Erotic story: Assistant Coaching

By a4f101.

“I appreciate all the help, Mason,” he said as we stripped out of our sweaty clothes, alone now in my old high school locker room.

“No prob, Coach,” I replied, and he gave me a grin over his shoulder. Damn, but he looked good. Real fucking good. I was looking pretty good myself, a great first season of college ball under my belt, bigger and stronger and taller, getting to be thicker-muscled like him.

Coming back and helping out with the summer football camp had been my Dad’s idea, a way to keep me from lazing around the house all summer long, make some money, keep out of trouble. I mean, I still found trouble to get into, but the good kind, reuniting with my old buds from the team, drinking a few illicit beers, swapping college stories, and inevitably getting naked for some good old-fashioned sweaty fuckbud fun, just like the old days. I’d learned how awesome it was to fuck ass, and get fucked, in my freshman year up at State, and was having a great fucking time showing my buddies what we should have been doing together back in high school.

It was good to see Coach again, though, real good, and my new perspective on things had me watching him even more hungrily than I used to. When he slipped off his shorts and I saw the designer underwear framing that big, creamy muscled ass of his, well, I was rock-solid in my jock immediately. My first thought was I didn’t care much for the underwear, but my second thought was that I very much liked what they did to showcase his excellent, mid-30s bod, particularly that fine fucking ass of his.

He turned around, starting to say something, and froze when he saw me there, just recently 19, big, nearly naked, and sporting seven hard inches in my sweat-soaked strap. I froze too, busted in my lustful gaze, and when our eyes finally met, I was stunned to see something in his. A recognition. A hunger. A yearning of his own.

Maybe it was the heat of the day, the heady, sweaty atmosphere of the locker room, the instant, undeniable attraction of two men in top physical form, but within minutes, we were crashing into the metal lockers, kissing hungrily, greedily, wetly, our cocks straining to get at each other through the sweaty fabric of our undergear. My hands found that incredible manly ass, squeezing it like I’d dreamed of doing since my early teens, when my vague fantasies had started to take shape and bloom. His big, meaty pecs rubbed my own, our sweat intermingling, as we furiously kissed, sucking each other’s tongues until they felt like they’d tear right out of our heads, groping and grunting and growling and moaning.

I was definitely surprised when he laid me back on one of the hard wooden benches, both of us stripped of our last stitch, and drippingly hard for each other. A coach and his former star player. A man and a big strong teenager. Two men, now, and my idol, my Coach was sucking my big young cock down to the sweaty blond fur at the root. I got another surprise when he sucked me almost to the brink, then straddled me, those big, powerful thighs gleaming with sweat and bulging with muscle as he backed that perfect man ass down my big wet dick, both of us moaning with the sensation as he took me all the way inside him. I grabbed hold of his thick pecs, mouth gaping, as I struggled not to unload. And slowly, once he knew I was out of the red zone for now, he began to fuck himself on me, eyes locked with mine, face flushed with hunger, moaning my name as we grabbed hold of each other’s beefy, sweaty pecs and went for a ride.

I was back on the brink again after 15 minutes, him on his back now, me piledriving my college ballplayer cock up inside him, coming in to swap spit again and again as he gripped the back of my neck with his strong paw. I was raining sweat on him, my thighs big and bulging from the position I was in as I sank inch after inch inside him, when he said the words that tripped me right over the edge… that just added to the insane, taboo hotness of what we were doing.

“Fuck, Mase,” he moaned, the name he’d been calling me since I was a little kid, back when I’d just begun idolizing him, my big, handsome college-ballplayer uncle. “You look just like your Dad right now, big guy… just like your Dad does when he fucks, buddy…”

My mind was blown, a quick mental image of him and my equally sexy Dad doing this to each other, jock brothers going at it in sweaty, incestuous passion, and I howled out the biggest load yet of my young life. Not the last load of that day, either, and it would turn out to be a much more fun summer than I could ever have imagined. Especially when Dad found out about me and his little bro.

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