You guys have done so much for me but I have to take the next step and that next step is to leave.”

I gave Jake a hug and a peck on the lips. With a sly smile on his face he reached down and gave my cock and balls a gentle squeeze.

“Hey, I saw that!” said Tommy.

“Couldn’t resist” laughed Jake, and gave Tommy a long hug. “By the way, I left presents for you.” Then he was out the door.

On the kitchen table were three rolled up pieces of paper. One marked with Tommy’s name, one my name, and one with both our names. Tommy opened his. It was a picture of me standing in the nude with my right hand on a very long erect cock. Opening mine I discovered a picture of Tommy in the same pose. We broke up because Jake had given us each at least 5 extra inches. “More than a mouthful” I laughed. The third was a picture of Tommy and me making love as Jake saw us through the window that first night. It was very realistic, truly beautiful, capturing our passion and love.

“He is very talented” I said. We hung the pictures up so we could admire them while we here, knowing we would have to hide them under the floor boards when away.

The rest of the week was blissfully uneventful, just the two of us getting even closer and closer as best friends, lovers, and soul mates. Sadly the week was suddenly over. As we were packing up Tommy turned to me and told me he had something important to tell me that could change our lives. He had a very serious look on his face. I became very worried.

“Remember when I told you that I was looking for a new job?” he asked. “Well, what I didn’t tell you was that I was offered one less than 20 miles from where you live. I didn’t accept it, yet, because I didn’t know how you would feel about me living so close. We agreed that we don’t want to do anything to upset our wives and families, but especially after this week I just can’t imagine seeing and being with you only two or three times a year. This could give us an opportunity to be together not just at the cabin, and not just for sex, but to do things together as best friends. We could take in a movie, a concert, a sports event, or just meet for a drink. What do you think?”

“Take it!” I exclaimed without hesitation. “We can make this work. We can plan a story around us meeting and becoming friends, giving us the cover to do things together. I was really depressed before thinking of not seeing you for months but now this changes everything.” We hugged and kissed.

We locked up the cabin and walked to the clearing.

“See you soon”, I said. “Soon” he said.

I started my walk down the mountain. Tommy headed in the opposite direction.

Soon we would be walking in the same direction. Soon. At Last!

Check out part 3 here

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